...Desslok’s Annoyance...

By Lynn Taylor

Artwork: “The Lady Demeia” © 2011 by Lynn Taylor

Desslok had liked Lady Demeia as he called her since he met her the first time when they were younger. She had been running into the palace looking for her brother. She had been 20. He being 59. {being even 60 was very young, for their people lived for a very long time} Demeia had got lost looking for the room where the chiefs of the military were. He had just became a military leader and was just waiting for his men to come into the meeting room.

Demeia had got lost and was standing there looking confused when she heard men coming so she ran into a nearby room.

"What are you doing here?" Desslok had asked for no women were allowed in the war rooms. He had looked up at her with a scowl on his face.

"Oh I am lost. I was looking for my brother and well I can't find the commanders rooms." Demeia said softly.

"Ah well most of the other Officers will be here in a moment so you just have to wait. So who is your Brother?" Desslok asked her sort of amused.

"It is General Lysis! His wife just gave birth and he has the son he has wanted all these years. I wanted a quiet room to tell him so he wouldn't get mad at me for being lost." She said brightly with a shy smile.

Her black hair contrasted very nicely with the blue of her skin. She was delicate and had a pixie almost child-like quality to her voice. This had amused him for she was very womanly in her every thought and demeanor. He had tended to prefer blonds for Starsha was one but this girl was interesting. His real crush was Starsha of Iscandar but he had never admitted it. All his other girls were just substitutes.

Desslok stood and took her to a room off to the side. "Do wait in here and then when he sees you He can show you out after the meeting." He said bowing to her.

"Oh thank you sir! May I ask your name? I am the oldest sister of Lysis, my name is Demeia." she had said smiling.

"Ah I am Desslok, Lady Demeia! I am surprised you didn't know." Desslok said looking surprised.

"Oh my! Lysis told me about you! With what I know of you I had always imagined you were older? Sorry you have a very astute grasp on tactical situations for one so young." Demeia said.

Desslok laughed and smiled kindly. For this girl was very smart on top of everything else. He didn't know how to take her calling him so young. But he imagined that his skills did speak of a older man. He also couldn't believe this small dainty, very beautiful girl was Lysis sister for Lysis was a big strong looking man rugged and manly.

He was still laughing when he directed Lysis into the room where she stood. "Brother! I am sorry I got lost trying to find you. Your wife had a boy and she wanted to know what you wanted to name him." Demeia said.

They talked for a bit and Lysis came out smiling at his leader. "Thanks sir she is a pain at times." Lysis said.

"She is bright for a girl!" Desslok said.

His meeting went well and he had not expected the look she had on her face when she came out of the room for her brother to let her out. She had been crying. Gamilon is dyeing? How long does she have? he heard Demeia ask her brother.

Desslok's heart was touched by this show of emotions about the dyeing planet. His women who served him and entertained him had never caught what he and his men said. This girl not only did but was heart warningly affected.

It was after this that Desslok allowed the girl to come daily to the palace just so he could see her and visit with her. After he came back to power as the King or Leader some 26 years later. He wanted to meet the girl who had a grasp on concepts of battles. As well as she seemed to share the feelings he had for Gamilon there mother planet.

He was not disappointed. He found she wanted to know if they had plans for finding a new home for the people. She was even interested in evacuation plans if it got real bad.

"Why yes we do. And we have found a planet we are going to modify for our purposes." Desslok said.

"That is wonderful. Are we going to have occupation of it soon so the evacuation can start?" She asked looking happily at him.

"Yes once it's atmosphere is modified. Also we have to remove the indigenous species." Desslok said.

This was the first time he would get annoyed with her. "Indigenous species? Animals?" Demeia asked.

"No a very annoying primitive peoples. They are backward and don't deserve the planet they live on. They pollute it with their trash and emissions from their machines. We are altering their pollution just a little so we can live there." Desslok said.

"You are saying it is an inhabited planet? You are making it so the other people won't be able to live there anymore?" Demeia said shocked.

"Yes and they are fighting back. They have been for years. We started the attacks a while ago. But the planet is almost ours." Desslok said smiling to himself he had not been looking at her when he had said it.

He was proud of his accomplishments and he had lost some men but all within acceptable range amounts.

"How many have died! How many more will. For a planet of people who love their home? Who don't want to give it to others? How much easier my dear Desslok would it be to find a uninhabited planet to occupy one that would be better suited to us." Demeia said horrified at what she was now learning.

