Dash and the Artist

By Lynn Taylor

He saw the girl one day when looking at the model of the Argo. She had been sitting in his old seat. He knew she shouldn't have been there for she was a civilian. When he came up and his shadow crept across her lap she looked up. "What are you doing on the bridge? The reception and the unveiling will be held on the gun deck." Dash said.

"I know! I had to find a place to hide. I hate functions like this," she said looking down and away from him. Her voice was sultry and had a pronounced French accent.

"It is an honor ceremony; why do you hate it?" Dash asked curiously.

She stood and frowned looking down again. "Because it means someone has died." She said heading past him with the saddest look he had ever seen.

"You should be happy they did. They died to save you." Dash said a little tartly.

"What are you saying? Death of anyone is not good. Imagine how I would feel if they told me that you had died for me," she said still looking down.

"It is an honor to die protecting people. Why would it matter to you if it were me?" Dash said curiously.

Because I know you now. Just like I knew some of them," the girl went running.

Dash looked puzzled and ran after her. But he had not found her. He didn't find her till the unveiling of the model of the Argo on the dock. She was the one to pull the rip cord to reveal it. She had smiled sweetly but her face was still very sad. Dash actually felt for her. Plus it made him feel the loss of his friends more intently. He had actually cried.

The significance of who she was didn't hit him till the general came up. "She does very nice work doesn't she. She did the monument at Hero's hill also." he said.

Dash had not seen the girl after the ceremony save a glimpse in the crowd here and there. Tomorrow they would leave for patrol and he wouldn't get a chance to see her for a while.

Dash looked at the name of the artist and smiled. Suzette DeVough was a renowned artist and he had seen a lot of her work. She was French from a Paris artist colony. She had gained renown for her sculptures that were excellent likenesses of people. That is what he had read about her.

He had left going home thinking about her that night. He was proud he had actually met Suzette DeVough! What the articles had not said was she had the cutest thick French accent. Or how when he had seen her eyes you could see her every emotion burning there under her thick lashes. How her eyelids were half closed and looked very alluring. She had been nearly his height shapely and elegant.

The next day he entered the bridge and found a envelope with his name on it laying in his seat. Opening it he found a pencil sketch of his likeness stern faced and he winced. "Wow that looks just like you…save that it is a bit unhappy looking." Sandor said looking over his shoulder.

"She didn't get me at my best. I caught her on the bridge yesterday. She was hiding from the crowd." Dash said.

"You met her?" Sandor asked impressed.

"Yes but I didn't know who she was. I told her she shouldn't be on the bridge." Dash said looking at the note that was in the envelope.

"Dash, Hope you like it. Do smile better for me next time. You didn't catch me at my best. I am certain I didn't you ether. For they were your friends You knew them better than me." Suzette.

"I do hope I see her again. I will apologize for being so rude." Dash said thinking he had better smile at her next time for it was a good likeness. He hardly ever had that mean a looking face.

...A smile for her...

The day he had met her had been just after coming back from Iscandar. For months there had been memorials made and put up and the last one had been the model Of the Argo some almost 11 months later. The Earth was well on its way to recovery and Dash, as well as everyone else had been relaxing. Just getting on with a normal life. Suzette however had many commissions and was working on Captain Avatar's monument and head stones with the men's likenesses on them and all during that time.

The second time he saw her was at Hero's Hill overseeing another wall. This wall had the names of all who had died before the Argo got involved. She was watching the crane lower it in place. Dash smiled and walked up behind her waiting till she was free to see him.

He was with Conroy and some of the others who had come to honor Avatar and all who had died on their ship. "Ah boys you are here to say hello to your friends?" Suzette said smiling sweetly but having a sad look on her face.

"Yes. But I wanted to say hello to you and thank you for your hard work." Dash said with a kind smile for her.

"Ah that is more like it Sourire élégant. You are much handsomer when you are not scowling at me." Suzette said.

"About that! I am sorry I was rude to you. I didn't know who you were and I didn't realize how hard it was on you when the names you saw were all men who had died." Dash said touching her cheek.

Dash was shocked at the very expressive tender look she gave him. "Come I want you to meet my friends. I work with these men every day." Dash said.

"This is Conroy, Homer, Royster, Hardy, and Venture. Guys this is Suzette DeVough." Dash said.

"Mon plaisir." Suzette said sweetly to them.

He smiled as she was interacting with all the guys. These boys were alive and she could see them and enjoy the adulation. He watched her blushing and smiling in a happy way and he liked it. "Now you look prettier when you truly smile he thought."

She had left when the rest of them had come for the midnight vigil. Dash watched Nova and Derek and had wished Suzette had stayed. Derek changed the mood that night with the strange story about the communications they had received that trashed the wiring on the ship. Sandor to had the same experience at the Shipyards they were working at.

He was totally distracted by this news so that he didn't have time to think about Suzette. And it was the sudden taking off and escaping to find out about that transmission that made him now worry.

The new mission that the Argo went on to Telezart took them to trying to a battle to save the earth from the Comet Empire. And he thought about her when the fleet including the New flag ship the Andromeda was destroyed by them.

Dash thought about Suzette for he knew she would see and read the names of the lost and feel sad. He decided to do his best to get back so that she didn't see his name on that list.

In the end only 28 people survived the battle. So many had died and he wondered how she was taking it. Dash decided to go to Hero's hill to see if she was there. She wasn't but had been. He could tell she already knew of the ones who were to be entombed there.

So for several days he came back till he saw her. She was setting up the head stones and was crying. Dash walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Suzette?" Dash asked worried.

"Dash how can you stand it Conroy, and Hardy? And these others from your ship. This is not to mention the others that they are etching into the wall of names over there. It is like I said I just got to know some of these men and now they are gone." Suzette said so sadly. He couldn't stand seeing tears coming from her pretty green eyes.

Dash put his hand on hers. "It is our way of life our chosen profession. Yours was to be an artist. You chose to make likenesses of people you are very good. Now you memorialize these men so we never forget them." Dash said kindly.

