Star Blazers: A Time Of Serenity

Chapter Twelve: Disappointment

By: Jamie A. Tucker

Please note that Space Battleship Yamato and Star Blazers are registered trademarks of Voyager Entertainment, Inc. Star Blazers/ Space Battleship Yamato is copyright 2013 by Voyager Entertainment, Lejji Matsumoto and Yoshinobu Nishizaki. Star Blazers: A Time of Serenity is copyright 2013 by Jamie A. Tucker and is a fan-fiction as a personal hobby that is not intended to infringe upon the copyright holders of Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato. The Character of Paul Rosstowski is copyright 2013 by Fredrick P. Kopetz and is used with permission. The characters of Carrie Braun, Jake Tucker, Gamilon General Kilt, General Radlock, Col. Faust, Commander Luthar and Dr. Nelson Gramme are original characters developed by Jamie A. Tucker and are copyright 2013.

Scene 1: Carrie Braun's Apartment

              Delta Sector, Great Island Underground City

               March 27th, 2200

It's been a long day for Carrie as she arrives home from another day at the underground city hospital assisting her ENT mentor, friend and colleague, Dr. Nelson Gramme. Three Cochlear regeneration procedures and 1 cochlear implant procedure has left her worn out and exhausted. She walks through the door and closes it behind her. Piper, her gray tabby cat greets her with a purr as she picks him up and rubs his back. Piper responds by licking her cheek. Carrie walks through the living room to her bedroom to change out of her EDF nurse's corps uniform. She totally strips down and puts on cobalt blue sweat pants with a matching sweater embroidered with the letters UNC in the center with the word Tarheels below that. However, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the last surviving school of higher education in North America after the planet bombings destroyed most of the American landscape with it's surviving population living in underground cities, Mount Cheyenne, (the Home of NORAD) and makeshift deep underground bunkers. Carrie was able to complete her Bachelor of Nursing Degree through their online program from Great Island while she pursued her career in the Earth Defense Forces.

“I'm glad this sweatshirt still fits.” she said with a smile as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Piper pounced on the pillow as Carrie sat on her bed. Still trying to calm her mind from the day's events, she sat back against her pillows and turned on her TV monitor. The government channel was seen on the monitor as the musical theme of the newscast blared through the TV set.

“Good Evening and I'm Kelsey Hitachi reporting live for Channel 1 news,” said the black haired slender female anchor.

“The Earth Defense Forces announced today that there has been  no more Gamilon planet bombings since the end of the Battle of Pluto. The Star Force eliminated the Gamilon Forward bases at Jupiter and Pluto in what turns out to be a major turning point in the war against the celestial barbaric war machine from the Great Magellanic cloud.  However, General Charles Singleton, Supreme Commander of the Earth Defense Forces announced that Battleship Number 225 will be departing to deploy newly developed prototype of battle satellites in an effort to provide greater planetary defense in the future. Israel has launched two of it's own prototypes via it's long surviving Shavit rockets that has been in service since the 20th Century. It still remains a mystery to many that the nation has suffered no ill effects from Gamilon atrocities.”

“Hmm...Typical explanation by the secular media which doesn’t have a clue about the Biblical Covenant between the God of Abraham and the Patriarch of the faith,” said Carrie as she shook her head in slight disbelief at the news.

Piper climbed up on Carrie's shoulders and began to purr. The Grey striped cat snuggled up to her wanting to be held and petted.  Carrie picked up Piper and held him in her arms. The cute feline snuggled up against the warmth of Carrie's chest and began to purr loudly. The news cast continued reporting on life in the underground cities and the efforts by the military government of the United Nations to assist the surviving citizens in their daily living in the underground cities all over the world.  As Carrie found herself being settled into her burgundy recliner, her phone rang with the caller ID flashing the name and number on her TV screen.

“Hello?” said Carrie as she answered the phone.

“Hi, girl! What are you up to?” said a very familiar voice on the other end.

