Returning New Hope

Part 8

By Yuki Wildstar





5th of October, 2206



I understand sir, yes, I agree.” Wildstar said into the phone. “Very well I will address it. Yes, okay, goodbye sir.” He hung up his phone and stared out across his office. Pressing the intercom on his desk and spoke into it, “Harvey, Admiral Singleton has some orders for me, can you please go get it? And once you get back please make reservations for me and my wife at D’Onorfina’s please.”

“Aye, sir. Will be back in a few.” He heard his voice come through.

He leaned back and ran his hand down his face. He and Nova were finally moving forward in their marriage and now this. He waited until his aid returned and then looked over the orders that were handed down. He took in the information and then picked up the phone. The phone rang four times before her voice came on. “Hey baby, we need to talk.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing crazy I’ve made reservation at D’s can you get a sitter?”

“Hmm, sounds like something important. Okay what time?”

“1830, would you like me to pick you up?”

“No, I’ll meet you. I’ll call the hotel and make reservation no sense in driving back late. We can stay out there and I’ll bring you a fresh uniform.”

He smiled into the phone and thought how she was always thinking ahead. “Thank you baby you’re the best. I love you.”

“I love you too.” They hung up the phone and he went back to work.


She walked into the restaurant and looked over the sea of people standing to be seated. She walked up to the hostess and smiled. “Hi is the captain here?”

“Mrs. Wildstar, yes he has been waiting. He arrived 15 minutes ago. Please come this way.”

Nova followed to a quieter part of the restaurant and saw him stand up to greet her. “Hey baby, you look great.” She wore simple peach dress that ran high over her knees and plunged down the back. She wore her hair down with a simple gold necklace. He pulled the other chair out for her and she sat down. She looked up at him as he kissed her cheek. “How was your day? Kids Alright?”

“Their great, what’s going on? What happened at work today?” She asked directly.

He leaned forward and took hold of her hand. “I love you, you know that.” She nodded her head yes and he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out an envelope. “I think you need to read it for yourself.”

She pulled opened the envelope and began to read it. “They’re not serious, are they?”

“Yup, I was handed those today, looks like we need to get a sitter that can stay for a good six months.”

“Derek, I can’t leave my kids. They have to change these orders.” She said franticly.

“I tried already. But they are not hearing it. Your still part of EDF and they can pretty much do as they please with orders.” He huffed and said, “Look, it’s really isn’t that bad. We can work together again. This is a good thing. We,”

“Derek, I can’t leave our kids. Can’t you do anything to have them change them?”

“Nova, baby, the kids will be alright. It’s only a few months. Anyway I called your mother and father and they are more than willing to come to Great Island and take care of them. They’ll going to spoil them rotten.” Nova’s eyes filled with tears and he squeezed her hand. “They’ll be just fine.”

“How am I supposed to be their mother when I’m millions of miles away from them? I’m not going. They can court martial me. I’m not leaving my babies.”

Derek looked around the restaurant and tried to calm her down. “Nov, please don’t cry. It will all work out. You’ll see. Once you’re in space we’ll all be so busy you won’t have time to miss them.”

“But we were going to have another baby.”

“I know sweetheart, but we will have to wait until we get back.”

“And what happens if I am now?”

Derek lean forward and asked. “Are you pregnant?”

“NO! but what if I do get pregnant between now and the time we are going.”

“You know that if that happens’ you can’t go. But Nov, I don’t want to miss anything in your next pregnancy. I want to be there from day one. Please don’t deprive me that.” He pulled her hand closer to him and kissed it. “Can you please smile for me? Come on, let’s try to have a nice night out. PLEase?”

She took the napkin and wiped the tears from her face. “Okay, but I’m telling you now I am not happy about this.” Derek laughed at her and waved over to the waiter to order.




10th of December, 2206



Nova hugged her son tight as she tried to control her tears. “I’m going to miss you both so much. I promise I will try to call every day. Now please be good for Grandma and Grandpa and help out with DJ. I love you both so much.”

“Mom it’s alright we’ll be okay. Daddy said he will bring you home soon.” Alex smiled wide. “Mommy, please don’t cry.”

He is growing up so fast, she thought. She forced a smile and kissed his head. “I love you.”

Alex smiled at his mother and said. “I love you too mom.”

Derek placed his hand on her shoulder and said. “Nov, we have to go. We have to leave on time.”

She wiped her tears and said, “just one minute.” Turning to her mother she took DJ from her and held her youngest. “Please take care of them, mother.”

“They will be alright Nova. Don’t worry about them. Your father and I are going to spoil them.” She grinned. Nova let out a laugh and gave her mother a hug. “Go Nova, they’ll be fine.”

“Thank you, mother.”

“Nova baby, we have to go.” She nodded her head and they both walked in the direction of the Argo.




7th of March, 2207



“Commander Forrester,” Wildstar called out across the bridge. He knew she was having a bad time this mission. But she looked like she was getting into the swing of things by the third week. Her nightly calls home made it easy for her to work. But since their last call to their sons she was acting strange. He called to her again and she seemed a million miles away. “COMMANDER FORRESTER!” He yelled louder.

Nova looked up and jumped to attention. “Sir, sorry I didn’t hear you.”

Wildstar eyes narrowed and looked at her annoyed. “I think you need to get your head out your ass and do your job. Now I need the calculations before we warp. Or do you want us to just take a guess and wind up somewhere in the third dimension.”

Nova stared back at him with slit angry eyes. The stress between them was starting to escalate. She wanted to be with her sons and she hated him for not getting her out of this stupid mission. Her last conversation with her mother informed her that both boys were ill. Derek usually was there to keep her calm after talking with them but that time he was distracted with handing down punishment to one of his pilots. Her eyes shifted to her station and looked at the picture tape to the console of her sons. She heard him yell at her again and she snapped to attention. “Sorry sir I’ll get right on it.”

“Never mind Forrester. Commander Sato, take over Commander Forrester command. Forrester my quarters now! I will be up there in minute.” Wildstar commanded. Nova stood there shocked as the bridge crew looked on in silence. “FORRESTER! Move it!” he yelled. Nova saluted and left the bridge as they all looked on. “Everyone back to work, now! Captain Glitchman take command of her.”

“Aye aye sir,” Glitchman watched as Wildstar rode up to his room and sighed. “Alright people the captains right, get back to work.” He ordered.


Nova stood in the middle of his room waiting. She watched as his chair lift came to a stop and he stood up. He stood in front of her in silences as she lowered her head. Wildstar lean back on his desk and crossed his arms. “What’s going on Nova? I need to know what’s bothering you. You’re distracted and you of anyone should know that it can cause people their lives. I can’t have you in La La land when it comes to important decisions. I need to know if you can do the job.” He said. She stood in front of him looking down and away from him. He picked up her face and looked at her face to face. Her eyes were filled with water and asked. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” she replied.

“Nova, it’s me not your captain. Me, what’s wrong.”

“I can’t do this Derek, I want to go home and be with the boys. Alex and DJ are sick and need me.”

Her depression was getting worse, he thought. He wanted to kick himself for making her come and not being there on her last call to their sons. But he was hoping that they could recapture what they had on ship once again. He wasn’t prepared for her getting depress. “Nov, you know I can’t just send you home. We both have obligations to our contracts. We both have to finish this.” He took hold of her in his arms and hugged her. “Look we only have less than 4 months to go.  You can do this. Please Nov, I need you to stay focus.” He placed his hand on her chin and brought it to look at him. “Do you think you can do it? Because if you can’t I need to know so I can replace you. Maybe I can find something less stressful for you. Would that be better?”

Nova took a deep breath and wiped the tears from her face. “I think I can try. I’ll do my best, Derek.”

He glared at her and gave her a smile. “If you feel you can’t at any time tell me. Now I think you could use a break. Why don’t you relax, call home and see if the kids are alright. I’ll come later and check on you.” He gently kissed the top of her head and escorted her out his room. He grabbed his cover and took his lift down to the bridge. “Report Glitchman.”

“Still on track sir. We will be warping in an hour.” Glitchman walked closer to the captain’s chair and lean in closer. “How is she, Wildstar?”

“She’ll be alright. Keep Sato there, she won’t be back today.” He told him as Homer nodded his head.

