Part two

A Star Blazers Fan Fiction

By Margaret Noel-Whitten



December 10, 2201

Nova’s Bedroom

The Forrester Family home

9:15 AM

The sun was shining brilliantly through the window of her bedroom when Nova Forrester opened her eyes. Even the sharp twinge of pain she felt in her ribs as she stretched could not keep her from smiling. It was her wedding day. Her gaze fell on her wedding dress. Her bridesmaids, Natalie Fisher and Sophie Genge had helped her get it on the dress form the night before so any wrinkles would fall out. While her mother had wanted her to have something far more elaborate Nova loved the simple elegance of the dress she had chosen. It was white lace with a scalloped sweetheart neckline and shoulder straps. The fitted bodice accentuated her slim figure and small waist. It had a decidedly vintage feel that appealed to her. A crinoline under the skirt of the dress gave it fullness without making her feel overwhelmed. Nova was certain Derek would love it.


Her thoughts drifted to her fiancé. It was Derek's strength and comforting presence that had helped her deal with being attacked just three days ago. He had stayed with her the two previous night's holding her as she slept. He had flatly refused to leave her there alone. When her mother had objected stating that it was not appropriate Derek told her if she had a problem with it he would just take Nova to their house and she could go hang. When Karl Forrester had sided with Derek she had grudgingly agreed.


Her mother had insisted he leave last night. She said there was no way he was going to see the bride before the wedding. It was one of the rare times that Nova had agreed with her mother. Derek had agreed but only after he convinced Natalie and Sophie to spend the night. He had informed her there was no way he was going to leave her there alone and at the mercy of her mother. Nova lay there for several minutes enjoying the silence and the solitude. She knew once she was out of bed she would once more have to deal with her mother. Teri Forrester had not been happy with many of Nova’s decisions regarding the wedding starting with the short amount of time to get it planned. After she had been attacked her mother had stated they were making a mistake getting married and that it should be postponed. She reminded Nova of that every chance she could. The clock on the bedside table read 9:07. Nova sighed, “No point in delaying the inevitable.” Throwing back the covers she was about to get out of bed when there was knock on her door.


Nova cringed, expecting it to be her mother. “Come in,” she called. To her relief it was Natalie and Sophie.


“We come bearing breakfast,” Sophie said with a grin.


“We decided to run interference with your mother.” Natalie explained giving Sophie a conspiratorial wink.  “She was about to come wake you up. She said it was time for breakfast. Sophie was already in the kitchen so she told your father we wanted to bring you breakfast in bed. He helped us get it on the tray.”

“Yeah, he told your mother to leave you alone. He said we would take care of you,” Sophie added, “She was not too happy about it.”


Nova did not even try to hide her exasperation. “I know my mother loves me but honestly she is getting on my last nerve. I wish I could make her understand that I am an adult and perfectly capable of making my own decisions.”


“Well after today you will be a married woman with her own home. You won’t have to deal with her then,” Sophie pointed out.


“Yes but then she will start on Nova about having grandchildren,” Natalie laughed.


Grabbing the pillow off the bed Nova tossed it at her friend, “I never thought of that Nat, thanks.” The three friends burst out laughing.


For the next forty five minutes the friends laughed, talked and ate. Checking the time on the clock Nova said, “Well its 10:00. Our hair appointments are at 11:00, what do you want to bet my mother will either call out to me in the next two minutes or come knocking on the door to remind us about the time.”


Nova barely had the words out of her mouth when there was a knock on her door. She did not get the opportunity to reply before her mother opened the door and stuck her head in. “Just wanted to remind you girls about the time. You are going to have to start getting ready.”


“Yes Mama,” Nova replied, “We were just talking about that.” Behind her Natalie was biting the edge of the pillow she had thrown at her and Sophie was holding a coffee mug to her lips to keep from laughing. When her mother turned away and closed the door they all dissolved into laughter again.


Grinning at her friends Nova vowed, “This is my wedding day and I plan to enjoy it. For the rest of the day, no matter what she says and no matter what she does, I am not going to let my mother aggravate me.”

Sophie and Natalie responded to their friend’s statement by laughing harder.


Nova made a face at her bridesmaids before joining in their laughter. “Okay you two, I guess that might be pushing it a bit. Come on we better get dressed. We don’t want to be late.”


December 10, 2201

The Signature Salon

11:15 AM


After her hair was curled and loosely pinned up and her veil put in place Nova found herself seated at a table containing a startling array of beauty products. While she normally wore very little make up Nova had agreed to let Sophie's friend Angie to apply hers for the wedding. Her primary reason for agreeing was to cover the bruises that ran from her hairline to her temple. Even though the people attending her wedding knew what had happened Nova didn't want them reminded every time they looked at her. She had had enough sympathetic stares to last her a lifetime. Her mother had pointed out by leaving the bruises as they were Nova would be reminded of the attack every time she looked at her wedding pictures. Natalie and Sophie had their hair done and were having their makeup done as well.


