End of Days

Written By: Jeff Lincoln

Day 2562 Twice the Damage

7 Years After the Destruction of Earth

0900 Galman Homeworld Time

SpacePort Number 39 - Space Battleship Yamato Gantryway

When they found out about Yamato's return Dash, Eager, and Homer couldn't beleive it. They debated on the idea for hours, Dash was adament that it was some sort of Galman trick. Eager was heart broken, he thought that Yamato should've remained at Earth, a tribute to those that had died. Homer was exstatic, finally a chance to strike back at the Bolar Federation AND the Mauritanian Empire. Though divided on opinion on the return of the ship, they remained adament on the second half of the information, that Commander Wildstar was alive. They thought it was completely impossible for a man killed by the Wave Motion Gun to come back.

Even as Yamato lowered down into the atmosphere and settled into the drydock they doubted what they were seeing. Yamato still damaged was returning to them. As soon as the gantryway was extended and lowered they took off running into the ship. They rounded corner after corner, as they made their way up to the bridge. As the doors opened they were met by three beam rifle barrels.

"Hold it!" The Galman soldier exclaimed aiming at Homer's face. "What are you doing up here this is a restricted area."

Dash slapped the weapon away, "Oi, this is our ship to begin with. Get out of my way before I report you to Emperor Desslok." The soldier grunted and raised the weapon against Dash's forehead.

"Try that again human and your brains will be plastered across the deck." The soldier said flicking the safety off. The weapon hummed angrily as its power increased.

"Private that is enough!" Masterson said walking up behind them. "These men are honored guests and this is THEIR ship let them pass." The soldier nodded. He flicked the safety back on and stood at attention, his back against the wall.

"What's going on Masterson? Desslok didn't mention you being here." Homer said stepping forward, his head swinging left and right examining the damaged bridge. From across the room behind Masterson a loud sigh echoed the bridge.

"You guys haven't changed at all have you?" Wildstar said to them without turning his chair around.

Eager leaned around Masterson and snorted, " 'You guys?' Don't presume to know us. None of you Galmans know us...besides Emperor Desslok of course."

Wildstar laughed, "Trust me, I know you all better than you think."

Homer crossed his arms, "Really? Just who are you then?" Wildstar closed his eyes, rose out of his chair, and faced his friends. Homer immediately dropped his arms to his sides and let his jaw drop. Dash took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes rapidly. Eager pointed his left index finger and then fainted.

Wildstar raised an eyebrow at Eager's reaction, "Ok I guess I didn't know he'd do that..."

"This isn't some sort of trick is? I mean is it really-" Homer said shaking his head rapidly.

"No this isn't some trick Homer, it's really me. Or do you need to galavanting around the ship trying to coinvince everyone that I'm some sort of optical illusion?" Wildstar said raising a hand in question. "Because honestly this routine of 'Is it really him?' is getting quite boring."

"But we saw you die!" Dash said placing his glasses back on. "No one could've survived the Wave Motion Gun."

Wildstar crossed his arms, "Desslok did..." Dash and Homer looked at each other and remembered Dessloks return in 2201. "Are you guys going to doubt the idea that if Desslok could survive the Gun, I can too?"

Dash shrugged, "Give us one shread of proof and we'll beleive you."

"I can always show you what it's like to be dead for 7 years due to it." Wildstar said shrugging. Dash and Homer blinked a few times and laughed. Wildstar raised an eyebrow and thought to himself, "Did I say something funny?"

"Well if the sense of humor don't tell it all, nothing will." Dash said between laughes.

Homer walked over to Wildstar and extended his hand, "Welcome back Wildstar. I'm sorry that I doubted you, you of all people."

Wildstar shook his head and instead of shaking Homers hand he pulled him into a bear hug, tears welling up in his eyes, "It's great to see you guys again. Sorry for being gone so long, I was...busy."

"Um...Wildstar you're hurting my back." Homer said pushing against Wildstar's shoulder, " should save the emotion stuff for Nova." Wildstar instantly released Homer.

"She's here?"

Homer shook his head with a sigh, "I'm sorry Skipper, but she's at a Space Camp in the Andromeda Galaxy. Desslok did his best to free as many of us as he could. Dash, Eager, and I barely made it out of the Mauritanians hands alive." Wildstar bowed his head with a sigh, Homer placed a hand on Wildstar's shoulder and continued, "Just look at the bright side though, we can free them all now."

"He's right Commander." Desslok said stepping out of the stairwell, his black cloak flowing behind him. "You've got Yamato once again, your crew is alive, and now you've got allies willing to help you."

Wildstar looked up and smiled, "That means alot coming from you Desslok." Desslok raised his hand to Wildstar and he shook it, "Together we'll get my people back."

Desslok nodded, "We'll get them back, all of them. The ones in the captivity of the Bolars and the Mauritanians."

"Even the Bolar's have them? Something tells me this is going to be a long journey..." Wildstar said bowing his head.

