Who: Die Stahlhyäne... the Steel Hyaena.

What: Horror-writer. Hellraiser. 3D artist. Roleplayer. Witch.

When: When you least expect it... expect it! I'll art all over you or something, muwaahaha!

Why: Because ice cream doesn't have bones and they don't serve purple fishwads at Walmart on Wednesday. C'mon. ::taps foot::

Where: Here. Right here. Exactly where you oughta worry about just what the heck I'm doing.


How: However I damn well please, and I'll probably teach you if you ask nicely. Or if you feed me sashimi. Or if you're a cat. ::poke:: Are you a cat?

If the above is intriguing to you, please feel free to venture a little further into the strangeness of my reality.

A small Surgeon General's Warning: my stories are not light and cheery. My horror-writer DNA shows; please consider everything you see of mine to be PG-13 at the mildest. Usually I am closer to hard R. Sometimes I wander off into NC-17 or freakin' X on basis of sheer violence alone. Why am I stressing this? Because then you can't say you weren't warned...


Abhandlungen der Stahlhyäne:

It is 1978. A thirteen year old girl is madly running at her top speed from the school bus to the front of her television set, shoving her annoying brother out of the way, and using her enormous black standard poodle as a couch pillow. Her mother looks to her, quizzically; what cartoon could be so delightful as to require such a manic dash? And why does said child then repair to her bedroom and scrawl and scribble in carefully-hidden notebooks?

It is 1984. A nineteen year old woman is sitting with a group of friends and laughing over a game of First Edition AD&D. Suddenly, she looks to them and says 'Why don't we roleplay something based in that series we all watched at EveCon?' The roleplay is so immersive that the group of four is still playing eighteen hours later. The game will continue until there are four passed-out young women, lying in a pile of pizza boxes and Classic Coke cans.


It is 1986. A woman of twenty-one is carefully applying blue greasepaint to cover naturally-olive skin. Despite powedering it with fixer of the same color and then spraying it over with pastel fixative, there will be blue runnels all over her Gamilon officer's uniform. But by the time the damage is noted, it will not matter: she will still have taken an award in the masquerade in this sleepy desert town, at the sweet little convention she so assiduously prepared for. Only a handful know the reference, but she spreads the love. The young Gamilon officer leaves new fans of an old series.

It is 1990. The twenty-five-year old woman has begun to write in earnest. She is sitting aboard the USS Cape Cod and hammering away at an old manual typewriter. Her duties are done and she's writing to keep from thinking about the fact that this destroyer tender is sailing to war. Though her writings have taken on hues of horror-black, blood-red and dagger-silver, she has never forgotten the series that awakened her... which indeed influenced her decision to serve her country.


It is 1996. At 31, many other people have ceased a fascination with roleplaying. Not so this woman; she runs online, text-based games heavy on character development and rife with sex and violence. She can pack an AOL chat room just by her sheer presence therein. Though the milieu is most often Star Trek, her influence of old often slips in. Sometimes, the Federation finds itself facing off against the aggressive Gamilons or the brutal Gatlantians.


It is 2001. The Delphi Forums have never seen a roleplayer like the 36-year-old who now walks under the monicker of 'Hyaena'. She will run games for the next nine years, taking people to places they never dreamed they would go. One such place is the Sanzar system...


It is 2011. The writer is now here on Visions, dressed in black, red and silver. She extends a hand to you with a toothy grin, welcoming you into the furnace-heat of her creativity engine. It's dark within this chamber, and you can hear something... laughing.


Do you dare to follow the laughter of a Steel Hyaena?



Projekte des Stahlhyäne:    (“The Steel Hyaena’s Projects”, for you Auslanders  who may not speak German, LOL  --  Freddo )


The Steel Hyaena has plenty of irons in the fire.


First, she spoke of her RPG involvement.  Steel Hyaena plays Yamato/SB-oriented characters on two separate RPG websites in several games….


The first of these is on her own Gaming Site, which is known as VOID SPACES.  


Void Spaces can be accessed through the following link:  TO JOIN VOID SPACES, CLICK HERE


The second is my own brand-new Gaming site, which is known as VISIONS-THE VIRTUAL (GAMING) SPACE.  Visions-The Virtual Space


Visions-The Virtual (Gaming) Space can be accessed through the following link:  TO JOIN VISIONS-THE VIRTUAL (GAMING) SPACE, CLICK HERE



Next, Hyaena is also a writer and artist.


Her Original (and very dark) Yamato/Star Blazers fan-fiction work “THE RAGE OF HEAVEN” will eventually be appearing on these pages.


She and I are also co-writing a work called STAR BLAZERS: THE JANUS CONUNDRUM that will also soon begin appearing here (we almost have the first chapter finished)


Finally, for a taste of her writing (and a taste of our collaboration) as well as a look at her amazing artwork, go here to the latest chapter posted of my work: IT NEVER RAINS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, (CHAPTER FOURTEEN). Hyaena’s artwork (an adorable picture of our sweet but tough Nova Wildstar) appears along with a mystical, dark scene featuring one of her characters from her RPG, the mysterious KALEVI DENNEMANCLICK HERE TO SEE CH. 14 OF IT NEVER RAINS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA


At this Juncture, the first of Hyaena’s Stories has actually begun to post here on Visions!


The story: THE JANUS CONUNDRUM (a co-writing effort with moi)


The plot: in 2199, a group known as THE COTERIE has decided to fight the Gamilons….its own way, and, to that end, they are infiltrating the crew of the Space Battleship YAMATO….as she travels on to Iscandar….


To begin reading the Chapters, please Click on the links below….





And, on that note, Freddo will now go….oh, Gail and I have on the first Yamato movie, and General Domeru (Lysis) is about to blow up Yamato’s Number Three Bridge….again (sigh)