Leaving the salon thirty minutes later they attempted to dash past a small group of photographers that had gathered outside. The gathered group closed ranks around the three women forming a wall of bodies. They had no choice but to stop. Nova kept her head down. She hoped they would get the message she did not want her picture taken and they would let them pass. That did not happen. One of the photographers grabbed her arm pulling her forward. “Come on Nova, just a couple of pictures and we’ll let you go.”


Overwhelmed by the memory of being grabbed by the arm and what had followed her reaction was immediate and panicked. “Let go of me!” she cried attempting to yank her arm free. She was on the verge of tears. Seeing the look of absolute terror on her face, sensing they had crossed a line, several of the gathered photographers came to her aid.


“Let her go Carey,” one of the photographers demanded.


Unwilling to let go of his prize James Carey tightened his grip on her arm. “Not until she agrees to a picture.”


Natalie had had enough. “Let her go you jackass.” To the delight of the other photographers who happily snapped pictures she whacked the reporter in the head with her purse. “What the hell is wrong with you?”


Raising his arms to fend off his attacker he let go of Nova. The group parted to let them pass.


They quickly jumped into Natalie's air car to the sound of snapping shutters.


"God Nova is that what you have to deal with all the time?” Sophie asked. “How do you put up with them following you everywhere?"


Nova was shaking so badly she could not respond. The memory of being attacked gripped her. It was Natalie who finally pulled her out of its grasp. Wrapping her arms round her friend Natalie pulled her into a hug. She whispered over and over, “It’s okay Nova, you’re safe.”


It took a minute before Nova took a deep breath and looked sheepishly at her friends. “I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me.”


“I do,” said Sophie adding her arms to the hug. “Some damn fool reporter grabbed you and triggered the memories of what happened to you. It was only three days ago.”


“I don’t know what I would do without you both.” Nova had never been more grateful for her two wonderful friends than she was at that moment. “I need you to do something for me.” When they nodded she made her request, “Please don’t say anything about this to Mama or to Derek.”


“Not a word,” Natalie promised. Sophie nodded her agreement.


As the car drove away from the salon a solitary figure stepped out of the shadows of the buildings on the opposite side of the street. He had watched the entire event. He walked quickly up the street.




Arriving back at her parent's house Nova and her bridesmaids trooped down the hall to the kitchen. Taking a seat at the table, Nova braced herself, waiting for her mother to make some comment about her hair or makeup. To her amazement Teri just looked her over nodded and smiled.


"Wow," thought Nova, "maybe she's going to relax for the rest of today."


They were just finishing lunch when Teri asked, "What time is the photographer scheduled to arrive Nova?"


"He'll be here at 2:00," she replied pushing back her chair. "If you ladies are done we should go start getting ready."



Stopping outside the guest room they were staying in Natalie said, “Sophie and I will get changed and then we will come help you into your wedding dress.”


“That sounds perfect.” Continuing down the hall Nova opened the door to her room and stepped inside. To her surprise there were two gifts on her bed one was a small gift bag while the other was a box elaborately wrapped in silver foil paper with a huge pink bow and long tendrils of curly ribbon. Laid with the gifts was a card in a white envelope addressed to her. Nova smiled as she recognized Derek’s handwriting. She smiled even more when she removed the card from its envelop. On the front of the card was the picture from their first date. The camera had snapped the picture just as she had pinched his hand for him being more forward then she was comfortable with. Opening the card there was a handwritten note.


My beautiful Nova,


As I sit to write this note I still cannot believe that in just a few hours you will become my wife. You are my first thought when I open my eyes in the morning and my last thought before I close my eyes at night. I have no idea how I got so lucky to have you love me but I promise you I am going to spend every day for the rest of my life being worthy of that love. 


I know the last few days have been extremely difficult. I wanted to make you smile and I know this picture always does. It will be my mission to make you smile every day from this day forth.


Natalie and Sophie helped me pick out the gifts you are about to open. I thought you might want to wear them today. 


I will meet you at the altar of the Kirk at 16:00.


I love you beyond measure.,



Wiping the tears from her eyes Nova opened the small gift bag first. Inside she found a small black velvet box. Inside the box suspended from a white gold chain was a pendant of a diamond angel holding a pink gold heart. She could not believe his thoughtfulness. She was just opening the larger box when Natalie and Sophie came in.


Pulling back the tissue paper Nova gasped. The box contained a white lace corset with matching panties and garter belt. White silk stockings completed the ensemble. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered stroking the delicate fabric.


“That’s what Derek said,” Sophie giggled.


Natalie grinned at her best friend, “Well come on let’s get you in it.”


December 10, 2201

Outside the Kirk

15:55 PM


Seated in the limousine with her father Nova could hardly believe it was just five minutes before she would walk down the aisle to Derek.  It seemed like only minutes ago she had been in her bedroom getting into her wedding dress. Glancing at her father she remembered the look on his face when he saw her coming down the stairs in her wedding dress. He had cried when he hugged her. Even her mother had told her she looked beautiful.


As they watched the last of the guests rush into the church Sophie and Natalie approached the car. Opening the car door Sophie stuck her head in. “Your mother is about to be escorted to her seat by Mark Venture, it’s time to get this show on the road.”


