Space Patrol meets Yamato’s crew (Part 2)

By Lynn Taylor




(The flashback continued with…)

"Why not let us show you what we can do so you know." Vemmea said. Nigeiso was thrilled everyone in class wanted to do this.

"First let us see what you all look like. I want to see you as you normally are." Nigeiso said.

All the class lost the different color hairs and different skin tones. For the first time he saw the soft dove gray skin and the light colored hair in various colors of blue or pale green. Even their eyes could change color for the colors of them changed to very pale colors. The chromatifore that where in the skin hair and even the eyes made it easy for them to change. Nigeiso looked at Ellya she had very pale blue hair and eyes to him she looked like a mist, ethereal even.

"Wow that is amazing why don't you show yourself as you are all the time?" Nigeiso said.

"Acceptance." said someone in the back of the class.

"You need not be that way here. We have many species and all are accepted. We will be seen as we are. I want all to see what a amazing people you are. Now I will see you change just for class. If to you practice elsewhere it is fine. But I want all to know how much you can be used In space patrol." Nigeiso said.

They went about copying each of the species. Nigeiso would holler out a species and all would change into their best interpretation of that species. Then he had them all show how they could disappear.

Nigeiso was thrilled seeing all these people who had such wonderful skills. Ellya was the best at it and he enjoyed seeing her Surbrian to. Ellya did Naugans and Deeders good also.

Nigeiso was thrilled He told all of them that they should practice. For at the end of the month there was to be an exposition they would be sparing against other raw green recruits. To show what they had learned. That these skills would come in good use during hand to hand and other skills he was teaching them. Ellya was horrified. She turned several shades of dark colors.

What skills other than those natural to her people. She would make a muck of the whole thing. She would embarrass all of them. Ellya was sad when class was finally over and they headed to the lunch room.

Nigeiso was so happy with himself and his idea. Nigeiso looked at her. "Just wait till I tell you how you will be able to show off your skills. You will amaze yourself. Now what do you have for us." Nigeiso said smiling.

When they came to the lunchroom she heated the meal she had prepared for them. The other human food for the day was something called hotdog's and that smelled even worse than the casserole. Nigeiso smiled at her upturned nose as she went past the food station.

"According to my Surbrian cook book this is a traditional Surbrian meal. I hope it is close to the right seasoning. I have practiced several different species meals but Surbrian seems to be real tasty." Ellya said.

Nigeiso's eye got big and he inhaled the aroma. "It smells authentic." Nigeiso said. He took a bite and he was in heaven.

He hadn't had anything this tasty since he had been injured. He didn't say anything for a while and Ellya took it that it wasn't right and she sighed. Ellya ate and it tasted ok to her. She was staring at it and didn't know what she had done wrong.

"Did I heat it wrong or are the spices to strong? If you don't like it we can have a Naugan salad if you want." Ellya said in earnest.

"No it is wonderful. I will eat yours if you don't want it." Nigeiso said. He looked greedily at her plate.

"No you don't I even made a desert for you. If you eat mine also I will be stuck with eating the desert." Ellya said smiling at him.

Nigeiso did get more of the dish before the dessert. She had made the only thing that she found in the human recipes that sounded good to her. Apple pie. She didn't tell him that it was a human dish till he had finished.

"I thought if you were going to be a instructor of us at least you could eat good while I am here." Ellya said. Nigeiso turned to her smiling at her.

"You are a good cook!" Nigeiso said.

"Don't act so surprised. You know I have to be good at something. Can't be bad at everything now can I. "Ellya said softly. Nigeiso had got up and looked at her in surprise.

"I didn't mean it like that. I just was surprised you wanted to share it with me. I mean thanks for being so thoughtful." Nigeiso smiled at her.

He couldn't help it he kissed her cheek. "Thanks for the meal thanks for thinking of me." Nigeiso said. Ellya smiled at him she stood and rubbed her cheek ever so softly on his and ran off. All the Elooshan were giggling and laughing now. Ellya didn't care she liked him. She nearly floated home. The next day was medics class so she would send him something. Even If was only cookies.

