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Hiriam expressed his pleasure as Sasha caressed and kneaded his blue fur gently with her long slender fingers. The Persian curled luxuriously on the Earth-Iscandarian hybrid girl's lap as her angelic face beamed happily. It was a warm summer evening and the EDF T-shirt and denim cutoff-clad Sasha was sitting on the sofa with her bare feet resting on the coffee table.

"Sasha," a gentle alto called from the kitchen. "Would you like some tea?"
"Yes, Auntie Nova," Sasha purred. "Please."

The door opened and Nova Wildstar entered the living room, carrying a tray with tea and pastries. Her slender gymnast's figure was adorned with a tanktop and jeans and her bare feet made no noise on the plush carpet. Giving Hiriam a kiss on the forehead, she put the tray down on the coffee table and began pouring. The cat nimbly waltzed down Sasha's bare legs and stopped at her crossed feet, gently licking her blue-polished toenails. An amused giggle escaped the girl's lips. Nova smiled as she handed her "niece" a cup of tea and offered pastries. She met Sasha after the Danzarians' defeat and the two hit it off beautifully. People would often mistake them for sisters, they were so close. Derek Wildstar jokingly complained about having to live with two females, but he didn't mind taking care of Alex's daughter.

"So where's Uncle Derek?" Sasha asked, taking a sip.
"Guy's Night Out," Nova replied. "He, Mark, Sandor and Dash are having a barbeque and poker night."
"How long have you and Uncle Derek known each other?"
"About eight years. We met when the Gamilons were bombing Earth."
"Was it love at first sight?"

Nova chuckled as she stroked Sasha's cheek. The girl reminded her of herself when she was a little girl. She picked up Hiriam and placed him in her lap. Long slender fingers played with blue fur as the Yamato captain muched on a mint Milano.

"No. But I did fall for him around Jupiter. He had a boyish charm that is endearing."
"What about Uncle Mark?"
"He is charming in a New Yorker sort of way."
"Like Tony Soprano?"
"That's New Jersey, Sasha dear," Nova smiled as she playfully tweaked Sasha's nose.
"Same thing."
"Don't let him hear you say that. More like charming in a John Travolta/Saturday Night Fever sort of way."

Sasha smiled as she lowered her cup to the Persian's mouth and permitted him to lap the tea.

"Hiriam is so beautiful," she cooed. "Where did you get him?"
"At PETWORLD about six months ago."
"What about the name?"
"It's an old New England/British name. I had an uncle named Hiriam."

The two sat silently for a moment, enjoying the Persian's musical purring, as they sipped tea and munched on pastries content. A thought crossed Sasha's mind and she turned just as Nova was taking a sip.

"Did you ever fuck Desslok?" she asked.

The shock caused Nova to spit the tea on Hiriam who yowled his displeasure. The remorseful Captain wiped his fur with a napkin and kissed it, cooing apologetically, before regarding Sasha with bemusement.

"Hanging around Sakomoto and Hartcliffe again?" she queried dryly. "Only they would ask something like that in such a tasteless manner."
"I'm sorry, but did you?"
"No, Sasha. I did not 'fuck' Desslok. He is a handsome, charming man. But he is neither my type nor do I have any desire. I am married to the man I love and I will stay loyal to him."
"What about Uncle Mark?"
"No, dear. I like Mark as a friend. Besides, he is engaged to Ensign Parsons."

Nova shook her head as she kissed her "niece"'s cheek. Sasha was so endearingly naive and childlike. She had taken Alex and Starsha's daughter under her wing as a psuedo-mother/aunt to show her the ways of the wicked world and the two grew to be extremely close friends. Yet, Sasha maintained her innocence. Nova noticed the girl holding a picture of her, Wildstar and Avatar in her hand.

"Auntie Nova? Who's this?"
"Captain Avatar. The Yamato's first captain. He commanded Derek, Mark and I during our first trip to Iscandar."
"He's the one who gave his life to save Earth."
"Yes. A heroic sacrifice indeed."
"I wish I got to meet him."
"He was very strict, but very caring. Like my own grandfather Ethan Forrester."
"I was thinking. I was telling Uncle Derek that I would like to meet you, but I think I already did. When Mother died."

Nova's eyebrows arched ceilingward in amused surprise. Sasha was just an infant when Starsha destroyed Iscandar and herself rather than let the Danzarians mine for Iscandarium for their wars. Sasha saw her mother on the videoscreen but cried when her mother could not hold her. Nova gently took her from Alex's arms and held her consolingly.

"I'm surprised you remember that. You were only a baby."
"I wish I knew Father. How did he die?"
"The Danazarians invaded Earth and ruled it for weeks. They were taking prisoners to be executed and Alex sacrificed himself to help General Singleton to escape."
"Why weren't you on the Yamato, Auntie Nova?"

A rueful smile crossed the captain's lips.

"I was injured trying to board and didn't make it. I was a 'guest' in one of the officer's 'borrowed' home. He was a complete gentleman, but I wanted to end it because I was sure Derek was dead."
"But he let you go and you were able to help the crew destroy them from here."
"I sometimes forget you're clairvoyant. Yes. That's what happened."

Suddenly, the door opened and Wildstar walked in with a wide gloating grin. He had taken the other guys to the cleaners in poker again. Both ladies stood and greeted him with a squeeze and a kiss before filling him in on their "girl talk".


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