"Yes I know." Suzette said looking up at him again very sadly.

"Maybe you should do some art that doesn't have to do with the tomb stones. I mean find a form of art that inspires you a hobby that has to do with life. Maybe still life or scenery!" Dash said.

"Oh I am a portrait person. I am not good at scenery or still life. But I think that is a good idea. To draw or sculpt a live subject. Thanks so much, Dash." Suzette said smiling for the first time that day.

Every time Dash saw her he had a kind smile for her. He had no idea what that smile was doing to her.

...The beginning of it all...

Dash had suggested it. So when she wasn't doing commissioned works she would draw him. Her jobs were usually portraits on monuments or sculptures. And Statues of people. So as a hobby she went to were the Argo was docked and would draw him.

Dash didn't know this and was un-aware. This was where she meant the new recruits. She was having fun and they realized she did pictures while she was on the docks. Many times they wanted portraits of themselves in their new uniforms for their families. She gladly did them smiling at their joy. But most of the time It would be Dash doing one thing or another.

Suzette had never had a man so candid with her. He had not hit on her just because she was French or as some said lovely. He treated her as if she had a mind. He actually felt for her when she would get depressed cause, for what she did was a kin to death masks. Conroy's had been very hard for she had seen the sadness of Fenilla and the lovely girl Natasha. Or Orion who his son and nephew came to see so often.

But the ones that hurt her the most were the ones who had no family. Weather they had lost them in childhood or During the Gamilon attacks, Or even the Comet empire these poor men had no one. The only ones who came to see them was their friends. Suzette decided she would do her best to keep these men's memories alive. She saw to it that little details of their lives were provided.

But the hobbies and distracting herself was Dash's idea and it had been very helpful. She had more friends and was having more fun. This was how she was to get so engrossed into her art after this.

Dash was so very nice and sweet to her. He was about to become her only inspiration and all unbeknownst to him.

...The recruits...

After the Comet Empire was gone, there were upgrades on the Argo and new recruits were to come aboard. Dash didn't mind much cause he remembered being that age.

And they on one of the first times out, they had gone to an Emergency that Desslok himself had alerted them to. And Dash was surprised when they had to fight to save Iscandar.

In it all he thought of Suzette every time someone was hurt or got killed. How he hoped she was doing what he told her for he didn't want her to be sad. He loved her big expressive green eyes and how they smiled. He found he just couldn't take it if they were sad.

When they had got back with Alex Wildstar and Sasha his daughter all went back to normal. Training the recruits was an eye-opener, though. Dash had been surprised that they had another ceremony and unveiling of a statue to do.

He had not been off the ship in something like three days since they got back due to repairs. He was supposed to be home the night before but to be more efficient he would spend the night on the ship again. After the event he was to go out on training and it didn't make sense to go home for only one night.

Dash went to the shower carrying his crisp clean uniform. He had got up early so he would have everything done and be ready on time.

What he was thinking was to look for Suzette ahead of time. Just to see how she was doing. He didn't realize he would see her sooner than he had thought.

Suzette had headed to the Argo early for a change. This time knowing she would see Dash made everything better. She had an idea of sitting in his seat to see if he would find her again.

She had a pad of paper she wanted him to see, All the pictures of him doing things around the ship. This was when the new recruits saw her. They had been teasing her and wanting her to show them her portraits she was carrying.

"Now come on boys. These are special pictures I am wanting to show someone. If after he sees them, then you can." Suzette said laughing.

"Oh I bet it is Dash!" the one said.

"Oh come on! I want to see him and then I have to do the unveiling. I don't want to be late." Suzette said.

"I know what! I have a place where you can wait for him. I will go get him for you." the one guy had said smiling.

"Oh you are just so sweet." Suzette had said happily.

She didn't realize she was being bum-rushed into a room. For Tad Smart thought it was funny to make her late. He did intend on getting Dash to let her out but only just before the unveiling. After locking her in he laughed. "I'll get Dash for you!" Tad had said laughing running off with the others.

"Tad? Is that you? What are you doing running around the ship?" Dash asked for he recognized his voice.

"Oh I am sorry they locked me in here." Suzette said trying to open the door till she saw him.

"Who is there?" Dash said. Suzette gasped for there he was taking his shower. And without his glasses he couldn't see who she was.

"Who are you?" Dash said putting his pinky in his ear so he could hear better. He had got water in his ears and had not heard her.

"Il est moi Suzette! I am so sorry, Dash! Tad and the boys locked me in I can't open the door." Suzette said.

"Suzette? You’re in the shower room?" Dash said trying to hide behind his wash cloth trying to find his towel.

"Yes they said they had a room I could wait in. So when they brought you I could show you some drawings I had done. Then they locked me in here." Suzette said watching him fumble around looking for his towel and clothes. She was just standing there watching wide eyed. On seeing he had found his glasses she turned her back to him.

"Those scamps! Just wait till I get them." Dash said finding his glasses. Suzette had turned her back and he was relived for he thought she hadn't seen.

"I am so sorry. I think they thought the shower was empty." She said.

"It is alright save that is a bit uncomfortable for us. Excuse me while I dress." Dash said hurriedly dressing.

"Not to worry I didn't see anything." Suzette said sweetly.

"That is good. I am so sorry they did that to you. Why did they do it? That’s so juvenile!" Dash asked coming up fully dressed.

Suzette smiled sweetly and fumbled through her drawing to find the one that she had wanted to give him. For she had an idea and had real inspiration now and all the others would not do at all.

"I was looking for you so they were being garçons méchants, um Naughty boys! Here it is." Suzette said handing him a picture she had drawn of him at Hero's Hill in full dress uniform.

"This is great! I like it." Dash said he was going to hand it back.

"No it is yours. I wanted you to have it. A gift for giving me my off time hobby it really helped." Suzette said.

He looked at it again smiling. "Thanks it is just wonderful." Dash said.

