Star Blazers: “A Time of Serenity”


By: Jamie A. Tucker

(With editing assistance graciously provided by Frederick P. Kopetz)


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** Warning: This Chapter is rated PG-17. Parental Guidance strongly suggested as this chapter contains some rather mature adult language. Consider yourself forewarned!—Jamie and Freddo



Chapter 9: Gamilon’s Strategy


I. Strategy Time….

Time: March 2200

Place: General Kroltz’s Headquarters on Planet Malta


Unknown to the Star Force, Gamilons were planning their own strategy with Desslok’s approval. The Planet Malta was a vast planet resembling Pegasus being located in the 4th orbital plane of the Pegasus System. The planet’s views of huge oceans, green landscapes and high treacherous mountain formations and canyons made it appear as a twin planet of Pegasus. In the Antarctic regions of its south pole was a harsh extreme environment. Cold temperatures that literally froze water in a second greeted any visitors of this no-man’s land. General Viz Kroltz, who is Desslok’s 4th fleet commander, was ordered to take Malta some 100 years before the planet Bombings of Earth. The fact that Gamilons age much slower than Terrans gave Kroltz the appearance of being approximately 35 years old.


“I see that the Star Force has arrived at Pegasus, Commander Luthar,” said Kroltz to his adjunct commander.


Commander Luthar has been a veteran of Gamilon’s forces for over 75 terran years. Having served under Kroltz for a number of years honorably put him in line to become a Gamilon captain. Luthar’s stature was quite impressive being six feet five inches tall. Also, the fact that he was a Gamaru grandmaster made the Commander quite intimidating. 


“Yes sir, The Star Force landed there several days ago. We had assumed that General Lysis had defeated them at the Rainbow Star Cluster. However, intelligence has shown that they had somehow reversed the drill missile right into the heart of Commodore Hiedlien’s ship,” said Luthar as he folded his arms and sat across the experienced Gamilon general.


“Of course, then Lysis’ entire fleet was decimated due to his ships continuously ramming themselves into oblivion while trying to avoid a single drill missile,” scoffed Kroltz.


The general sighed as he looked over the reports that he had received from his field commanders. Being Desslok’s fourth cousin and ninth in line to the throne, Kroltz was one of Desslok’s fierce supporters and an excellent strategist. Having risen through the ranks as a prominent officer earlier in the war against Earth, Kroltz had attained the rank of General by plotting the Pluto Strategy and implementing it before Ganz assumed command of the base.


“General…what is our move against the Star Force? They are a very determined enemy. They’ve defeated Gamilon’s most brilliant military mind and eliminated him,” said Luthar as he leaned towards the General.


“Luthar, you should read the report again. Lysis was not eliminated by the Star Force. Lysis fled from the battle after contemplating suicide but Captain Avatar succeeded in talking him out of it. Here…look at this report that was handed to me several days ago,” said Kroltz as he handed his adjunct the report entitled, “Lysis captured.”


“Uh…So Lysis has committed treason against Gamilon…right?” inquired a surprised Luthar.


“Yes, Desslok put out a death warrant on Lysis for his own sound defeat at the Rainbow Star Cluster. General Radlock was ordered by Desslok to apprehend him in a rather “friendly” fashion,” said Kroltz with a slight frown.


“I take it then that Lysis and Volgar both are in the brig on Radlock’s command ship. Radlock and Lysis both look like twin brothers,” said Luthar.


Kroltz arose from his desk and looked out at the cold, frigid landscape behind him through the window. He sighed as he contemplated the thought of blood brotherhood between Lysis and Radlock.


“Commander, if you knew some Gamilon genealogy, you would find that the two men are in fact related. They are first cousins. Lysis’ mother Terusa had a twin sister named Poshtar. In an odd twist of fate, their mothers were married to twin husbands,” said Kroltz as he stared out the window at the clear ice-covered landscape.


“Does Desslok have a twin, too?” asked Luthar with a slight chuckle.


“Commander…there’s no time for tasteless jokes. If Leader Desslok had heard your question, you would’ve gotten on his bad side. Believe me, I’ve seen it in person,” Kroltz replied as he closed his eyes.


Luthar had heard about Desslok’s bad side. Having never met the Gamilon leader in person, he remembered the stories he had heard from friends who had witnessed Desslok shoot officers dead when they failed to meet their objectives or who were dropped through a secret trap door when their jokes failed to amuse the otherwise dead-serious leader who was revered by some to be a god. The two men stood in silence until the video screen produced the image of Desslok himself.


“Leader Desslok!” exclaimed Kroltz as him and Luthar saluted the blonde haired Gamilon Leader.


“Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to greet you. I trust that you know the news about the Star Force by now. They are playing in your own backyard on Pegasus. I’m sure you both are planning on having fun with them. Have you developed a plan of attack?” asked the Gamilon leader with a smile.


“Leader Desslok, Commander Luthar and I were discussing the latest news as the reports came across my command desk. We have not formulated a specific battle plan but I do have a number of ideas in mind, sire,” said Kroltz as he acknowledged Desslok.


“I’m sure you wanted to wait on my orders, is that correct, General?” inquired Desslok as his eyes slightly narrowed.


“Yes sir. I will carry out any orders you give me. What do you have in mind?” asked Kroltz with a hint of nervousness.


“Well, general…I had expected you to have something ready for my immediate approval. Once again, I find my brightest minds just toying with the Star Force. If you’d like to toy with the enemy, you should’ve went to once of those uncivilized toy stores on Earth. You would have enjoyed a toy boat, I’ll warrant,” said Desslok rather peevishly.


“Oh, SHIT, YOU”VE FUCKED UP GENERAL!” thought Luthar as his faced formed a horrific expression as he witnessed the Gamilon Leader’s slight disappointment.


“Perhaps your second in command would like to offer me a plan that I can approve? Commander Luthar, what are your thoughts on going after the Star Force?” inquired Desslok as he sipped some wine from his goblet.


“Leader Desslok, I was thinking that we can launch an ultra menace missile at the Star Force and obliterate them!” exclaimed Luthar in excitement.


“Ha Ha ha ha ha ha! You amuse me! We’ve tried such a plan and you must’ve been trained with those pathetic, comical, dead animals known as Ganz and Bane,” said Desslok in a serious tone. “Animals who were traitors to me at the end. I wouldn’t want you to end up like them…dead.”


“Leader Desslok…do you think the Star Force might suspect that we have a base here on Malta?” asked Kroltz.


“Kroltz, I highly doubt if the Star Force would even recognized you when they landed on Pegasus. Right now they are repairing their ship after Lysis gave them the gift of profound damage to their wave motion gun. Kroltz, I’m ordering you to prepare your task force. I want you to force the Star Force into a fight that will force them to warp to Gamilon,” said Desslok.


“Sir, you know my flag ship has been fitted with far more powerful SMITE technology than Lysis had. It’s a great plan to SMITE the Star Force in the middle of a battle and a couple of minutes later, they are right in your grip in orbit around Gamilon. When shall we attack?” asked Kroltz.


Desslok thought for a few minutes about how to best surprise the Star Force and give them a fight for their lives. Krypt stood by Desslok’s side and whispered something in his ear.


“Kroltz, Give your men exactly twenty-four to thirty-six hours to prepare. The Star Force has to make two warps just to get to the Magellanic Clouds. You’d be doing them a favor by warping them straight to Gamilon in one SMITE,” said Desslok as his trademark evil laugh was heard.


“Yes sir. This plan will be carried out as you wish, sire!” said Kroltz as he saluted as Desslok was replaced by a skull and crossbones on the screen.


“Simple plan uh?” said Luthar sarcastically as beads of sweat ran down the sides of his temple.


“Luthar, the Star Force will fight us to the last breath. Begin assembling the Task Force and send out a recon plane to Pegasus to spy on the Star Force. The Battle will be commenced in the next two days!” exclaimed Kroltz.


Commander Luthar saluted as General Kroltz gave the orders to prepare for battle. Commander Luthar send out orders for the field commanders to return to base for a meeting with General Kroltz. Having only just two days to prepare exhibited the urgency of this mission straight from the Generalissimo himself.


Out on runway five, a Gamilon pilot named Krisstok and his radar intercept officer, Galak had just finished up a systems check of their fighter/recon space craft. Little did they know that something was up as they noticed the hustle and bustle of personnel rushing to towards the southwest hangar where Kroltz’s most trusted squadron of fighters were based.


“Hey, Galak, wonder why everyone’s headed towards hangar twenty-nine?” asked the 5 foot, nine inch tall radar officer.


“Heck if I know, It could be a signal that the accursed Star Force is out there close by,” replied Krisstok as he stowed his gear bag aboard the space craft.


“Last I heard, the Star Force got front ended by a drill missile on General Lysis’ orders. That’s all I can say.”


Galak scratched his head for a moment and his mind was brought back to his lunch break. His eyes lit up for a moment as a light bulb went off in his mind.


“Krisstok, I just remembered something that I heard over scuttlebutt while I was in the mess a couple of hours ago,” he said.