Matsu called from the communication station, “Sir we have a distress signal. Looks like one of ours.”

“Can you get a fix on it?” Wildstar asked.

“I’m trying, its weak but it’s there. It’s hard getting a fix on it.” Matsu fumbled with the controls.

“Try feeding off Pluto then to Bramus.” Glitchman suggested.

Matsu nodded his head and did as Homer suggested. “It’s faint sir, but I can get it through. Placing it on the screen now.”

The bridge crew looked up and the picture came in and out. A figure came on and Wildstar stood up. “This is Captain Derek Wildstar of EDF Battleship Argo. Who is this?”

The picture began to clear and a face finally became clear. “Captain Wildstar, I have heard many good things. I am Deputy Captain Winfred of EDF battleship Creston Star. Thank you for replying to our distress call. We have been out of power for two days now. We managed to save what power we have for life on ship and to send out distress signals. We were attacked coming out of a warp. Our ship has been badly damage.”

“What happened to your captain?” Wildstar asked.

“He’s in the infirmary,” looking away he continued, “It doesn’t look good. We are doing our best to keep him alive with what little power we have. If we don’t get him the proper care soon I don’t think he will make it.”

“What are your coordinates?” Homer asked.

“We are 28,000 light years from Planet Barmus. Northwest. We are sending the coordinates to your ship now.” Winfred said.

Wildstar ordered to the crew. “Set ship to those coordinates, Matsu, how long till we arrive?”

“Sir if we wrap within the hour we can be there in 2 days.”

“Not sooner?”

“No sir.”

“Very Well, we will get there as soon as we can.”

“Thank you Captain, you are the first to reply. I will inform our doctors that help is on the way.”

“Hang in there Creston Star. We are on our way. By the way your captains name?” Wildstar asked.

Winfred looked at him confused and said. “Why its Captain Mark Venture, sir.”

His name sent a gut wrenching ache, it’s been a long time since he saw Venture. Since that night he wished he never had to run into him again. Venture always managed to keep his distance when he came to Earth. So this would be the way they would finally run into each other. He looked over to Homer and nodded his head. “Hang in there, we’re coming.” Wildstar said then signal the communications officer to cut the screen. “Inform our doctors that once we reach The Creston Star to be ready and do all they can to help. Sato, set the quickest way there.”

“Wildstar, Nova is the best to sketch out the fastest way.” Homer said.

“She’s not feeling well. I don’t think giving her more stress is the best thing to do right now. Now let’s prepare to warp.”





Nova sat in front of the screen and smiled to see her sons. “We’re okay mom, stop worrying. Grandma and Grandpa are taking good care of us.” Alex said smiling.

Nova laughed at his remark. “I miss you guys so much. I don’t think I can stay away any longer.”

“Mom, we’re fine. Anyway Grandpa is taking us on his jet tomorrow. He is flying us to California for the weekend and we are going to DISNEY!”

“Alright you two, it’s late and we leave early, time for bed. Say goodbye to your mother.” He mother said.

“Goodnight!” Nova blew kisses at them and they waved shouting how much they love her. Her mother sat in front of the screen and smile. “Thank you, mother. They are enjoying you two so much, too much that their starting to forget about me.”

“Nova, they are not forgetting you. They both count on the calendar to when you and Derek are coming back. Nova you need to stop worrying their doing great. Now go back to work and I’ll talk with you in two days. Your father has some business he has to attend to and the boys are looking forward to going to Disney. We love you and tell Derek that we send our love. Goodbye Nova darling.”

She watched as the screen went black and cried hard into her hands. It took her fifteen minutes to compose herself. She walked out of the communications room and walked towards the observation deck. She didn’t know how long she was there when the door opened and she heard him call her name. “Hey there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you. Did you speak to the boys?”

She forced a smile. “Yes, they’re doing better.” She stared out the window and said. “They look like they grew a few inches.”

He reached for her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I’m sorry I miss being there with you. There was a distress call. We have a ship that is in trouble.”

Nova pulled her hand away and felt her heart beat faster. “Meaning?”

“We are the only ones in the area. We have to go and help them out. I’m sorry baby, we are probably going to be late a few days returning to Earth.”

“No! I don’t think I can do this, Derek. I need to go home and be with the boys.”

He could see her depression grow. She started to become unravel. He wanted to take her in his arms and hold her tight. He placed his hands on her shoulder and shook her gently. “Calm down Nov, pull yourself together.”

“I want to go home.”

“Come on I’ll take you to your room.” He guild her back to her quarters and help her in. He picked up the phone and dialed. “Can you send down the doctor to Commanders Forrester quarters please?”

“Why are you calling for the Doctor?”

“Because you need sleep and from the looks of your eyes it doesn’t look like you’re getting any. Not to mention your depress.”

“I don’t need a doctor.”

“This isn’t a request Nova, I want him to check you out. So please don’t make me use rank on you.” He reached for her face and rubbed it gently then pulled her closer hugging her tight. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t think this would be so hard for you. I only wanted to get closer like we were on the way to Iscandar.”

They heard the knock on her door and Wildstar yelled out to enter. “Captain you sent for me.”

“Yes Lieutenant, I need you to look over Commander Forrester. She hasn’t been herself lately.”

“Very well, let’s get started.”

“Well I’ll leave you two. I’ll be back in an hour to check on you.” Derek slipped his hand in her and gently squeezed it. He stayed in his room and went over some files before returning to her room. He knocked gently on the door and waited until he heard it opened. The Doctor came out with his finger on his lips and quietly closed the door. “How is she doc?”

“I gave her a sedative to help her sleep. She seems depress is she always like this?”

“No sir, see she’s taking being away from the children harder than I thought.”

“Well the rest will do her some good. We’ll see how she feels in the morning. Just check in on her and make sure she is sleeping okay.”

“I will, thank you Doc.” He watched as the doctor walked out of the area and stepped into her room. She lay on the bunk covered with a quilt she brought from home. He lean over and kissed her forehead and tucked her in. “Feel better baby, I love you.” He said softly.






8th of March, 2207





Wildstar went to her room before going on the bridge. Once again he knocked on the door and waited for her to call for him to enter. He poked his head in and smiled at her. “Can I come in?”

“Yes, I’m almost ready.” She said as she zipped her suit.

“How do you feel? You look refreshed.”

“I feel good, that sedative was a big help.” She slipped on her boots and said. “Derek, I’m sorry about how I’ve been acting. I’m ready to get back to work. I promise I will stay focus. I have to finish this. If I quit now it will show our children that it’s okay to quit to something they committed too.”

He listened and then smiled. “I appreciate you staying committed. But I have some news for you. I managed to get you a ride back to Earth. We should be meeting up with the 6th fleet that is headed back. They should arrive back to earth in 4 days. It’s the best I can do.”

Nova stood looking at him shocked. “You did. But Derek, I should finish. It’s not fair to the others. I’ll stay. Even Alex said to stay, their having fun with my parents.”

“No Nova, I’ve already arranged it. I spoke with Sato and he will take over your station.”

“Derek, I can do my job.”

“I know you can. But lately it’s been a guessing game as to you pulling through. I can’t take that chance. Not when it comes to the crew.” He could see the anger in her eyes. “I have to think of the crew.”

“I can do the job Derek.”

“Nova I don’t want to get into a yelling match with you. I have to make a decision as captain of this ship. And it’s for the safety of this ship. Hey, you’re going home to our rugrats.” He tried to show her his smile. “I’ll be home shortly after that.”

“So what am I supposed to do until then?”

“Take it easy. I’ll inform you once we are near the fleet. We can have lunch later.” He stepped closer to her and kissed her cheek. “Love you.”

She nodded her head and sat down after he left. What was she going to do now? Being bored wasn’t what she had in mind when she woke up that morning. She figured she might as well head to the chow hall and grabbed something to eat. She walked over to line and grabbed a tray. ‘The same old thing.’ She thought. “Eggs, waffles, oatmeal, nothing’s changed.” She searched for someone, hoping that they would have something in the back.

“We should meet up with the 6th fleet and then head to get the Creston Star. I heard Captain Venture is really in bad condition. They don’t know if he’s going to make it.” she overheard one pilot say. She walked over to them and asked.

