Oh, for the love of Falco

By Lynn Taylor

Rae was the third child of Sandor and Eri. She was born some two years after Captain Avatar really died. He had been pronounced dead by Sane but had only been in a coma. Sane had only lived that embarrassment down when he had discovered that Venture was not dead but only in a coma. {But that was another story.}

People were spreading out from earth enjoying colony life again on the moon and other close by planets. Eri had been so very pleased when Rae at an early age showed as much or more aptitude for Engineering than Tatsuo. She and Sandor had shared in the sadness of losing Sasha after only having her a short time.

When Sandor was asked By Desslok to come look at some new technology he had Sandor had decided to take his whole family. Rae was just 6 at the time and Umiko 7 and Tatsuo 10.

Now Rae was a sweet girl and she was cute. But on her birth Sandor looked into his family’s history. For…Rae had no eyebrows. For Sandor had long thought he didn't have any due to the accident as a child. While he had a hint of eyebrows when young till the accident he found some of his ancestors had none at all.

So Rae took after Sandor in that. They never let on to her that she looked any different till she noticed it herself after starting school. Than to she saw that Tatsuo her brother had them and even Umiko had fine delicate eyebrows. So she became very self-conscious. The only thing that helped with it was that Daddy didn't have them ether. Everyone knew she was Sandor's daughter and she was proud of that.

The first time it made trouble for her was when she met the boy Falco who was three years older than her. He was a handsome boy with lovely dark black curly hair. But what made her like his looks the best was he had some very thick bushy eyebrows. At first it looked as if she would get along with him very well. Till she said it.

"Oooooohh! Eyebrows!" Rae had said.


Artwork: “Ooooooh, Eyebrows!” © 2011 By Lynn Taylor

Description: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/278/b/9/when_falco_first_met_rae_by_elfvale-d4bwyun.jpgThe first time he had met her she was very young. He was 8 and she was 5. His Father was second to Desslok the Emperor and he was born some 6 months after the prince. Prince Desslok the 5th. Talan, Falco's father was prince of the Talan tribe. Prince in his own right and best friend to Desslok.

Falco had never thought anything about the aliens that came. Till she and her older brother and sister came to see them. Sandor, the girl’s father was working on some new technology that The Emperor had wanted him to see.

Falco being a big boy even at 8 looked older. So no one expected his comment when he saw the little girl holding on to her mother’s hand. He was fascinated for he had not seen human children before. But here she was looking wide eyed and curious. Her hair was as black as his but her eyes were slanted like her mothers and Lady Demeia's.

When the little girl said it he felt insulted.

"Ooooooh! Eyebrows!" Rae had said.

With that Desslok the 5th started laughing at him.

"Wow There Falco…she called you eyebrows!" Prince Desslok said.

Falco felt heat rise in his cheeks. He felt that the little human girl was rude and was making fun of him.

"What happened to your face?" Falco said rudely.

The little girl looked sad and pushed him. "There is nothing wrong with my face you! You boy!" She said upset.

"Son leave the pretty little girl alone." Talan his father had said.

"You are mean Eyebrows!" The little girl said again looking as if she would cry.

"Now now Rae, don't be that way." Eri, Sandor's wife said.

The children looked at each other both sticking their lips out. "Be nice now Rae he has never seen human children before." Sandor said.

"Son, take them to go play! I have to talk to Sandor and his wife." Desslok said to his son who looked like a miniature of his father.

Tatsuo laughed for he was older than even the prince and thought this would be very fun.

That whole stay Falco and Rae only looked at each other and frowned. So when she left Falco felt bad for he had wanted to get to know her. But she had been so rude.

...Falco's chosen profession...

Falco had not decided to go into the imperial military. He had been so impressed with Sandor and his wife Eri he had started to study to be an engineer.

Talan had at first been disappointed but then when he excelled in his profession he was proud of him. So when Falco heard that another delegation was to come from earth. He had high hopes to see Sandor again to show him the blueprints of his ships design.

This would be the second time to see Rae and her sister and older brother. He had no idea what to expect. They were coming with others of the crew to see the newest princess of the Galman-Gamilon Empire.

He waited to see Sandor alone and so he avoided Rae. "Mr. Sandor! Remember me? I am Falco Talan's son. I have something I would like to get your opinion on." Falco said.