"It is called remembering." Suzette said.

Dash didn't say anything for a moment and then had her hold it while he tried to force the door open. "Dash to the bridge," Wildstar's voice announced over the com.

"Oh rats! We are going to be late, ."Dash said annoyed.

"Suzette DeVough to the gun deck, Lieutenant Dash to the bridge," Wildstar said again.

Dash tried yelling but no one came. They heard the music for the ceremony and Suzette frowned. "And I actually didn't mind doing this one! You really did help me deal with my feelings. You have truly inspired me!" Suzette said.

Dash laughed looking at her. "I am so glad I could help." Dash said.

Minutes later they felt the takeoff. "Oh for heaven’s sake! We need to get out of here!" Dash said annoyed.

"Yeah what was that?! The ground shook." Suzette said.

"We took off. We have left the atmosphere." Dash said.

"I can't leave Earth. I am not authorized!" Suzette said frightened.

"It is ok we do this all the time. We just need to get out of here," Dash said he put his arm around her protectively. Dash didn't know it but Suzette was his forever for this alone.

It was a hour later that a passing Tiger Pilot heard them pounding trying to draw attention. "Sir what were you doing in there?" he had said.

"We were trying to get out. Find Tad Smart and send him to the bridge with Arnathy and Cogsworty. Am I right?" Dash said sternly.

"Yes those are the criminals." Suzette said.

When he and Suzette got to the bridge Derek was trying to find out what had happened to them. "You mean Dash isn't there ether? He never misses his call nor is he ever late." Wildstar said to the communications unit.

"I am here so is Suzette DeVough. We are victims of a practical joke. Smart, Arnathy, and Cogsworty should be coming up soon." Dash said annoyed.

Everyone on the bridge looked up and Suzette smiled brightly at them. "So what did they do and why?" Sandor said as the three in question came in looking sheepishly at them.

"I wanted to give something to Dash. They told me to wait in a room. They locked the door and left me there." Suzette said sweet as honey.

"I was able to give him the picture I drew for him," Suzette said holding it up.

"Oh no, it got ruined!" Dash said looking at the water damage sadly.

"Don't worry I can make a new one!" Suzette had said looking at it also. She had looked up at him reassuring him.

Derek and Sandor and the rest of the bridge crew looked at the still very nice drawing. "Look what your boys’ prank did? It was a beautiful picture of Dash at Hero's Hill! And you ruined it!" Nova said now frowning at them.

Dash and the boys were relieved that no one brought up it was the shower. For Dash didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea about what went on. And the boys had not anticipated that Dash would be in the showers showering.

The Argo had to turn around and land back at the dock. Training was to be put off for two days till they could decide on what to do with the Scamps….and to let poor Suzette off.

Dash was surprised at the happy expression that Suzette had on her face when she left. He had seen her out and figures she would be upset as he was over the picture. He found out the next morning quite by surprise why she wasn't. For on his seat was a big manila envelope on the front it said. To: Le plus cheri Dash this is titled "Who's there?" From: Suzette.

Dash had got to the bridge later than anyone else for he had not slept well the night before. Everyone watched him open it and pull the picture out without looking at the back. He looked at it and was shocked. He had never seen a picture of himself quite like this. "Hum not the same pic? A different one?" Dash said curiously.

“Hey, Dash why does the back of the envelope say "I Lied!"” Venture asked curiously.

Dash tried to put the picture back in the envelope before anyone saw it. "He is blushing!" Wildstar said snagging it and then looking up shocked.

Sandor saw the nude picture of Dash and gasped. Derek handed it back wincing. "Wow sorry man! That is embarrassing!" Derek said.

"What does it mean ‘She lied’?" Venture said still curious for he had not seen it.

"Never mind! It is personal." Dash said blushing so brightly his ears had turned pink.

"No now tell me They saw it what does it mean!" Venture said this time teasing for it had to be real embarrassing to blush that brightly.

"What are you boys talking about?" Nova asked coming onto the bridge.

"Suzette DeVough drew him another picture. I think to replace the one that got ruined." Sandor said trying to distract everyone so Dash could put it back in the envelope.

"Oh really? May I see it?" Nova asked innocently.

"No!" Derek, Sandor and Dash said loudly at the same time, wanting to protect her, even though they forgot that, in her nursing duties, she had seen all of them in various states of undress at one time or another.

Nova looked startled and Venture looked even more enticed by the situation. "Oh my! It is not like she drew a nude, right?" Nova giggled.

Dash looked so shocked and looked down. "No she didn't…she drew you a nude of herself?" Homer asked smiling foolishly.

"No it is not that. Just let it be." Sandor said sympathetically to Dash.

"It was the shower they locked us in. Need I say more? She said she didn't see anything!" Dash said quietly. The back of the envelop said "J'Ai menti." It was in French and Dash realized now that Venture knew French. He blushed brightly again.

Venture began to laugh and Nova scowled at him. "She lied!" She saw everything?" Venture laughed even harder.

Dash barely could look at anyone on the bridge that day for it had been a very good likeness. He pulled it out and looked at it that night and started to laugh. He still couldn't believe she had done that. What if Venture or even Homer had opened it out of curiosity? He was so glad Venture hadn't seen it. It was bad enough that every time he turned around he heard Venture laugh.

Dash couldn't believe that she could get that accurate just seeing him for a short time. The picture wouldn't have been so embarrassing if it had not been so photo realistic.

Sandor had left that day for a job elsewhere. He had to do upgrades in some of the Earth forces equipment. He had smiled kindly at Dash as he left. "Ignore Mark, he has too much time on his hands! He is taking his frustrations out on us all." Sandor said alluding to the fact that Mark was in pain over the loss of Trelaina.

"Oh and Suzette had given him all kinds of fuel." Dash said smiling wryly. He took Marks ribbing from that day forward with mild annoyance.

...Suzette and Dash...