"Don't give up Wildstar, Sandor, Knox, Doctor Sane and Yamazaki are the closest of targets." Desslok said placing a hand on on Wildstar's shoulder, "Come Wildstar, lets let the Engineers begin working on Yamato. I've already arranged for living quarters in the Imperial Palace."

"Thank you Desslok but I'm afraid I will be staying aboard Yamato. This is my home now." Wildstar said looking back up at Desslok, "Desslok can we talk for a moment? In my quarters?"

"As you wish Wildstar, Masterson knows what to do." Desslok said waving towards Masterson who returned a nod. Desslok quickly followed Wildstar up the stairwell and entered the topmost section of Yamato, Captain Avatar's room. Wildstar waited for a moment until Desslok was inside the room and quickly locked it.

"How bad is the war going?" Wildstar asked, his hand still on the door.

Desslok let out a sigh, "We're expecting an attack on Galman any day now. I won't lie to you Wildstar, the war is almost lost."

"You expecting me to help you?" Wildstar said turning to Desslok, anger hidden in his voice.

"No I'm not Wildstar. I've done terrible things and regret them all. Given our history, I'd atleast expect a friend to understand atleast. Doesn't mean I'm going to force him to join forces with me."

Wildstar nodded, "I see you've still got some compassion inside you. Desslok once humanity is saved, where would we go? Earth is gone and I doubt the Bolars would want to help us out."

"There aren't many systems out there that hold Earth-like planets." Desslok said crossing his arms. "How long would you be willing to search for a new home?"

"Until I die. You'd know I'd do anything to protect Ear...humanity." Wildstar sat down on the open bed and placed an open palm on his eyes, "I've messed up Desslok and this is a mistake that I can not take back."

"Now you know how I felt when Gamilon was destroyed."

"Which time? When we destroyed it or when you decided to attack the people mining the planet?"

Desslok shrugged, "Both. I was heart broken, defeated, and I vowed to make the StarForce pay. Then again, if it wasn't for Nova, we wouldn't even be talking."

Wildstar chuckled, "I suppose your right about that...God, Nova...I miss her so much."

"You'd be surprised at the intel we've got on her...she's not exactly the kind of person that goes around un-noticed." Desslok said sitting down in Avatar's old chair.

"Tell me what you know." Wildstar said lying down on the bed.

Desslok nodded and began, "She's no longer known as Nova Forrester anymore, it's Nova Wildstar. She's been moved from seventeen different space camps to her final one, all for being the destroyer of Earth. Mark Venture has also been relocated with her, all because he helped her blow up four power plants."

"Nova did that?" Wildstar asked raising an eyebrow.

"She was trying to free some children that were going to be executed, she needed some sort of distraction." Desslok said closing his eyes and crossing his arms, "From what we've gathered the Mauritanians are not a...sane people. They hate humanity with a passion and their hate for women and children are just as strong."

"Genocidal mainiacs is more like the words for it. Please continue." Wildstar said with a sigh.

"Another thing you should know is that Mark Venture has been along side her for a great time now. Not as a couple but more as her protector. He is married now and has a son of his own." Desslok said, "Wildstar I must say no matter what happens it seems your crew has always managed to survive everything that has been thrown at them."

"I'm not in the mood to hear that Desslok." Wildstar said giving Desslok a quick scowl.

Desslok swept his arm infront of himself, "I'm sorry Wildstar. Just know that the Galman Empire is at your service."

"Desslok...why are you trying to help us? And dispense with the bull." Wildstar said as he stood up from the bed.

"I feel I owe you all a great deal, you saved me from myself, helped try to save Iscandar when Gamilon exploded." Desslok said with a shrug. "To me the StarForce is my distant family and I hate to see a broken family. I also feel that I must atone for my attempts of destroying humanity. Therefore I will do anything to see it restored to its former glory and power."

Desslok turned and stretched out his arm, "Behold, Planet Starsha. Humanities new home, if they choose to live there. It's a Earth-like planet with enough food and water to sustain two Earths. Humanity can and will thrive there, AND if the Bolars and Mauritanians are defeated, it shall become a protected, not ruled, territory of the Galman Empire."

Wildstar's eyes went wide and then began to tear up. "Thank you Desslok."

Desslok extended his hand, "Together we will free humanity from its genocidal keepers." The two shook hands and realized that they had been destined to work together even after all the wars they had faught against one another. Suddenly alarms began blarring throughout the ship Desslok and Wildstar instantly looked out the main window and saw planet bombs colliding against the surface of Galman.

"They're here...they've finally come for my home planet..." Desslok said clenching both fists and closing his eyes. "Today is the day we repay all debts..."

The final hour for the planet Galman has come. Will the Bolar Federation finally destroy Desslok and his people? Or will the Bolars finally be pushed back? More importantly however, will Yamato survive the encounter and continue it's journey through the stars?

Yamato strikes in 243 days.

This chapter is dedicated to the men and women behind the scenes, continually working on Space Battleship Yamato.

Here ends book one of the End of Days Saga. Thank you all for reading this start of a new adventure, more will come with time. This first book is dedicated to Pastor Jeff Francoeur, the greatest influence on my life and christian faith. Thank you for everything.