By Lynn Taylor

The Argo was having training with young recruits and Derek was again shocked with just how much he had to still train them. He was sitting on the bridge looking over the last evaluation. Looking up at all the new paint and finishes he wondered what Sandor was doing.

He missed Sandor for when not on an important mission he was designing something new and exciting. Mark looked very bored and even annoyed at his navigation recruit.

"Sometimes I miss when there is excitement or some sort of battle." Mark said sighing.

"No you wouldn't If we had to take these recruits out. We would be dead in no time." Derek said moaning at the last line he had just read.

"Snack time!" Nova said brightly coming on the bridge.

"Ahh, what do we have today!" Mark said looking up brightly.

"Tomato juice and finger grilled cheese sandwiches." Nova said smiling.

Mark sank down frowning and Derek imperceptively winced. "I.Q.9's idea right?" Derek said trying to look cheery.

"No actually it was Recruit Claymore's Idea. Heavy whole wheat with sharp cheddar grilled to a golden brown then cut in quarters. Also a nice big glass of tomato juice with special spices Claymore mixed in. They were I.Q.9's tomatoes, though, " Nova laughed.

"Claymore? I hadn't heard that name." Mark said tasting the first finger sandwich.

He smelled the more brownish looking tomato juice. Then cautiously tasted it. "This is actually very good!" Mark said drinking it down now with gusto.

Derek too had changed his mind when he got a taste of it.

"Tell him it is the best I have ever had." Derek said smiling He had just been reading the list of names of the recruits and had not seen Claymore anywhere.

"Her!" Nova said.

"Her! What?" Derek said looking up.

"Fenilla Claymore is a her!" Nova said giggling at the shocked look of the two men.

"A Girl! We have a girl to train? Just Great!" Derek said frowning again.

"Referred to us just this morning. Here are her credentials and her tactical scores!" Nova said tartly. None of them saw the tall women come onto the bridge.

"I am 28 years old and served as an Earth Defense pilot with Conroy." The tall dark auburn haired female said standing there looking harshly at them.

"I am sorry if you saw the other cadets’ scores you would be weary too!" Derek said.

"I was sent to help train people. If you think I am not good enough send me back now. I can see where I might not get a fair shake here." She said saluting.

Derek stood and saluted her and frowned again." You didn't catch us at our best Claymore," Derek said.

"That is certain!" The woman said looking directly at him.

"If you can give us another chance you are more than welcome to stay," Derek said.

"That sounded almost earnest." Nova said while scowling.

"Forget It, Nova. I have dealt with this kind of thing before," Fenilla said.

Fenilla left annoyed as well as perturbed. Was not Nova a female aboard a Space Force ship!

Fenilla had been pulled from the Andromeda when the Comet Empire hit for her father Colonel Claymore wanted her safe. Planet defense was what she became and had showed herself proud. She had only been let go out to fight in a Cosmo Tiger when the Black Tigers from the Argo were attacking the Comet Empire ship. She had joined in and helped. She had been in some of the heaviest fighting. She was un-aware when Conroy died till after all was over.  To this day she only went to Hero’s Hill when no one was there for she missed Conroy her cousin and cried bitterly at his loss.

"Derek… how could you?" Nova said after Fenilla had left.

"Oh…alright! I am just used to having men and only you as my female officer. Now I have a hot shot pilot with something to prove. I am sorry and will make it up to her." Derek said.

Mark Venture was sitting there smiling for the harder Derek tried to get out of the conversation the worse it got.

...Fenilla and the rookies...

When the recruits found out that one of Claymore's Children was to be a Cosmo Tiger pilot they were thrilled. They had heard of the pilot that had distinguished them self during the Comet Empire attack. But when she came in tall long legged long dark auburn hair and stunning blue eyes they all gasped.

"Hello I am Commander Claymore. I am here to assess your skills as pilots. If you have any questions about my credentials I am Colonel Claymore's daughter. I have 5 medals and three awards for bravery and None of you topped my cadet scores at the academy. My scores are much higher now." Fenilla said.

"You mean we have to train under you? A girl?" One rookie said.

"Oh my you don't want to do battle with a girl. Number 1 I am 28 years old. I am at least 10 years older than most of you little nippers. I have ten year and I expect professional behavior from all of you." Fenilla said.

She found out that most of them complained bitterly to Captain Wildstar. Then to she heard some making comments on her physical appearance. And the questions they asked didn't have anything to do with the task at hand. Only one she answered.

"Why did you join the Cosmo Tigers? And the Argo?" One kid had asked.

"Well for one thing I had a cousin named Conroy. He was a pilot on the Argo. He was a Black Tiger leader and I wanted to be like him. We had been close all our life and so we were always together. My father who didn't mind me being a tomboy allowed me to join Space Force Training…. Another explanation was that I wanted to try for the Argo also but my father stopped me at every move. So just recently this chance opened up. The last reason is one females who were training to be nurses said. I was accused of looking for a husband." Fenilla said grinning at the kids who had backed up.

Later Captain Wildstar approached her about it.

"Did you really say you joined the Cosmo Tigers training to get a husband?" He said harshly.

"Not exactly!" Fenilla said.

"What do you mean not exactly." Derek said looking annoyed.

"I said it was the rumor of those girls who were training to be nurses and other female dominated careers. Anyways worked for Nova now didn't it." Fenilla said narrowing her eyes at him.

"That is not why she joined." Wildstar said angrily.

"My point exactly. She found she liked you after she had already joined and she was here first. Maybe she should have been made Captain!" Fenilla said narrowing her eyes and smirking.

Nova who had come in during the conversation smiled at the grin on Fenilla's face.

"Captain…I have to leave the ship. My mother needs help she is sick and asking for me." Nova said.

Derek looked at her helplessly. How was he going to deal with this woman who was not as meek and mild as Nova? "Do you have to go? I have 23 new cadets who listen to you." Derek said.

"Yes I must; mother is real bad and asking for me. Oh and thanks for the vote of confidence Commander Claymore." Nova said winking at Fenilla.

"Ok got the point. These young men will use any excuse not to work with you. Do show them you can handle it. Claymore, take them out on practice runs tomorrow and assess what you think they need to learn." Derek said.

As he went off to talk to Nova, Fenilla walked back to her room to make plans.

...Training starts...

Cosmo tiger training was to start the next day and Derek didn't want to leave without Nova but he had to. He sighed for he was stuck with this female as the only female officer aboard.

