Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity

Chapter 15

Battle Satellites: A Genius Idea

By: Jamie A. Tucker


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Scene 1: The Prototype Battle Satellite.

Great Island Underground City Dockyard

March 26th, 2200 1000 hours

It has already been a rather busy morning for the Supreme Commander of the Earth Defense Forces. It has been months since the last Gamilon planet bomb had hit the surface of the irradiated planet. General Singleton has not heard from the Star Force in months. Some of the surviving populations in the underground cities are growing weary with living conditions that includes limited supplies of electrical power and drinking water. If the Star Forces doesn’t return by October 2200, all life on Earth will be considered extinct save for the members of the Star Force. However, to protect Earth from the threats of outer space, one lone surviving Space Battleship having been repaired of her battle damage from Pluto is all that stands between Earth and a potential enemy.

A One-starred General knocked on the Supreme Commander’s office door.

Come on in,” said Singleton has he rose up from his desk.

General Singleton, I have a mission that I would like to get your approval on if you don’t mind it,” said EDF Brigadier General Oyama Hikaru, commander of the Earth Defense Army Technological Sciences Division as he entered Singleton’s office.

“Please General, have a seat. I would much so like to hear about this mission you are proposing,” replied Singleton as the men shook hands and sat down in front of each other.

How are you doing thus far? Have you heard from the Star Force thus far?” asked Hikaru as he opened a folder and pulled out the three page document detailing the Kirishima’s final mission.

Hikaru, I have not heard from the Star Force since they have left the Solar System. Captain Avatar has broken through Gamilon’s main defensive line after they left the termination shock zone outside the Solar System. However, I’m taking things as best I can in spite of some of the reports I get on a daily basis. Pockets of protest and light rioting have happened in certain areas because people are loosing hope. An hour ago, I get a report stating that radiation has now penetrated some underground cities in several countries. My scientific advisers told me that if the Star Force does not return by October of this year, we will be facing the end of life as we know it. We might get another year to live but with detrimental effects on the health of the surviving populace world wide,” Singleton said as he wiped some sweat from his brow.

Sir, it is a little warm in here. I’ve seen a few such reports myself. Australia reported a month ago that their power grid is back on line. The radiation has not penetrated as deeply as once thought. It’s gotten down to a half a mile below the surface. A few people have ventured out of their shelters and have witnessed strange deformed creatures that resembled two headed kangaroos hopping around the Australian Outback,” said Hikaru closed his eyes at the mental image of such horrendous existence. .

Two-headed kangaroos wouldn’t surprise me. Radiation has horrible effects on developing human and animal offspring. Australia wasn’t hit has hard as Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America. Only five planet bombs hit Australia with a force no greater than twenty kilotons of TNT. Australian populace survived by building their own underground cities. Thus most of its infrastructure survived and they were actually the first region to come back on line transmitting reports to us,” Singleton said as he handed the Brigadier General a report from off his desk.

“Brisbane is still standing isn’t?” asked Hikaru as he scratched his head.

“Yes, the city itself was not hit by any of the planet bombs. The Australian outback was the hardest hit, but the radiation is pretty much widespread,” Said Singleton rising up from his chair to retrieve a notebook from his desk. 

A knock was heard at the door. A voluptuous blonde Caucasian female administrative assistant entered the office and handed the Generals a report. General Singleton nodded at her in thanks and dismissed her with a slight wave of his hand. General Hikaru could not help but notice the assistant’s rather attractive features.

General…you haven’t seen a woman in a while have you?” asked General Singleton as the assistant laughed while she made her way out the office door.

Uh…excuse me, sir. I guess that’s what you call a mid-life crisis in my late thirties,” laughed Hikraru sheepishly.

Find out if she is taken or not. Companionship can do a lot of good in times like these,” suggested Singleton as he pulled the report from its envelope.

Ah, I see this is what you want to discuss….battle satellites,” said Singleton as he looked at the report along with several diagrams that Sandor had designed months before leaving with the Star Force.

Affirmative…  Lt. Commander Stephen Sandor of the Star Force submitted these plans to me prior to departing for Iscandar,” said Hikaru with a slight grin.

Sandor has a brilliant mind. He’s saved several of our ships including the Yukikaze with the help of his pal Alex Wildstar. I understand he is a hell of an engineer. Those dynamic-do all machines he designed and developed is a major factor in turning the war against the Gamilons towards our favor somewhat. Sandor must have written this report for our review and study.” said General Singleton as he looked at the mission profile document.

Sir, I wish he were still with us. Sandor trained several teams of technicians and engineers in the use of dynamic do-all machines to fabricate and manufacture new technology in a very short amount of time. I’ve heard that there were several of those machines sent to Israel along with their technicians to assist with building a new class of space battleships,” said Hikaru as he crossed his legs and turned a page of the report.

Absolutely… You heard all of that in the affirmative, Oyama. About your proposed mission…You would like to see four to eight of these battle satellites deployed in low earth orbit at an altitude of three hundred and fifty miles using the Kirishima for the deployment, is that correct?” asked Singleton as his eyes continued to scour the information before him.

If it is possible, yes, The Kirishima would be perfect and the safest capability to fulfill the mission. Some scientists wanted me to approve the use of an old Titan ballistic missile but that’s not feasible given there’s no way we can procure liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen from a radioactive environment above the surface. Besides that, 20th century technology is outdated and basically the Unification Wars of the 2140s got rid of that technology,” General Hikaru said as he turned the page of his copy over to the next.

I see that one design carries a supply of torpedoes while another one sports shock cannons and 20mm pulse laser cannons. Four of them in all would be great to test out while we are waiting on the Star Force to get back. When do you want the mission carried out?” asked Singleton as he signed the approval order.

Outside the door, General Stone walked up to the door and couldn’t help noticing that General Singleton was talking a little loud. He walked up to the door and made sure no one was watching him eavesdrop.

