Space Patrol meets Yamato’s crew (part 1)

By Lynn Taylor

....The Yamato's New Recruits...

Derek had just got back from the Earth Defense Forces Council. He was annoyed for they had red flagged several of his last trips saying they needed more information.

One of which was just how he had let Fenilla leave the ship. "Wasn't she married to Kizro the Coraleon? That’s just self-explanatory." Derek said moaning.

"Ah are we ready for our new recruits today?" Nova said coming aboard singing. “I promise you, today Mimi is sober.”

Derek looked stunned and frowned. "Oh yeah, this sounds real good," he said moaning again.

"I take it the meeting didn't go well?" Mark said smiling while waving at Natasha as she left for their home.

"No they are questioning these records and want much more information," Derek said frowning.

"Hello there, Captain…permission to come aboard," Sandor asked standing at the door of the bridge.

"Yes indeed do come aboard. Maybe you can help with some creative writing to entertain the Earth force paper pushers," Derek said.

Everyone on the bridge looked up again at Wildstar and then turned away grinning.

"So Sandor, to what do we owe your presence??" Derek said brightly.

"The recruits you are getting this day are the head of the Engineering and Mechanics classes. So I was sent to go on your little excursion today." Sandor said nearly laughing at his expression.

It had been a long time when Derek had done the captaining himself. He looked at Sandor and wondered just what kind of recruits he had with him. It they were anything like Sandor himself it would be a breeze. Derek said smiling. At least noting would happen to his precious ship.

Derek was not prepared for the recruits. Nor the resultant mishap.

...Lance DeGare...

Derek didn't worry about anything save his books till he heard Suzette talking to Dash. "Lance DeGare! No c’est dangerous!" Suzette said looking wide eyed with fear!

"But honey he comes with highest honors and Sandor will watch him." Dash said to his favorite artist.

"Ok but I get a promise from Sandor!" Suzette said.

Sandor had looked up startled and then at his papers of his recruits. "Don't worry Suzette we will have Dash home at the end of the week. Not to worry! I promise," Sandor said.

Lance DeGare was a 5th generation Space Force engineer. He came with very high recommendations. And some of his designs were being recommended as upgrades. Sandor hadn't had a chance to look them over completely yet. But so far they looked excellent.

Sandor watched how Suzette kissed Dash as if she would never see her beloved man again. And he looked up at Wildstar with apprehension. The takeoff was fine. Roll call was an eye opener too. For Lance was a tall thin lanky man with the most unfortunate mustache any of them had ever seen on a young man. It rivaled that of a general from Texas Derek had met once.

This only let them know he was an arrogant know it all. The man’s smug look proved it to. Sandor groaned inwardly just seeing him.

The first day had gone on without incident and Derek and Sandor relaxed. Sandor was showing them where any and all upgrades would be put on a board and looked over. Also that each one was to be painstakingly checked out and if then they passed inspection they would be approved.

It probably would have been way worse if Sandor hadn't missed Lance at breakfast the next morning. Lance…who had been showing him a design which had already been approved by the French Branch of Earth Force.

Sandor had some additional tests to run on it and would have to run a simulation also. "But sir it has already been approved by The French branch of earth force." Lance said arrogantly.

"What is the name of this ship mister?" Sandor asked.

"Why it is the Argo! The most prestigious ship that the Earth Force has ever had!" Lance had said.

"Yes and nothing goes on here if I don't approve of it. Because I am the man over operations in this station! Do you understand!" Sandor said very seriously.

Sandor had noticed it at the same time as Derek. For there was no bragging about how many girls loved his mustache. Or his constant telling of his many girlfriends he had left behind. He was worth at least three winces and frowns during any meal.

"Excuse me Captain I must go check something." Sandor said looking up.

"Lance!" Derek said running after him.

Nova saw them and followed knowing something was up. It happened as they got to the bridge. The ship lurched and tossed them to the floor.

"Wow it has opened a black hole!" Lance was heard saying.

"No!!!!!!!!" Sandor yelled.

"All stop!" Derek said running into Lance who was looking on at the readings on the view screens.

"It is too late Derek…we were just sucked through!" Nova said horrified.

"All stop All stop! Mark! Dash! Get to the bridge immediately!" Derek said again…he was very angry again.

"Now just what did you do and who told you that you could do it?" Sandor said looking harshly at Lance who looked so innocent.

"I installed the new warp enhancing program and part." Lance said proudly.

"And you initiated it." Mark said shocked.

"Nova! Sandor! You two find out where we are. Find out if we can get back!" Derek said.


“Yes, Derek…getting right to work on it,” said Nova as she began to type in commands and take complex scans with her sensors. “Sandor, I’m downloading the raw data to your board…”

Wildstar felt bad as soon as he said it for Sandor looked down at his necklace. His face drained of color and Derek knew.

