Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity

By: Jamie A. Tucker

(With Editing assistance by Fredrick P. Kopetz)

Disclaimer statement: Please note that Space Battleship Yamato and Star Blazers are registered trademarks of Voyager Entertainment. Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato is copyright 2004 by Voyager Entertainment, Lejji Matsumoto and Yoshinobu Nishizaki. Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity is copyright 2005 by Jamie A. Tucker and is a fan-fiction as a personal hobby and is not intended to infringe upon the copyright holders of Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato.


Chapter Five: Battle in the Sapphire System

Place: The Sapphire System Nebula

Date: Mid March 2202


            Colonel Faust warped away from Pegasus with Gamilon’s third recon task force with orders from Desslok to assist General Radlock in the capture of excommunicated General, Dommel Lysis and his cohort, Colonel Ritz Volgarr.  The Colonel was slightly disappointed that he did not get his first taste of battle against the Star Force. He had heard stories, rumors and saw footage of previous battles that had made rounds through out the Gamilon scuttlebutt. The young Colonel received his marching orders to fight one of his own comrades just a couple of days earlier. He tried hard to comprehend the fact that he would be facing Gamilon’s most brilliant military strategist who once stood faithfully by Desslok’s side.

            A soft knock was heard on his quarter’s door as he sat at his green desk with the ship’s log opened before him.

            “Come in,” Faust said softly in bass sounding Galmanian as he looked over previous log entries made by his former commander.

            The colonel’s subordinate saluted him with his right hand raised at a ninety degree angle.

            “We have now arrived at our final warp point. We will rendezvous with General Radlock’s fleet in approximately five hours and thirty minutes,” said Lt. Deamon.

            “Very Well, lieutenant…how is things on the bridge?” asked Colonel Faust as sat back in his chair and looked at the young officer.

            “Sir, everyone seems to be silently questioning Desslok’s orders to go after Lysis. From what I understand, didn’t he defeat the Star Force at the Rainbow Star Cluster a couple of months ago?” asked Deamon with some concern.

            Colonel Faust tried to dodge the question. He knew very well that Lysis’ drill missile plan had backfired went the Star Force had reversed the wiring on the deadly drill missile. The young Colonel knew all to well what others had gone through when they had lost a battle against the Star Force. The Colonel arose from his desk chair and walked around the desk to face the questioning Lieutenant. The Colonel felt the pressure of the pressing matter concerning his orders from the Generalissimo.

            “Deamon, I’m not sure if I even want to talk about classified matters with you. I need to keep the men focused on the task at hand. No one dare needs to question Desslok’s orders. Leader Desslok is an infallible leader and we must not question him,” said Faust as he got close to his face in a similar fashion as a marine drill sergeant.

            “I understand, sir. I apologize for asking,” responded Deamon as he stood at attention and stared straight ahead.

            “At ease, Lieutenant…let’s just focus on the task at hand. I will tell you more after we complete this mission,” said the Colonel as they both walked to the doorway.

            “You’re dismissed to the bridge!”

            The officer snapped an about face and exited the Colonel’s quarters.  The peevish Colonel sat at his desk for a few more moments. He knew very well that no one in the ranks of Gamilon had the right authority to question the supposedly infallible orders of Desslok. He finished the log entry and closed the book. He stepped from his quarters as two deckhands saluted him as they walked by. He walked thirty feet to the bridge door and stepped on to the bridge.

            “Captain on the deck!” shouted an Ensign near a computer console.

            The men suddenly came to attention and saluted Colonel Leech. The expanse view of space could be seen from the bridge’s crystal clear windows.

            “At ease, men…I’ve been told that there is some questioning among you concerning the orders of Leader Desslok. I have also wondered why Desslok would give the order to apprehend his best military strategist.  But rest assured, those answers to the questions we ponder will come to light in due time. If we are to defeat the Star Force once and for all, we must remain focused on the task at hand.  We will be joining General Radlock’s fleet soon. Lieutenant Deamon, give the order to warp to the rendezvous point.

            “Aye, Aye, Sir!”

            “All hands to general quarters, prepare for warp!” said Daemon through his baritone voice.

            The whine of the Fourth Dimensional Drives grew louder as the ship broke through the time-space barrier into the third dimension. The fleet disappeared into hyperspace as they had jumped to light speed. Lt. Daemon opened his eyes during the warp. He was found himself transported into a future time. What he saw was the most horrendous vision a Gamilon would ever see in his lifetime. The lieutenant gasped in abject horror as he saw the outer crust of Gamilon fall into the acid sea. He was even more disturbed as he saw a blue streak of energy blast leave the Argo’s main guns and slammed into Desslok’s ship hanging above the ruined capitol city of Desular.

            “DESSLOK!!!!!” shouted Daemon as he watched the horrendous vision that played before his eyes.