"Certainly!" Sandor said smiling remembering how Rae talked about nothing but Falco for months after they had gone home. She had called him Eyebrows and they couldn't get her to call him anything else.

That had been 9 years ago. Rae was now 15 and Falco 18. He had no idea that neither would act their age just yet. He remembered to how Desslok and Talan had asked him about Rae's statement.

"Oh she is very impressed for she has none. I believe she thinks they are very nice eyebrows," Sandor had laughed.

"Oh, my! Why do you and her have the brows of nobility?" Talan said. For To Talan and Desslok bushy eyebrows were a sign of the lower class. Talan had a fine eyebrow line and Desslok had little or no eyebrows. But Falco had the eyebrows of his wife's father. Talan had fallen for a lovely girl of lower class.

"Yes she is the picture of Nobility," Desslok said thinking about it.


Artwork “Ooooooh, Pretty!” © 2011 by Lynn Taylor

Description: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/278/2/f/second_time_he_met_her_by_elfvale-d4bwybx.jpgHe took Falco to his ship and was looking at the blue prints. "My, Falco these are your designs? They are very good!" Sandor said approvingly.

Neither had heard Rae come up. She was looking over their shoulders watching them. "It is a pretty design!" Rae said.

"Pretty!" Falco said looking up startled. His voice had deepened to a deep gentle voice and he frowned at her.

"They are really good." Sandor said. He looked at Rae who looked oddly at Falco.

"Wow, Eyebrows your voice is so deep!" Rae said tartly after his explanation over her statement.

"Wow, thanks, funny face! You are a little older too. Still a bit rude though!" Falco said smiling fiendishly.

"Look who is talking!" Rae said miffed.

"Rae, be nice what is with you? Sorry Falco! She is generally not this way." Sandor said.

"It is Falco who should apologize. He shouldn't have taken her statement so hard. She has a start on being a fine engineer herself." Talan said coming up.

Sandor and Talan looked at each other puzzled. "Here I thought they would get along better now he was 18 and knew better." Talan said.

"I thought we could have them work together later. If we do we will need a referee." Sandor said sadly.

Falco was determined to make good on his designs and make Rae see he was a very good designer. He would get a compliment out of her if he had to drag it out of her. Pretty was all she could come up with!

...Rae's outlook...

The highest compliment she could have given it was it was pretty. Sleek and aerodynamic… it was a marvelous design. She frowned at him over this and when she left she just knew for some reason or another he disliked her.

Rae was determined to show him she wasn't just a stupid girl to be pushed aside. She had just turned 15 that week that they had been there Falco had ignored her after that.

She noticed though that Crown Prince Desslok and Falco's two brothers Jefui and Sahin had taken a liking to her. The party over the princess was fun and Rae and Umiko both made over the little princess.

That whole stay he would refer to her as funny face and she to him as eyebrows again. Sandor was a little put off by his daughter’s bad manners and tried to encourage Falco.

"Why did you bait him, Rae? He did a fine job on his design. He was so proud of it." Sandor said.

"I complemented him on it and he got mad ‘cause I called it pretty! I think it is a beautiful ship and I think the design is sleek. But he wouldn't talk to me after I said it was pretty!" Rae said annoyed.

"Honey, do choose your words better! Guys don't like hearing their ships described as pretty! Beautiful, yes… pretty, no. And for heaven’s sake, his name is not Eyebrows…it is Falco. Why do you do that anyway? You started that when you were 5?" Sandor said reprimanding her.

"Ok Dad I just did it because he called me funny face again! I like his eyebrows…they are very handsome. When I was younger I liked them so much that is just what I called him." Rae said.

Sandor looked at his daughter shocked and frowned. "Well you are a big girl now so don't do it anymore. He thinks you don't like him." Sandor said.

Rae didn't much like his reaction to her. She had liked him the first time she met him. But now she was aware he disliked her. It was all her fault and she knew it. This saddened her for now he had a deep voice that she liked also. Not to mention he was looking more like his father a handsome man.

Rae was determined to make it up to him. She really did love his design and would love to work with him on it. With her Dad helping also.