Nigeiso enjoyed the meal. It was better than his mother’s cooking. He liked the spices. She had made this just for him. He to had enjoyed the way she rubbed her cheek softly touched his. There was something very special the way she did it. Nigeiso was going to really miss her when he went back to space patrol. He thought for a long time then he decided he would come back for her when she graduated.

Nigeiso made arrangements for some smaller sonic swords to be made only about 1 foot and a half long just for the use of the shorter stature patrol. He was writhing down his order for these when Oh-ryan came in and a meeting was called for all instructors to come for a briefing. Oh-ryan was wearing a cape no one in space patrol had ever wore a cape before.

He also had a cat man who looked a little like the kitrins save he had tufts on his ears. And his tail was stubby. It didn't look like it had been cut off but it looked like it was naturally that way. Oh-ryan and this cat man took measurements of all the instructors.

Then one at a time he handed out the capes. He informed them they were some kind of a shield cape made by the Pantarens. The little cat man was a Panteran. When Nigeiso saw what these capes could do he was elated. He couldn't help but think how he would never have been injured if he had been wearing one. Then he thought of his new recruits.

He wondered if he could get some of the chromatifore material to make some for the Elooshan. Oh-ryan was finished with the explanation and Nigeiso wanted to meet the cat man as well as ask if he could get someone to go to Elooshan and get the material made there for their capes so they could still disappear. Oh-ryan was pleased at the suggestion and made plans for the trip. The prospects of them having the capes and disappearing made Nigeiso pleased and he longed to get them made.

"Have you seen them fly yet. Or have you seen them swim? They are truly amazing little people. "Oh-ryan said.

"Fly! Swim! What do you mean?" Nigeiso asked puzzled.

"They are able to live as Aquatics as well as they have wings. Have them show you."Oh-ryan said.

Nigeiso was surprised he hadn't known this or he would have seen what they could do. He now was having them practice the looking like other species. He would concentrate on these natural abilities. He couldn't help thinking he should show them how the equipment worked but to use their natural abilities in conjunction. Nigeiso was so hyped up by the thoughts he couldn't sleep to well that night. Now what new and exciting things was he going to learn.

The next day Nigeiso watched for the class he was so glad Oh-ryan had told him that they fly and that they could be aquatic. When it came time for his classes to start they all came in save Ellya. He was disappointed she was at the other class the medics’ class. He wondered how much time it would cut off of her schooling if she skipped the classes he had with them.

He was to go back to his space patrol station just as soon as the doctors said he could. He didn't want to miss seeing her. But the sooner she finished the sooner she would be used. He wondered where she would be stationed. The class went well he had them flying and seeing what they could do while under water.

Neither would be good for using the staffs or the various and sundry lasers of sonic swords and other dis-abler's. While in flying mode their wings were on their arms and therefore they were useless for that.

Nigeiso wondered if they could fly while invisible. Or swim while invisible. He finished the class that day with showing them the use of the foam gun. and the use of the net gun.

Tomorrow he would have his favorite girl to show how to use them. And he figured she needed hands on and full attention paid to her so she wouldn't hurt no one. He had done this with the lasers when she had nearly shot her brothers ear off.

...Don't stand in front of Ellya...

It worked she was still horrible at it but she could use them if needed. He got a couple of dummies so she could practice on them and he would have everyone behind her. He figured she would be safer that way. He had no idea just how wrong a practice class could go.

Ellya did well in her medics class. They were teaching her the different technics for treating laser burns, bullet wounds, and how to resuscitate. She learned how to set bones the old fashioned way so incase they were in a low tech world. She got home and she made Nigeiso a plate for supper and took it to the lunch room.

When he showed up she heated it and let the lunch room personnel give it to him. Ellya watched from a distance as he ate and showed he really liked it. She sent the dessert and headed home. She would probably hear about it tomorrow. Ellya wondered just what they had done today but wasn't curious enough to ask either Vemmea or her brother.

The next morning Ellya went to her early classes and couldn't wait to go to his no matter how bad a job she did in his.

On the way to his class she heard Nigeiso say he was going to see if they could fly in stealth. Ellya was good at this that is how her and Dronmer played hide and seek tag. They had played this game ever since she could remember. Flying and waiting to till she heard him then tagging him to be it. They were both exceptional at it. Ellya went invisible and flew to class she waited till the door opened and when they did she flew over everyone's head and swooped down in front of Nigeiso and came visible again.

