Returning Bad News

Part II

By Yuki Wildstar

March 16th 2212

Office of Captain Derek Wildstar

1842 hours

“So Wildstar I see you’ve made something of yourself.”

“You did pretty well for yourself too Heerio. Sorry it took so long to set up something with the council, but better late than never. So tell me more about Omega 13.”

“Well you know that it was a planet distant from Gamilon. The construction was difficult at first but now it's about 98 percent finish. We are now taking application for the homes there. We are almost at full registration. But with being so close to the Gamilon Empire we still need more people to take the chance of moving there. With a base there people may feel safer.”

“You know that Earth and Gamilon are now allies?”

“Still people fear Desslok for what happen in the past.”

“Well I hope that your meeting will go smoothly tomorrow, Heerio. I was asked to attend since I was the one to suggest it to Fujito.”

“How about drinks, we can go over it some more over drinks.”

“I would like to but I rather be home with Nova.”

“Why don’t you invite her? I would love to get to know her better.”

Looking suspiciously at him Derek leaned forward and said. “Remember that she is my wife Heerio. No trying to come on to her with your cheap lines.” Heerio laughed at him and then pat him on the back. “Come on, I’ll call Nova on the way.”


March 19th 2212

0745 hours

EDF Meeting

Project Omega 13


fllaga-00-animestocks[com][1].jpg“I thank you gentlemen for giving me the opportunity to present this to the council. I hope to hear from you soon.” Heerio finished the end of his speech. Wildstar looked over to the end of the table and saw Fiona sitting next to the Ambassador. Quickly he glance back to his friend and stood up to shake his hand as he came to sit next to him. “So do you think that they will go for it?”

“We will see in the next few days. We should go they love to talk about it before they make their final decision. Anyway I should get back to my office I have a lot of work to finish up.”

“Hold on a second Wildstar. What’s with the pretty brunette sitting next to the ambassador?” he asked as he continued to stare in her direction.

“Her name is Fiona Hernandez she is his aid. Why?”

“She’s very pretty, is she single? Or is there something between the two of you? I don’t mean to pry but it seemed like you were staring at her throughout my speech. Or am I just assuming?”

Blushing Derek took a deep breath and said. “It’s a long story.”

Curious he asked. “What happened, Derek?”

“It was her,” was all he could say.

Heerio stared shocked at him, “Her!? Derek, don’t get me wrong I’m still a little curious as to why you would even think of being with someone else when you have Nova. She’s a great girl. I mean yeah Fiona is very beautiful but from meeting Nova how could she ever measure up. Or Is Nova like an over bearing bitch at home?”

“No, Nova is nothing like that. I was just stupid.” He huffed hoping to change the subject.

51725[1].jpg“Would you mind if I asked her out.”

“Mind!? Why would I mind? To tell you the truth there was nothing really between us sexually. I only suggest that if you two hook up don’t bring her around Nova. I’ve hurt her enough, I don’t want to see her hurt anymore.”

Heerio looked up to see Fiona coming towards them and point for Derek to turn. “Captain Wildstar, I wasn’t expecting you to be here.”

“Hello Miss Hernandez. I was asked to attend for the sake of Heerio here. Heerio Sakomoto this is Fiona Hernandez.”

“Please to meet you, Fiona.” Heerio took hold of her hand and shook it lightly.

“Pleasure, Captain Wildstar may we speak in private?” She looked into Derek’s eyes.

“I should be getting back. I have a dozen things to finish up, maybe another time Miss Hernandez.” He tried to be curt with her. Trying to get Fiona attention Heerio reached for her arm but she was quickly gone as she tried to catch up to Derek.

She caught up to him and grabbed his arm. “Derek, please slow down.”

“Let go of me!” he said under his breath as he looked around to see if anyone was looking their way. “This is not the time or place. It’s over Fiona, now just go.”

“Derek, please I just wanted to tell you that Nova and I talked and well…”

Stopping dead in his tracks he turned to her, “What could you and my wife possibly have anything to say to each other?” Worried about what happened between the two he stared at her.  “Well WHAT!” he snapped under his breath.