Stepping from the vehicle Nova took her father’s arm as they walked up the walkway to the church. Stopping just outside the doors Natalie adjusted Nova’s veil covering her face and handed her her bouquet of white daisies, pink tea roses and stargazer lilies. As the church doors were opened Mr. Forrester took his daughter’s arm once more. “Are you ready?’ he whispered. As she nodded they stepped into the church.


When the first notes of Pachelbel’s Canon in D sounded from the organ everyone in the church rose to their feet and turned to see the bride and her father. Standing at the front of the church were Derek, Mark Venture and Stephen Sandor. Mark was the first one to turn around. “My God Derek, she’s stunning.”


As Derek turned to look at his approaching bride for the first time his heart caught in his throat.  She was without a doubt the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He could not believe she was about to become his wife. The lump in his throat prevented him from responding to his Best Man’s exclamation.


The last notes of the organ faded as Nova and her father stopped at the end of the aisle. Father Jonathan Rowe addressed the congregation, “We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments, the joining of two hearts and to give recognition of the worth and beauty of love which shall unite this couple in marriage.”


Addressing Karl Forrester he asked, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”


“Her mother and I do.” Stepping forward he placed Nova’s right hand in Derek’s. His task complete he took his seat in front pew next to his wife.


Father Jonathan continued, “Today we come together in this church to witness the joining of these two lives. At this point I would normally say out of the routine of ordinary life they met and fell in love but we know their lives have been far from ordinary. Through extraordinary circumstances, they met each other and fell in love. Overcoming incredible odds they stand here today to finalize that love by becoming husband and wife. To you both I say, a good marriage must be created. It is never becoming too old to hold hands. It’s remembering to say I love you every day. It is not just marrying the right person it is being partners in life. If you are committed to this I ask you to turn and face each other.”


Turning to the bridal party he asked, “Who has the rings?” Mark and Natalie stepped forward placing the rings on the bible the priest was holding.


After saying a blessing over the rings he said, “The bride and groom have written some promises that they will share with each other but they asked to have traditional vows included as well. He spoke first to Derek. “Take the ring and place it on the third finger of Nova’s left hand and repeat after me, “Nova, I give you this ring as a sign of my love.”


Slipping the ring on her finger Derek repeated the words after the priest. “Nova I give you this ring as a sign of my love. I give myself to you to be your husband, from this day forward. I vow to love and sustain you in the covenant of our marriage for as long as we both shall live.” Tear slid freely down his cheeks as he raised her hand to his lips and kissed the spot her wedding band now resided.


Father Jonathan turned to Nova. “Take the ring and place it on the third finger of Derek’s left hand and repeat after me, “Derek, I give you this ring as a sign of my love.”


Her hands shook as she slipped the ring on his finger and her voice broke. She cried as she repeated the words after the priest. “Derek I give you this ring as a sign of my love. I give myself to you to be your wife, from this day forward. I vow to love and sustain you in the covenant of our marriage for as long as we both shall live.” She continued into the promise she had written for him. “Derek I give you my promise from this day forward I will give you my love and you will never walk alone again.  I have no greater gift to give. Your love is my anchor and your trust is my strength. May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home. Just as your ring has no end and no beginning so will be my love for you. Today I give you all that I am and all that I shall ever be. I love you.”


Reaching into his breast pocket Derek pulled out a handkerchief and gently wiped the tears from his bride’s face. Staring deep into her eyes he said, “It’s an extraordinary thing to meet someone you can bare your soul to and who’ll accept you for what you are. I have been truly blessed to find that person in you. Nova I vow to love you, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands. I will speak when words are needed and to share the silence with you when they are not. I will live in the warmth of your heart and always call it home. I love you.”


When the couple finished speaking there was not a dry eye in the church even Father Jonathan had to take a moment to collect himself before he could finish the service. “We have been privileged to be part of this special day. Therefore, I and those gathered here recognize that you have become Husband and Wife. The only thing left for me to say is Captain you may kiss your bride.”


Tipping the veil back from her face Derek gathered Nova into his arms. To the applause of the assembled group the couple shared their first passionate kiss as husband and wife.


Tucking his wife’s hand safely in the crook of his arm they headed down the aisle to the sound of Felix Mendelssohn’s Wedding March with their bridal party following closely behind. Stopping just outside the church they formed an impromptu and informal receiving line where they received hugs and well wishes from their guests in the beautiful late afternoon sunshine. From the look on her face Nova could tell her mother was not happy with this arrangement. She had been adamant about having a formal receiving line at the reception. As it was the last thing Nova wanted to endure she was delighted to have found a way around it.


As the last of the guests made their way to their vehicles the bride and groom stepped into the waiting limousine. They even paused to allow the gathered reporters and photographers to snap some pictures for their news outlets. Before closing the car door Derek called out to Mark Venture. “You all know where we are headed to have the wedding pictures taken?”


Mark nodded and patted his jacket pocket. “I have the list of locations in here just in case we get separated in traffic.”


Closing the limo door the driver started the car. Derek turned his attention to his wife. “Mrs. Wildstar, you look incredible.” Leaning in he kissed her.