"Good day sir." She said laughing when he had fallen backward.

"Ellya! You sure know how to scare a fellow," Nigeiso said.

Ellya got to work. Nigeiso had everyone practicing the net gun on their own. So he personally showed her how to shoot it off. She did good till he didn't help her.

The horrible net gun was heavy so she took it off hers shoulder and rubbed her aching muscle. But putting the gun back up on her shoulder none noticed she had it back ward the little leaver could go either way the only way to tell for sure was one end was longer than the other.

Nigeiso gave the all clear. He yelled ready.. aim.. fire.. But instead of the net netting the dummies 6 of her class mates lay on the floor in the net. Nigeiso was going to have a serious look on his face if it killed him.

But when Dronmer yelled, "Take that gun away from her." Nigeiso laughed at first slightly then every time the others fell over trying to get out of the net and hollered, He couldn't help it with each yelp he laughed harder and harder.

Nigeiso went to where she had been standing for he saw the net gun was still on her shoulder and she had gone invisible. He took the net gun from her and laughed even harder when she sighed mournfully.

"Let’s try you on the foam gun. It is very easy to know the direction of its aim.{he winked in the direction of where she had been. She giggled and appeared right where he thought she had been.}

"Ok, Ok everyone get back to seeing if you can fly in stealth." Nigeiso said. Nigeiso showed her how to aim and fire. He showed her three times and she had done ok till he left to see what a couple of others were up to. He had showed her how to put the foam bullet things in the gun. Nigeiso watched as she loaded it and then as she cocked it. she fired it and it went well.

She got one of the dummies in the face. "Aim for the chest. You could smother someone if you hit them in the face," Nigeiso said.

Ellya felt safe enough to put three more bullets in it and was about to close it up when her gun went off and caught her brother in stealth flying above her and the sticky foam stuck him to the ceiling. At it going off without notice she dropped the gun and it fired off pinning another student to the wall. But worst of all she picked the gun up. She heard him say it but it was to late.

"No don't pick it up. Leave it where it lies," Nigeiso was saying. When it went off the foam caught him in the chest he was at mid run toward her throwing him backward into the wall pinning him there.

Ellya was horrified she turned black and she sat on the floor and wept for she couldn't believe it had all gone wrong again. Dronmer was ferrous the other student was stunned and Nigeiso was laughing again. Ellya was even more horrified for it took all the remaining 4 hours of the class to unattached each from the wall and ceiling.

She wanted to eat with him again for she liked him so. But she left word for Dronmer to have hers and she figured he wouldn't be so mad at her. Nigeiso would never like her now. She just knew he would be angry or just not be interested in such a clumsy girl. Ellya had to go to her other classes but she was so bad at his classes she would just not go.

{At this point Mark Venture laughed very hard and smiled. Just like Natasha!} Nigeiso smiled and went on with his story.

I had laughed when I got pinned to the wall and when after 4 hours I and the others were loose." he began again.

Nigeiso was having a good time It was so funny to him he just loved the liveliness of class with Ellya in it. He looked for Ellya she was nowhere to be seen. He wanted to tell her it was alright. Nigeiso had to calm down Dronmer who was livid.

"Cut it out she was doing the best she could. She is better at the other classes here than you. Now let’s go eat and you will settle down," Nigeiso said.

They got to the lunchroom and the cooking personnel brought him his plate and then gave one to Dronmer. The meal again was delicious. But Nigeiso was stuck with eating with the brooding Dronmer.

Nigeiso got ahold of Curstain and told her what had happened. He informed her that the poor Ellya felt real bad about it and asked if she could do something for her. Nigeiso watched for her the next day she avoided him all day and he was disappointed.

Nigeiso didn't know what to do he needed to tell her it was ok. Getting ahold of Curstain he told her to have Ellya to come see him. Nigeiso waited and she didn't come. Nigeiso asked were she lived and no one knew. He asked Curstain and she promised to find her for him.

Ellya went to her early classes. But when she saw any of the people she knew she went invisible. A couple of times she nearly went up to him but decided against it. She was invisible and waiting in his office for him when he came in. She heard the transmission he sent to Curstain.

