Returning New Hope

                  Part 15                 

By Yuki Wildstar



“Sir! We have incoming!” His raider man yelled out over the bridge.

Wildstar stood up from his chair. “How long?”

“Sir, in about 30 seconds!”

Wildstar looked at his XO, “how long to warp?”

He shook his head, “Not enough time.”

“Prepare for impact, Evasive action. Turn her port side 30 degree. Try to avoid getting hit.” Wildstar ordered his crew.

“I’m trying sir!” his helms man called out.

“Prepare for impact in 15 seconds!” his raider man called out.

Wildstar yelled out, “put the ship on red alert. Prepare for impact!”

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Prepare for impact” Wildstar felt the ship jolt to the side as an explosion burst to the starboard side of the ship. The bridge crew held on to the station to prevent from falling to the floor. Silences fell on the bridge as they all heard the explosion die.

“What’s the damage!” he called out.

“We are getting reports now.”

“Sir! Another incoming missile! Two this time!”

“Commander Starkey! Use the shock cannons!” Wildstar ordered.

“Aye, Sir!”

“Find out where their coming from and who they are!” Wildstar screamed out orders.

“Sir we have the report on damages!” his XO informed him. Looking at his tablet he held back as to what he had to deliver.

“WELL what are the damages!” Wildstar yelled.

“Sir, it was the third deck. Some of the officers offices where destroyed.” Wildstar blood went cold and he knew that Nova’s office would be there.

Wildstar turned to his tactical officer, “STOP THOSE MISSILES!”

“Aye, Aye sir!” his tactical officer yelled. He turned and fired their weapons at the incoming missiles. Within minutes the attacked stopped.

“Sir! The enemy ship is on the line.”

“Put it through.” He watched as the monitor focus and clear for a picture. “I am Captain Derek Wildstar of EDF Battleship Argo! Who are you and why are you attacking us?”

“My name is General Belkzar! You are in our territory.”

“Is it part of your custom that you attack without warning?” Wildstar snapped.

“You were with the other fleet and we already gave a warning.”

Wildstar’s anger grew. “If you would’ve notice we were not with the other fleet. We are a single ship passing through. We were about to warp out of your space when you attacked us.”

“Who did you say you were?” he narrowed his eyes.

“Captain Derek Wildstar of the Star Force and EDF Battleship Argo.” He repeated.

“Well, well, well, so we meet again.”

“Excuse me. What do you mean meet again?”

“Years ago when you were escorting the ambassador’s daughter. You managed to talk ambassador Krugon out of releasing the little conniving witch. Had it been me I would have traded her to our enemy. She would have made a prefect mate for some over baring barbarian. At least she would be kept in her place.”

Wildstar looked closer and remembered him from the ambassador’s entourage. He was a tall large man with sinister eyes. “Yes I do remember you and if I remember I apologies to his lordship and your people for her actions. As you can see we are just passing through and wish to continue on to our next destination. We do not wish to get into a scuffle with you, we simply would like to continue along to our next destination.” The last thing Wildstar wanted was to have a turf war with a race he wanted nothing to do with. Plus he was worried about Nova since the missile hit her part of the ship.

“It is not a custom of ours to let anyone in our territory. But since you are a man of his word and honor then I can concur with my superiors. You and your ship may pass.”

“I thank you General Belkzar.” He jester to his communication officer to shut the monitor off and turned to his XO. “Take command, I want us warping out of here in 2 minutes. I need to check on the damages.” He raced off the bridge and ran down to the deck 3. There was debris everywhere and many of the rooms that were used as offices were destroyed. They managed to contain the fire and were finishing off putting the last fire out when he walked into the area. “Lieutenant, is everyone alright?” Wildstar asked.

“We had a few causalities, sir. They were all taken to the infirmary. No fatalities.”

“Was Commander Forrester among them?”

“I’m not sure sir, you might want to go to the infirmary and see if she is.”

“Thank you, you’re doing a great job. Make sure that everything is out and have them start on repairs ASAP.”

“Yes sir.”

Wildstar made his way down to the infirmary, his heart racing and mind wondering. Is she alright? Was she injured badly? He prepared himself for the worst. He walked into the room and looked around. His heart breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her helping one of the other crew members with their bandages. He walked straight to her side and took hold of her arm. He spun her around to face him and he took her into his arms and hugged her. “Captain Wildstar, this is not,” she began to say and he kissed her.

They pulled away and he moved a string of hair from her face. “I was so worried. I don’t care about protocol. I just want to know your safe.”

Her eyes softened and she smiled at him. “I’m alright Derek.” She said softly.

He looked her over and saw she was bleeding on her arm. “You should see the doctor and get this taken care of.” He pulled her towards the doctor that was in the middle of wrapping up another crew member and said. “Doc, can you take care of Captain Forrester.”

“Derek it’s just a scratch. Doctor Manville is busy enough. There are others that need his attention a lot more than me.” She took his arm and walked to a first aid cabinet. “Here you do it.” she smiled.