"Don't be stupid this is the easiest route we would have to look for many years to find one just right. This is close and easily altered. Now you leave the plans to the men." Desslok said he was astonished for her brother showed almost outright adulation towards him.

Demeia looked at him with her pretty purple eyes so hurt, so tender. He reached out and touched her cheek. "Don't worry your pretty head. We men will make it all right for us." Desslok said.

Demeia had ran out backing away from his touch. He was startled and annoyed. Now what was she thinking he wondered. He didn't see her for days and had to settle for seeing his girls who now board him more than entertained.

As he thought about it she reminded him of Starsha with her keen mind. Her grasp on very important issues. Even her voice made him think of Starsha. He liked this girl and could love her given half a chance. Starsha would never love him she as much as said it when his people had not helped her's years ago. But that had been his father’s idea due to the Priest of the detested religion that had tried to kill him and take his throne.

...Demeia has an idea...

Demeia left Desslok that day so upset. She started asking her brother about the human people. He had only told her a little and that was tainted by his military attitude and the treatment of women. But that was the way of her people. Women were to be seen not heard till asked to speak. They didn't hold positions and they didn't interfere with plans of men. They generally stayed home and had babies and took care of family life.

Demeia now wanted a family. But so many young men were being lost to this war over a planet that her indigenous people wanted to keep. Demeia was drawn to Desslok because of his love of Gamilon, and his wanting to save her and now his worry that since she was dyeing his people would die.

Demeia also knew Desslok was amused when he could talk more important things to her and she could answer back intelligently. She wondered if he would take advice from her. The only thing for it was to try. Her brother listened to her half-heartedly if that much. And he never passed on her ideas to Desslok. So Demeia stayed away for 5 days gathering up things she had studied.

Being a girl most men would let her have things like star charts and planet placements. Just because they thought she was interested in the stars. Because Gamilons thought that women were usually interested in only having babies.

"Isn't she cute! Too bad she doesn't understand these things really. It is adorable her trying to look smart for us men. If only she knew her looks alone have drawn attention to her." the young man at the star charts and celestial bodies department said smiling he was young and he liked what he saw in Lysis's sister.

"She isn't for you. Talan wouldn't let you have her. I think too she has her eye on leader Desslok." The older man said. The young men moaned sadly for they knew if she liked Desslok or his second Talan they didn't have a chance.

It was true but not for what they thought. She liked Desslok's determination on finding a home for their people before Gamilon died. His concern for his people and his love for the poor dyeing planet. It didn't hurt that he talked to her like she had little or no brain in her head for all men treated women like that. Many times now she felt she wanted to kiss him. But he was usually to busy or he had his entertainment committee of blond girls with him. Those girls he treated as things to have around for fun.

Demeia knew it as unkind of her to think this way but the combined intelligentsia of all 6 of those girls wouldn't have powered a small calculation machine much less a clock. Desslok only saw pretty girls and payed no attention to there thought process or minds.

When Demeia had got up the things she had gathered and read them. Then making theories as to where one would go to find a new planet she went to the Palace.

She found him preparing to go off to fight the Star force. Who was now on its way here to Iscandar. "Starsha is helping them?" Demeia thought as she heard of the wave motion gun and engine. She worried for she knew Desslok had a long standing thing for Starsha that he didn't talk about.

She was just standing outside the door with all the information she had gathered when the door swung open. "Oh it is you Lady Demeia! To what do I owe this great honor." Desslok said annoyed for he had missed her during the passing days.

"I thought about what you said the other day Leader Desslok. I have calculations and charts and even several planets that could be checked out." Demeia said.

"What are you talking about?" Desslok said annoyed for he had been waiting for his entertainment committee. He had a rough day and was very agitated. He had long thought it was just fun letting his men mess with the humans but recently it was becoming a issue with him.

Desslok showed his men out and then allowed her in his room. "Now again what were you talking about?" Desslok said a little amused at the bundle of papers and diagrams she was about to drop.

"You are altering a planet that has life on it. And they are fighting back. I was studying this area in space and there seems to be some planets that might suit us better with little or no alteration to their atmosphere." Demeia said.

"What should it matter to you what planet I alter for our people? We will have a new home." Desslok said.

"At the risk of more lives? All those young men who follow you blindly? My brother! And now you are going out as supreme Leader of Gamilon? What if you get killed? Let us go for a less dangerous plan please Leader Desslok." Demeia said.

