The Test

Part 2

A joint tale by Yuki Wildstar and Frederick P. Kopetz



2. The exam


Space Battleship Argo

Medical Unit

May 29, 2220

1030 Hours



Description: vlcsnap-2010-09-06-20h59m46s208.png“Listen here you little punk, I won’t have you speak to her and anyone with disrespect. My youngest shows more than you do. Now if you still want to go for it then bring it on. And be prepared to get your ass kicked all over the floor.” Wildstar stood straight to his full height and stared down to the angry teenager. Stepping forward Jason took a swing at Wildstar. Ducking before he made contact with his face Wildstar stepped back and grabbed hold of him by the arm.

“Derek! Don’t hurt him.” Nova screamed out.

Description: GATCHAMAN_VOL_11-76[1].jpgWildstar grabbed a chair and sat down. He took Jason’s arm and swung him over his lap. “Now to teach you a lesson.”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jason yelled out.

“Giving you something that should have been given to you a long time ago.” He pulled down his pants and began to spank him.

“You’re not serious?” Nova said.

“He wants to act like a spoiled rotten kid; then he will get a spanking like a spoiled rotten kid.”

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Mark screamed. He could believe what he saw as he entered the room. His second in command was on his stomach over the Admiral’s legs getting spanked like he was a 5 year old. “STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” he yelled.

“Not until he learns how to give his elders and superiors some respect.

“I SAID TO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” Mark yelled again and then grabbed hold of Derek’s arm in mid swing. Wildstar jumped to his feet dropping Jason on the floor. “Don’t you ever touch him again.” Mark warned him.

“I am assuming that you are the leader, Mark, of G-Force. Your second in command here needs to mind his manners when speaking to an officer, let alone my wife. I will not allow anyone on this ship think that they can do as they please. He is here for a physical; we are not going to do surgery on him. Now things can go smoothly if everyone cooperates. Are we going to have a problem with you too?”

“Trust me, I am not like him. I will take you on.” Mark stood with fists ready to fly.

“All right everyone let’s put all that testosterone back in your pants.” Nova said standing between all of them. “Now I would like to get back to work and finish my duties. I do have another life besides refereeing the likes of everyone here. So Admiral, if you’d please let me get back to work I would appreciate it.”

Straightening his uniform he gave Mark and Jason a hard stare. “Fine but if you need any help with them I’ll have a couple of marines standing guard.”

“Jason can you please step into room one and we can get this over with,” Nova pointed to the room closest to them. “I promise I will not take long and you can be on your way.” She walked in behind him and quickly began his exam. She looked over he’s chart and was amazed at their IQ’s. They were off the chart as to their brain waves. “So all I need is some blood and you can go on your way.”

“No! I sick and tired of doctors poking like I am some rip pig and you’re no different.” He snapped at her.

Description: JGALACT[1].jpgTaking a deep breath she knew it hasn’t been easy for them. They have been poked and pronged most of their young lives. They were sheltered to labs and training, so she could understand his anger towards anyone in a lab coat. “Listen Jason, I can’t sit here and tell you I know what you’ve been through, because I don’t. But just bear with me and let me do my job and I will try to make it as painless as I can. It will only be one prick and then I am done. Now we can do it that way or the other way which will be two large orderlies hold you down and forcing you to give blood. Something I am sure that you would not like and neither would I. I pride myself in making my patients comfortable enough that they leave here enjoying their visit. So can we please just take a step back and let me do my part of the job that way you can do yours. I am asking you this one favor.” She smiled.

He gave her a suspicious stare and slowly shook his head yes. “Fine! Let’s get this over with.” He stuck out his arm and waited for her to take his blood. With ease and precision she quickly took his blood. To his surprise he barely felt the prick. He stared closer at her and could tell she meant what she said. It wasn’t often that he trusted anyone. It took him a while to come close to trust his leader Mark as well as the others, but he knew that she was someone to trust. He rubbed his arm and gave her a half smile. “Am I done?” he said trying to sound rude. She nodded yes and he got up and left slamming the door behind him. Nova blew the hair strands from her face and sat back relieved that it was over with him. She stood up and walked to the door and waved in the next G-force member.

“Have a seat please.” Nova told him. “Your friend did a great job. I thought I was going to have a problem but he mellowed out enough for me to do my job. I hope that we can do the same.” She said as she looked at his chart, thinking, Hmm, his records are just as impressive as Jason’s. No wonder they made him the leader of the group. He was a lot calmer and his stats on combat where amazing. It shows that he is an excellent pilot. I’m sure that Derek will enjoy seeing what he’s got behind a fighter. “So you’re going to do some maneuvers with Admiral Wildstar later? You know he is the best pilot to learn from.”

“Maybe it’s him that will get to learn a thing or two. I’m an ace when it comes to flying.  My father was the best.” He said with pride.

Nova gave him a slight smile then continued to do her exam. He wasn’t as defensive as the other one. He let her do her job without making a scene. She finished up and began to write into his chart. “Everything is good so you can go. I believe the Admiral is waiting for you on the flight deck for further training. Good luck.” She said to dismiss him. She finished writing in his chart and walked to the door and waved in the next person. A pretty girl walked towards her and gave her a nervous smile. “You must be Princess.  Please come in and sit. This will not take long I promise.” She smiled back at the young girl. “So it looks like you’re the only girl in the group. How does it feel?”

Description: jun_the_swan_gatchaman_g3_shirts-163x188[1].jpg“It can be over bearing at times. It’s hard to keep the peace between Mark and Jason, but it has its perks.”

“I know exactly what you mean. I served on an all-male ship. It wasn’t easy. Especially when you are interested in someone,” Nova said.

“YOU too?  Oh my, I thought it was just me. Please don’t say anything but I think Mark is heavenly.” She said feeling giddy. “Did you finally hook up with him?”

Nova smiled and her eyes danced when she answered. “Yes, we certainly did. You met him on the way in.”

“You mean the Admiral?”

Nova nodded and then said. “Yup, that would be him. And don’t let him fool you all. He can be tough, but he is a great guy.”

“I don’t think Mark or Jason care for him. To tell you the truth I don’t think they care for anyone at all. Jason has had a hard time adjusting and Mark, well, he still misses his father. He tends to have a love-hate relationship with him. He seems to get depressed at times when he thinks about it.”

“I know it’s hard on all of you kids so if you ever need someone to talk to my door is always open. Especially you, deal with boys can be a little much. I have had first hand in dealing with boys. So if you want to talk I’m here.” She told the young girl. Finishing with Princess she then checked on the last two G-Force members. The next to come in was a large teen named Tiny, who caught her off guard with his good humor and kindness. Though he continued to ask about if the mess hall had hamburgers he did well with the exam and kept her laughing. The last of the group was the youngest of the gang. His speech wasn’t quite there yet, (he had an odd stutter) but Nova just loved him. He was curious in regards to everything she did to him. At the end he gave her a hug and ran out the door.

Description: WILDKN[1].jpgWalking down to the flight deck Mark was curious about the Admiral. He heard tales of him and was told that he was the best pilot to learn from. How good of a pilot is he? He thought. He couldn’t be that good if he hasn’t been behind a fighter in while. What can he possibly teach me that I don’t already know….?

To be continued…..