“Huh? I have no idea,”

She placed her finger on his lips and then removed her jacket. She began to give him instruction on how to clean out the wound and then dress it. “See Captain I knew you could do it,” she smiled wide at him.

“Well I had a great teacher.” He gently kissed her wound and then helped her put her uniform top back on. He giggled and said in a low tone so no one else could hear. “You know this is a first I’m usually doing the opposite and taking your clothes off. Will you be alright?”

“I’ll be alright. You should get back to the bridge.” She said encouraging him to go.

“Fine, as long as you are alright. I’ll see you later.” He said

He walked onto the bridge and over to his XO. “Everything alright?”

“Yes sir, warp went well and 3rd Deck is being repair as we speak. We are getting closer to Iscandar. We should arrive on time.”

“Good, why don’t you wrap things up here and then prepare for the night shift. Commander, Great job today.” He said and headed to his room. Wildstar sat behind his desk and went over the Captains report. It was a close call with Belkzar but he was glad that they didn’t returned fire. All the crew members that were injured were now back at work or recovering within their staterooms. Closing his laptop he took a long breath and looked over to a picture of his children. He thought about what could’ve happen with their mother. How would he tell them that something happened to her? The last thing he wanted was to tell them she was gone. He had to make sure that she returns home to them. It would be another 2 days before they get to Iscandar and he would finally see his brother, Alex. The last time he saw him was when they left Iscandar back to Earth. He decide to stay with his now wife Queen Starsha. His only wish was that his children were with them to finally meet him. Alexander was so much like him in looks and demeanor. He always made it a point to tell his son about his uncle and how much he reminded him of him. Then there was DJ, his name sake. He could hear his brother laughing at him, “he is just like you. Every pain that you gave me is going to be twice on you.” he smirk thinking it. His pride would be Miku his daughter. So vibrant and her smile always melted his heart. She could do no wrong in his eyes. Nova put a bunch of photos together for Alex and he was excited to show him his extend family. He did well with his wife and kids and he knew his brother would be very happy for him. Slowly he prepared to go to bed. He sat up in bed and picked up his phone. He dial her line and waited.

“Commander Foster,” her voice came through the receiver.

“Hello there commander, how is your arm?”

She smiled into the phone and said, “Pretty good. I had a really hot nurse patch me up.”

“Hmm, should I be jealous?”

“Maybe, he was really cute and for some odd reason I just can’t stop thinking of him. He took really good care of me. He was really, really hot.” She purred into the phone.

“Okay Commander, remember there is no fraternization with other officer, you are a married woman.”

“OH? And I am married to who?” she toyed.

“Funny,” he smirked. “I wish you were here next to me. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

“I have an idea, why don’t you come over here and spend the night. After all I am the captain and I can order you.” he said.

“That is one order I have to refuse. We have to maintain protocol, captain. As tempting as it sounds I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“You are no fun at all tonight. As a matter of fact you haven’t been any fun this whole trip.” He whined.

“I’m sorry but in the long run no one can say that you had a favorite. I have to get some sleep, early morning with a complaint about the shower heads. I love you Captain Wildstar.”

“I love you too. Will you have breakfast with me?”

“0600, I’ll be there at our table. Goodnight Captain.”

“Goodnight baby.” He replied.


He stood on the dock and watched as the great ship descended to the calming seas. It has been a long time since they saw each other and wished that it would dock quickly so he can finally see him again. He gazed over to his wife and she returned his stare. She was still as beautiful as ever and the wind flowed through her long blonde hair. He gave her a smile and gently squeezed her hand in excitement. Their daughter stood next to him waving as the ship finally landed in the waters. “They’re here, they’re here,” she yelled as she ran towards the ship as it docked.


“Sasha! Be careful. Wait until it is finally stops and secure to the dock.” He called to her.

“But daddy!”

“Listen to your father, dear.” Starsha warned her.

“Yes mother.” She bowed her head and stood closer to her parents.

Alexander Wildstar stood tall and took a deep breath he was finally here. He watched as the gangway came down to the dock and his younger brother stood at the top of it. He waved at him and wished he would hurry down. Derek Wildstar stood before him and saluted him and waited for him to return his salute. “It’s good to see you again,” Derek Wildstar said.

“It’s good to see you too. It’s been too long little brother.” He stood taller than him and gave him a wide smile. “Sasha, come here. This is your uncle Derek.”

She giggled and then hugged him. “Hello Uncle Derek. You’re just as handsome as your picture.”

Derek laughed and thought she was too flirty with him. He quickly turned and brought Nova closer to him. “Sasha this is your aunt Nova.”

She let out a screamed and hugged her tight. “I’ve heard so much about you and my uncle. Your very pretty, and where are my cousins?” she asked looking over their shoulders.

Nova looked at her and said, “I’m sorry they couldn’t make it this time around. But they all send their love.” She turned her stared to Starsha and Alex, “it’s good to see you both again.”

Alex moved closer to her and hugged her. “Well you are still as beautiful as ever.”

Derek stood before his sister-in-law and bowed. “Your highness,” he took her hand in his and brought it to his lips. “It’s nice to see you again, also. I hope that my brother is treating you well.”