"I told you to call me Desslok you need not use the title. Now What! Why does it matter how I get a new world for us. Isn't it sufficient that I do?" Desslok said.

"It matters cause I love you. It matters cause I think we can have a good life on a new planet out there instead of losing more men to war. I heard even Starsha is siding in with the humans and she wants to save them. I don't care about them. I care about us our people our world. And most of all I love you and care about you. Please listen to me." Demeia said.

"You love me? So you want what is best for me." Desslok said leaning in and kissing her mouth.

"Now there that should make your worries go away I won't get killed and I will get us a new planet." Desslok said liking the blush he had caused to rise to her pretty blue face.

He heard gasp of female voices and looked up to see his 6 pleasure girls come into the room. "Looks like I have company. Come join us girl and see what my Lady Demeia has planned for us." Desslok said smiling now for he was amused that she even went to this much trouble.

Demeia looked at him sadly knowing he didn't get it. He was making fun of her. Calling her Lady. Gamilon didn't have Ladies women with titles. And he was asking the air heads to comment allowing them to pick on her to.

"These areas have planets more suited to our needs. You need not waist more lives of our men for a lost quest." Demeia said.

"Oh she is smart. But we need not worry Desslok the Leader will save us." the vacuous blond said smiling girlishly at him. for this Desslok kissed that girl's mouth also. For which all his girls wanted a kiss.

Demeia got up disappointed and started to roll the things she had brought up. Then she thought better of it. She left it and started to leave crying. "Were are you going we were just starting to have fun." Desslok said knowing he had teased her a bit hard.

"Just look it over! You’re going out to battle will only put you at risk. I don't want to hear you have died due to this." Demeia said.

"Stop talking nonsense and come back we can have some fun. Don't be stupid you know us men are going to do what is best for us." Desslok said annoyed.

"No you are trying for a mere gain of glory. If you do what you want. The Gamilons will be considered a horrible people. Ones to be feared and dreaded! Our people will never have peace. People will fight us forever!" Demeia said.

"Stupid woman. Leave it to us men you don't know what you are talking about. I will take care of everything." Desslok said.

"We both know that isn't true." Demeia said.

"I can make you stay." Desslok said getting up angry.

"You could but I would not want to watch you with the air heads. Have fun talking anything but foolishness with them." Demeia said.

"They love me like you do. Save you used your brother to meet me." Desslok said looking tartly at her.

"No I didn't. It was purely by accident I met you that day. I would never use my brother as a way to get to know any man. He thinks I am just an idiot female. They love you because of your power. Your station and whatever they can get out of you. I love you because you love your home world and your people. You truly want what is best for them. If you never love me back that is fine. Please at least look at what I have there." Demeia said turning and leaving before he could say a thing.

She heard the next day rumors about herself and how she had vexed Desslok sorely. So again she didn't go to the palace. But on the day he took off in his big battle ship she stood on the docks sadly watching. Her biggest fear was that he wouldn't ever return. And when he did how he would react to her.

Her brother had been very annoyed with her to. And even when he came back to Gamilon to see about matters that Desslok wanted him to he was cold to her.

"You shouldn't have told him things like you did. He will not tolerate such behavior from a woman." Talan Desslok's second said to her. He was Desslok's live long friend and knew how Desslok felt.

"I know but I can't help it. I like him and I think what he is doing is so wrong. Just cause earth is close doesn't mean it would be a good home for us. He can be such a good ruler if he thought it out more." Demeia said.

"Women shouldn't get involved in men's plans. Now do behave. He does like you this is why he is annoyed so with you. Otherwise he would have ignored you as another stupid woman." Talan said.

"Sure! Do keep him safe as possible!" Demeia said sadly Talan raised his eyebrow at her earnest plea.

He patted her hand and frowned. "You like him that much and he won't have you not now. Not after what you have said and done." Talan said.

"It doesn't matter we are doomed the planet will die before he gets back." Demeia said.

Desslok did come back before Gamilon died. The humans had got the Cosmo DNA and were headed home to save their home.

Demeia found herself being summoned to Desslok. He seemed calm but he was angry inside. "See what they have done to my fleet. So many ships gone so many of my men dead. Do you still feel sorry for them?" Desslok said.

"Don't go Desslok please. Help us to find a new home." Demeia said.

