The Test

Joint Venture with Yuki Wildstar and Fred Kopetz

Chapter Six



On the Argo’s Bridge, Admiral Wildstar grabbed Sasha by the shoulders.

“Five ships…big ones…we’ve taken three missile hits, sir,” said Sasha.

“They’re too close,” said Kitano. “Range, three mega meters!”

“NO!” yelled Sasha.

“What is it?” snapped Derek.

“One huge anti-matter missile…dead on course for our bow,” said Sasha. “It will strike us in ten seconds at this range…nine…eight…seven…”

“Maneuvering thrusters out!” yelled Kitano. “Wildstar! They’re short-circuited by some field…”

“Six…five…” said Sasha.

Now what the hell are we going to do? Derek thought.




From the distance the Phoenix’s crew watched as the missile made its way towards the Argo. Within seconds ships appeared from nowhere making their way towards the legendary ship. “We have to do something, Mark.” Princess said.

“Your right if we don’t they’re finished. Princess, see if you can get Commander Pesci in the meantime, Jason you stop that missile before they hit the Argo.” Mark Commanded.

“Gotcha,” Jason, second in command said. He quickly jumped in front of the ship’s console and stood ready to fire their missiles.

Mark turned and ran for the door. “Mark!” Princess yelled out to him.

He looked over his shoulder and yelled back. “I have to do something! Jason! Stop that missile. I’m going in my ship and help with the fight.” Then race out the door to his ship. Mark eased his ship out of the Phoenix and took flight to the fight. On radar he watched as Jason fired from the phoenix and watched as their missiles sail by and stopped the missile before taking impact to the Argo. Mark aimed his guns to the enemy ships as they made their way towards the Argo and engaged in a fight. He took four ships down and was working on his fifth when his alarms went off. He looked down and saw that his ship was targeted by one of the enemy ships. “Oh shit!” he moved his ship at top speed trying to lose them.

Meanwhile, on the Argo, Wildstar watched as the young pilot fought to stop the missiles from hitting them. He admired the young man was taking on such a feet. Though he would have ordered him to return to his ship he knew if the shoe was on the other foot he too would have taking off to help in anyway. He looked on the screen as he fought hard to lose the enemy ship. “Put up the shields!” he ordered the young officer. “Get me Pesci on the line NOW!” he screamed over to his communications officer.

“Aye SIR!” he called back. Moving his fingers over his station he called into his headset and began to get in contact with Pesci. “Sir, I can’t seem to get through. It looks like his communications are either down or we are being blocked. I’ll keep trying!” he said.

Wildstar stood on the bridge and felt the sweat run down his face. “Send out the Black Tigers!” he ordered. If anything at least I can try getting help to him, he thought.

Nova stepped on to the bridge as she zipped up her uniform. Wildstar turned around and gave her a worried look. She looked up to the screen and saw as Mark’s ship maneuvered to avoid from getting shot. The Phoenix stood in the distance from the battle firing missiles continuously at the missiles that made their way towards the Argo. Their shields took in most of the impact but the shock of them hitting the ship made it hard to maintain their balance. Well at least the main missile has been destroyed. But those little ones can be a pain in the ass and cause just as much damage, Nova thought. Wildstar yelled out louder as the explosions made it impossible to hear. Turning to his wife Nova could tell what he was thinking. “I have to do something.” Wildstar told her.

Nova nodded her head and he raced out the door. “Alright everyone, let’s brace for more impact. Keep those shields up and watch out for our fighters when firing. Not to mention our Captain is out there too. So get it right the first time.” Nova ordered.

Wildstar ran into the hangar and gave his ship a look over, then he jumped into the fighter plane. The sweat ran down his face as he worried about the young G-Force Pilot. “Damn! I should have never sent them out.” He said under his breath. His ship pulled into the catapult and he sat back anticipating the force of the retractor. Within seconds he was cleared for takeoff and he shot into the dark black sky. He pushed his ship as fast as he could towards the young G-force pilot.

Mark fought hard to shake off the enemy ship to no avail. His ships warning signals rang loud in his cockpit to the point that they became deafening. He wiped the brow off his forehead and grip tighter at the ships controls. “Damn it! Get off my tail!” he screamed out loud. He pushed his ship harder and harder trying to get away from the enemy ships when he heard someone come over his speakers. “Move over kid, I got this.” Pesci voice rang into the cockpit.

