Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity


By: Jamie A. Tucker


(with editing assistance by Fredrick P. “Freddo” Kopetz)


Disclaimer statement: Please note that Space Battleship Yamato and Star Blazers are registered trademarks of Voyager Entertainment. Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato is copyright 2004 by Voyager Entertainment, Lejji Matsumoto and Yoshinobu Nishizaki. Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity is copyright 2004 by Jamie A. Tucker and is a fan-fiction as a personal hobby and is not intended to infringe upon the copyright holders of Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato.


***Please note that Diane Henson is ©2004 by Fredrick P. Kopetz and used with permission.***


Chapter Three: Arrival at Pegasus

Place: Planet Pegasus

Time: March 2200


          The space battleship Argo progressed with greater speed towards Pegasus after Orion had repaired the left auxiliary engine. It would still be another week before the ship’s powerful Wave Motion Engine would roar to life again.  The physical appearance of Pegasus very much resembled Earth before the horrid planet bombings that the Gamilons had launched from Pluto long before the Argo had been built. The space battleship arrived at the Earth-like planet as the Star Force was in amazement and awe. They had not seen such a beautiful and glorious view since long before the Gamilon war began.

            “Hey Wildstar, look!” exclaimed Venture as he pointed at the planet in front of him.

            Wildstar arose from his chair at the combat control station as he looked at the grandiose view of Pegasus.

            “Somehow, I’m beginning to feel like we are home again. I’ve always heard of astronomers talk about the possibility of other planets like Earth in the far reaches of space,” said Wildstar as he looked out the first bridge view.

            Wildstar and Venture were joined by the rest of the bridge crew as they gathered around at the front of the first bridge to view the blue planet with swirling white clouds and blue oceans.

            “We don’t have long before we land,” said Dash with a smile.

            “I know…We’ve got at least several more hours before we land there just before second watch. Sandor, where can we find a suitable place to land?” Wildstar inquired as he looked over his right shoulder at Sandor.

            “Wildstar, I think it would be a great idea to call a staff officers meeting in the central strategy room before we make any attempts to land. As per Conroy’s report, those Iscandarian ships that he saw down there were in the eastern sector around RPG 321-38. However, I think we could land near there. We have to get that repair work completed so we can reach Iscandar with in the next several weeks,” Sandor said as he looked out at the view of the newly discovered planet.

            “Sandor, may I have a word with you in private?” inquired Wildstar as he stepped away from the station.

            “Yes, sir. Let’s step outside the first bridge,” said Sandor as the two began to walk to the entrance of the first bridge.

            “How many more space warps do we need to complete before we finally reach the Great Magellanic Clouds?” asked Wildstar.

            “Wildstar, as soon as we complete repair work and testing, we’ll need to make two space warps within three days of each other. This will bring us within fifty thousand mega meters of the Sapphire Nebula. Once we reach that nebula, we have to complete another two space warps,” said Sandor as he folded his arms.

            “Four space warps, Sandor? I thought there were only three. You mean we just left the Rainbow Galaxy to wind up here on Pegasus with four space warps to get to Iscandar? Somehow, I think there is something off when you calculated the distance,” said Derek as he shrugged his shoulders in disappointment.

            “Nova and Venture did the calculations, sir.  As soon as we fix our Wave Motion Engine, we will have to warp between the third moon of Pegasus and the fifth planet of the system.  I will have Nova to recalculate the timing and see if she comes up with anything different. It will take her a few hours to do the job, Wildstar,” said Sandor as he explained the number of jumps through space and time that will get them ever closer to Iscandar.

            The bridge elevator door opened as Nova arrived on to the first bridge. Wildstar  and Sandor turned to the beautiful head nurse who was charged with Captain Avatar’s care. He walked up to Nova while she gave him a slight smile. Nova had spent the past day tending to the weakened commanding officer.

            “How’s Captain Avatar?” inquired Derek as the bridge went quiet so the others could hear her speak.