He had told Curstain that she should probably learn more in the medics classes. For Curstain had told him she was a good student and also a quick learner. Ellya just knew he didn't want to see her again. Nigeiso had looked tired and he looked worried. But Ellya knew it was the best. So she went to the medics classes and took them every day when she was supposed to be in Nigeiso's class.

When Curstain finally found her she told her that Nigeiso was wanting to talk to her. But Ellya told her she knew what he wanted to say she had heard him say for her to take the medics classes.

"No you don't understand He likes you. He just likes you and wants to tell you something. Go see him. Please you will be happy when you do." Curstain said.

...Nigeiso's discussion about Ellya...

Nigeiso got the sonic swords in for them and he was saddened. He wanted to see her and all the fun was out of the class without her there to liven it up. He to got in the capes for them. The chromatifore material capes had taken a long time to make for they had to add the material into it that deflected laser fire. He looked at them and smiled sadly for there were 12 one for everyone even Ellya.

Nigeiso was sitting and contemplating the past weeks. He had lots of fun. He didn't care if she couldn't fight he liked her. Her thoughtfulness and her loving way of cooking just for him. He enjoyed her smiles and he missed the disappearing when she was embarrassed. Some times when reappearing she would smile at him so sweetly he just wanted to hug her. He sat in his office just looking out the window. He was to leave to go back to his patrol route in just three weeks.

"You wanted to see me?" Ellya said.

Nigeiso jumped up and he was so happy to see her he hugged her tight and she disappeared in his arms. He felt her there and smiled at his empty armful.

"I wanted to tell you I missed you. I wanted to tell you I want you in my class. But most of all I wanted you to know I think I love you." Nigeiso said.

Ellya reappeared "You do? I know I love you. Ever since the lunchroom incident. I just couldn't stand seeing you having to eat that nasty human food." Ellya said.

Ellya took his face in her hands and rubbed her cheek against his. {an Elooshan kiss}. Nigeiso pulled her close and kissed her on the lips. Nigeiso felt her arms go around his neck and she kissed him back. "I wondered if you hugged good with those nice long arms. I was right you do. "Ellya said giggling.

"I want you to know that in three weeks I go back to space patrol." Nigeiso said.

"You mean you aren't normally a instructor. I thought that is what you do all the time." Ellya said.

"No I was injured real bad. But when I got well enough then they let me come here till I finished healing. I would have died if not for the space patrol medic. I owe my life to the medics. I am so glad you will be one. Don't worry for when you graduate I am going to have you come to my route. Don't give up on me. Just remember they let Curstain go with Dorbaan."Nigeiso said.

"I wonder if I can graduate my medic classes by then. {then she looked surprised} They are married though." Ellya said. Nigeiso smiled and he kept hugging her. "Yes. they are. So will we be won't we?" Nigeiso said.

Ellya looked at his one big lovely eye and smiled at him. "Yes we will." Ellya said. Her heart leaped he wanted to marry her even after all she had done.

"Now come to my classes till the exposition. I want everyone to see how you the Elooshan can do. I too, want you to show how you all can disappear. I promise you will not have to touch any of the dis-abler's," Nigeiso said. Ellya wanted to help tidy the class room up but Nigeiso wouldn't let her for there was always something that might fire off by accident.

The next week went fast. The exposition was upon them and Ellya hoped she didn't embarrass them. Ellya had made him food every day at least one meal. She too would be invisible and sneak up and kiss him or just rub her cheek to his. Nigeiso would wait to hug her till classes were out for the day.

He too loved it when she would swoop down on him doing a passing kiss. She would do it in stealth just so no one knew. The Elooshan showed how they could fly and do aquatic swimming to fins and all. Nigeiso was especially proud when Not just the Aquas but the Cumulan recruits were impressed when they had showed they could fly and live under water.

Then when they started the looking like the other species. Everyone was impressed by this to. Ellya made herself look Surbrian and that made him happy. They imitated not just peoples species but a couple of the guys could use his chromatifore to look just like a specific person. The last thing they did was to fly and in midflight they disappeared.

