End of Days

Written By: Jeff Lincoln

Day 2560 The Long Wait

7 Years After the Destruction of Earth

1230 Mauritanian Time

Mauritanian Space Camp Number 3 - Nova Wildstar's House

As the years slowly ticked by Nova began to accept the fact that she would be stuck here, on this...dump. There was no hope where she was, no peace, and no sign of rescue. To the survivors of Earth, Yamato was nothing but a distant and forgotten memory, the Gamilon Invasion of 2199, nothing, the destruction of the Comet Empire, a myth, and the occupation of the Dark Nebula Empire, simple. To many, death seemed like a gift rather than a curse.

As Setsuna ran about the 'yard' playing happily Nova sighed, "Derek I really wish you could be here." Nova smiled as Setusna turned around and ran towards her. She smiled liked Wildstar and it made her happy to see his features in Setsuna.

As Setsuna got closer Nova saw that she held a peice of paper in her small hands. "Mommy look! I made this for you!" She held up the small object and presented it to her mother. In her hands was a picture of the Yamato. Nova took it and blinked a couple of times. She smiled as the happy memories of her time with the StarForce returned as well as the happiness of the children of Earth in 2199.

"Where'd you learn about the Yamato sweetheart?" Nova asked looking at Setusna with a smile.

"Billy's mom told me. She said that you were part of the crew and showed me a picture of the ship." Setsuna giggled.

Nova laughed, "The Venture's really do know how to inform kids, guess that's what makes them great teachers." Nova brushed Setusna's nose and hugged her, "I love the picture Setsuna, thank you for drawing it."

"Did you look at the back?" Setusna asked.

"Back?" Nova flipped the picture over as she hugged Setsuna. On the back was a picture of brown haired man in a red StarForce uniform. "Who's this?"

Setsuna gently pushed away from Nova and sat in her lap, "Daddy...I know I don't know what he looks like but that's what Billy's mommy said he looked like."

Nova looked at it again and realized that Setsuna was right. She let a tear drop and she hugged Setusna tighter from behind and kissed Setsuna on the back of her head. "Thank you so much Setsuna, I love it." Setsuna giggled as she turned around and returned her hug. They let go of each other and looked out from the 'porch' and saw the suns beginning to set. On the horizon they saw the shacks like theirs as well as the giant spiraling gaurd towers and landing pads.

Setsuna looked out as well and saw Billy and his dad walking towards the house. Billy waved and let go of his fathers hand and ran towards Nova and Setsuna. His father shook his head and laughed and waved to Nova, who returned the wave and stood.

"Go on and play with Billy, but don't go too far Setsuna." Nova said as Setsuna opened the gate. Setsuna nodded with a smile and ran out of the gate with Billy right on her tail.

Nova smiled and watched them run off. Venture opened the gate of the 'yard' and walked up to Nova.

"They grow up fast don't they?" Venture asked.

"Yes they do Venture." Nova said, "I only wish they had the oppertunity to grow up on Earth like we did."

Venture raised an eyebrow, "You mean in underground cities with radiation slowly seeping downward?"

Nova laughed and gently pushed his shoulder, "No, although that wouldn't be too bad compared to this place...guess their could be worse fates..."

Venture nodded and sat down on the porch, "Can't beleive it's been seven years...I find myself 'visiting' Yamato more and more often." Venture looked up at the sunset, "Nova, I keep thinking that Yamato is still out there and on her way, with the Cowboy of Outer Space commanding her."

"One can only wish Venture." She sat down and laid her head against his shoulder, "I miss him Mark, I miss him so much." They both sighed and let reality sink back in. Nova looked up at him and began to speak again but was cut off by the screams of Setsuna.

Instantly they both stood up and ran out of the 'yard.' They found Billy on the ground his knees cut up and Setsuna being held up by her arm, her feet dangling 3 feet off the ground. A Mauritanian soldier was holding her up and chuckling.

"Human females are so weak, why even bother to have them. Just a bunch of useless animals." He said with a laugh.

"You there! Put that girl down NOW!" Venture exclaimed as he rounded the corned seeing the scene. Nova stopped with a gasp, she began to run but Venture held up his arm blocking her.

"Who are you to tell me to do that, heretic?" The soldier asked with a growl, "Last time I checked you answered to us!"

"Put her down right now or else-"

"Or else what? You'll kill me?" The soldier laughed, "Do that and my CO would kill the entire population."

Setsuna closed her eyes and cried. The soldier looked at her and laughed as she began to shudder. Venture bit his lip and Nova raised her hands to her face. The soldier laughed even harder when Billy got back up and started punching his legs. With one quick motion Billy was propelled backwards into the ground again.

