Fluffy's Litter Box

Created by Gail Kopetz-"The Fluffy Kitten"

Meow! Welcome to my litter box! I hope it doesn't smell too bad, but it only contains stories, not the usual stuff kitties put in their litter boxes. My real name is Gail Ruth Kopetz. I live in Philadelphia and have been happily married since June 6, 1998. My birthdate is December 11th. My family consists of me, my husband Freddo, and a beautiful little tiger-striped cat named Felix. The cat above looks a bit like Felix.

I am new at writing fan fiction: this is my first story, I hope you enjoy it. I have more in the works, and hope you'll enjoy those tails (no, tales) too.

Regards, Fluffy.

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Her Last Journey

This is a story about Astra of Iscandar's final journey towards Earth in 2199.

(Timeframe:  2199, over several months)

Her Last Journey


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