Starsha laughed and said, “Stop embarrassing me. You don’t have to do that. You’re family.” She hugged him and then hugged Nova. “Come, we have so much to show you.” They jumped into the vehicle and Nova and Derek looked on as the once dead planet flourished with people from across the galaxy.  Alex pointed and spoke about what was going on. In the distance their castle stood in the middle of it all. Alex talked about how the remaining Gamilon refugees left their destroyed planet and made Iscandar their home. Once word was out that Deslock and his forces where wiped out others came to start a new life there. Little by little Alex built his forces and word was sent out across the galaxy that it was force to be reckoned with. Derek could see the pride in his face as he talked about what they’ve done and will be doing in the future. Now with communications with Earth he knew that he would be more powerful than Deslock. Nova spoke with Starsha and Sasha about the kids and began to show them pictures of them. He pulled his brother to the side while Nova headed into the castle with Starsha and Sasha.

“How do you like it?” His brother Alex asked.

“It’s a lot to take in. But looks like you have it all under control. It’s better than when we saw it last. I can’t believe that all these people now live here. It was once a dying planet, now look at it.” He looked around amazed.

He beam with pride and stared out to a passing woman and her children. They bowed as He and Derek walked by and waved in their direction. Derek watched as he walked over to her and smiled. He said a few kind words and ruffled the boy’s hair. She thanked him and he walked back to his brother side. “I should go speak with my assistant. Poor lady, she is ill and having a hard time making ends meet.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Help her out. That is what I am supposed to do.” Derek watched as he spoke too many on the way back to the palace. He shook their hands and listened to their tales. He would nod his head and give them some kind words. As an officer in EDF he learned to listen and take notes. But his brother was different now, he now was a diplomat and Derek watched as many looked up to him. He stood proud and confident to what he said and did. “We should hurry back, Starsha is having a dinner for you and Nova and the crew. She wants me to make sure that I get back on time.” He grinned. Making their way back he spoke about his first year there after they left him with the queen. “She is everything I’ve ever wanted. She is loving and giving and compassionate. She has taught me to be opened minded and stop thinking as an officer when need be.”

“I know what you mean, Nova can be very influential.”

“You seem very happy.” Alexander Wildstar smiled at his brother. Although he was far away it wasn’t far enough to hearing about his famous little brother and what has been happening in his life.

“I am.” He looked down to where he was walking and smiled to himself.

“I’m glad that you are. So how do you like Iscandar now?”

“You and Starsha created a great place. It’s almost as nice as Earth. Do you miss home?” he asked him.

“At times, I do. But then I wake up every morning to this and my wife and just say some day I can always visit. How is Great Island, I can still remember the lush trees and beautiful mountain tops. Does the river flow through our old home?”

Derek smiled thinking of it. “It does and it is as still crystal clear as it once was before the planet bombs. I took the kids there once when I had them.” He said then his smiled slipped away. It was when they divorced and Nova was working back and forth in California.

“Is everything alright, looks like I almost lost you.” His brother asked concern.

He shook his head quickly, “No, everything is fine. Just remembering something I would rather forget.”

Alex Wildstar stopped walking and turned to his younger brother. “Hmm, May I say something?” Derek nodded yes. “I heard through passing ships about what happen with you and Nova.” Derek knew what he was going to say next and he held his breath. “Look little brother. It’s not my thing to judge but I thought you love her?”

“I do Alex.” He said

“Well why would you do any of that? Didn’t our mother raise us to be gentleman? Or did she waste her time before she die? Think of Alex and DJ, what do they think of someone treating their mother like that?”

“Trust me, my son made sure that my life was hell. Alex loves his mother very much and didn’t let his guard down for a long time with me. It’s a rotten feeling knowing that your own son hated you and watched you like a hawk making sure that I didn’t hurt his mother again. Till this day I walk on egg shells around him. Though he says he has forgiven me sometimes I see a glimmer in his eye watching me to see if I am going to screw things up again. It’s an uneasy feeling when I am around him.”

“How are things now with her and you?” he asked.

“We are still working things out.” Derek answered. “What was it that you heard, way out here?”

Alex stopped walking again and sat down on a bench that sat in front of the palace and motion him to sit next to him. “About some ambassador’s daughter,” Derek blushed and nodded, looking past him. It was a dark time in his life he wished it would just vanish out of existence and his past. “I am assuming Nova was not happy.” Derek shook his head and felt his eyes sting with tears.

“That happened years ago and I don’t want to go back there again, so please don’t ever bring it up again.” Derek said annoyed and stood up trying to compose himself.

Alex stood up and placed his hand on his shoulder. “I didn’t mean to get you upset. I just thought you might want some advice or just talk. Brother to Brother.”

“Well no thanks, I got this cover. We are fine!” he snapped at him.

“Whoa there, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t bring it up and say something. Mom and Dad didn’t raise you,”

“Well they didn’t raise me completely or have you forgotten that!”

“Derek, look, I’m sorry I know it’s a touchy spot in our lives.”

