End of Days

Written By: Jeff Lincoln

Day 2560 Enter the Galman Empire

7 Years after the Destruction of Earth

1115 Galman Homeworld Time

Galman Empire Homeworld - Main Throne Room

As Yamato slowly returns to life and begins moving towards the Galactic Center, Emperor Desslok, leader of the Galman Empire sits in his throne. He listens to Admiral Smeardom, leader of the Galman Eastern Task Force, as he gives his report on the task forces progress.

"As you can see Emperor Desslok our forces on the eastern front have been met with deadly defeat and heavy losses. We've been attempting to catch the enemy off gaurd and slip inside their lines and crush them from two sides. But the enemies blitzkreig tactics are very difficult to get past." Smeardom said pointing at the giant galaxy map in the middle of the throne room's giant table.

"Smeardom, this is the sixth report of failure in six weeks. Why is it that Sargeant Masterson was able to hold our lines and GAIN territory while you are only able to lose all of his advancements?" Desslok said coldly, one leg draped over the other, hands poised upon the thrones arms. As Smeardom continued his mind began to wander, remembering how he had heard of the destruction of Earth. He remembered back to when he first met the people of Earth and his enemy, now turned friends, the StarForce.

In 2199 Desslok attacked and nearly destroyed Earth by using deadly planet bombs. He came close but was defeated by the Yamato and the StarForce. He tried once more working with the Comet Empire and Prince Zordar. This time not finding a new home but driven by revenge he attacked and nearly destroyed the Yamato. But was once again defeated by them. But this time his eyes were opened by a single act of love and compassion. Wildstar had made it to Dessloks control room and confronted him. Wildstar injured was challenged to a duel against Desslok and lost consiousness, due to his injuries.

Little did Wildstar and Desslok know, Nova had followed Wildstar to the control room and hid from the two dueling powers. But as Wildstar fell to the ground Nova exclaimed, "Derek!" and charged forward, her helmet flying off and her long blonde hair flowing out behind her. Desslok found himself dumbstruck, how could someone rush so foolishly towards death without fear?

When she reached Wildstars unconsious body she fell on top of him covering his body with hers. She looked up and saw his discarded Astro-Automatic. She reached for it and raised it aiming it directly at Desslok. She paused for a moment and then threw the weapon back to the ground and raised Wildstars head up and held him close.

Wildstar regained a moment of consiousness and said, "Earth, our dear Earth what is to become of her?" Desslok then understood what drove these, strange people, and how he was able to be defeated by them so easily. With a smile Desslok holstered his weapon and lifted Wildstar's with one hand and raising Nova's with the other. He placed it in her hand and then wished them farewell, giving them the clue to defeating the Comet Empire.

He would soon find himself working with the StarForce to save Iscandar and Starsha. Desslok was willing to give his life to save the planet and Starsha, the woman who he had loved for so many years. Only after Starsha blew up Iscandar and herself did Desslok realize this. Once the fighting was over Desslok and Wildstar became the greatest of friends. When Desslok had heard of Earth's destruction and Wildstar's death he launched the Eastern Task force instantly, hell bent on avenging Wildstar's death.

Unfortunately the task force was nearly overwhelmed, only 10,000 humans were rescued from the prison ships. Among them were Homer, Eager, and Dash. Once Masterson and the task force returned home they informed Desslok as to what had happened. Desslok granted the humans asylum on his planet. It was the least he could do to compensate for his wrong doings and the loss of their planet.

Five years after the destruction of Earth the Bolar Federation saught revenge on Desslok for freeing the planet Galman and starting the Galman Empire. Planet by planet the Bolars attacked and conquered the Eastern Front of the Galman Empire. Masterson was injured durring an engagement with the Bolar flagship Legendra, and Admiral Smeardom was given command of the front.

As Smeardom continued his report Homer entered the throne room, "Pardon the interuption Desslok, but...there is something you REALLY need to see. It's EXTREMELY important."

With a nod Desslok stood, "Gentlemen we'll have to continue this meeting at a later time. You are all dismissed." The 13 Admirals stood and gave the standard Galman salute to Desslok and left the room. "Homer this had better be good, you know I don't like my staff breifings interrupted, even if it is -"

"We've recieved a communication from the Sol sector...EDF frequencies." Homer said with a panicked expression on his face. "Desslok...its a VIDEO Communication...your not going to believe who's calling..." With a shaking hand Homer opened the communication line and showed Desslok the video.

Desslok frowned, "Homer this had better not be some kind of sick joke."

"Do I look like I'm joking Desslok? I've checked four times, this video isn't a fake...but how -"

"I don't know but I intend to find out. Open the video link, I will respond to this personally." Desslok said coldly.

"Yes sir!" Homer said giving Desslok the hand over heart salute and running out of the room.

