This is an introduction to a collection of original stories, songfics, art, and other goodies from the talented AMI MEITSU, a Yamato/SB fan I met on in a forum I run there called “The Third Bridge.”


Ami is quite creative, quite prolific, and quite busy.


She also does videos. Here is her Production Opener on You Tube…


And, Her Production Closer…


Finally, here is a link to a video someone else did that reminded her (and I) of Invidia!






The Individual Introductory pages for her Stories and Story arcs, Songs, etc: (there are going to be a few) are listed below:


  1. Yamato 5 (an alternate Yamato Universe-long story arc)  CLICK HERE


  1. Princess Invidia (Ami’s favorite SB character-she writes neat little shorts about her in her universe) CLICK HERE


  1. Star Blazers/Death Note A series of shorts written by Ami and her friend Britanny where Death Note and Star Blazers

 cross over-with insane results!  CLICK HERE




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