So she started learning to be a test pilot so if she could get him to let her fly his ship she heard Desslok was allowing him to build.

...She couldn't help herself...

Rae was so thrilled when Desslok had asked if Sandor and family could come. He had more technology he wanted Sandor to see. In fact, he had told Sandor it was Falco's ship. No one knew Prince Desslok his son was pushing him to have Rae to come back. Anything to amuse his son.

"Certainly we will come, Emperor Desslok. But Eri my wife is going to have another child and won't be coming this time," Sandor said.

"Ahh, too bad! Lady Eri is always a charm to be around. How about your older children?" Desslok fished.

"Tatsuo will come but Rae is to help her mother along with, Umiko has a boyfriend she thinks will propose to her." Sandor said.

"Please don't leave Rae behind she is an engineer also right? She would be an asset to your team." Desslok said.

"Yes! Ok I will tell her you asked for her specifically. She will be pleased." Sandor said.

Desslok looked relieved and then smiled his confident smile. When the transmission went off was standing behind Sandor looking at the screen stunned.

"He asked for me personally? Why? You were going to leave me behind Dad?" Rae asked her eyes wide full of confusion.

"Yes he did. I think it was Prince Desslok who really wants you there. I was going to leave you at home to help your mother. She wants you here you know." Sandor said taking his finger and shutting her mouth.

"I would have been so very upset Dad. I want to go. I want to make it all up to Falco." Rae said.

"That is good. I forbid you to call him anything but his name." Sandor said sympathetically.

"Yes and I expect you to call me every day dear. I did want you here but I know you want to see his finished ship." Eri said coming up hugging her daughter.

"I promise Mama," Rae said.

She left her parents in a very good mood. Sandor looked at his wife smiling putting his hand on her belly. "You know I will miss you," Sandor said.

"I know! But who can refuse Emperor Desslok? I don't think I can take that rich food in this condition. Do tell me when you find out how long you will be." Eri said.

Sandor leaned down kissing her tenderly. He hated leaving her while she was this far along. He had never missed a birth and this time he might.

"Do watch over yourself My dear. If this one comes while I am away, do forgive me." Sandor said kissing her cheek.

Eri put her arms around him best she could with her belly this big. "We will miss you. And we never need to forgive you for you have never given offense. Just kiss me again handsome," Eri said.

Both parents worried about Rae. For if Prince Desslok liked Rae they feared she wouldn't come home this trip. Or she wouldn't stay home for long if she did. She had grown up so quickly in their minds.

Rae was determined to be good. She was going to call him Falco and help work on his ship with him.

What she didn't know was she would be busier than she ever had been before. With her father and with evading not just Prince Desslok but Sahin and Jefui Talan's other sons.

The fun started as soon as they landed. Sandor was getting ready to disembark when he saw Prince Desslok, Emperor Desslok, Talan and his three sons.

Rae passed him smiling running up to them. Sandor watched the prince and two of Talan’s sons smiling foolishly at her and knew Rae was in for it. Falco on the other hand stood eyeing her coolly and Sandor wondered what Rae would do.

Like the good girl she was she bowed to Desslok and his son. Then she greeted Talan. Sandor started to relax when she had greeted Jefui and Sahin sweetly. And she looked up with a bright look on her face smiling excitedly. "Oh, Falco is that you?" Rae asked.


Artwork: “Look! A Caterpillar!” © 2011 by Lynn Taylor

Description: http://th08.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2011/278/1/1/third_time_he_met_her_by_elfvale-d4bwxhx.jpg"Of course it is! Who else would I be?” He narrowed his eyes at her. I haven't changed all that much in three years." Falco said in a cautious manner.

"Oh yes you have. Look you have a caterpillar that has inhabited your upper lip." Rae giggled.

"Just what is a caterpillar? Must you always make fun of me!" Falco said tartly.

Rae looked up sadly and shocked. She looked at her father who had lowered his head and closed his eyes.

"I am not. I think it is cute." Rae said.

"What is a caterpillar then?" Falco said cautiously.

"It…well! It is a fuzzy worm." Rae said flushing sadly.

"Hum Well! It is good to see you Mister Sandor," Falco said walking past her to shake hands with her father.

Rae looked down, very dejected. "Wow, you don't like his mustache?" Prince Desslok asked puzzled.