“Yo, what's up sister? Just got in from the clinic and settled down here for the night,” said Carrie as she stretched her arms above her head. Piper turned to look at her as she stretched.

“Well, we had a hell of a day at the ER. Some lunatic was walking down the street near the police station and got the crap beat out of him by a few thugs. On top of that, I'm thinking a sangria is a perfect way to end the day,” said Leslie Kobb, Carrie's best friend and former co-worker at Federal hosptial before she was reassigned.

“I feel ya. A cosmopolitan would be perfect but there isn't any more old 20th Century TV shows on anymore...especially “Sex and the City”,” replied Carrie.

“Oh yeah, to bad there isn't a Mr. Big anywhere and most of all the cute ones are on the Star Force,” said Leslie as she laughed.

Carrie rose up from the recliner and walked towards the kitchen. She retrieved a crystal 16oz glass from her top cupboard which was over the stove.

“The Star Force...yeah...I wouldn't have minded to have had a nice date with a Star Force member but here lately, I keep dreaming about this dude in a Combat group uniform and he looks a little bit like a member of a 20th Century christian music group,” Carrie said with a laugh.

“Yeah, that guy from that ancient old group called, “Casting Crowns”. I can't remember what his name is but he's hot in his own way but he's no Gerard Butler from that ancient movie called, “300”, said Leslie as both ladies laughed for what seemed to be a good five minutes.

A knock was heard at the door of Carrie's apartment. Kerri continued to talk to her bestie while she looked through the peep hole in the door.

“Oh my gosh, my boss is here!!!” exclaimed Kerri as she unlocked the door. “I'll call you back as soon as I can get rid of the company!”

“Ok, that sounds good. Bye now!”

Kerri clicked the phone off as she greeted Dr. Gramme.

“Sorry to bother you this evening, but I have some rather interesting news...” said the respected Surgeon as he stepped through the door and sat on the bar stool at the end of the bar.

“What's the news? Has Ulysses went back to Dr. Shukandikar for some serious reprogramming?” She said with a laugh.

“Ha ha ha...good try, but no. I had to pull some strings on your behalf after you left the clinic tonight.” said Dr. Gramme as Carrie poured him a drink.

“Um....strings? Are you talking reassignment?” Carrie asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, ma'am. Dr. Singh has informed me that you will be needed on a rather permanent basis at the Space Medical Science division upon the return of the Star Force.

Carrie's eyes went wide with surprise. She could not believe what she was hearing. The Space Medical Science division of the Earth Defense Forces trains medical teams that consist of Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, Specialists and their assistants to take assignments on the ships of the Earth Defense Fleet. Doctors and Surgeons get generous commands in a Ship's medical division while Nurses usually head up the living groups which oversees living arrangements, non-duty entertainment and activities.

“Carrie, if Dr. Singh has his way you will be transferring in a matter of a couple of weeks. Since I have a few more surgeries scheduled, I need you to remain with me and the team at Federal Hospital so we can continue helping those who are deafened and hard of hearing.”

Carrie breathed a sign of relief. She wasn't really ready for the stress of handling a reassignment to a major specialized division of the Earth Defense Forces.

“Ok...I'm breathing easier now so it's technically not as bad as I think it will be. So all of this means, I'll be sworn in as an officer, Lt. Junior Grade that is and be trained to be a living group leader and possible head nurse on a battleship. Don't tell me that the top brass already had plans for me.” sighed Carrie.

“ Well,'s this brown envelope that contains all the necessary information for your reassignment. Really...according to the paperwork, you and I are not even guaranteed that you'll be with me even though I did get to pull some strings.”