“Our lives! I was there to find what was left of them, not you! You have no idea what I went through. You place me in the academy and took off. You didn’t stick around long enough for the earth to settle on their graves.” Derek yelled at his brother.

“Enough! Enough! I did the best I could. I visited you every chance I got. I made sure you were alright! There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think of them and you.” Alex snapped back. “You turned out fine didn’t you?”

Derek took a deep breath and stared at him silently. The two Wildstar brothers stood facing each other in silence. Derek Stepped back and took a deep breath. “Look Al, you’re my only brother and I didn’t travel this far to get into with you. I’m sorry.”

Alex eyes laughed and he stuck his hand out to for him to shake. “Your right, you didn’t travel this far. I’m sorry too, I just thought that maybe,”

“Just please stay out of my marriage. I know I’ve made mistakes and trust me she has punished me for it. I’ve lost her and I’m glad that I got her back. I never want to lose her again.”

Alex smiled, “tell me about my nephews and niece.” He said to change the subject.





Nova could see the scowl across his face. She dressed in a nightgown that flow to the ground and sat on the bed in the guest room at the palace. Derek looked out to the city below them thinking of his life. He felt her arms slipped around his waist and then her lips on his neck. He smiled to himself. “Would you like to take a walk in the garden?” she whispered in his ear.

He took hold of her hands and pulled her closer to his back. “It’s late.” He said in reply.

“Oh come on Captain, we haven’t had any time together since we got here. Come on, it’s lovely to walk outside in the moon light.” She pulled him towards the door and they walked out to the garden. Indeed it was a beautiful night on Iscandar. The strange flowers that grew there were beautiful and glowed blue in the moonlight. Derek held her arm through his and she placed her head on his shoulder. “It’s lovely here isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes it is.”

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Depends, what do you mean?” He said.

 Nova stopped walking and looked up into his eyes. “You seem distracted. What did you and Alex talk about?”

He kissed the top of her head and smiled. “Nothing, so don’t go worrying that pretty little head. Alex and I are just fine. So please don’t worry.”

She narrowed her eyes and stared into his face, most of the time she could read his face, but he managed to put on his diplomatic face and it was hard to read it. “If everything is okay then I’m not going to push it, just as long as everything is good.” She said.




Alexander Wildstar looked down to the garden from his room with his wife Starsha. He watched as his only brother and his wife walked through the garden holding hands and stopping to kiss. As he talked with his sister in law and got to know her more he like her a lot. She was smart, witty and extremely beautiful. If their mother were alive she would love her for she was a lot like her, something his brother was not aware of. The night sky was extra bright from Gamilon shining bright in the distance. Starsha sat on their bed watching him stand at the window looking out. “Alex, is everything alright?”

“Yes, everything is fine.” He said still looking out the window.

“Why don’t you come to bed, it’s late.”

“Huh?” he said still looking out.

She frowned to his distraction. “Come to bed, Alex. It’s late.” She said a little louder.

“Be there in a sec,” he continued to stare out.

She got up from their bed and walked over to where he stood, “Alex what is it that you are looking at?” she asked and looked down to the garden. She watched as Derek and Nova walked around the grounds and kissed in the night light. It seemed like a fairy tale as they melted into their arms and kisses. “They look happy.” She said.

“I hope so.” Alex said taking her aback.

“What do you mean you hope? They seem very happy. I can see when she talks about him that her eyes light up. She truly loves him.”

“It’s not her that I am worry about.” He said.

“Alexander, stay out of their lives. This is not for you to fix. He loves her and she loves him. Why would say that anyway?” She was starting to get annoyed with her husband.

“I don’t know but there is something that’s not right with him.”

“The fact that you are butting into his life maybe it, just leave it alone. He is in love with her. If you can’t see that I sure as heck can.” She placed her hands on his face and forced him to look at her. “I can see how much in love with her he is. I don’t see anything that shows that something is wrong with them. Alex you cannot fix everything, and you can’t fix something that is not broken. Now come to bed.”




Nova walked silently next to her husband wondering what was said between the two Wildstar brothers. It always made her unease when Derek was quiet. “Derek really, is something on your mind? I mean it’s best to talk about it then hold it in. You have enough on your plate to hold something in.” She stopped walking and held his face in her hand. “Please don’t shut me out.” She said softly.

He smiled at his wife, “I thought when I came here that my brother would enjoy seeing me, seeing us. But now for some reason I feel like I am under investigation. He is prying into something I am, we are working to forget. It’s none of his business. What happened between us is our problem, not his.”

She listen carefully and then said, “Maybe he feels that he missed out in what has happened in your life. I mean he has been away for so many years. He fell in love and didn’t look back. Now he must feel that he should have been there for you. He never knew if you made it back when we got back from Iscandar until months after. Didn’t he promise your parents that he would look after you if something ever happened to them?” He nodded. “Then he feels like he let them down. Here he is living his life with someone and he forgot about you. Let’s face it, it’s obvious that he’s heard about us. Seems like our lives is everyone else’s concern and he wants to make sure that you are as happy as he is. He doesn’t want you to regret anything you’ve done.”