Battle satellites… There’s no threat to Earth after the Star Force gets back. Why would they want to put guns in the sky for?” Stone thought to himself and backed away from the door. General Stone made a note of what he heard on a paper notepad and quickly continued his walk down the hall. 

Hmm…if it is possible do you think we can assemble a crew of at least seventy-five plus ten telemetry technicians? All four of the prototypes can fit into the Kirishima’s fighter bay and be deployed from there. We can get the crew and team assembled for the mission at 1300 hours with departure set for 1500.” Hikaru suggested as he leaned forward.

Since the Kirishima is an Earth Defense Space Naval vessel, it doesn’t fall under the command of the Earth Defense Army Command. There’s a second sister ship to the Kirishima that is docked at hanger forty-nine. The Haruna was completed prior to the first battle of Pluto. She never set sail with Avatar’s original fleet because of a major engine failure that occured during atmospheric trials. The Haruna has been docked there since. Therefore I’ll have to make a phone call to Commodore Yamanami. He is in charge of the Haruna and the Kirishima. It is my understanding that both ships are repaired and still commissioned in the fleet,” said Singleton as he retrieved a wireless phone from the silver metal coffee table in front of him.

General Hikaru nodded in agreement with the Supreme Commander. The EDF Supreme Commander dialed the phone to Yamanami’s office. After the third ring, a voice was heard on the other end.

Yamanami, speaking!” said the Commodore as he sat at his desk looking over personnel reports.

Commodore, this is General Singleton.” said the voice on the other end of the line.

How are you, sir?” asked the Commodore as he placed a pen back in the pen holder.

Doing good… I have General Hikaru with me here in my office. We are discussing a possible last mission for both the Kirishima and the Haruna. Do you think you could assemble two crews?” asked General Singleton as he and General Hikaru sipped water from a clear plastic bottle.

Well, General…I don’t think I could immediately assemble a crew quickly unless it’s the Gamilon’s attacking. What kind of mission are you and Hikaru discussing?” asked the Commodore as he adjusted his posture in his chair.

Hikaru and I were discussing the deployment of prototype battle satellites for temporary defense until more could be built and proven. Four to eight satellites will be sent to the docks for loading in both vessels. I need your help in assembling the crews.” said General Singleton as Hikaru looked on.

The Commodore rose up from his desk and looked out the window at the Kirishima, seeing that the ship was repaired from her battle damage from Pluto.

General, If I can get 100 men and split them into two groups of fifty, then you got two crews for both ships. What time do you need for us to depart for low earth orbit?” the commodore asked with a slight smile.

Depart at 1500 hours. Have your crews assembled and ready to go at 1300 hours. I will send Captain Morgan Barrett to command the Haruna. He was Avatar’s second in command at the battle of Pluto,” said General Singleton as he prepared to conclude their conversation.

That sounds very well, General. I would trust Captain Barrett in command of the Haruna. He was my junior at the Space Fighter’s Training school. He’s a fine officer. I appreciate you for recommending him and sending him over,” said Yamanami as he walked towards his desk.

You are welcome. We will meet you both prior there at the dock at noon. Have both crews assembled and ready for me since I will be reading orders to both crews at that time. Thank you for your service in this matter, Commodore,” said General Singleton as he made a few notes on a note pad.

I will see you then, sir!” said Yamanami as he concluded the conversation.

General Singleton placed the phone back on his desk. He closed the portfolio in his lap and looked at General Hikaru.

General, there’s much work to be done as far as protecting this planet. All we have now is two space battleships left over from the battle of Pluto. I will meet you at hanger 49 at the underground space port. Hopefully… once we get these battle satellites into orbit, we’ll have another rather thin layer of protection until the Star Force returns,” said Singleton as both men arose from their chairs and walked towards the office door.

Supreme Commander, thank you for having me meeting with you. If there is anything else I can do for you, please do not hesitate to let me know,” said General Hikaru as both men shook each others hands and ended the meeting.   


Scene II: The Argument


General Singleton’s Office


March 26th, 2200 1100 Hours


An hour later after General Hikaru left the Supreme Commander's office. General Stone made his way down the hall to return to the office he had eavesdropped on. He stopped to return the salute of a non-commissioned officer before turning to face the door.

I’ve got to stop this rebuilding the fleet thing, Singleton is so determined to do!” thought Stone as he knocked on the door.

"Come in," said General Singleton as he heard Stone knock on the door.

Oh, Lord…not again! Stone is wearing that class A uniform again thinking he’s some big shot!” thought Singleton as he watched General Stone walk into his office with a brown packet in his hand.

General Stone entered Singleton's office wearing his traditional EDF Marine Dress uniform, known as the class A. He walked to the left chair that sat in front of Singleton's desk and sat down.

"General Stone, What can I do for you?" inquired Singleton as he poured two cups of coffee for both of them as a form of hospitality in spite of the rivalry between the two generals.

General… I came by your office because I thought you’d might be interested in an idea I have for planetary defense,” said Stone as he took the cup of coffee in a twenty once Styrofoam cup from Singleton and took a sip and sat down in the left chair in front of Singleton’s desk.

General Stone pulled out a report entitled, "Battle Satellites: A Cost Effective Planetary Defense By: Vice Admiral Chekwelder" and handed it to the Supreme Commander of the Earth Defense Forces.

"Hmm... I see what you wanted to discuss. Admiral Chekwelder is one of our best and most reliable research leaders in the technology division. Three pages are pretty short for a general written report," said Singleton as he read the title of the three page report and sipped on his coffee.

"General, If I may be of any service in regards to future defense plans after the Star Force returns from Iscandar, I would like to be apart of it. As a matter of Fact, Adm. Chekwelder discussed this one hour ago and he thought you would like his recommendations," said Stone as he crossed his legs and took another sip of his coffee. 