“Excuse me did I hear you correctly? The captain of the Creston Star is Mark Venture.”

“Yes ma’am. That is what we’ve been told.”

“Thank you,” she told them and left her breakfast sitting on the line. She walked up to the bridge and found him next to Homer going over the route to where the Creston Star was. “Captain Wildstar, may I have a word with you? In private.” she asked.

He looked over to Homer and gave him a confused look. “Take over, I’ll be right back.” He followed her off the bridge and up to his quarters. “What’s up?”

“Why are you really sending me home?” she asked.

‘Careful Wildstar she’s fishing for something.’ He thought. “You wanted to go home and I’m sending you home.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about Venture?”

The bell went off in his head and he search for the correct words. “What’s there to tell?”

“The fact that he is the captain of the Creston Star and he is injured badly!”

“What does that have to do with you leaving?” He asked.

“It has everything to do with me being shipped off of here.” She looked away from him and said. “Look I know I haven’t been the best these last few days. But I am here totally, ready for work. If Venture coming aboard the ship has anything to do with me departing then I’m not going. I am finishing this weather you like it or not.”

Wildstar lean against the table and cross his arms on his chest. “You’re going. I’ve already made the arrangements. This is my ship, I am the captain and I already signed the order. Now get back to your room and pack up.”



“I’m not going. So find something else for me because that is one order I am not going to accept.”

“Damn it Nov, don’t make this about you. I have a ship to command and you acting this way isn’t going to make me change my mind.”

“This is not your call Derek, before you make a decision you have to go through EDF and if I’m not mistaken that will take days. So I’m staying.” She stood firm. “And don’t say that it’s about me when I know it’s about Venture. What happened in the past is in the past. I think we are mature enough to do our jobs without acting like we are still in high school.”

“This isn’t about him!” he yelled. “You wanted to go now go.”

“Tell me the truth Derek, for once tell me the truth!”

“The truth.” He said in a vindictive calm manner. “What truth would you like, the one that you slept with him! That I don’t trust you around him! How’s that for the truth.” He snapped back. “I don’t want you here because of him. I have no clue if you still have feelings for him. Are you going to sleep with him again? Are you going to run off with him and take my sons with you? You slept with him! How do you think I would react to seeing him again?”

“You said that you forgave me. That you could over look what happened in the past. How are we supposed to move forward if you’re stuck in the past.”

“I tried to move forward. I never said I totally forgave him. I said I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Now I’m at that bridge and I want to throw him off of it. You being here is just making it a little harder to see him as an officer. He’s the man that screwed my wife. And to tell you the truth I don’t want to deal with the fact of you and him being together in closed quarters.”

“So you can’t trust me with him?”

“Not as far as I can throw the both of you.”

“Really Derek, you shouldn’t throw stones into glass houses. If I’m not mistaken you left me for someone else and 4 months pregnant. I hated myself. Hated the fact that I was stupid enough to get pregnant by you. But I knew I had the best part of you growing in me. When I took you back I did so because I love you. I wanted to be with you. Raise our son together. I never wanted to be with anyone but you. You’re the one that turn cold on me enough to sleep with him. It was a big mistake and we both regretted it when it happened. I never wanted to tell you. It was something I was ashamed of. But you left! Left me with two small children to raise on my own. You never once reached out to me every time I reached out to you. You made me feel cheap. The only thing that kept me going was our sons. Sons! That you didn’t want to be a part of.”

“I came for you, didn’t I?”

“Yes, and the first thing you do once we got back together was hand me orders. Now that I want to stay and suck it up you are shipping me out. Why because you are afraid of Venture. Well, that is a good way of being an officer. You are letting your personal life interfere with your professional life. Now who is the one that can’t focus on their job?!” she sarcastically said.

He felt his temper hit its point and mumble under his breath. “You god damn,”

“What Derek? You what?”

She could see the anger in his eyes and the frustration in his face. “SLUT! Okay is that what you wanted to hear!” he screamed out then felt her punch hard in the eye. He held his face and stopped himself from slapping her across the face. “Get out, before I have you escorted to the brig.” She turned and walked out of his room slamming the door hard enough to make a picture fall to the ground. He stood in the middle of his room and tried to compose himself. Recapping what just happened he was more upset with himself for letting his feelings get the best of him. ‘How could you say something like that to her?’ he thought to himself. He took a huge breath and headed out. Walking to her room he thought of how he was going to make a mends with her. He knocked hard on her hatch and waited. Nothing. He hit it again and called out to her. “Nova, are you there? Can we talk? Please open up the door.” He said. Nothing, once again. He turned and headed back to the bridge. He walked over to Matsu and said. “Inform the 6th fleet that the package is staying aboard. Then call over to the Creston Star and let them know we will be there tomorrow. Prepare all crew for warp.” He announced as the crew stared.

Homer walked over to where he stood and asked. “What the hell happened to you?”

He looked at him confused and he pointed to his face. “Oh this, ran into the door.” His eye swell quickly and with his anger he didn’t realized it was almost closed.

“Maybe you should have the doctor look at it.” Homer offered.

“I’ll be alright, I’ll call down to the medical Ward and have them send up an ice pack. In the meantime inform commander Blatuk that Commander Forrester will be taken over the night position on raidar.”

Homer lean closer and quietly asked. “Is everything alright, Derek?”

“Yeah Homer, she just decided to stay and finish her duties. Now let’s get ready to warp.”





9th of March, 2207



“Sir we should be arriving to the Creston Star in one hour.” Sato informed his captain.

“Thank you, commander. Please inform the medical crew to be prepared to board her as soon as we arrive.” He ordered. He rubbed his eye and felt the swelling go down. Last night he tried once again to talk with his wife and she refused to open the door. He had one of the lower ranks hand her, her new orders as replacement on the night crew. It was growing time for them to switch over command and Commander Blatuk stepped on to the bridge.

“Good evening sir.” He stood at attention and saluted him.

Wildstar nodded his head and began transfer procedures and reports. “I’ll be heading over to the Creston Star once we reach them.” He said as Nova walked in. She stood at attention and saluted him. Wildstar gave her a quick salute and she went to her station to get to work. The coldness that she gave off was more than he could bare. He finished talking with the commander and stepped over to her station. He bent down and said. “Nov, can we talk real quick?” She looked over to Commander Blatuk and he nodded okay. They walked out of the bridge and she stood at attention, “Nov, I’m sorry I was totally out of line. Your right I should have never put my personal feelings with my decision. Can we have dinner tonight and talk some more?”

“Are you finish, Sir.”

“Um, yeah I guess.”

“Thank you for your apology, now if you don’t mind I would like to get back to work. And if you don’t mind I would like to keep this as professional as possible. So please stop coming to my door asking to come in. Now that our schedules are opposite I would like to sleep without someone banging on my door, SIR!” she saluted him and waited to be dismissed.

“Understood Commander.” He saluted her back and she walked onto the bridge, leaving him wondering what to expect when they got back to Earth.

Nova sat down and began to go over her instruments. She thought about his apology and dismissed it. How dare he think that I would just cave in, she thought.

Within the hour they reached the Creston Star and Wildstar flew over with the doctors on the Cosmo Hound. Deputy Captain Winfred stood on the flight deck of the Creston Star and watched as the Cosmo Hound landed. Wildstar step off first and he snapped to attention. “Welcome aboard sir, I am sorry that it is under bad circumstances.”

“I want to see your captain.” He commanded.

“Yes sir, this way.” They all walked to where Venture laid. Looking at his frail body Wildstar listened to the machines as they worked to keep him alive.

“How did this happen?” he asked.

“Sir we were just returning from exploring a nearby planet. We were on our way to our next destination when a fleet of ships warped into our vicinity. Within second they were attacking. Our bridge was hit hardest. Captain Venture was in the way of one of the explosions. We lost half of our men.” He stared away remembering the gross scene he found when he walk onto the bridge.

Wildstar listened then said, “can you all give me a minute with him, please.”

