The Mends

By Yuki Wildstar


Wildstar Residence

4th of June, 2214

6 Weeks later

Morning . . . .

Derek Wildstar awakened. Quietly, he got out of bed and made his way to the twins’ room and saw Nova feeding one of their sons. It was a hard night for him and Nova they kept them up half the night and at one point he thought he would lose it. Nova just smiled at him while she feed Mark. Alex woke up several times rubbing his eyes wondering why his baby brothers would not sleep.

“They’re just hungry Alex. Babies need to eat every 4 hours just like you did when you were that small.”

“But they’re so loud.” Alex whined.

“Yeah they are. Sorry kiddo, but I promise it will get better. Why don’t you go back to bed and get some sleep. Mom and I will try to keep them quiet,” Derek said.

“Oh alright, but if they don’t, can we send them back?”

Trying not to laugh at his oldest son he said softly to him, “I don’t think so kiddo, they’re pretty much here to stay.”

“Well can we send them to grandma and she can have them?”

Derek just smile at him as they walk back to his room. “That’s not an option Alex, we can’t send them back and we can’t give them away. It will make mommy really sad if you don’t like them. Now we don’t want mommy unhappy, do we?”

“I guess not.” He sighed.

“Okay, now go to sleep.” He told him as he tucked him in. Derek made his way back to the twins’ room and found Nova dozing off while still feeding Mark. Gently he gave her a nudge. “I think he’s done, babe. DJ looks like he’s hungry now.”

“Oh Dere,k I’m Sooo tired.”

He quietly took Mark from her arms and placed him into the crib and then picked up his twin brother. “I know you are, honey.”

“Babe why don’t you get some sleep, I guess I can handle this. You really don’t have to get up with me all the time,” Nova said through a yawn.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m loving this. Just watching you with them makes me happy. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” He said kissing her on the forehead.

“Did Alex go back to bed?”

“Yeah, he’s re-thinking having brothers.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“The fact that he isn’t sleeping is making him cranky.” He gave her a half smile.

Nova let out a sigh and blew some hair out of her face. “I’m so sorry.” She tried to say as her lip quivered. The stress and lack of sleep made her cry at the drop of a pin. Derek quickly knelt down and smiled at his wife as she fed her son.

“Nov, baby it will get better. Alex is just tired, he doesn’t mean it.”

“Yes he does.” She whined and began to cry.

“Baby, don’t cry. You won’t be able to feed DJ.” He said rubbing her shoulder. He looked down at his son and watched as he fed from his mother’s breast. Putting his hand on his son’s head, he gently moved his hand back and forth soothing DJ and Nova so she could finish feeding him. It took another 20 minutes when they finally put him down. Derek looked at his wife and could tell she was walking in a fog. He picked her up and carried her back to their room. Within seconds she was sleeping in his arms. He gently put her in bed and laid down next to her wrapping his arms around her.

The morning sun rose too quickly for the Wildstar family. Derek stood in the kitchen drinking coffee. “Gosh, that tastes good. I definitely needed that.” He said out loud when he saw Nova walk into the kitchen looking like she needed a month of sleep. “Coffee?”

“Black, please” she said, trying to smile.

“Boy they both can eat.” He said trying to make her laugh.

Nova just smirked and walked out on to their patio. The fresh air hitting her face made her feel a little better. Derek walked behind her and kissed her on the neck. “Penny for your thoughts.”

“Just tired, I thought it would get better as they got bigger, but it seems like they’re eating so much more. I feel like I can’t produce enough for them.”

“You’re doing a great job babe. I’m sure it will get better.”

“Derek, I was thinking maybe . . . .  Just maybe.”

Glaring at her suspiciously he asked, “Maybe what?”

“Well you will have to go back to work soon and well . . . you won’t be able to help as much. And my mother has been calling to come see them. And I was just  . . . .”

41802[1].jpg“You’re not serious?” He stared at her. “You are serious! Nova after what she put us threw with Alex. How can you think of her coming here? You’re still tired, why don’t you go back to bed? Get some rest I can handle everything.”

