Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity


By: Jamie A. Tucker

(with editing assistance graciously provided by Fredrick P. Kopetz)


Disclaimer Statement: Please note that Space Battleship Yamato and Star Blazers are registered trademarks of Voyager Entertainment. Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato is copyright©  2008 by Voyager Entertainment, Lejji Matsumoto and Yoshinobu Nishizaki. Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity is copyright 2008 by Jamie A. Tucker and is a fan-fiction written as a personal hobby project and is not intended to infringe upon the copyright holders of Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato.

*Author’s note: Paul Rosstowski is an original character created by Frederick P. Kopetz. A special thanks for Freddo to allow his character to appear in this tale. Paul Rosstowski is © 2008 by Fredrick P. Kopetz and used with permission.


Chapter 8

More of the Boxer Shorts Strategy…

Time: March 2200

Place: Main Deck of Space Battleship Argo


“Attention All Hands! This is Deputy Captain Wildstar! Sakamoto and IQ-9, please report to the main deck immediately for the boxer shorts run,” said Wildstar over the ship’s PA system as he stood over the Combat Control Station.


While the 1st bridge crew members finished up their morning notes, Venture noticed that Nova had completed the new warp calculations much sooner than he had expected. It usually took at least several hours to complete the calculations without the use of the ship’s central computer system.

“Wow, you’re done early. How’d you get done so quickly?” asked Venture with a slight smile.


Nova chucked at Venture’s statement and gave him the time and coordinates for the first warp that would bring them closer to Iscandar.


“Hmm. Not bad at all. I’ve heard about all those great Math Honors you received at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Why didn’t you pursue a math education degree instead of Nursing and Social Sciences?” asked Venture with a smile.


Nova walked over to Sandor’s empty seat and sat down. She pondered the question for a few minutes before she gave her answer. “Well…for starters, I’ve always felt like it was my true calling to help people in some way or another. I take a lot from both of my parents. Its great having those honors for all those math and physics courses I took. Once I got into nursing and social sciences after my sophomore year, my mind was made up and I knew what I exactly wanted,” said Nova with a smile that definitely caught Wildstar’s attention.


“Wow, that smile…I think I’m really, really, really starting to fall for Nova after all this time,” thought Derek as he smiled back at the beautiful, blonde living group leader.


I see…I remembered when Derek and I saw you at the clinic that day back on Earth we absolutely had no idea that you were going to be aboard. It’s a good thing that Wildstar asked Dr. Sane about you,” said Venture with a chuckle.


“All right now…knock it off!” said Derek with a wink at Nova.


The First Bridge port side hatchway opened as IQ-9 and Sakomoto reported for their morning deck run in their boxer shorts. IQ-9 was clad in Eager’s large grey and black boxer shorts, while Sakamoto wore his own regular-issue shorts.


Venture handed the warp calculations back to Nova as he rose up from the navigation station. As Nova received the note pad from Venture, she accidentally dropped her red pen on the floor. Nova rose up from her chair to stoop up the pen. IQ-9’s sensors went nuts as he saw Nova’s rather shapely gluteus maximus.


“Oh Shit! Here he comes. The tinwit!” exclaimed Sakamoto!


Just before Nova stood up right, she felt the cold metallic hands of the red robot grab her backside and squeeze it as if IQ was making orange juice.


“Ahhhhh! That damned tinwit did it again! My God, someone tell him to back off!” exclaimed Nova with more than a hint of anger.


Laughter erupted on the bridge. Everyone knew that the robot had been committing similar comical but naughty acts against Nova and occassionally other females, for the past few weeks. One could only wonder how reasonable scientist could possibly build and program what was called a “genius” robot.

“IQ-9…I’m going to add an extra lap around the deck for the infraction you had just committed,” said Derek as he crossed his arms and looked at the red robot.


“Sorry, Nova…I can’t help it. I’m in love with you! Wildstar…sir, I am a genius robot. An extra lap doesn’t make me tired or exhausted,” said IQ-9 as he turned towards Derek.


“IQ’s a genius alright but now he’s starting to be a bit of a wise-assed robot,” whispered Venture to Orion.


“Wildstar, I can definitely use IQ-9 in making the final repairs on the Wave Motion Engine. I need those extending hands to get the emergency power cable hooked up to the number three condenser,” said Orion as he said in his station chair on the bridge as Venture stood next to him.


Wildstar nodded in agreement with Orion. He handed him a short note which said, “ I’ll send IQ down right after the run.”


Dash arrived on the bridge from the galley. He had volunteered to bring up some fresh coffee from the galley for the bridge crew.


“Dash, are our main gun repairs finalized?” inquired Wildstar.


“Jake and Rosstowski’s crews are repairing the number three turret track. The middle cannon had to be repaired as well,” replied Dash as he adjusted his glasses.

“What was wrong with the cannon?” asked Wildstar as he made note of Dash’s report.


“Jake said that it did not pass the angle elevation tests. He said that it could only elevate to ten degrees,” replied Dash with concern.


“Dash…I would have Rosstowski disable that middle cannon mount on gun turret number three. It’s possible that it could be jammed with debris from that battle we fault at the Rainbow Star Cluster,” said Sandor thoughtfully.


“Dash, I concur with Sandor. Tell Rosstowski that the middle gun on turret three is not to be used unless absolutely necessary. We may have to take the cover off the turret to repair that elevation track,” Wildstar as he wrote the gunnery notes in his log.


A few minutes later the entire crew with the exception of the bridge crew began to gather on the main weather deck for the morning boxer shorts run. The skies were bright and sunny with a few white puffy clouds to complete the picture of a perfect morning.