“What did you hear over scuttlebutt? I usually wouldn’t believe it unless it was confirmed,” said Krisstok.


“Well for starters, Lysis survived the battle at the Rainbow Star Cluster,” explained Galak.


“Bullshit!” said Krisstok in disbelief.


“No, I’m not giving you any terran lard! Lysis did survive and Desslok’s got a death warrant on him. It’s making rounds in scuttlebutt that General Radlock and his adjunct, Colonel Faust has him and Volgar in custody aboard separate ships.”


“My Leader Desslok!” exclaimed Galak as he took the Gamilon leader’s name in vain. Had Desslok heard the exclamation, Galak would’ve been dropped through the floor for such disrespect since some regarded Desslok as a god.


“What else did you supposedly hear through loose tongues in the mess?” asked Krisstok with a chuckle.


“The Star Force arrived on Pegasus a couple of days ago. They are repairing the Argo from the wounds made by Lysis,” said Galak.


Krisstok really didn’t know what to think. All he could do was laugh in disbelief as if he had heard the most outrageous, hilarious joke in a while.


“Ok now Galak, you’re stretching it a bit. The Star Force is somewhere limping towards Iscandar,” said Krisstok as another Gamilon officer came up to the two.


“Sirs, I have orders from General Kroltz. These orders are to be carried out immediately and without delay,” said flight officer Hitz as he saluted them and produced an envelope containing special orders for their flight.


Krisstok and Galak didn’t know what to think at this point. All they knew was that what was said in scuttlebutt was true. Such a truth contained in their orders showed the urgency of the matter at hand.


“Hitz, thank you for the notice; send word back to General Kroltz that we’ll be airborne within the hour, “said Krisstok as the two exchanged salutes.


“Galak, this is a mission from which we may not even return. We’re ordered to obtain any intelligence from our reconnaissance flight over Pegasus. We’ve got no time to lose,” said the pilot in a concerned voice.


“Sir, the orders also say, do not fire unless fired upon. Where’s the attack element in our orders?” said Galak as he scratched his head.


“There aren’t any attack orders, son. Our mission is to gather information about the Star Force’s movements. I’m sure they may fire a few rounds at us. I’ll deal with that when the time comes. Get your gear on and hop aboard,” ordered Krisstok.


General Kroltz was at his desk reading over the reports of the preparations for the battle that was before them. Flight Officer Hitz received his clearance to have an audience with the well known General.


“Flight Officer Hitz reporting, sir!” said Hitz as he saluted the General sharply.


“Nice salute, son. What is your report?” said the General with a slight smile.


“Sir, Lieutenant Krisstok and his RIO are preparing to take off as we speak. He received the orders sir,” Hitz said as he stood at attention.


“Very well, I know that I have chosen the best men for this reconnaissance mission. Krisstok is one of Gamilon’s best recon pilots. Hitz, thank you for your report, you may return to your duties at the Flight Control Center, “ said the General.


“Thank you, sir!” said Hitz and saluted.


It’s only going to be a matter of time before the Star Force gets the surprise of their entire mission. General Kroltz is determined to be victorious in forcing the Star Force into a serious trap once they warp into the Great Magellan Clouds. It’s only a matter of time that will determine the result of Kroltz’s laborers.



II. Ulysses…Hooboy!

Place: Earth, Underground City Federal Hospital

Date: March 18, 2200


On Earth, the planet had been transformed to a horrid wasteland of radioactivity caused by Gamilon’s planet bombs. The sounds of living in the underground city had become quieter since the Earth government had implemented 10 p.m. curfews. Such curfews restricted everyone to their confined homes in the underground city for their own safety as a few riots had broken out in the past as people began to worry about their survival.


At the Clinic, Dr. Nelson Gramme had been appointed to replace Dr. Sakezo Sane as chief of staff. He was assisted by EDF Space Marine Corps Nurse, Carrie E. Braun.  Ms. Braun had a rich family history of military experience. Her great great great great grandfather, served proudly with the United States Air Force during the Second World War and the Korean Wars as a Technical Sergeant. Carrie had always considered her great ancestor for his tireless service and devotion to the great nation in which she was born and raised prior to Gamilon’s atrocities against Earth.


“Ms. Braun let’s have 0-2 Vicryl sutures please,” said Dr. Gramme as he had just completed his thousandth Cochlear regeneration procedure on a deafened space marine.


Carrie handed the sutures to the famed ear surgeon as she took back a couple of instruments from his hand to be placed on the counting tray.


“Dr. Gramme, this space marine will be headed back to duty in no time,” she said as she watched the final suture.