...The least of their problems...

"Captain there are ships headed this way. They are signaling us. Audio only." Homer said.

"Sandor, did you find out where we are yet?" Derek asked.

"Sort of. I’ll tell you in a moment," Sandor turned and looked at the readings Nova was bringing up.

"Put them on." Derek said.

"To Captain of unknown ship! This is Space Patrol! Tell us your origin and for what reason you are in this space. O'Ryan Don'Iguana Chief of Naugan Space Patrol here." The deep foreboding voice said.

"I am Captain Derek Wildstar of Space Force. Our ship is the Argo. Our origin is Earth. We are lost and would appreciate assistance." Derek said.

"Earth! Are you pirates?!" The deep voice said in alarm.

"Captain, their weapons are powering up," Mark said.

"Should we power up ours?" Dash asked.

"No we are lost and could use good will." Derek said.

"Chief O’Ryan…we are lost! We want no trouble. We are not pirates. We also are not aware of who you are. Who are the Naugan?" Derek said.

"Wildstar! We are in the human space of our time. But allowing for spacial drift of time…we are out of our time. A very long way out of our time." Sandor said.


“How far?” said Derek.

Derek looked at Nova who was crying. "Oh Derek! We are 2,000 years in the future!" she cried.

"Earth! Our earth! Is it there?" Derek said looking up sadly.

Lance was stunned looking also at the readings on Nova’s console. “She’s right,” said Lance. “When we transited through that opening, it brought us two thousand years ahead!”

"Captain of the Argo! If you are from Earth how is it you don't know who we are? If it is true that you don't know where you are would you be willing to allow some of us to come aboard?" O' Ryan's deep voice thoughtfully.

"No, Grandpa don't it could be dangerous!" a female’s voice said.

"Now Cleo, they haven't fired on us so I will trust them. I have never seen a ship like this in space before. And for heaven sake call me chief while we are at work." O’Ryan voice said deep but kindly to the female.

All relaxed at this. "Do come ahead bring as many as you feel is needed. Open landing doors in the hanger bay." Derek said. “Sandor, Nova, come with me. Everyone else check out our readings. Lance, you do nothing until we can find out what to do about this." Derek Wildstar said.

...Strange new ship...

O’Ryan had been looking forward to a quiet evening with his wife and children. His oldest sons the twins were to be going to Space Patrol Academy in the next week. He was very proud of them.

But it was not to be. "Space Patrol, this is TerraVerday. This is Legarto I was heading home when I saw a ship just appear in our space. Sir it is like no other ship I have ever seen, "Legarto said.

"Send me visual conformation as to what it looks like, Son," O’Ryan had said. His long lizard fingers touched the screen when the picture came up.

"My word look at all the fire power! When did this happen Legarto?" O’Ryan asked.

"Close to 20 minutes ago,” Legarto said.

"Ok Thanks we will check it out." O'Ryan said. He started sending out general distress calls to all of Space Patrol.

When O’Ryan left his office he walked to the bridge looking at the readouts he had sent to the main consoles.

"Chief this is in the style of an old Earth War ship. Like WW 2 style. Like one you would use in Earth’s oceans with!" Ling Poe the only human aboard Naugan Patrols ship.

"What is it doing floating in space?" Breenero said looking at it puzzled. He was a Terradon man altered from human and Terradons from The Dinosaur planet. He flipped one of his wings up looking at Cleo his wife puzzled.

"It seems we are about to find out why! Verden, contact human and multi species Space Patrol. If we need them we want them on a moment’s notice." O’Ryan said.

The conversation he had with the humans aboard the ship were certainly cagey if they were pirates. And O’Ryan was glad that even Pantarian Space Patrol showed up in a show of force. There was no less than 20 ships.

When O’Ryan and Chief Nigeiso from the Multi species space patrol boarded the shuttle with Chief Cooper of the Human and Chief Gesial of Panteran Space patrol, it was not certain who was more surprised.

The first thing that happened was that the little female human in yellow ducked behind the shorter of their males.

"I am O’Ryan Don'Iguana" O’Ryan said extending his hand.

"I! I am Captain Derek Wildstar! You are a lizard!" the shorter of the two human males said.

"So I have been told!" O’Ryan laughed in his jovial boisterous manner.

He shook the taller man’ hand, observing his tight crew cut and narrowed eyes,  and he smiled and winked at the little blonde female who ducked further behind Captain Wildstar.

"I am Nigeiso I am a Surbrian. This is Chief Cooper he you know is human and this is Cheif Geshel Midnight." Nigeiso said blinking his one big eye smiling kindly.

...We will meet these people in the future?..

Nova had never been this afraid of anyone. Not even Desslok at his worst gave her this fright.