"I will be back after I get my revenge. Then we will see where we go from here." Desslok said.

"Please don't go; I fear for you." Demeia said.

"I will show you I can find a good home for my people. I can save us." Desslok said looking at her with a far kinder look on his face.

"You don't have to prove anything to me. I know you will do your best. I know your motives are in the right place." Demeia said.

"Because you love me?" Desslok scoffed.

Demeia looked down sadly knowing he wasn't hearing a word she was saying. It was less than three weeks later she heard he was dead. September of 2200 The Argo had blown his ship up and he and his crew were lost. Demeia cried for she knew the potential he had in him but now it was all for naught.

...Desslok wakes...

Desslok woke to green faces administering to him. He was in a hospital of some sort. He saw The man he now knew as Prince Zordar looking down on him from the windows above the surgery room. Also the woman known as princess Invidia was standing next to him. At that point he didn't know who they were only that the un-lady like woman was now arguing with the older man.

It took him months to get back to full health. And found that Zordar had found him floating in space and had followed his accomplishments with interest. He also had a fondness for Desslok that made him feel a kinship with him.

"Now that I am well I will do as you ask. I just need to go get my fleet to come and exact my revenge." Desslok had said.

Zordar wanted Desslok to fight the Star Force for him so he could take on Earth easier.

On landing he found his people in disarray. On seeing him though Talan and all at the palace were thrilled. What Desslok didn't expect was that Demeia came running and almost tackling him. "You live! I was told you were dead." Demeia said crying.

"You worried that much? Prince Zordar of the Comet Empire found me and saved me." Desslok said.

"Oh we must thank him." Demeia said happily.

Turning to all his men and the women who were standing near he smiled. "We are going to get our chance to take revenge on Earth and the Star Force." Desslok said he had taken Demeia's hand at this point.

"What! Gamilon dies and we need a new Planet and you are restored to us! And you want to take revenge?" Demeia said sadly.

"A new planet? We will get our choice of new planets if we help him." Desslok said.

"Revenge my Leader Desslok has blinded you. We need relocation now before we all die with our beloved planet." Demeia said pulling her hand out of Desslok's.

Blind fury showed on his face and something else calculation. "A new planet is what you want? So be it. Talan take her to the prison planet Dracon. I will give details of her confinement later. Now take her to get changed into the prison robes. Then bring her back for me to see." Desslok said harshly.

She vexed him so because he liked her. He had thought of her a lot while he was away healing. He had talked to Lysis and found her parents put her in her room for a bit to punish her. So this dictated how he treated her.

Her prison robe was white with long sleeves and tie belt. He watched as they brought her to him. "If you beg for forgiveness and apologize now you won't have to go." Desslok said hoping she would relent.

"I can't beg for forgiveness. For what should I ask for it for? Loving you? Wanting what is best for you and our people? Wanting to have a peaceful life with you? I do apologize for hurting your feelings but only for that." Demeia said.

"What?! Why not? You are stupid." Desslok said annoyed again. He had shot men for less.

"Because I would rather be in prison than to see you get yourself killed again." Demeia said looking down and crying.

"Take her away. I am not intending on getting myself killed. You think I am too weak!" Desslok hissed.

"But we could have a good life on a new world." Demeia said sadly for she knew he was only blinded by revenge.

Talan who had been standing next to Desslok took her arm. "Come Leader Desslok has important business to attend to."

Desslok was still very annoyed when he came into Desslok moments later. "She is on her way Leader Desslok." he said kindly.

"If I may sir it is because you like her that vexes you in this way. Otherwise her opinion as a woman wouldn't matter." Talan said.

Desslok looked up shocked then laughed. It was true and no denying it. She was delicate and sweet, demure most of the time. She was intelligent and strong and if she said anything it was backed by a reason. Albeit one a woman would use. He loved that she cared for their home world that was dyeing and for how to save their people. It was only her thoughts on how to do so that vexed him. Why couldn't she let him do it the way he wanted and be happy with that.

He and Talan saw to it his people were placed at space stations before his fleet took off. For he didn't want any more of Gamilon's people to die needlessly. His hope was that after destroying the Star Force he would come back and find a home for all of his people.

He thought he would forget his torments by women till he had to deal with Invidia who tried to thwart his every move. She even put a spy on his ship to trip him up.

When this didn't work he was tricked by her and sent to a prison by her. Him thinking that it was Prince Zordar who had done it to him. Upon escape he planned on getting his revenge on the Star Force.