“That’s the whole point, Derek! I’m exhausted and you going back to work will make it even harder for me. Please Derek, she is trying. Believe me this is not easy for me to consider, but I could use her help. Anyway Alex would love to see them.”

Hoping to find a better solution he suggested, “Maybe Yvey or Denise can help you out.”

“Derek you know that Yvey is over in San Diego and Denise is expecting herself!I can’t ask them that. Derek I really could use her. I can pump milk and she can help at night with them.” Wrapping her arms around her husband she brought him closer to her.

He looked down at his wife and rolled his eyes. “Oh alright, if it will make you happy.”

With a smile she lean upward and kissed him. “Thank you Derek, I promise the minute she says anything out of line she’s out of here.”

“Trust me I’ll be more than happy to do that job for you.” He grinned at the thought.

“I love you so much.”

Letting out a sigh he rolled his eyes and said, “The things I do for you, I must love you. Lucky for us we just finished the guest house.”

“Thank you.”

“So when are they coming?”


“When are they coming? Or do you think that I wouldn’t figure out this ambush of yours?” He grinned at her.

“In two days.” She said with wide eyes.

With a twisted look he had to admit his wife was slick to inform him on short notice, “That soon, huh?”

“Derek, please just be nice.  For me.”

“Hmm, I’ll try. But I can’t promise anything.”



6th of June, 2214

2 Days later  . . . .


 “Come on Nova, do I have to?” Derek whined “it’s bad enough that I’m allowing her to stay here I have to greet her, too.”

“Derek she’s making an effort. Please for me.” She said as she fluttered her eyelashes at him.

Gosh he hated when she did that, he could never say no to her big brown eyes and lashes. “Fine, but if she starts she’s outta here.”

Nova lean up and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you so much. Now here they are put on your best face.”

Derek stood at the door with her as the car pulled up. Her father step out first and then held out his hand. Sandra Forrester step out of the limo wearing her best summer dress with large rim hat. Her sandals were white to set off the yellow in her dress.  She wore dark glasses to keep the sun from her eyes. With grace and poise she moved past her husband and up to Nova. “Nova darling, how have you been? Where are my new grandsons?”

“They’re sleeping right now and Alex is in the back playing with his friend.” She said giving her a kiss that was more like kissing the air near her face. She then reached over and hugged her father “Daddy, I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve miss you too sweet heart.” He gave his only child a hug. “Derek, how are you?”

“Fine sir, how was the flight here?” Derek said as he shook his hand.

“It was  . . .” he began to say as he looked at his wife. “Interesting”

Derek grinned at his reply “I see, please come in. Alex is so excited that you were coming. He’s out back with his friend.”

They all walked into the house and made their way to the back. Derek called out to his son as he played with Dee. “GRANDPA!” he screamed and ran to him jumping into his arms.

“Whoa! Hello Alex. How is my big boy doing? Do you like being a big brother so far?” He said as he swung his grandson around.

“Yes grandpa.”

“I think I have something here for my little Captain. Sandra, where’s the package we brought?”

“Here it is.”

“For me?” Alex said with wide eyes.

“Yes, I hope you like it.”

Quickly he ripped the package open and smiled at what he saw. “Oh thank you grandpa.” He held a captain’s pea coat and cover just like his dad. Within the package was a plane that looked like a Lear jet his grandfather flew. “Look daddy, now I can go with you and fly the Argo.”

“Looks like that son. Why don’t you go finish playing with Dee?” Derek said. “Thank you, James. That was really nice of you.”

“Well I know Nova gets one for him every year, so I figure I could get it this year. Say a little early Christmas gift, if it’s okay with you and Nova?”

“Sure. We’re glad that you were able to come out and see them. Here let me help you take the bag to the guest house,” Derek said, happy that they had it built not too long ago for such guests.

“I see you had it finished,” He smirked knowing that he and his wife weren’t the best of friends.

“Yeah a few weeks ago, I think you’re going to like it.” He said as he opened the door. “We had a kitchen put in and there’s a sauna in the bathroom. Oh yeah the bar is stocked.”

