Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity by JAMIE TUCKER


Chapter 10: The Captured Two


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Time: March 2200

Place: Outside the Rainbow Star Cluster



General Lysis and his adjunct, Colonel Volgar had just boarded The Sidious upon invitation and rescue by his Cousin General Radlock and his vice fleet officer, Colonel Faust. They had just survived some of the most trying times of their lives. Fortunately, Lysis didn’t know that Radlock was sent by Desslok on a mission to bring him straight to Gamilon for trial and sentencing. Both Lysis and Volgar knew that the return to Gamilon was not going to be a pleasant return after all.


“Greetings, Gentlemen”, said Radlock as his men saluted while standing in formation of two lines on opposite sides of the red carpet.


“Thank you, Radlock. It’s been a very trying time and I’m honored that you have invited Volgar and I aboard your ship,” said Lysis with a slight smile.


The two men exchanged handshakes as they began to walk between the two columns of soldiers. They walked in a moment of silence as the men reviewed the formation of honor guards that greeted them board Radlock’s flagship.


“I have personally invited you and Colonel Volgar to have a luncheon with me and my staff. We will be happy to provide whatever you need to remain safe on your voyage.”


“Thank you, Radlock. But trust me; I’m sure that one of my officers must have sent a last minute transmission to Desslok to inform him of my humiliating defeat back there. I’m not necessarily in the mood to return to Gamilon,” said Lysis with a concerned look.


“Understood, General…I assure you that we’re far enough from Gamilion that it will take a good while for all of us to return there. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences in battle with the Star Force,” replied Radlock with a slight smile at Colonel Faust.


The two men walked towards elevator forty-four and boarded the elevator. Radlock knew the true purpose of this mission. He couldn’t believe how easy it seemed to be accomplished.


Well, the mouse went right into the cat’s trap. He’s my cousin after all. Lysis will not like it once he finds out that he’s truly on the way back to Gamilon. This is out of my hands… my allegiance is to Desslok,” thought Radlock as he boarded the elevator with the men.


“I’m sure that whoever it was that sent the transmission must’ve had a couple of seconds to live when their ship was blown apart,” said Radlock as he crossed his arms.


“I wouldn’t doubt that one of your Generals could’ve sabotaged the entire mission. That General Heidlin was always weird. Why was he selected to be part of your command staff?” asked Col. Faust as the elevator reached the decorated galley floor.


“Heidlin was ordered to serve under me by Desslok. He was selected because General Kiltz suffered a major heart attack while preparing his ship to depart from Gamilon. Sadly, General Kiltz died during a quadruple bypass procedure when the anesthetist reversed anesthesia accidentally. As a sad result, Kiltz woke up seeing his chest opened up,” said Lysis as he looked down at the floor as he remembered getting the report.


Damned Dr. Valtz…he was always such a weird doctor of anesthesia,” thought Faust as he recalled of his weirdness when his son was operated on some years before the war with Earth.


The men stepped off the elevator as the galley attended escorted them to their respective seats at the medium length table decorated with a purple table cloth with a gold colored symbol of Gamilon.


“General Kiltz was one of the best generals to serve under you, Lysis. I remember him teaching me in officer’s school on Gamilon. He had a brilliant mind for strategy and tactics. It would have been great to see him in action against the Star Force,” said Radlock with a smile.


“Ah…yes, I remember that you studied under Kiltz. As I recall my dear cousin, you had great admiration and respect for General Kiltz. You served under him honorably during your days at the officer’s academy on Gamilon,” said Lysis as he took his seat at the table.


Volgar took his seat next to Lysis at the table. He felt the intense growling of his stomach since it has been two days since his last meal.


A waiter walked up to the men and saluted them. The officers give them a nod of acknowledgement.


“Gentlemen, Chief Chef Gordok Ramsik offers the following menu items: Fried Malta Scallops and fresh tindok fish steak from the planet Logos,” said the waiter with a smile.


The tindok fish was a fresh water fish on the planet Logos. Logos was the only habitable planet in the Pogi System some 30 light years away from the Great Magellanic clouds. Lysis recalled that the Tindok was the best tasting fish ever caught in the Pogi System. A typical tindok weighed in at more than thirty pounds. Its sheer size provided more than five fresh filleted tindok steaks per fish.