Carrie opened the packet of information which the first page was the Order for Duty Reassignment which read:

Earth Defense Forces

From the Office of Executive Officer

Space Medical Science Division

Vice Adm. Sanjay Singh, M.D. Executive Commander

Date: March 27th 2200

Re: Order for Duty Reassignment

Dear Ms. Braun:

As Executive Commander of the Space Medical Science Division, I am pleased to announce that you will be re-assigned from the ENT/Head and Neck Surgery Department at Federal Hospital to

the Space Medical Sciences Division of the Earth Defense Forces. You are hereby notified and ordered to report for duty at the Space Medical Sciences Division in conference room 405 to receive

your commission as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Space Naval Forces of the Earth Defense Command within two week of the date of this order. Dr. Nelson Gramme has received this order and

                                       will grant you the necessary time you need to prepare for transfer to our division.

Upon your arrival here at the Space Medical Sciences Hospital, you will receive the necessary and proper training for your future assignment. Classes in space survival, wave motion physics and

theory, medical and emergency response training and of course, flight training.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of my staff for further assistance in your

transfer to our division.


Vice Adm. Sanjah Singh, M.D. Executive Commander

Space Medical Sciences Division

“ by the looks of it I'm about to step into the same shoes as Nova Forrester.” said Carrie as she read the rest of the papers which includes order forms for uniforms and other various supplies.

“ Very much so, Carrie. I hate to lose you once you transfer, but I think it will wind up being the best thing to happen to you in the long run. Look on the bright side, you're getting the opportunity of a lifetime here. No more living like a rat or a mole in these confined spaces of the underground cities. No more being bored with the same routines that you have been following on a nearly daily basis for 12, sometimes, fourteen hours a day! You deserve this!” exclaimed Dr. Gramme.

The phone rings while Carrie sat on the bar stool wondering what the little world she was in was coming too.

“Hello...” said Carrie as she picked up the phone.

“Hey you haven't called me back yet. I about thought you forgot about me,” laughed Leslie.

“Well, I haven't forgotten about you and yes, Dr. Gramme is still here. I'm dumbfounded.” said Carrie.

“Dumbfounded? You can be dorky sometimes, you know.” replied Leslie on the other end of the line.

“I've been reassigned to the Space Sciences Medical Division of the Earth Defense Forces. No more Government Civilian work for me...this is bona fide military work with a commission!” exclaimed Carrie, as Dr. Gramme smiled.

“ Damn,'re leaving me here by myself. I need a reassignment out of the ER...especially we've had a bunch of psycho zombies for the past couple of days because they decided that going up on the cooked surface without protection got them quite glow in the dark radiated.” sighed Leslie.

Carrie hands the Phone to Dr. Gramme. She has a look on her face that basically says “brilliant idea!”

“Yes, this is Dr. Gramme.”

After a few minutes of back and forth conversation, Carrie's eyes went wide when she heard Dr. Gramme say:

“Since you are off tomorrow, please come to my office at Federal Hospital and we'll get you that transfer put in once I get in touch with Dr. Singh about Carrie's transfer.”

They ended the conversation with a few exchange of pleasantries and thank yous.

“Well, that's going to be one heck of a quick transfer!” said Carrie with a laugh.

“You ain't going anywhere yet. Once I get your best friend on board, please give her a briefing on all the other upcoming appointments and surgeries. After that, I'm going to give you two weeks of paid, you heard me right...PAID vacation time and maybe a little more as a thank you for your upcoming service,” said Dr. Gramme as he arose from the bar stool and walked towards the door.

“There's no need to be in a hurry,” said Carrie as she opened the door for him.

“Oh no...everything is just fine. I appreciate your hospitality even though our meeting was rather unannounced and surprising,” he said as he gave Carrie a hug.

“Thanks for everything you've done for me and taught me. One thing for sure, when you see me finally become a living group leader and a command nurse, you won't be disappointed!” she said with a slight chuckle.

“I'm most definitely looking forward to it!” Dr. Gramme said as he left Carrie's apartment.