The Argo had gone out and Dash had his picture. He still blushed if he thought about it too much. He would have been totally distracted by it but. A recruit came aboard being a stunner of a tall girl a Fenilla Claymore. Later they were to find that she was Conroy's cousin and a professional all the way.

This trip they had to leave Nova behind, because she had to stay behind to care for her mother. So Fenilla being the only female officer was to promise to be a real challenge.

Claymore had been a blessing in disguise for Dash, for Mark liked her. When Mark was watching the new black Tiger fighter pilot Fenilla he left Dash alone about the picture. To Derek she proved to be a puzzle. For Fenilla was feminine and pretty but hard as nails when it came to her job. She shaped up the fighter pilots in short order. Her stay on the ship didn't last long.

Fenilla has made a Excellent Fighter pilot and a Very good Squadron leader. Her saving of Sandor who was now with them for a short time had proved this. They did lose her though. But fortunately not to death she married one of the new aliens. He was the only male aboard the Coraleons’ ship.

It was due to these Coraleons and Fenilla they found out that the Comet Empire had some renegades left.

When Dash had seen Kizro's Physique he thought of Suzette he thought she would just love to draw him. With that Dash though of how fond of Suzette he was becoming.

When they landed Dash saw Suzette waiting on the dock waving. He ran up to meet her. "Did you like your picture I made you?" Suzette said.

"Yes a bit embarrassing though. I thought it was the replacement for the water damaged picture." Dash said blushing slightly.

"Embarrassant pourquoi? No! That one was because you inspiré moi. This is the replacement for the one damaged." Suzette said happily.

Dash had loved seeing the sparkle in her eyes. He felt his heart beat harder when she had looked at him that way. He looked at the new picture she had handed to him. "It looks identical! How did you do that? This is magnificent." Dash said.

"I have a type of photographic memory. If I see it I can draw it and I can sculpt it." Suzette said.

"Oh so that is how the other one was so detailed!" Dash said blushing.

"Yes! I will never forget it. I will always be able to duplicate it!" Suzette said playfully watching him blush.

"Oh! Well thank you so much Suzette!" Dash said kissing her cheek.

"Hum… only a peck on the cheek you must not have liked it that good." Suzette said.

"No that is not it. I love them. But we are where everyone can see us." Dash said shyly.

"I will earn a bigger kiss. Don't you worry?" Suzette said a new very playful look came over her face.

It was after this Dash wondered what she meant. It worried him just a little for she was so strongly emotional. He found himself not wanting to wait to get back from training and patrols. To see what she was up to. He kept remembering how her lovely eyes looked through her thick brown eyelashes.

When the Galman’s were at war with the Bolars and were directly responsible for the damage to the sun. Suzette saw him off again. He couldn't help but smile when she would break into sentences of French he didn't know while talking to him. He thought it was very cute.

Dash had no idea the Suzette waited anxiously for him to return. Return he did and she had been so happy. Dash had no idea that Suzette had paid attention to every word that he told her. That in her art she secretly was doing works of art for each event.

...Just a wedding...

"I am going this time not on a dangerous event but a wedding. I should be gone just 5 days at most." Dash had said.

Suzette was just putting up more markers for those who had died due to the Bolar war. "How much trouble can you get into going to a wedding?" Suzette laughed.

It had taken him longer to get back due to Sane and his cat. Mark had got smitten by the clumsy Natasha Yesikov. So again Mark had not teased him. No, Mark had announced his engagement to Natasha. The wedding for Desslok had gone very well. And Mark’s mood was improved. But Sane had got his cat drunk and due to this they were late getting home. So when Dash saw her two months later she looked as if she had been crying.

"Ah Suzette don't cry, no one died. And we were just late." Dash had said when she ran up to him hugging him.

"But Mon Cheri Everyone thought you were dead. I was afraid it would be your head stone I would be doing." Suzette said looking at him relieved.

"Oh my poor girl! Let me tell you what happened." Dash said.

All the time Dash told her Suzette laughed. "Oh my…what a mauvais chat." She would giggle.

"What is a Mauvais chat?" Dash asked.

"Mauvais, Bad- chat, cat!" Suzette said.

"Yes and I think some of the scratches left scars." Dash laughed.

"She scratched you? It is a bad cat." Suzette said touching his cheek.

"It was actually Sane's fault feeding her Liquor. She had a headache from it. We thought we wouldn't make it back for many many years." Dash said standing up.

Dash finished telling her the story with a serious tone. He had worried about it. He had not wanted to wait for so very long to get home. He had missed seeing earth and now he realized he missed this lovely artist.

He had a week off and he went to Hero's Hill. He had expected to see Suzette but she had not been there. "Of course she does have a life. One that doesn't involve Space Force and their monuments." Dash told himself.

"Don't you ever go home?" Mark said coming up.

"Well look who is talking." Dash laughed.

"We came to see Conroy. You come to see Suzette?" Mark asked knowingly.

"Actually I wanted to see if she had done more." Dash said.

"Uh huh! Right. Well there have been no more head stones." Mark said knowingly.

"Thankfully for her sake." Dash said.

"For her sake?" Mark asked puzzled.

"Yes she is very sensitive. When I first met her she was sad because a new monument meant more dead." Dash said looking at her art thoughtfully.

Neither had an idea that soon they would be off to yet another battle.

...Suzette and the Dark Nebulan soldiers...

The Dark Nebulans had landed and began attacking lowering a special kind of bomb to the city. They were threatening to explode it. Suzette had not been above ground when the attack happened. She had been working on one of her master pieces in the basement of her building. As it was, she had a whole floor to herself in the skyscraper for her art. She occupied one apartment were the rest of the other six were converted to work shops and a studio.

Most other finished works were in her living room and the bed room of her apartment. It had been a comfortable arrangement and she was unaware that anything was happening till people came running down into the basement to hide.

"What is going on?" Suzette said putting down her sculpting tool.

"Earth is under attack! The sky is alive with men flying down on jet packs. We must hide. They are shooting anything that moves!" The building manager said.

