End of Days

Written By: Jeff Lincoln

Day 3 Taking Care of Business

1900 Space Time

Space Battleship Yamato - Conference Room

Aboard the Yamato things were not going well. The ship has been captured and confined to quarters, Yamato has been turned around and is heading back towards Earth. In the conference room Nikran stood with his hands behind his back looking out the window, watching the stars and his fleet following Yamato close behind.

His observation was cut short when the StarForce Command Staff was dragged into the room. Nova, still injured. Wildstar, now consious from the blow to his head. Leon, struggling against the enemies grip. Knox, extremely mad at the situation. Sandor still wearing IQ-9's arms.

Nikran didn't turn around but mearly spoke to the group in a dry mocking tone. "I am Colonel Nikran, Commander of the Mauritanian Fleet, Captain of the Cruiser New Destiny. Which one of you is the Commander of this...thing."

Wildstar stepped forward frowning and agressively responded, "I am Commander Derek Wildstar, I am the Captain of this ship. What gives you the right to attack-"

Nikran turned around quickly and backhanded Wildstar across his face. Sending him crashing into Nova and the others.

"Do not speak to me, slime. Gaurd, place him under extreme custody, remove him from this room at once!" Nikran said placing his hands behind his back.

"He asked you a question! What gives you the right to attack us? We did nothing to you!" Nova exclaimed as Wildstar was being forcibly removed from the room. Nikran put a hand up and the gaurds stopped but held Wildstar in place.

"You are so wrong miss. Your Commander here, well he destroyed our brothers. You know them as the Comet Empire." Nikran said, "They are our spiritual brothers and our laws dictate the destruction of their enemies, no matter who or what they are."

"You did all this in vengance?" Wildstar exclaimed struggling against the gaurds. Nikran nodded and the second gaurd sucker punched Wildstar. Wildstar coughed as the blow knocked the breath from his lungs. He took breathes in rapidly, trying to catch the slightest bit of oxygen.

"If you allied yourselves with the Comet Empire you know that they were on a quest for control. They were trying to conquer our planet and people. How could you do that?" Sandor asked taking a step forward.

Nikran chuckled and lowered his head, his red hair covering his eyes, "Easily, we are after the same thing. Well I should say were, your Commander destroyed Zordar and his Comet Fortress." Knox and Leon shifted uncomfortably, they both had a feeling that something dreadful was going to happen.

"So if you're on a quest for vengance, why capture this ship? With your firepower you could have easily destroyed us." Sandor asked with worry.

"Weaponry isn't always key. Symbolism is a powerful tool." Nikran raised his voice and his arms and spun around on his heel, "This ship is a symbol, a powerful one at that! Even we in the Andromeda galaxy know of it's name! We plan to use this name to strike fear into the rest of the galaxy." He lowered his arms and continued, "We have reversed course. We are going to destroy your Earth and nearly all of it's inhabitants, this ship and one of you will do it."

The Command Staff stood shocked, Wildstar with his head down chuckled, "You've got one problem with your plan. No one on this ship would ever willingly destroy Earth, it's our home and our mother."

Nikran chuckled, "They wouldn't under normal circumstances but I think this one is a special case." Nikran drew his pistol and fired straight into Leon's chest. His chest exploded sending blood across the Conference room. "If the person I choose decided to not comply with the order they will suffer the same fate."

Knox knelt down and lifted his brothers head, "You're a monster..." Knox snarled out as he closed his brothers eyes, not wanting to see the shocked expression on his face.

Nikran placed the pistol in it's holster and casually wiped the blood off of his cheek. "Our laws are very specific for this situation. Commander Wildstar, you are being charged with the destruction of our brothers and sisters. You will be punished according to our laws. The punishment for said crimes is death."

"You've killed nearly every single member of my crew. What does it matter if I die?" Wildstar asked coldly.

"You will not die at our hands. Instead the one who loves you the most will do it." Nikran said with an evil grin. "Bring the woman forward!" Another guard pulled her forward by her hair. Nova let out a slight gasp and a cry of pain. The gaurd threw her against the table, letting her use it as a support to stand.

"You, I know of your bravery infront of Desslok, triator of Zordar. It is clear you are the one who loves the Commander. Therefore, you will be the one to do it."

Nova shook her head with tears running down her face, "I would never do such a thing. I would rather die."

"That can be arranged." Nikran said drawing his pistol.

"NO!" Wildstar exclaimed, "Nova, I can't let you die. I've lost too many people now. I need you to go on and be strong. Please just do what he says, I can't lose you. Not again." He struggled against the guards, able to slip out of their grip he shot forward and brought Nova into a hug. She fell into his arms crying, he ran his hand through her hair.

Nikran didn't signal the guards to stop them. "Commander you have four hours according to our laws to do whatever is nesecssary to prepare for your punishment."

Wildstar ignored him. All he wanted to do was to protect Nova and allow her to live. She raised her head and looked at him with love. He did his best to smile, even though he didn't feel happy he wanted to reassure her that this was the right thing to do. Nikran and the guards walked out of the conference room, leaving the Command Staff to ponder their thoughts.

Knox and Sandor both said, "Wildstar you can't do this!"

Wildstar shook his head, "I have to. I can't let them kill anymore of my family. Sandor, Knox, watch over the crew. It's the least I can ask you to do, inform them as to what is going to happen. I...I need some time alone with Nova." Wildstar nodded to them and they left.

Nova still crying understood what needed to be done. As much as she didn't want to be the one to do it she knew that if she didn't Wildstar would never forgive her. No matter where he was, alive or dead, with her or out in space. She loved him and was willing to go along with his wishes no matter how much it hurt her.