"Are you sure you want to be a part of defense planning, Stone? To be honest, I understand you believe there are no other threats to Earth besides the Gamilons. For your information, Sandor also wrote very well researched report on Battle Satellites in regards to planetary protection. He left politics out of it." asked Singleton rather sarcastically.

General Stone hesitated to answer the question and thought for a minute about whether or not he should answer.

Charles…You have been a strong supporter of Space Naval Fleets ever since the Gamilons started their war with us. I understand you want to fully rebuild the EDF Space Naval fleets to fully protect Earth. Battle Satellites are much more cost effective and if we could build enough of them and deploy them through out the solar system, it would be a great thing,” suggested Stone as he finished his coffee.

"There's one thing I want to know given this report you've given me entitled "Battle Satellites". How do you know that there is the possibility of such technology?" inquired Singleton as he leaned forward and looked concerned at Stone.

"Well, I figured since large defense fleets will no longer be needed after the Star Force returns, that’s why I had Admiral Chekwelder write up some recommendations. Why are you looking at me rather sternly?" asked Stone as he gave Singleton a concerned look.

There are plenty of weaknesses in this battle satellite idea! Any enemy fleet could break through this type of defense in less than ten minutes.” thought Singleton as he looked at the last page of the report.

General Singleton leaned back and his chair and wiped his chin with his right hand. The atmosphere got intense between these two Generals.

"Stone, I understand very clearly that you believe that Fleets are no longer needed for Earth's defense. I also understand you hang around those crazy politicians who share the same views as you do. Given that the Star Force will be returning and I'm confident of that fact, Fleets are needed for defense of the Solar System. Without a powerful fleet, we have no early warning of any imminent threat to Earth. Gamilons are willing to attack again if given the chance. I will not put Earth at risk. If Gamilon attacked us, I have no doubt in my mind there are other alien species that may be on some ungodly quest for control of the Milky Way," Singleton said sternly as he handed the report back to Stone.

"Listen sir, these proposed Battle Satellites should be effective enough to take out any space born threats. Including… Gamilon's planet bombs and ultra menace missiles," Stone said in response as he gestured with his right hand.

Effective??? Ha ha ha ha! They may be effective at shooting at space fighter planes but they sure as hell can not take out a Space Battleship! We believe such armaments on these proto-type battle satellites we are sending up later won’t be as accurate as we would like them to be. That’s what testing is for! There will be lessons to be learned and mistakes to be made. Your statement is laughable. You have a weak argument, Stone. The report stated that Battle Satellites are to be a temporary defense measure and last line of defense should an enemy break through our defense line. Why do I feel a little prophetic in saying this?” General Singleton said, as he rose up from his desk.

This guy is getting on my nerves! He’s making more sense than I am!” thought Stone as he placed the report back into the brown envelope.

"Again, I am asking you plain and simple, how did you know about battle satellites?" General Singleton asked again with a loud voice raising his right eyebrow in suspicion of Stone as he threw his coffee cup in a trash can.

"Sir, I have technical knowledge as result of obtaining a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering. Don’t believe me…just check my service record!” exclaimed Stone as he stood up from his chair. 

“Stone...I know your record pretty well. You also have a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Political Science from the University of London. Your political connections are quite well known among the top brass in the command staff,” Singleton responded as his bit his bottom lip and clinched his fist leaning against the desk to keep him self from sending a right hook to Stone’s left jaw.

Two seconds later, the Supreme Commander of the EDF turned towards a monitor and picked up a black remote control and pointed it at the monitor. The monitor revealed Stone eavesdropping earlier on General Singleton’s conversation with General Hikaru.

"STONE… MAYBE YOU SHOULD RESEARCH THE DAMN POSSIBILITY OF THE TIME RADAR!!!" Singleton roared loud enough to be heard outside the office as he replayed the security video which showed Stone eavesdropping outside the door of General Singleton's office.

Stone’s eyes became like a dear caught in headlights. He had forgotten that there were security measures in place around General Singleton’s office.

"GENERAL SINGLETON!! HOW DARE YOU!!! HOW FU*KING DARE YOU!!" shouted Stone as his face turned red with embarrassment and anger over getting caught spying on his superior officer.

"Stone, maybe you ought to realize that cameras are every damn where, you moron!! That should serve you a lesson! Like it or not, the Earth Defense Forces will have a complete fleet built with Iscandarian technology! You can take this report and shove it up your ass where the sun don't fu*king shine!!!" shouted Singleton with his eyes full of fire and his voice loud enough that made others outside the office to stop and turn their heads in shock.

"So bring me up on espionage charges, asshole! Take a damn star off my shoulders! As for your precious rebuilt Earth Defense Fleet, just watch I predict the Star Force will mutiny against future orders when they return. I will have them disbanded upon return!" retorted Stone as he gave Singleton the middle finger.

A small crowd of five people heard the commotion outside of the Supreme Commander's office. They had never heard Singleton or Stone cussing each other like old time navy sailors.

"Stone, if you push one more button, I’ll guarantee that you'll be eating enchiladas without any teeth!!" said an angry Singleton as he clenched both fists and gritted his teeth.

"Chihuahuas??? CHIHUAHUAS??? Sir, those things are extinct!! I'm definitely not a dog eater!! “shouted back Stone as he pointed his finger at Singleton in abject anger.

Singleton shook his head and looked at both of Stone's ears in search of two hearing aids. The Supreme Commander then got up in Stone’s face like a US Marine drill instructor and stared him down.

"Where did Chihuahuas come from, maggot? I said ENCHILADAS! You need your head examined and maybe your damn ears too!" You rank lower than I do, Stone. I am ordering you to see Dr. Gramme about getting your hearing checked! If you go deaf, I have no choice but relieve you of your duties permanently!” said the still angered Supreme Commander as he slowly backed away from Stone.