He found she was a girl of a different sort when they went through warp for the first time with new recruits. Most all passed out the first time. And the times after this would make them senseless for a minute or two.

He found the girl running up to everyone checking pulses. When he finally looked up she was standing next to him calling his name.

"Captain Wildstar? Are you alright? Everyone is passed out!" Fenilla said.

"Claymore? What are you doing up and around?" Derek asked.

"What do you mean? As soon as we warped I waited till the tingling ended. But everyone was passed out." Fenilla said.

"You didn't pass out? All first time warpers pass out! Go to Doctor Sane." Derek said.

Three hours later he found her very annoyed and aggravated. "Look it is not me who needs a checkup! You were the ones who passed out!" Fenilla said.

"We wanted to see if you had internal damage. And if not..what could we do so the rest of us won't pass out." Derek said.

"It is probably cause she is thick headed." A male nurse said.

"If that were true! That means the rest of this crew should never have passed out! Ever!" Fenilla said grinning at them all.

Derek wished Nova was here. He sorely missed her. He had left moaning! For he realized anyone who didn't pass out or have moments of senselessness would be invaluable on the bridge. He decided not to tell her just yet not till he calmed down.

The next day Fenilla realized that Captain Wildstar was also trying to get her to go home. He had sweetened the pot for these men. Whoever beats Claymore's score will be Cosmo Tiger Commander, and Black Tiger Squadron leader. She heard him announce.

The cadets and rookies were very eager to be leader. She had also heard Captain Wildstar laughing about the possibility of a Ship Captain of any sort being Female.

"That would be all out chaos. Women just can't take that kind of responsibility." he had said.

Mark Venture was going to agree till he saw her looking at him. Fenilla adjusted her head band and got two of her men,. "We go to the asteroid belt and play target practice." She had pointed out two of the more skilled young men and had them get into their Tigers.

It went well till Chester shot a laser and creased a long burn in the aft section of Albert's Tiger. When she tried to instruct them she was met with resistance and as they flew back into the Argo she jumped out of her plane running to Chester grabbing him by the ear.

Captain Wildstar went running up to them and saw her anger. "Look here we are to be a team. You nearly shot off the tail wing of Albert's Tiger.  I suggest 8 hours of practice in the simulator. You also Albert did you know you collided with more asteroids than you destroyed!

Every one of them looked at the two offending men's Tigers and frowned. Then they looked at hers.  Hers didn't have dings hers wasn't burnt. Albert's had the burn on the tail wing and all kinds of bad dings or dents.

The next run produced another couple of loose cannon one upsmanship men. At the end of the day she sat in the lunch room and she looked at the guys frowning.

"Top of your class you have got to be kidding me. Man I miss Conroy! He knew what he was doing!" Fenilla said.

Fenilla wondered if Corey would join soon. He was a little boy when she had become Space Force. Corey looked just like his older brother and may just have good skills.

...Strange things seen in the skies....

Sandor had the Comet brought to his attention by a scientist that wanted special equipment. He went to designing the unit that was able to detect rare elements. Sandor had been stationed in the asteroid belt up to now doing work for Space Force. To him this meant a break in the monotony he had recently been experiencing.

Doctor Honshu had a telescope in his lab in Tokyo that caught the unusualness of the comet. When Honshu contacted Sandor he asked for a device that would detect things so rare that they had only been seen by the crew of the Argo on missions.

Sandor felt this was a good test of his ability and so he went to work. He used the example of Iscandarium as one of the elements to look for.

Little did he know that a ship from the now-dead Comet Empire was watching this comet also. Nor did he have any idea that they had followed it and there would be a run in with them.

The third species that had seen it was the Coraleons. They were a ship of explorers one of the first off their home world in the Andromeda cluster. Their mission was to see if there were other planets to colonize and inhabit.

Under Captain Alexsu, the crew were a group of highly trained scientists. Full complement was just around 200. Alexsu had complete confidence in the crew save one. Kizro was a wild card and no one knew how he would act in a tight bind. They were a gold skinned people having human colored hair and just about any color eye. They had seen the green skinned people but avoided them due to the weaponry they carried. Alexsu's ship was the Murmict new and equip with the best of all there peoples highest technology. All but weaponry for being a science ship they only had defensive shielding.

Kizro was finally able to do something. He was usually stuck in the sick bay or He was sent out with snacks for the rest of the crew. He also ended up being the entertainment committee for he had a excellent voice and played the 7 stringed Coraleon harp. He had actually signed on as a rare minerals officer. And so far on this trip his first he was called on only 3 times to catalog and categorize the new ones he had found.

"A Comet? With rare minerals?" Kizro asked excited.

"Yes indeed and you will be our top scientist on this mission." Captain Alexsu said.

He was now on the bridge grinning like a cat at the readings. His six fingers gingerly punched buttons and he smiled brightly his emerald green eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Captain Alexsu laughed when seeing this excitement. This would be fun for him and test his skills.

...Sandor's call...

Derek was thrilled when he got the notice. The Fenilla situation was annoying him no end. She had surpassed all expectations and the men and recruits still didn't want to listen to her.

She had one over three of the men and she was trying to utilize them to train the others. Derek had no less then 5 times talked to them. Fenilla was trying her best to be more accommodating. She moaned for some of the men wanted to just flirt. These guys were like kid brothers to her and it irked her no end.

So when he got the call from the Asteroid belt station to pick Sandor up he was thrilled. Maybe Sandor would have some ideas.

Fenilla was happy to she had heard so much about Sandor from Conroy. She had brushed her hair back under the headband and was getting things ready. She intended on making the men spit shined clean to be presentable. What she got was a bunch of pushy guys wanting to be Sandor's escort.

"If you don't mind;  I am going to have Sandor choose his escort." Derek said to them.

He looked at the rowdy group and frowned. Fenilla was standing at attention and so he said it.

"Right now Commander of the Cosmo Tigers,  Black Tiger squadron leader gets to go pick him up in the Cosmo hound. Commander Claymore go get Sandor and Dr Honshu the scientist." Derek further said reading the paper he had on the clipboard in his hand.

The men all looked shocked and then grumbled. For they had each hoped that they would be made Black Tiger Squadron leader. Fenilla donned her helmet and went to the Cosmo hound. She never left off a detail down to the laser pistol she carried. Saluting she climbed into the cockpit and headed out.

Flying through the asteroids had been fun and when she landed in the docking bay she went to find them.