Cheif Cooper was fine he was human. But it was the 8 foot tall Lizard man with the handsome humanoid face only green with scales like a Iguana. Or the 9 foot tall Black Panther man Geshel. But to her the most fear inspiring was the little gray skinned guy with the very long arms and one giant eye in the middle of his forehead.

Sandor and Derek had acted surprised but not afraid like her. And the Lizard man a Naugan seemed to be very concerned that she was afraid. "Don't worry honey we are Altered humans, we Naugans," O’Ryan said.

"Humans made themselves into you Naugans?" Nova said wide eyed.

"Yes so we could live on Desert planets. So you are the mate of Captain Wildstar?" O’Ryan said.

"Um…that’s close…we are engaged and will have our wedding at some point soon! How did you know?" Nova asked, biting her tongue to keep her voice from quavering.

"Naugans can tell we sense it. We can smell the pheromones. Don't worry we imprint on our mates and would never flirt with a female who is taken," O’Ryan said.

Nova opened up at this point, for her nursing curiosity took over.

Sandor was talking to Geshel who was looking at him thoughtfully. "Yes it seems this is our future. We want to go home. No, we need to go home. One of our recruits did this to us without permission." Sandor said.

Geshel winced remembering a younger him getting his sister and all of their crew lost in unknown space many years ago. "I think we can help you see what you need to get home. O’Ryan is the one you should talk to. Although I think I know who he will send for to help you." Geshel said.

"Yes do tell me what is wrong and how we might be able to help you." O’Ryan asked.

"I believe because of spacial drift of the stars we are 2000 years out of our time. We are your past." Sandor said.

"Well that would explain why you didn't recognize our species. Come to my ship and we may be able to pinpoint your place in our time line." O’Ryan said.

Sandor followed O’Ryan into his ship looking at the oversized seats and consoles. Sandor looked down at his dead necklace in search mode again. "That worries you? What is it my boy." O’Ryan said.

"It tells me my wife and kids are alright. They are long gone if I am correct!" Sandor said sadly.

"I am sorry son. We will do our best to help you get home. Now what year are you from." O’Ryan asked.

"We are just a little after the White Comet empire attack. We are in the late part of December of 2201." Sandor said.

O’Ryan looked at him stunned then brought up their time line. "I think we need to talk to your captain." O’Ryan said putting his hand on Sandor's arm sympathetically. For the more Sandor read the paler he had got.

"It is another time line? It is another time line!" Sandor said grieved.

O'Ryan looked at him and then motioned for Captain Wildstar to come. "So did you find a way to get home already?" Derek said smiling for Chief Cooper had told him the story of the Catnip tea and its effect on the Pantarens and Kitrains all human genetic alterations.

"Wildstar we are in a worse predicament than we thought." Sandor said drawn.

"What possibly could be worse than being lost in a time?" Derek said.

"Being lost in a alternative universe. Desslok doesn't exist here of if he does they hadn't met him. The White Comet Empire never attacked earth. In their Records, and timeline, Earth is polluted but no aliens have attacked. Only the United Nations Peace Keeping Military Force had left Earth. They are why there are Pantarens and Kitrains and other altered humans." Sandor said.

Derek fell to the ground as if he was going to sit in a chair. "No how could this be?" Derek said.

"I know a man who brought my nephew home from around your time. He may be able to calculate the time travel and the parallel universe thing." O’Ryan said.

"We must Buoy this spot and then take them somewhere safe from the pirates. They will want to capture their ship if we don't." Nigeiso said. Looking out the window he saw all the guns and shuttered at the thought of what the pirates would do to them with this kind of fire power.

Let’s go to TerraVerday. If we are there they will think it is my usual visit to see my other Nephew." O’Ryan said.

"Mister Sandor I think you will like Pouncer Roarman. He is very bright he and his wife Honey." O'Ryan said.

O’Ryan made a call and looked up. Derek had got his color back and Sandor had, too.  Even Nova looked somewhat better. "We must explain to our crew," Derek said.

...Landing on TerraVerday...

The Argo landed on an inland sea. "Wow this is a pretty planet." Derek said.

We will have to remember where it is. Maybe we will be able to have a colony there?" Nova said brightly.

"Pouncer will be here in three hours and look at what got you here." Nigeiso said.

"Now how about you all come to a meal with us at The Farm girl bar and grill. When have you had homemade food last. Well at least it tastes that good." Nigeiso said.

Almost the entire crew of the Argo went looking around. To Nova's surprise she saw an Elf! He was not typical, as according to the ancient Earth legends. Instead, he was very tall. Nearly 7 feet tall and very brawny. "There are Elves in space?" Nova gasped.

"Yes but we left earth some 30 years ago now. I am Tomac Woodland." He said bowing taking Nova's hand kissing it.

