Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity

By: Jamie A. Tucker

(With editing assistance by Fredrick P. Kopetz for this installment)


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Chapter Two: Lysis’ Return Home

Place: Gamilon Orbit

Time: March 2200


General Domel Lysis’ command ship entered into orbit around his home planet of Gamilon. The evil General who had commanded Gamilon’s Ninth and Tenth Task Forces at Balan and the Battle of Rainbow Galaxy was the only survivor of that battle, along with Colonel Volgarr and the small crew of his command cruiser. Lysis had thought that Gen. Hiedlyn’s plan for the drill missile would be a success. However, Lysis saw with amazement and total surprise that the crippling plan backfired and decimated his entire fleet into oblivion. The defeated General’s return home to report to Desslok was a trip he didn’t really both to make. He knew that he and Volgarr would face the Generalissimo’s best sharpshooters for allowing the Star Force to slip through his fingers.

“General Lysis…?" said Volgarr at his side.

The towering commander turned to look at his lieutenant.

“Shall we land on Gamilon?” inquired Volgarr rather nervously.

“No, we shall not land on Gamilon," said Lysis as he again turned away, in deep thought. "This won’t be the last time I see our home world. Gamilon will have a new leader in the future. Desslok has failed our people, Volgarr. Someday, I shall take his place,” said Lysis as he folded his arms.


A few minutes later, General Talan came on the view screen to greet what he thought would be Lysis handing the Gamilons a huge victory. But Lysis knew otherwise that victory wasn’t achieved.


“General Lysis, Leader Desslok would like your report on the Battle of Rainbow Galaxy," said General Talan when they reported in. "Where is the rest of your fleet?” inquired Desslok’s Lieutenant General.

“General Talan, I am very unhappy to report that General Heidlyn’s plan had failed. However, the fleet was able to inflict massive amounts of damage upon the Star Force and they are nearly crippled, sir,” said Lysis.

Leader Desslok heard the disappointing words from Lysis and snarled to himself. A few seconds later, Desslok came on the view screen and stood next to Talan. He had a look of deep anger and disappointment on his face.

“Lysis, I take it that you let the Star Force slip through your fingers. I just heard Talan ask you where the rest of your fleet is. Now tell me General…why don’t you have the rest of the fleet? You had the best Gamilon had to offer you to defeat the Star Force once and for all,” said Desslok.

“Sire, in your One-Hundred and Third year of your reign as the leader of the Gamilon people, I beg your forgiveness for this failure. General Hiedlyn launched the drill missile from his ship reaching its target, the Argo’s Wave Motion Gun. However, about 2 hours later, the Star Force managed to reverse the electrical circuits on the missile and it emerged from the bow of the ship, striking the entire fleet in one single blow,” reported Lysis confidently has he thought Desslok would perhaps give him one last chance.

Desslok’s eyes grew narrow with red-hot anger as he heard Lysis’ report. He motioned to Talan and whispered something in his ear. Talan then stepped away.

“I’m sorry to hear that Lysis. However, you and Volgarr are dismissed from my command! Do you recall that death sentence that I suspended? That decision is rescinded! Prepare to die!” said Desslok as he turned sharply away from the view screen.

Lysis fell to his knees as he heard Desslok’s words. He hoped that he would receive another chance to defeat the Star Force personally. Volgarr looked away from the view screen in utter disappointment and sadness. One of Lysis’ officers walked up to console him. Lysis stood up from his knees and landed a punch right to the officer’s mouth and knocked him to the floor.

“Don’t you ever come near me again!” Lysis shouted.

“But, sir, you need encouragement to carry on,” said the officer as he touched his bloodied lip.

Lysis pulled out a laser gun and fired a shot at the officer and left him for dead.

A few minutes later, the radar was buzzing loudly as a number of missiles was seen closing in on Lysis’ ship.

“General Lysis... we have incoming at three o’clock at seventy space knots!” shouted the radar officer.

“Full speed ahead and get the hell out of orbit!” shouted Volgarr. "He meant it when he said he wanted to kill us!"

Before the ship turned, three missiles struck the port side of the saucer causing major damage. Smoke and fire could be seen emerging from the port side of Lysis’ ship.

“Warp out of this place! Desslok, you shall pay for this!” shouted Lysis.

The SMITE projectors were turned towards the ship and powered up. A minute later the ship took three more hits as the other missiles rushed past its target. Lysis grabbed the control button and pressed the red button. The ship disappeared into another dimension as the last of the Gamilon missiles passed harmlessly through where the ship had been hit.

Desslok picked up a goblet and threw it hard at the screen on which Lysis had been speaking.

"Sir," said an aide. "You need to calm down. Perhaps another drink?"

"IDIOT!" roared Desslok as he suddenly unholstered his weapon. "Take your useless counsel straight to perdition with your drink!"

"Sire, I only mean to..."

Desslok ignored the aide's pleading as he shot him dead. The Leader of Gamilon then stood there trembling in rage for a moment over the body as smoke curled up from the body and the weapon. Talan and Krypt stood in shock, but they refused to say anything. They knew it was unwise to confront Desslok in this mood.

Then, Desslok turned to Talan, and hissed, “General Talan, calculate every known warp destination that Lysis may enter. I want him terminated like that fool I just wiped out!” said Desslok as he watched the action from his command room.

