May 23, 2202

0330 hours


In two separate hotel rooms on the New England coast, two people dreamed simultaneously.


“Trelaina,” the man in the first room said, “I wouldn’t have hurt you for the world.  I loved you.  Part of me always will.”


“I know that, my darling.  But our time together was not meant to last.  It was not possible – our worlds, our paths were very different.”  The woman Trelaina’s voice was pitched impossibly high.  She was surrounded by a golden aura, as though she was lit from inside.  She touched the man’s shoulder.  “You must not grieve for me, Mark.  I am at peace, united with my family.  Your peace lies with Carina.  With her you have the chance for a long life brimming with love and happiness.”


“Thank you, Trelaina.  And you will always be a part of that happiness.”



Down the hall, the woman was teary-eyed in her sleep.  “I’m sorry, Daniel.  I never expected to fall in love again, but –“


“Don’t apologize.  I never expected you to be alone for the rest of your life.  And Venture is a good man – if I could have hand-picked anyone on Earth for you, it would have been him.  He will love you and take care of you for the rest of his life.”


“I believe he will.”  She blushed happily.  “But I don’t want you to be unhappy.”


“I couldn’t be happier than I am, believe me.  And I’m happy for you…”



Trelaina nodded.  “But Mark, I must warn you.  A day will come when you will have to make an important choice.  Try to remember that this decision will affect not only you, but those you love and those who love you as well.  Your fate is not written in stone – you have the power to change it.”


“My fate?  Trelaina, what are you talking about?”


“I cannot tell you more.  But think of her above all other things, and you will be happy for many years.”



“…But Carina, you need to know that this love carries great responsibility.  You have more than the power to make him happy.  You have the power to save him.”


“To save him?  Save him from what?  He’s a far better fighter than I could ever be.”


“That’s true.”  He smiled at her.  “But one day he’ll have a decision to make.  Your love can give him the emotional strength to change his destiny – to choose life over duty.”


“His destiny?  You’re not making any sense.  What –“


“I’m not allowed to explain it to you.  Carina, just give him the love he deserves and you’ll have nothing to worry about.  You’ll grow old together in a happiness that few people have experienced.”



The man and the woman both awoke, confused, but soon drifted back into their peaceful sleep.  By morning the dreams had left them completely, save for a vague idea that their love was more important for both of them than they had imagined, and the sense that those they had lost were happy with them.