Tomac do introduce these people to the multi species they do not know them." O’Ryan said.

He pointed some of them out to them as they walked. The tall purple people were called Zaden; very handsome and very tall. Then there were Deeders, who were  blue fuzzy people with cat ears.

This was where they saw Lance. He was looking at all the pretty alien girls grinning like a fool. One girl who looked like a human didn't like his pinching and picked him up in an energy bubble tossing him into the dirt.

"What is she?!" Nova said quizzically.

"She is a Towan. A Xeran in particular. Xeran are walking weapons they have lasers in their hands and can communicate with computers with one touch. That was a shield bubble. It is a weapon which is very effective against Pirates. Oh and they can make holograms from their hands." Tomac said smiling at Derek's bewildered face.

When they got to the restaurant Derek and Nova looked stunned at the sight. It was like an old roadside dinner of old Earth, In the USA. The waitresses were all big girls round and pretty. Not a slender one of the bunch.

Sandor look amazed at the different species. He was startled by one who came up to him smiling. She was strange winked at him.

"What species is she?" Sandor said shocked.

"What are you supposed to be today Tina? She gentlemen is human. She just paints herself to look like the other species. Actually she kind of looks like this on a normal day." Tomac said Pointing to a picture of a pretty brunette hanging on the wall.

"I am supposed to be an Aquas!" Tina said laughing.

A man with a fin crest on his head walked up and smiled at her. He showed them his fins on his lower arm and on his lower legs. "She didn't quite get it yet." he said showing them his scales.

...While they waited for Pouncer...

Everyone was sitting and asking questions of the multi species especially Derek for he found it all so very fascinating. Nova was just taking in all the different looking people. "We don't have any species like most of you where we come from." she said.

"The Aquas, he is aquatic I see cause he has gills on his neck. Does he also have air lungs? We do have a species we just found lately But they don't have fin ears. They are gold skinned they are called Coaleons. They have the gills and two sets of lungs water lungs and air lungs. They have 6 fingered webbed hands also." Sandor said curiously.

"Yes they do. As do my wife's people. She is a dove gray skinned people they can fly and they can live in water and live on land." Nigeiso said.

"Well while we wait for whatever you all ordered do tell us how you ended up here," O’Ryan said sitting down.

"It is a mishap this time caused by a recruit." Derek said looking at Lance DeGare who sunk down in his seat.

"He installed a unit I hope to show your engineer that is coming." Sandor said.

"This isn't the first time we have been lost. And that one was caused by a drunken cat." Derek said.

"A drunk cat? A Kitrains?" Tina said bring up some plates. She handed them the grilled fish and in some cased steak.

"No a house cat." Sane the doctor said, looking down.

"Yes! It was Mimi a little ginger tabby. My wife Natasha is ambassador of alien affairs in our world. She is Russian and took Vodka to a wedding for a prominent Emperor of a whole sector in space." Mark said smiling fiendishly.

"So how did it happen?" someone asked.

"I mixed the drinks, and well, I was used to sharing with my cat. She got drunk and then had a hangover. I chased her all over the ship trying to catch her." he sighed then continued, "Well she had ran across some very important control panels and when I woke we were in trouble. We were way out of our space and lost." Sane said sadly.

"How did you get back then?" O’Ryan asked curiously.

Sandor looked down at his shirt and smiled pulling out his necklace. He then remembered it wasn't working cause of time and parallel universes. "This is a genetic code scanner it reads my wife and kids back home. Usually it shows a small green light for each." Sandor's eyes read very sadly.

Nigeiso saw his look and sought to change the subject for Sandor's sake. "Let me tell you about my favorite new recruit. She caused all kinds of havoc and misshapes." Nigeiso said. O’Ryan nodded a approval for he knew how he would feel if lost from his wife and kids.

"So this is the story of Space patrol’s new recruit," Nigeiso said.

"I was space patrol for 6 years he was 26 used to working with different species," Nigeiso said.

Nigeiso was a Surbrian of average height for his people 5 feet 6 inches. He had his first time to come to be instructor to the new people for space patrol. Curstain Dorbaan's wife had recommended he take this station because he had been injured when pirates had attacked a space station and now till he was completely healed he was desk job or instructor. Being instructing would get him back in condition to take his patrol sector back.

He was about to get real bored for the new trainees he thought would be Naugan, Surbrian, Cumulan or other species of the 8 worlds. He had been trainer for 12 months and the hand to hand and teaching skills with lasers and even expandable staffs was his job.

Most of the trainees were really bad at it and he was to teach them the basics then they were moved on to the older instructors where they were honed. He had just had his last class and it was hand to hand and now because the trainee was to enthusiastic he had a fine shiner. Last week one had got to enthusiastic and if not for his speed he would have had laser burns on his butt.