They all nodded and left him in the room alone. “Well Venture, we finally run into each other. I was hoping I would never see you again but the universe isn’t that big. I hoped that I could tell you what I thought of you. But once again you managed to get out of it. You don’t know how much I hate you. You almost ruin my marriage and it looks like you are doing it again. I know that wishing you dead is wrong but put yourself in my shoes. How would you feel knowing that I slept with the most important thing in your life? As an officer and Gentleman I will see to it that you get the best of care and that they do their best to get you back. But after that we are through. I never want to see you near my wife or family again.” He said then turned and walked out the door. “Doctor, do your best and get him ready to be transported back to the Argo. My technicians are working as fast as they can to restore what power you need to returned back to Earth. We will stay until that is done. Now take me to your bridge.” Wildstar informed the XO. They walked onto the bridge and the massive damage that sat before them brought back memories of his time going to Iscandar. He asset the damages and ordered his crew to work on it right away. He stayed there for hours past his time to make sure all was well. By the following morning the bridge on the Creston Star was almost in working order. He walked onto his own ship exhausted and wanting sleep. He looked at his watch and realized it was almost time for his shift. He stopped by the mess hall and grabbed some coffee. He made his way to the bridge to start his day when he walked past the medical ward. He found himself walking in to check in on Venture.



Nova took her usual break as they wheel Venture on the gurney onto the ship. They past her in the hallway rushing him to the ship medical ward almost pushing her down. She quickly followed suit wondering if she could help. After all she had medical background on ship and the hospital. “Doc, is there anything I can do.” She said.

“We have this, just move aside.” He ordered her.

Nova watched as they rushed him into the surgical room and the light went on. She hung around long enough to see them begin the procedure then left to go back to her station. The night was long and her mind tried to stay focus on her work. The end of the night couldn’t come faster. She raced off the bridge and headed straight to the medical ward. “Doc, how is Captain Venture?”

“He came through the operation alright but now we just have to wait until he comes through it.”

“May I see him?”

“I see no reason why. He is room 3.”

She walked into the room and looked as he lay there attach to machines to keep him alive. She took a chair and sat it next to him. She slipped her hand under his and brought it to her face. “I’m sorry Mark, please get better soon. You were Derek’s best friend. You were my best friend. I know that he will forgive you someday but right now is not a good time. So you have to get better so I can see you two finally be friends again. I know he loves you. You have always been there for him. You were like a brother to him. And someday you two will be like you once were.” She wiped the tears from her face and sat there watclhing him sleeping and talking to him about their children. “You should see the kids. Alex is so much like his father. Protective of his brother, dying to learn to fly and DJ! my god he is just head strong As stubborn as Derek was when we all met. He refuses to give up on anything. Once he sets his mind he goes full throttle. You have to pull through this I want them to see their Uncle Mark once again.” She touched his face and turned to see him standing in the door entrance. She stared at him saying nothing. She could see the stress in his face. His eyes looked tired once she looked past the black and blue she gave him.

“How is he?” he asked.

“So far so good. I looked over his chart and we just have to wait. He was in pretty bad shape. They won’t know more for a few days. He has to come through tonight.” She yawned and began to walk past him. He took her hand. “Good night Captain.” She told him and pushed past him.

“Nova, Wait.”

“I said goodnight.” She said over her shoulder and walked back to her room. She closed the door and thought about Mark as he laid there motionless.

Wildstar stood over Venture body studying him. “So you pull through. Well that’s good news because when you are fully recovered we have unfinished business. There’s a lot I have to say to you and you’re not going to get out of this. I know she will be here any chance she gets and there’s nothing I can do about it. But if you are any kind of a man, you will do the right thing. Don’t lead her on. You don’t have to protect her anymore. That’s my job, not yours.” He gave him one last look and left to get some much needed sleep.



18th of March, 2207



It took days to get the Creston Star to get back into working order. Wildstar kept busy over seeing its repairs. Nova worked her late shift avoiding him as much as she could. She would see him in passing as she headed to bed or to see Venture. He would stop and watch her walk past him not saying anything but only to salute him as he walked by. She would sit with Venture and talk with him hoping that he would wake up. She would check his chart and change his dressings. Nova would take a warm wash cloth and clean his face after she shaved it. Wildstar would watch from the distance as she took care of him like she did with him so many times before. On the tenth day she heard him moan and she took hold of his hand. Slowly his eyes opened and she smiled to know that he was alright. Mark Venture wasn’t sure where he was at. His last memory was a huge explosion and then everything went black. At first he thought he was dead when he saw her sitting there. She was smiling at him and he tried to speak. Nova quickly said, “Try not to talk, Mark. Save your strength. You’re on the Argo. Your ship was attacked. You’re lucky to have survived. You still have a long way to go, so its best that you rest.”

“What, what, how?”

She gave him a warm smile and said. “It doesn’t matter right now, just rest. I’ll get the doctor.” She squeezed his hand and left to get the doctor. The doctor went over his vitals and wrote in his chart. He was pleased that Venture was doing better and that the worst was past him. Within the hour Wildstar summoned Nova to his quarters. “Sir Commander Forrester present as requested.” Wildstar hand her a piece of paper without looking up from his work. “What’s this?”

“Your new orders,” he said without skipping a beat to look up to her.

She read it over and said confused. “But this is to work in the infirmary.”

“Yes, you will be taking over and working with the doctors to get Venture back to full health.”

“But why would you do that if you feel the way you do?” she asked confused.

“I promised him that I would make sure he had the best to bring him back and that’s what I intend to do. You are the best and I know you will get him back to his old self. Can I depend on you to do that?”

“Um yeah, sir. Yes, sir.”

“Good now you’re dismissed. Keep me informed as to how he is doing.” He said never looking up. She stood there for a minute and he finally looked up. “Do you have any questions?”

“No, no. Thank you sir.” She saluted him and turned to leave. He watched as she walked out the door and turned to look outside into the dark skies. He rolled his eyes and then closed them thinking was it a wise choice. Only now he can make sure that if she loved him that she would come back to him.

Nova started her new position getting Venture back to health the same day. She would be there early until late into the evening cleaning his wounds, dressing them, making him eat and drink. She stood by his bed side every day. She helped him with his psychical therapy moving his legs and arms. Every day she would sit with him and they would talk. She told him about Alex and DJ and how big they got. He would tell her about his missions. They both laughed and tease each other about their first time on the Argo. Wildstar would hang outside and listen as they talked. He slipped out as quietly as he entered. Nova would inform him about Venture’s recovery in passing as they walked by each other on the ship. Within weeks she was helping Venture walk slowly around the infirmary then out around the ship. Each day Venture gained his strength and asked to see Wildstar.



25th of April, 2207



They stood facing each other in the observation room and Venture was the first to speak. “Thank you, Wildstar. You saved my ship and my crew. I don’t know what would’ve happen if you didn’t pick up our distress call when you did. I really can’t thank you enough. Nova has been great too. She never gave up on me.” Wildstar stood there listen. Venture could see no reaction to his face. It was stone cold. “Um, I don’t know what else to say.”

Wildstar turned and walked towards the door. He stopped midway and said. “How are you feeling?”

“I feel great thanks to Nova.”

“That’s good to know because we have some unfinished business when we get back to Earth,” and left him standing there.

Nova waited for him to come back she could see the color form his face drain and wonder what was said between the two men. She frown and asked, “how did it go?”

“I thought it was going well but he didn’t say much. He asked me how I was feeling and then told me we have some unfinished business. I guess I have to face the music when we get back.” He tried to smirk off his nervousness. “He’s pretty pissed off at me isn’t he?”

Nova nodded her head and shrugged her shoulders. “I thought he moved on but seeing you again brought back his feelings about what happened. Why don’t we have dinner in the mess hall tonight? I think you’re up to having a little outing.” She said trying to change the subject. She didn’t want to talk about their past that almost ruined her marriage. He slipped his jacket on as she helped. His shoulder and ribs still ached as he moved. His face still minor cuts from the debris of the explosion. His right arm was in a sling to keep the pain from his ribs. They walked towards the mess hall talking when they ran into Wildstar. They stood looking at each other in silence. Nova looked away as did Venture. Wildstar quickly pushed past them and walked into the mess hall. He sat at the captains table and buried his head into his work that he brought with him. He tried his best to focus on his work but he kept looking up to see them sitting across the dining room silent. Nova would glance his way on and off and Venture looked from Nova to Wildstar. The distance Venture felt was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Venture reached over and touched her hand. “Are you alright with him?”