“What will you have gentlemen?” asked Radlock with a smile.


“Fresh tindok fish steak sounds great to me. It has been more than six months that I’ve had something that tasted nearly perfect,” said Lysis as he acknowledged the waiter with a slight wave of his hand.


“I would take the Malta scallops marinated with Pogi spice with a Merlok wine,” said Volgar.


He’s asking for Merlok wine? He’s bound to fall in the floor after a few drinks. That wine is 120 proof and only given to those that are seriously wounded,” thought Radlock as he heard Volgar’s request.


Oh please…not POGI SPICE!” thought Faust as he beckoned an assistant to come to his side at the table.


“Please have four gas masks ready once the food is served,” said Colonel Faust whispered into his assistant’s ear.



“Why sire? Isn’t that a bit unnecessary?” asked the assistant quietly.


“Gentlemen, please excuse us a second. I shall return in a minute,” said Faust as he rose from his table and walked with his assistant to an area out of hearing range of the men.


Faust ran after the waiter named Aliz as they both rushed into the galley. The ticked off Colonel grabbed Aliz by the shoulders and spun him around in a quick whirl.


“Aliz…I thought you knew the effects of the Pogi spice?” inquired Faust to Aliz.


“Sir, I’ve not seen or heard about such a spice other than the Titan Mushroom,” replied the assistant with a bit of sweat running down his brow.


“Ok Aliz…Pogi spice is very well known on Logos. According to reports and actual experiences with Pogi Spice…it’s deemed more powerful than Earth’s Mexican food in its relation to causing uh…uh…radioactive sleeping gas to explain it mildly.,” explained Faust as he rolled his eyes.


“Oh, I get it now. It really helps getting that weird muscle in your backside to vibrate kind of wildly and rather vocally as it produces a mild to severe odor. Is that correct sir?” said Aliz with a broad smile.


“(Sigh)…Yes, Aliz…you’re immediately dismissed to return to your duties, enough said,” an exasperated Faust who showed a bit of frustration in his assistant as he returned to his place at the table.


“Trouble with the subordinate, sir?” inquired Lysis with a laugh.


“I wouldn’t say trouble, General. I’d rather call it um…a misunderstanding,” said Faust with a slight chuckle.


“General Lysis, sir…what would you like to drink?” inquired the waiter as he welded a pen and notepad to note the orders for the chef.


“I would like to have a light tonic please,” said Lysis as he acknowledged the waiter.


“Very well…I’ll have those drinks to you in a moment.”


The waiter turned around and walked towards the kitchen and the bar. General Radlock rose from his table.


“Gentlemen, excuse me for just a moment. I forgot to request my drink. I’ll rejoin you in a moment,” said Radlock as he slid the chair underneath the table and walked towards the kitchen in a normal pace.


Lysis, Volgar and Faust remained behind at the table continuing to their conversation about the Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy. Faust agreed with the men that the battle was at best a decisive one. Radlock motioned for the bartender to quickly enter the kitchen.


“What do you have that can knock Lysis into a relax state?” inquired Radlock as he studied the drink menu.


“Sir, Lysis’ request for a light tonic requires only five percent of alcohol by volume. If you want to induce a really good night’s sleep, I can certainly add Vovitz spice from Gamilon,” said the bartender.


“Yes, our scientist on Gamilon knows the power of the Titan Mushroom and the Vovitz spice. I remember hearing of reports that married people getting quiet freaky in the bedroom and sometimes prisoners get quiet violent with each other. One percent won’t cause much harm other than knock him truth silly for a bit. He’s my cousin after all,” said Radlock as he sighed and crossed his arms.


“Is that what you wish General? Dr. Fitz in sickbay wouldn’t recommend the titan mushroom. But a small pinch of Vovitz spice can definitely give Lysis a prolonged good night’s sleep,” said the bartender as he crossed his arms.