“She got into the elevator with me. She pretty much told me to stay away from you. I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I hope that I didn’t cause some trouble for you with her.”

“Trouble is not even the tip of the iceberg. Fiona look, just go. Start fresh somewhere with someone else. Nova and my son are first in my life. My friend Heerio there seems interested in you why don’t you go talk to him? He’s really a nice guy.” He said as he pointed over to his friend who stood to the side and watched as they talked wondering what was being said. He stared closer at Fiona and tried to give her a half smile as he watched Wildstar point in his direction. She looked back at him and slightly smiled his way then turned back to Wildstar. “Fiona, please just leave me alone. I’ve worked too hard to get back into my wife and child’s life and now is not the time for you to start trouble. I’ve been walking on eggshells around her for months and yesterday almost set us back. So please just stay away from me.” He said then left.

On cue Heerio walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder. “Fiona?” turning to face him Fiona just gave him a slight smile as she tried to hold her tears back. “Hey are you alright?”  He asked her as she broke down crying.  He moved her out of the conference room and down the hall to a quiet part of the area.

“I’m so sorry. I was just hoping that we could talk.”

“Ms. Hernandez did you really expect for him to be nice about everything after what he put his wife through?”

With wide eyes she asked, “You mean he told you about us?”

“It doesn’t matter what he told me. But he is right, you have to move on with your life. Nova is a great girl and he loves her. Why put yourself into a situation like that anyway?”

ya-23[1].jpg“Who are you to judge me, you don’t even know me? He was feeling something for me too. Or did he not tell you that part?” She said feeling angry that everyone was treating her like a cheap whore.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel like that.” He backed away from her. “Listen I just wanted to see if you were alright. I should get going. It was nice meeting you.” He said, then he thought I don’t need the drama. Seems to me like a lot of work and I’m not dealing with it. Not after the last time. She watched as he walked away and then wiped the tears from her face and made her way back to the Ambassador.


Office of Captain Derek Wildstar


“Captain Wildstar.” Singleton said as he walked into his office.

“Sir,” Wildstar replied as he stood at attention and saluted him.

“Please sit down. I just came to tell you that the council has agreed on a base on Omega 13. But first we will have to confirm with Emperor Desslok before we put a base there.”

“Meaning I have to go.”

“Yes Wildstar you are the only one that can smooth out any concerns he may have. So your trip to the states is cancelled. I’ll get Captain Lee to go in your place.”

“And when will the council want me to go?”

“Three weeks, it will give them a chance to put all the proposals together for you to bring to Desslok. They’ve already sent a messenger over to Mr. Sakomoto. So he will probably be giving you call. You will be taking the Solar Star this time around. You will receive the manifest in the morning.” He ran it down to him, than soften his voice. “Derek I know that you and Nova are just getting your bearings so it will be up to her if she would like her name on that manifest.”

“That won’t be necessary sir. I know that she will worry about Alex. But I will ask her anyway. Thank you, Sir.”

“Very well Captain, I will speak to you later.”

Reaching for the phone he dialed her number and waited for her to answer. “Hello?” he heard her say. “Hey babe, sorry to bother you but I have some bad news. Can we meet for a late lunch?”

“What’s wrong, Derek?” Nova said.

“I’m getting shipped out,” he said as he watched Heerio walk into his office. “Listen babe I have someone here meet you about 1330?”

“I’ll be waiting. Love you.”

“Love you too.” He said then hung up. “Hello, Heerio I am assuming that you got the call.”

Smiling wide he walked over to him and shook his hand. “I sure did. So when do we leave?”

“Whoa there Heerio I don’t think we will have room for you. You’re company is putting together the proposal as we talk and I will go over it with you later. As for my departure day, I leave in 3 weeks.”

“But don’t you think I should go and explain everything to him?”

Wildstar grinned at his friend. “Trust me on this Heerio the last thing the Emperor wants is a pushy salesman in his face. I can handle it from here.”

“Wildstar this is my baby and I would like to be present when you approach him with it. I can answer any questions that he has.”