“It doesn’t matter. Right now we are only coworkers and he is the captain. We must maintain being professional. Our feelings are only going to get in the way.” He listened to her words and she sounded like IQ9. There was no feeling in her voice.

“Nova, you should talk with him. He looks miserable, not to mention he looks like he is about to kill me.”

“I can’t Mark, he said things that he can never take back. I only hope that when we get back to Earth we can work it out. But I doubt it.”

“Nova you have to talk to him. I may not know everything about what’s going on, but I know he loves you very much and the last thing he wants is to lose you. You have to think of the kids.” He told her.

She shook her head no, “I can’t.”

“Please Nova, please don’t make me feel like it’s my fault.” He said and then saw Wildstar get up and walk out. They walked back to the infirmary and he put his hand on her shoulder. “You should talk with him. Please Nova, do it for me.”

She sighed and agreed to his request. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed towards his quarters. She stood outside thinking should she knock or not. She reached up to knock and felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning she came face to face with her husband. “What’s up?” he asked her.

“I, I, well I thought that maybe, um, Venture asked me to talk with you.” She said.

She leaned on the wall and thought before he asked to come inside. “Come in.” he said. “I have to finish some reports and then we can talk.” She stood near his massive window and stared out while he went over some work and then type something into his laptop. Finishing his work he looked up and stared at her near the window. “So what’s up? How’s Venture?”

“He’s fine, doing better than we thought. I can’t believe how quickly he recovered. He’s going to be running in no time.”

He rubbed his chin and said. “that’s good to know.”

“Derek, you’re not going to do anything to him, are you?”

He stood up and walked to where she stood and looked out. “How is it working in the medical ward? Do you want to get back on night shift?”

“Uh, no, no I’m okay.”

“Well, if there isn’t anything else. I am pretty beat and I have to run the ship in the morning.”

He was pushing her away. “Derek, I’m not sure what to say to you. I feel like,”

He raised his hand and said. “It’s late. I’m tired.” He walked over to his door and opened it. “Goodnight Commander.”

She headed out the door and then stopped to say something. Wildstar looked into her eyes and she could see anger and sadness. She quickly looked away and left his room. She walked straight to the infirmary and into his room. He would soon be appointed a room with another officer until their return to Earth. He was reading a navigation manual when he sensed her standing there. “How did it go?”

“I hate him.” She fumed.

“Nova,” he got up and she flew into his arms and began to kiss him. Venture grabbed her arms and pushed her away. “No, this is not what you want. You’re angry with him and this is not the way to get back at him. You love him I know you do and he loves you. We can’t do this to him, not again.”

“Mark, he isn’t the same man I fell in love with. He is so distant and cold.”

“He loves you. I don’t!” he shook her. “Let’s face it. He will always be in your heart. I can never love you the way he does. We had a one night stand nothing more.” He turned his back to her and said, “go and get some rest I’ll forget that all this happen.”

Her face was blushed red with embarrassments. “I understand, your right I would be only doing this because I’m angry. Good night Mark.” She said and ran out the room without seeing him standing outside of his room.

Wildstar knocked on the door and walked in. “Venture.”

Venture looked up and was surprise to see him, “What are you doing here? Were you listening in?”

Wildstar paced slowly around the room making Venture nervous. He finally spoke, “you lied to her.”


“You lied to her. You love her as much as I do. Why did you lie?”

“I didn’t lie to her. I don’t love her the way she wants me to love her. You will be always in her heart. Even after all you put her through, she still loves you. Our night together was just that, one night. I told you to keep her happy. But you didn’t and she needed me. But even after all you did she still wanted and loves you. I can never compete with that. If I encourage it, my mind will always wonder if she will be with you again.”

“And I can’t live with the fact that she runs to you every time we are having problems.” Wildstar replied back.

Venture felt for his friend. If anything he never wanted anything to come to this. “I told her to go. That it will never work between us. She loves you and she may think she doesn’t but she does. You don’t have to worry about me Wildstar I know my boundaries.”

“Do you?” he asked with suspicion. He uncrossed his arms and walked towards the door. “How do you feel?” he asked finally.

Venture looked at him confused throwing him off. “I feel great. They are letting me out of this place tomorrow. I want to thank you for keeping me here to get better. I was hoping to take command of my ship again but I see that we will be back on Earth soon. I can’t thank you enough,” Wildstar turned and walked out leaving him in midsentence.

He thought about what he heard him tell her. By telling her that he didn’t love her made it easier for him to forgive Venture. But the fact that she ran to him and into his arms made his heart break. He walked straight to her room and banged hard on her door. He waited and then banged harder. She flung opened her door angry for someone to bang so hard that it scared her out of her sleep. “What the hell is wrong with,” she snapped and then realized who was standing in front of her. “Captain Wildstar!”

“Can we talk?” He asked her.

She nodded her head and opened the door for him to step in. “Is everything alright?” she wasn’t sure what he wanted and stood still waiting for him to talk.

“No Nova, everything is not alright.” He took a deep breath and said, “Can I ask you something. Why did you go to him after you left my room?”

“I, I, I,” she looked away and continued. “I was angry at you. I needed to talk with someone that knew you as well I knew you.”

“Did you have to kiss him?” he said. She looked up in shock. “I was there Nova. I wanted to tell you I was sorry for acting so cold. I was only doing what you asked me too.  

“Oh Derek, I don’t want to hurt you. I was angry at you. I thought that we were heading down the way we were before. I,”

He stepped forward and put his hand around her neck bringing her closer to him. He kissed her hard. Nova pushed him away and wiped her mouth. “What do you think you’re doing?” He stepped closer to her and took her in his arms. “Derek, stop this right now.” She warned him. “This is unprofessional.”

“You know Nov, at this point I really don’t give a shit. I love you. Missed you. I want to end this right now.”

“Captain Wildstar what is wrong with you?” she stepped further back moving her body against the wall.

“I know what I’m doing. Right now it’s just me, Derek. Not the captain of this ship, but your husband.” He took hold of her hand and held it tight at her side. Derek leant closer to her nuzzling his lips on her neck. She felt his breath on her and closed her eyes. “I love you Nov, I was pretty much hoping that when your orders here came down it would be a blessing to recapture our time in space. I understood you missed our son, any mother would. And seeing you distraught and missing them broke my heart.  Yeah when I heard Venture was the captain of the Creston Star it shook me to the core. I wanted you off this ship ASAP. I didn’t want you near him. I was only protecting our marriage. But I learnt that I was only pushing you closer to him. Watching you with him, having dinner with him, made me want to kill him. I thought I was losing you to him again.” He told her. He whispered into her ear making his voice husky, “But I’m here now, I love you and missed you. I don’t want to lose you to him again.” She stood in front of him listening to him, her heart beating faster with every word. He was reaching out to her and she was the one that was pushing him away. She brought his hand to her chest and smiled.

“You’ve always had my heart Derek. I love you so much.” He took her in his arms and hugged her tight not wanting to let go. She realized then she was only wearing one of his old academy shirts and felt his hand working up her back. With ease he took off the shirt and dropped it to the ground. She only wore a pair of powder blue bikini panties that hugged her hips. He moved her to her bunk and eased her down to the bed. She helped him remove his jacket and shirt. With every kiss she moved franticly at his pants helping him removed them. Within minutes they were making love in her room. It felt like forever since they made love and she didn’t want it to stop. By the end of the night he watched as she drifted off to sleep in his arms. He gently guided her off his arm and covered her with a blanket. He dressed quietly and left her room and went back to his room to sleep.








Morning Nova felt wonderful. She reached out across her bed and found him gone. She sat up in time to hear her phone ring. Picking it up she heard his voice before she could speak. “Good morning gorgeous. How do you feel this morning?”

She sighed and stretched her arm. “I feel just wonderful. How are you, I reach over this morning and you were gone. Is this how we are going to live? Mad sex and then see you later.” She teased.

He smiled into the phone and said. “Only for last night, but I can arrange it that we spend more nights like that. How does that sound?”

“Gosh I would love that very much. But we should maintain our professionalism for the sake of the crew,” she said.

“You’re no fun, commander. And what makes you think I don’t know about all the night visits with some of the crew on this ship. I overlook it because I know they will not let it interfere with their jobs. The one time their personal life interferes’ with their professional one is when I step in. I’m just glad that we are okay again. How about lunch today?”