"Derek...this isn't fair. I need you here with me." Nova said between sobs, she looked up at him. "Why can't we just be together? Why can't we ever get a break from the fighting and war?"

"Because its our job to protect others. We're part of the Starforce, we're dedicated to making sure others are happy when we can't be." Wildstar looked right into her eyes and placed a hand on her cheek. Leaned forward slightly and kissed her on her lips.

Nova closed her eyes, savoring the taste of his lips. The two remained connected for a short time and then Wildstar pulled back and looked at her with a smile.

"You don't know how long I've waited to do that." She said with a smile, "I love you Derek." She fell into his arms and he held her close. He kissed her again as the conference room door closed and the two were left alone.

2355 Space Time

Space Battleship Yamato - In Orbit Above Earth

The hours passed slowly for the StarForce. Once again they found themselves staring at Earth. From space they could see the smoke from new destruction and death. The EDF attempted to defend Earth with all they had, but it wasn't even a chance. The Yamato against her will fired upon the ships recently built to defend Earth and destroyed them with ease, even in her weakened state.

Over the past two hours colony ships began lowering down to Earth. Removing whole families from the planet. In total over 250,000 were forcibly removed from the planet. Nikran explained that the people would be shipped away to the Andromeda Galaxy where they would become laborers for the Mauritanian people.

Back on the bridge, Venture, Nova, and Sandor watched in horror as their home slowly spun. Nikran also explained how Wildstar was going to be executed for his crimes against the Comet Empire. Down in the bowels of the great ship Wildstar now wearing his space suit was being escourted down the Wave Gun Firing Gate.

As Wildstar walked down the large apature he began remembering the first time he walked down the rifled gun. Venture and Captain Avatar was with him then and it was only a tour. He remembered the feeling of excitement and awe when he first walked down and to the edge.

As he looked out at Earth he couldn't help but shed tears. This was the end, even after all they had done for Earth and saved her so many times. He sighed, again he failed to protect the things that he loved the most. Earth was going to be destroyed and he couldn't do anything to stop it.

In his mind he thought, "Nova I've failed you once again. Maybe that short time we spent together will change your future. Even if it didn't I hope you go on and live. Yamato, I am sorry you have to do this, I know you wouldn't do this if you had a choice. So I am asking you, send me to a good place, I would've given anything to protect you."

"Alright you. Stop there." The guard on Wildstars left said. Wildstar stopped and the guards took off the restraints that held his hands behind his back. Wildstar let his hands fall to his sides and he remained motionless. The guards turned quickly and sprinted back down the Firing Gate and back into the Yamato.

Wildstar continued to stare out into space and Earth. His expression blank, attempting to hide his pain and shame. Behind him he could hear the gate slide open and the cylinder move into position. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable.

Back on the bridge Nova sat at the Combat Commanders station. The Wave Gun trigger raised and the target scope open.

"Helmsman, correct line, 15 degrees." Nikran said crossing his arms. "Divert all your ships power to your Wave Motion Gun."

Behind him Yamazaki had a rifle barrel pressed against his head. He slowly pulled the lever which would activate the Wave Gun powering sequence. The slow beeping of the power charge could be heard.

"Charge at 79 percent. Final safety lock removed." Nova said stumbling over the words and tears running down her face, "All crew don anti-flash protection...t...t...ten seconds to firing." She lowered her goggles and raised her left hand to the trigger.

Venture sat next to her watching her and at the same time wishing she didn't need to do this. He knew what had happened in the conference room and knew that it was the last time Wildstar and Nova would be together. He leaned across the consoles and placed his hand on Nova's right hand. She in turn held it tight, squeezing hard enough to show her pain, but gentle enough to show her compassion for Derek.

Venture nodded and began counting down for her. "10."

"9." Sandor said as he closed his eyes.

"8." Eager said standing up and placing a hand on Sandor's shoulder.

"7." Yamazaki said standing up and giving Earth a hand over heart salute.

"6." Homer said.

"5." Dash said turning his head away from Earth. Wanting to save the image of the blue planet.

"4." IQ-9 said with a slight robotic sigh.

"3...2..." Nova said letting her cries echo throughout the bridge.

Then all at the same time they said, "1..."

Down in the firing chamber Wildstar stood like Yamazaki, saluting the Earth giving it a final farewell. "Fire."

Nova closed her eyes as she pulled the trigger and felt the click of the slider moving forward. As the cylinder moved forward shooting the Wave Motion energy out of the ship Wildstar closed his eyes and felt the heat from the Wave Gun envelope his body.

From the bridge the crew watched as the bright blue energy beam shot from the front of the ship and into Earth. Shattering the surface, burning it and then shooting through the other side. They watched as her once blue surface turned to orange and then dark crimson red.

Then the Earth began to crumble in on itself like a black hole had formed in her core. Then it exploded, sending giant chunks of rock flying into space. As Earth exploded the crew sat down, stunned at what they just did and how they were unable to stop it after being together for nearly two years. After all the trails they had gone through, all the journeys they had taken. Now all in vain, now that Earth was gone and humanity is near extinct.

Nikran smiled and laughed at his handy work then turned back to the elevator. "Guards, begin evacuating the crew. They aren't getting off so easily." Sandor and the others jumped to their feet instantly and began fighting the gaurds. But it was futile, after ten minutes of fighting the crew were taken from the ship and onto the New Destiny.

With the Earth destroyed and Wildstar dead can Humanity survive? Will they be able to prosper and escape the tyrrany of the Mauritanian Empire?

This Chapter is dedicated to Ami Meitsu and Freddo, two of the best StarBlazers fan-fiction writers I have had the honor of talking to.