He couldn't wait till he could get back to patrolling. The pirates would be less dangerous. That was when O’Ryan brought in the newest recruits. He wondered if he would have to dodge tails again or maybe wings, or possibly the fins of the Aquas which could leave painful cuts in skin.

...The Elooshan...

Ellya, her brother Dronmer, and 10 others were headed for space patrol training. Ellya hadn't really wanted to go but her brother insisted she go if he did. She liked the idea of learning to protect people for she liked Amy their new friend who needed protection from the pirates.

Ellya just wanted to be a regular woman to stay home and take care of a husband. Dronmer was insistent he wanted her near so he could watch over her. But now they were off to space patrol with a huge Lizard man. She felt so tiny compared to Oh-Ryan. Ellya was only 4 feet tall and felt just tiny for she was the shortest of all the 12 to be trainees. She was glad her friend Vemmea was going to. At least she wasn't the only girl going.

Just 19 and she was to go off world. She had always hoped going off world would mean fun. Ellya wondered if she would have a aptitude for any of the skills needed. Since she was kind of clumsy she doubted it. She could cook and she could sew and she liked doing both of these things.

...First impressions...

Oh-Ryan came in and smiled at the new instructor "Where did you get that? Are you trying to make a bad impression on the new trainees?" Oh-Ryan said pointing to his shiner.

"One of your Naugan recruits was too exuberant… with his tail none the less." Nigeiso said grinning.

He liked Oh-Ryan for he had been Nigeiso’s instructor and he was a very nice guy if you got past his size and voice. Oh-Ryan motioned for the new recruits to come in.. Twelve of the strangest people came in. Out of the 12 there were 2 women.

These interesting short people were training to be space patrol? Their clothes where of an odd material of a grayish tint also but cut in the space patrol style. When he was in training his uniform had been of the typical two tone green of space patrol. Their skin was a wide range of colors light pinkish to dark brown. They had pointed ears and they were short. Not a one was over 5 feet tall. Most were 4 feet 6 inches or there about. When he saw some of the men change color. Then he knew these were the Elooshan.

Nigeiso looked and was visibly excited about meeting them. He heard a giggle and saw one of the women disappear then reappear. Now he wouldn't be bored with this class. He just hoped they weren't to exuberant or got carried away he was tired of being accidentally cuffed, tailed, and or finned. Oh-Ryan introduced them and then he left.

Nigeiso looked at his new charges all were smiling and all were shorter than him which was a change. He took them to their rooms and informed them classed started the next day. He put the women in a room across from the men's Then he headed to his room for a rest. These were green recruits whose only contact with the pirates had been when Amy was being searched for.


Nigeiso was the defensive skills instructor. He was to teach each green recruit how to defend one’s self as well as ways to catch criminals with non-lethal force. He always started them out on hand to hand, then staff, then Lasers.

His personal favorites to teach though were the sonic sword, and the net gun, and the foam gun. These he usually would try out on the unruly recruits. He had a favorite Naugan that was his test subject for these devices in the last batch of recruits. Nigeiso wondered who he would volunteer in this class. He seriously doubted that it would be the women. Both of them seemed subdued and gentle. He liked the cute girls but wondered with them being Elooshan what they really looked like.


Ellya stood at the door of her room. Vemmea had picked the better bed first.

"I wonder what skills they want to teach us?" Ellya said. Vemmea looked at her dubiously.

"I suppose it will be are ability to take someone down. Possibly are abilities to discern changes or differences in behavior or conditions. I know I heard the one eyed guy was to teach us hand to hand, staff fighting and laser gun safety. I don't know if I would think of him as good at hand to hand with that black eye." Vemmea said laughing.

"Don't be like that we don't know whether he was ambushed or not. Poor guy looked real tired." Ellya said.

Ellya looked at the room she sure wished they had a shower in there room. "I need to take a shower. But all I saw was the shower at the end of the hall. I guess that I will just have to endure it." Ellya said.

Ellya took her fresh clothes and towels from her bag. She went down the empty hall. She was so glad so far she didn't run into anyone on the way. Ellya knocked at the door and when no one answered she went in. She took her nice hot shower and had just finished when someone came in.

She made herself invisible and turned to see the instructor in a robe. He turned on the shower drenching her with freezing cold water and she slid out quickly and grabbed her close and ran to her room.

Vemmea looked up as the water puddle formed on the floor. "It is a good thing that the clothes and even our towels are made of the chromatifore materials."

Ellya said as she appeared after putting on her robe. "What happened. Tell me." Vemmea said with total mirth. Ellya was so embarrassed she disappeared and didn't reappear for a while.

Every time Vemmea asked she would get embarrassed and disappear. Ellya always did this and it was a uncontrollable reaction when embarrassed. Ellya's brother loved to do it to her and now her friend did it without even trying. She could see that this may be a problem. The next day would tell if she would be ok.