“Look, though I like the fact that you want to be there. Believe me Desslok is not a naive man. He can smell bullshit a thousand light years away. He is not the type of man that warms up to Politcians or businessmen. To be honest with you, he may shoot you. That is why they send me to deal with him.”

“I will take my chances with him.”

Rolling his eyes he knew that he was dealing with a stubborn man and he wouldn’t stop until he got his way. “Heerio, please let me just deal with this. Until they get communication set up to speak to him directly without leaving Earth it’s best that I deal with it.”

“May I need remind you, I too served on the Star Force and I know what protocol to take?”

“Yeah but you didn’t deal with him later in time. But if you insist then I would approach EDF and Singleton to add you to the manifest. And good luck on that.”

“I will. So how about talking about it over lunch?”

“Uh no, I have a lunch date with my wife. I have to give her the bad news. But I will get back to you later to go over some things.”

“Tell Nova I said hello and thank her again for a great dinner.”



Helping her with her chair Derek bent down and gave her a kiss on her neck. “So how early are you leaving?”

“In three weeks. Are you going to be alright with that?” he reached over and took her hand in his.

“They moved up the departure date to Sector 4 or is it top secret?”

Laughing to her question he squeezed her hand more. “No baby. It has to do with the Omega 13 project. I have to go to Gamilon and make sure that Desslok is okay with a base on the planet. I don’t think we will, but its best to give him the courtesy to inform our intentions. I don’t want him to think that we are taking advantage of our treaty. And of course no one else can handle it. So I’m the poor sap that is going.”

“Do you think that he will go for it? I mean he pretty much doesn’t want anyone else dipping into his pond. Is Heerio going with you?”

“Not if I can help it. I don’t need anyone trying to snuggle up to Desslok. He’s not that type of man to try and sale him a bowl of bullshit. He’s more a man of honor. He hates bureaucrats and businessmen are nothing more than bureaucrats with suits. I like Heerio but he can be pushy with his project.” He said rolling his eyes.

“I hear that people have already lined up for housing there. Is it that pretty for others to leave Earth?”

“I’ve seen the holograms, it’s really nice. But I like it here on Earth. Plus it only seems that the wealthy are the only ones that are signing up.”

“Uh my dear husband, Yvey and Sandor are wealthy and they’re not signing up.” She smiled at him.

“But I’m sure dear old mom probably is,” He said with sarcasm.

Looking up, she frowned at him, “She’s not that bad Derek. And I’m sure that daddy will not allow it. He’s not one to buy what others splurge on. He is a business man not a pampered aristocrat. Anyway all his business is here on Earth.”

“I think we should be getting back.” He said trying to avoid a fight with her.

“Derek I know she has her faults, but…”

“Faults!” he snapped at her under his breath. “Do I have to remind you that she kidnapped our son and tried to claim us incompetent?  So please don’t think I hated her from the start, she pretty much brought it on herself.”

002 (2).jpg“Derek, be as it may she is still my mother. Anyway this is not the place for us to talk about this.” She said looking around the café.

“Do you think I give a shit about what people think? Wait a minute!” he looked at her suspiciously “Is she coming here?”

“She wants to see Alex,” She said softly.

“Over my dead body! I thought we agreed that she isn’t allowed near him EVER!” he said throwing his napkin on the table.

“Derek I haven’t said yes to her! I wanted to talk it out with you first. She is my mother!” she said through gritted teeth.

“Well you can call her back and tell her not to bother she’s not welcome at my house.”

“Excuse me, it is OUR house not yours.”

“I’m not going to talk about this anymore.” Quickly he got up and headed out the door leaving Nova sitting at the table fuming.



Captain Derek Wildstar’s Office


“Not now Heerio. The council has made up their mind. I’m sorry but your request has been denied.” He snapped at him.

“Whoa, Wildstar what’s eating you?”

“Sorry, my lunch with Nova didn’t go as planned.”  He said rolling his eyes.

“Oh, trouble in paradise?”

“It’s nothing. Nothing we haven’t argued about in the past. In-law problems, but you wouldn’t understand that since you’re not married.”

