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My description:

I am a 49 year old house wife who loves anime and Star Blazers in particular. I never missed a episode.

My Stories: Story 1: Sandor’s Girl

I have long felt that Sandor needed a happy story for he was a strong character and a forthright person. Good natured and protective I thought he needed more of an explanation for his past and how he survived and a happy ending for him to boot.

Sandor is my favorite character.

To access Lynn’s story; please click on the link below….

Sandor’s Girl

Story 2: Desslok’s Annoyance

This is a tale about Desslok finding out that a Gamilon girl who vexes him…is something more to him than an annoyance!

Desslok’s Annoyance

Story 3: Reflections

This is a nice tale about a female Cosmo Tiger pilot named Fenilla Claymore finding among a group of aliens…a friend who is more than just a friend!


Story 4: The Revelations of Dragor

This is a story about a Cometine pilot crashed on a planet who learns that everything he had been taught by his people about slaves…was wrong.

The Revelations of Dragor

Story 5: The Look-Alike

This is a story about a woman that Mark Venture is strangely drawn to. Is she Trelaina? Or isn’t she?

The Look-Alike

 Story 6: The Mimi Incident

One cat. A bottle of mixed sake and vodka. One drunken little eccentric doctor. One kitty with a hangover running her paws over controls. This is not the Star Force’s day by any means.

The Mimi Incident

Story 7: Dash and the Artist

Dash falls for a gifted painter and sculptor; and his life is never the same afterwards!

Dash and the Artist

 Story8: Oh, For the Love of Falco!

Sandor’s Daughter Rae keeps on calling Talan’s son Falco “Eyebrows” and he calls her “Funny Face”. Do they hate each other…or like each other a lot?

Oh, For the Love of Falco!

 Story9: Space Patrol Meets Yamato’s Crew

The Yamato’s Crew Passes through a Space Warp into a Strange New World as the Star Force meets up with characters from Lynn’s original Universe…

Space Patrol Part One

Space Patrol Part Two (Conclusion)