He stared away, “I’ve regretted a lot of things I’ve done. But I never regretted loving you and the kids. I don’t regret having Alex before marrying you and I never regretted marrying you.” he pulled her close to him and hugged her. “Maybe I should just assure him that I am happy. We are only here for a few days and we should clear the air between us and let him know that for once in my life I am truly happy.”






The Wildstar’s all sat at the table with other diplomats discussing future plans with Iscandar. Derek sat next to his brother on the right while a diplomat sat on his left. Alexander talked about all the ongoing things that have been completed and assuring him that even though he lives in a distance star cluster he also can be put in threats from other galaxies. At the end of the table sat a figure of a man that Derek tried to recognize but couldn’t quite put his mind to it. Who was the strange little man that sat next to his sister in law and wife? He tried hard to remember but couldn’t. Nova stared down the table and smiled at her husband. “I see that you are looking towards the captain’s way often. May I ask who you are?” The older man asked.

Nova turned to him and smiled. “He is my husband. Do you know him?” she asked.

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him many years back when he was on a good will mission. But it’s strange, I thought the woman he was with was his mate. Are you his second added mate?” he grilled her.

Nova stayed composed, “No I have been married to him for almost 11 years. Well,” she looked around to see if anyone was listening in to their conversation. “We did divorce once and remarried a few years later.”

He stared closer at Nova, “I see so the woman he introduced as his mate was not his wife?”

Nova felt her heart stop. It was a question she wanted to know but he never admit to it. She felt her face flush red with anger and she put on her best smile. “I am not sure of that it was so long ago and it might have been while we were divorce.”

“I see,” he leaned closer to her and smiled an uneven greyish color of a smile. Nova always wonder why alien heads, even Earth Diplomats’, never took care of their teeth. It was an unappealing look and made him look more sinister then what he truly was. It didn’t help that he was short stoat of a man that was overweight and his skin a dark beige color that made him look older than his years. “To tell you the truth I like you more than that other woman. She was too pushy and demanding and not nearly as pretty as you are.”

Nova smiled and looked down Derek’s way. He looked at her and saw the frown on her face and then it hit him. The diplomat sitting next to his wife was the same man that he negotiated with for Mei life. He ran into him twice in his mission and the last time they met again he had to introduce Mei as his wife to stop from arresting her yet again and killing her. Nova face told it all that he mentioned it. Now he had to explain his introduction of Mei something he hoped that would never surface. When they finally got back together she asked if he ever called her his wife and he denied it, now it finally came out. The Universe is not as large as he thought. His affair with Mei will always haunt them. He tried to give her a smile and she looked away annoyed with the conversation she was having with the diplomat. Dinner could not be over fast enough for him to speak to her. At cocktails he step behind her and slipped his arm around her waist. “Why don’t we go for a walk and dodge this party.” He whispered into her ear.

Nova sipped her wine and said in a low tone. “Now is not the time. We will talk later. Now get your hands off me.”

Derek stopped swaying and stepped back. Yes, she was totally pissed at him and he knew that he was in for a long night of a fight. He watched as she walked away from him and stood next to his brother. Derek Wildstar faded to a small part of the room and watched as she talked with his brother and Starsha then made her way around the room. By the time the party ended he was afraid of returning to their room. Alex finally found his brother in the corner staring out to the crowed of people. “So this is where you been all night. Did you enjoy yourself? It was a nice turn out. Some spoke highly of you. I am impressed that you hold so much clout. Why hiding?” he asked.

“You’ve been to one political function you’ve been to them all. I am not much of a politician. Nova is much better at it than me.” He smiled as she yawned as one diplomat talked her ear out. “To tell you the truth Al, this is not my scene. I think I should go it’s getting late. We only have three more days here before we head back to Earth. I have a lot to do.”

Alex pulled him back and said, “Are you and Nova alright? You haven’t spent one minute with her.”

“Lay off of it Al, this is none of your business. I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t need you in my marriage, so butt the fuck out.” He said under his breath as he walked towards the door and out of the room.

Nova watched from the distances and saw his brother’s face. Something was said between the two that heated up the tension again. She excused herself from the group and walked over to Alex. “Where did he go?”

“To bed is what he said. But if I know him he just wanted to get the hell out of here.”

“He always hated being the center of attention and I don’t blame him.” She smiled at her brother in law and kissed his cheek. “I should get to bed myself. I feel something coming on and I should rest. It was a nice evening. I will see you and Starsha in the morning. I promise Sasha that I go with her to her special hiding place again. Good night Alex.” She said and quickly walked away to their room. She walked into room and looked around to see him not there.  “Hmm, where is he?” she said out loud. She walked out to their balcony and he sat there looking out to the stars. “I didn’t know where you went.” She said.

He looked up, a frown on his face, “wasn’t sure if you were still talking to me.”

“I wasn’t sure if I was after the little conversation with the Diplomat of Cygnus.”

“Nova, I should explain.”

“What’s there to explain? I have asked you about it and you flat out denied it. So what is there to explain?” she said annoyed.