...First mishap...

Nigeiso was so tired all he could think about was a good shower and then sleep. He wouldn't eat supper for his eye was the topic of discussion. To top it off the poor Naugan kid who gave it to him kept apologizing to him. He had seen to it the new recruits were in their rooms. He would be working with them now and this would he hoped be interesting.

He was already the tallest of the group and he felt better about it. He gathered his things put on his robe and headed to the shower. When he got there he looked at the sign-in sheet. No one signed in and so he figured the shower was open. He signed in and went in. He reached in and turned the shower on he liked a good cold shower. When the water came on he heard a gasp, then he saw the clothes on the ledge.

When the clothes disappeared he knew one of the Elooshan had been in there. He knew to he had forgot about telling them about the signing in. Poor guy he wondered which one he had walked in on. Turning the shower off, he followed the wet trail down the hall to the rooms of the Elooshan. Nigeiso saw the water trail went to the women's room.

Nigeiso was so embarrassed now at least he didn't see anything and he knew they hadn't for he still had on his robe. He thought about it and then went back to the shower he would bring it up tomorrow and say it in a way not to embarrass anyone.

Dronmer got to class early. He was thrilled that he was finally here. He and the guys had wanted to come so badly. He was still a little put out with Ellya she nearly made it so he couldn't come. His job was to see that she was taken care of. So she came with which she nearly hadn't and that would have been bad.

Dronmer had gone to breakfast and saw his sister and her friend Vemmea eating. They were both real quiet that wasn't unusual for Ellya but not for Vemmea. Vemmea was a chatter box, which made it real hard to get a word in edge wise.

Dronmer waited for everyone to show up. When finally they did and the instructor a strange man with the one eye came in. He had practiced all night to copy his skin color a dove gray very nice. Dronmer had even got the hair color down. Nigeiso's hair was a cool bright blue and his eye was a nice blue green. Dronmer wondered if Nigeiso would like being copied or would he dislike being imitated.

Nigeiso waited till all were there then he introduced himself and asked all of their names. He set out what they were going to teach them. Then he made a apology to them for not telling them about the sign in and out sheet for the showers. Dronmer was totally shocked when his sister disappeared and came back after a long interval. What had happened? He was going to find out.

Ellya woke and was apprehensive about going to the class the first day cause of the shower incident. But she was thankful when Vemmea hadn't asked her about it.

They had breakfast and had hated the horrible stuff. She wondered if it would be alright if she could make her own in there room.

They got to class and everything was fine till Nigeiso apologized about the shower incident. Ellya couldn't control it she disappeared and she couldn't come back till she felt comfortable.

But the look on her brother’s face and the grin on Vemmea's face made it so she felt so uncomfortable. She reappeared and then Vemmea's look made her disappear again.

Ellya left for she knew she couldn't get it under control. She knew she would be appearing and disappearing without notice which would disturb the class. She sat on her bed and just wanted to cry. But then came the knock at the door.

Nigeiso apologized and all went crazy. The poor girl named Ellya disappeared and he heard her sigh. Poor girl winked in and out a couple of times. He had not wanted to embarrass anyone. But he knew he had walked in on one of the females now he knew for sure it was her.

Dronmer her brother was livid and the girl name Vemmea was giggling uncontrollable. After he settled the class down and explained to Dronmer that nothing happened… it just totally embarrassed her. He further explained to Dronmer that neither saw anything it was just embarrassing. Nigeiso addressed her but got no answer.

"She has left. Ellya has probably gone to our room. She is unable to control her disappearing it is a response like blushing in other species." Vemmea said giggling again.

"Read these. I will be right back." Nigeiso said. Nigeiso walked slowly down the hall and stood motionless next to her door. He heard her crying. Nigeiso knocked and heard her say enter.

"I am sorry I was trying not to embarrass anyone. I was trying to make it easy you know the anonymous person," Nigeiso said.

"I know I just make it worse when I can’t help it I disappear." Ellya said.

"Come back to class. It will get easier as time goes on," Nigeiso said. Nigeiso was pleased she had stopped crying. He to found it interesting that her clothes had been a strange color because the material had chromatifore and this made it so they could disappear entirely.

"If the plants didn't have chromatifore we would have to go naked or our clothes would look like they walked on their own. "Ellya said. This time it was Nigeiso who blushed. Ellya laughed at him and smiled.

Nigeiso found it interesting for the plants on their planet had chromatifore. Alive or dead the chromatifore in these plant reacted to a chemical reaction in the skin of the Elooshan. In this way the plants on Elooshan were in a symbiotic relationship with the people of that world. They could change their looks as well as turn invisible.