Ellya landed next to Nigeiso looking just like a deeder except she didn't have the cute fuzzy ears. This had gone so well and the day had been a unqualified success. Curstain announced to Nigeiso that Ellya was to graduate the next week when everyone graduated the space patrol school.

One week before graduation they sent the classes on a test mission. It was supposed to be set up test with people acting like pirates. Ellya was required to carry a laser and expandable staff even though she wouldn't when she finally got her medics’ license. Nigeiso looked at the frightened girl.

"Don't worry I get to go with you I am your instructor. Just don't touch them and you will be safe. Leave them in their holsters," Nigeiso said.

"As long as I know you are there," Ellya said. It had started good and the actors did their job well. But then was when a real pirate attack happened and they were it. Nigeiso was ordered to take his entire class into the thick of it. There were two other classes sent into the fracas. They landed where the pirates were attacking a village on a planet. Nigeiso directed his class. They all went into the thick of it invisible.

Ellya was worried about the others. She got a medic bag and was seeing to the wounded. She was working on one poor guy from the other classes when the pirates had them pinned in. Ellya was scared and she turned so that the pirates were in front of her and the injured guy was behind her. She hollered from her invisible mode.

"Stop or I will shoot you with my laser," Ellya said.

She appeared and then the pirate looked at the little woman. He laughed. "So little girl…I know you are trained to shoot I know that's what you are trained to do. But you don't want to hurt us so you will aim over our heads so big deal go ahead and shoot." the nasty man said.

"No you don't understand I am a horrible aim if I aim above your head I am more likely to shoot you in the head." Ellya said. The pirate roared with laughter.

"Yeah, right! Like you are all not crack shots." The pirate said. The three pirates advanced on her and the wounded man. It was at this point that Nigeiso came running up.

"No don't aim over their heads aim below the knee!" Nigeiso said. Nigeiso knew she was right she would hit the man if she fired off a laser shot. Plus it would be her luck that it would be on the highest setting.

"Stand down pirate or I will shoot! I have a horrible aim…so take your chances," Ellya said.

"She is a medic she is the worst aim I have ever seen. Please bud..don't take any chances." Nigeiso said. The man didn't listen he aimed and fired. Ellya's laser went off and the man’s knee was injured. It too went and wounded the second man in the belly and then the third man in the chest. Nigeiso was trying to get to her before the injuries got worse.

"I told you to stand down," Ellya said. The pirates writhed in pain and Nigeiso took the laser from her and let her go and treat the men's laser wounds.

"She wasn't kidding was she?" said one of the horrified men.

"No and just imagine if she had aimed for just above your head. Not a nice thought," Nigeiso said. By the time the proper space patrol got there the pirates were on the run. The ones captured were all afraid of the medic with the horrible aim. Ellya had wounded 3 men with one shot. Nigeiso smiled at her she was his Ellya and she was going to be with him all the time. He just had to keep the weapons out of her way.

"So it is she is never allowed to have weapons. Or be near them" Nigeiso said looking at his enthralled audience.

"You married her didn't you?" Nova asked dreamy-eyed.

"Oh they married alright! That was a hoot too!" O’Ryan said telling a little of the story.

Nigeiso married Ellya right after graduation. He figured everyone could come to the wedding then. He had liked her and he had wanted to marry her but since he was her instructor it would not have been prudent at the time.

Ellya wore a traditional Surbrian wedding dress lots of ruffles and lace with puffed sleeves and form fitting bodice covered in beads and jewels. This had been Nigeiso's idea since he thought she would be real pretty in it. Nigeiso wore his Space Patrol uniform with all the accouterments. Ellya looked dubiously at the laser gun but said nothing. Nothing happened till they told Nigeiso to kiss his bride.

Ellya somehow touched his expandable staff and knocked him cold. Ellya sat crying and was so worried.

"Don't worry honey at least I took precautions," Nigeiso said grinning once he woke. He had put a fake laser gun in his holster. Ellya was still upset but he kissed her and all was better. She had gotten better till someone mentioned the fact she had knocked Nigeiso out.

Ellya disappeared at this and her dress looked as if it stood on its own. This wasn't too bad at first till every time someone said anything about knocking him out she disappeared. Many times Nigeiso found himself sitting or standing or even dancing with an empty dress." O’Ryan said laughing hard at the memory.