"Everyone in my store room! I have a big crate I just got this marble in. Come quickly, "Suzette said.

"The room was dark and cold but they followed. In here…pull the lid up once you are in. Stay quiet." Suzette said for she heard someone coming.

"She heard someone coming and she pulled the storage door closed," Ah if it is you General the sculpture is not done yet she said sweetly.

She found four men looking at her laser guns drawn. "You are making these?" A tall one said taking off his helmet revealing his long black hair and dark blue skin with even the parts of the eyes that should have been white were blue.

"Who are you? Yes I am making these! What do you want with me?" Suzette asked narrowing her eyes.

"Take her to our leader…tell him of her work. Although I don't think we will want nudes." the soldier said coming up looking at her face.

"He might just like her very much. She has a pretty face." the man said.

She was relieved when the leader of the group looked around. Even in the storage room seeing nothing he left. "One moment. I will take her to where he resides. She must be presentable when seeing him." the dark haired fellow said.

She took him to her apartment. While she changed out of her dusty work Capri pants and painter shirt she could hear him rummaging around her rooms.

After coming out she eyed him suspiciously for he was looking at the faces of the sculptures in her living room.

"You do a lot of repetitive work." He said scowling.

"He is my inspiration. Mon homme elegant, mon amor!" Suzette said.

The man stood still scowling. "The leader wouldn't be interested in these works. You do detailed works. I saw the pictures in the hall; I assume they are your work too?" he said.

"I will have you know they are copies of very famous works of art done in France in the 1700's."Suzette said tartly.

For this he took her roughly by the arm showing her the photo of the Captain Avatar Statue. "Yes I did that! So What!" Suzette said.

"History is written by the Victors. You will have the honor of immortalizing our landing in stone." he said coolly.

"And when you are beaten I will make an Arch de triumph." Suzette scowled.

All the way to where they were taking her others had been captured and the building she knew Dash had lived in was destroyed. It was a disaster. They had planned on a meal at her home. She was going to show him her art. He had the week off and she worried that he had not survived.

It wasn't till she was marched into the building that she saw what was going on. The leader was sitting being told that Space force had taken off. They had some visual confirmation and Suzette would recognize Dash anywhere.

"I will sing for your defeat." Suzette scowled.

"Sir this is the sculptures, these are her works." the man said tossing three of her photos of bronze sculptures and marble ones on the desk in front of his leader.

"You animal those are mine. I won't do anything for you." Suzette said.

"Take her to a prison cell… she will work for us after she has sat there for a while!" The leader had said.

"See what you have done you made him mad. You would do better to co-operate!" the man said.

"I bet the other prisoners would be better company!" Suzette said.

..Dash's view point...

He had been picking up flowers for Suzette. He had dressed in his best uniform and was about to get some special French wine when the attack came. He saw the ships and the fighting men and the bomb being lowered into their atmosphere. Fast thinking took him to Hero's hill were everyone was straggling in. Mark had a wounded arm and the others looked as if they too had been caught off guard.

Nova was with Derek and looked at him sadly. They are threatening to explode a bomb. "Suzette! She is waiting for me!" Dash gasped. He still had the flowers for her in his hand.

"No time now…we must go but where?" Derek said.

The patch came through and Sandor told them where to go. Dash tossed the flowers to Conroy's stone as he passed by it. "Take care of Suzette." he said as he ran following everyone. He didn't believe in an afterlife but it had comforted him to say it.

Then, they lost Nova falling to the ground. They took the little ship to the asteroid belt to meet up with Sandor and the Argo.

Dash's thoughts were on his duty, but his heart was worried about Suzette and how she had fared. Derek was the same way, for all had seen Nova fall to what they thought was her death.

Dr Sane was there and his cat to had snuck aboard hiding inside IQ-9. She came out for pets when all had assembled.

The old bridge crew was there save Nova who had been replaced by a girl who resembled her….namely, Mio, supposedly Sandor's niece.

Their orders were to find the Dark Nebulans; home world and destroy the detonator device. Their trip had taken them into some of the most dense dark nebula's and through a black hole. Where they found a planet that looked like Earth. The Earth of old. The Pyramids and the Statue of Liberty and other monuments were visible. A few of the crew were sent to investigate, one being Dash himself.

They and Mio went looking around to find that it was different somehow. Dash was as suspicious as Derek as the blue haired woman showed them to the leader.

All the way to the main hall though IQ-9 was analyzing the things they were seeing. One had been a picture of Rodan's The Thinker. Dash couldn't help but think this was not right.

Being told that they were on earth some 200 years in the future of their time. The aliens showed them the historical records and that somehow they had all died in the Dark Nebula. This thought didn't set well with any of them. Derek too said that if it was to be their history, that they shouldn't change it. And this made Mio or as they found out, Sasha, Derek’s one year old niece now grown to what looked like her late teens, desiring to stay behind.

They had been unable to stop her. And as they left were given the heads up by Orion Jr. that he found something odd in IQ-9's readings. "Look The Thinker! This is supposed to be Rodan’s "The Thinker" It isn't right the pose is wrong!" He had said.

Dash ran up and was looking at it. He wondered if it seemed oddly different like he did. It almost looked like Suzette's work. Did the face resemble his? No it was his imagination, He thought.

"The hair is too long as well, as the pose is wrong," Dash said.

"Yes!" Derek said. That was when Sandor told them the goblet that Homer stole didn't have any finger prints on it. The alien woman had handled it but not left fingerprints that they all had been fooled. This was the Dark Nebula's home world that they had been searching for.

The Captain had them fire on the power source on the planet thinking they would destroy the detonation device. All it did was destroy the outer surface of the planet that was not real anyway. It was a space station and at first they thought they had destroyed a planet with Sasha on it.

She helped them to destroy the space station by finding and disabling the detonation device. After the loss of Sasha, and the Captain and some more of the crew, Dash's thoughts went to Suzette. How he would have to be there for her when she had to add them to the tomb stones.