Nigeiso liked this girl even if her disappearing caused an uproar in class. He like all these nice people and hoped he could teach them skills.

...Of things to come...

For the next day nothing out of the ordinary went on. He was instructing them on staff fighting when Ellya showed to be really terrible at it.

He had paired her up with her friend Vemmea. Ellya no matter how hard she tried got beaded badly with the staff. Vemmea was trying to be careful but Ellya was not good at all. She would drop the staff. She would not move out of the way fast enough. She too was disgusted when she saw Nigeiso watching her and writing something down.

Nigeiso was sadly looking at his papers as she hurried away down the hall. Ellya was just going into her room when her brother talked to her.

"Practice with me in the evening so you can brush up on your staff fighting, " Dronmer was saying.

"Brush up! You think that brushing up will help? You actually think I can brush up on it I stink at it!" Ellya said. Dronmer acted disappointed so Ellya gave in and of a evening she practiced with the staff. Ellya couldn't believe she was so bad at anything.

Nigeiso watched the poor girl she was the very worst staff fighter he had ever seen. He wrote down things to tell her hoping she would improve. He liked her persistence though. He was even impressed when he saw her practicing with her brother.

Well hand to hand would be tomorrow. Nigeiso hoped she would do better with that. Nigeiso would try to help her with that himself. He would get tickled when she would disappear in class.

...Feelings grow...

He thought that it was so cute when every time she got embarrassed she disappeared. He too was fascinated when they Elooshan would change their appearance and he never knew just what they would show up to class as different species. He noted that Ellya was extremely good at changing her appearance. They were all good but Ellya was the best at this.

Dronmer couldn't believe it Ellya was bad at staff fighting but she was way worse at hand to hand. Ellya had been so badly embarrassed by this that she disappeared again. Dronmer was even more upset by this than he could remember.

"You aren't even trying. What am I going to do? You stink at the hand to hand as much or more than staff fighting. I hope you aren't as bad at the net throwing guns or the sticky foam guns," Dronmer said.

"I am to trying. Do you think that I don't care what people think of me. I am trying to do my best. I won't talk to you any further on it," Ellya said.

Ellya had been horrified at what Dronmer had said. Ellya to thought that there instructor Nigeiso had heard this argument. For she had seen Nigeiso watching them. She couldn't stand it that maybe he would believe what Dronmer said. Ellya didn't want Nigeiso to think she deliberately wasn't trying. He was the main one she cared very much what he thought of her.

Ellya sat crying and she decided to go for a walk. Where she found a room in the Naugan town to stay. She has moved in and taken all of her stuff away from the dorms.

Ellya was walking by a class room with first aid class. Ellya was looking at the charts when she noticed the different species and the little differences. Like the two sets of lungs of the Aquas just like her people. The placement in the body was just a little different. Or the organ in the brain of the Majaan.

She was looking at the charts on the wall when a woman just a little taller came up to her. Ellya recognized the woman it was Amy's sister Curstain. They talked for a long time.

Curstain after hearing how bad she was at self-defense comforted her by promising to show her after her day classes how to do first aid for all species. Also she enrolled her in the medic’s classes. This pleased Ellya so much she nearly flew all the way th her new home. She hoped Nigeiso would understand for she didn't know about any of the defensive classes.

Nigeiso saw how bad Ellya was doing with hand to hand. He too worried that she was so terrible at staff skills. He would have them work on them every day. He had heard from her other instructor that she had good memory and skills for investigating. Until he had heard about those skills being good he was afraid the interesting girl would flunk out and be sent home. He found himself not wanting her to go home.

...Girl who couldn't aim...

He decided since they had been on hand to hand and staff skill he would try them on laser skills. Ellya had been horrible at this to. So Nigeiso had to take the laser from her when she tried to aim and nearly took off the ear of her brother.

But he knew by the way she acted she hated the guns. He would train her himself. But until he helped her he would keep the lasers away from her. He wondered just what would happen when they started with the sonic swords.

Why had such a sensitive girl come to be in space patrol. Curstain came to him at that time and told him Ellya was to be taken out of his classes for two days of the week cause she was to be taught to be space patrol med. Nigeiso was happy for he didn't want her to leave. He too had seen the wisdom of having a space patrol medic with them on missions. After classes were over for the day, Nigeiso saw Ellya's brother talking harshly to her.

Then he noticed for the first time the man would purposely get her embarrassed to watch her disappear. It was that day she took a room away from the dorms for the students. She was never late but she had to work harder to get there. Nigeiso would have to do something about Dronmer.

Ellya found it unbearable that her brother wanted her to do exactly like him. He had the skill in hand to hand combat; he was the one who could do staff fighting. No matter how hard he wanted her to be able to use lasers she still hated guns.

