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An Introduction to Yamato 5


By: Ami Meitsu



Splash Page, above, (c) 2008 by Ami Meitsu:


Characters: (From Left to Right): Setsuna, Misako (with ice cream cone), Trelania of Telezart, Queen Starsha, Astra (with beach ball), Nova (with sunglasses), Akira, Invidia (on deck chair).



Captain Derek Wildstar (when not too happy with the developments in this tale)


Space Battleship Yamato 5 is a collection of about…I predict 30 episodes in an alternate universe storyline I created over the course of about 2 years.

And yes I am vaguely aware of the discrepancy in the title, this “Series”

has an opening I wrote in which I screwed up the title-but it sounds alright.

This storyline takes place in the year 2220 it starts at about March sometime,

19 years after the marriage of Derek and Nova, due to my train of thought some of the events were either re-done or completely omitted from the series, but it’ll all come together in the story. All you have to do is read. Ami Meitsu 2008





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Trailing thoughts


My train of thought in creating these stories : by Ami Meitsu….


Artwork: “Women of Yamato 5” by Ami Meitsu © 2008


My first introduction to the Star Blazers/Yamato series is actually due to my father, he remembered the series and bought series one on DVDI wanna say 2 years ago? After watching them I got to thinking about my own fanfics-namely what about the future? I mean what would happen if some of the people from Earth did live on Iscandar? What happened to Earth? What about Future children?-and the basis for the series was created.


It started off with just 3 of the children, Derek and Alex’s-in my world Sasha doesn’t exist, I didn’t know she existed when I started off, so the movie storylines can be omitted from Yamato 5. Sasha is replaced by 2 children, Astra and Alex Wildstar Jr. or “Junior” for short. Astra is the eldest child of Starsha (Named after her late sister obviously) and age 19-she grew normally, I didn’t know about Iscandarian growth rates either. And Junior is her younger brother at 18 years old. The other girl is Derek and Nova’s daughter Setsuna. Setsuna is 19 like Astra, but trains for the Star Force.


The first plot started out as just their travels and became a more detailed story when we acquired The Comet Empire series. (The best series in my view) This held more ideas and questions, such as: If Zordar told his underlings to come on the ship in the English version what happened? And what if they didn’t die but were rescued by Trelania? Through this more characters were brought onto the scene and a new storyline was added. The story line starts with Trelania actually rescuing Zordar, Invidia and generals Dyre and Bleak from the flag ship in which she brings them to Earth, eventually they’re tried and Zordar and the generals are sent to jail on Iscandar, while Invidia is set free for some reason. In which she meets up with someone she met in the past (surprisingly he’s an Earther!-that’ll be explained later.)


Introduced with this story are 3 more children, Mark and Trelania met up later and now we have Misako Venture their 17-year-old girl. She has inherited her mother’s power and is a huge help, along with them are two other characters know as Akira and Ryou Sazuki-they’ll also be explained more in the story.


Throughout this story many of the character have been given slightly altered backgrounds and some with none have them, such as most of the Cometines and Invidia. And as this is an alternate universe (And the fact that some my ideas are as weird as hell) things won’t go the way you think they will. Also let it be noted that I am a fan artist for Star Blazers-and some of the stories do have illustrations.


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