            A minute later, the fleet exited hyperspace at the rendezvous point with General Radlock’s fleet waiting for them twenty mega meters away. As Colonel Faust’s crew came to themselves, Lt. Deamon still screamed Desslok’s name so loudly that his voice echoed all over the bridge. He broke out in a cold sweat and began seizing violently in utter fear.

            “Someone get him to sickbay quickly. I don’t know what all in the name of Desslok has happened to him. Please find out what the hell is wrong with my Executive Officer!” yelled Colonel Faust as a pair of medics administered a shot to his neck.

            The Lieutenant’s convulsing began to subside as the medicine took effect. He looked at Colonel Faust and began to tell him what he saw.

            “Colonel…Desslok must be warned,” he said weakly as sweat ran down his fevered brow.

            “Lieutenant, what are you talking about? What does the Supreme Leader need to be warned about?” asked Colonel Faust as he leaned over Lt. Daemon.

            “I…I…I…saw a terrible vision while we were in warp,” Daemon said weakly as he began to stabilize.

            “A vision of what?” asked Faust with a raised eyebrow as the medics loaded him on to a gurney.

            “I saw a vision of Gamilon’s destruction in a fireball. Leader Desslok…must be warned.” Daemon said loudly as he slowly sat up on the gurney.

            “Ok. Anything else did you see in that vision?” Faust asked with concern.

            There was a tense moment of silence as Daemon looked away from Faust at the view of Radlock’s fleet.

            “Leader Desslok narrowly escaped Gamilon’s destruction. I saw his flagship pass through a fireball of exploding molten lava,” he said as he recalled the futuristic vision.

            There was a tense silence on the bridge as the crew crowded around the Lieutenant. The medics prepared to take the tense Lieutenant to sickbay for observation and treatment. The Colonel looked at his executive officer as he eyes widened in shock.

            “Wait a minute!” exclaimed Colonel Leech as he raised his left hand.

            “Lieutenant, when is this vision of yours taking place? The past, present or…future?” said Colonel Faust as he walked to him and leaned towards his face.

            The Lieutenant didn’t want to answer the question. He looked out into the expanse of space for a moment and breathed deeply.

            “The vision is…in the near future, sir.”

            “Alright, thank you Lieutenant. That is all,” said the Colonel as he sighed and looked down.

            The medics wheeled Daemon to sickbay as the bridge returned to normalcy. Colonel Faust appointed Ensign Wulf to be his temporary executive officer while Daemon recovers from the effects of his strange vision.

The communications officer walked briskly up to the colonel with an urgent message.

            “Sir, General Radlock is hailing us,” said the officer.

            “Very well, put him on screen “replied the Colonel.

            The General whom resembled Lysis appeared on the screen and Colonel Leech saluted him.

            “Greetings, Colonel. It’s good to see that you have arrived on time for our important mission,” said Radlock in his strong baritone voice.

            “Thank you, sir. I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get to deal with the Star Force. However, it is imperative to follow Desslok’s orders,” said Colonel Faust as he looked at Radlock on the screen.

Damn, he looks just like that accursed Lysis. I’m despising the very look of the man!” thought Colonel Faust as he looked at General Radlock.

            “Last I heard Colonel, The Star Force arrived at your former command on Pegasus. There was a good reason why Desslok had ordered you to join with my fleet. Desslok has a special surprise for the Star Force once they get near Gamilon,” said Radlock with a smile as he crossed his arms.      

            Now he is starting to sound like Lysis. I am beginning to believe that Radlock must be a long lost brother of Lysis,” thought the Colonel as he heard Radlock sound like Lysis.

            “The Star Force has been on Pegasus for two days now. Their curiosity was stirred by those accursed Iscandarian ships that have been there for some time now. I was hoping I could go play with them. However, we have a more important task at hand,” said Colonel Faust as he grinned at the General.

            “Looking for a medal aren’t you?” asked Radlock with a chuckle.

            “I’m sure you’re looking for one too, sir. We’re just a warp away from getting one,” said Colonel Faust.

            “Yes, we will warp from in three hours and attack Lysis by surprise,” said Radlock.

            “So that is your strategy? “Inquired Faust with a raised eyebrow.

            “I take it that you don’t like the full direct approach called the Radlock surprise,” said Radlock with evil laughter.

            “Well sir, I was thinking more of a non direct approach by offering him a chance to surrender and if not, we’ll take him by force.” said the Colonel as he reasoned with the General.

            “That approach doesn’t work with Lysis. As far as I know, he is alone in the Sapphire Nebula. That is pretty much an open spot to find a Gamilon fugitive,” said Radlock as he spoke with a rather stern baritone voice.

            Colonel Faust thought for a minute as he wondered what else could be done to capture Lysis. An idea popped in his head after few moments of deep thought.