“Well...ha ha ha ha, it would make for some rather sick and humiliating entertainment that we can send to Desslok if we get some Titan Mushroom added to their drink along with the Vovitz spice. What a rather good way to get rewarded if we can show Desslok who my cousin really is....please make it so, my friend. Gamilon shall reward you for your faithful service to Leader Desslok,” said Radlock as the men left the kitchen.


Radlock rejoined the conversation at the dinner table.


“Gentlemen, our drinks will be here shortly and we shall make a toast,” said Radlock as he sat in his chair.


“General Lysis, I know the battle at the Rainbow Galaxy was a hard fought battle. I trust you that you haven’t given up your glorious quest to defeat the Star Force,” said Faust as he crossed his arms on the table.


“Colonel and my cousin, General Radlock, I have not given up my campaign to defeat the Star Force. Captain Avatar isn’t man that should be underestimated. Do you recall how he turned the tables against Gamilon after we unleashed the Fist of Gamilon?” inquired Lysis in a serious tone.


“I know…a lot of our own technology was adapted by those accursed Earth fleets. Queen Starsha of Iscandar should have never gotten involved with Gamilon affairs,” said Colonel Faust with disgust.


“Knowing that I was a part of Desslok’s inner circle, Desslok carried on an intense romantic relationship with Starsha,” said Lysis.


“So, Desslok got rather uh…mushy with Queen Starsha did he?” inquired Radlok.


“That’s not all. I once approached Desslok’s bedroom with a report a long time ago and I heard things that I couldn’t believe I heard,” replied Lysis with a smile.


“Lysis, I never knew you were such a voyeur! You’re a sick nasty dog!” yelled one of Radlock’s lower ranking officers sitting at the table.


Radlock stood up and glared at the lieutenant that sat several chairs down the table on Lysis’s right side. He walked a few steps and stood right in front of the officer.


“STAND UP!” shouted Radlock.


A sense of total quiet came over the galley as the officer rose up out of his chair.


“For what you said to my cousin, you need to take this,” said Radlock in a grim tone of voice.


The General balled his fist and punched the officer right in the right jaw causing him to fall down to the floor. Blood ran from the officer’s mouth as proof that Radlock was just as ruthless as Lysis.


“Next time, Lysis will get you. Get out of my sight!” exclaimed Radlock as the officer rose up and left the table.


“You did well, cousin. Had it been me, he wouldn’t have stood to see another day,” said Lysis.


A few minutes later, the waiter arrived back at the table with the men’s drinks. The tonic was set before Lysis as he had no idea about how strong his drink was really going to be. Volgar, on the other hand, was about have the drink of his life. The waiter set the Merklok wine mixed with Vovitz spice and a touch of titan mushroom before Volgar.


“Enjoy, gentlemen!” said the waiter with a smile.


“Our pleasure,” said Lysis as Volgar smiled.


“Your meal will be arriving shortly. Please enjoy your drinks,” said the waiter as he turned to leave the table. 


“Gentlemen, what intelligence do you have on the Star Force so far?” asked Radlock as he folded his arms.


“The Star Force…they aren’t to be underestimated. There have been so many younger Gamilons that are eager to face them in battle. During the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster, we lost about 75 out of 200 pilots that flew missions in combat.”


“It sounds like to me that the Star Force doesn’t have any trained gunners,” said Faust as Lysis took a couple of sips of his tonic.


“Hmmm…the tonic is a bit sweeter than usual but it is my opinion that you have a fine mess crew,” said Lysis as he placed his glass back on the table.


“As for the Star Force’s gunners, they should not be underestimated either. For one thing, The Argo’s radar systems were totally out because of an ultra-strong magnetic field,” he said as Radlock and Faust looked on. 


“So, I’d say that led to a good missile strike and plenty of runs by your dive bomber squadrons,” said Faust as he rubbed his chin.


“That is correct! We nearly obliterated them,” slurred Volgar as he finished his glass of Merlok rather two quickly.


Damn, Volgar is a vile drunk. It won’t be long he’ll be hiccupping in his sleep. Hahahah,” thought Radlock.


Volgar, please cut the excitement. We’re having a pleasant dinner and we’re not engaged in a battle,” said Lysis has he waved his hand at Volgar and began to yawn.