“Commander Pesci?”

“Yeah, now MOVE IT!” he heard him yell into his ears. From behind him he heard an explosion as the ship that was tailing him from behind. “You’re clear kid, now get back to your ship and let the big boys handle this.”

“I think I was handling it just fine.” Mark replied with a sarcastic tone.

“Yeah right kid, you keep thinking that. Now get back to your ship.” Pesci ordered.

“I’m staying! I can handle things just as well as you.” Mark said in defiance.

“I said to get BACK!” he yelled at him.

“NO! I can,” Mark began when he heard his voice come over his head set.

“Get back to your ship!” Wildstar ordered. “Pesci is right; you need to get back to your ship we will take it from here.”

“But Admiral! I can help.” He whined.

“Not now… just get back to your ship.” Wildstar ordered again. The last thing he need was something to happen to him while in battle. Their mission was over and now it was their turn to finish what they started. Derek flew past the small ship and teamed up with Pesci and his men. “Glad that you made it back Pesh. For a minute there I thought you would never back for the fun. Now let’s get some Spectra butt.”

“Already two steps ahead sir. You think the kid is pissed?” Pesci asked.

“He’ll get over it. I did when I was his age.” He joked into his helmet. They took flight pushing their ships to full speed shooting down more Spectra ships.

“I don’t know sir, they all seem too young for any of this. And did you get their motto, something about acting as one. Really! How stupid of line. If I hear it one more time I’m going to shoot them myself.” Pesci laughed.

Wildstar smirked in his cockpit and thought about what they yell out and gave a giggle. “Yeah it can be a little corny and lame. But their kids what can you do.”

“Did you have a motto when you and the Black Tigers went out to battle the Gamilons?”

“Yeah, it was let’s go kick some Gamilon ass!” Wildstar said. “Now let’s go kick some ASS!”


Nova stood on the bridge letting out a breath of relief as she watch her husband and Pesci team up and take control of the fight. She turned to Sasha and gave her a smile knowing that things would be fine now that the missile that was meant to take out the Argo was now destroyed. They were saved by the young crew just a few Megameters from them. She could see the Phoenix as it continued to shoot down some of the ships that seem to appear from nowhere. “Ma’am, they’re warping from an unknown place, I can’t seem to pinpoint where they are coming from. It’s not the planet it’s somewhere else, someplace unknown. I tried to use my powers can’t seem to get past some dark force. Each time I try to get through something blocks my senses. It’s starting to drain me.” She said.

Nova nodded her head and felt frustrated that this source too was blocking her powers. She jumped into the Captain’s chair that sat high over the bridge and looked on as her husband and Pesci with the Black Tigers continued to take down one ship at a time.


Wildstar, Pesci and the other Black tigers flew in and out of the fight taking out each ship one at a time. Wildstar tried to stay focused but his mind kept going back to the crew of the Phoenix. “They made it back. I can be thankful for that. Now if they just stay out of the way I can go back to Earth knowing that they are all safe. They fought hard taking out the majority of the Spectra fighters. “Looks like we are almost cleared, Pesh, I’m heading back you finish up here. Phoenix, I want you back to the ship. We need to debrief you.” Wildstar ordered into his helmet microphone and speakers.


Mark walked back onto the Phoenix’s Flight Deck and Princess ran into his arms. “Don’t ever do that again.” She pounded his chest. Mark pulled her away and stared deep into her eyes. Damn she is beautiful, he thought. He gave her a quick hug and made his way to his chair.

Jason stood behind him and crossed his arms. “Damn I only wish I had more missiles. Why doesn’t this damn ship hold more fire power! If I had more I would have been about to take them all out.” He said in anger.

“Relax Jay, you’ll get another chance one day. As far as I can tell this is not over.” Mark said with suspicion.

From the distance in the dark black space a small light began to appear. Mark and the rest of G-force looked on curiously wondering what it was.


Derek Wildstar also saw the light come into view with his crew. All stood up as the light began to grow brighter and brighter. “Derek, what is that?” Nova asked as she stood closer to him.

“I don’t know.” Derek said.

To be continued . . . . . .

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