“Ok, everyone,” said Wildstar. “Our plan for the next several hours is to make sure that Sakamoto and IQ-9 have completed their deck runs. Secondly, all repair work must be completed and reported to Sandor or myself. Later this after noon, Delta Exploration Team will have a look around Pegasus and those Iscandarian ships. For the most part, everyone can be at ease except for tactical radar being rotated out between Nova and Eager. Is there any questions?” said Wildstar as the bridge crew stood around him in a circle.


“Wildstar, what about the Black Tigers?” asked Conroy.


“Conroy, after Sakamoto has ran his laps, he should report to flight deck immediately in full gear. Hardy and Sakamoto are to be ready for any recon flights being on alert five status. After the run, report to operations on the second bridge to operate the drone,” replied Wildstar as he took a sip of morning coffee.


“Yes sir. I’ll have both ready to go on a moment’s notice. I’ll go ahead and report to the second bridge for pre-flight checklist,” said Conroy.


“Wildstar, I see everyone assembling on the main deck,” said Venture as he looked out the window down at the main deck.


“Let’s go down there and get the show going. Nova, you and Eager will rotate tactical radar every 4 hours beginning immediately after the run. Since you’re on Delta Exploration Team, you’ll be relieved of assignment at Tactical at twelve hundred hours,” said Wildstar.


Everyone filed on to the elevator and rode to the 01 level of the main deck. As the elevator doors opened, Wildstar was the first to step out being followed by the others. Wildstar made his way to the number 1 turrent and climbed to the top of the turrent.


“Attention all hands!” shouted Wildstar as everyone looked towards the top of the turret.


“IQ-9 and Sakamoto are our morning deck runners. IQ-9 and Sakamoto are running due to being a little sleepy headed and being the last ones up this morning at wake up call,” said Wildstar through a bull horn.


“Awwww…,” said the sympathetic crew.


“These two well known crew members are going to run no more than two laps in their boxer shorts. After they complete their two laps, all hands must report to their stations. You must be on your guard at all times because the Gamilons still lurk out there. The good news is that we are now two space warps from the Great Magellanic Cloud. There are battles that still need to be fought and we will prevail. Sakamoto and IQ-9, are you ready?” said Wildstar amid the loud cheers.


Wildstar took his Astro-Automatic and raised it in the air. All hands became quiet as they anticipated the start. Sakamoto got in a sprint runner’s position for the start.


“On your mark…Get set…,”said Wildstar loudly.


Wildstar fired his Astro-Automatic and the two were off. IQ-9 wheeled his way past Sakamoto as the crowd cheered them on. Sakamoto ran hard as he could to catch up with the genius robot. As they took the first turn towards the fantail, IQ-9 tripped over petty officer Gusa’s foot. Sakamoto raced on past IQ-9 as the red robot stood back up. As Sakomoto made the turn as he reached the front deck, IQ-9 fired his small jets and flew over the bewildered black tiger pilot.


“Shit…the damned robot cheated!” fumed Sakamoto as he raced on pass the bridge crew members as they laughed and cheered both on.


IQ-9 dashed his way passed Sakamoto and landed on the deck amidships. IQ-9 had put a clear distance of thirty feet between it and Sakamoto during the course of the first lap. As Sakamoto caught up to IQ-9, he figured that the only way to win this thing was to divert IQ-9’s visual sensors towards Nova.


“Hey IQ -9, look up there on top of the turret! Nova’s got it going for ya, genius!” shouted Sakamoto with a cheshire grin.


IQ-9’s arms extended towards Nova’s shapely backside. Nova again felt the embarrassing feeling of cold metallic hands feeling her shapely backside.


“TIN-WIT!!!!!!!” Nova screamed in agony as the red robot came up behind her as she stood next to Wildstar on the number one turret.


“IQ-9…YOU CHEATED! You are disqualified immediately!” said a cross, hot deputy Captain Wildstar. “IQ-9! Your ass just got beat! Get those Goddamned hands of yours off of Nova right now!”


Sandor, Eager, Venture, Orion, and Dash gave Wildstar a horrified look. They had never heard such language being uttered by Wildstar. Their minds immediately recalled days where they all dropped a few choice words during heated circumstances but never had they heard Wildstar cuss like a true sailor out in the open.

While IQ was enamored with Nova’s backside, Sakamoto raced pass where IQ had moved toward Nova and finished the final lap to the noise of many cheers and much laughter.


“Derek…I’M PISSED! Tin-wit cheated and then lost by grabbing me. What the heck is wrong with him?” said Nova quite sternly even though tears were gathering at the corners of her eyes.


‘I love you, Nova! Will you please marry me?” said IQ-9 as Sandor raised his eyebrows.


“My Lord! I can’t see Nova marrying Tin-Wit but I can see her marrying either Wildstar or Venture,” said Orion with a laugh.


“The answer’s NO! It won’t happen, IQ! And I suggest you go to the shop for another tuneup! Derek… may I have permission to return to the bridge for duty? Please?” said Nova as she rubbed her poor sore gluteus maximus.


Wildstar turned towards Nova and placed his right hand on her left shoulder.


“Permission granted. I’ll be up there in a little bit if you need me,” said Derek with a smile.


“I feel better already!” she said quietly to Wildstar.


Derek’s such a sweet gentleman. I hope we make a date soon,” she thought to herself as she climbed down the turrent on the way to the bridge.


IQ-9’s boxer shorts strategy turned out to be a real loser for IQ-9. Sakamoto and the Black Tigers reveled in his victory over the red robot. Unknown to the Star Force, the Gamilons were planning their own strategy with Desslok’s approval….


To be Continued….


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