Seeing Sandor and the little Japanese Scientists she smiled prettily at them. "Where are your things? I will take them aboard." Fenilla said.

"I have them it is all too heavy for you to carry." Sandor said looking at her pretty face.

"A female pilot? This is going to be very interesting indeed,"Honshu said brightly up at her. For Fenilla was as tall as Sandor. And Honshu was about her age.

"Commander Claymore, Black Tiger Squadron leader at your service sir." Fenilla said.

"Colonel Claymore's Daughter! Nice to meet you. That would make you Conroy's cousin!" Sandor said.

"Yes indeed sir we went to Tiger training together." Fenilla said.

Fenilla managed to snag Dr Honshu's luggage on the way. She smiled at the man who looked at a loss.

After they got seated she punched buttons on the console and started take off procedures.

"Now if you look out your left window sirs you will see a stunning view of the Asteroid belt. Also a vision of note the Argo of which is our final destination for this tour." Fenilla giggled.

"She sure is a vision. To think I never get tired of seeing her." Sandor said smiling at the joke.

"So how long have you been on the Argo. my girl." Dr Honshu asked curious.

"Two days and 8 hours and 3 minutes. Seems like an eternity!" Fenilla said in a exasperated tone.

"And you made it to Commander and Squadron Leader already? You must be very good!" Dr Honshu said.

"I was planet defense squadron before this. This is my first time in space." Fenilla said in thought.

She landed the Cosmo hound and proceeded to show them into the hanger bay. To everyone's surprise she pulled a whistle from her pocket. Captain in the Hanger bay. This caused all the men to stand at attention and salute Derek who gasped.

"Wow if I had known this would work I would have done it sooner." Fenilla said looking at it.

"Excuse me?" Sandor asked looking at her fascinated.

"Oh nothing you need to worry about." Fenilla said grinning shyly.

After everyone was at ease she went out of the hanger bay taking Dr Honshu's luggage to his room. Then she went to the kitchen.

"Oh, you’re here to help?" The chief said teasing her.

"I am taking something to the men in conference," Fenilla said.

He watched as she spiced the tomato juice up and then took already prepared finger sandwiches she had made some hours earlier. He laughed as she took off her helmet and shook her very long hair loose from it. She had put it in a bun to fit in the helmet.

Then she got the rolling cart and headed to the bridge. When the door opened she stood at the door a moment. "Permission to enter the bridge." Fenilla asked.

"Permission given! Anyway you were to come here first. We had to make a decision without you.  You are part of this mission. You are Dr Honshu's and Sander's escort to and from the comet." Derek said.

"Wow Thanks sir,"Fenilla said smiling.

Mark had made his way to the cart and had downed his second cup of tomato juice. For this Fenilla looked at him giggling.

...Comet landing...

Kizro was looking at the read out. He said, “This is amazing. I have plenty to work on. I need samples of 6 unknown minerals and 3 elements.”  He had started packing his supplies getting his scanners out.

Alexsu was pleased upon seeing how close the comet was. "It is time for you to go. Are you only taking one set of sample kits?" Alexsu asked.

"No I have three others. There may be some that long range scanners couldn't detect. When it is full I will put a transponder on it so you can have someone pick it up. All the readings are in the computer for just where I will be surveying." Kizro said.

"Fine than have fun we will be following your progress. We will stay with it for as long as you need." Captain Alexsu said watching the pilot Voretro take off with the elated Kizro.

In a few hours they would pick him up for dinner and then put him back. Kizro didn't want anyone to help him with his specialty. Alexsu had hired him because of this and had hoped he would work out. For the most part he was a excellent worker. Although if he got bored he could get very irritable.

Kizro had watched the pilot leave. Oh to be alone and not have to hear the chattering's of the others. Some would hang around and ask the most strange questions. Or others just watched him with amusement. Thinking he was incapable for such a position as this one with the science vessel. Now he could think about his first love. A love he had found he had working on the family’s farm. While tilling the soil he had found some very interesting rocks so many years ago. He had been the only male in his family to go in for higher learning.

The first day had been grueling and he loved it. So many new things. He would finish categorizing them when he was totally finished with the collecting of samples. He had made himself some of his specialty soup. It was an excellent soup and fortified him for the next two days.

..the other side of the comet...

Sandor was setting up the equipment and looked at Fenilla who was watching with great interest.

"That will be all. Come get us when it is supper time." Sandor said.

"I have a thermos of the tomato juice you both liked so much. It is in the thermal tent so you can have atmosphere and be able to eat." Fenilla said.

"Thanks that was thoughtful," Dr Honshu said looking at the air tight climate controlled what looked like an igloo. He had seen examples of these and they were only enterable by airlock.

When she had come back to pick them up though, she didn't see them. And when she tried to radio them she didn't get an answer.  That was when she saw the green skinned men drag them out tied up. They were looking over the equipment and yelling. "Rats.. I am going to have to get help." Fenilla said.

Before she could go to call for help she saw someone in an unusual uniform come up to her. She couldn't see his face and he didn't have a weapon with him. "Are those your people? The violent ones captured them. I was going to rescue them and take them to my ship." He had said.

"Wow thanks! They don't know we are here yet so this is good. I will take them back in my ship. If I cover you will you be able to go down and get them? You will have to untie them." Fenilla said.

"Untying them will take too long. Watch my cloak and cover me as you say. I will be right back." He said.

He undid the cloak which had been tied to his shoulders. It had a big section that concealed the chest area and when he tossed it off she gasp. He was a tall male a little taller than her but he was definitely a male. She could see his Pectorals the way his long tunic top draped his chest.  The V of his chest and abdomen was made more exaggerated by the wide belt he wore at his waist. And a bit of his biceps were visible in the upper part of his very full sleeves. His wide neck was covered with a neck scarf.

When he looked at her startled she blushed and smiled wryly. "You’ve never seen a male before?" He asked with mirth.

"Of course I have. Let’s not waste time." She said holding her laser pistol over the rocks at the group of men around  Sandor and Dr. Honshu. Hoping he hadn't seen her blush again for she felt the heat in her cheeks. He had and he loved what he saw.

"Right you are." he said laughing quietly. Most of the men had gone off looking around leaving two guards to watch Sandor and Honshu.

"How are you going to get them without untying them?" Fenilla said turning to see he had left already.