“Hmm, I don’t know captain. You know my husband is a very jealous man. He may not like me fraternizing with the captain.”

“Oh really, well I guess he will just have to suck it up. I am the captain and what I say goes. Lunch, 1300 hours at the captains’ private table.”

“Well if that is an order. I guess I have no choice and neither does my husband.”

“Great I see you then. Nov,” he heard her hum, “I love you very much.”

She smiled into the phone and her eyes soften. “I love you too, Derek.”





28th of April, 2207


She helped Venture out of the medical ward and down to his new room that he shared with another officer. It would be days before they reach Earth. She kept looking at the clock to see if it was getting closer to having lunch with him. Venture could tell that she was distracted and turned her to face him, “Are you alright?”


“You seem out of it. Like if you were a million miles away. Everything alright?”

She smiled and he could see her eyes light up. “Everything is wonderful, Mark. Derek and I are working everything out.” She looked at him with curiosity. “What did you tell him?”

“Nothing,” he replied.

“Mark, you had to have told him something. He already told me so it’s no secret.”

“I didn’t tell him anything I haven’t told you. I can’t be the one that comes between you both. I love you Nova, but not like he loves you. You love him I can see it in your eyes, in the way you speak about him. You and he are meant for each other.” He walked over to her and placed his hands on her shoulder. “You two may have your ups and downs, but he will never let you go. Your very special Nova, what we had was great for the time, But I have to come to the realization that you can never be mine. I have to move on.” He gave her a smile and lean in and kissed her on the cheek. “I love you enough to let you go and move on.”

She smiled at him and hugged him tight. “You’ll always have a special place in my heart. I wish you well and I hope that you find someone to love you the way you deserve to be love.” She opened her eyes and looked at the clock. “I have to go. I’ll check on you later to make sure that you’re all settle in,”

“You don’t have to do that,” He said when there was a knock on the door. They turned to see a young woman in her nurses uniform.

She smiled at Venture, “Hey are you ready?”

He gave her a smirk as Nova looked at him with confusion. “I see,” she knew the young nurse from the medical ward. She was pretty with short redish brown hair and big green eyes. Her skin was fair soft to the touch. “Well I should go.” Nova told him and began to walk out.

Mark took hold of her hand stopping her from leaving. He looked over to the young nurse and she nodded her head. “I’ll wait outside.” She told them.

“She’s pretty and very nice.” Nova said.

“She’s been here when you’re off. We’ve been talking and I think I really like her. I’m sorry Nova, I didn’t want you to find out like this.”

Nova wiped a tear from her face and smiled at him. “I’m really happy for you Mark. All I ever wanted was you to be happy also.” She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. “I better go. Derek is waiting for me.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

She gave out a chuckle and said. “Thank YOU for understanding,” as she pointed him on the chest. “See ya later Captain Venture,” and walked out the door.


Nova walked towards the mess hall thinking. She thought about how upset she was that he was falling for someone. Then she started to smile letting out a laugh as she entered the mess hall. In the far corner of the mess hall sat the captains’ table. Derek sat waiting for her. He jumped up and waved her over as she waved back at him. He pulled the chair out for her and she sat down. He wanted to kiss her but being in front of his crew he had to restrain himself. “Commander, how is your day so far?”

She sat down and ran her finger on his hand as he pushed her chair in. A clear sign of her affection. “It’s been good so far. Venture was release today to his new quarters.”

He frowned and said. “Good to know.”

“Derek what are your intention with Venture when we get back?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. You have been very patient and calm when you’re around him. You don’t say much about him and you keep quiet when I ask you questions like this about him. So for once please tell me the truth.”

He smirked at her and leaned forward on the table. “I have no intentions to do anything to Venture. Right now what matters is you and me patching things up. I love you and nothing else matters.”


He placed his hand on top of hers and said. “I don’t want to know. Is it over?”

“It never started. He found someone else. She’s pretty and very nice. I hope it works out for him, he deserves to be happy.”

He could hear the sincerity in her voice and he knew that he wouldn’t have to worry about his ex-best friend and his wife. ‘I still need to finish it once and for all.’ He thought to himself. “Why don’t you and I have some dinner tonight in my quarters. Picked up where we left off. I’m off for a few hours in the morning.” He gave her sly smile.

“We can do dinner but I have work in the morning.” She bargained back.

“Hmm, well, we will have to get you up early to get to work. 2000 hours tonight. Don’t be late.” He finished lunch and left to head back to work. Nova sat alone and thought about her life with him and Venture.



She waited in his room looking out the huge window. She watched as the late patrol flew in the distance. She thought about her sons back on Earth when she felt his hands on her shoulder. He slid them down to her waist and held her tight. “Hey there.” He said. “Come here.” He took her hand and walked her over to his desk. He turned his monitor to them and buzzed down to the communications officer. “Put it through.” The picture cleared up and she watched as her sons smiling faces came to focus. “Hello guys!” Wildstar cheered.

“MOMMY! DADDY!” they yelled.

Nova eyes filled with tears, knowing she missed them. “I MISSED YOU GUYS SOOOO Much. How are you doing in school Alex. DJ are you being good for grandma and grandpa?”

“Yesh, Mommy. Gandma took me to see the fish. And Gandpa took Alex on his plane. He said that he let him fly it. Can I fly it too! Mommy! Please.”

Wildstar laughed and told his son. “Tell you what when I get back I’ll take you on your very first flight on my plane. Okay?”

“Yea!!! See Alex I told you daddy would take me.”

They talked with them for a while and their sons told them about school and the things they did with their grandparents. Nova kluged to everything they told her. When the time was up she didn’t want to see them go. They said their goodbyes and she threw them kisses. She sat quietly trying to compose herself from crying. Derek put his arm around her and gave her a hug. “It’s okay baby. We’ll be home soon. I promise you, we will be holding them in our arms soon enough.”

“I miss them so much.” She cried harder into his shoulder.

“Hey come on, dinner is here.” He said as he heard them knock on the door. They set up the table quickly and he handed her a glass of wine. He raised his glass to her and said. “To us.” She forced a smile and tapped her glass on his. “We managed to work through so much, Nova. I can never see myself with anyone else. If I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. You’ve made my life full and giving me two sons. I can only ask for one more thing.” She nodded wondering what he wanted more of. He slipped his arm around her waist and said. “I would like another child with you.”

She blushed and replied. “I would like that too. But not now.”

“Why not now?”

“I don’t think now is the time to have another baby. I mean we are finally working out and who knows when we get back that you will be ship out again. For us to get pregnant you would have to be home more than a year. Don’t you think? Rushing into another baby is not a really good thing.”

Feeling disappointed he didn’t want to push her into anything she didn’t want. Alex was a surprise to both of them. They weren’t expecting to have a baby so soon. When she told him about DJ he feared for her life after her pregnancy with Alex. They were still young and though he wanted to start she was right. They were just getting back together and she needed time. “You’re no fun, commander.”

“Sorry,” she said with a smile. They talked for hours after dinner and opened up to their feelings about what happened in the past. He made her laugh a few times and she teased him about his jealousy. It was past midnight when she finally yawned. “I should go, I have to get up early tomorrow.”

He agreed with her and said. “I’ll walk you back to your room.” They walked to the door and he turned her to him and kissed her goodnight. He didn’t want to let her go, but he knew she was only protecting him from securitizing when they return back to Earth. They walked back to her room and he opened the door for her. “Good night Commander.”

She touched his face and looked into his eyes. “Goodnight Captain, thank you for dinner. I had a lovely time.”

They stared at each other and he finally looked away. He lean closer and whispered into her ear. “I love you. For always.” He moved away slowly giving her a quick gentle kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight.”

She felt her body heat up and then close the door after him. Her legs felt like jell-o as she lean against her door and slide down to the floor. Slowly she got up and got ready for bed. They both looked up to their celling and wonder what each one was doing. Nova drifted off to sleep smiling as did Wildstar.