            “General, may I suggest that we offer him some form of help and welcome him aboard. This would work only if we act as though we were patrolling through the system. The real element of surprise would come when we would have our security team shock him and throw him in the brig for the return trip home,” said Faust as he leaned back in his seat.

            “Colonel, that sounds like a good plan. However, there’s great risk if we place both men in the brig together. I’ll take Lysis and you and have Volgarr for the return trip home,” said Radlock.

            “General, with your approval let’s put this plan into action. I’m sure Desslok already has pre-approved any plan to capture Lysis.,” said Faust.

            “Let’s warp at 1600 hours and begin Operation Lysis. Good Luck, Colonel and we’ll see you on Gamilon. Radlock Out!” said the General as the view screen went off.

            Meanwhile, the Sapphire Nebula sparkled with stars that shined brightly as sapphire stones. General Lysis sat in his command chair and looked out at the expanse view of the nebula. He escaped the death sentence that Desslok gave him by suprise while he was parked in orbit around his home planet. All of his honor and distinguished accomplishments were dissolved into nothing in the waters of the acid sea. Little did he know that Desslok had a certain surprise for him in store.  The repair chief walked up to Lysis and saluted him.

            “General Lysis, All repairs have been completed,” said the chief in Galmanian.

            ‘Very well, you are relieved of duty for now. Enjoy some time off,” said Lysis with a rarely seen smile.

            “Thank you, sir!” said the Chief as he saluted and walked from Lysis’ presence.

            Lysis arose from his command chair and walked to the bridge window.  His thoughts led him back to the Rainbow Star Cluster where he was defeated. He wondered if he could figure out a way to get a second shot at defeating the Star Force once at for all. He was rather rudely interrupted as Volgar walked up to him and saluted him.

            “General Lysis. we have detected a warp signature about 30,000 mega meters from our present position,” said Volgar.

            “Warp signature? What are the coordinates?” Lysis asked as he turned toward him sharply.

            “The signature was detected in the area of RPG 492-22.” said the Colonel with alcoholic scent on his breath.

            “Have you been drinking again, Colonel?” asked Lysis as he folded his arms.

            “I’ve had a few drinks, sire,” replied Volgarr.

            “If you continue to lead as my executive officer, you need to be drunk when you’re off duty. Is that clear?” said Lysis as he folded his arms.

            “Yes, sire.”

            “Now what about this warp signature are you talking about?” inquired Lysis.

            “Sir, we don’t have the signature identified right yet. Our technicians are working on it,” said Volgar as he stepped to Lysis left side.

            “Well, then I shall assume that the Star Force had come to rescue us then. It’s nice to see that Captain Avatar must’ve had a change of heart,” said Lysis with utter disgust.

            Then all of a sudden, guns and lasers were going off all around the saucer. The attack seemed to come out of nowhere. Volgar fell to the ground and hit his head against the communications console. Lysis’ men brought up the automatic laser cannons that were hidden on the saucer’s port and starboard sides.

            ‘What the hell is going on? Turn the SMITE Projectors and warp us out of the forsaken place!” shouted Lysis as the saucer took three hits.

            The video screen suddenly showed the image of General Hirsch. Unknown to General Radlock, General Hirsch’s Third battle group had just arrived and attacked General Lysis with sudden sheer surprised.

            “Lysis, I thought you would have put up a better resistance than that. Ha ha ha ha ha,” said General Hirsch with an evil laugh.

            “Damn you, Hirsch! I had no idea that it was your warp signature that we had detected a few moments ago. I’m sorry to see that Desslok has sent one of Gamilon’s clumsiest generals I have ever known,” Lysis sneered as he balled both of his fists.

            “Lysis, As Leader Desslok has said many times over, it is people like you who have kept us from getting victory over the Star Force. I see that your executive officer must have had one too many drinks has he? I pity you for such a lousy command choice,” said Hirch as he twitched his mustache back and forth.

            “Hirsch, you are sick. You have never fought one battle at against the Star Force. If you want to take me as your prize possession, give me your best shot!” shouted Lysis as Volgar woke from being momentarily unconscious.

            Without a dire warning, the guns went off again as a fierce battle erupted. The unseen enemies had seemed to fire from out of nowhere. The guns were not directed at Lysis ship but towards Hirsch’s fleet.
            “All ships return fire at the origin of the attack!,” shouted Hirsch as watched Lysis’ ship float helplessly in the midst of the battle.

            General Radlock’s fleet of carriers and destroyers along with Colonel Faust’s Destroyer task force warped in from out of nowhere. Radlock’s command ship,  the Sidious endured no damage as it fired continuously on Hirsch’s fleet. Several of Hirsch’s destroyers were blown to smithereens as Radlock’s dive bombers dropped their bombs on the destroyers’ decks.

            “Incoming message, General Hirsch!” said the communications officer aboard Hirsch’s ship.