She watched as the man slid down the side of the protruding rock and Ice. And she was watching as he snuck up behind the guards knocking them out with one fell thud of his fists. Then without arousing the others he destroyed the instruments, smashing them with his fists and then, he picked up Sandor and the very small Dr Honshu. He carried them running with them thrown over his shoulder like two sacks of potatoes.

Fenilla pointed the direction of the Cosmo Hound and they headed that way. She kept hearing Moans from the bouncing on his shoulders from Sandor and  Honshu. Fenilla had his cloak like he had asked.

Getting into the Cosmo hound she looked at them. "We have been seen. I have to take off before you are seated or belted in sorry sirs!" Fenilla said.

"It is alright get us out of here!" Sandor said moaning.

"Thanks for saving us Fenilla! Who is our friend in the strange uniform?" Sandor further said looking at the man untying them.

"I am Kizro I am a Coraleon. I was surveying down there when I saw them capture you." Kizro said.

"He is the one to thank for the rescue." Fenilla said.

"I need to tell my Captain why I am not with my samples." Kizro said.

"Why did you destroy our equipment?" Honshu said sadly.

"I know those kind of men they would use your study for violence. I will share all my findings with you. You only just got here. I have been here for three days. When we get my samples aboard we might figure out just what mineral or element they wanted." Kizro said.

"Do take off your mask we are aboard the ship now." Fenilla said.

"I can't till my captain comes for we have translator pips. My helmet translates for me now. I can open the viewing screen." Kizro said making the eye area clear so you could see his stunning emerald colored eyes and the golden tint of his skin.

Fenilla couldn't help it she gasp again blushing. The eyes seemed to sparkle with mirth. "What is it this time. You have seen eyes before." Kizro said laughing.

"Not that lovely shade of green. My and you have six fingers! So fascinating.  Do you have pointy ears also?" Fenilla said giggling.

Kizro looked startled at his hands and she held up hers. "So you did notice! My only 5 digits? Why do you like men with pointy ears!" Kizro said tilting his head his green eyes sparkling.

"No! I don't know! How would I know I have never met one." Fenilla laughed startled as she saw the mirth in Sander's face at the banter of the two. She was very glad when Sandor began talking to him. For this was the first time any male had so distracted her.

"So Kizro how did you find this comet?" Sandor said.

"The Murmict our vessel was studying planets when it went past. We finished up our survey and followed the comet to here.  It was just so fascinating we had to check it out. I was finally able to start surveying. I will be telling my Captain to bring my samples so we can share. I got enough for three surveys." Kizro said.

"It will be very appreciated Mr. Kizro." Dr Honshu said.

When they landed Kizro had put his cloak back on and darkened his eye shield. "Were may I send a message?" He turned to Fenilla.

"You will have to ask the Captain." Fenilla said.

Kizro tilted his head a little and then followed them all from the docking hanger. He was in awe as he looked at them all. "What are all these for?" Kizro asked.

Those are Cosmo Tiger fighter planes. That one there is my baby." Fenilla said she had gone up and patted the ships side.

"There for a moment I thought you brought your child with you!" Kizro said aghast.

"Huh! What! Oh no! If I find the right man I wouldn't leave home again. I would stay home with my husband and babies." Fenilla said thoughtfully.

Sandor watched the figure with a curious but cautious nature.

"You fly a fighter a war unit?" Kizro asked.

"Yes that is what I trained for. Actually it is a defense unit. I joined with many others to keep the Comet Empire from taking over my planet. Sandor was on this ship the Argo to save Earth our home too." Fenilla said.

"We should take him to the bridge," Sandor said.

On the bridge Derek Wildstar stood in anticipation. "We have an alien aboard? She actually brought one aboard?" Derek said in a shocked manner.

"Request to enter the bridge." Fenilla asked before Sandor could and she looked up at him smiling. Sorry sir I should have let you." Fenilla said.

"It is ok. We must introduce our friend and see if he can contact his ship." Sandor said.

Kizro walked forward lightening the lens over his eyes so they could see them. "I am Kizro of Coraleon. We are on a surveying expedition and came upon this comet. I was taking samples. I need to send a message to my Captain to tell them why they will only find my samples. Also they should be careful for the green people." Kizro said.

"Comet empire men sir. Only one ship near as I can tell." Sandor said.

"Renegades due to a war they lost. Thankfully we were told it is gone now. But mercenaries and renegades are making raids in several sectors of our part of space. We usually stay out of their way. But when I saw these men being attacked my ire got up. So I helped." Kizro said.

"Yes do forgive me in my lapse of manners. Thanks for saving us. I am Sandor. This is Dr Honshu. He is in the same specialty as you." Sandor said.

Dr Honshu bowed and greeted him smiling. Derek looked at him frowning. "Why not take off your mask so we can see you?" Derek asked.

"If I do I won't be able to understand you. The translator is in this piece here." Kizro said pointing to the big triangle over the mouth.

"He was saying his Captain would bring pips so they could talk without them having to wear the helmet." Fenilla said.

"So may I send a message?" Kizro asked.

"Certainly!  Homer help him." Derek said.

"Captain Alexsu! This is Kizro. I am in no danger. I found someone needing help to rescue two crew mates. Yes but be on the alert the Comet Empire renegades are there. Come get me here." Kizro said typing in some co-ordinance to the board.

"In Fact Kizro invite them for a reception in your honor for saving two very valuable people." Derek said.

"Ah yes you heard. I to owe them their work I destroyed their equipment so the green men couldn't get it. Bring my samples with for I promised to share.”

The strange garbled voice answered and Kizro stood bowing to them they are on the way.

Commander Claymore took him to the hanger to await his Captain and other crew.

...Where is that boy...

Captain Alexsu had been proud of Kizro. He had lived up to all expectations. Punctual and dedicated when it was his specialty. And he wasn't stingy when getting samples.

For two days it went fine. On the third day though. They got only one call in. He had said he was coming along good. But when second one was supposed to come in nothing and then the transmitter went off. Alexsu sent Keilep and Vardeer in there skips to see if they could find him. They did find all three of his sample kits full and Very heavy.

"Where did he get to?" Did you see anyone else?" Alexsu asked.

"No sir we didn't." one of them said.

"There is a communication coming in. It is from Kizro. He said he had gone to another ship The Argo after saving some of its crew. He also says to bring translator pips and his samples. The Captain would like to meet us for a dinner in Kizro's honor." the communications officer said giggling.

"Figures that's what we get for bringing a male who is also a big charmer." The second said.