Stone turned away from Singleton with a look of anger and disgust on his face. He took back the report he handed to the Supreme Commander and proceeded to walk to the door.

Damn him!! He just totally humiliated me! I need me a stronger ally to deal with this sorry piece of pride!” thought Stone he turned to Singleton once last time and looked at him.

"General can take those fleets of yours and shove it up your schlong! I'll guarantee you the Earth Parliament will be on my side and deny you and your precious General Design Board your dream fleet! After all, Admiral Avatar will see my view when he returns!" said Stone angrily as he opened the door.

"We'll see, Stone....We'll see!!" said Singleton as Stone walked out the office and slammed the door behind him.

Stone stood outside the door breathing hard while five EDF Staffers looked on in shock.

What are you looking at? Get back to your duties! This isn’t a crazy celebrity sighting of sorts!” Stone shouted as the staffers scurried off in different directions down the hallway.

General Stone walked down the hall in the opposite direction of General Singleton’s office. His face was still red from the anger he harbored towards his superior officer. Meanwhile, General Singleton was recovering himself from the argument he had with Stone. He grabbed his officer’s cap off the coat rack from behind the right side of his desk and placed it on his head. He put on his green officer’s jacket with his service medals neatly shining from the left breast of the jacket. As the Supreme Commander exited his office, a lower ranking officer approached him as he closed the door.

“Supreme Commander Singleton, How are you today?” asked the young red-headed 1st Lieutenant Bermund Wehard as he saluted Singleton.

The General smiled slightly and returned the salute.

“I’m OK, I guess. What can I do for you, Lieutenant?” asked the five-starred General as he faced Wehard.

“Communications has received a signal from deep space. It is a very weak signature given it is so far out,” reported the Lieutenant.

“There are lots of signatures that are given off by stars and other bodies in space. I’m not sure if our surviving radio telescopes can acquire any signals from the Star Force. My recommendation is to investigate it further and see if you can turn that signal into an image of some kind. It’s been months since we heard from the Star Force,” said Singleton as he and the Lieutenant began to walk down the hallway.

“If in fact… it is the Star Force sending us a communication, I will report it directly to you, sir.” said Lieutenant Wehard as he walked with Singleton down the hall.

“I appreciate it… but report it to your supervising officer who will then report it up the chain of command to Major Suhaila Jamil. She’s in charge of the deep space communications network. I get reports from her on a weekly basis,” replied General Singleton as the two exchanged salutes and departed from each other.

General Singleton arrived at the mess hall for his usual 1200 hour lunch break. He stood in line and grabbed a brown tray viewing the day’s menu on the buffet.

“Supreme Commander, what would you like today, sir?” asked the attendant with a smile.

“I would like a plate of Oven-grilled soy beef with green peas and brown rice.” replied the General as he moved down the line a little bit.

“Would you like an egg roll with that sir?” asked the attendant as she handed him the plate.

“Sure, I’d appreciate it. I haven’t had an egg roll in weeks,” replied the General as he took the egg roll from the middle aged woman who looked to be in her mid thirties.

The General moved on down the line towards the beverage counter. He filled a cup with green tea and placed a lemon in the cup. A gray-haired lady who looked to be in her sixties sat at the cash register rang up General Singleton’s meal.

“That will be $6.75 dobras,” she said looking at the meal he chose.

General Singleton took a card from his wallet and passed it over the reader. A receipt printed out from the printer while the lady tore it from the printing device and gave it to the Supreme Commander.

“Thank you, ma’am,  Hope you have a pleasant day,” said Singleton has he took the plate tray from the counter and walked over to a round table adjacent from the salad bar and sat down.

“Commander, may I join you?” asked Commodore Yamanami.

General Singleton looked up after saying grace silently to find the Commodore standing in front of him holding a tray of lunch. 

“I’d be delighted, Commodore. We’ve got some things to discuss before assembling those crews in a little while,” Singleton said as he took a sip of his green tea.

“General Stone has become quite aggravating. He’s advocating to folks saying we shouldn’t build a vast space fleet after the Star Force returns,” Yamanami said as he opened an eighteen once carton of milk.

“Commodore, Let’s just say I won a shouting match with that son of a bitch. He brought me a report supposedly written by Admiral Chekwelder advocating the theory that battle satellites are the way to go in regards to planetary defense,” replied Singleton as he took a bite of his oven-grilled soy beef steak.

“I got a feeling Stone probably plagiarized Sandor’s report on the technology and added Chekwelder’s name to it to avoid scrutiny. I’d recommend an informal investigation into that report and if it is plagiarized, then my suspicions are correct,” said Yamanami as he took a bite of his food.

“I’d consider it. I’ve ordered Stone to get his hearing checked and if he refuses to do so, he will be released from duty on a temporary basis. You don’t know how close I’ve come to having that guy court-martialed,” said Singleton slightly angrily as he took a few bites of his meal.

“I’m glad Stone isn’t in command of any ships. Just seeing him being on the command staff makes my skin craw. I’ve heard Stone and Admiral Gideon got into a major shouting match over the proposed Space Battleship Andromeda,” said the Commodore with a slight smile.

Singleton nearly choked on his food hearing that Stone and Admiral Draco Gideon get involved in a shouting match.

“I really wonder what is the difference between my shouting match with Stone and Gideon’s shouting match him is like?” asked Singleton as he finished his egg roll and took two sips of green tea.

“Well, the difference is….Gideon gave him a hard left hook to his right jaw after Stone pushed it to far. The punch saw to it that two molars and a wisdom tooth went flying out of his mouth!” said Yamamami.

“DAMN!!!!” exclaimed Singleton as he nearly spit out his tea.

“That SOB got what he deserved considering Gideon is a much more muscular man than I am,” said Yamanami as he finished his meal, pushing his tray away from him.