Interaction with Invidia had made him appreciate Demeia more. For even though she didn't agree with him on all things, for when she disagreed she didn't try to harm him or undermine him. She was delicate and demure even though strong. Invidia was a jealous malicious manipulator which he hated.

The battle that made him think was when he had the Argo at his mercy and Derek Wildstar as his prisoner. He saw something that shocked him… no…it startled him. Nova had run up and covered Derek with her own body a love for which Desslok had felt for Starsha. And then they were willing to die if Earth was to be saved. A Love that he and Demeia shared for Gamilon. He found that his feelings were mirrored in both instances.

He retreated leaving the Argo with a hint of how to save the Earth. He understood Derek and his people very well now. Then to his mind went to the Sweet girl who he had imprisoned himself. He felt it unbearable and the pang of what he had done to her hit him.

It would take him another month to get home and say good bye to Gamilon before heading out to pick up his people on the space stations and releasing Demeia who was still in prison on the uninviting prison planet.

...Grief, Anger, and Love...

At first Demeia grieved for she thought she would never see her family again or even Desslok. She was stuck in a cell, albeit a fine one with a rich furnishings and plenty of food to eat. It hearkened back to when her parents punished her making her stay in her room.

If she wanted anything all she had to do was ask. But as for contact with anyone she had one guard who brought her everything. This made her mad at Desslok. How could he do this to her? How could he ignore the needs of his own people? She stamped her feet and cried.

It was no big thing when she asked for embroidery floss and some linen to do needle work on. In fact her temper seemed to subside and the guards relaxed some. It wasn't till they saw what she had done with it that made them worry. She had embroidered a fine portrait of Leader Desslok and hung it on the wall. It was a flawless likeness of him and was impressive.

And instead of asking for more supplies she took her morning gruel and taking paper she made darts using her needles as points. The guards didn't know what to do when they saw what she was doing. She would loft a dart hitting the picture of Leader Desslok and then burst into tears. They had tried to take it away three times to no avail. One had received a nasty dart to his departing hind end.

She was heard saying. "I loved you and you did this to me." "I gave you logical peaceful alternatives to your warring ones." "I miss Gamilon and I miss you monster." "Why do I love you? Tell me why do I love you still?" she would burst into tears saying.

This was how Desslok found her. A year and two months after putting her here.

...Desslok’s dilemma...

When he had gotten back to Gamilon he saw her explode before his very eyes. And he thought of Demeia. Then he had to call the Argo for help because Iscandar was racing out of control due to the death of Gamilon. It was at the sight of the loss of even Iscandar that Desslok felt the old feelings for Starsha came up. How he had been smitten when he had talked to her so long ago. And even though he had not quite forgiven her for marrying Alex Wildstar. He actually voiced his love for her.

After he left Derek and the Argo in grief he thought of Demeia. He again remembered he had put her in prison. He felt bad about it for he has stayed in a cell for less than a week. But Poor Demeia had been in for more than a year.

Talan was aware of his mood and watched with quiet contemplation. "She is fine at least she was preserved alive by being on a prison planet no one would attack." Talan said.

Desslok looked up startled then smiled weakly. "Let us hope she thinks so." He said not sure he would consider it so if it were him.

It took him another week to get to the prison planet and he went in instead of sending Talan. The guards were shocked when he had but Desslok was not to be argued with.

"Now Leader Desslok we gave her the embroidery floss for needle work We had no idea what she would do with it. We did try to take it from her but she got me in the back side with this." The guard held up a crudely made dart.

"What did she do with embroidery floss?" Desslok said temporarily distracted.

"Just look in and see. She is using it again." the guard said when pinging sounds were heard on the metal wall.

Looking in he saw her. She was throwing her crudely made darts at a cloth on the wall and yelling.

"Idiot Male! Thick headed man we could have been good together. All he thinks about is revenge on Star Force. If he dies again all prospects for a new world for our people is lost." "I loved you and you did this to me! I gave you logical peaceful alternatives to your warlike ones! I miss Gamilon and I miss you, you monster! Why do I love you? Tell me why do I love you still?" Demeia said sobbing.

After she had thrown the last one she put her hands over her eyes and cried. "Why can't I stop loving him! Why do I love him so much? He got himself killed once. Then I couldn't change his mind. I am so useless." She said covering her face still crying.