"Made a big impression indeed. Ok well bridge crew we go to retrieve our boy. Follow the co-ordinance to the other ship." Captain Alexsu said thinking the horrible flirt had made a big impression alright.

"Do make certain the shields for our ship are up and ready? Also do keep on alert." Alexsu said.

"We go in to get are wayward gem and rare minimal expert. Wonder if the girls of that ship are easily smitten?" Asked Veretan annoyed.  

Captain Alexsu and second in commander Vertan along with Gurt the engineering specialist. And Maddig the doctor donned their helmets.

"I hate these helmets; they make us sound like we have sore throats, "Maddig said frowning.

"I am working on it ok! The only one it doesn't bother is Kizro. It gives him a good laugh." Captain Alexsu said pocketing the pips he had asked for smiling.

As they got into the Medics shuttle all of them wearing their best uniforms and capes and the detested helmets. They had no idea just what lay ahead of them. The Argo they saw was a little bigger than their Murmict and was loaded with weaponry.

"Be on the lookout for hostile behavior." Captain Alexsu said darkening the helmets visor the crew followed Alexsu's example. Alexsu was tall and so were all the others save Maddig who was short and dainty and had a real slinky walk. So much for us intimidating any one. Alexsu thought adjusting the front of the cloak to just above the belt to hide their features. The crew followed suit.

When the Shuttle door opened up on to the hanger They looked around. Coming down the ramp was Kizro with a lovely faced female she was tall with long legs a pretty face and smiled very brightly at them. She was very shapely.  But to Alexsu the Black uniform with the yellow collar and shoulders with giant arrow on the chest to the three stripes on ether shoulder and huge yellow cuffs on the sleeves and on the bell bottom pants. Hideous uniform for such a pretty girl Alexsu thought.

"Greetings… welcome to the Argo." I am Fenilla Claymore the commander of the Cosmo Tigers and Black Tiger Squadron leader.

Here is the Captain of the Argo Captain Derek Wildstar." she said standing aside letting Derek walk forward.

"I am Captain Alexsu of the Murmict, "The gruff grown came out of the helmet.

"I hate this helmet. Kizro help me off with it so I can put on the pips and I can speak in my natural voice." Alexsu said.

Kizro went to his captain and detached the helmet and undoing the cape. He was heard laughing at the annoyance of his Captain. Kizro motioned for all the rest to do so also. When he turned and she had her long Brown hair pulled into a pony tail with a braid holding it all up and back. Her face and her figure showed she was definitely a female. Sandor, Derek, and even Homer and Mark Venture gasped.

This made them all look up to eye all the males they saw. "Kizro. do start putting the pips on everyone." Alexsu said in her natural low but very feminine voice.

He took his mask off for the first time and he smiled at Fenilla who had the cutest blush on her face. And she let out an excited squeal for indeed his ears were pointed and shaped in an interesting manner.

Sandor looked at them when she had and put his hand over his mouth laughing quietly.

Derek looked at Sandor oddly. "What is so funny Sandor?" He asked looking at Fenilla's blush and trying to act professional. She was not succeeding!

"He has pointy ears! Tell you later sir!" Sandor said tears escaping his eyes for he was laughing harder. No one had seen the women's for their hair covered the points one way or another.


Artwork: “Fenilla and Kizro” © 2011 by Lynn Taylor

"What!" Derek asked looking at him more intently.

Kizro grinned when he gave her one first then Captain Derek and Sandor. As he put a pip on homers collar he heard what he was saying.

"Wow and I was wondering why they wore such sissy colors in their uniforms." Homer had been saying.  For like Kizro they  had the long tunics with full sleeves with oversized cuffs. The all also wore the neck scarfs and the wide belts at the waist. But all were in lovely pastels.

Fenilla laughed and looked at her crew. All the crew they saw happened to be males, save her. Looking stunned at Kizro's crew were all females. Fenilla had always liked Kizro's uniform in a pastel turquoise with one gold stripe.

"I think that uniform is absolutely stunning on you. Very masculine. Very cute ears too!" Fenilla said to Kizro who had a pink glow to his cheeks. She grinned when it had made him blush.

The Captains uniform was a pastel purple with 4 thin gold stripes. Others with the pastel purple were officers and had less gold stripes as then captain.

There was ones with pale pink uniforms with anywhere from one stripe to 3. And then, there was Maddig wore the same turquoise with 2 stripes on the edges of her uniform.

Maddig had made the biggest impression when she took off her hood long golden ringlets bounced out of the helmet. "We have got to get this fixed. I can't stand sounding like a frog." Maddig said.

Three young men from engineering ran up to her and said they could help. She was heard giggling following them.

"Well it is easy to see you have seen females before." Fenilla said bumping Kizro's arm laughing.

"As you with males. Are you the only female?" he teased back.

"I am the only female officer on this ship. There are a few others who are nurses and cooks. I am so glad you took off your mask. You actually have a nice face!" Fenilla said teasing him.

When Kizro had taken off his mask taking in a big breath of air and smiling. But when he looked up he was fascinated for Fenilla had taken off her helmet and was shaking her hair loose from the loosely wrapped bun.

Fenilla looked up at him brightly when he gasped. "What never seen hair like mine?" Fenilla said teasing him.

"Not in that lovely color. And your eyes are a lovely shade of blue also." Kizro said.

The hair is called dark Auburn, and the eyes are sky blue according to the skies of my world." Fenilla said looking at him oddly.

"I was going to say your eyes look like a cool soothing ocean." Kizro said leaning in looking into her very wide eyes.

"What! What are you still wearing your cape for?" she asked curiously.

"Force of habit if I must dress formal." Kizro said looking away knowing that he liked that playful look in her eyes already very much.

"I would like to see you without it. You don't need to be formal here." Fenilla said.

"Is that so?" Kizro said. Looking at her oddly he took off his cloak and laid it on the counter next to him.

The entire bridge crew looked at him and Fenilla had a particularly pretty grin to him. The exact reaction he had hoped for.

"We will be sending you to the Lunch room for a small reception and we will join you presently. Commander Claymore do take them would you?" Wildstar asked.

"As you wish, Captain Wildstar." Fenilla said feeling Kizro take her arm.

...First impressions were surprising...

"My word! Did you see the Captain was a woman? With her translator acting up I would have thought she was one big tough man." Derek said laughing. After they had left with Fenilla.