25th of May, 2207



Their preparation for their return took up most of everyone’s time. Wildstar and Nova barely had time to see each other. Their only time was when they call to Earth to speak with their sons. She was more cheerful knowing that they would be home soon holding them. Each night he would give her a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving the communication room. Days before entering the solar system Wildstar walked into the observation room and came face to face with Venture. It wasn’t easy but he managed to avoid him. Now he stood facing him. “Wildstar,” Wildstar nodded his head and turned to leave. “Wait! We should really talk and get this out of the way. Sooner or later we will have to work together,”

“Not if I can help it. But just to amuse you I am willing to listen. So go on talk.”

“Look, for the sake of Nova I want this to end between us. Geeze Derek, I wish we can be as we were. I miss my best friend. I miss talking to you and confiding in you.”

“What is there to confide. That you still love her and want her in your life. Not a chance.”

“No, I mean yes I still love her but not like that. She’s special and she is, Gosh I mean. She is a dear friend. Derek, I’m falling in love with someone.” He blurted out. “I wasn’t expecting it, it just happened.”

Wildstar looked at him and saw the sincerity. “What’s her name?”


“What’s her name?” he asked calmer.


“The night nurse?”

He nodded his head and blushed. “Yes.”

Wildstar wanted to laugh, “this isn’t like that one girl from the academy?”

Venture laughed at him. “No, she’s different. I can’t explain it. She makes me look forward to the next day. Is that crazy to say?”

“No Venture it’s not. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m happy for you. I hope she is the one. I really do. Does Nova know?”

“Yes she does, she has been encouraging me to see her more.”

Wildstar grinned, knowing that she was playing matchmaker. “She is special about things like that. Well I have to go. I have to meet Nova for our nightly talk with the boys.”

“How are they Derek? How is my god son?”

“Their getting big, Alex wants to be a captain and DJ wants to fly. He asked me to teach him once I get back. Darn kid is going to be a pilot, would you believe?” He glowed when he talked about them. Venture could see the pride in his face.

“I was hoping to see them some day. I don’t want my god son to forget about me.”

Wildstar let out a sigh and said, “I have to go. Take care Venture.” He left him standing there alone and rushed to talk with their sons.

Venture wondered what to expect when they returned back to Earth. He was getting mix vibes from his former friend. His coldness seemed to come and go. He never looked directly into his eyes and was always short with him. Tonight was the only time he asked about his personal life. He thought of when he opened his eyes he thought he was dreaming that Nova was there. So many nights he thought about Nova while he was gone. His only time on Earth he drove by her old apartment and thought about their nights together. He wondered what happened with her and Wildstar and once he was able to talk he asked her. She told him about their split and then how he came to get her in New York. She told him that he managed to work out his anger with her, but he was still angry with him. She explained about how he tried to get her off the ship before they arrived to help with the Creston Star. She warned him that he wasn’t ready to face him, even after he requested to see him. How he wanted his friend back. So many days on his ship he would think about their time on the Argo. Their friendship was more than just comrades. They were brothers and he screwed it up. Margret walked in shortly and he smile wide. Though his feelings for Nova were strong he knew she could never be his totally. But now he met Margret, she was the night nurse at the medical ward and she cheered him up when Nova left for the night. Margret was just as beautiful and smart. She made him laugh and forget about her. She sat with him and told him about her brother and family. How at moments she missed them. They were proud that she worked in EDF but missed her when she left on missions. They would tease her that she would never settle down and her mother would die never having grandchildren from her.

“Hello Mark, how are you feeling today. Anymore pain?” she asked.

“No more now that you’re here.”

“You’re such a smooth talker. You know that once we leave this ship you will forget about me all together. This is only a fling for you.” She giggled at him.

He took her hand and pulled her closer to him. “No this isn’t, Margret I would love to see you more once we land. How about dinner once I clear EDF debriefing.”

“Mark, you don’t have to pretend I will understand if you are only being polite.”

“Margret, I’m not pretending. I’m dead serious. Dinner just you and me.”

“Mark, I don’t want to be one of those rebound girls. I’ve seen it too many times with patients and nurses. Everything is lovely dovey until they leave the ship and then life comes to play. He is called away with promises of coming back to them and then just like that she never sees him again. No thanks not for me.”

“What makes you think I’m like all the others?” he asked her. “I’ll tell you what, I’m willing to take it slow and if you still think I am out for one thing then you can tell me goodbye. I won’t fuss, I’ll just walk away.”

She gave a giggle and said. “You act like you’re making a deal. Okay I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you the chance of dinner and we’ll see where it goes. You have one chance to sweep me off my feet.”

His eyes soften and he became serious, “Margret I really do like you.” He lean closer to her and kissed her on the cheek. “how about a preview as to how I can be. How about dinner in the mess hall?” he stuck out his arm and she slipped her hand through. They walked to the mess hall talking about their lives and laughing.





1st of June, 2207



Wildstar watched as the Argo descended down to her awaiting docking station. His crew sat at their stations checking and rechecking their instruments as she lower down. They called out their status to one another like clock work. Wildstar smile that all was going smooth. He soon would hand her over to the dock master and then head over to EDF headquarters to give them his report as to what happened with the Creston Star. After, he would go home and take his wife in his arms. He called ahead and asked his mother-in-law and father-in-law to hold the kids for one more day so he can spend time with Nova. But first he had to deal with him. His navigation officer finally placed her down and reported back to him, “Sir we are now at stand still. They are hooking her up to the dock.”

Wildstar sighed and said, “very good, commander. Lieutenant Fiji, inform the crew to prepare for quick disembark. I’m sure their families have waited long enough. Commander Glitchman, a moment before you go.”

“Aye aye sir.” Within the hour all ship personal were off the ship and in the arms of their families. Homer informed the bridge crew that they could leave. Wildstar stepped off his platform and walked over to him. “What’s up Wildstar?”

“I have something to do. I preferred not to be disturb is that understood.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now call down to Captain Venture’s room and have him report to the gym.”


“Just get him there.” Wildstar said and left the bridge.


Wildstar stripped off his captain’s jacket and cover and waited until Venture arrived.

 Venture walked into the gym and looked around. He spotted him standing next to the ring. Carefully he walked over to him and stood in front of him. “Wildstar, you asked me to meet you here.”

“No, I ordered you here. We have something to settle.”

“Oh and that would be?”

Wildstar quickly punched him in the face. “You slept with her. Do you honestly think that I would let you move on without getting even with you? I looked the other way when she was pregnant. We weren’t married. But you moved in on her when we were married! She’s my wife and you slept with her. You could’ve walked away. You could’ve told her no. But YOU slept with her! How did you think it would end? That I would forgive you and pat you on the back.” He swung again and Venture ducked.

Stepping back Venture said. “You’re right. I had no right to do what I did. She is your wife. I should’ve walked away. But I can’t take back what happened. Yes I love her. But she will always be yours. I warned you to keep her happy and you put her through misery. She needed you, wanted you, she felt her marriage falling apart. Do you know how hard it was to see her crying over you?! For all I know you could’ve been with someone else.”

“It wasn’t your call to assume that. It was between her and me.” He shoved him and swung again catching him in the chin. Venture was thrown to the ground and grabbed his chin. “get up!”

“I’m not going to fight you Wildstar.”


He stood up and Wildstar took another swing. Venture caught his hand and pushed him back. “No, I won’t do this. Nova would never approve of this. She loves you and she will always love you.”

Wildstar shoved him to the ground again and shouted. “Get up!”

“I won’t fight you Wildstar.”

“You’ll have no choice.”

“You know me as well as I know you. This is a no winning match.” He said as he got up and took a fighting stand.

“Well then there’s only one way to find out.” Wildstar said and then dove at him.




Nova walked on the bridge and found him gone. She started towards the ships top deck when Homer walked onto the bridge to retrieve some flash drive report. “Hey Homer, have you seen Derek?” she asked him.

“Last I know he asked me to send Venture to the gym.”

Nova’s eyes narrow and thought about what he could possibly want with Venture in the gym. She thanked Homer and headed to the gym. As the door opened she heard the commotion in the distance. She walked slowly to the noise and stopped to see them both fighting each other in the boxing ring. She watched in shocked as they went blow for blow. She ran forward and yelled at them. “Stop this right NOW!” She jumped up and into the ring trying to stand in between the two. Wildstar pushed her out of the way and down to the ground. He pushed at Venture hard to be by her side.