“Your right about that, though I have come close to it. But that is probably the reason I never made the leap.”

“You married, ha. Who could possibly want you?” he laughed at him.

“Believe it or not yup…I almost made the plunge. Turn out that she had cold feet and backed out. She broke my heart and I never recovered from it. So I just put myself into my work. You’re a lucky man Derek, she’s a great girl.”

“She is, but I married her not her mother!” He snapped.

“Listen looks like you need to let out steam. Come on you need a drink. I’m buying.”

“You BUY!? How can I say no.


They sat in the bar laughing at old times in the Academy. Drinking down their 6th shot of sake, Derek joked about the day they all double dated and his date left him for someone else while they were on the date. “I couldn’t believe she just walked out the door with him.” He laughed.

“I wasn’t worried about it. Remember I had that other girl I was seeing and I had to meet her later when she got off work. She just made it easy for me to get there on time.”

“I have to admit you were a player back then. It seems like every time I saw you, you had a different girl on your arm.” Wildstar pat him on the back.

“You are a lucky man. Nova is a beautiful woman inside and out.”

“She is. I’m lucky she puts up with me and my faults. I don’t know what I’d do without her.” He said as he drunk down two more shots.

“Hey Wildstar don’t you think you should slow down on that.” He said pointing to the shot. “You weren’t much of a drinker if I do recall.”

“Relax Heerio. I got this covered. It’s part of our training.” He smiled feeling buzzed.

“I don’t recall it part of training in the Academy. The only training we got for drinking was after hours at Kazu’s Bar and if I do remember there was a few times Venture and myself carried you back to your room.”

“That was different. I was trying to forget Julie back then.  And to remind you my brother Alex wasn’t too happy with you guys letting me get that way.” He said then took another shot in between beer. “So did you ask Fiona out?

“Naw, she seems like she comes with a lot of drama. Too high maintenance for me. Anyway it wasn’t like I was going to ask her to marry me on the first date if you get what I mean.”  He winked at him.

“Whatever.” Derek said taking another shot. Day turned to night as Heerio and Derek talked more about their lives. Derek asked why he decided to leave the Star Force and Heerio explain how he had to in order to help his ailing father. His mother passed away while they were in space on their way to Iscandar. It took a long time after to forgive himself for leaving them on Earth to die. He remembered when he finally met her and how he wanted to finally settle down. But then she called him in the middle of the night and called off their engagement. She couldn’t bear to leave Earth when he started the Omega 13 project.  Heartbroken he got in the shuttle the next day and never looked back. Trying to focus Derek took another shot and patted him on the shoulder again. “Sorry about that old friend. Looks like we both got our heart broken once. But we move on and on and on,” he trail off as Heerio stared at him closer.

“Wildstar are you alright?” he knew that he wasn’t one to drink much and it looked like he was drunk.

With eyes dilated Wildstar smiled and said “I’m fINE.”

“Maybe we should go.” He began to wave over the bartender for the check.

Derek took hold of his arm and said, “Nooooo, no, no. Let’s hang. It’s been a long time . . . .me to be out with, um, um. Chu.” He laughed.

41612[1].jpg“Derek I don’t think Nova would appreciate you coming home drunk.”

“Why ta fuck not. I ca ca carried her one or is it two tumes home. She’s a good wife chill underfan.”

“I just don’t want you to get in trouble. Have you even called her since we came here?”

“Nooooo,” he giggled.

Waving over to the bartender he motioned no more drinks for Derek and to get the check. “Well old friend you might not have anything to do in the morning but I have. I think I should drive you home. Come on.” He place Wildstar’s arm around his neck and dragged him to his car. “Okay Derek let’s strap you in and please don’t puke in my car. It’s a rental.”

“Kay, shhh, guess what?”

“What Wildstar?” he asked rolling his eyes.