"Wow no wonder the uniforms looked so sissy in color. At least the guy got to wear the pastel turquoise. Wow I didn't know what to think when they all sounded like men in those colors. I would die if I had to wear such a uniform." Venture said looking stunned.

"This in its self has to be investigated. How can a species send out women to such dangerous areas in space?" Sandor said.

"Did you get a load of the physique on the male? And they said he was the only male on board,"  said Homer looking at his somewhat small arms.

He looked over at the stack of cloaks laid on the counter and smiled. He was glad they took theirs off also for the females bodies were every bit as feminine as the guy had been masculine.

"He makes me wonder how hard it would be to be under a female. What exactly does he do on ship? Is he the only warrior?" Derek asked.

"He is a rare minimal and element scientist. According to scans they have no weaponry." Sandor said.

"He said he would share his findings with us and tell us about what they know of the last of the Comet Empire." Derek Wildstar said.

“These are women and we don't know how they would act toward us. Let us let Fenilla do a lot of the contact with them. And while Kizro is helping you and Dr Honshu you can get what we need to know about them." Derek said to Sandor.

…Well let’s go be sociable….

In the lunch room Fenilla was showing everyone a seat. "Would you want a drink tea or some tomato juice? Or maybe we should see if your physical needs are the same as ours first?" Fenilla asked.

"That is very good yes Maddig can check it out. To see if we are compatible. We would hate to hurt the feelings of our new friends if we were unable to partake in the food offered," Captain Alexsu said.

"So are you one of the top females aboard this ship?" Maddig asked pointing a scanner at Fenilla.

"Yes actually I am the only officer. There had been one other but her mother got sick and she had to leave to care for her. 4 others are left and they are nurses and cooks." Fenilla said watching with great interest.

"So what do you do aboard the ship?" Alexsu asked.

"I am a pilot in fact Kizro met me when I was going to get Sandor and Dr Honshu from the surface. I am also a fighter pilot. I do other things while not on duty. Like I cook and I serve snacks. I do a good massage if anyone needs a muscle rubbed. No one here knows that just yet I have not told him." Fenilla said looking at her new friends.

"Just like Kizro he is a nurse and cooks. His best skill in minerals and elements is what he got hired onto our ship for." Maddig said smiling.

"May I ask something? How do you do it? I mean don't the men get out of hand? All that testosterone about? Do they get into fights being this many so close all the time?" Maddig asked.

"Yes isn't it hard to keep them from causing trouble? This is why we left our males behind on the home planet. Once when we started going to space our men were too aggressive and nearly caused wars. So we the women were sent out into space to explore." Alexsu said.

"So your people are a matriarchy? Women rule the men?" Fenilla asked curiously.

"Oh for heaven’s sakes, no. It is a patriarchy. But the men see how dangerous it is to go out were they may cause trouble when there testosterone gets worked up. The men rule the government and take care of the farms and out planet. We bear the children and till they are weaned we care for them. A very few of us have secular jobs in space. We sometimes leave after the children are weaned leaving the husbands to take care of the family protecting them." Alexsu said.

"That is fascinating? Then how did Kizro come to be on your ship?" Fenilla asked.

"He was a very bright young man. He had the highest score ever in college and he was so bright the Science Force thought he would be a good test. A male that may be able to go to outer space without causing a war." Alexsu said.

Kizro who had been sitting back just listening into the conversation just smiled at her sweetly. He let them talk about him as if he wasn't there. Fenilla felt for him. Had she not had to endure that sort of thing to.

A Loud klaxon went off. "Black Tigers to the hanger!" Came Derek's voice.

Fenilla stood up and bowed. "I am being called. Do wait here I will see what is going on." Fenilla said.

She ran out and Kizro looked startled. He stood watching as all the men in the lunch room dressed like her ran out to. "Where are you going?" Kizro asked one of the young men.

We are being attacked we have to defend ours and your ship." the young man said.

"You mean Fenilla is going out there?" Kizro asked startled.

"Yes she is. Don't worry she is the best,"  said the cook who came up putting his hand on Kizro's arm.

He had no idea how dangerous it was till he saw the fire fight out the lunch room windows. It had been two ships and the little fighters damaged them till they ran off. And only 5 minutes later they came in tired and no worse for wear.

Kizro saw her come in and was looking down. He had liked what he had seen when he first met her. How when he said he would help her people she looked at him so gratefully. Now the realization that they let her go off and put her life in danger in such a fashion he was shocked. He had not heard her come up till she spoke to him.

"Here you go Kizro. Your doctor said you can eat and drink what we can. I found it very fascinating that we are so closely compatible." Fenilla said she was walking to his table.

Kizro looked up at her thoughtfully and then down. He stood then and went to her. "I know I only just met you. Am I too forward? But I must say this. That was too dangerous." Kizro said putting his six fingered hand on her cheek.

"I don't think you are too forward. I have done it many times before. Thank you so much for caring." Fenilla said leaning into his hand.

When they saw that both crews saw them they stood up as if nothing had happened.

...The men's questions...

Derek's questions only started with the minerals and elements of the comet. Another one was answered when two of his men were fighting over which one of them Maddig the doctor liked the best.

It had escalated into an all-out brawl with on looking males cheering them on. Derek was trying to show the efficiency of his crew and the smooth running's of the Argo when the brawl ended up in the hall in front of him, Alexsu, Sandor, and Maddig herself.

"Now men cut this out! You are making fools of yourselves. Stop fighting!" Derek said yelling. He had tried three times and looked up helpless at Sandor who went to stop them.

"May I show you what to do Captain?" Alexsu asked.

"Be my guest if you know what to do with young males out of control." Derek said.

"I have 6 sons." Alexsu said pulling a small device out of her pocket and aimed it. The blue light crackled and one by one the two fell unconscious to the floor.

"When they wake, there manners will be improved. Also they will be in too much pain to start up again. It was on setting 1. It does no damage…it just makes them think better of fighting." Alexsu said coolly looking at the two boys.

"Captain Wildstar I think you could use one of those in cases like this." Sandor said looking the men over.

Derek was embarrassed when Alexsu handed him the device smiling knowingly. "Here it is a gift. Works real good underwater, too." Alexsu said.

"Underwater?" Derek and Sandor asked at the same time.

Maddig had been upset when she went to talk to the doctor about medicines and the only one he was interested in showing her was a noxious liquor. "He could use a little stunning to. How do you ever get good care if he is that tipsy all the time?” she had frowned.

Derek felt humiliated while trying to make a good impression. He sighed and did the best he could.