“I remember seeing a request from JAG a couple of weeks ago that Stone had petitioned for charges to be brought against Gideon for an alleged assault and battery. I didn’t believe it and know I realized what that petition was about. I’m glad I denied the request and Gideon never said anything about it to me,” said Singleton as both men rose up from the table.

Both men emptied the waste from their trays into the trash can and placed them in the tray rack. A radio call came in for General Singleton.

“Striker One, Transport 2 is ready to meet you outside the building,” said the voice over the radio.

“Transport two, ten-four. Ten-twenty?” asked Singleton in regards to location.

“Striker One, Parking Space three is ten-twenty,” the voice replied.

“Transport two, ten-four. Command Delta is with me. We are ten-seventy six. ETA in ten minutes,” replied Singleton over the radio.

“Roger that Striker One, Transport two out,” the voice said as Singleton placed the radio back in its holster.

“It’s not much longer until we give some pep talk to the crews. I just hope these battle satellites will live up their purpose,” Yamanami said as the men saw their transport come into view.

“Welcome, Supreme Commander and Commodore Yamanami.” said the driver as he greeted both men with secret grips.

“Thank you, for your service. We assume you know the location of our destination,” said Singleton as the three men entered the dark blue air-car with the UN logo on both sides.

“The Underground Space Port, I assume,” said the Japanese driver.

“Yes, I can’t divulge any details since its classified information. But I can tell you two old Mogami class Space Battleships will see new life,” said Yamanami with a smile.

“Avatar’s old command?” asked the driver as he drove the air-car down the main through fair to the security checkpoint.

“Quite possibly,” smiled Singleton as the men drove up to the security checkpoint.

“May I see your I.D. please?” inquired the Sergeant with an M-4 strapped to his shoulder.

The transport driver rolled down the back tinted window to reveal the Supreme Commander of the Earth Defense Forces and Commodore Yamanami sitting in the rear seat. The sergeant immediately came to a salute.

“At ease, son!” said General Singleton pleasantly.

“Thank you, sir. You are cleared to the Space Port. Have an excellent day!” said the Sergeant as the crossing gate went up.

The air-car came to a stop in the parking place just outside Yamanami’s office. They could see the crews moving about both Space Battleships.

“The Kirishima looks great, Yamanami,” said Singleton as he exited the car.

Yamanami nodded in response as he exited the air-car after thanking the driver for his service to the Senior Officers.

Out on the docks, the load masters were loading the five thousand pound battle satellites into the hangar bays of the space battleships. Once inside the ships’ hangar bays, the load masters strapped down the satellites onto the rail system which will be used to deploy the objects in space. Supreme Commander Singleton and Commodore Yamanami made their way into the Commodore’s office. The intercom buzzed alerting the Commodore.

“Yes?” inquired Yamanami as he replied into the microphone.

“Captain Morgan Barrett is here to report to you,” said the blonde haired secretary on the other end of the communication.

“Send him in,” replied Yamanami as he stood behind his desk.

A knock was heard at the door shortly after. Captain Barrett opened the door and greeted both men with a sharp salute as the senior officers returned the salute.

“Captain, how do you do?” asked Singleton as he shook the captain’s hand.

“Very well Supreme Commander. I’m looking forward to this assignment,” replied the Captain as he removed his cap.

“Please gentlemen… have a seat in front of my desk,” said Yamanami pleasantly.

“Captain Barrett, I trust you have received your orders in regards to this important mission. Upon successful completion of this mission and upon recommendation of Commodore Yamanami, you are in consideration for promotion to Commodore. You will have formal official command of either the Kirishima or Haruna. Your choice,” General Singleton said, as he handed him the envelope of official orders.

“Whoa...I wasn’t expecting a promotion. I only volunteered for this mission to assist the Commodore having served under him for the past several months. Upon successful completion of the task set before us, I gladly accept consideration of promotion and all responsibilities that fall under the rank of Commodore,” said the Captain rather surprised.

“Very well, the orders for both of you are simple. Commodore Yamanami, you are officially in command of the Kirishima for this mission. Captain Barrett, you are officially in command of the Krishima’s sister, Haruna. Your mission is to get eight prototype battle satellites into orbit around Earth at an altitude of not more than 350 miles above the planet. However…Captain Barrett, you will have to take the Haruna on a separate trajectory in order to place your payload into a polar orbit around Earth. Yamanami will place his payload in a geostationary orbit. Also… two extra sensor laden satellites will also be deployed from the Haruna to assess the damage of the planet from Gamilon’s planet bombs. These satellite’s sensors will help us determine radioactive levels at various points around the world,” said Singleton as he signed off the official papers and handed them to both men.

“General, The Haruna had a history of engine failure prior to the first Battle of Pluto. She was stricken from the fleet temporarily. Has she been officially placed back into service since?” asked Captain Barrett out of concern since he read the history of the ship.

“Commander, I think I can answer this question for you. Captain Barrett, the ship’s logs are in your quarters for your review. You may look over these logs prior to the satellite deployment. The issues with the engine and propulsion systems have been repaired. She has been restored to service. That’s why we chose to use two ships for this mission,” explained Yamanami.

“How long will it take for data from the survey satellites to determine the damage from the Gamilon planet bombs?” ask Captain Barrett as he turned a page of the classified document.

“It will take a couple of days to get a preliminary picture of the radiation patterns over various parts of the world. The places that the Meteorology and Climatology divisions want us to focus on are Asia, The Middle East and the Americas. Those are the hardest hit areas and have the most devastation,” replied General Singleton as he closed the folder in his lap.

Out in the hangar area, the group leaders began to assemble their groups in front of a makeshift stage on the starboard side of the Kirishima. One news crew from the Earth Government information office sat up cameras and microphones to capture the send off of both crews. General Singleton, Commodore Yamanami and Captain Barrett exited the building that housed Yamanami’s office. The officers saluted several non-commissioned officers as they walked towards the hangar area.