Emperor Desslok, and Talan had joined them looking at her. "No, I think it is real nice looking. I was just teasing him because he had a rude look on his face." Rae said.

"That sounds like Falco around you," Talan said.

"I think he is as handsome as you, sir." Rae said.

Desslok and Talan looked at her startled. Talan had actually blushed and the Emperor laughed quietly at him. Prince Desslok, Jefui, and Sahin all frowned. "Well let’s all go to the reception hall. I hope you like to dance!" Prince Desslok said taking Rae by the arm.

Rae looked back at her father and Falco and sighed. "I have to dress better if we are going to a reception," she said sadly.

Sandor walked up to Emperor Desslok as the three young men followed her back up the ramp to the ship. "I just don't know what she was thinking?" Sandor said.

"She called him handsome to us," Talan said.

"Actually she said he was as handsome as you, Talan." Emperor Desslok said watching Talan get flustered again.

"She wanted to make a good impression on him. She couldn't help herself, could she?" Sandor said frowning.

"Maybe they will work together better than they socialize." Desslok said knowingly. He had just remembered Demeia and how she had always said things to annoy him.

Talan saw the look and smiled for he had at one point thought that Lady Demeia might just stay in prison for some of the things she said and did.


Falco decided to show Sandor all the new upgrades in his design. He had been upset when Rae still didn't like him. Although this time she had called him by his proper name. He had not deemed to dance at the reception. He did see his brothers and Prince Desslok dancing with Rae. She looked like a caught bird. She deserved it, he felt, for she had not apologized to him.

He was still brooding when his father came up. "Rae will be working with her father. So don't say anything to her." Talan said.

"I won't say anything for I don't want to offend her father. She can think my mustache is ugly if she wants." Falco said.

"She thinks it was handsome. She was teasing because you looked mad. She is upset that she hurt your feelings," Talan said.

"Then why did she call my mustache a worm?" Falco said miffed.

"They are known as wooly worms. And she loves picking them up and playing with them. I suppose it is a sort of complement." Sandor said thoughtfully.

"Really? I will never understand some humans." Falco said less agitated.

"Humans can be confusing, I suppose." Sandor laughed.

When Desslok took Sandor to see the ship that Falco had built they saw Rae. She was sneaking around hiding behind some of the ships in the shipyard.

Sandor looked quizzically at her and Desslok motioned him to look off in the distance. They saw Prince Desslok looking around following her. Then he motioned for Sandor to look in two other directions. Jefui and Sahin were looking around the ships also.

"So it was Prince Desslok that wanted her here?" Sandor asked smiling.

"Yes but we should save her and call her over to help." Desslok said with a gleam in his eye.

Falco had walked up to her purposefully. "Your father needs your assistance over here for a bit." Falco said.

"Oh Ok! Good." Rae said heading to Sandor's side.

Sandor looked at them oddly and then went into Falco's ship to look around.

Falco found that Rae had a grasp on engineering that rivaled her father and this intrigued him. But whenever she looked up at him he just went back to work. He was annoyed thinking that this smart girl disliked him.

For three days Falco worked with Sandor and Rae and even Tatsuo when he deemed to show up. It seems Tatsuo had been having fun checking out the planets girl’s. Falco was amused with this for he was mentally no older than Falco and Prince Desslok.

The one thing that kept annoying Falco is that whenever Rae was working good, he could talk to her uninhibited. But as soon as she went to eat or if his brothers or the Prince came around, she didn't have anything to say to him.

Falco hated that but he was impressed with everything she suggested.

Sandor too, noticed how well the two worked together and was relieved that they were not fighting. The thing that disturbed him though was Rae had been evading Prince Desslok and the younger two of Talan's sons.

For usually they would see Rae making excuses to go to the ship even if no one was to be there.

Falco thought it was very funny and just desserts for her teasing him so badly. Somehow, though, at times it worried him. So he found himself finding little things for her to do on his ship.

...Rae and the guys...

Rae had gone to the reception with Prince Desslok followed by Jefui and Sahin Falco's younger brothers.

It was not a small reception like she had hoped. But it was a big event with evening gowns and dress uniforms and suits. Dancing was the order of the day also.