James let out of hardy laugh. “For me or Sandra?”

“It all depends on the day.” He smiled.

“Let’s just put them down here.” James said and then walked over to the bar pouring himself a drink and one for Derek. “So Derek, tell me, how are you and Nova getting along?”

“I, sir?”

“Come on Derek. I haven’t been kept completely out of the dark. My wife though she means well tells me everything. I know that you and my daughter have had some trouble in your marriage. So is everything alright?”

Derek face went flush at what he was saying and bowed his head. “Sir we are working it out. And to tell you the truth I have learn my lesson. Your daughter made sure of that. I had to work really hard to get back into her life. She is not one to forgive so easily.”

“This I know very well. She has her mother’s mean streak.” James said. “You know you’re not the only one with an indiscretion.”


“When I met Sandra she was as beautiful as my daughter. At the time she was dating my brother, or so that’s how she saw it. My brother as much as loved him had a tendency to, how should I put this? Use unnecessary force.  He could be a monster to women. I have seen it first hand with Sandra. She was so young and willing to please him. But he just treated her like a rug on the door step,” James Forrester said.

He paused  and continued with, “Even with all the verbal and physical abuse, she still loved him. She was betrothed to marry him , something our parents Gundam%2000%20Second%20Season%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2019[1].jpgarranged. They were no better than he was. They all just turned a blind eye to what he was doing to her. He never loved her, which made me frustrated with all of them. You see I loved her from the first time I saw her. But my brother was much more outgoing and handsome. Women would throw themselves at him and he would flaunt his affairs in front of her. I hated him so much for that. She deserved better.  We soon became good friends and she would come to me after one of his rages. It tore me apart knowing that she loved him after what he did to her. I would clean her up and then I would try to cheer her up. We would talk for hours on end when we were together,” Mr. Forreester said.

“When did all this finally come to a head?” Derek said.

“I’m getting to that, Derek.  Then, one day it all happened. She finally stood up to him about his affairs, something he did not care for. She gave him an alternative…either stop the affairs or she was leaving him. Of course this did not fly with him. After all my parents made it clear that he was to marry her or he would lose all his inheritance. He put her in the hospital that day. And true to my and her parents’ needs…they had it swept under the table; hushed up! No charges were filed and my brother walked away with no time served. While she was in the hospital I made sure to visit her every day. Something he never did until my parents made him go see her. He showed up there drunk smelling of stale booze and cheap perfume. By that time, I ’ve finally had enough; I told him to leave and don’t ever come back.”

He sighed and took another swallow of his drink. “It was the last time I saw him alive. He died in a head-on car crash. I have to admit that I was not sad to know that he was dead. My brother was a monster, so it was a relief that she would no longer be beaten. For Sandra, it was different; she mourned him for so long. Her world shattered for she loved him dearly. How I hated that she would mourn him. But soon her parents gave up looking for a suitor for her. I visited her every day after and we became closer. She would confide in me about what he did to her. How he took advantage of her and forced himself on her. I cringed as she described in detail what he did. My heart went out to her, she was someone I had to rescue if not from him but from herself. I knew she was planning on taking her life.”

“How did you keep her from doing that?” Derek asked, amazed at this story.

“So… I kept her busy, showering her with gifts and trips. I never left her side. Soon we became romantic. I was so happy that she finally came to me. Our parents gave us their blessing and we married the following year. We had our ups and downs. She married me only because I was it as close as possible to having my brother. But I accepted that. It wasn’t easy at first; she continued to mourn his death and I tried so much to make her forget him. After a year of it I just had enough. I met someone that made me feel good about myself. She was younger and far more outgoing. How I missed my wife… and she was the perfect distraction. I was ready to divorce Sandra when she became pregnant with Nova. I swore that she and my child would come first….so I ended the relationship with the other woman…which cost me a pretty penny. That’s how I found out that she was really after my money. When I held Nova in my hands the day she was born my heart just melted. That was also the day Sandra finally became my wife and partner.”