“It was complicated, she was being held hostage and I had to get her out of it. I later ran into him and just said that we were married.” Nova stood there un-phased as to what he said. She was feeling cheated again. He lied to her again. When they got back together she was honest and expected him to be too. They talked about everything and she had him promise that he would tell her anything she wanted to ask. The one question was did they act like husband and wife while they were in space. “Nova I thought that it wouldn’t matter.”

“Well it did matter. You have no idea about what position it puts me. The fact that I was slapped in the face yet again about your affair is like throwing salt into an old wound. I asked you to be honest with me. I asked you if you acted like husband and wife, and you told me, No. Yet I sat next to someone that said you introduce HER as your WIFE! Needless to say how awkward it was for me to explain our private life to him. So thank you for putting me in that situation.”

“I never thought that we would see him again. I can’t apologies enough. It’s in the past but if you want to talk about it,”

“I’d rather not even get into that conversation. If we start with it I am only going to lose my temper and right now I don’t feel well. So if you would excuse me I’m going to bed.” She stood tall and walked back into the room.

“Damn it!” he said to himself. He sat outside for a few minutes to give her space to calm down. He got up and walked back into the room. Nova was already dressed for bed and lying down. He hated that his past with another woman would haunt him once again. He didn’t tell her about that because he didn’t want to see her hurt. It killed him to see her with someone else and he could imagine how she would feel if she found out that at one time he called her his wife. So he decided that it would be a secret that he would carry to the grave with him, but the universe is not that big. He lay down next to her and ran his hand over her leg. “Nova please, let’s talk about this. I don’t want to go to sleep mad at each other.”

“Please leave me alone. I’m tired and not feeling well after my conversation with that troll of a man. It makes me sick to my stomach to listen to him about you and HER. My stomach is still upset.” She turned over and pulled the covers over her body. She wanted to just go to bed and forget about what happened and here is her husband pushing the issue.

“Please Nova, you know I can’t sleep when you’re like this. Please talk to me.” He begged.

“What do you want to talk about!” she snapped.

“Well um, we should get this out in the opened and clear this up.”

She sat up and stared him in the eye. “Okay, let’s talk about it! You had an affair with HER! You called her your wife to save her! You then came home thinking that I would never find out. But you were wrong. I knew months in advance when our sons came home with newspaper clippings. I left you and moved away hoping that you would never find us but you found anyway. We went our separate ways, you with HER and me with my kids. Somehow we got back together, we talked about it and put all our cards on the table. Or at least I thought we did. But somehow once again YOU’VE manage to hide something again and I was faced with yet another lie. So what is it that you want to talk about because I think I got it all covered. Geeze all I could think about is what IF our kids came with us here and were face with someone like that asking about their father.” She threw herself back onto the bed and huffed. “Have I covered it all?”

Derek sat next to her silent. What could he say? She hit it all in one sentence and he was tired of apologizing about it. “I think you’ve covered it. So are we good or are you going to continue this shitty mood in the morning.”

Nova looked up at him and gave him a deadly look. “You are such a shit.” He stuck his tongue out she couldn’t help but to smile. He gave her a crooked smile and lean down and nuzzled his lips on her neck. Nova giggled and pushed him away. “Stop it!” she giggled. He pinned her down and began to kiss her gently on her neck and moved closer to her lips. “Derek, stop it! I am supposed to be mad at you.”

“I’m sorry, should I stop and you can stay mad?” he said in a low deep voice. “I guess its best that I go to another room. I’m sure Alex and Starsha has more than enough room in this place for me to crash.” He started to get up and she pulled him back to the bed. He smiled and kissed her again. “So are we alright?” she nodded her head. “Good cause I sure as heck don’t want to spend a night alone on this beautiful planet, in this beautiful castle knowing that I have a hot looking girl all alone in this room.




Nova walked along the river bank with Sasha at her side. They giggled and spoke about Alex, DJ and Miku. Nova told her stories about them and showed her pictures of her cousins. Starsha, Alex and Derek looked on in the distance as laughed and chased each other. Derek smiled wide as he heard her laughing and playing with his niece. “She is very good with kids.” Alex tapped him on the shoulder and said.

“She is.” He said with pride. “Our kids protect her like a lion.”

“Tell me more about her. It’s obvious that she loves you and all I know about her is when we met all those years ago.”

Derek couldn’t help but smile. “Well she’s very smart. She has a lot of compassion with other but she doesn’t take crap from anyone. She can stand on her own and protects our children like a lion. Not to mention the kids love and adore her and protect her as well. She is one of the top officers in EDF. Do you know who her father is?”

“I’ve heard through the grape vine that he is a powerful man. Ruthless when it comes to business. Which concerns me, how is he with you?”

“I can handle him. I have to respect that he loves his daughter. But Nova will never let him interfere with our marriage. She makes sure that what happens in our lives that he is the last to know. Anyway I waved my rights to any money when I signed the prenup. I don’t want her money I want her.” He stopped talking and took a second to collect his thoughts. “Listen Al, I know you have concerns about me, but trust me I am all grown up now. You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I’m not the little brother, I am a grown man now.”