“Commodore, the Kirishima looks brand new. All that battle damage has been repaired. Your men did an excellent job,” said Captain Barrett as they looked at the ship as they saw the crews take their formations in front of the stage.

“Thank you, Captain. We got the damage repaired in less than two months time. Her wide laser gun turret is also repaired as well,” replied Yamanami as he looked right to speak to Barrett.

“TEN-HUT….OFFICERS ON THE DECK!!!” shouted the master chief petty officer from the stage platform as he saw the Supreme Commander, Commodore Yamanami and Captain Barrett walk towards the stage.

The camera operated by the news crew went live as the officers made their way to the stage with both of the crews standing at attention with chairs behind them.

“It’s exactly 1300 hours and lets get this show on!” thought Singleton as he surveyed the two crews.

Commodore Yamanami took to the podium and returned the salute from the master chief petty officer.

“At ease, Ladies and Gentlemen. You may be seated…” said the Commodore as he opened the portfolio in front of him.

“Captain Barrett, General Singleton and General Hikaru, and the crews of the two fine ships in our background…We are gathered here today to mark a major milestone since the Star Force left Earth this past October on their journey to Iscandar. We are also on a journey unlike that of the Star Force. We are on a journey of recovery, resolve and healing. There have been many challenges. There have been trials of blood, sweat and tears. We rose to the occasion and relied on our training when called upon. You… the new crews of the Kirishima and Haruna…you are hereby called upon to serve the citizens of this great planet to defend civilization in the absence of the Star Force. As Captain of the Kirishima, Our orders to defend this planet are not an option but a mandate that shall be fulfilled with the utmost of our ability to successfully accomplish the mission. Should an enemy make its presence known, we will prevail in battle! Our orders are set forth by our Supreme Commander, General Charles Singleton and upon recommendation by General Oyama Hikarau of the Earth Defense Command’s Technological Sciences Division.  At this time, will both crews please stand and raise their right hand and repeat after me: I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the nations and citizens of Planet Earth from all enemies extraterrestrial and domestic. I swear that will obey the Earth Constitution and the Constitution of my country’s origin and defend the same while serving as a Member of the Earth Defense Forces. I swear that I will faithfully and in full obedience carry out the orders of the Supreme Commander of the Earth Defense Forces and the orders of my Superior officers according to the regulations and code of the Earth Defense Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me, God!” spoke Yamanami from the Podium as he swore in the crew and officers of both ships.

“You may be seated. You are now officially sworn in as crew members of the Space Battleships Kirishima and Harunu. As your Captain and Flag officer, I wish you much success on this mission. At this time, I would like to introduce our Supreme Commander Charles Singleton. He is a prime example for all of us to follow having served in the Earth Defense Forces for over 40 years. A graduate of West Point Military Academy in the United States and the Earth Defense Command’s Space Fighter’s Training School, he rose through the ranks beginning with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant leading basic combat training and teaching officers and enlisted alike in the tactics and traditions of Military life. General Singleton, thank you for taking the time to share this moment with us,” said Yamanami as he finished his speech and turned to shake General Singleton’s hand after saluting him.

The crews of both ships rose to attention and saluted the General.

“At ease and please be seated,” Singleton said he as opened his portfolio that contained his brief remarks.

General Singleton briefly scanned the crowd of crew members and saw that the small media pool was going about their business behind the crews. On the left and right hand side of the crew members were bleachers filled with surviving family members of the crew and dignitaries attending the send off.

“Captain Barrett, Commodore Yamanami and Brigadier General Hikaru, distinguished guests and fellow citizens of Earth…I stand here in awe of your service to our great planet. As I begin my remarks, I am reminded of a very famous General from the second great world war that lasted from the years 1941 to 1945. He said these words, “Every single man in this army plays a vital role. Don’t ever let up. Don’t ever think that your job is unimportant. Every man has a job to do and he must do it. Every man is a vital link in the great chain. What if every truck driver decided that he didn’t like the whine of those shells overhead, turned yellow, and jumped headlong into a ditch? The cowardly bastard would say, “Hell, they won’t miss me, just one man in thousands,” But what if every man, thought that way? Where in the hell would we be now?” I have thought seriously on this man’s words. That man is the ultra late General Patton, one of the United States most famous World War II’s generals. General Patton’s words have impacted me since I have read this speech over and over. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have a role to play. The Star Force has been long gone on their mission to Iscandar and they will return. The time now is not to fear what lies ahead of us, but to look forward to that which we so greatly desire…a restored Earth with life abundant once again. Like Patton told the 3rd Army, So must I tell you, NEVER GIVE UP!! Each one of you has a great role…even perhaps greater than that of the Star Force because you are about to embark on one of the first missions ever to restore Earth. The last of the Gamilons have been driven from the Solar System. Now is the time to restore Earth and make this Solar System our home. The mission you are embarking on requires your skill, commitment and bravery. Captain Barrett and Commodore Yamanami will lead you in this mission with confidence. I know of no greater men of character than these two I have personally selected for this mission. Aboard your ships, are prototype battle satellites…the first task in rebuilding our planet are getting those satellites into Earth orbit. Defense of our Planet is our priority.  Both ships will survey the planet for scientific studies of the radioactive pollution caused by Gamilon’s planet bombs. Some places on our planet are experiencing improvement in the levels of radioactivity but it’s still not safe to venture out unprotected.  However, we must remain vigilant and prepared. The Kirishima and the Haruna are the last lines of defense until the Star Force returns.  I depend on you…the entire UN Earth Defense Forces depend on you, but most importantly…Earth depends on you. As you embark on this mission, I wish every single one of you Godspeed and may the God of all ages watch over, protect and heal our once beautiful planet.”