“Are you alright?” he asked with concern, then felt a hard hit on his chin. All went black as he drop to the ground.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!” Nova screamed at Venture. She took hold of Wildstar head and held it in her lap and arms. “Derek, baby, are you alright? Wake up baby.” She soothed at him.

Venture watched on as she cried for her husband. He never wanted her to see him as the bad guy but he had to let her see him as that. She would never forgive him for sucker punching him and he would never have to worry about Wildstar thinking that she would come back to him. He had to close the chapter for both of them and this was the only way to do it. “Nova, I’m sorry,”

“For god sakes Mark you didn’t have to hit him.”

“He started it first. I had to finish it.” he said with sarcasms.

“That was just a cheap shot. He wasn’t even looking. You didn’t have to,”

He rolled his eyes and said, “Let me help you bring him to the infirmary.” He stretched out his hand to her a she slapped it away.

“Don’t touch us! I’ll take care of him from here. Go Mark.” He stepped back and looked on as she ran her hand through his hair. “Derek, can you hear me?” he moaned as he came to. His eyes opened and focus to see her next to him. “Oh baby, are you alright?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” He looked across the ring and saw him standing there. “Cheap shot Venture. Let’s finish this.” He said as he got up.

Nova stood up stunned. “Are you kidding me?!” she said. She moved between the two and snapped. “Enough! This ends right now. Derek Wildstar, you are my husband and I love you very much. But this is tearing us apart. You have to let it go. Mark and I have moved on. You need to too. I can’t live like this. He is Alex’s god father and your friend and mine. Please stop it.” she finally pleaded.

Venture lower his hands and said. “She’s right Wildstar. This has to end. I would really like to see Alex and DJ.”

Wildstar stared at his hand and then at his wife. If he didn’t make a mends with him now, she would never forgive him. Slowly he moved his hand towards Marks hand and they finally shook hands. “Sorry.”

“Me too.”

She let out a smile of relief and slid her arm around Wildstar’s waist. She lean in and gently kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you.” She then noticed his chin, red where Venture hit him. “Ouch that must hurt.” She fussed. “Come on I’ll check you both out back in the infirmary. Yes you too Captain Venture.” They headed to the medical ward and Nova told them to sit down. Wildstar and Venture sat quietly next to each other and waited until she came back.

“She can be very pushy.” Venture broke the silence.

“Yeah I know.” Wildstar replied. “Look, Venture I can’t say that we are going to be as before all this happened.”

“Listen, I never expected for us to be the same after what happen. But I am truly sorry. We both knew that it was wrong. Never in a million years’ I thought that Nova and I would ever sleep together. I always thought that we would be friends to our death. And somehow I wished it would still be that way. Can you just find it in your heart to forgive us both and not just her?”

Wildstar stared down to floor and let out a huff. “I can’t promise you’ll have dinner at our place anytime soon. But I can try to make peace with it.” He stood up and faced him. He stuck out his hand and Venture took it. They shook as Nova and Margret walked in. Nova smiled thankful that he wasn’t trying to kill Venture. Nova and Margret worked on them both silently as the two men stared into space in their own thought.

“Alright Captain’s, I think you two look presentable enough to see EDF. Captain Wildstar I will see you at home and Captain Venture. It was good to see you again.” Nova said. “Margret, it’s good to see him smiling again. I hope that one day we can go out and have dinner.” Nova suggested looking at her husband. They clean up the area and all walk out to go their separate ways. Nova left to the house, Wildstar and Venture drove to EDF headquarters and Margret went home.




Venture and Wildstar were held at EDF Headquarters for hours after their arrival. By the end of the evening they were both exhausted. The consent questioning of the same subject became boring. “Well looks like we go our separate ways. Are you going to see Nurse Margret?”

He smirked, “Yeah I think I am. I promised her dinner.”

“Is she the one?”

He scratched his head and blushed. “Yeah, yeah, I think so. She’s very special.”

Wildstar smirked back and stuck his hand out for him to take. “Good luck Venture. I hope it all works out for you.”

“Yeah me too.”

They jumped into their cars and raced to be with the women in their lives. Wildstar ran his hand down his face and felt for the burses on his face. He reached his house and sat in the car looking at it. The light on the porch was on and then he saw the door opened. Nova stood in the door way wondering why he was taking long to come in. She walked down to the car and he stepped out. “Welcome home captain.” She said and gave him a hug. He held her tight in his arms not wanting to let go. “Are you alright, Derek?”

“More then you’ll ever know.” He looked into her eyes and said. “I love you very much. I’m sorry that I acted like a fool. But seeing Venture again,”

She put her finger over his mouth and smiled. “Shh, no more about it, now where are the boys?”

He gave her a sly smile. “I called ahead to your parents and asked if they could keep them one more night. I wanted to spend time alone with you before I share you with anyone.”

“Come on Captain, let’s go make up for lost time.” She said and took hold of his hand and led him into the house.



They laid naked in their bed. Nova had the sheet wrapped around her body and Derek lay on his back looking at her and running his hand up and down her arm. “So what now?” she asked.

“Oh I don’t know maybe round two if you’re up to it.”

“Hmm, give me a minute to recover from this one.” He could see her thinking and he squeezed her hand. “I’m alright Derek, I just thought the boys would be here. I do miss them.”

“I know baby, they’ll be here tomorrow. I just wanted this time with you. How about dinner and then back here and play a little more. Trust me after tomorrow you’ll be thanking me that we had this time together.” He reached up to her face and brought it down to his and kissed her. “I love you.” They dressed and he took her to the restaurant that he first took her too. They ushered them to a table and he held her hand. Nova looked up and stared at the entrance door. Derek turned to see Venture and Nurse Margret waiting to be seated. Although he was famous in his own right, Venture wasn’t as famous as Derek. He was ushered right away to a table and seated in the best table. He never liked to be center of attention. Wildstar seem to take it at ease. He hated when they returned to Earth that the press and paparazzi wouldn’t leave him alone. Even when on dates they annoyed him. He was glad that they shifted their attention to Wildstar and Nova. Wildstar watched as they stood at the bar waiting for a table to be available. He waved over to the waiter and said. “Can you ask Captain Venture and his date if they would like to join us?”

“Of course Captain Wildstar.” The waiter said and walked over to where Venture stood with his date at the bar. “Excuse me Captain Venture but Captain Wildstar and his wife would like to know if you would like to join them with dinner.”

Nurse Margret gave him a shove and Venture said yes. They follow the waiter back to where they were sitting and Wildstar stood up. “Thank you Wildstar they told us the wait would be 45 minutes.”

“Sure anytime. Lieutenant it’s nice to see you again.” Wildstar said as Venture helped her to her seat.

“Thank you Captain Wildstar I am just famished.”

 “It’s my fault I should’ve called ahead. I’m afraid that I don’t get the attention like Wildstar does.”

“Trust me Venture you and the others get to live your lives. Mines is always plaster on the front page of every smut magazine. I’d rather be low key then wondering what they’re going to print of me and Nova. We have shield the kids from all of that but soon they will start to see it and wonder who their parents are. You guys are the lucky ones.” She watched as her husband and friend talked and joked. Margret admired him as he talked about his time in space. Wildstar looked like he was easing back to a friendship with Venture. Nova moved closer to Derek and lean her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. Venture moved his chair closer to Margret and put his arm around her shoulder. Wildstar whispered into Nova’s ear, “we should go and give them some privacy.” Nova nodded and he said. “Well its getting late we should go. Why don’t you two stay and enjoy dessert. The kids are coming home tomorrow and I would like very much to get some much needed sleep. Margret it was a pleasure. Venture take good care of her and good to see you again.” He helped Nova out of her chair and she gave Venture a hug and kiss.

They walked out to the street and waited as the valet brought their car around. Nova hugged him tight and gave him a long kiss. “I’m very proud of you. You took the high road and sat down with him. I hope that you and he can finally become friends again.” He smiled at her and they kissed once more. Their car pulled up and he helped in before jumping into the driver seat. He glanced at the entrance of the restaurant to catch as Venture and Margret walking out. He smiled to himself and pulled the car away.



To be continued…..


Life goes on for the Wildstar. What will the future hold for them? Will it be happily ever after for the young couple? Read on to see what happens next.