Scene II: Desslok's Disappointment

Gamilstadt, Gamilon

Desslok's Quarters

1645 hours Gamilon Date/Time

On Gamilon, Desslok received his daily reports from his Generals in the field. Some reports were good and some where quiet bad. After all, his entire Milky Way Solar System task force had been decimated by the Star Force. For what had been a rather easy victory at the Battle of Pluto after General Ganz's 8th Fleet nearly evenhandedly defeated Admiral Abraham Avatar's EDF 4th and 5th combined attack in which only to Desslok's understanding that Avatar's command ship, The 225 was the sole survivor of the campaign since Alex Wildstar's destroyer the Yukikaze, sacrificed itself to save the legendary Admiral's life and retreat back to Earth. As Desslok sat behind his desk in his study and heard a knock was heard at the door.

“Come in,” said the Gamilon Leader.

The Gamilon Major entered the study at stood in front of Desslok's desk and saluted him.

“What is your report, Major? I have been getting a mixed bag of news lately and yet it appears that some of my brightest Generals are becoming Gamilon's dumbest minds when it comes to defeating the Star Force,” said Desslok as he sat up in his chair giving the Major a serious look.

“Leader Desslok, General Radlock has sent us a report that they have successfully captured Lysis and Volgar. They have just entered the outer boundary of the Sanzar System.” the Major said as he handed Desslok a print out of the report.

“Very well, Major. Tell General Himmel to allow General Radlock to land his fleet as soon as possible and we'll schedule both of those failures a trial on the charges of dereliction of duty and treason against Gamilon. General Talan will oversee the trial. I think it will be a while before the Star Force will reach Gamilon and when they do, we'll erase them from the eternal expanse of space forever.”

“Yes sir, Leader Desslok! It shall be done.” said the Major.

“ you have anything else to report?” said Desslok with a raised eyebrow.

“Sir, an Iscandarian vessel just landed twenty minutes ago. Queen Starsha requests an audience with you,” said the Major nervously as he had heard the rumors that the Iscandarian Queen and the Gamilon Leader were an item.

“Please Major, send her own in. After that, you are dismissed from your duties for the day. I have no further orders to issue and I shall retire to my quarters for the evening. Talan has full command and any emergency reports must be directed to him.” said Desslok as he rose from his chair.

Desslok rose from his chair and exited the command study in a hurried pace. It has been several months since he last saw the Queen of Iscandar.  For decades, Desslok and Starsha had a relationship that only very few in Desslok’s circle knew about. One of the reasons for the Gamilon invasion of the Sol System was to find a new home for Gamilon and Iscandar. At their last meeting, Queen Starsha tried in vain to convince Desslok that there was a better way to make the plight of their home planets better. However, this meeting was going to be much much different from the ones before today.

Queen Starsha waited for Desslok in the Ambassador reception room in Desslok’s Command Center. The reception room was adorned with pictures of Iscandarian and Gamilon history of the past several hundred years. After a fifteen minute wait, Desslok appeared from behind a set of green and red curtains. Queen Starsha ran into Desslok’s arms knowing that this encounter was going to be their last physical contact. They embraced and exchanged a passionate kiss.

“Starsha….my love, How I’ve missed you!” said Desslok as he held her face in his hands.

“Desslok….” was all she could say.

The two strolled hand in hand from the reception room quietly. As they went behind the green and red curtains, Desslok came to a wall and pressed a button. The wall gave way to a secret passage that led to his private quarters. The room was lit with the finest lamps and fountains of streaming water. None of Desslok’s personal assistants were seen in the private quarters. It was just him and the Queen.

The smell of Queen Starsha’s perfume made Desslok’s pulse race with desire. Starsha lovingly gazed into the eyes of the Gamilon leader as she slowly removed the white see through dress with the blue arrow stripe going down the middle. The two embraced in a prolonged hug that led to a passionate kiss that set them both on fire. A fire that had been set long long ago. Long before the first planet bombs rained down on a once blue Earth.

“Ohhhh, Desslok…” said Starsha as Desslok began kissing the nape of her neck as he ran his hands up and down her back in soft caressing strokes.