Kizro started sharing minerals with Dr Honshu. They had been categorizing for days. Each sample was cut into thirds one third for Honshu and two thirds for his ship.

"So Kizro, how is it working with all those lovely women every day?" Homer asked dreamily.

"Like working with 200 and 99 kid sisters bothering you daily. They are all smart and some smarter than me. But all of them females with all the trappings. They are sweet but sometimes they can get too intense for me." Kizro said.

"Too intense?" Honshu asked curiously.

"If you have had a kid sister, you know they can be very bossy all the time. They love to nag. And when I play the harp they want romantic songs. Most of the time I am lonely I don't feel like playing love songs." Kizro said.

"What do you do when you are attacked?" Derek Wildstar asked.

"We generally aren't. For when they scan us finding women and no weapons they leave us alone." Kizro said.

"Why don't your men come to protect the women? It seems awfully dangerous to let women go out alone." Sandor said curiously.

"What did you want to know that for? Aren't you the ones endangering Fenilla's life sending her out in a fighter?" Kizro said with anger in his voice.

"She is a hero! She chose that life. The last battle she was in she lost her cousin." Sandor said sadly.

"Her cousin?" Derek asked.

"Conroy. They had been very close. From that time till now she has been training fighter pilots." Sandor said thoughtfully.

"I still think it is not right. She is a sweet woman and would be more suited to be someone's wife. But then again if it is her choice I have no say." Kizro said harshly with a sad note to his voice.

He went back to categorizing the minerals and then looked up calmer. "This is why I am the only male who has been let leave our planet. It is believed we males of my people are too violent led by our testosterone. Like I have the urge to strangle to death with my bare hands anyone who hurts Fenilla." Kizro said thoughtfully.

Everyone in the room looked at him. Some with a twinge of fear others with awe. But some with jealousy. One young man thought he was an alien how dare he look at a human female in such an amorous or romantic way.

Fenilla brought in snack trays in from time to time and everyone saw the smile Kizro gave her. Nor did they fail to notice she always served him first. And when he thought no one saw he would take her hand squeezing it softly. Or on one occasion she leaned forward as if observing what he was doing she and lightly blew on his ear making him grin and blush.

It was two days later that Kizro found what he thought he would. "Gentlemen this is what the Comet Empire is wanting. Look at the properties of it. It is an energy supply that has the potential to be very destructive." Kizro said.

"Yes this is if not Iscandarium, it is an element much like it. It is dangerous. This is why the Comet Empire’s men wanted it." Honshu said.

Standing up straight and looking at Derek Wildstar. "It must be destroyed. No one will be safe! If indeed your planet was their last target and you won. They will try it again and not just to occupy her. But to destroy her. We must find out if they are mining it already. Find there staging planets and destroy them also." Kizro said.

"That is true That is why Starsha destroyed Iscandar to keep people from using Iscandarium as a weapon. We must also." Derek said.

"We will send out scouts! We will see if they are mining." Captain Alexsu said.

"Us too! Our and yours can go in pairs." Derek said.

Pushing the Klaxon then Derek announced. "Black Tigers you are to pair up with the Coraleon science vessels and see if the Comet Empire is beginning to mine. If they aren’t come back and report…If they are destroy the mining site. And someone follow the ore ships to the staging sight and destroy those sites to." Derek said.

Everyone saw Kizro wince and look up hurt. He knew he had no right asking that they didn't put Fenilla in danger. "Get back to your job Kizro I myself will protect her." Alexsu said.

He barely relaxed and worry read in his face as his Captain and part of his people went to see. He was stuck separating out elements and minerals for Honshu. And this was not likely to be done for at least three more days.

...The findings...

Indeed the renegades of the Comet Empire were  trying to mine. And they did have ships coming in. So Alexsu went in, having some of the Argo's Tiger fighters with her.

But what she found made her angry…. more angry than if it had just been a normal mining operation. Typical of the Comet Empire, they were using slaves to mine. "You of the Argo destroy the mining equipment. I am my crew go in to save the slaves. Mind you don't hit us." Alexsu said smirking.

"In those uniforms we know who not to hit." Sandor said.

"You mean our sissy outfits?" Giggled Maddig.

"I didn't say that!" Sandor said smiling kindly.

"No!? Well maybe not but your men thought so." Alexsu said grinning back.

"That was when they thought you were men." Venture said laughing.

They let the Argo crew start blowing up the equipment and the Cosmo hound was sent to pick up the slaves of whom they found several unknown species. Then to there were 7 mining camps all set up in the area's were the Iscandarium type element was found.

It had taken three days and loss of two ships of the science vessels to free the slaves.

As soon as the mining operations were shut down and slaves saved. They went to the Argo…. And the Argo Blew the comet up with the wave motion gun.

...Alexsu's women crew...

"I tell you captain it is great that those people didn't send their men. You should have seen them! They said their men were to easily worked up. And could get to aggressive and violent. It was so very scary!" Venture said.

"What do you mean?" Derek asked curiously. For the rumors had been very wild and exaggerated.

"We were blowing up the machinery and I saw Alexsu stand on the back of one of the slave masters and blow a hole in him. And in hand to hand combat I would not wager we would have won. No fiercer a fighter have I seen then those women. Not one battle would we be able to win. They were so fierce." Sandor told him in awe.

I.Q. 9 who had gone with showed him a video of the event and Derek sat up straight. These are the sweet kind women who helped us? Who we have had on our ship now for over a month?" Derek gasped at the scenes he was watching. For with the fierceness in which they fought they had showed tender care for the released slaves.

When the Tigers got back with the Coraleon ships. Alexsu came aboard with the crew of the Argo. "Good job Captain Wildstar. We have people for a colony and I think we know where to put them. A planet that reminded Fenilla of Earth pristine she said and untouched. It is 3 fourths water to very nice." Alexsu said.

"So will your crew stay to get the colony off to a good start?" Derek asked.

"Yes for a while. My husband may be enticed to come live here in 5 years when this tour is up." Alexsu said.

"Well if our man is through sharing readings and minerals and such we will have to be off. Do you know where I can find my man Kizro? We should be departing in a few hours. I don't want him to get too attached to Fenilla." Alexsu said.

"I agree we must end this before it is too late." Derek's said.