"As I said, weak. Here, I don't have time for pathetic creatures like you." He said throwing Setusna into Venture who caught her and landed on the ground holding her. The soldier started to walk off and stopped, "Oh and next time one of these brats cross my path they go straight to the 'red house.' "

Nova frowned and knelt down next to Venture who held Setsuna tight. He looked up at Nova who reached for Setsuna and Venture passed her over. Setsuna held her arms tight around Nova and pressed her head into Nova's chest. Nova stroked her hair and rocked her back and forth trying to calm her down.

Venture ran over to Billy and looked him over, Billy nodded to Ventures question of 'Are you ok?' Venture smiled and placed a hand on Billy's shoulder.

"You were very brave Billy, you make me very proud to be your father." Venture said smiling.

"Venture, I really do hope that your right about's the only thing we can count on at this point." Nova said holding Setusna, tears flowing from her face.

Venture nodded and took Billy's hand, "We can only pray that it will happen."

1550 Space Time

Space Battleship Yamato - Exiting Warp Space Above the Galman Homeworld

As reality slipped back to normal Wildstar opened his eyes and looked out the window. In front of him was a bright green planet, littered with cities.

"Galman...I wonder how long it will still be safe?" Masterson said placing a hand on the back of Wildstar's chair. "I've got to thank you Commander, without your help none of the fleet would have made it back."

Wildstar sighed, "Still you shouldn't have had to pay such a price to confirm my identity. Desslok should know better than not to trust me. I've known him for 2...strike that 9 years now."

Masterson nodded, "With the war going so badly and Earth being destroyed you can't blame the Emperor for not being as trusting."

Wildstar nodded and looked back at Galman, it looked beautiful against the black of space. Then something caught his eye, another planet sharing Galmans orbit. Wildstar chuckled, "That's just like him..."

"Commander?" Masterson asked raising an eyebrow.

"I find it a little humorous that Desslok picked a planet like Gamilon, sharing the same orbit as another planet."

"You mean planet Starsha? Yes the Emperor does have some sentimental attachments to Gamilon still." Masterson said with a nod, "If you'll allow me Commander, I'll contact Desslok now." Wildstar nodded and Masterson went over to the communications console and hailed Galman.

Desslok appeared on the screen, arms crossed and smiling, "Welcome home Masterson. I take it you've come to a decision to whether or not we should believe the Commander's story?"

Masterson nodded placing a hand on the back of Wildstar's chair, "Emperor I can assure you that the Commander is who he says he is. In fact, without his and Yamato's help we wouldn't have made it back at all."

"I hope you haven't forgotten about me?" Mizuki said coldly, appearing next to Masterson.

Desslok raised an eyebrow, "It seems Yamato isn't as quiet anymore is it Commander?"

Wildstar laughed, "No she isn't but she's got a personality I couldn't part with. Desslok allow me to introduce Yamato's new artificial intelligence, Mizuki. She's helped a great deal, without her, Yamato wouldn't function as it does today."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Emperor Desslok." Mizuki said bowing.

Desslok nodded, "Commander it seems that the Bolar Federation is making a desperate push against us. We could use Yamato's help, but in her current state of disrepair, please allow my people on Galman to repair her. We can also update some of your systems as well, improving the Wave Motion Engine, certain things that will be needed to fight against the Bolar Federation."

"Desslok, I have no intention of fighting the Bolars. My only concern right now is saving the survivors of Earth and finding a new home."

"A home that will be consumed by the Bolar Federation within days of it's population being moved. Wildstar you must trust me when I say that we will both benefit from the Bolars being destroyed."

Wildstar put up his hands, he really didn't have time to argue, "Desslok, I'll be happy to discuss things with you once repairs are underway. Please join me on Yamato when we do, I don't plan on leaving her until I'm positive repairs are proceeding smoothly."

"As you wish Commander, welcome to Galman. By the way, I have 3 people here interested in talking to you, they'll meet you at the landing platform." Desslok nodded and the screen went blank.

"Mizuki bring us into a descending orbit, Masterson park us where you feel we need to go." Wildstar said, he looked back at the hanging plaque of Avatar and quietly said, "Captain we're heading for a whole new adventure, am I doing the right thing?"

As Yamato approaches Galman Wildstar can't help but think that he has no chance to save humanity on his own. Nova and the rest of humanity must wait for his return. But first Yamato needs a new crew. Who will that be? The people of Galman?

Yamato strikes in 244 days.

This chapter is dedicated to fans currently reading this on going story.