This tale I retell

Is only for the brave of heart

So choose if you will listen

Before I make my start


It was at about this time of year

In the not so distant past

When a most horrific crime occurred

That makes brave hearts beat fast


What could have made him do it?

Iím afraid I cannot say

Did one more fight with General Stone

Cause him to snap that fateful day?


When did all this start?

Of the exact time ,Iím not quitesure

But council members who came to work that day

Would decide Earthís fate no more


He killed them one by one

As they walked through their office doors

The last words they ever heard

Was ďI canít take it anymore!Ē


The bodies are long gone

But their spirits still dwell near

Screams, moans, thumps and bumps

Are sounds EDF staff members claim too hear


How do you know what happened

Is the question Iím asked most

You see, I was sent to stop him

And now I am a ghost!


So at this creepy time of year

The tale retold the most

Is of a murdering mad fleet captain

And the Earth Defence Force Ghost!