            “He’ll be fine for now. Before he went to sleep, he wanted me to pass his orders on to you,” said Nova as she handed Derek a clipboard containing his mentor’s handwritten instructions.

            Derek took the clipboard from Nova and began to examine the Captain’s orders. He looked up from the clipboard at Nova and nodded at her.

            “Venture, prepare for landing at the beginning of second watch. In the meantime, Homer please call up the off duty third watch bridge crew to the bridge.  We all need to be relieved for lunch for at least a couple of hours. Instead of meeting in back here on the bridge, meet in the Central Strategy Room for a staff officers’ meeting so I can announce the Captain’s orders. Nova, have your report and calculations ready at 1500 hours. We should be on Pegasus by 1800 hours pronto,” said Derek as he walked back to his station and placed the clipboard on the console.

            “Attention all hands…as per Deputy Captain Wildstar’s orders, third watch bridge crew please report to the first bridge within the next thirty minutes. Repeat…third watch bridge crew please report to the first bridge for temporary duty per Deputy Captain Wildstar,” announced Homer over the Argo’s intercom system.

            A few minutes later after Homer’s announcement, Ensign Dikapalous arrived for temporary duty on the first bridge. The dark skinned Ensign with Greek heritage had led the third watch crew since the battle of Balan.  The rest of the bridge crew welcomed the Ensign as Wildstar picked up the clipboard from off the combat station console.

            “It’s good to see you, Ensign. We all will be taking lunch and then have a staff officer’s meeting in the Central Strategy Room to plan for the landing at second watch,” said Wildstar as he shook the Ensign’s hand.

            “All should be well, Wildstar. Have we had any Gamilons show their faces lately?” asked the Ensign who stood at six feet two inches.

            “Well…Dikapalous, we shouldn’t have to worry about the Gamilons for a while. We all need a tremendous break here. For your information, we are within a month of reaching Iscandar,” said Derek as he smiled at Nova and Venture.

            “Good, maybe one of these days I can get my own command and explore the universe,” said Ensign Dikapalous as he looked out the first bridge window.

            “Ensign, you have a hell of a lot work to do before you get your own command. The only reason why you’re in charge during 3rd shift is because Lieutenant Skid was killed during the battle of Balan. So please spare us of any potential bullshit,” said Wildstar.

            Sandor, Venture and Dash quietly chuckled at the Ensign’s comment. They remembered that the Greek Ensign had wanted his own command right out of Space Fighters Training School. The three crewmates left the third bridge for lunch in the ship’s galley.

            “Bullshit?  Are you saying I’m full of shit?” said Dikapalous in a rather angry tone.

            “Ensign, I didn’t say you were full of shit,” snapped Wildstar. ”We all can be full of shit sometimes, but you better watch your attitude in front of your superior officers. In that case, it might be best to relieve you of command while I’m on lunch. Homer, get Lieutenant Sparse out of the forward main battery director room. He’s the perfect choice to command while I’m on lunch. Dikapalous, I’m rather afraid that you’ll ruin our time of peace and serenity by acting like an Ensign gone mad rather than a thoughtful and wise leader. I knew there was a lot said about you during Space Fighters Training School when you didn’t get the command for a destroyer like my brother’s.” said Wildstar as he turned to walk away from the Ensign.

            “Oh Alex, yeah I remember that jackass of a survival instructor! Too bad he got taken out by a few Gamilons,” shouted the prideful and peevish Ensign.

            Suddenly, Wildstar stopped walking toward the elevator door as he heard the rude and unwise comment that flowed out of foul officer’s mouth. Nova, Homer and Eager rose up from their stations in anticipation of a smoker between the two men. Derek stood up to the Ensign eye to eye.

            “Ensign…What did you just call my brother?” said Wildstar as he gritted his teeth.

            “He’s a jackass, Wildstar. You know you are one too. You’re worse than your brother since you get the pat on the back by Captain Avatar. Alex was an asshole, He wouldn’t even certify me as a pilot flying an SF-107 Cutlass after flight school,” said Dikapalous as he got right into Wildstar’s face.