Nova had contacted them that the device on the Earth was disabled and they were to go home now and celebrate another close brush with annihilation.

Dash had Mimi as companion most of the trip, for after they had saved her from the hangover she was very affectionate. Now Dash was one of the luckiest men on the bridge of the Argo he had gotten away with a scratch here and there but nothing too bad.

So he thought nothing of the walk down the gang plank to the dock. Not till Mimi who saw him started threading herself in and around his legs. Dash a usually graceful man was caught off guard and had fallen to the ground.

Everyone had watched in horror and disbelief as he bounced down it to the ground. It was Dash's yelling in pain that brought Sane to him. "Get him on a stretcher he broke his leg." Sane said looking at the oddly bent leg.

Mimi as if in sympathy leaped to his lap and curled up on him purring. "Mauvais chat Mimi." Dash laughed through the pain petting the creature.

This was how he saw Suzette again. He had just closed his eyes to rest for they had just finished putting his cast on. "Mon Cheri Dash! You are hurt! They hurt mon amor!" Suzette said crying.

"I don't understand what you are saying. But thanks for the concern." Dash said opening his eyes looking at her.

"Settle down girl he just broke his leg…by falling down a gang plank." Dr Sane said seriously.

"It is Mimi's fault she was trying to get petted again and tripped me." Dash said.

"So Doctor when can mon cheri Dash go home?" Suzette said looking into Dash's eyes smiling sweetly.

"If you get a wheel chair you can take him now." Sane said.

"One moment mon amour." Suzette said running from the room.

Dash sat there embarrassed for he had not got this wound from battle. No badge of honor for this one. He was still thinking on how silly he felt when he saw Suzette again with a wheel chair. She was dressed so cute with a painters’ tam on her head a scarf around her neck and the sweetest tight sweater and long skirt. She was just so cute. Artistic to her bones he thought.

"I was bringing flowers for the dinner when I had to rush off. I am so sorry I didn't get to go to your home." Dash said.

"According to the Doctor you will have up to three weeks of healing to do. You will see it." Suzette said.

"And in the mean time you will be doing more head stones I am sorry." Dash said sadly.

With you alive and well I am pleased. I will have you with me that is all that matters." Dash had heard her say as they passed his street.

"This is not the way to my home, "Dash said curiously.

"No it is not," Suzette said smiling looking through her thick eyelashes at him.

"Ok…what is up are you kidnapping me?" Dash said laughing.

"In a way! Your home doesn't exist anymore. I have an extra room and I get to keep you!" Suzette said.

"No, that is too much to ask." Dash said looking at her surprised.

"No! Not for mon amour! Anything for you, Dash!" Suzette said.

When the cab stopped she got the wheel chair and made him sit in it. "We are home." She said wheeling him to the elevator.

She opened the door at the sixth floor and he looked around. "Which one is yours?" Dash asked.

"All of them! Number 6 is my apartment. The rest are converted to workshops, studio and gallery. Come to the apartment first," Suzette said.

"You have a whole floor?" Dash gasped.

Seeing the work in some of the rooms he looked up at her as she pushed him to the apartment. "Did you work the whole time I was gone?" Dash asked curiously.

"No they imprisoned me. I was in jail till Nova found me two days ago. They even took some of my work. I got that back today also." Suzette said.

"Suzette I am sorry; I didn't know." Dash said looking at her as she opened the door to her apartment.


Artwork: “Dash and Suzette” © 2011 by Lynn Taylor

Description: http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s320x320/300431_225931964128325_100001345702840_548856_738221296_n.jpgDash wasn't looking at it he just reached to hug her. "I am so sorry Suzette, why did they imprison you?" Dash said taking her hand.

"Because they said that history was written by victors. I told them that I would do an arch de triumph when we beat them." Suzette said laughing.

Dash laughed at the grin she had on her face. Then he thought of what she had been calling him. That was when he saw the first one. Dash blushed bright red when he had.

It was Dash as David. Then as he was moved into the living room he was surrounded by his likeness always nude but in different poses. One was "the bronze age" in Rodan's style but it was him embarrassingly detailed. Another was one called the Thinker in Rodan's style and Dash was shocked.

"This is one they stole from you! This is the one that tipped us off that they were the aliens and not the future Earth. You saved us with this one." Dash said looking at it. It was more accurate and detailed then the original and he blushed for he had thought the one shown to them was of him.

There were others like the "Le Penseur" of a nude male on a stone semi laid back in deep thought. It too was him. It was in the style of Pierre Le Faguays.

There had been over 100 different poses and all were him and all nudes. Again Dash thought of what she had called him. Mon Amour Dash. He looked up at her and pulled her to his lap. "This must mean you like me." Dash said folding her in his arms.

"You think so?" Suzette said smiling looking at him from under her thick eyelashes.

Dash leaned in kissing her tenderly. "Yes and since I will heal in three weeks I have to let you do the planning of our wedding. Mon Amour Suzette!" Dash said.

To his surprise he saw her for breakfast and lunch and Dinner. But she was flitting around happily doing things. He was stuck seeing himself everywhere. His personal favorite was one of her own design called the lion tamer. It was him standing there again nude in embarrassing detail standing holding a spear in one hand and in the other a small shield. Beneath and between his feet was a small depiction of Mimi. And on the body's hands and arms were small imperceptible scratches. He laughed every time he saw it.

He found one of the discus player and this to amused him. But he never invited anyone over to see him for he would have died of embarrassment. He went out to see any of his friends and family.

...The wedding...

He found his tux sitting next to his bed in his room the morning after the cast came off. He heard her singing happily as she moved around the apartment. He had been using the crutches after the first day.

"Mon Cheri…get ready; Sandor and Eri are to pick you up in 20 minutes!" Suzette said.

Dash dressed as quickly as possible. He would talk to her about the sculptures being somewhere where no one could see them later. He came out to see her beaming brightly at him.