This was not the life she envisioned for herself. Ellya watched there instructor every time she worked out he would make notes on her. She wondered if he did it on the others. He would also smile pleasantly at her and this just confused her. She had been in the apartment in the Naugan town ever since the second day when her brother had teased her badly.

This way she could cook and she would be closer to the medic’s class that she enjoyed. But she missed on the days she was at the medic’s class she missed Nigeiso's voice and kind manner with her. She missed his teasing her about her disappearing on him. The teasing and the smiles gave her hope for she so liked Nigeiso. Nigeiso she wondered if he hugged good with his long arms.

He never commented on her looks so she didn't think any of the looks she had done so far made him notice her. She wished he would notice her for something other than her deplorable combat skills. She noticed to her brother took fiendish delight in embarrassing her.

She decided to just stay in class and go to lunch with them and see if she could talk Dronmer into leaving her alone. At lunch however she noticed that Nigeiso didn't eat much of the food, when she tasted it and started coughing and spit it out. She hadn't noticed Nigeiso watching her. Ellya had hated the taste so bad she took her napkin and wiped her tongue off. At this Nigeiso began to laugh. Ellya disappeared and headed to the door. She heard Nigeiso on her heals.

"No please I feel the same way about the food. I wasn't really laughing at you it was the reaction," Nigeiso was saying when he ran into the woman who had halted in her tracks.

"I am sorry. I just can’t get used to these horrible meals. Are they always this bad." Ellya's disembodied voice said.

"Yes but I wouldn't say it so loud. The cooks may hear you," Nigeiso said. He reached out trying to find her.

Nigeiso was having a good time with the Elooshan recruits and he had been pleased when Ellya joined them for lunch this day. She had a apartment now for a week and he missed having her with them. Since then she had been taking her lunch at her home where she cooked for herself.

Nigeiso had got to know them all and he enjoyed the fun loving people. Dronmer had been talked to about his unmerciful teasing of his sister, But he still teased Ellya to much. Dronmer Nigeiso had found out was the twin of Ellya and that is why he figured she should be with him as space patrol.

Just 19 he was a goof till it came to being space patrol. He loved it and tried hard. At the lunch was when Nigeiso saw what was to be served. This day it was a human special hamburger casserole. Most all the non-humans hated it and all of the humans seemed to like it.

Nigeiso usually ate the Naugan salads on days like this. He had been watching Ellya when she tasted it. She turned several dark colors in a row each getting darker as she did. Then she wiped her tongue off and was swishing water around in her mouth. The only thing she didn't do was retch.

But When he began to laugh she disappeared and he saw chairs and things getting dumped over on the way to the lunch room doors. Nigeiso was right with the tipping and tumbling of things and he apologized. That was when she spoke to him and he ran into her soft little body. He backed up and he again apologized. He told her he had felt the same way about the food. He tried to touch her and she evaded his hands and giggled. When he finally got her he felt for her shoulders and apologized again.

"I need to go home and get something else to eat. I like my cooking much better," Ellya said..

"Almost anyone's cooking has to be better than that stuff. Tomorrow we are to have Aquas that is at least fish. It is way more palatable then the humans’ food. Do come back for the rest of the day. I am teaching sonic sword skills. You may do better with this skill," Nigeiso said. Ellya smiled and giggled.

"Yeah, right. Just stand back or duck that is all I have to say. See you later sir," Ellya said running off. He had enjoyed his little talk to her. But when she called him sir he wondered just how much older she thought he was than her.

Ellya ate some left over's and then went to making supper for him. She made him a curried meat over rice. She had red some cook books of Surbrian and made him a traditional meal which the cook at the lunch room said she could store for herself. She made enough for two. She figured she would make something for him since sonic swords promised to be a fiasco. Most all the stuff she did in Nigeiso's classes were a big time fiasco like the lasers. Dronmer still hadn't forgiven her yet for that one. He still had a red line across his ear and was afraid it would scar.

...Nigeiso and Ellya...

Nigeiso watched for her when he saw her coming then he was happy. "I have to drop something off in the lunchroom for us later. Be right with you," Ellya said. He didn't realize what she had said till she had turned the corner and was gone.

"For Us?" Nigeiso asked.

He was now happy, for…Us he thought. Nigeiso walked back to the class room and waited for her. Ellya showed up to class with red hair and blue eyes. She looked cute but he wondered what she really looked like. Nigeiso handed out the practice swords. Ellya looked dubiously at hers for she was just 4 feet tall and the sonic sword was 3 feet 6 inches long. The look on her face was enough. Even Nigeiso laughed.

This time she was teasing him she couldn't even lift this thing. At least she couldn't hurt anyone if she couldn't even lift it.

"Well let’s do something else since we need smaller ones for us," Nigeiso said he had tears in his eyes and was laughing hard.