And while Emperor Desslok danced with her as well as Talan. She didn't get to dance with Falco or her father. For prince Desslok and Jefui and Sahin had her time monopolized.

It had all started to Rae's view innocent enough. First she had come out in a dress her mother had packed for her. With puffed sleeves and lace made of silk in a stunning light blue.

Prince Desslok commented first, "My lady Rae, you look very lovely." He had said.

Jefui and Sahin were the same way though they didn't have as much to say they just tried to kiss her. "She is just so pretty." Jefui had been heard saying.

And then when she was sad because she had wanted to dance with Falco so she could apologize to him. "What is wrong Lady Rae? Aren't you having fun?" Prince Desslok asked.

"Oh I was sad because Falco is mad at me. I wished he didn't dislike me," Rae said.

"Oh but you have me! I like you a lot. Don't you like me?" Prince Desslok asked.

"Yes I do and I like Jefui and Sahin the same. I guess I can be happy that I do have three admirers." Rae said.

"I will show you I like you best. You will come to see just how much you like me. Over and above the others." Prince Desslok said determined.

Rae became aware it was a rivalry between the three….Jefui, Sahin and Prince Desslok.

So it was she found herself running from them every day. And she kept finding excuses to go to the ship to work.

They would find her and start in on their childish competition. She was so annoyed at them. She could like them even better if they just were nice. Then the weird feeling she would get when Falco treated her like a worker but not a girl. At first this was fine. But he never talked about how he felt.

He only talked with her when he was explaining something to her and her father. Or when he asked her opinion on something. She found his designs very interesting and the voice comforting. And once or twice she was watching him. She loved his mustache and eyebrows but as soon as he saw her looking at him he would turn away from her.

She thought then he didn't like her. And so she contented herself with just working with him.

Rae talked to her mother every day and told her of the things she was learning. Also she told her mother about Prince Desslok and Jefui and Sahin. But most of all she told her mother how Falco was still upset at her. And how she and Falco worked good together but how he still didn't like her.

...A day to remember...

Rae had awakened to a pretty morning promising to be very lovely. Her father said she had the day off for he and Falco were to make the major changes they had worked out.

Rae decided to go for a walk near the palace, in a wooded area with natural streams and pretty rock formations. Rae thought she had slipped out without anyone seeing.

But it had been deceptive. For as soon as she had set down watching the small waterfall, she found Prince Desslok sitting next to her. "Rae, you said you liked me! Do you like me better than Jefui or Sahin?" Prince Desslok asked.

"I don't know! I like you three about the same." Rae said knowing full well were this line of questioning was going.

"You mean you don't have a preference? Or you are romantically inclined toward all of us?" Desslok said.

"No you are all sweet but I am not romantically inclined toward anyone." Rae said.

Prince Desslok took her hand smiling slightly. "Let me show you a lovely spot that might change your mind toward me. I would love to be your sweetheart." he said leaning in as if to kiss her.

Rae jumped up and ran. She didn't go far when Jefui and Sahin found her. They too were in randy moods and Rae wanted just to go home. She liked them but not in a romantic way. All the guys were like brothers to her. All that morning it had been that way. As soon as she had escaped one of the three would find her and try to make an advance on her.

This was how it happened. Rae finally had the three behind her and she was running for all her might. She had run down a path that went past some woods that looked as if it was being cleared.

"Rae! Rae ,come on do talk to me at least!" Prince Desslok said.

Rae found a big arm around her waist and heard the deep voice laughing. Looking up as she was deposited onto a tree stump she was stunned.

"Falco?" Rae said.

Falco peered out of the thicket and they watched Prince Desslok, Jefui and Sahin run past. He looked at her smugly and laughed again.

"Why did you save me if you are just going to laugh at my discomfort?" Rae said seeing the sparkle in his eyes.

"I thought you needed to be rescue! They have been following you around all morning." Falco said with a grin on his face.

"I don't need rescuing! Thank you." Rae said.

"Oh is that so. Well let me call them to you then." Falco said tartly. He headed out of the thicket and found Rae's little hand on his arm.

"Ok, I do need saving! Thank you!" Rae said.

"They are fools, chasing a girl around to find out if she likes them." Falco said smartly.