Derek listen in awe to his story, he never knew anything about them only that they were Nova’s parents. How his mother-in-law suffered so young. He couldn’t believe what she endured. ‘Why do men become monsters to the ones that love them so?’ His thoughts were cut short as James got up and said. “This stays between the two of us, Derek. Nova need  know about it. Sandra raised her well, she made sure that nothing or no one hurt her. That is why she is so protective of her.”

“I, I . . . I don’t know what to say. That’s some story.”

“Yes it is, so please be patient with her. She only wants Nova to be happy and not go through what she went through.” Changing the subject James placed his hand on Derek’s shoulder, “So Derek, I hope all is well now with you and my daughter?”

With a half smiled Derek scratched his head and said, “I’m still making up for all my stupidity. She’s a tough cookie.”

“Yes I know. It took her a long time to even consider talking to her mother after her stunt with you when you brought her back from that Bolar prison.”

“Yeah she still has nightmares from that,” Derek said…as he remembered the other week when she screamed out into the night.

James sighed. “It almost tore me apart seeing my daughter lying in bed broken like that. I thought I would lose her once again. And then her going back into space I wanted to just die. The only thing that kept me sane was that you were there to protect her. I knew no matter what, you would be there for her.”

“I would die for her, sir.”

“I know you would. Now let’s go see what our women are doing.”

“They are just wonderful Nova. I can’t believe that he looks like his brother Alex,” Sandra said.

“They both look like their father. Mark looks a lot like Derek’s brother Alex. So he says.”

“Well I think they both look like their uncle Lawrence… And Mark looks like you.”

“Mother, Derek and Alex look like their father and you know it!” Nova snapped. “So please don’t start something with him. He is trying to be polite for my sake. I wish you would do the same for him. He is my husband and I’m not ever going to divorce him.”

“I figure that much after his last stint with that woman.”

“That was in the past. I’ve moved on since. So please make your stay as painless as possible for my husband.”

“Nova, I just wish you would wise up and see him for what he is.”

“What is he? He’s my husband and the father of my children. Not to mention he is a great dad. So lay off!” she snapped at her mother.

Walking back into the kitchen James and Derek heard the two women arguing with each other,  What’s going on?” James asked.

Nova walked to her husband and said “Nothing dad, just a little misunderstanding between Mother and I.”

“I remember once when you used to call me Mom.” Sandra bowed her head feeling hurt.

‘This has to end’ Derek thought, after what her father told him, his heart went out to his mother-in-law. He couldn’t let this go on any further. He walked over to his mother-in-law and took hold of her hand. “Sandra, why don’t you and I go for a walk on the beach? I think that we both can use the fresh air. It’s a nice day and I think you will like it.”

gundam00season212rj9[1].jpg“I, I, I don’t know.” She hesitated not quite sure what to make of her son-in-law just then.

Feeling his son-in-laws outreach he pushed her towards him. “I think you should go Sandra,” he said then motioned her out the door.

“But, but . . .”

“Come on Sandra, there nothing more I would like then to take a walk on the beach with my beautiful mother-in-law.” Derek said making her blush.

“Oh alright.” She huffed. Quietly they walked down to the beach. Derek took hold of her hand and wrapped it around his arm. They both could feel the cool wind hit their face as they walked on the white beach. Sandra looked ahead while Derek looked from the ocean to her.

“Sandra, I know I’m not your favorite person in the world. But I want you to know that I love Nova very much and will never hurt her.”

“Like you never hurt her with that woman?” Sandra snapped.

Derek took a deep breath. “I didn’t know she told you about that. I thought you two weren’t talking until recently.”

“Well she did. It’s bad enough that you put her life in danger but for you to have an affair after she had Alex is inexcusable!”

“It wasn’t an affair.” He said under his breath. “Nothing ever happened between us sexually. I would never do that to Nova.”

“But you thought about it. It’s a betrayal no matter how you look at it,” she said angrily.