“Starsha, you have never before looked so radiant…” whispered Desslok into her ear.

Starsha removed the Desslok’s shirt revealing the built, muscular physique of his chest. She kissed him on the lips, exchanging her tongue with his in slow, soft, passionate strokes that sent flames of sexual fire down his spine causing his manhood to become hardened and ready for action.

“Desslok...we’re just beginning.” she said softly as she unbuttoned his pants and reached inside to feel the stiff pulsing rod in her hand.

It took Desslok to muster all the strength of the Gamilon Universe to keep himself from becoming an erupting volcano.

“Starsha….my goddess…” said Desslok as he arched his head back, closed his eyes and realized that this time it’s reality and not fantasy.

The two made passionate love for more than two hours. Desslok’s bedroom became a mess of crumpled up blankets and sheets with a few pillows thrown about the room. Both of them tired and very sweaty from the rapturous union of two souls, laid on the bed staring at each other.

“Desslok… you’re still amazing after all this time. You drove me insane!” Starsha said as her breathing began to slow down somewhat.

“My Queen and my’re still the most amazing woman in the universe. I can not wait for us to make a certain planet our new home. I plan to give you the land that was once known as Russia and Greece,” said Desslok as he turned on his side and faced the radiant blonde-headed Queen of Iscandar.

Suddenly, her eyes got wide and she jumped out of the bed. The look on her face clearly showed that the loving tender moment for the two of them had come to an end. Desslok sat up in the bed and motioned for her to return to the sheets.

“DESSLOK...I WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT RETURN TO THAT BED!! You know good and well that I know what certain planet  you speak of. A planet that was once just as beautiful as Iscandar is! Your love for me and Gamilon I have always taken to my heart. I will not accept the fact that you chose death for millions of people!! There are other planets besides Earth, DESSLOK!!! There are other GALMAN which your ancient history speaks of!!” exclaimed Starsha as she gathered her clothes and got dressed.

“Starsha, please my love….please stay!!” cried Desslok.

“Desslok, I forsee a day coming when your pride will catch up to you. Having a heart full of pride isn’t the same thing as love, Desslok. I pray you will come to your senses.”

Starsha left through the secret passageway that led back to the Ambassador reception room. She hurriedly walked as her Gamilon escorts tried to keep up with her pace. The Gamilons knew not to interfere with the Queen’s exit because such a deed would invite the wrath of the Gamilon leader. Starsha entered her ship and started the engines to head back to Iscandar. Ten minutes later, the ship was leaving Gamilon airspace and headed back to mothertown.

Desslok was still alone in the bedroom trying to make sense of what just happened. What was the most wonderful time has now turned into a time of being heartbroken. Rather than crying over a broken heart, he got more determined than ever to defeat the Star Force. He knew that the Argo was getting ever so closer to the Sanzar System. The phone on the brown nightstand rang. It was the Commander of Gamilon’s vile prison located 15 miles from Gamilstadt.

“Leader Desslok, I regret to inform you that we have a firefight going on. The terran Captain that we have captured from the Battle of Pluto has killed his escort guards and escaped.” said the Commander.

“You mean the terran Captain, known as Alexander Wildstar?” said Desslok as his eyes narrowed.

“Yes, sire! He’s taken off in one of our fighters, I request permission to send a squadron to intercept the plane.” the Commander said as a loud roar was heard in the background.

“Let him go….I have other matters that are more pressing than a terran taking one of our fighers for a joy ride. The harshness of the universe will see to his fate,” Desslok said as he rose from his bed and gathered his uniform and boots together.

“Yes, sir. I will send the order to stand down immediately,” said the Prison Commander with a tone of disappointment.

“Thank you, Commander for your service to Gamilon. I have had enough disappointment for one day. Please come by my headquarters for your service reward. That reward would be….eternal! Hahahahahahahahaaha!” said Desslok as he hung up.