1527 Space Time

Space Battleship Yamato - Wildstar's Personal Quarters

Back aboard Yamato Wildstar sat in his quarters holding the picture he and Nova had taken on their journey to Iscandar. He laughed at the memory of him trying to place an arm over her shoulder. She slapping his hand and arm away and him rubbing the spot that she had smacked. That was the day the she had told him that she wanted a 'certain somebody' to fall in love with her. Little did they both know that their journey together was just beginning.

"Nova...I miss you so much. But I am so happy to know you're alive and we have a daughter. I promise I will come for you both. There are some things I need to take care of first." Wildstar said placing the picture back down on his desk.

Suddenly Mizuki appeared next to Wildstar, "Commander there is an incoming communication signal from the Galman Empire. Emperor Desslok himself is attempting to contact the Yamato. He sounds very confused and extremely angry."

Wildstar nodded, expecting Desslok to react that way, "Mizuki, link his communication to my video display panel here."

"Understood Commander, setting you up now." Mizuki said placing her hands behind her back, "Video communications eastablished, Desslok should appear momentarily."

Wildstars desk console blinked a few times, static and fuzz covered the screen. "Mizuki, there any way to clean that up?"

"I will do my best to try Commander, but remember we are over 500,000 light years from the Galman Empire, the static may not clear up as much as you would like." Mizuki said crossing her arms, "You should be happy I can get a communication out with this antiquated equipment anyways."

Wildstar frowned, he hated how everyone believed that Yamato was antiquated. Yamato may have been sitting on the ocean floor for nearly 300 years but she's got the strength of a thousand ships half her size. She did destroy Desslok, the Comet Empire, and the Dark Nebula Empire. She will now fight to free humanity from their captors.

"Communications have been cleared up, not much but the static should be gone now." Mizuki said, "If you need me further just ask." Wildstar faced his desk and watched as the image of Desslok appeared.

"To the ship claiming to be the Yamato, I am Emperor Desslok, ruler of the Galman Empire, transmit your FOF or prepare to be destroyed." Desslok said squinting in anger.

"Commander, 5 Battleships, 9 cruisers, and over 40 fighters have appeared from warp space and are moving on an intercept course. They are all Galman in origin."

"What? Mizuki, transmit our FOF, now!" Wildstar exlaimed, "Desslok, what is the meaning of this?"

"You've been gone for 7 years and the Yamato was declared drifting around Earth! How else should I react? For all I know you're a pirate or scavenger that looks and sounds like the Derek Wildstar I know." Desslok said, "You have five minutes to turn your ship over to Sargeant Masterson, he will then determine whether or not you will be destroyed or brought to Galman. Good day." Dessloks images disappeared and Wildstar punched his desk.

"Desslok!" Wildstar exclaimed, "Mizuki, prepare to let the Galman troops aboard. Switch yourself on standby mode, lockdown your command subroutines to respond to my Command only. We don't need the Galmans taking control of the ship completely." He turned and walked out of his quarters, Mizuki right behind him.

"What about you Commander? Your not exactly capable of defending the Yamato all on your own."

"I'm not planning on putting up a fight now Mizuki, we're outgunned and seriously outnumbered. We'll go along with their wishes. Begin lockouts now, that is a direct order."

"Understood Commander, lockouts are engaged. Commander, Sargeant Masterson is at airlock 3 and is awaiting entry. Shall I permit them to enter?"

Wildstar walked down the hallway and rounded the corner to airlock 3. "Do it Mizuki, let them enter." A few moments later the airlock opened and Sargeant Masterson and several armed guards entered Yamato. Weapons raised, ready for any kinds of surprises or traps set for them.

Wildstar stood at attention as the soldiers passed by him and scanned the hallways. One of them turned around and nodded to Masterson.

Masterson stepped forward and extended his hand, "Sargeant Masterson, Second in Command under Emperor Desslok. I must apologize for this Commander but it's only orders."

Wildstar grabbed Masterson's hand and shook it, "Derek Wildstar, Commander of the Space Battleship Yamato. I can understand orders Sargeant, how long do you think that you're going to be aboard my ship."

Masterson shrugged, "I don't know Commander, Emperor Desslok's orders were to escourt this ship to Galman Space, by any means necessary. Now we can do this two ways, you stay in Command and come with us willingly, or we place you in custody and we take the ship by force."

"As you can see Sargeant, I am the only person aboard this ship." Wildstar said swinging his arms out, "I am not in any position to fight, neither is this ship. If we were to come under attack...well lets just say we wouldn't be able to put up that much of a fight."

Masterson nodded, "We noted the damage to the Yamato when we warped in. We'll do what we can but, it won't be much."

Wildstar sighed, didn't exactly hurt to see what he could do for the old girl, "Anything will help, if I know Desslok he'd approve of it. Besides we're a sitting-" The deck rolled to port sharply as Yamato took a direct hit from an energy blast. "Mizuki! Damage report!"

Mizuki suddenly appeared and the Galman troops turned abruptly and took aim at her.