            Nova, Eager and Homer knew exactly what Derek was going to do next. The atmosphere was tense with hostility as the men stood eye to eye. Derek balled his fist as he felt the fire of anger build as the emotion cursed through his veins. The Greek Ensign smirked in disrespect thinking Wildstar wasn’t going to anything.

            “What do you have to say to that, you jackass?” inquired the Ensign with an evil smirk. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, now, does it?”          

            As the unfriendly name for a donkey was spoken, Derek couldn’t contain his red-hot anger anymore. He sent his right fist flying right into the Ensign’s nose and knocked him to the bridge floor. However, Dikapalous jumped right back up to fight Derek. The Ensign sent a quick round house kick to Derek’s abdomen and caused Derek to fall on his back.  

            “Want some more, Wildstar? You can have all you want. Jump up and give me your best shot!” shouted the Ensign as the bridge elevator door opened to reveal the third watch crew ready for duty.        

            The Ensign turned his head to his left as he looked at the crew. Derek stood straight up and got into the left side fighting stance. As the unsuspecting Ensign immersed himself in cheers led by Wally Sparks, Derek knew the time was right to take this crazy son of a bitch down.  

            Ki…Yaaa!” shouted Derek as he floored the Ensign with a pulverizing flying round house kick to the abdomen.      

            Dikapalous felt the air rush from his lungs as the kick connected to his abdomen. The move wrought by Derek knocked him more than six feet from where he was standing. His head had hit the side of the engineering station while the impact knocked him out for several moments.

            Derek stood over the Ensign like a panther and caught his breath as he felt relieved from this awful nuisance. Two MPs arrived on the bridge to take him to sick bay and into custody. Homer, Nova and Eager walked over to Derek to assist him.           

            “Are you ok, Derek?” asked Nova.

            “Yes, I’m ok. I hope I still have an appetite now because he was sick to mention Alex’s name,” said Derek as he held his stomach for a couple of minutes.   

            “Wildstar…we are going to go ahead and charge him for assault and battery of a Senior Officer, dereliction of duty, and disorderly conduct. When can we have a mast?” asked the MP Sergeant.

            “Sergeant Koffman, I’ll speak with Captain Avatar about the mast. Plenty of witnesses are around to get the son of a bitch landed in the brig for the rest of this mission. I’d prefer it if he could be stored in the third bridge when we arrive on Iscandar,” said Wildstar in disgust.    

            “Ok, sir. I’ll definitely lock him up in the brig,” said the sergeant as he left the first bridge.

            “Now, shall we go get some supper? I’m extremely hungry,” said Eager as the foursome left the bridge for the galley.


The Argo’s galley was a favorite meeting place for the members of the Star Force. It was here that the crew could exchange their battlefield stories and reminisce about the times they had on Earth with their families.  A good lunch hour is what the main watch crew deserved. Wildstar and the others arrived at the galley with Master Chef “Slops” Mulligan in command of twenty cooks who performed dual roles of cooks and servers.  Wildstar and Nova were the first to step up to the cafeteria line with Sandor, Eager, Homer, Orion and Venture behind them.

“What are the specials for the day?” inquired Wildstar to the Master Chef.

“Wildstar, the whole ship is in for a real treat today. Our menu includes beef tips and rice with a choice of two genetically engineered vegetables or fried genetically engineered flounder with coleslaw, hushpuppies and baked potatoes,” said Chef Mulligan with a smile as Wildstar and Nova retrieved a blue tray from the bar with utensils.

“That sounds good Chief. Uh…I’ll take the beef tips and rice with steamed cabbage and a helping of lima beans,” said the young Deputy Captain as his eyes scanned the prepared food that had been placed on the bar earlier.          

“Nova, ma’am what’ll you like?” inquired the chef to Nova.

“I’ll take the flounder special you mentioned,” said Nova with a slight smile.

Venture took a look at Nova’s dinner for the day. He wondered how in the world he could enjoy this altered food for himself.