As she smiled her hand went to the angel pendant she was wearing. “Thank you for this, it’s beautiful.” With a slight blush she added softly, “and so is everything else I’m wearing.”


Derek grinned. “So everything fit?”




“Well I look forward to seeing you in it later.” As he knew it would the blush on Nova’s cheeks turned an even deeper shade of pink.


Before heading to the Officer’s mess for their reception, Derek, Nova and their bridal party travelled to various sites around the city that were important to them to have wedding pictures taken. To their absolute delight General Singleton had made it possible for them to be given access to the Argo while it was in dry-dock. He knew how important the ship had been in their relationship and felt it only appropriate they should have wedding pictures taken there. The final stop for pictures was on Hero’s Hill so they could include their fallen comrades in their wedding day.


The reception was equally perfect. The dining hall was arranged with round tables that seated eight guests. They were covered in crisp white table cloths and laid out with silver flatware that had the EDF crest embossed in the handles.  There were floral centre pieces on each table made up of the same flowers contained in Nova’s bouquet. There was plenty of space for their seventy five guests. The head table was anything but traditional. It was also round and instead of being located at the end of the room it was located in the centre. Derek and Nova had specifically asked to have it placed there. They did not want to be separated from their guests but instead be in the centre of the celebration.


When the guests had all found their seats the bridal party was introduced by their Master of Ceremony. General Singleton had been surprised and very pleased when Nova had asked him to perform the task. Dinner consisted of three courses, the appetizer was a strawberry spinach salad, the main course consisted of pork tenderloin served with asparagus, baby carrots and a creamy mushroom risotto and dessert was a chocolate crème brulee with a raspberry filling. It was all served by stewards in uniform and white gloves. As they enjoyed their dinner toasts were made to the Bride and Groom by Mark Venture and Natalie Fisher. Nova had vetoed her mother’s list of multiple toasts and speeches. During dessert Derek and Nova got up from their seats and moved to the podium.


It was Derek who spoke first, “My wife and I, I know I could have said Nova and I but I just love how that sounds, my wife…” To the delight of everyone in the room he kissed her. “Anyway back to the business at hand, we want to thank you for coming and helping us celebrate the most important day of our lives. We would like to ask you all to stand and rise your glass to those who are no longer with us but are definitely here with us in spirit.”


After the guests had once more taken their seats Nova spoke, “I have to thank two very important people in my life without whose love, support and hard work this day would not have been possible; my parents, Teri and Karl Forrester. I Love you both.”


At the head table Sophie whispered in Natalie’s ear, “I’m amazed Nova was able to do that with a straight face.” Natalie could not help her snort in response. They had both seen firsthand how Nova’s mother had tried to control every decision and get her way in all things. They had both been impressed with Nova’s infinite patience. She had held her ground when it came to the things important to her.


“I actually have a surprise for my husband.” Nova smiled at Derek, “You’re right, I do like the way that sounds. Anyway back to the surprise. There is someone who could not be here with us tonight but wanted you to know he is thinking about you. I am going to ask everyone to turn your attention to the video screen.” Sandor turned on the video. Derek stood in stunned silence as the image of Alex Wildstar came up on the screen.


“Hey little brother, sorry I can’t deliver this message in person but there  was no way I could let this occasion  pass without sending you and my beautiful new little sister my love and best wishes.”


There was a slight movement behind him and a moment later Queen Starsha appeared on the screen with Alex, “Congratulations to you both.”


“The signal is starting to deteriorate so I am going to have to say good bye. I love you Derek. We will see each other again.” With that the screen went dark.


As the video ended Derek was too choked up to speak. Wrapping his arms around Nova he pulled her close. "How did you do this?" he asked when he finally recovered his voice.


"It was Sandor actually. He has been working on a way to boost the deep space signal. He tested the signal by sending a message to Iscandar. As you can see it worked. Of course Alex asked about you and Stephen told him we were getting married. Alex and Starsha sent the message with the request it be played at our reception as a surprise for you."


"Thank you Nova. It was a wonderful surprise." He was about to kiss her again when Teri Forrester interrupted.


"You two really need to cut the cake." She could not hide the look of disapproval when she stared at the table holding their wedding cake. The three individual heart shaped tiers, each topped with a stargazer lily, set on separate levels on a metal stand in her opinion was not an appropriate cake for a wedding. Nova had loved its simplicity and whimsical nature. She loved that the pastry chef had trimmed the cake with pink ribbon that was the exact colour of the dresses Natalie and Sophie were wearing. Derek chuckled as Nova made a face at her mother as soon as she turned her back. Taking his wife's hand he guided her to the table holding their wedding cake. After posing for the obligatory pictures including shots of them feeding cake to each other the stewards to over cutting and serving the cake.


With the toasts finished and the cake served the wedding festivities moved from the dining room to the ballroom. Walking into the room Nova was delighted with the way the room had been set up. Tables and chairs had been set up around the perimeter of the dance floor for guests to sit and chat when they were not dancing. The tables were lit with hurricane lanterns holding votive candles. There was a bar at the far end of the room and the DJ was set up at the opposite end of the room.


