Description: C:\Users\Honey Bunny\Documents\My Documents\Bunny Nest of Documents\STORIES\Star Blazers\FREDDO'S VISIONS PROJECT\Visions of Love & Honor\vispr2_files\welcome.gifThe Usurper and the Lady  is a set of interconnected tales I wrote dealing with a storyline that I call "Alternate Tales of the Star Force." It deals with a set of interconnected novelettes/short stories dealing with STAR BLAZERS set in an alternate version of the universe where, after 2201, a few things happened differently than in any of the established timelines, even though some elements from these later timelines: (i.e.: Yamato: The New Journey, Be Forever Yamato, Yamato/Star Blazers III) do indeed show up in these tales.

Also, since this is an alternate universe, many events concerning Iscandar and Gamilon after 2201 take place differently than they do in any official STAR BLAZERS timeline. The reason for this will become clearer as you read on in Books Ones and Two. Of course, it is very clear in Book Three.

The storyline is again being slightly revised for Books One and Two as we "speak”.  I have decided to use the "comic" universe character names, for the most part, since they have essentially become the canon English names for the characters, thanks to all of the supporting material out recently using those names-including supplemental data files added to the DVD releases of the Star Blazers series.  One might see "continuity glitches" in the stories with reference to the names…skip over these, please, until I am done revising. I am also keeping my original ship names and ship class names. Character ages are also being changed slightly here and there, for personal reasons of my own.

Finally, the events of the universe are NOT based upon a straight interpretation of STAR BLAZERS, but, rather, upon something of a cross between STAR BLAZERS and the original SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO series. As such, some of the canon characters act a bit like a cross between their characters as shown in STAR BLAZERS and in SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO, combined with some extrapolation of my own, based somewhat upon what might have happened if the events of the Gamilon War had happened in real life.  For one thing, with a ship and crew largely from Japan/Great Island saving the world…certain aspects of Japanese culture would (I think) become known world-wide, and would even become popular.  Something of a good description of what I use as a basis for this tale is the “STAR BLAZERS REMASTERED” video project, which reversed many of the cuts made to the series in the 1970’s to meet the stricter Standards and Practices requirements for TV of those days…at least for this version of the tale...the coming “PG” version of this section of the site will be rewritten to conform more to what was seen in the original …as-aired TV series.

In such a world,  I think there would have been rationing, there would have been shortages of certain things, and there would have been something of a “let’s make do” mentality in regards to many things….combined with a certain grateful relief when the Cosmo-DNA went off and the Earth’s surface was livable again. I am also trying to write a world where a lot of the social mores of, say, the twenty-third century would have much in common with our time…but be very alien in other ways. Change happens rapidly even in our time…so imagine the changes when one has a world where faster-than-light travel, the known existence of aliens, and a world being under threat in a Galactic society are not things seen in a science-fiction novel…but are really happening to you.

The descriptions of the tales (and links to access them) are given below.  Also, for those who have Frequently Made Questions/FAQ’s about my universe and view of Star Blazers/Yamato, please see HERE

ENJOY! --Frederick P. "Freddo" Kopetz- November 2002-August 2013.


1. Tomorrow Never Knows

This tale deals with an alternate-universe version of the events that take place immediately after the conclusion of the Comet Empire saga.

(Timeframe: November-December 2201)

Click below to read Tomorrow Never Knows

Act One  (PG Version)   Act One  (R Version)  

Act Two Act Three Act Four

2. Save the Last Dance for Me

A tale about Derek Wildstar & Nova Forrester's wedding, told  in four acts.

(Timeframe: December 2201)

Act One Act Two Act Three

Act Four   (PG Version)     Act Four  (R Version)   Act Four (Tabasco Version-Full-blown wedding night: Note: Password required to access)

3.Trade Winds

A little tale about Derek & Nova Wildstar's honeymoon.

(Timeframe: December 2201-January 2202)

Click on the link below to read it

Trade Winds  (PG version)  Trade Winds  (R version)

4. A Tiger's Tale

Another tale that concerns the off-duty lives of some of the old (and new) Black Tigers .

(Timeframe: January 2202)

A Tiger's Tale


A look at the off-duty life of Mark Venture after Trelaina's passing.

(Timeframe: January 2202)


6.Trials and Tribulations

A tale of a new mission for the Star Force beginning in 2202, the conclusion of Visions of Love and Honor. The storyline continues in Book Two: The Rikasha Incident

(Timeframe: January 2202)

Act One Act Two Act Three  Act Four

 Act Five Act Six Act Seven

Act Eight

7. Christmas with the Forresters

An Addition for the Visions saga completed for Christmas 2002. Teri and Karl Forrester find that a Christmas Day celebration at their house can be very interesting when their daughter is about to marry the man of her dreams the next day and they have tons of guests over. Cute. (This tale is set before Save the Last Dance For Me)

To read this tale, please click here

Enjoy your stay! See you soon!

These tales are followed by: BOOK TWO of the Visions saga: THE RIKASHA INCIDENT

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 Book Two: The Rikasha Incident

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Book Three: The New Comet

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Book Three Point Five: Attack and Counterattack (and Other Tales)

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Book Four: The Entropy Wars

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Book Five: Dark Star Rising


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