"Last I saw him he was in workout room 4. But Let me tell you all it is too late.  They are in love with one another. I know you and some of our crew have misgivings about the two's relationship. I think from what I have seen you will alienate them from ourselves if we fight it. But why should we deny what they are obviously feeling. Was it not Alex your brother who married Starsha? What is wrong with a match that would strengthen our friendly relationship with your species. Why hurt the young people. We all know that you checked us out and we are physically compatible." Sandor said.

"Has she seen him without the neck scarf? Does she know we can swim under water also? Alexsu said taking off her neck scarf showing her neck gills. We are at least part aquatic can she handle it? Workout room means he is upset already? That is not like him normally!" Alexsu asked worry read in her face.

...Kizro's heart...

Kizro found that after his job was done he was lonely and bored. And his mind wouldn't rest. He knew he liked Fenilla. Fenilla was off fighting the renegades and he worried.  His feelings were all tied up in knots inside him so when he saw the workout rooms he decided to try them out. It annoyed him they had no pool so he could do laps. This fueled his temper even more.

At first it was the poor punching bags that got the worst of it all. He had killed three and still he didn't feel better. Then one poor idiot decided to staff fight with him. The instant the shirt came off the brawny guy knew it was all over. For the shirt had hid half of Kizro's natural muscles. He lasted only one bout and didn't want another limping out going to Dr. Sane.

The things that worried him the most was he had heard what both crews had said about him liking Fenilla. They didn't think an alien was good enough for Fenilla. His crew had thought Fenilla wasn't fitting for a man like him.

Then he worried that she was putting herself endanger and he had heard what she had said about wanting a family. If she died fighting in a ship in space she would never have that family she wanted.

Right now just now Kizro would leave his ship and make babies with Fenilla as his wife. They could do well together. He knew it he was about to destroy one more punching bag when he heard a giggle.

"A little rough on the furniture aren't you handsome?" Fenilla said smiling leaning on the doorway.

"You are back! You are safe!" Kizro said running up to her.

"If you aren't a sight. I missed you lug. And here I find you demolishing a workout room. Do you know how to kiss? If not I will show you how a human female tells a man she can't live without him. Even if he is a fish boy!" Fenilla said putting her arms around his neck softly touching his gills with one hand and his pointy ear with the other.

"I know how to kiss." Kizro said leaning her against a wall and kissing her for all he was worth.

"So you guessed I was half aquatic?" Kizro said his lips still touching hers softly.

"First of all your six fingers are slightly webbed and the shape of your ears. Then the translator keeps calling your ship The Mermaid or the Murmict intermittently. Than you described my eyes color as soothing oceans. All things a willing fish boy would say to his girl." Fenilla said she would swim many stellar oceans to keep him hers.

She found him kissing her even more ardent and holding her tighter.

"Is this because of what both crews have said about us?" Fenilla asked as she looked at the demolished punching bags and workout room.

"That and I thought I would never see you again to tell you I don't care what any of them say. I have never found anyone that I feel so very compatible with." Kizro said feeling Fenilla lean on his chest and sigh.

"While I was away, I thought if I was so stupid to let someone like you get away from me, Just because we are  a little different. You said something about men staying on home world and never leaving. I want to be on a world with you and never leave you. I am not so shallow to think just because we don't look the same we can't have a wonderful life. I knew I liked you when you teased me that first time when you said you would help save my people." Fenilla said now stroking his back where she was hugging him tightly.

"It was the surprised look in your pretty eyes when I took my cloak off and you saw only my tunic. Those eyes and the blush. Then you teased me back. If you had not wanted a man with pointy ears I would have got our geneticist to help me get them changed just for you. Now I don't know what to do. I can't stay on my ship knowing what some would think or say about you. You don't know what they were saying about me loving you." Kizro said.

"I know what to do. More of the ex-slaves are going there now. And I just know I will love to collect rocks with you." Fenilla said.

Kizro didn't let her finish for he planted another kiss on her. "I am glad you were smart enough to figure it out. And that it doesn't bother you. Ha and I will finally get you out of that hideous uniform once and for all time. Come!" he said heading for the bridge. They were met halfway by both Captains and a handful of officers of each ship. Everyone looked at them with smiles on their faces and Kizro held her hand tighter.

...Derek’s First Wedding...

"You know I would have wanted two marry you two together," Alexsu said miffed.

"I am taking her from her people. You will see me every now and then," Kizro said.

"You are all being unfair to me. Just imagine what Nova will say when I tell her. She will be outright angry that she missed this." Derek said.

Sandor was looking at the necklace around his neck and smiled. "I am going to be a daddy!" he said wistfully.

"Again?" Derek said shocked.

"How do you know?" asked Alexsu looking on curiously.

Sandor showed her and told her what it was. She had definite needs for the women who went off to space who worried about their husbands and children and vice versa.

All got quiet when Derek had the music start. Fenilla came down the aisle in a pretty pastel lavender dress. It looked amazingly like the uniforms of the Coraleon but was a dress with no rank gold band.

Sandor was the one to give the bride away for her father was long gone as well as any other relative save a young male cousin. Whom Sandor promised to watch over for her.

"Today is an historic event. A human female of high esteem and quality had decided to marry a Man of Coraleon of equal high esteem and quality. This seals the bonds of friendship between our two worlds and brings a special light on the new world they plan to inhabit. So with the power invested in me by Space Force I pronounce you two husband and wife." You may kiss the bride.

He had not had to say that part for Kizro knew what was needed and he had already proceeded. Thus was prejudice stopped before it was able to get a foot hold.

The reception was on the Argo and to Derek's Knowledge this was the first time one of these along with dancing was ever had on the Argo. Most of the time it was all men but this time all the guys had a chance to dance with a lovely golden skinned six fingered girl. Lots of ideas were to change that day for both sides learned from this that they really weren't that much different.

...New home new ways...

The Planet was called Reflection. Reflection for Kizro and Fenilla were mirror reflections of each other. She felt left out and un-appreciated. Likewise Kizro had also. But together they found a peace and love that will last many life times. To they will welcome anyone who is misplaced by war, or disasters to come and have a happy life.

Men and women here work together to their mutual benefit of each other and their families. They are never apart from each other much. It is a warm loving planet that doesn't believe in violence. They do have a very strong shield for protection though.

If Star Force comes by they are welcome. And they will from time to time. Same with the Coraleons. Kizro and Fenilla will live a very long happy life together with their future 25 children.

They already have a sizeable colony due to the ex-slaves. And all are treated fairly. And if others are found they are given a choice to come here or go to their home world.