“Sandra I don’t want to argue with you. For the sake of my wife and children I would like for all of us to least try to get along. I know that you never liked me, but I love your daughter with all my heart and there’s nothing more important than making Nova happy.”

Sighing deeply she said. “Maybe your right, my daughter’s happiness is very important. But Derek, it’s not that I always hated you. When she got back from Iscandar and announced that she fell in love. I was so thrilled that she finally found someone to spend the rest of her life with. I met you and thought how handsome you were and young. Not like that old man she had in the communications room with her that time she called us from the edge of the solar system. But then, you two took forever to get married. Every time I asked her when you two would set a date…she just changed the subject. Then there were missions after missions. It seemed to me that your intentions were never to marry my daughter. That you were only using her for whatever leverage you needed for the EDF!” She continued. “Then when she finally settled down yet another war breaks out and she leaves again. This time she almost didn’t come back alive. I blamed you for that. Had you stayed home, she would have never been tortured. How I hated you Derek, I almost lost my little girl because of the life she chose! She was always the adventurous type. How I dreaded the day she joined the Star Force. When she met you I just assumed that she would just settle down. But you were just as adventurous as she was and I knew that something bad would happen. It almost killed me to find out she left yet again to face that monster.”

“Sandra, I begged and pleaded with her to stay home. She’s the one that wanted to go. You know she can be head strong and there’s nothing that will change her mind. It almost killed me too to know that she almost was killed. I still have nightmares of how she looked when we found her.” He spoke looking past her into the ocean. “And Sandra, I never used her. Trust me when I say your daughter was pure on our wedding night. And anyway, we eventually got married,” he grinned at her.

“Yes I have to admit you two did finally get married. But then it took forever for you two to have Alex.”

“Now wait a minute. I wanted to have kids right away. After how long I took to get her down the aisle I didn’t want to take another 4 years to have kids. If anyone wanted to wait it was her, not me.” He said. He didn’t tell her about the miscarriage she had. He didn’t think she needed to know that.

“Hmm, I see and the non-affair?” She asked with slit eyes.

“Well, I’m not proud of that at all. It’s was a mistake that I regret completely. But if Nova can forgive me, why can’t you?”

“I’m not my daughter. Sometimes she can be a hopeless romantic. A foolish girl if you ask me.”

“Well I’m glad that she was foolish enough to take me back or else we wouldn’t have had Derek and Mark. And watching her with them just makes me feel like I brought joy into her heart more.” Looking into his mother-in-laws eyes he said. “Sandra, please forgive me. I only want to love her and make her happy. A promise I made a long time ago to a dear friend on his death bed.  A promise that I broke once and don’t ever intend to do again.”

Sandra stood quiet looking out into the green and blue ocean. His heartfelt words tug at her heart. ‘Sandra… you’re acting like a child! After all, he gave you three beautiful grandsons.’ Smiling at her tall son-in-law next to her she slipped her arm through his and said. “You know now that I think of it. Alex and Derek do look like their handsome father.”

Derek smile slightly then laughed at her. “Mrs. Forrester will you allow me to walk you back.”

“Only if you continue to keep my daughter happy and once in while I am welcome to visit my beautiful grandkids.”

“You dear lady, have a deal.” Making his best Desslok impression, Derek took hold of her hand and kissed it. Sandra wrapped her arms around Derek and hugged him tight. Pulling away Derek could see the tears in her eyes. “I think we should go back in before they think we killed each other.”

Letting out a laugh Sandra smiled at him once again. “You’re right. And Derek . . . .”

“Yes, Sandra?”

“I know that your parents died when you were young. Nova told me how it was really hard for you and your brother. I’m not sure but If you like I really won’t mind if you called me mom. I know I can never take your mothers place but I would like it very much. And it would sound so good considering my own daughter wishes to call me mother.”

“I would like that very much too . . . . Mom.”

Nova watched from the distance as she saw them walkingdown the beach. She could see as they talked and then hugged. ‘I would kill to know what they’re talking about,’ she thought then felt her father’s hand on her shoulder.

“I would love to know what is being said also.”