Desslok opened the door looking sympathetically at her. She said she loved him still. He had indeed ignored her for revenges sake. Her love was like that of Nova for Derek. He knew it he could love her. No he knew he loved her. But how was he to tell her. His long pause at the door drew her attention and Demeia stood up shocked at him.

Demeia I couldn't believe he had come. She figured he would be mad at her still but his demeanor was different somehow. Desslok walked up to the table where she had some embroidery items sitting. He looked down at it and she saw tears in his eyes.

"I was unable to save Gamilon and now even Iscandar is destroyed. You said you were useless! I am the worthless one. You are not at least we can find a new home using your star charts." Desslok said.

"Iscandar also? What about Starsha?" Demeia said looking horrified.

"I and the Star force tried to save her but she blew herself up to stop the Dark Nebula Empire." Desslok said.

"You and the Star Force?" Demeia said wide eyed as Desslok approached her and folded her into his arms.

"You are right I am a thick headed male. I am sorry! I learned that if we survive Gamilon survives with us. We will help our Gamilon survive in her people in our hearts, " Desslok said hugging her tighter.

Demeia only closed her eyes and gave into his surprising warmth. That was when Desslok saw her embroidery hanging on the wall.

"So this is what you do with your spare time. Not a bad likeness if I don't mind saying so myself." Desslok said reaching out and pulling it off the wall.

Demeia was afraid he would be mad again but Desslok just looked at the homemade darts and began to laugh. When she went to explain but he held his hand up laughing harder. He escorted her to his ship and she was blushing all the way.

Talan admired the fine workmanship of the needle work till Desslok told him what it was used for. Demeia blushed again when Talan looked startled and wide eyed at her. Desslok just folded it and placed it into his pocket of his pants. He grinned in a most disturbing way at Demeia.

Desslok released the prisoners to the space stations which carried all the survivors of Gamilon. Picking up more on the way out of their known space.

Expecting it to take years they had no idea that soon they would find Galman the original home world of The Gamilon peoples. Galman was a duel planet orbit of its sun just as Gamilon had been with Iscandar. Demeia spent most of her time on the space stations as they were protected by Desslok's remaining fleet.

When they found Galman Desslok was shocked at who the inhabitants were and that they were being used as slaves for the Bolars. In just a year he had defeated and liberated Galman and was made Emperor of the Galman Empire. Doing so let him name the little planet that shared Galman's orbit Starsha in honor of the last Queen of Iscandar.

To Demeia's chagrin Desslok didn't stop there he was building up a military force. She had not got to see him much even though he wanted her near him giving her rooms in his palace. No one had seen this coming not even Talan who had thought she would be punished for the dart throwing alone.

He noticed the needle work was up on the wall of Desslok's private rooms. And Talan didn't dare ask about it. We are about to celebrate the Galman Empires inauguration. And Even at this he saw the woman milling around the Palace. Talan knew Desslok was in love with the girl even though he never said it.

The celebration of the inauguration of the Galman Empire under Desslok was to take place on his birth day. Demeia Heard that some of his Generals were conquering many planets for Desslok and she felt sick. Like the day she was coming in to show Desslok the new needle point she had done of him. This one didn't have the dart holes in it like the other and had the date of the inauguration under the full size picture of him.

"20% loss that is more like it. Better than the last time. He is doing better at not losing my ships." Desslok said.

Demeia looked shocked and ran to her room and set down crying. All those lives lost cause of war. She was sitting there sadly and wondering about how to ask him about it when Desslok came in her rooms.

"I saw you at the war room! You wanted something?" Desslok said sitting down in a chair looking at her curiously.

"Oh I finished this and wanted you to see it," Demeia said.

She handed him the needle work and smiled slightly. "This one doesn't have the dart holes." Demeia said grinning.

He examined it and looked at it. "This is another fine work. But do tell me why I saw you crying?" Desslok asked eyeing her even more curiously.

"I accidentally heard you say that 20 percent of your ships were lost. So many men killed. How many of them weren't married and didn't have progeny? It was just too sad to think about." Demeia said.

"Why Lady Demeia you worry about the men also? You are very special. Don't worry 90% of all the men on those ships were robots. We lost only a few men. Don't you worry your pretty little head about it." Desslok said pulling her to himself.

While this was not exactly what she wanted to hear. It did comfort her. And she liked the hug she got even the kiss on the forehead was sweet. How could she convince him fighting was not a good thing.