“Hey, how are ya‘ll going to eat that genetically engineered stuff?” inquired Venture with a slight disgusted look.         

“Be thankful for what you get, Venture. Back on Earth, people don’t even have the option of eating a cafeteria style lunch. Before we left for Iscandar, I heard that survivors in Africa were practicing cannibalism,” said Nova sadly.

The news made one Petty Officer lose his appetite on the spot.           

“Derek, I’ll be right back,” said Nova as she placed her tray on the table and rushed off to assist the sickened crewman.

“Are you ok?” inquired Nova.

“I would’ve been if you hadn’t mentioned that Africa thing. Damn, I feel so pale. Could someone help me to sick bay? I have to be well enough for duty at second watch,” said the sick, pale looking Petty Officer Chrysler as an even greater sense of weakness began to overtake him.

Luckily, Nova had her two way radio on her belt and radioed Dr. Sane to send a medic. After a five minute wait a medic showed up to assist Nova with Chrysler.

“What happened ma’am?” asked Rossman who had been sent by Dr. Sane.

“Well, I was mentioning something about what happened back home before we left. Apparently, he was faint at heart and lost his lunch,” said Nova as her and Rossman helped Chrysler up on his feet.

“Ya’ll, I told you I would have been fine if she didn’t mention that damn African cannibalism thing,” said Chrysler as he was sweated in his uniform and became even dizzier.

A wheel chair was brought up to the galley by IQ-9. Wildstar had ordered Venture to send the robot to assist in the incident. Nova and Rossman carefully placed a dizzy Chrysler into the blue wheelchair. As Chrysler scanned the galley area, he saw what seemed like the room spinning at a high rate of speed.

“Uh, oh, uh…Nova, I didn’t know you had a twin sister! Could you set her up with me?” he said in a very slurred tone.

“Damn Chrysler, did you have too many beers again?” inquired Yeoman Putov, who was one of the petty officer’s good friends.

“Drinking on duty, Chrysler?” inquired Nova with a raised eyebrow.

Rossman gave Nova a medical scanner that assisted them in a preliminary diagnosis. After a couple of minutes of scanning, Nova heard a middle tone beep from the scanner.

“Chrysler, I hate to tell you this but it wasn’t my aside about Africa that made you sick. Luckily, you have no alcohol content in your blood whatsoever. However, you have a very severe inner ear infection and you’re headed right to Sickbay! Rossman, take him on down to Dr. Sane. According to the scanner, he has way too much fluid built up in his left middle ear. He may need surgery and antibiotics to get him well,” said Nova.

“Thank you, Nova…ughhhhhh..Blewwwwwkkkkkk!” echoed Chrysler as Nova quickly placed a barf bag right up to his mouth just in time.

“Urrrr…ahhh…Yes ma’am. I’ll get him right to Dr. Sane,” said Dikapalous as he felt a bit embarrassed about the loss of a lunch.

“Rossman, you and IQ-9 better get him on down to sick bay now. I don’t need a whole galley of these space sailors vomiting asteroids, do you?” said Nova with a slight chuckle.

Rossman and IQ-9 wheeled the sick petty officer to the sick bay while Nova returned to Wildstar to join him at the table. She had hoped to have a good dinner with Derek and get to know him better. However, her plans had been rather rudely interrupted Chrysler’s illness.

“Sorry, Derek. You know how people are sometimes, you know,” said Nova with a slight blush.

“That’s ok. We’ve all seen worse during that last battle with Lysis. I’m ready to have some peace for a while,” Derek said.

“How do you like being Deputy Captain?” inquired Nova after she said grace quickly before eating.

“Well, I never really expected to end up as a Deputy Captain. I remember that my brother, Alex had to work his way up to get command of the Paladin. Gosh, I miss him,” said Derek rather sadly.

“I know, Derek. After Venture told me you had lost your brother at the clinic, I felt sad for you. There were hundreds, if not millions of families who had lost loved ones because of this cruel war we are fighting,” Nova said.