About ten minutes later, a Gamilon Colonel known as Radlock appeared on the view screen.

“Leader Desslok, The Star Force has entered the Pegasus System. Shall I go challenge them, sire?” said the Colonel.

“No, I shall handle the Star Force personally. We are working on a plan that will bring the Star Force into Gamilon’s acid sea where they will dissolve like salt in water. I’m assigning you to find General Lysis and return him and Volgarr here. Report back to me when you have him,” said Desslok as he gave the orders to the colonel.

“Yes, Sire. I will report back to you when I have him. What’s his possible warp destination?” inquired Radlock.

“Colonel, you may find Lysis in this area near the Sapphire System about one hundred megameters from the Arrow Nebula,” said Talan as he handed Desslok the scientific calculations in the ancient Galmanian language.

“Leader Desslok, you have my word. I will find Lysis and bring him here so that you may personally terminate his life. I will report back to you when I have him,” said Colonel Radlock.

“Oh, Colonel by the way, you are no longer Colonel Radlock, you’re now General Radlock. If you bring Lysis back to Gamilon, I shall reward you the Honor of Gamilon Medal. Good Luck and congratulations, General,” said Desslok with a slight smile.

“I won’t let you down, Sire. I will find him and bring him here,” said the newly appointed General as the screen went blank.

A fleet of thirty destroyers along with a green battle carrier named the Sidious left orbit around Gamilon. Radlock was pleased with his new assignment.

“All ships, prepare to warp from Gamilon's orbit. We shall find Lysis and then we’ll complete the job of finishing the Star Force!” said General Radlock from his command station. Twenty minutes later the fleet warped into another dimension as it left orbit around the frail planet. In the meantime, Desslok’s technicians placed the final finishing touches of the electro-magnetic ray gun into place. Desslok and Talan watched on the view screen as the gun prepared to test fire from the planet’s southern hemisphere.

“Leader Desslok, we are prepared for a test fire of the ray gun. Our target will be the abandoned destroyer in sector three,” said the engineer from the control room on the video monitor.

“You may fire at will, Lieutenant. I expect to see results that will be effective on the Star Force,” demanded Desslok.

“Yes Sire. You shall have results that will be pleasing to you,” said the Engineer as he prepared to give orders for the test firing.

The video monitor went blank as Desslok, Krypt and Talan watched through the Old Royal Palace window on the outer surface of Gamilon. Many memories of the old structure began to flood the Gamilon Leader’s mind.

“Talan, do you remember when my father, Tanlok, assumed power long ago?” asked Desslok as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Leader Desslok, I remember very little about our childhood. I do remember those times where we grew up in this Royal Palace,” said Talan.

“When my father died, Talan, I wanted to have the ceremonial transfer here in this old place. However, the volcanic activity that has affected our planet forced us to make other plans. I want to make my father proud of acquiring Earth for our great race of Gamilons. We can be successful in defeating the Star Force once and for all,” said Desslok.

“Sire…Captain Hysteric is ready to commence testing. Please stand by,” said General Krypt who had been Desslok’s lieutenant since his father died.

“Very well, Krypt. I’m anxious to see what this magnificent weapon of ours can do. So fire the magnetic ray gun and let us watch it bring that empty destroyer to its dissolving destruction,” said Desslok.

In the control room, Captain Hysteric started the countdown protocol for the firing. The technicians placed dark goggles over their eyes to protect themselves from the bright beam of magnetic energy that would shine from the weapon.

“Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one… Fire!” shouted the Captain.

A thunderous explosion was heard as a pure white light of magnetic energy raced through the Gamilon atmosphere. The beam raced towards its target with absolute ferocity. The Gamilon destroyer was hit on its port side by the energy beam as it suffered a minimal amount of damage. The ship began to succumb to the magnetic field caused by the beam as the ship was engulfed in a cloud of ferrite gas which was released through the portside exhaust ports. Desslok, Krypt, Talan as well as the engineers watched the beam of magnetic energy pull the ship from its low orbit.

“The target has been hit and it is coming in towards the south sector of the Voltar acid sea,” said the technician as he monitored the progress of the test.

“Good, that’s the way I want the Star Force to visit Gamilon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” said Desslok with his trademark laugh that his generals had came to know...and dread.

The beam disappeared as the destroyer raced through the atmosphere in a total free fall. A minute later, the destroyer was seen crashing into the Voltar Acid Sea with a gigantic splash. The destroyer automatically righted itself on to the surface of the deadly ocean. Desslok congratulated the technicians on a job well done.

“Now, let’s watch this thing dissolve like a fly in a bowl of soup,” said Desslok as he looked at Talan and Krypt as neither man said a word.

Within two hours time, the destroyer's keel was completely eaten away by the sulfuric acid seawater. The destroyer began to sink into its deathly oblivion as the vessel was dissolved into nothingness. 

“Talan, make sure that all of our generals are ready for the Star Force’s arrival on Gamilon. They will be coming here soon. I will address all the citizens of Gamilon before the last battle. Remember the only battle that counts is the last one. We will be victorious!” said Desslok as Talan and Krypt saluted the Gamilon leader.



Desslok knew he could count on his final line of defense against the Star Force. But will Desslok be victorious as the Star Force comes ever closer to reaching Iscandar? There are now only 198 days left until all life on Earth becomes extinct.



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