“This isn’t bad as an actual cochlear implant procedure my ancestor pioneered back in the twentieth century. Back then, implanted people heard electrically rather than acoustically. As you saw, the operative approach is just the same as a CI procedure but we don’t drill into the cochlear round window. Placing a small needle through the cochlea to deliver the regenerative solution is the only exception. Of course, there’s nothing implanted,” said Dr. Gramme with a smile.


“I’m sure those who had CIs back in those days would prefer this over having a series of electrodes placed so close to their auditory nerves. However, technology has come a long way in a very long time,” she said with a smile.


“Hmm hmm. It’s time to reverse anesthesia on the patient. Ms. Braun, remove the Foley catheter and get the patient prepped for the recovery room,” said the gray haired Doctor as he rose up from his stool and moved the operating room lamps into a stored position.


After Carrie removed the Foley Catheter from the patient, she placed a warm blanket over the still sleeping space marine. She placed a head bandage with an ear cup bandage over the operated ear of the space marine and wheeled him to the recovery room.  She checked the space marine’s vitals for any sign of complication and noted them in her nurse’s notes.


A blue robot with features almost identical to IQ-9 wheeled up to the red headed nurse.


“Ms. Braun, I am assigned to you and Dr. Gramme,” said the robot in its synthesized voice.


“Hello, Ulysses. I understand you’re a genius robot like IQ-9,” replied Carrie.


“I’m an IQ robot of the 8.5 series. IQ-9 of course is my older brother, so to speak…” replied Ulysses.


“That’s nice that you consider IQ-9 to be your brother. I assume that Dr. Shukandikar developed you, am I right?” said Carrie with a smile.


“Yes, ma’am, that dumb son of a bitch developed me and designed my ass!” said Ulysses.


“My goodness, what a sound box you have!” said Carrie as she was taken aback a bit by this eccentric robot.


In the Physician’s scrub room, Dr. Gramme heard the loud words of conversation. He winced with look of extreme pain.

Sakezo Sane, why didn’t you take that damned Ulysses monster with you to Iscandar? You’re going to give me a myocardial infarction in a minute!” though Dr. Gramme as he scrubbed down his arms and hands.


“Ulysses, could you get the instrument cart and take it up to Central Sterile Supply? I’ll have another job for you when you return,” said Carrie as she dropped a red ball point pen on the floor.


Carrie bent over to retrieve the pen, not terrobly self-conscious about doing so in her short operating room tunic and clogs. She was not prepared for the words that she would hear as a couple of patients began to feel the effects of anesthesia wear off.


“Whoa…Ass alert, baby! Ms. Braun…your ass is gorgeous! That nice, shapely round ass of yours is beautiful! Fucking beautiful, that is!” exclaimed the robot.


Carrie spun an about face and glared at the robot as she stood up and made sure her mini was pulled down. At that moment, she wanted to kill the EDF designer who had made these short nurses’ dresses. Her eyes became like a flame of fire as anger coursed  through her veins like a strong drink.

”Ok, Ulysses… you had better be damn freakin’ glad that I’m not Nova Forrester! Had your cold metallic hands grabbed by backside as those x-rated words flowed out of that foul sound box of yours, I would give you a full new meaning to the words DEACTIVATED!” exclaimed Carrie as she woke up other patients.


“Damn…Dr. Sane and Nova should see this shit! This robot thinks he’s something!” exclaimed one marine.


“It’s not IQ-9…that’s for sure!’ exclaimed another patient.


“Ulysses…please for the sake of my patients’ recovery and my sanity, please get those instrument trays up to CSS. NOW!” said Carrie as she shook her head in disbelief.


“Carrie, by the way I think I may be falling in love with you.” said Ulysess as he pushed the metal cart towards the elevator. “When can we go to a love hotel and share a hot tub?”


“I’m not worried about that at all, tin can! As a matter of fact, I would just kiss a Star Force member when they get back, before I’d kiss your blue butt!” said Carrie with slight disgust.


Carrie finished up her shift as she made her last rounds to check up on her patient. Twelve hours in one shift plus robot capable of committing the worse of harassment made her day feel like being in the middle of a planet bomb blast. She made it up to her apartment in the hospital staff living quarters located behind the clinic. She turned on the light and breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she was finally home for the evening. She wondered how she will be able to deal with patients knowing that Ulysses was going to be her constant thorn in her side. She wished that Nova was on Earth to help her cope with robots whose circuits have gone too far.


On Malta, General Kroltz prepares for his tough mission against the Star Force. Can the Star Force be prepared for the surprise that awaits them? Hurry Star Force, Earth now only has 193 days left before all life becomes extinct for eternity!


To be Continued….


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