Derek took several bites of his dinner as Nova continued eating her lunch. They both enjoyed their time getting to know each other.

“Derek, do you have a girlfriend?” said Nova rather shyly.

“Well, I did have one back when I was at Space Fighter’s Training School.”

“Who was she?” inquired Nova.

“Diane Henson…We split up prior to my assignment at Base Alpha on Mars.” Derek replied.

Oh, her…I remember that witch. Poor Derek,” thought Nova as she took a sip of tea from her cup.

“Nova, were you seeing anyone back on Earth?” inquired Derek shyly.

“I was dating Lt. Branham, who piloted an SF-107,” responded Nova with a slight smile. “Of course, you know what happened to him after Pluto…or did you?”

Oh, no…please don’t tell me you dated that jackass! You could have done better than him,” thought Derek.

Derek took several bites of his beef tips and rice. A chief’s apprentice approached the couple and offered them refills of their beverages.

“What ever became of Lt. Branham? I heard he was missing in action during a patrol flight over what was Bikini Atoll,” said Derek.

“I was working in the underground city clinic the day I found out from Defense Headquarters about what happened to him. According to Gen. Singleton, Lt. Branham was flying a routine reconnaissance mission over the former Bikini Atoll. The radar command center was tracking him and without warning his plane went off the screen,” said Nova rather sadly.

“I see…” said Derek as he took a sip of his drink.

“They sent a scout party out to look for him and they found him severely injured. Before anyone could have made it back, a planet bomb exploded right over them.” Nova said as she finished her food. “I’ve…since gotten over it. You know…the best I can…”

“Yeah,” said Derek sadly. He shook his head at the news of the fate of Lt. Branham. He remembered that the worst of the Gamilons’ attack was during his tenure on the Mars reconnaissance station near Olympus Mons in April through June of 2199.”

“That’s terrible, Nova. As soon as we reach Iscandar, We will finally have a means to restore life to our planet. What would you like to do when we return home?” inquired Derek with a smile.

“Hmmm…that depends. I’ve not really thought about it much except for the fact I miss my parents greatly,” said Nova.

“I’ve never had the chance to meet them Nova.  Tell me what’s your father like?” said Derek.

Nova chuckled at Derek’s question as they began to enjoy the casual conversation. Derek felt that he was slowly being romantically drawn to the sandy blond haired nurse.

“Well…my father’s name is Karl and he is an attorney for the firm of Forrester, Kullman and Von Schmidt.

“Wow…your father practices with Kullman?” asked Derek with surprise.

“Hmm. Mmm,” said Nova as she nodded her head in affirmation.

“I know. Kullman once defended me in a case where some manic pain in the ass psycho accused me of stealing his air car for the sake of a joy ride,” said Derek with a slight chuckle as he remembered the incident.

“Did he grill the plaintiff?” asked Nova with a smile.

“Sure as hell, he did Nova. Kullman could make JAG officer Patton look like pansy in the midst of wilted daisies in the court room.”

“What happened to the plaintiff?” she asked.

“Well, once Kullman made the guy look like a jackass when he called him to the stand, the judge threw the case out and ordered the plaintiff held for psychological evaluations. It turned out that he was just plain crazy after all,” said Derek with a laugh.

“Sounds like Desslok, doesn’t it ?” interrupted Venture as he, Homer and Sandor prepared to leave the galley.

“Venture, Desslok is a lot worse than a lunatic. If I ever see him, I’ll give him a good can of whoop ass,” said Derek as he arose from the table as Nova followed suit.

“Nova, I really enjoyed talking to you over lunch,” said Derek as he placed his trash into the container.

“We’ve only got about an hour and forty-five minutes, Derek. Let’s walk up to see Captain Avatar before the meeting,” Nova said as she beckoned the young Japanese-American.

At that, the bridge crew had gotten their well deserved break from fighting the battles that had left  the fate of Earth in the hands of the Star Force. Will Nova’s calculations for the space warps prove wrong? The Star Force has 197 days left before all life on Earth becomes extinct.


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