“I guess you’re right, it’s your life and I can’t treat you like a little kid anymore.” He smiled, “I’m proud of you. Every diplomat that I run into has nothing but good words about you. Mom and Dad would be very proud.”

“You know she named Alex after you.” he changed the subject.


“Funny, when she was in a coma she came to me in my dream and called him Alex. It didn’t dawn on me that she was planning on naming him that.”

“In a coma?”

“It was the worst time in my life. After she gave birth to Alex she slipped into a coma. She was under for about 5 weeks. I had a crash course on how to take care of an infant. It was the hardest thing I had to do. Anyway how is the galaxy without Deslock around?”

“Quiet. Very quiet. Though I find Starsha looking up to Gamilon at times. You know they had a thing in the past.”


“She had to end it because he was just going off the deep end in conquering other worlds.”

“I see, but you and her?”

Alex Smiled, “We are fine little bro. We are very much in love.” He giggled and then said. “Okay I got it. I will never pry into your marriage. I can see she loves you and you love her. I just want to make sure that you are done with the past. I remember how you were quite naive about women. Especially with that one girl what’s her name?”


“Yeah Vicky, she was a piece of work.”

Derek sighed, “I believe she still is. Last I heard she hooked up with someone 4 times her senior and married.”

“I’m so glad you dumped her. I thought for a moment there you and she would marry.” Derek looked away and was glad that he didn’t know about his time with her while Nova was pregnant. It would have made it awkward and he didn’t want to relive it. “All I kept thinking was about mom. If she was still alive she would’ve hated her. She was self-centered, annoying, loud and just plain crazy.” He said making Derek laugh.

“Well at least I had a girl friend.”

“Hey listen little boy, I already knew that I wasn’t going to settle down until I was thirty. I liked being free to see who ever I wanted and taste all the flavors.”

“Does your wife know you talk like this?” he joked.

“Ha! I would never tell her about my shady past with women. That is something that is in the past and needs to stay there. Anyway, she is my wife and I love her deeply. I would never go back to my shady womanizing days.” His words made Derek cringed; he never thought that he was a womanizer just stupid and naive towards them. But he never denied that he loved his wife. “I’m sorry Derek,” he heard him say.

“For what?”

“For not being there for you throughout your adult life.”

Derek smiled, “Alex you had your own life to deal with. Although it would have been great to have someone to talk too, I mean Sandor was helpful but he wasn’t my brother. But please don’t feel bad about not being there. Like you said, I am an adult and I had to handle my own life. Now when are you coming to Earth to see your niece and nephews? Alex would love to meet his name sake. You know he’s starting to look more and more like you. He has the Wildstar looks for sure.”

“Oh? Well you and Nova better watch out for all the girls.”

“Well they won’t have to worry about me it’s their mother that they will have to worry about.”

“Daddy!!” Sasha screamed making them both look in her direction. She pointed to the sky and they watched as a ship come from out of the sky. Alex waved her back to them and started towards the cars awaiting to return them back to the palace.

Alex lean forward and told the driver, “Take me to the docks, and then take Sasha and my sister in law back to the palace. Have them lock it down.”

“Yes sir!”

“But daddy I want to see our new guest.” She pleaded.

Nova wrapped her arm around Sasha’s shoulder and said. “Maybe this is something your father has to do. Why don’t we go back and you can show me your new doll house.” Sasha smiled and giggle with delight. She quickly forgot about the new arriving ship and became excited to showing her Aunt her new Doll House. Derek smiled at her and Alex whispered, thank you.

They rolled up to the docks and quickly jumped out of car and stood before the massive ship that now dock two station from the Argo. Derek watched as a young officer ran towards them breathing heavily from the run. He stood at attention and saluted Alex. “Sir, they landed without permission. We stressed that they were not cleared to land but they did anyway.”

“I see, and the captain of the ship?”

“A General Belkzar.”

Derek’s eyes widen and wonder what was in store for his brother. They waited until the gangway lowered and Belkzar walked down with his entourage. Alex stood tall and watched him as he walked towards him. He seemed like a pompous man that thinks he rules the universe. He stood face to face with Alex and sneered. “I am General Belkzar of the planet Cygnus.”

“How can I help you General?” Alex asked.

“My ship was in need of repair and your planet was the only one with the supplies we needed.”

“Don’t you think you could’ve announced your intentions before landing? You’re lucky that your ship wasn’t shot down. I specifically gave orders to shoot any incoming ship that do not announce their intentions.”

“I would have announce my intention but our communication system was completely out!” he snapped.

Alex felt his anger grow and said. “I see, at the moment we cannot offer you any assistance.”

“I thought that Iscandar was a planet to help those in need.” He sneered.

Alex tried to keep a grin on his face and said. “It is for non-hostile races.”

“Are you implying that we are a hostile people?”

“General Belkzar, it is known that your planet has been using force against other planets and at the moment we are still a neutral planet. Please do not make me pull back on my wife’s beliefs. I must ask that you and your crew stay aboard your ship and wait until we can get someone to help you with restoring your communication system.”