Leading Nova to the centre of the dance floor, to the delight of their guests, Derek whirled her around the dance floor in a perfectly choreographed foxtrot to the song "Roses and Violets." Other dances followed for the bridal party and one for the parents in which Nova danced with her father and Derek danced with his mother-in-law. After the formalities were done in the hours that followed it was a full on dance party. Before she even realized it the evening had flown by and it was time for Nova to get changed.


December 10, 2201

The Ballroom

The Officer’s Mess

22:15 PM

Entering the ballroom with her bridesmaids, after changing out of her wedding dress, Nova glanced around the room in search of her husband. Spotting him by the bar with Mark Venture, Stephen Sandor and several other Star Force Officers, Nova smiled and headed over to him. She had not made it to the group when her mother stopped her.


“What took you so long?” she demanded, “Everyone is waiting for the last dance and you still have to throw your bouquet.”


Nova had made a vow that morning she would not let her mother aggravate her on her wedding day but it was becoming more difficult with each passing moment. She had put her foot down when her mother had announced that she was going to help her get changed. The evidence of her being attack was still visible on her body. The last thing she wanted was for her mother to see her undressed. To that point she had managed to hide the bruises from her mother and she planned to keep it that way.


Taking a deep breath Nova said, “Mother I was just heading over to the bar to get Derek when you stopped me. Why don’t you go have the DJ que up the music for our last dance and I will go get him.”


Teri Forrester looked as if she had something else to say but Nova turned away before she got the chance. Smoothing the front of her dress Nova hurried toward Derek. He smiled as he saw her approach. When she stopped beside him he slipped his arm around her waist drawing her close. “You look beautiful,” he said in appreciation kissing her, “That dress becomes you.”


“Thank you,” she replied, looking down at the dress she was wearing. “I must have done something right in picking this out because it is the one thing my mother has not said anything negative about all day.”


Derek glanced in the direction of his mother-in-law. She was standing at the edge of the dancefloor staring at them. “Well she is not looking too pleased right now.”


“She told me I took too long getting changed and that everyone is waiting on us for the last dance.” Peering over his shoulder Nova could see her mother frowning at her. “I think maybe we should get the dance started before she comes over here and drags us out onto the floor.”


Taking her by the hand Derek led Nova onto the dance floor to the applause and cheers of their guests. As the music began to Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” the young couple moved to the centre of the floor. After the discovery that they had a common love of music, Derek and Nova had spent some time exploring each other’s musical favourites. They discovered they had a shared passion for late 20th Century music. They had stumbled on to the song they were dancing to while scrolling through a playlist of popular wedding songs of that era. They had both agreed some of the selections were rather cheesy but when they let that one play the lyrics struck a chord. Taking Nova in his arms, as they waltzed gracefully across the floor, Derek sang the lyrics softly into her ear.  By the time the song was over their guests had formed a circle around them. They moved around the circle receiving hugs and well wishes from friends and family. The last people they came to were Nova’s parents. Karl first hugged his daughter and then his new son-in-law. “Take care of my little girl.”


“I will sir.”


Stopping in front of her mother Nova could not believe there were actually tears in her eyes. Teri hugged her daughter. “This is all I have ever wanted for you,” she said wiping her eyes, “to find a good man to love you and take care of you.”


Nova took Derek’s hand and smiled at her mother, “I have Mama.”


To his astonishment Teri kissed him on the cheek. “She’s my baby, if you hurt her you will answer to me, is that understood?”


“Yes Ma’am.”


“Good… Nova it’s time for you to throw your bouquet.”


Sophie handed her the bunch of flowers to be thrown. Her actual bouquet was safely in Derek’s car. When she told him she wanted to take her flowers and place them on his parents grave as a way of including them in the wedding, Derek had been moved to tears. Moving once more to the centre of the floor Nova waited as all the single ladies were assembled behind her. Turning her back she tossed the small bouquet of daisies and pink roses. Several of the ladies lunged forward to make the catch but in the end it was Natalie Fisher who claimed the prize.


Nova laughed as she hugged her friend, “Now all you need is to find a man Nat.”


“I’m working on it,” Natalie replied. Nova did not miss her friend’s gaze lingering on Mark Venture.


Coming up to his wife, Derek handed her the pashmina her mother had given him. “You might want to put that around your arms, it’s a little chilly out.” The deep fuchsia matched the dress perfectly and complemented Nova’s fair complexion. Hand in hand the couple left the ballroom to a thunderous round of applause.




Leaving the Officer’s Mess, they accepted congratulations from the MP who had brought their car to the door.


“It was nice of your mother to book the hotel for us,” Derek said as he pulled into traffic heading toward the hotel.


Because they had decided against a honeymoon, Nova’s mother had insisted on booking a penthouse suite for them at the Grand Megalopolis Hotel; one of the few hotels in the city that had not sustained serious damage during the attack by the Comet Empire. Nova had wanted no part of it but not wanting to argue with her mother about anything else having to do with the wedding she just politely said thank you.


Nova was silent during the short drive to the hotel. As they pulled on to the wide driveway leading to the main entrance she said, “Derek please stop the car.”