As the Supreme Commander of the Earth Defense Forces closed his speech, he looked out at the two crews who stood at attention. The small military band began to play the EDF March while the crews marched to their respective ships. Captain Barrett, Commodore Yamanami and General Singleton shook hands and exchanged the last of the pleasantries as the two Captains made their way to the ships. General Singleton, Brigadier General Hikaru and others made their way to an observation point to see the ships depart from the underground space port. The two crews and their Captains performed a series of checklists and the dock workers removed the last remaining equipment that was attached to the ships’ connection ports.

“General Singleton, you think these satellites will work?” ask Hikaru was he watched the action on the docks.

“I believe they will. They are the last line of defense we have against any Gamilon or other space borne threat to the planet,” said Singleton as he turned and looked at Hikaru.

About two minutes later a whine was heard coming from both ships. The navigation, landing, and strobe lights began to flash red and green lights and the first smoke was seen exiting the ship’s engine nozzles.

“Captain Barrett, energy output is now 120%!” said the Haruna’s navigator as he turned to face the Captain.

“Very well, Communications notify Captain Yamanami that we will lead the way out. Release all outside lines, turn 90 degrees starboard and proceed!” ordered Captain Barrett as he crossed his arms feeling confident in his role as a Captain of an EDF Naval Vessel.

Aboard the Kirishima, the communications officer alerted Yamanami of the message from the Haruna.

“Captain, the Haruna informs us they will lead the way out since they are in front of us,” the officer said from his console.

“Energy level at 120%, auxiliary and main engines are online. We’re ready for departure,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Paul Orion, who is the nephew of Star Force Engineer Chief, Patrick Orion. This was his first training cruise with the Space Fighter’s Training School.

“Very good, Navigation….take us out and follow Haruna,” ordered Yamanami as the Kirishima made the 90 degree turn to starboard.

The Haruna left the underground space dock followed by the Kirishima. Both of the ship’s crews witnessed the barren radioactive landscape of the Earth. Many were saddened and dismayed at the sight that lay before their eyes.

“Those damned, Gamilons!!” said one crew member aboard the Haruna.

Both Captains knew what the Earth looked like topside and not many people have seen the awful damaged done by years of Gamilon planet bombings.

“Captain Barrett, We are now proceeding through Max Q. We are proceeding through the area of maximum dynamic pressure on the ship. We are approaching mach 2.5 and twenty miles above the surface. All systems good are normal.” announced the ship’s navigator.

“Lets make our target orbit at 275 miles with an inclination of 85 degrees and we’ll park in that orbit. Give me an ETA on that,” said Captain Barrett.

“Roger, we should arrive at that way point within ten minutes, sir,” said the Navigator as he plugged coordinates into the ship’s autopilot navigation system.

Captain Barrett nodded at his navigation chief in agreement on the time of the arrival at the parking orbit. Commodore Yamanami had ordered the Kirishima to be placed into an orbit opposite from the Haruna. Being on opposite ends of the planet would enable the battle satellites to have greater coverage of planetary defense in case of enemy attack.

“Captain Yamanami, we have arrived on orbit, sir!” exclaimed his executive officer.

“Very well, from this point we will complete two orbits of Earth and then satellite deployment will commence shortly thereafter,” announce Yamanami.

Both of the crews prepared for their respective deployment of the satellites. Aboard the Kirishima, an alarm sounded at the radar station.

“Captain Yamanami, unidentified objet sighted 35 mega meters off the port side!” exclaimed the radar officer.

“Switch to video display panel,” ordered Yamanami as he looked up at the new video display panel that was installed during the refit.

The video image of a lone Gamilon Planet bomb was seen on the screen. A gasp was heard through out the bridge.

“Is there anyway we can change the bomb’s course?” asked Captain Dean Stone who is serving as Yamanami’s executive officer.

“What’s the speed of that thing?” asked Yamanami as he stood up from his chair.

“16,000 miles per hour sir!” exclaimed the radar officer.

“All Hands Red Alert….Communications contact the Haruna and advise them!” ordered Yamanami.

Aboard the Haruna, the communications officer’s face turned pale. He turned at look at Captain Barrett.

“Captain, the Kirishima advises us that they have spotted a lone Gamilon planet bomb off their port side,” said the communications officer.

“Oh God Almighty, protect this planet. Hail the Kirishima and put Yamanami on video!

“Captain Yamanami, the Haruna is hailing us.” said the communications officer.

“On video!” replied the Commodore.

“Yamanami, sir… We have just received your message! You need assistance?” asked Captain Barrett with a sense of urgency in his voice.

“Not yet. Prepare to see a possible flash. Current calculations show that the planet bomb will hit in the Brisbane, Australia by the weekend. We are going to alert Defense Command and prepare to take action. Remain on station. There will be a delay in the Battle Satellite deployment,” said Yamanami.

“Understood, I have a suggestion, sir. If it is in a slowly decaying orbit, we can release our battle satellite load and this would make the perfect test. By the time it reaches the point where it is in range, any negative repercussions such as an EMP over Australia are less likely to happen since it will be more than 500 miles downrange off the coast,” suggested Captain Barrett.

“Very well, Barrett. Prepare your crew for the deployment and release the Satellites within the next one point five hours. I’ll alert defense command to this situation. Your suggestion is so ordered,” said Yamanami as he sat back in his command chair some what relieved at the situation that presented itself before him.

Aboard the Haruna, the technicians quickly got to work testing out the key systems of the battle satellites and survey satellites. They sent up a report to Captain Barrett that all was a go for the Satellite deployment. Back on Earth, General Singleton and General Stone were back in the command center observing the mission. They also had spotted the planet bomb shortly after Yamanami had discovered it.

“General, the Kirishima is hailing us from orbit,” said the cap com.