Artwork: “Braggart! No Such Test!” © 2011 by Lynn Taylor

Description: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/280/d/1/bragart_no_such_test_by_elfvale-d4c3x98.jpg"You wouldn't find out if a girl liked you like that than?" Rae said.

Falco looked at her just watching her expression. After a moment he spoke. "I am not like them! I have a single fool proof test to see if a girl likes me. I don't need to go chasing one around." Falco said dryly.

Rae on hearing this was miffed. "You! You are a Braggart!!! There is no such test!" Rae said animatedly.

Rae was not expecting what Falco did next. He had been leaning against a tree some 3 foot from where she was sitting. He frowned at her then a smile crept over his face. It took only one step for him to be on her.

"This Test!" Falco said leaning in grabbing her. The kiss was square on her mouth with forcefulness and passion.

He was still leaned in on her when he again spoke. "Now you see! It is the girl’s turn. She must say whether she likes the man or not." Falco said as he stood and turning abruptly leaving the wooded area.                             

-----------------------------                                                                                                                        Artwork: “The Test” © 2011 by Lynn Taylor

Description: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/280/2/b/the_test_by_elfvale-d4c3wxd.jpgRae didn't know how long she sat there stunned. All thoughts had drained out of her head. Her mind was a muddle when she walked out of the thicket. She barely heard her father calling for her. Or that it was now dusk meaning she had been there for many hours.

Rae's heart had been beating so very hard as he had kissed her. How could he do that to her? She knew he disliked her hadn't his attitude showed it?

That was when she saw her father. "Daddy!" she said in a fog.

"Rae! Your mother wants you. You missed her first transmission. Rae! Are you alright? Rae! Honey!" Sandor said worried.


Artwork: “Yes, No, Maybe?” © 2011 By Lynn Taylor

Description: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/280/f/4/yes_no_maybe_by_elfvale-d4c3whd.jpg"Daddy! Yes! No! Maybe! I don't know?" Rae said her face flushed.

Sandor who had grabbed ahold of her hand felt her forehead and frowned. He couldn't get anything out of her save "Yes, No, Or Maybe." His worry got worse for Rae hadn't called him Daddy in many years.

Rae was so confused she had just been kissed by Falco, a man who she knew didn't like her. But now her heart was beating hard and she was feeling things for him.

...Falco's shock...

Falco had kissed her just to prove a point. He had seen the girl all morning running from the prince and his brothers. He wished she would make a choice so all could have peace.

He had been annoyed when his brothers came home each night bragging about which one of them would get Rae's heart. He had hated that all these years she had always teased him to the point of aggravation. She didn't like him and he didn't know why.

But the kiss had awakened him to something he had never addressed. It was the stunned look on her face and the sigh she had done that woke him. He got annoyed by her and treated her that way because he liked her. And the fact that she didn't return his feelings hurt his feelings And, to top it off she always said things.

He had just given his first kiss to a girl who didn't like him and his heart was affected. He realized he had always liked her. She was cute and smart. He liked working with her and thought they made a good team.

He was shocked for the next few days when Sandor called her to work with them she was fine till he came near. She would look at him then she would blush and leave the room running or hiding till he left.

...Sandor's observation...

"No, Eri I can't get out of her what is wrong. I need you to see if you can?" Sandor said sadly to the vision of his wife on the transmission screen.

"I asked Tatsuo and he didn't know ether, Eri said.

"Don't worry I will find out dear. I love you…hug the kids for me." Sandor said as the transmission faded.

For days he watched. Talan had also for he told Sandor that Falco was acting strange.

It was every time Falco was near Rae she hid on him. She acted afraid of him. This disturbed Sandor so first he approached Rae.

"Rae, why are you afraid of Falco?" Sandor asked.

"I am not afraid of him!" Rae said surprised at her father.

"Why do you hide from him then?" Sandor asked.

"Do I? I didn't realize that." Rae said evading her father's questions.

It kept happening so knowing he would get nowhere with Rae he went to Falco.


Artwork: “Sandor’s Reaction” © 2011 By Lynn Taylor
Description: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/280/8/9/sandor__s_reaction_by_elfvale-d4c3w7h.jpg
He waited till he saw Falco look down sadly on seeing Rae sneak out hiding on him. "Why is Rae afraid of you? She hides when you come into the room." Sandor said taking Falco's arm.