...Desslok's friends...

Desslok was furious when he found his men had attacked the Argo. He was a bubble off of shooting his men dead for the unforgivable attack on them.

Demeia watched as he got visibly excited. When he found that they would be coming to even his inauguration, Desslok spared no expense to have them here. She was even excited thinking she wanted to meet them. But when they landed and she saw them come in she could only watch as they were admitted to his private rooms.

She also had heard what he said about loving Starsha and how he had seen that kind of feelings between Derek and Nova. So she stayed out of the way as he showed them around his Empire showing the military might.

Desslok had known it was partial truth that he and Starsha had shared an attachment. He knew especially now that she had given her life for her husband and baby. It saved them also but it was to mainly save her family. He couldn't bring himself to admit it in public that he had felt love for her but it was unrequited on Starsha's side.

He had seen Demeia run off when he had said he could never find anyone like her ever again. He felt bad about it. But his pride wouldn't let him say anything about it.

When Desslok found that earth was going to die he worked to find someone to help fix it. And when Demeia was seen smiling at him proudly for his efforts in helping his friends it had made him feel better. For to Desslok, Demeia's tears hurt him worse than a defeat in battle.

Demeia had met Nova in passing, and had greeted her. "It is good to see Emperor Desslok so determined to help a friend," she had said.

"Yes and we appreciate it so much. The ships will be sent out as soon as possible and then we may go home again," Nova said smiling.

Nova had watched her go off with a particularly proud look on her face. She wondered who the gorgeous dainty woman was. She was taller than Nova almost Desslok's height. She seemed to float away.

"Derek did you see that pretty woman who seems to show up everywhere?" Nova asked.

"No I didn't is she around here now? Point her out to me." Derek said.

Demeia had escaped down a hall and Derek wouldn't see her for another day. It was right after Desslok was being too proud to admit Derek was a friend. And so to Derek had just saved Galman from the Bolar Proton missile. Derek wouldn't have seen her till she said it.

"Oh my word, are all males the same no matter what world you are on? They are both each other’s friends but they are too proud and arrogant to admit it." The lovely girl had said.

"Is she talking about me?" Derek asked looking at the purple eyed beauty frowning at him and Desslok.

"Yes Derek and she is so right!" Nova giggled.

"Desslok who is that lovely girl?" Derek asked.

"Oh her? She is one of my trusted advisors, The Lady Demeia." Desslok said strait faced but feeling humor for the shocked look in Nova and Derek's faces.

He had even found humor and comfort in what Demeia had said. To know that Demeia had noticed the closeness that he and Derek shared. It meant it was not his own imagination for he trusted Demeia's opinion no matter how foolish at times.

The failure of the plan to save the Earth’s sun with Galman technology had been a blow to Desslok. Galman tech had caused the problem even though it was an accident then not being able to save them was shame itself. And not knowing what to do he allowed Derek to go on his way to find a new Earth.

"Emperor Desslok? What about the planets on my star charts? Is there a way to find if any of them are acceptable as a new earth?" Demeia had asked.

Desslok had been so pleased and he had the observatory check out the planets she had found. Thinking that the only one that would do was Phantom he sent the co-ordinance to it to the Argo.

Demeia was pleased when Desslok was able to help and that it makes him so happy. To Demeia knowing the humans had been a good thing. It made him think and care about someone other than just himself.

...A wait and disappointment...

"I have to go Demeia. The Bolars are after the Argo. I must help them." Desslok said.

"More war! More death? Bolars? Just don't die!" Demeia cried.

Desslok had feelings rush through him he had not expected. He couldn't figure out why he was so concerned about how she was feeling about his leaving. Normally anyone even hint that they didn't think he should do anything he would get angry. But right now all he wanted to do was to grab her up and hug her.

"Demeia? I am sorry! I must help them I will be back as soon as I can. To build up our Empire." Desslok said. He was wondering if this was true love? He felt love before but this was different somehow stronger.

"I believe you. You keep your word." Demeia said. She was crying when he left and the Palace seemed quiet without him there.

Demeia didn't know anything about Desslok destroying the planet Phantom. Nor the fact that Desslok was trying to find the planet Guardiana to see about military technology. But every day he was away she worried and she thought. Her whole life she had liked Desslok after meeting him. Now she wondered if he was always going to put Starsha over her weather she should find a home in the city and leave the palace. He had not had his entertainment committee since they had come to Galman planet. But he could find some very easy all he had to do is point and he would have many girls come to him.

