---Christmas 2199

A Star Blazers Holiday Tale for 2010 by “Yuki Wildstar


EDF Battleship Argo

Deep Space

December 25th 2199



They all gathered into the dining hall for their Christmas dinner. It was something the cooks savored for this day. It wasn’t easy keeping it a secret. For months the crew endured what the kitchen staff could put together. They managed to put away some artificial turkey and duck. A bottle of spring water sat in an ice bucket for the captain’s table.  They quickly finished feeding the regular crew and now they prepare for the bridge crew. “Come on they are waiting!” Rothenberger the ships head cook yelled out. “We can’t have the captain waiting.”

39410[1].jpgOut in the dining hall they sat and talked amongst each other about the mission. The hall was decorated with paper streamers and some Christmas decoration that everyone brought from earth. Nova and IQ9 work for hours to make the area look as festive as possible.  Captain Avatar sat at the head of the table and looked around to the young crew. How young they all are and to fight for their beloved earth is so much to ask. Even in war love can still be found. He thought as he watched Nova and Wildstar look back and forth from each other. A smile crept on his face knowing that love was blooming between the two.

“Our time here is moving quickly. But we will see many more battles before we get to Iscandar and we will lose many comrades. But tonight we celebrate life back on earth and that we will succeed in returning back to bring life back to our once green planet.” Avatar said over the table as they all stared at their beloved captain.

“Here, here.” They all said as they raised their glasses of spring water that was delivered as they spoke.

gallery244[1].jpg“I must say I have worked with many officers, young and old.” He said as Nova’s mind drifted to Wildstar. “He is cute. A little hot tempered but sweet. I wonder if he is single. Could there be someone waiting for him back on earth?” She stared over to Venture and decided to ask him first before she put her time into him. Desert came and she excused herself as she watched Venture get up and walked over to speak to one of the other officers. She tapped him on the shoulder and apologies for interrupting his conversation. “Mark, may I ask you something?”

“Sure Nova. What is it?”

“I was wondering if Wildstar is single.” She asked bluntly as she blushed. No sense in beating around the bush she thought to herself.

“Yes he is. He broke up with his girlfriend a while back before we left for Iscandar. Why are you interested in my friend?”

“Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not.” She giggled.

“Nova, I should warn you. It wasn’t the best breakup and she wasn’t the best girl friend. He has been through a lot and I don’t want to see him hurt.” Venture said as he took her to a quieter part of the dining hall. Her face softened as to what he told her. He seemed protective of his friend and she admired him for that. She thanked him and made her way back to the table where Wildstar sat talking with Captain Avatar. As it got later Captain Avatar stood up and announced that he was retiring to bed and that they should not stay up too long. Little by little each one excused themselves to retire leaving Venture, Nova, Wildstar and Sandor in the dining hall talking.

“Well I’m off to bed. How about you three,” Sandor asked.

Yawning Venture placed his hand over his mouth and said. “I’m pretty beat too. Goodnight all I’ll see you in the morning.”

Nova and Wildstar watched as the last two left to their bunks. “I guess I should get to bed too.” Nova said.

“I’ll walk you to your room.” Wildstar said as they began to walk towards the door. 41706[1].jpg

“You can’t leave without giving a pretty girl a kiss.” They heard someone say. They both turned around and saw Doctor Sane sitting in the corner as he drank down a glass of spring water (Sake). “Well give the girl a kiss!” he snapped at the young officer.

41802[1].jpg“Huh. What!” Wildstar said blushing bright red.

Pointing above their head Sane smiled and said. “You’re under the mistle-toe.”

Nova and Wildstar looked up and blushed again. “You don’t have to, Derek.” She whispered.

“Nonsense! It’s Christmas and the mistle-toe is there. You have to kiss her!” Sane snapped

“Doctor Sane please your embarrassing us.” Wildstar said scratching his head and fidgeting with his hands.

“Kiss her!” he yelled.

“Doctor Sane, please… you’re embarrassing us.” Wildstar said while scratching his head and fidgeting with his hands.  

Wildstar leaned over and kissed her quickly which seem like a peck to him. “NO! NO! NO! KISS HER the proper way!” Sane yelled harder.

“All right, all right! Calm down.” He turned to Nova and fidgeted more. Blushing harder Nova stood still and she could feel her heart pounding louder and faster. He moved closer to her and slowly wrapped his arms around her thin waist. She felt good in his arms the smell from her perfume was light to his nose. He tilted his head slightly and looked into her eyes. Nova’s heart beat raced even faster and she tried to tilt her head in the opposite way. It seemed like forever when she finally felt his lips on hers. Her body tensed to his kiss then relaxed as she took it in. Slowly she kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing him closer to her. Her lips felt full and soft on his and he thought that she was a great kisser. She was so close to him that he could feel her heart beat against his chest. To them both the kiss lasted forever and when they pull away they stared into each other’s eyes.  Wow he thought than looked away from her with embarrassment. “I, I, I’m sorry.” He said as she watched his face turn beet red. “I think we should get some rest.” He deepkiss2[1].jpgquickly changed the subject.

“Huh yeah it is late and we have a long day tomorrow.” She said still breathing a little heavy from his kiss.

“I’ll walk you to your room.” They walked back in silence. Finally feeling that their walk back would never end Wildstar was relieved to finally make it to her room. “Well here we are.” He said as he shifted from side to side. “Um Nova… about what happened back there,” he began to say.

005 (2).jpg“It was only a Christmas kiss, Derek. And it didn’t help that Doctor Sane put you on the spot.” She tried to make light of it. “Good night Derek. Thank you for walking me to my room.” She gently gave him a kiss on the cheek and went into her room. She closed the door and leaned against it letting out a small laughter. “Wow! He can really kiss!” she said out loud. She jumped up and down happy that they kissed and then went to bed. Drifting off to sleep she smiled as she dreamt about him.

013a.jpgWalking back to his bunk he couldn’t get their kiss out of his mind. Could she be seeing someone? Is she single? That kiss felt so right with her. She is a beautiful girl. What are you thinking Wildstar? She would never want to hook up with a space jockey like me. So just forget about it. But that kiss and feeling her body against mine. And I could’ve sworn I felt her heart beat just as fast as mine. Taking a deep breath he walked into the quarters that were shared by all and made his way into his bunk. Closing his eyes he fell asleep dreaming of her.