"I wished I knew! It was just a kiss and now she won't even talk to me." Falco said looking at him sadly.

Falco told Sandor what had happened and sat down sadly looking at his design blueprints.

"She likes you do you know that? She learned how to be a test pilot to impress you. But why would she hide from you? She has always liked you?" Sandor said.

"But she makes fun of my design and my mustache and my eyebrows and she teases me all the time." Falco said surprised.

"She teases you because she likes you. It is her way of getting you to notice her." Sandor said putting his hand on Falco's shoulder.

Falco looked up with a delighted look on his face. "Because she likes me?"

Then his face lost its happy look. "I was rude to her because I thought she didn't like me." Falco said.

Sandor looked at him contemplatively. "You must talk to her. Tell her how you feel." Sandor said.

"She hides from me!" Falco said sadly

He had looked down trying to figure out what to do.

...Rae's heart...

Rae had not heard what was said. And she hid from Falco. Because he didn't like her she couldn't take it being around him. Every time she saw him her feelings got muddled. She wanted to touch his eyebrows and play with his mustache. She wanted to put her fingers in his curly hair and play with it.

But most of all she wanted him to kiss her again and mean it this time. It was not fair for him to make her feel this way and he not be affected.

"Rae! Stop being a child. If you like him you must tell him!" Sandor said.

Rae looked at her father and sighed. She should tell him. But didn't think he would believe her. So Rae decided to take a walk to think about it. She didn't see Falco watching her. He was just with in the door way looking at her.

When Rae headed out she was intending on going to the wooded area where Falco had kissed her. She was less than 20 foot away when she found Prince Desslok right with her. "Have you decided to like me best yet?" Prince Desslok said.

"Prince Desslok I like you… but…." Rae was about to say.

"Rae, be my sweetheart!” Jefui said running up.

Then they were joined by Sahin who smiled foolishly at her. "Rae, girl!" Sahin said happily.

Rae looked at them helpless as they started fighting again. “She is my girl!” “No, she is mine!” they were saying.

She looked lost at them and then she frowned for the three were trying to convince her she liked them.

"As I was saying!! I am not romantically inclined to any of you. I like you all like brothers! I however found I have someone I am romantically inclined toward." Rae said turning and running back to the ship.

"Who! How!? We didn't give you a chance to meet anyone else!" Sahin, Prince Desslok and Jefui said shocked at the same moment.

Rae ran up the ramp toward the door of the ship.


When she found Falco grabbing her up, and hugging her.


“Rae! We have to talk." Falco said looking into her eyes.


Artwork: “No Talking…Just Kiss Me!” © 2011 by Lynn Taylor

Description: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/280/2/e/no_talking_just_kiss_me_by_elfvale-d4c3xtj.jpg
"No talking. Just kiss me like you did the first time!" Rae said touching his lips with her fingertips.

Falco didn't need another invitation. He began kissing her this time with more ardent passion than the first. It was long and warm and he held her tightly to himself.

After a moment Rae looked at him blushing brightly. "Rae I feel your heart beat!" Falco said happily.

"Yes it is all your fault! It has felt this way since the first kiss!" Rae said leaning on his chest again.

"You kissed her? When! Is he the one you are romantically interested in? When did this happen?" Prince Desslok said miffed at Falco.

"I have liked her since I met her." Falco said. He leaned in and kissed Rae again for which she blushed brightly.

"Ah, and son it is as I told you. She teased him about his eyebrows and then his mustache because she liked him. Remember I told you… that was one of the things your mother did to me." Emperor Desslok said smiling at the two.

"You said she annoyed you. She was lost to me the day she saw his eyebrows?" his son said putting his hands on his hips.

"Yes I believe that is true. Finally the two realize it." Sandor said laughing.

Everyone looked at Falco who after letting her down still had her hand in his. He smiled oddly as Rae looked at him so lovingly that he blushed.

"Dad, Mom has gone into labor!" Tatsuo said running.

Sandor looked up somewhat sadly and smiled. "Ah I was hoping to be there for the birth." Sandor said.