When Desslok had come home she hadn't known it. She had been gathering up her things. When she decided to take one last look around, she found him standing staring out at the Planet Starsha.

"You miss her don't you. You always stare at the planet when you think of her. You like your military men need children. To do as you said build up the Empire. You can find someone who looks like her. Of course she wouldn't be her but at least you can find a girl who looks as pretty." Demeia said.

"What? Demeia what are you saying? Don't you love me? You have said so before. It hasn't changed has it?" Desslok said.

"No but you wanted Starsha you said that no one could be like Starsha. I am no Starsha and I don't look like her." Demeia said she had turned to leave but he grabbed her hand. She looked as if she was going to cry. Desslok couldn't take her tears it wrenched at his heart.

"My dear Lady Demeia! Do you know why I liked Starsha? She was smart and beautiful and she cared for others. She was selfless. You remind me of her in these ways. You are smart you are beautiful on you own. And you have worried about our people and our home." Desslok said.

"But I make you upset and I annoy you." Demeia said looking at him curiously.

"You don't know do you? The reason you annoyed me so much was. I loved you. And you didn't find everything I said and did the right thing to do. If you had been any other woman I wouldn't have got annoyed I would have ignored you as a dumb female." Desslok said.

He had pulled her into his arms smiling down at her. "Something else you must know. You have something going for you more alluring than Starsha. You loved me back. You talked to me and tried to reason with me and didn't shy away when my decision didn't match yours. My love for Starsha was unrequited love. She never loved me. But you have returned my affection from the day I stumbled into love with you." Desslok said.

Demeia could only think I want a kiss from Desslok. Desslok to wanted to kiss her but he wanted it to be better for her than that day when he had his girls come in and he had not listened to him. So Desslok leaned in and tenderly started kissing her. He put all the passion he could muster into it and Demeia melted into his arms.

...The announcements...

It was just a day when the first one was made. "I, Emperor Desslok of the Galman Empire have decided to expand our Empire from the inside out. Every man who wants to be in my Imperial fleet must be married. And to be an officer one must have at least 2 children. To show my earnestness in this matter I will be the first to marry. In a week I am to marry Lady Demeia." Desslok said from his high balcony.

Desslok had liked the response of his people. For it had been long standing that lots of his military had gone to war as men so young that they had not married or had children. Desslok to had devised a lower tax for the people having more children.

Talan had made Desslok laugh for when he had announced the edict for his military to marry Talan had winced.

"You aren't serious are you sir? Will I lose my position because I have no wife or children?" Talan asked he had been a bachelor for years following Desslok around.

"Well you won't lose your position. But I do suggest you find a female to love. You will like it imagine. Anyway there are three women who ask about you all the time." Desslok said to his oldest and trusted aid and friend.

"Three?" Talan asked interested.

Maydon a regular military man approached Desslok very humbly. "Your Highness. If one had more than 2 children will he immediately become a officer?" Maydon asked.

Desslok looked thoughtful at the man. "Yes I think it would be about right." Desslok said watching him carefully.

To Desslok’s mirth the young man leapt up and hollered happily.  “I already have 6 children!” He said brightly dancing. But came to himself and bowed to Desslok.

"Any man who can remain alive long enough to have that many children should be an officer." Desslok said laughing.

Many things changed in those days. And a promise was kept. "We will meet again Derek Wildstar after this battle. That was the regal wedding of Emperor Desslok to Lady Demeia. Desslok had planned on making Demeia not just a lady but an Empress. But she would have nothing of it. "Desslok I don't want a title. I love you because you are you." Demeia said.

"That is not the point! I want you to have an appropriate title to your station." Desslok had said annoyed.

"Oh honey the only title I need is Desslok's wife. And eventually Mother of Desslok's children." Demeia said looking lovingly at him. So He called her Lady Demeia. The title he gave her to tease her when he first met her.

Desslok lost his annoyed look and kissed her tenderly. He had got the women he needed so much. And now he knew what real love was he wouldn't ever really be upset at her for very long. For this Desslok will be announcing a baby's birth in roughly 9 months.

This too was a event in which the crew of the Argo was invited to celebrate. If you join the crew of the Argo you can be assured that there will be more Children in the works for Demeia and Desslok. You will have an open invitation to the celebrations. He never thinks of her as an annoyance anymore.