"E'gads! That was a memorable wedding." Sandor said a bit horrified.

Ellya is a space medic and she patrols with me. She patches him and any injured up whenever needed. Dronmer patrols in the same route he is no longer mad at his sister. We all make sure she never touches weapons." Nigeiso said smiling happily.

"Wow that is a very sweet story. So if she patrols with you were is she now? I would like to meet her." Nova asked.

"Oh she should be here any time. She was sent to go get Pouncer and Honey." Nigeiso said.

"We are here!" a sweet voice came.

"Hello darling. I was just telling our new friends how we met." Nigeiso said standing and hugging her.

Mark Venture laughed when the pretty woman disappeared and Nigeiso looked as if he was hugging air.

"We will have to see if your people exist in our time and universe." Derek said looking on curiously.

"This is Captain Derek Wild'Star, Nova, Venture and Sandor." Nigeiso said.

She had walked up and held out her hand shaking each ones as she was introduced. That is till she came to Sandor who bowed to her backing up.

"Mr. Sandor? Why won't you shake her hand?" O'ryan asked startled for he had shook everyone else's when they had met.

"I can't," Sandor said.

And he got even further away from the curious woman. "Your arms? And legs?" Derek asked shocked stepping between Ellya and Sandor.

"It is not like you are carrying weapons!" Nigeiso said stunned.

"Actually I am. I have bombs in my prosthetic arms and legs." Sandor said.

"What? Why that is dangerous!" Ellya said stepping backward.

"I young lady have had to use them before when we were attacked. I had them planted then I was able to detach them and remotely set them off." Sandor said bowing to her again.

Mark just looked stunned and then looked at Sandor. "Natasha is as clumsy as her!" Mark said quietly.

Sandor looked horrified! How many times had he shaken the ambassador’s hand? He shuddered at the thought.

Pouncer came in with his kit and his wife in tow. "Where is the ship and the equipment we need to look at? "Pouncer said.

"I will show you." Sandor said gladly taking the bob cat Panteran man out of the restaurant. Although he was scary it was way more scary thinking about Ellya.

..Pray it works...

Sandor was working heard while watching Pouncer and his wife Honey. He noticed that Honey was very smart and she was going over the designs of Lance DeGare.

"Mr. Sandor can we have this DeGare in I need to know what some of this is for," Honey said.

Certainly his is a vain little fellow though." Sandor said.

"I have dealt with the pirates I can deal with him," Honey said.

Sandor looked at them and smiled. The girl came across as an air head but she was very good.

When he brought Lance in though she looked up wide eyed with fear. Then she calmed breathing carefully to relax. "My word he is the progenitor of Pirates. Sandor heard her tell Pouncer. Although this man decided to go into engineering. "I will not be made in his time line." she had whispered.

"Made?!" Sandor asked also whispering to Pouncer.

"Yes she is a genetic alteration from an alien and a human. She is a genius and has some 150 ship designs to her name and some 75 other designs to her name. The first half of her life was lived in a lab and she has been in and out of stasis tubes. She doesn't like to talk about it." Pouncer whispered back.

"So Lance here looks like a Pirate?" Sandor asked.

"No in our time line his Sons are Pirates. He is a genetic scientist whose works A Starla used his theories to made me. They are mean ruthless people who only harm. I read all the files in the computers while captive." Honey said.

Lance who only heard a word or two frowned at them. "So you think I am a bad man?" he said in his French accent.

"No Mister DeGare! I know you are not in your time line. You are only misguided as to your designs." Honey said and her Pouncer had taken up a protective stance.

"Misguided! How dare you!" Lance said.

"We are out of our time as well as our universe Mr. DeGare, "Sandor said putting his hand on the man’s shoulder.

Lance had frowned and blushed and looked down. "I know I am sorry." Lance said.

"Thus you can learn and change for the better." Pouncer said.

It took three weeks to weed out what had happened. The worm hole it had caused had been a time rift one. And Pouncer found the signature that would lead them home with Sandor's help. "Now we need to find what made us come to a parallel universe." Sandor said.

"It is simple. It was initiated according to records just after the wave motion engine was started into a warp." Honey said calculating in her head.