"Twenty-nine Bolar Federation ships have dropped out of warp and have begun attacking us. One of the Galman ships has been destroyed. We have decompressions on decks 3 and 7. Bulkhead overrides are not working." Mizuki said facing the group.

"I thought you said you were alone Commander." Masterson said leaning against the wall doing his best to hold himself upright.

"It's only a computer program, follow me, we've got to get to the bridge. Mizuki, begin defensive firing, target the Bolar Fleet!" Wildstar exclaimed running down the hallway with the Galman troops behind him. When they reached the bridge they looked out and saw their opponent. Masterson looked on in horror realizing that the fleet outgunned his own.

"Sargeant! I can't do this on my own, we've got to work together!" Wildstar exclaimed sitting down at the Gunnery station. "The Communication system is over there, you can command your ships from there!"

Masterson nodded and took a seat, slipping the headset on and adjusting the frequency. "All ships this is Sargeant Masterson, target the enemy ships and begin firing. Form a defensive ring around Yamato!" The deck rolled again as the Bolar fleet fired another salvo. The blasts hit Yamato on her broadside and smoke and fire began spilling out of the new wound.

Wildstar slammed his fist on the console, "Mizuki, defensive pattern 4 take us .4 megametres below the targets. Main guns target the Bolar fleet, dispersal pattern at 30 degree seperation, angle at 68 degrees." As Yamato dropped the main guns rotated and took aim. Wildstar punched the controls and 9 powerful energy beams shot out from their tips and struck four of the enemy ships. Two were severely crippled and two exploded sending debris all over.

"Attack ships 3 through 5, move forward and engage the enemies carriers, don't let them launch their planes!" Masterson exclaimed into the microphone. Wildstar watched as the three ships left the escourt screen and move off towards their targets. They unleashed a barrage of plasma fire, the beams struck their targets sending them spinning through space. One carrier however managed to control the spin and correct itself and launch it's fighters.

The tiny two man crafts sped towards Yamato at deadly speeds and spun and dove to avoid the incoming pulse laser fire. As they converged on their targets they released their torpedos and they sped towards Yamato at breakneck speeds. The projectiles struck Yamato in her already weakened lower section.

"Carrier 2 launch your Interceptors immediately!" Masterson exclaimed as Yamato rolled to starboard. "Commander Wildstar, I suggest we try to get out of here as soon as possible, I doubt this ship could take much more of a pounding."

With a grunt Wildstar nodded, "I'm hardly in a position to disagree. Mizuki, begin prepping the ship for a warp. Set destination to the Galman homeworld, Masterson we will need the coordinates."

Masterson responded with walking over to the helm station and plugging in the coordinates.

"Commander, the Wave Motion Engine was damaged when the torpedos struck us, it will take approximately 5 minutes to get the charge we need to warp."

"Masterson, can you get us 5 minutes?"

Masterson shrugged, "I'll do what I can Commander, the Bolars have us outgunned and outnumbered. I doubt my fleet will be able to survive."

"I understand...Mizuki, do what you can to get the Wave Motion Engine to full power, take power away from life support if you have to." Wildstar said leaning back into his seat.

"Wave Motion Energy charge now approaching 29% two minutes until warp. All persons aboard are recommended to fasten themselves down in the nearest safety restraint." Mizuki said flickering away.

Masterson and Wildstar quickly fastened their belts and leaned back in their chairs. Outside the Galman ships continued to engage the Bolar ships. Both sides losing a ships quickly. Slowly the Galman ships disappeared and entered warp space. First the carrier with it's Interceptor fighters returned, then the 3 damaged battleships, and the 12 remaining attack ships that could warp. The remaining ships knew their duties and began firing furiously, targeting Bolar ships, destroying as many as they could.

Yamato shook as impacts on the hull passed their way into the ship. Sparks flew across the bridge, as screens exploded. Wildstar sighed and closed his eyes, trying to force the memories of his 'last' battle. The destroyed bridge, the dead crew, and Nova.

"Wave Motion Energy at 97% warp in 10 seconds." Mizuki called over the ships PA.

"Commander?" Masterson said turning his head.

"Yes Sargeant?" Wildstar returned.

"I will do my best to convince Emperor Desslok that you are for real. This engagement and my testimony should be able to do just that."

Wildstar smiled, nodded his head, and replied, "Thank you Sargeant, with the war in the Milky Way going so badly the Galman Empire could use all the help it can get."

Masterson laughed, "That is true...I just hope we can survive long enough to see the end of the war..."

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1...WARP!" Mizuki said as the Yamato disappeared into warp space and sped towards the Galman Empire Homeworld.

What dangers lie ahead as the Yamato, once again reborn from a slumber? Can Masterson convince Desslok that Wildstar truely is who he claims? Will the human race be able to survive as they slowly face extinction?

Yamato will strike in 245 days.

This chapter is dedicated to Myles Brastow, a great kid and a great student. Rest in peace, we will miss you.