"Mon Cheri you look amazing!" Suzette said her eyes sparkling so alluringly at him.

He was amazed that his tux a baby blue with black lapelled and black bow tie and buttons was actually very nice looking on him.

He went to the street to wait for he just didn't want Sandor and wife to see the sculptures. Sandor pulled up in their car he was decked out in full dress uniform Eri was in the front seat with him she was dressed in her favorite pink color. The ruffled collar made her look like a flower.

"Well she dressed you up nice. I think you look very nice in blue,” Eri said.

"Oh yeah! I told her to plan everything I had no idea I wouldn't be in my uniform for my own wedding." Dash said smiling weakly.

"You men are all the same. It is so hard to get Sandor out of his uniform," Eri giggled then she looked up embarrassed as Sandor smiled at her.

"No it isn't!" He said taking her hand and kissing it.

"You are so bad I didn't mean it like that." Eri said even more embarrassed.

Sandor saw the blush on Dash's face. He thought they would really think differently of him if they saw all her little sculptures of him. "I thought we would be going up to see your bride first." Eri asked.

"Oh no we have a few things to fix before anyone sees the apartment." Dash said.

"I bet it is a bit of a disorder since your stuff is moving in. And the wedding plans and all." Sandor said.

"Oh it is not that I had nothing left my apartment was totally destroyed. Not even a toothpick left." Dash said thoughtfully.

They drove to the old Cathedral where the ceremony and reception were to be held. It had been a Church many years ago but due to cut backs some 50 years ago it had become a public park facility. The grounds had a magnificent garden with a maze hedge. And then the old chapel part was to the left of the garden were the ceremony was to be performed. And on the other side of the Garden was the very large Parthenon looking hall they were to use as a reception hall.

"How many people did she invite?" Dash said looking at the group going into the chapel.

I know that all of Earth Force from all over earth will be here. And then Space force including the newest recruits. All of Argo's crew will be here for sure,” Sandor said pulling into the reserved spot.

As Dash walked in he was greeted by everyone in a very festive mood. He saw Mark and Natasha there already and smiled at them.

Dash took his spot at the front of the chapel and was joined by Sandor who was his best man. One at a time some French people came over smiling and shaking hands with Dash.

"Oh you are our brother in law. How delightful, " said a female who looked like Suzette only shorter.

Dash met the whole family and her father in law was a chipper fellow with a gleam in his eye. Dash now knew were Suzette got it. He was surprised at how many people she had in her immediate family.

It was less than a half hour later. When the music started which meant Suzette was there. He was so very nervous and as she was being marched down the aisle in her white cloud like dress with purple flowers in the skirt and on the veil she winked at him. He was relieved for she was smiling so sweetly he wanted to kiss her and run.

Dash had relaxed when the ceremony was done and they turned. "Face your guest. I now pronounce you with the power invested in me by Earth Force, and Space force. Dash and Suzette, you are now husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," Captain Derek Wildstar said proudly.

Dash thought the worst was over bending over kissing her so very tenderly. He had totally relaxed by the time he walked over to the reception hall. Indeed it seemed to him that all of Space force and Earth force had come. And they were saluted by walking under raised swords all the way to the reception hall.

"You thought of everything." Dash said proudly to her.

"Just you wait and see. I did I have even a fountain." Suzette said smiling very pleased.

"A fountain?" Dash asked startled.


Artwork: “Well, At Least It Can’t Get Worse!” © 2011 By Lynn Taylor

Description: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/271/1/0/wow_that_is_embarrassing_by_elfvale-d4b74q3.jpg"Yes come I have to see if it is primed just right." Suzette said nearly singing as she walked him up to the thing. It was a Grown up modified version Brussels Boy. Save it was him and it was the most embarrassing thing he had ever seen.

"Are you surprised it is a Champagne fountain! It is a gift I made just for this ceremony! You like it?" Suzette said.

Dash just looked shocked and then stunned. He didn't know what to say. He was blushing horribly and didn't hear Sandor come up.

"You out did yourself, Suzette he is speechless." Sandor said patting Dash's shoulder.

Suzette ran off smiling to do something else and Dash was still staring horrified. There was no disguising it, Yes it was him even to his glasses. "Oh wow! Yes that is very embarrassing! Think of it this way… It can't get worse!" Sandor assured him.

Dash had put his hand over his face blushing worse. "You are right Sandor." he said.

He was still stuck to the sight when Eri asked. "Where is the dipper if we are to get some Champagne?” she asked.


And, a moment later, Nova came up, holding hands with Derek. She looked at Derek, and then at Dash, and then at the fountain, and she put her hands up to her face, and giggled. She didn’t say anything…she just dragged Derek away in her long pink gown giggling her head off!


Sandor looked at Dash who looked as if he would faint. "Let us find a dipper, darling. Dash why not go sit down…you look unsteady!" Sandor had said bustling her away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Artwork: “Best Likeness of You Yet!” © 2011 by Lynn Taylor

Description: http://th04.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2011/271/c/6/best_likeness_of_you_yet_by_elfvale-d4b75bp.jpgDash sat down and was looking sheepish when Suzette came up with their plates.


"We have to eat before anyone else can." Suzette said brightly.

The food was very, very good and again Dash began to relax.


He had seen the cake and it was really pretty and to his relief the topper was a dressed version of Rodan's the Kiss. It was in life like tones and not bronze like the fountain. The white cake had purple and blue flowers on it trailing from the couple kissing down. And as he walked up to it he realized the couple was him and Suzette.

"I plan on playing this little scene out when we get home tonight." Dash said to Suzette blushing.

"Indeed!" Suzette said. People were taking photos of it and making comments. Suzette handed him a plate and she cut a small piece of cake putting it on it. Then to his horror she reached for the grooms clothes taking them off the figurine. He was stunned when looking down at it. Then she cut a piece and then took the dress off the female figure putting it on her plate.