"Excellent how can we test this theory?" Sandor said.

"I have this probe I designed. I need a signal to be able to track it as it goes through a small rift we will make." Honey said.

Her probe was set up with a small one of Lance’s devices and a small version of a jump engine. Sandor thought about it and smiled. "How about this signal it runs through this device." Sandor said he had pulled out his necklace that still was trying to read the signal with no success.

Honey looked at it and smiled not saying a word. "The low band frequency would be great to test it. If this works we will have to say our good byes for I know you all want to get home so badly." Honey said walking up to her probe programming it.

"She is so positive as if it will work. I wish I could feel that way." Sandor said looking down at his necklace.

"She has good reason to be. She has never been wrong about her designs." Pouncer said.

"Just like my Eri!" Sandor again looked at his necklace this time thoughtfully.

"If you want we can call your captain for the test." Honey said.

Even though he didn't want to wait he did for he knew Derek had been so board and anxious. Plus he had been visiting with the counsel of 8 and Sandor knew he disliked dealing with politicians.

Derek was clenching the seat he was standing behind and Sandor looked down at his necklace.

3. 2. 1. Fire." Lance had said. All watched in anticipation as the probe glowed for a small second then winked from view.

"It is a success! Look Eri and the 2 no 3 other. 3 other lights…?" Sandor said.

Honey came up looking at the necklace he had in his hand. "See if we can calculate the time line. Life sign detector my wife and kids." Sandor said running over to Nova's station.

"We can get home only if we hear Star Force." Sandor said relived.

"Homer see if you pick up any of Star Force's transmissions." Captain Wildstar said.

"Oooh Yes! We have been missing two days according to these transmissions. They have mobilized the fleet." Homer said grinning.

...The goodbye's...

O'Ryan, Nigeiso, Honey, and Pouncer were aboard when the loaded the ship with food from the 8 worlds fruits one the humans of Space force universe was not aware of.

Cresh of the Counsel of 8 gave a star map to his home world and the ancestor that would be Emperor during that time line. Since they knew no humans of Star Forces universe would be out there colonies co-ordnances were given so they could find ones Like TeraVerday since it was originally a human only colony.

Honey had received plans for the necklace and intends on making couple for her and Pouncer. Although her telepathy assures him most of the time…but it never hurts to have back up plans.

As Nova watched their new friends escort them to the buoyed position. She breathed a sigh of relief. "You do know I will marry before anything like this happens again." Derek said hugging her.

"It is about time," Sandor whispered to Dash and Mark who had just recently been married themselves.

"Captain Wildstar there is a transmission from the Chief of Naugan Space Patrol." Homer said.

"Put it through. We offer to let Pouncer and Honey come through just in case it isn't the right parallel universe." O'ryan Don'Iguana said.

"No sir I am quite sure Sandor can do it now that they helped figure it out." Derek said looking at Sandor knowingly.

"Right you are. Do remember us even if it is as if only in a dream." O'ryan said.

"Yes we will and we are ever so grateful do watch out for the aliens we told you about. And take care,"Derek said signing off.

"We will be departing in 5 min. Everyone belt into their chairs." Derek said authoritatively.

Sandor took out his necklace that was now in search mode again. He had taken it out of the neck of his shirt to check on when the jump was over.

It wasn't till they jumped and everyone was celebrating that they didn't notice Lance was not aboard. Transmissions to Earth were being given and then they called Lance to come to the bridge to answer for his mistake.

"Lance is not aboard? I thought all heads were accounted for before we left. Even before they finished the last calibrations?" Derek said annoyed.

"Captain Wildstar this is shuttle Pouncer's Baby! We have something you are missing. A mechanic of little note." Pouncer said laughing.

"Do land we will take him in," Derek said frowning.

"I thought we were going to get relieved and be blessed with out his presence." Sandor moaned rolling his eyes.

Derek, Sandor, Mark and Dash went to the landing bay to retrieve him. "Wow, you brought him back?" Derek said non-plussed.

"It is least we could do for you. Also Honey has this for you. If you ever want to visit our universe again you can use this unit." Pouncer said.

"It gives precise readings and will take you home in the very time and spot where you left." Honey said. She handed them to Sandor and smiled. She handed him a book with beckon notes and transfer co-ordnances. "So you can find us." Honey said.