“Put it on the video display panel,” ordered General Stone as he stood next to General Singleton.

“Captain Yamanami, Have you spotted the planet bomb?” asked Stone as he crossed his arms.

“Yes we have. We spotted it a short while ago. Our examination of the planet bomb has found that the size is 100 feet wide with a possible explosive yield of 40-60 megatons. Captain Barrett has suggested a course of action that I have already approved and it is being implemented as we speak,” said Yamanami as his crew continued to observe the glowing radioactive object.

“That plan is…,” replied Singleton as he looked sternly at Yamanami as if he’s putting him through the test.

“Captain Barrett will deploy his two Battle Satellites within the next hour and a half. Once the planet bomb comes in range of the satellite, shots will be fired and end the threat,” replied Yamanami as one of his Chief Petty Officers handed him a set of calculations.

“Yamanami, you’ve just saved the planet! Upon your safe return from this mission, you will be promoted to Rear Admiral and Captain Barrett will be promoted to Commodore. Do you have anything further?” asked General Singleton while Stone stood beside him.

“Yes, I do…according to some calculations I just received. This seems to be a stray planet bomb that was launched prior to the Star Force destroying the Gamilon base on Pluto. Our final analysis shows that the planet bomb has not completed its development process. In other words, what ever guidance systems it had failed and went into a trajectory that took it from the usual direct paths that most of the planet bombs had taken,” said Yamanami as he held the papers.

“So in other words, this one was basically captured by Earth’s gravitational field rather than directly aimed at our planet, right?” inquired Singleton as he crossed his arms.

“That is correct, sir,” replied Yamanami.

“Thank you for reporting this, Yamanami. There will be no need for a debriefing upon your return,” said General Stone as he retrieved his portfolio embroidered with the EDF logo on the outside.

The video screen went dark after the communications ended.  

An hour and a half later, the Haruna was in position for the satellite deployment. The technicians in the ship’s Combat Information Center activated the battle satellite’s central computer systems and prepared for the deployment.

“Captain, we are go for deployment!” said one of the technicians.

“Open the bay doors and commence deployment. Radar, what’s the fix on the planet bomb?” asked Captain Barrett

“The object will be coming in range in about 20 minutes, sir,” replied the radar officer from his station.

“Very well…upon satellite deployment, move the ship to a safe area about five thousand mega meters from our current position. We’re expecting quiet an explosion. All hands man your battle stations, prepare for flash and shock wave in thirty minutes!” exclaimed Captain Barrett over the ship’s loudspeakers.

The conveyor system in the Haruna’s fighter bay deployed two battle satellites and two Earth observation satellites. As they drifted from the Haruna, solar panels were seen deploying like wings from the sides of the two Earth watching Satellites while the battle satellites were propelled by small thrusters mounted from within them. The satellites quickly gained distance from the ship as they made their way into position.

“Take us out to the safety point. Radar, how much further until the planet bomb is in range?” asked Captain Barrett as he watched the satellite deployment on the overhead view screen.

“10 minutes and we’ll be in range,” replied the radar officer.

Captain Barrett made a quick call to the Combat information center where the technicians were on station. General Singleton and General Stone along with the operations staff watched the action unfold via video in underground command center. The shock cannons on the first battle satellite began to train on the planet bomb that was just beginning to come into range.

“Captain Barrett, we are now in the safe zone!” said the ship’s navigator as he turned to look at the Captain.

“All hands prepare for flash and shock wave! Start the ten second countdown!” exclaimed Captain Barrett as the bridge crew placed anti-flash goggles over their eyes and fasted their seat belts.

The planet bomb was now in range of the first battle satellite, slowly spinning like a giant russet potato in orbit.

“Ten…nine….eight…seven…six….five…four….three…two….ONE, FIRE!!!!” shouted Captain Barrett from the command post on the bridge.

The firing command was sent to the satellite. A sheer white beam of pure carbon laser energy emitted from the four cannons of the battle satellite. The laser penetrated the center most point of the planet bomb, causing a hellish, fiery explosion. The resulting shock wave caused the Haruna to shudder as if it had been caught up in a major earthquake. The flash quickly disappeared as it had appeared before them, leaving behind no residual fragments of its demise.

“Damage report!” requested Captain Barrett as he removed his flash goggles.

“No structural damage noted, sir,” replied the damage control officer on the bridge.

“Captain, one casualty has been reported from sick bay,” said the radar officer who also serves as the living group chief.

“Status of crew person?” inquired Captain Barrett as he rose from his seat.

“The crewman is injured due to a head injury by having his head slammed into the corner of a bulk head. They are working to get him stitched up sir,” said the living group chief as he rose from his post and gave the printed report to the Captain for filing in the ship’s log.

“Very well…Remain on orbit until we have further orders from Captain Yamanami or from Defense Command. Communications… relay the message to Yamanami that our mission is a success. The threat is eliminated.

On board the Kirishima, the crew had witnessed the flash of light and the shock wave that resulted in the blast from the stray planet bomb. Yamanami set back in his command chair and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“Captain, the Haruna sends us a message stating that the planet bomb threat has been eliminated. The first battle satellite fired the shot that exploded the planet bomb,” relayed the communications officer to Captain Yamanami.

“Very well, please send all reports to my quarters and I’ll evaluate them from there. Proceed with deploying our battle satellites and remain on station until I receive further orders from defense headquarters,” ordered Yamanami as he arose from his chair and exited the bridge.

A very serious threat was eliminated and the battle satellite has been a success. While the Star Force remains on Pegasus, can Earth survive until the Star Force’s return? Earth is now regaining her planetary defenses. It now not only not a question of “IF” but “when” will Earth be threatened again after the Gamilons are defeated. Hurry Star Force…time is running out as radiation continues to seep underground threatening the very underground cities that have protected Earth’s surviving population centers!!