“What? You’re not asking me to have dinner with her highness?” He said sarcastically.

Alex narrowed his eyes and stood straight reaching his full height. “At the moment my wife would rather have dinner with an old boar then someone like you. Now please return to your ship and wait.”

Belkzar look from Alex Wildstar to Derek Wildstar. “Captain we meet once again?” Derek gave him a nod and stood next to his brother. “Seems we keep running into each other at the oddest places, and the winch that you were escorting is she with you again. I only wish the ambassador was not present because I could have had my way with her.” Derek’s temper began to rise and Alex placed his hand in front of him. “Seeking refuge within the Iscandar ruling? Well I only hope that you and I do not meet in other circumstances.”

“Are you threating me?” Wildstar step forward.

“Let it go Captain.” Alex said while placing his hand in front of him. “General, please return to your ship. I will have someone over to help with your communication system as soon as possible. The sooner its fix the sooner you can leave.” He waved over to his royal guards and ordered them to escort him back to his ship. He saluted the general as they walked him back to ship.

“Sorry Alex, but he was annoying the crap out of me.”

“It’s obvious that he doesn’t like you. Would you like to explain why?”

Derek blushed and looked away. “Not at this time. It’s a long story and REALLY bad memories.”

“Oh? I have time.”

“I rather not, so let’s get back to the palace.”




Within the day the Cygnus ship was repaired and sent on its way. General Belkzar looked down to the planet and rubbed his chin, we shall meet again Captain. He thought. With a quick sweep of his cape he walked back to the bridge of his ship. “Prepare to warp!” he ordered. He thought back to when he first met the great Captain Wildstar. That women he was escorting was a feisty one. She fought him to the teeth. How he wanted to make her feel the pain to shut her up when they detained her. She had to the nerve to come down to the planet unannounced and speak with one his leader. The goal of the women thinking she can just show up and see him. He placed her under arrest and dragged her to their jail. He sat with her while Wildstar and his leader negotiated her released. While sitting with her she talked the whole time. He finally had enough and slapped her hard across the face. “SHUT UP YOU SLUT!”

“How dare you place your hands on me! Do you not know who I am!” She stood up and straighten her dress. “I am Captain Wildstar Wife and Ambassador to Earth!”

She was beautiful he thought and stepped closer to her. “Then he is a fool to allow you to come here on your own. Do you not know your place woman!”

“What is my place,” she said in defiance.

He stepped closer that she can feel his breath on her. He ran his hand through her hair and smiled an evil smile that sent chills down her spine. He pressed his lips on hers and she try to fight to look away. He grabbed her face and made her kiss him back. She bit down hard on his lip and he pulled away in pain. He could taste the blood in his mouth. He drew back ready to slap her again when his man stepped in and said he was there to fetch her. “You are lucky winch.”

She smiled back in triumph, “Sorry not tonight, I am sure my HUSBAND will love to hear about how well you treated me. He might just thank you personally.” She followed the officer out and said over her shoulder “Jerk” How he wanted her to pay for that. If it wasn’t for Wildstar he would had have his way with her. He spoiled it for him and swore that he would make him pay. Once again he alluded him and he swore that the next time it will not happen. Captain Wildstar will see the day to know who he is. And if he ever got a hold of his mate she will be his to rule. “How long to warp!” he asked.

“In 2 minutes sir.” His officer announced.





“Well that was interesting,” his brother said.

“Tell me about it.” Wildstar replied.

“I hope that you don’t run into him on the way back. After what you told me.” Alex said. Till that day Wildstar still was a little baffled as to why the general wanted him dead. And speaking with Mei she never mentioned anything to want happened with her and him. He only knew that he didn’t like him. “Well let’s get back. I am sure that you will need to start preparing for departure. I am going to miss you and Nova little brother.”

Wildstar smiled at his older brother and said. “We will miss you too. I hope that one day you can come see the kids.” But deep down in his stomach he felt unease to the General and his threats. Two days later Wildstar and Nova stood on the gangway of the Argo and said their goodbyes to Alex and Starsha. “Starsha it was great to see you again.”

“It’s always a pleasure to see my only favorite brother in law. I hope to come to Earth one day and see those Nephew’s and my lovely niece.” Starsha hugged him and then turned to Sasha. “Sasha come say goodbye to your uncle.”

Sasha smiled and gave him a tight hug. “Goodbye Uncle Derek. I hope that daddy will let me travel soon and come see you.”

“Sasha!” her father snapped. “He is your uncle, not some prospected man. I’m sorry Derek she is like a teenager.”

Wildstar smirked, “I understand. This is what I have to look forward to with Miku.” He shook his brother hand and Nova gave them all a hug goodbye. “Love you Alex.”

“Love you too little brother.”  They watched as the Argo took off and departed into the sky. Alex wondered what will become of his baby brother.



To be continued . . . .


Now with communication established with Earth, the younger Wildstar bid a farewell to the older. What will their journey be like on the way home? Read on to see what happens next.