Turning on to the parking lot he pulled the car into a vacant space. “What’s wrong?” he asked, his voice filled with concern.


“I don’t want to go to the hotel,” she replied, a slight catch in her voice.


After everything she had endured Derek had been expecting something like this. “Nova, I know you’re nervous about tonight and after everything you’ve been through you have every right to be. I told you I am prepared to wait and I meant it. We don’t have to do anything; not until you’re ready.”


It had been three days since she had been assaulted and while she was a little apprehensive she knew what she wanted. “Derek, that is really sweet, but that’s not what I meant; more than anything I want to be with you tonight.”  Nova quickly explained what she wanted. “I always imagined our first time was going to happen on a tropical beach somewhere but since that’s not going to happen then I would like the first time we make love to be in our new house, in our bedroom, in our bed not some stuffy hotel.”


Even though it was dark Derek was certain she was blushing. Leaning across the seat he hugged her. “I can’t think of a better first memory to make in our new home.”


Pulling off the parking lot Derek turned the car around heading away from the hotel. A short time later they arrived at their house. Turning into the driveway Derek parked the car. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”  Getting out of the car he walked around to the trunk removing their overnight bags. He opened the front door of the house and deposited the bags on the floor just inside the door. Returning to the car he opened the door on the passenger side. Scooping Nova into his arms he carried her not just over the threshold but all the way to their bedroom.


As he set her on her feet Nova kept her arms around his neck. Pulling his head down to hers she kissed him pressing her body against his. Returning the kiss Derek slipped his tongue between her parted lips. Tightening his embrace he pulled her closer. He felt her sharp intake of breath. He immediately released her.


“Oh god sweetheart, I’m so sorry, I forgot about your bruised ribs.” Inwardly Wildstar cursed himself. He had made a vow that he would not hurt her and in his passion for her that was exactly what he did.


Nova studied her husband’s face she could see by the shifting emotions he was upset. Reaching out she softly stroked his cheek. Placing his hand on top of hers he pressed it to his face for a moment before taking her hand and kissing the upturned palm. “I love you,” he whispered.


“I know,” she whispered in response, “I love you too.” Taking hold of the lapels of his Peacoat she drew him close again. As she began to undo the buttons on his uniform she explained softly, “Derek I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, you’d never deliberately hurt me. Yes my ribs are still very tender but as long as we are careful, I’ll be just fine.” She paused for a moment staring into his eyes. “I have had everyone from the doctors to the rape counsellor to my mother telling me I should wait; to give myself more time to recover from the attack. I don’t want to do that… I can’t do that… because if I do then he wins.” As she finished speaking she pushed the peacoat off his shoulders. It slid down his arms and landed in a heap at his feet.


Derek was struck once more by the strength of the young woman who was now his wife. In spite of his own concerns he knew there was no way he could refuse her. “If we are going to do this I want you to promise me something before we go any further.” As she nodded he continued, “If at any time it becomes too painful, physically or emotionally, I want you to tell me. If you change your mind at any time I want you to tell me and we’ll stop. Promise me Nova.”


“I promise,” she answered untying his ascot. Grasping the end of his shirt she pulled it from the waistband of his pants. Her hand trembled as she undid his belt but she did not stop. She undid his pants and slid the zipper down. Stepping away from her Derek took a seat on the edge and pulled off his boots. Getting back to his feet he pulled his shirt off over his head.


As he took a step toward her Nova turned her back to him. “Would you mind undoing the zipper for me?”


Stepping behind his wife Derek pulled the pins from her hair, as it cascaded over his hand he pushed it over one shoulder. He placed a kiss at the base of her neck working his way across her shoulder. Taking his time he slowly slid the zipper down stopping every few inches to place kisses along her spine. Each kiss sent little shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her body. By the time he was done she was trembling. Turning her in his arms so she was facing him he pulled the dress down leaving her clad in the strapless white lace corset, matching panties, garter belt and silk stockings he had given her. Derek was certain he had never seen a more beautiful sight in his entire life. Lowering his head he kissed her deeply his hand cupping her breast through the lacy fabric. Nibbling her ear lobe he trailed kisses down her neck. Pushing her breast up out of the corset he took her nipple between his teeth.


Nova was thankful he was holding her. She was certain her legs would not have held her up. Her heart was hammering so loudly she was sure Derek could hear it. The familiar heat rose in her abdomen with an intensity that left her breathless. She was eager to feel her body pressed against his, skin to skin. Taking his hand she guided it to the lacing on the front of the corset. “You have to untie it,” she explained in a breathless whisper. He quickly pulled out the lacing freeing her breasts. He tossed the corset to the floor on top of her dress.


Scooping her into his arms he carried her to their bed. Pulling back the covers to the foot of the bed he gently laid her down. Standing beside the bed he stared down at her. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” he asked as he sank down beside her. Taking the garter fastenings, he quickly and efficiently undid them. Getting back on his feet Derek walked to the foot of the bed. Reaching up he took the top of one stocking slowly rolling it down trailing his fingers over her thigh and calf before finally removing it. Lifting her bare foot to his lips he kissed the arch. He repeated the process on the other stocking with the same agonizing slowness. Nova was a quivering mass. What had begun as heat had become a throbbing ache centered in the very core of her being.