Pouncer brought a clean shaven out of uniform Lance DeGare in cuffs to Derek frowning. "I noticed him for I know his sent from meeting him. He had shaved his mustache and dressed in Towan clothing. If he were ours to deal with he would be on the Dinosaur planet." Pouncer said.

"Dinosaur Planet?" Sandor said wide eyed.

"Yes it is a penal colony for the pirates. We must be going have a good life and do contact us if you want." Pouncer said.

After they got on their ship. Derek watched them leave then wink out of sight. "Do they have coordinates for the dinosaur planet? I am sure they have a dinosaur with Lance's name on it. Just why did you leave the ship Mister?" Wildstar demanded.

"I saw the prettiest girl and I didn't want to be punished." Lance said smirking.

"You weren't going to get that bad of a review in my report but now you will. Oh man now I have to write this one up!" Wildstar said frowning.

"Wow, Lance they didn't want you in their universe ether!" Dash said taking him by the arm.

Throw him in the brig, boys! I don't want to see him for a while. Desertion and reckless endangerment!" Derek said.


And, indeed, Lance ended up in the Brig.

...Home sweet home...

Everyone had been watching Sandor's Necklace when they had jumped. This had been the second time it helped save them.

On seeing home they all just looked at Earth…their Earth…. through the windows. Most were crying happily. Derek and Nova on the other hand were writing up the latest report. Nova too had been hard at work helping Derek put more detail to the reports that they had in question.

Homer was monitoring the transmissions and sat joyfully listening to endless drivel transmissions of pilots. Ones he normally thought were such an annoyance.

Sandor just looked at his necklace and smiled happily. He wondered what this baby would be he already had Tatsuo his son. And his now year-old Umiko. He looked up to see Dash grinning oddly.

"You know Sandor I think the best punishment for Lance would be to have to explain to yours, mine and Mark’s wives that they nearly lost us to the future of a parallel universe," Dash said laughing.

"Whose do you think would be the worst on him?" Mark laughed.

"I would think it would be Suzette! After what she had said to him just before we left." Derek said coming out of the Captain’s office.

"Yes I wondered at the time why she thought he would do something to harm us." Dash said.

It was on landing that they knew. Suzette had a loving look on her face for her Dash. But when she saw Lance DeGare she went up to him angrily. "This is your fault is it not?" Suzette said poking him in the chest with her finger.

"Suzette, honey, what makes you so sure it was Lance's fault?" Dash asked inquisitively.

"I know him well he is my cousin! Why did you think you drew this lemon? They pawned him off on you. Surely the excuse will be that they thought he should have additional training." Suzette said.

"Oooh wow we should have left him for the dinosaurs!" Dash said.

Sandor was talking to Eri and Suzette when Natasha came up. She smiled prettily and to her surprise, Sandor only bowed to her. Mark who had seen her look of puzzlement ran up taking her hand.

It was only later that she understood why he didn't shake her hand. She looks up laughing when she sees Sandor now. Her favorite joke is to hold her hand out and grin. For which he bows politely to her smiling similarly.


Derek did write it up in the report. But he played up Lance's helping get them home. For none of them knew just exactly how to explain the parallel universe to the populace.

And Earth Force wasn't sure they wanted anyone to know. For they on seeing what the aliens were described as and saw the photos that the crew had taken were frightened.

In general it is known as the unexplained two day disappearance of the Yamato. The Yamato will be looking up the human colonies possibilities listed on the file given to them by a Chief of Naugan Space Patrol one O'ryan Don'Iguana to find that they do exist in their own universe.

From time to time Sandor and Eri go off world to explore. Truly they went to see Pouncer and Honey. For Sandor thinks they are a special couple. No one can prove they saw anyone because the go and enjoy a month away. Returning one minute after they left.

No one will forget the trip. Who knows they may someday go back to see their friends. But for now most of them are just happy to be home on earth. Nova keeps in her pocket the picture of the polluted Earth and looks at it and cries.

All are determined to keep their home unpolluted and pristine.

Derek will always have dubious feelings about new recruits. No matter how good he will not trust them till the first trip is well and truly over.