"Volgar, is right Colonel Faust. However, after the many sorties done by our superb pilots, the drill missile plane left the Sapphire and we warped it via SMITE right to the Argo's bow." said Lysis as he sipped on the tonic.


"So, then cousin, we assume that the Star Force took heavy damage to their wave motion gun. Who is the pilot of the missile plane?" asked Radlock as he noticed Lysis seemed a bit more relaxed.


"General, I think that is where a mistake was made. General Heidlin wanted some glory for himself. We found out later that he was the pilot of the missile plane. He was successful but he should have stayed right on his station commanding the carrier, Sapphire." Lysis responded as he felt the warmth of the alcoholic tonic descend down his esophagus. Lysis began to feel rather too weird due to the effects of the titan mushroom. 


The men's conversation was rather interrupted as they heard a thud on the floor. Two guards ran up to assist Volgar who was now obviously wasted beyond comprehension. The guards picked up Volgar and held him. Suddenly, Lysis felt dizzy and unable to balance himself since the strength of the tonic made him strongly intoxicated. 


"Waaaa....what is going on, General? You're looking hot Faust!," slurred Lysis as his legs wobbled beneath him. 


"Oh put titan mushroom in his tonic!" thought Faust in abject horror as he looked at Radlock.


"General Lysis, cousin...I am sorry I have to do this. I'm under orders from the Generalissimo himself. You and Volgar are hereby under arrest for treason against Desslok and your failure to defeat the Star Force at the Rainbow Galaxy." said Radlok as he stood face to face with a stunned and wasted Lysis.


"Ra.....lock...."said Lysis as he collapsed to the floor in a rather deep sleep.


Lysis slumped to the floor as Radlock gently assisted him on his way down. The captured General had no idea that this was the ultimate setup that was engineered by Desslok himself for the defeat at the Rainbow Galaxy. 


"Ha ha....we got them! Desslok would be pleased!" thought Faust as he smirked at the scene. 


"Sirs, what shall we do with the men?" asked one of the guards.


"Put them in a holding cell in the brig. We'll get them out once we reach Gamilon." whispered Radlock to the  guard on Volgar's left. 


"Yes, Sir!" replied the Guard. 


Radlock looked at his adjunct commander with a bit of concern. He knew that Lysis is well trained to escape any attempt of him being captured. He walked over towards the intercom and pressed a button to link him to the bridge.


"This is the bridge. Go ahead." said the voice over the intercom.


"This is General Radlock. Set course for Gamilon immediately," ordered the General into the microphone.


"General, let's hope that Lysis and Volgar don't wake up until we're in Orbit around Gamilon," said Faust as the two men walked towards an elevator.


"Faust... that is the least thing I'm concerned about right now. The strength of those tonics will have them sleeping in their cells for up to 5 days. We will contact Desslok after we have made the first warp. You have the bridge until first watch. I'm retiring to my quarters." said Radlock as the men boarded the elevator to the bridge.


"Yes, sir, I will notify you upon the completion of the first warp. It will take a day or two before we're in position to make the first warp," said Faust as the elevator bell rang to announce that the Colonel had arrived on the bridge.


"Very well, Faust. Good Luck." said General Radlock as Faust stepped off the elevator. 


Colonel Faust saluted the General as the elevator doors closed. His cape snapped as he turned a three sixty to walk to his station. He sat down at the command console and gazed at the blackness of space. 


"Sir, what are your orders," inquired the officer of the deck.


" You heard the General...set course for Gamilon. Take her full speed ahead and position us for warp within the next day," ordered Faust as the bridge became active with deckhands carrying out the second in command's orders. 


Colonel Faust realized that this mission is not over until the two men in the brig make it safely back to Gamilon for trial. He breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that the first part of the intense mission has been completed. Little does he know that once they get back to Gamilon, Radlock and his own self would be dealt with some very surprising circumstances.


Little did neither Desslok nor Radlock know that the conditions of the captives were going to be more than they bargained for when they arrive at Gamilon. Will Lysis be able to recover and save his dignity? Or will absolute shame and certain death await Lysis and Volgar when they arrive on Gamilon? Recover have two days before you return to Gamilon to face Desslok.