Falco looked at him thoughtfully. "If only we had a test pilot we could try out my ship. We could be there in 15 of your minutes." Falco said squeezing Rae's hand.

"Talan you mind the planet! Make sure Prince Desslok doesn't do anything untoward while I am gone. Go get your mother, Desslok." The Emperor said motioning to him.

"You believe it is ready?" Rae asked her eyes sparkling.

...A Surprise for Mama...

It had taken less than 20 minutes to get there in the new ship.  Emperor Desslok walked into the hospital with Sandor as if he was expected.

And while Sandor went into the delivery room, Umiko waited with Tatsuo and Demeia and Emperor Desslok. Nova and Derek were startled when they showed up.

It was to the surprise of most that Rae came in holding Falco's hand. Derek looked up with a crooked smile on his face. He said, "I thought she had a thing for Prince Desslok? Isn't this the boy that didn't get along with her?" Derek whispered to Desslok.

"No Prince Desslok liked her. But like my Lady Demeia she tended to aggravate the boy she did like." Desslok said in a hushed tone to him.

"Demeia! How could she aggravate anyone?" Derek asked.

"You knew she would fall for him, Desslok?" Nova asked puzzled.

"I did indeed! And like Demeia and I, those two will be very happy." Desslok said proudly watching Falco hug Rae.

"It is a girl! Eri said she is to be named Naoki for she is long, so she will be tall." Sandor said coming out happily.

"Rae, your Mother wants to see you." Sandor said smiling at his daughter.

Rae went in and a moment later she came and got Falco. "Mama, this is the man I am going to marry,” Rae said.

Eri looked up as they took the baby putting her in her crib asleep. She didn't show her surprise but smiled very sweetly. "Ah, Falco it is nice to see you again. You will take good care of my little girl won't you?" Eri said as Sandor watched them.

"Yes My Lady Eri. And with my new ship we can be back as quickly as 20 minutes to see you." Falco said.

Falco went to the crib looking at the baby. "She will have a noble brow, just like you, Rae." Falco said.

So it was Rae surprised her mother who thought she would lose her daughter to Prince Desslok. But she was not upset for she had always thought that Falco was the better match just like Sandor and Talan and even Emperor Desslok had thought.

...Wed on two worlds...

It felt strange to be the subject of all the news for a Month on earth. Rae couldn't go outside without cameras flashing at them. Falco found it fascinating and revealed in the notoriety.

The Culmination was when after taking Emperor Desslok and Lady Demeia back home, he came back for his wedding on Earth. Falco was dressed in full dress uniform as his father had insisted on.

Rae couldn't believe that this was such a big event. And Falco found it fun to play up to the news and the cameras.

Their favorite photo was the one of him kissing her on the steps of the Earth force building with all their families in the background. As well as all of Earth Force and Space Force's officers.

They were seen off by her Parents and Rae felt a little sad, "Don't worry dear. I promised you will contact them every day." Falco said sweetly.

They had worn their wedding clothes and when they landed on his home world. They were met by all of Talan’s family as well as the Emperor and his family. It was a big to do as well as a bit too much. Rae had danced with everyone she felt. She again had not got to dance with Her father or Falco when she saw them standing there smiling.

"You first Mister Sandor….Or, Dad!" Falco said.

Sandor had come on a second ship of Falco's make. He just couldn't miss this for anything. Falco danced with her the last dance then took her home.

To Rae's surprise it was the wooded area were the trees were being cleared out. "Our home," Falco said.

It was a large 25 room home nestled in the woods near a little water fall and a stream. He had cleared just enough to put the house there. The rest was just the natural woods.

"You mean you kissed me at the spot of our new home?" Rae said brightly.

"Well more like right here," Falco said picking her up and carrying her to the door way of the house, while pointing to a tile in the doorway. There was one a different color than the rest. "Right here, was where the tree stump had been. I kissed you just like this." Falco said kissing her.

Falco and Rae work very well together. And they visit earth from time to time. They will be building ships together for many years to come.

Sandor and Eri talk to their daughter if not every day nearly every day. And Emperor Desslok is proud that he had figured out that they liked each other. Also just like Desslok and Demeia,. Falco and Rae rarely ever annoy one another. From time to time though, they do call each other Eyebrows and Funny Face….