            The video screen lit up with General Radlock’s face on the view screen. Radlock was not pleased with Hirsch being assigned to find Lysis.

            “So…It’s you, Radlock!” Hirsch sneered as his eyes became narrow with anger.

            “Yes, Leader Desslok informed me that I can assist Lysis. You have had to much fun stargazing in the outer reaches of this nebula,’ said Radlock through clenched teeth.

            “You will stand down Colonel Radlock! I have more command authority than you,” said Hirsch as he pumped his fist in the air.

            “No… General,It is you who will stand down. You have shown no respect for a senior officer. Leader Desslok promoted me to General just before I left Gamilon on a mission to assist Lysis against the Star Force,” Radlock said as he misinformed the unsuspecting general.

            “I will not stand down, Radlock. Desslok specifically assigned me to capture Lysis and Volgar. They must stand trial on Gamilon for their lack of victory,” said Hirsch as beads of sweat ran down his face.

            “I am sorry you feel that way General. As per secondary protocol, I must put you and your fleet out of your sheer misery, then,” Radlock said as he motioned to a deckhand in code.

            “Radlock…listen, you are making a grave mistake. You’re becoming a folly in your own right, General. Please let me finish the job!” said Hirsch rather nervously as the transmission was suddenly cut.

            Lysis and Volgar could only watch the surprising confrontation with fear. They exchanged looks of concern as they noticed something started protruding from the bow of the Sidious. They had seen a similar weapon before when it was being developed for use on Pluto. The green, cone- shaped tip of the reflex gun emerged slightly from the bow.

            “Great gods of Gamilon, Who would find such a use for the reflex gun on a ship?” said Volgar with a surprised countenance.

            On the Sidious, Radlock prepared to give the order for the final countdown. Hirsch did not realize what was going on and had ordered his planes to return to their respective carriers. Hirsch’s task force trained their guns on Radlock’s fleet for a final stand.

            “General Radlock, energy level is now one-hundred and twenty percent. You may proceed in firing,” said the weapons officer as he saluted Radlock.

            “Very well... begin the countdown!’ exclaimed Radlock.

            General Hirsch’s fleet began firing wild shots at Radlock’s combined fleet. Several shots hit Lysis’ already disabled command ship and took out both SMITE projectors.

            “Ten…Nine…Eight…Seven…Six…Five…Four…Three…Two…One…Fire!” shouted Radlock as he pressed the red oval control button that fired the bow reflex gun.

            A bright intense stream of pure white energy left the gun towards Hirsch’s fleet.  The energy beam took out Hirsch’s flagship. The huge, enormous fireball spread over the defeated General’s entire feet. The carriers burst into ungodly flames as the Gamilon fighters and bombers exploded on their decks.  After what seemed to be hours of explosions, General Hirsch’s task force was no more.

            “Thank you, General Radlock for saving my life in this instance.” said Lysis as he wiped the sweat from his bow.

            “You’re welcome General. For your security, it is best that you and Colonel Volgar be stowed aboard separate ships.,” said Radlock with a slight smile.

            “Thank you for your kindness, Radlock. I agree with you concerning the security and safety of myself and my executive officer,’ said Lysis as he folded his arms.

            “Desslok would love to have mine and Volgar’s head on a platter. Since you have saved the lives of myself and my crew, How could I ever repay you?,” said Lysis as he looked at Volgar.

            “General Lysis, your security is my concern. I will be happy to transport you to our outer rim planet, Galax for refuge until this crisis is over.” said Radlock.

            “Agreed…I will have Volgar to stow himself aboard Colonel Faust’s Destroyer. They know each other well since before the war against the Star Force.,’ said Lysis as he looked at Volgar.

            This is getting to easy! I can’t believe that those idiots have fallen for the bait!” thought Radlock as he smiled.

            “Very well, General Lysis. I will see you when you come aboard. Colonel Faust will welcome Volgar aboard his ship, Radlock out!” said Radlock as the transmission ended.

            Two small shuttles departed the Sidious to transfer Lysis and Volgar to their respective ships.  Volgarr and Lysis bade each other farewell as they boarded the small Gamilon shuttles.  Before Lysis boarded his shuttle, he set the countdown clock on the saucer’s self-destruct mechanism.  It would be the last time the general saw what was his home for the last fifteen years.  As the shuttles arrived at their destinations, General Radlock ordered the fleet to move from the area. An enormous fireball engulfed the saucer as the self-destruct mechanism destroyed Lysis’ disabled command ship. Lysis and Volgarr watched the saucer disintegrate into nothingness.

Unknown to the fugitives, Radlock’s plan was easily falling into place. Can Leech and Radlock safely transport the fugitives to Gamilon? Will Radlock suddenly change his heart and provide refuge to Lysis on Galax? Will Lysis perform another daring escape from the hands of captivity? Earth has only 194 days left before all life becomes extinct.



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