She was acutely aware of how little she had on and she suddenly wanted to see all of her husband. When Derek lifted her foot to his lips once more she pulled it away. He immediately stopped, thinking she had changed her mind. He was about to tell her it was okay and they could wait when she said, “I want to see you… all of you.”


Without hesitation Derek moved to the side of the bed and lay down beside her. Taking her hand he brought it to the waistband of his pants. They had gotten this far before. This time he wanted her to go the rest of the way but he would not push her. He knew what she had said about wanting to be with him that night in spite of what had happened but he wanted to be certain she was ready. He had nothing to be concerned about with only the slightest hesitation she slipped her hand not only beneath his uniform pants but his boxer shorts as well. When her fingers closed around him Derek’s thighs jerked in reaction. He thought his heart was going to burst out of his chest.


Removing her hand Nova tugged on the pants, “Take them off.”


Derek wasted no time in complying with her request. Getting up he stripped off the remainder of his clothing. Naked he stood beside the bed, his desire for her clearly visible.


From her position, Nova admired the man she had married. His 6’1’ frame was lean and well-muscled. She shivered at the thought of how his body could make her feel. She did not want to wait any longer. “Make me your wife,” she pleaded softly.


Sitting at the end of the bed, Derek took Nova’s foot into his hands. Lifting it too his lips he kissed the arch, making her draw in her breath. He proceeded to place kisses up the inside of her thighs; nipping and sucking. His intimately placed kisses left her shaking. Lifting her hips from the bed Derek removed her garter. When his hands moved to her panties he felt her stiffen.


For Nova the memory of rough hands tearing her panties from her body, that had left her vulnerable and exposed, came flooding back. For a moment she was overcome with the urge to struggle. Screwing her eyes shut Nova forced the memory aside focusing instead on the man she was with, the man who was her husband, the man who loved her. Opening her eyes the first thing she saw was Derek’s concerned face staring down at her.


“Are you okay?” he asked lying down beside her, gathering her into his arms. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”


“It wasn’t you,” she whispered


“A memory?” he asked gently.


A single tear rolled down her cheek as she nodded. Derek tenderly wiped it away. Sitting up he grabbed the top sheet from the foot of the bed pulling it up over them. “I think we should get some sleep.”


Nova had other ideas. As Derek lay on his back she snuggled against him. Slipping her hand beneath the covers she began to stroke him, it did not take long for him to respond to her touch. Flipping her on to her back Derek positioned himself with his knees between her thighs. “Are you sure about this,” he asked, his desire for her at war with his better judgement.


She nodded. “It was only a memory and I am not going to be afraid of a memory. We’ve waited this long and I don’t want to wait any more.” To add emphasis to her words she took his hand and guided it to her panties. Shifting his position on the bed Derek removed her last piece of clothing. Sitting back on his heals he studied her. The cast on her left arm and the purple bruises across her ribs made his heart twist. He gently ran his fingers across the bruises. Lowering his head he kissed her. He slowly worked his way down her body, nipping, kissing and caressing until he came to her very centre.


Caught up on a tidal wave of new sensations Nova clung to him, arching her back in an unconscious invitation for him to continue. She cried out his name as his intimately placed kisses and probing tongue carried her over the edge of pleasure for the first time.


Moving back up her body Derek positioned himself between her thighs. As he began to ease into her he instantly felt resistance. “She’s still a virgin,” he thought. Pulling back his hips he felt the resistance give way as he thrust himself inside her. Nova cried out at the unexpected sharp pain. Careful to support his weight on his elbows so as not to cause her any further discomfort Derek remained still allowing her body to adjust to the feeling of being joined to him.


For Nova the pain of losing her virginity quickly gave way to a growing pleasure as Derek slowly began to move his hips. It did not take long for her to develop a rhythm that matched Derek’s thrust for thrust. As he quickened his pace she felt her muscles tighten and her upper thighs began to shake. It felt as if every sensation had been intensified tenfold as tingles of pleasure flowed over her. Crying out for a second time Nova reached her climax. Wrapped in her pleasure Derek found his own release before collapsing on top of her.


For several minutes the couple lay together, still joined, but unmoving as they recovered from their first time together. As he slowly eased himself out of her Derek felt Nova wince. Rolling to his side he gathered her into his arms. “How are you feeling?” he asked studying her face. He knew the first time could be a little painful and he wanted to be certain she was okay.


“Unbelievably happy,” she murmured as she curled against his side, her head resting on his chest.


Even though he had been with other women in his heart Derek had always known being with Nova would be something truly special. What he had not expected was the intensity of her response to him or of his own to her. Until that moment he had not known it was possible to care so much for another person.


“Can I ask you something?” she asked shyly.


“Of course, you can ask me anything, you know that.”


In spite of the intimate acts they had just shared and that she was lying naked in his arms Nova could not stop the blush that coloured her cheeks. “I was just wondering if it’s always like that between a man and woman… when they…make love.”