“Oh daddy, I think the feud is over.” She said as she watched them walk back to the house arm in arm.

“That’s some young man you have there. I don’t think anyone has ever been able to hug your mother.”

“He is something isn’t he?” she smiled wide.

“I have to admit when it took you two 4 years to get married I thought he was stringing you along. At one time I truly was getting sucked into one of your mother’s ideas.”

“Derek and I both just knew it wasn’t the right time to get married. So much was going on that Earth needed us.”

“You know at one time your mother did like Derek. But all the postponements of your marriage then taking off to fight wars, it’s just not something your mother had in store for you. She wanted so much for you. A loving husband, a family . . .”

“But I have that.”

“Not fast enough for her. Then his little indiscretion. . . . I think that’s what set her over the edge.  Just knowing that her only child was hurting and there was nothing she could do is something I hope you never go through with your children.”

“I know daddy, I worry about them all the time.”

“At least it looks like they are smiling. Or are they putting up a front for us.” He asked.

“Oh gosh, I hope not,” Nova said and then heard them laughing as they walked up to the house. “My, that must have been some talk.”

“I think it was.”  Sandra said. “My favorite son-in-law has asked for me to stay for a while and help out with the children.”

“He has!?” Nova looked at them wearily.

“Yup, and tomorrow I’m taking this lovely lady to the Argo so she can get the grand tou,.  Derek smiled at her.

“Alright I know I just slipped through some time warp. This is not my husband, what have you done to my husband and where is my mother?”

“Oh for god sake Nova, grow up. Come Derek dear I want to see those babies again,” Sandra Forrester said.

“Right behind you, mom.” He said leaving Nova and her father standing there confused.

“Daddy, when I tell you just grab the kids and head for the hills. I think they have lost their minds and when it wears out this place is going to explode. I don’t want my kids in the middle of it all.” She said as they both roared in laughter.

Later that evening . . . . .


L13.jpgThey began to get ready for bed when Nova asked him. “So . . .  what did you two talk about?”

“Let’s just say that we have a possible truce. You know your mother has a great sense of humor.” He smiled “I never knew that. She’s really a good hearted person.”

Nova blink quickly astonished at what he was saying. “Oh my, where is my husband?” she said feeling his face.

Laughing at her reaction he took hold of her hand. “It’s me.” He said as he took her in his arms.

“Really Derek what did you talk about that made you two finally get along?”

“We just cleared the air once and for all. I apologized profusely and she accepted.” He wasn’t about to tell her about her mothers’ past. He was sworn to secrecy by her father and he would take it to the grave. “Now let’s just get some rest. I have a big day tomorrow. I’m giving my mother-in-law the grand tour of the Argo.”

“Hmm, this is scary. You and my mother, friends? No good will come out of this.” She laughed.

“Mrs. Wildstar I love you so much. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”


Guest house. . . .

Lying in bed. Sandra laid her head on her husband’s chest. “You know I guess I was wrong about Derek. He would do anything to keep Nova happy. Even make peace with me.”

“That’s wonderful news Sandra. He is a good guy. I can tell that he loves our daughter very much.”

“Yes I can see that. Just looking at him the way he watches her reminds me of you.”

“You know I’ve always loved you. From the first day I met you. I wanted you to be safe and happy.”

Sandra smiled at her husband, “Did you tell him?”

“Tell him what my love?” He asked.

“James please don’t treat me like a child. He knows doesn’t he?”

“I wanted him to understand why you are the way you are.”

“James but why? I don’t want anyone to know about that. It’s in the past. I don’t want his sympathy.”

“I hardly think he is giving you sympathy.  He just wanted what was best for Nova and the kids. And you have to admit he is a good man.”

Her eyes softened thinking of their conversation. Looking into his deep dark brown eyes she knew that he meant every word he said about how he felt about her daughter. Her smile widen as she said. “Yes he is.”


The End


In my next tale Derek leaves earth for a year and comes back to deceit and pain. While Nova finds out about a deep dark secret that he holds. Will this be the final end to their marriage? Read on to see what happens?


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