"It is marzipan we can eat the entire topper. I made it myself. The topper that is. Now feed me some and I will feed you mon amour." Suzette whispered.

Dash smiled best he could as she fed him a piece of the cake with the clothes of the figurine. He did her and sat down at his seat. Dash had never thought he would ever blush this much at any occasion. Mark eyed him curiously. Suzette had took the figurines and sat them on the table for them to take home later. Someone was serving everyone and she was headed over to join Dash.

"Don't worry so Dash it definitely can't get any worse." Sandor said hopefully.

"It really is amazing how good she is at sculptures." Eri said.

"Yes that is a stunning Topper." Mark said coming up laughing.

"Why thank you so much Mark." Suzette said.

She sat as everyone went to getting them a piece of cake. Dash again started to relax for the food and the friends were very fun. And then someone yelled speech! Speech Speech! Had become almost a chant.

"You first, Darling." Dash said looking lovingly at her.

"Oh thank you Mon amour!" Suzette said brightly. She stood and held out her hand with something in it.

Sandor who had just taken a drink of Champagne looked startled and Dash noticed.

"This is to let everyone know How much I love my Dash mon amour mon cheri. Mi inspiración en arte. My inspiration in art. Él me hizo sentir la alegría de la vida. He made me feel the joy of living." Suzette said translating so all knew what she had just said.

"Dash what is she going to use the holo-emitter for?" Sandor asked puzzled.

Dash gasped and looked afraid.

"My Inspiration." she said as the first of the images came into view.

They weren't small the 8 inches to 10 inches that they were at home. No they were 15 to 20 foot so all the details showed up. Dash fell over for the first one was him as Michelangelo's David. It turned a whole rotation then changed to Praxiteles's Dionysus. Each turned a full turn before changing.

When it became him as "Icarus". "Suzette? the original had clothes didn't it." Dash asked her blushing.

"Ah but vous etes si Magnifique Construits." Suzette said.

"What does that mean?" Dash asked.

Just as quickly it changed again and there he was again in bronze as "Flying Mercury" in the style of G. da Bologna.

Sandor was watching the pictures change and he smiled fiendishly. "Looks like the only god she didn't do you as was Poseidon." Sandor said Dash glared at him and Suzette smiled brightly thinking on it.

"Did you have to make it so detailed?" Dash said blushing very badly still seeing Mercury.

"Mon amour you are embarrassed?" Suzette said nearly crying.

It turned to a Greek soldier and then. The bowman. And Dash looked at her shyly. "A little mi amor más querido." He said.

"But why! You are magnificent! I am proud of you. You made me take joy in living." Suzette said.

The pictures kept switching and Dash had her hand blushing brightly.

"At least you know who she thinks the best man is. How many sitting did you do to get this many sculptures made of you?" Mark said teasing.

"I didn't she did it from memory. She has a photographic memory and did all of them this way." Dash said with realization. She loved him that much?

Dash looked at them his blush getting less. Taking the microphone up he spoke. "To day I married a special girl She touched my heart when she shared our sorrow of our lost friends. And today I found she is even more special for she showed she loved me above all else. I don't know why but she does. I am the luckiest man in the world. Now let us dance." Dash said.

He took Suzette who still looked a little sad. "I have a surprise for you. I can dance!" Dash had whispered. He motioned for the band to play a Tango.

Sandor looked up grinning and watched them Eri to was entranced.

Mark looked at Natasha who was looking on with awe. For Dash couldn't just dance he was very good at it. As if he had been a trained dancer. "When did he learn to do that?" Mark had said.

At the end of the evening Dash had danced with Nova and Eri and Even Natasha. But mostly he danced with Suzette who was so very enthralled.

...Life with Suzette...

Dash had never imagined that he could have been so happy. He did re-enact the Kiss sculpture. And Suzette is working on more sculptures.

When Dash found out she offered a sculpture for the use of the old Cathedral and reception room. "Not a nude I hope?" Dash asked.

"Of course not. They said it was for family use in their garden. I don't understand but they think it is not suitable to have nude where children play." Suzette said smiling at him.

The wedding was the talk for a long time. And it was only after he had gone on patrol he learned more. To keep IQ 9 behaving Suzette had him watch her brother in law and Dr Sane. Dr Sane to make sure he didn't get to loaded. And her brother in law loved to pinch bottoms. This kept all three busy during the wedding and so they didn't cause problems.

This didn't however stop Sane from getting Champagne from the fountains stream and offering it to girls. For which he got smacked a few times.

Dash is happy to go home even if it is only a day. For Suzette is waiting for him with the finest French cuisine. And She had cleaned out one of the work rooms for a dance room.

He found to she had window In the bedroom where she could see the arrival and departure of the Argo. So he knows she sees him arrive and can run to meet him.

And while she still does the head stones she will always celebrate life with her Dash.

Dash found out that He had been her very first nude and he and her are her only nude subjects ever.

Now so that Dash can have friends over she had little leaf's to make them all presentable. For as Dash put it he would rather she be the only one to see him like that. She is. And now to she makes him sculptures of couples Him and her in favorite poses.

Her very first couple was called the dancers. While they were in a romantic tango pose. The only hint that there was clothes was the collar hinted at on the males neck and cuffs at the wrist. And the female had bows on the shoulder It to was a nude sculpture.

He did like the sculpture of him as Poseidon for he had a nice mer-tail. It wouldn't have been as embarrassing save the fact that the lovely naked mer-girl holding onto Poseidon was Suzette.

Dash gave up. He enjoys his artistic wife with all of her eccentricities.

She is considered one of the Space Force now for good since she married him. And she will be joining them all when they go to Desslok's new home world for the celebration of the birth of his first son.

She will offer to do a sculpture for him to. For her husband’s sake she promised she wouldn't do one like that for Desslok's sake. Also Dash said it was for the poor baby's sake. Dash thinks it would be way to embarrassing. Anyway Dash was her first nude. And will be her only one save herself.