Derek was surprised by her question. He thought for a moment before replying. “Nova you know I have been with other women but I have realized that what I had with them was just sex but I didn’t know that until tonight. So in answer to your question, no it’s not always like that between a man and a woman. What we shared is something special. Tonight, with you, was the first time I have ever made love or been made love too. I felt things I have never experienced before and I know it’s because of how much I love you.”


“Good,” she replied, “It was special to me but as it was my first time I had no way of knowing.”


“So was it like you had imagined it would be?” Derek asked a twinkle in his eye. He knew his question would make his wife blush even deeper.


She did not disappoint as she blushed furiously. “I didn’t know the way you made me feel would be so intense.”


Derek could not help grinning at her response. “Intense would definitely be the right word for it. I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked.


“Well my ribs are pretty tender,” she admitted honestly. She quietly added, “And other parts of my body are a little sore.”


“I think I have just the solution to make you feel better.” Kissing the top of her head Derek got out of bed. He walked across the bedroom to their ensuite. “Stay there I’ll be back in a minute.”


Lying back against the pillows, raising her arms above her head, Nova stretched cautiously. Her ribs protested, as a moan of pain escaped her lips.


She must have dozed off for when she opened her eyes Derek was smiling down at her. “Hey Sleeping Beauty. You looked so peaceful I was tempted to let you sleep and just crawl in beside you but I have a surprise for you that I think you will enjoy.”


Pulling back the sheet that was covering her, Derek lifted her off the bed as he did so he noticed the reddish brown stain on the bottom sheet. “Nova’s blood,” he thought. When he stood there not moving Nova followed his gaze.


“Oh,” she whispered. “Do you think if I showed that to my mother it would prove that tonight was the first time we made love?”


“Probably not,” he answered. “We are married now and you are my wife in every way, so what your mother thinks is immaterial.” With that he carried her into their bathroom.


The room was lit with dozens of tea lights and the scent of lilacs hung in the air from the bubble bath he had added to the water when he filled the deep soaker tub. Crossing the room he placed her in the tub. He quickly stepped in behind her. As he sank into the water he sat with Nova between his thighs, her back resting against his chest. Nova let out an audible sigh as the warm water soothed her tired body and sore muscles. Careful to keep her left arm resting on the side of the tub to keep the cast from getting wet she leaned back against her husband’s chest. Nova had always felt a closeness to Derek she had not felt with any other person. Their new physical intimacy added a whole new dimension.


Taking the soap Derek worked a lather on the bath sponge. Sitting up he had Nova lean forward so he could wash her back. Using a washcloth he gently rinsed away the lather before drawing her back against his chest again. Adding soap to the sponge once more he rubbed it over her breasts. Working his way down her body he slipped the sponge between her thighs. Before going any further he paused to gauge her reaction. She had been so badly shaken by memories of her attack stirred up by his hands on her underwear; he was reluctant to touch her. To his delight she arched her hips, pressing against his hand. He gently rubbed the sponge between her legs cleansing her before gently exploring her with his fingers.


At his touch Nova felt a fleeting rush of panic. She forced it back. Taking a deep calming breath she focused on the fact the hands touching her were those of the man who loved her and not the man who had assaulted her. He was not roughly groping her but gently teasing and caressing. Relaxing against her husband’s chest she gave herself over to the sensations his hands were creating. She moaned softly. It was not long before she felt her muscles tighten as ripples of pleasure flowed over her.


The happy couple lay soaking in the tub until the water began to cool. Derek finally said, "Come on I think it's time we get out of here and go to bed." Stepping out first he helped Nova out of the tub wrapping her in a large fluffy bath towel. Putting her arms around his neck Nova kissed him. "Thank you," she whispered.


Derek regarded her with surprise, "For what?"


“For everything,” she answered softly as her eyes filled with tears, “for today, for loving me, for putting up with my mother but mostly for tonight for being gentle and patient and loving. I will never forget this night.” The tears spilled over and rolled down her cheeks.


“The night is not over yet.” Sweeping her up in his embrace Derek strode out of the room and across their bedroom. He laid her on their bed tossing the towel covering her to the floor as he did so. Lying down beside her he made love to her again. It was some time before they actually went to sleep that night.


For Derek and Nova Wildstar the beginning of their new life together was everything they could have hoped for. Their wedding day had been the celebration they wanted with close friends and family. Their wedding night, finally coming together physically, had been far beyond their greatest expectations. What the future had in store for them they did not know. There were immediate challenges they were going to have to face. Derek would take over his official command of the Argo and training of the new Star Force Recruits. The fact they had been warned they had an enemy amongst the Command staff in the Earth Defense Force would not make that easy. There was also the investigation into the attacks on the EDF nurses including Nova’s own near rape. The police had no leads and no idea why the attacks were happening or who was behind them. They were certain of one thing, whatever was to come they would face it together.


A solitary figure stood on the street outside the Wildstar residence. He stared up at the one dimly lit window on the front of the house. He frowned as the light went out. Turning away he walked up the street into the darkness.



The End


Authors Note: This is the start of a series of stories about the life and adventures of Derek and Nova Wildstar. Questions raised in this story will be answered in upcoming stories.