“I’m gonna make wuv to my hot wifie.” He tried to wink at him. Trying to keep from laughing he closed the door and they took off to Derek house.  Leaning back in the seat Wildstar went on, “Cheese hot isn’t chee. Wooo and grrrreat in bed.” He made a fist and snapped his elbow in his body as if he was making a score. Heerio laughed as he drove out of the city towards the beach line. Pulling up to Wildstar house he looked over to find his friend sleeping. Getting out of the car he walked over to the door and rang the bell.



Nova was worried at how Derek was after he had left, since she hadn’t heard from him since then. She jumped as she heard the door bell ring. Throwing opened the door she looked at Heerio confused. “I’m sorry Heerio but Derek is not home.”

“I know Mrs. Wildstar he’s in the car.”

“Is he alright? Why didn’t he come to the door instead?” she asked worried.

“Um, he can’t.” he began to get nervous.

“Why can’t he?”

“Ah he is a little um…drunk.” He said trying to grin and hoping that she would find it amusing.

Folding her arms she looked at him relieved, “So that’s where he’s been all this time. Drinking. Well let’s go get him.” She said walking out toward his car.

“I’m sorry, Nova, I tried to stop him but he was already drunk.”  He bowed his head.

“Yeah right,” she said under her breath. “Come on help me bring him in.” Heerio took hold of Derek on one side while Nova took hold on the other. They help him into the house and she guild them into their bedroom. Slowly she began to take off his shoes and Heerio helped her with his clothes. She threw the covers over him and walked out with Heerio to the living room. “Thank you Heerio for bringing him home, I guess our little misunderstanding got to him more than I thought. I can take care of him from here.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I’m sure. Thank you again.” She said as they walked to the door. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and drove off. Nova watched as he drove into the night and then made her way back to their room. She sat at her side of the bed and watched him sleeping. Grinning she couldn’t help but laugh at him. For the first time since they been together and their marriage he was drunk. She never saw him like this. He was never one to drink heavily. She stroked his face and kissed his lips. “I love you, drunk man.” She said as he moaned out her name. She lay next to him trying to sleep. Her laughter kept her up as she thought of him so drunk he couldn’t walk home. He reached over and she felt him rubbing her leg. Turning towards him she looked at his face as he grinned at her. “What do you want, Derek?” she tried to sound mad.

“I wuv you.” He said still drunk. “Come here ya sexy tang.” Laughing at him he stripped her of her clothes and made love to her.


March 17th 2212

Morning . . . .


She sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and smiling about last night. She woke up early knowing that Alex would be up soon. The sound of Derek walking into the kitchen made her look up. She could see his face daunt, his hair messier than usual. She watched as he walked over to the counter and poured himself a cup of coffee. He turned as he sipped his cup and stared at her. “Good morning Captain. How do you feel?”

“Like shit,” he said taking another sip. “Gosh that feels good. Sorry.”

“Sorry about what?”

“Coming home drunk, now I know why I don’t drink.” He placed his hand on his head. “Are we okay, Nova?”

“I can say that I was pretty pissed off at you yesterday when you left me there to pick up the check. And you were really going into the dog house when I didn’t know where you were all that time. But all is forgiven. After all I actually got to see the Great Captain Derek Wildstar drunk out of his mind. And on top of it all,” she said as she got up, walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. “You were terrific last night.”2006youkosan[1].jpgc.jpg

“Would you be mad if I’d said I don’t remember much of last night?”

“Not at all, shame thou it was a hell’va night Captain.” She said as she ran her finger down his face.

“Nova I am sorry about yesterday at lunch but I am still firm in having her here near Alex.”

“I’m sorry too. I know it’s not easy on you with her. She hasn’t been the warmest person with you. But I promise I won’t leave him alone with her anytime she is here. She can come see him when you’re gone. That way you and she won’t cross paths.”

“I’d rather not have her here at all. But she is your mother and I’ll be gone. Just please be careful with her. I just don’t want to go through the same situation we went through before.”

“I promise…I will make sure she is well behaved. Now I should get dressed. Alex will be up soon.”

“Whoa wait a minute.” He took hold of her arm. “Can we at least try to jog my memory?” he grinned.

“Hmm I don’t know. It was a pretty long night. You think you can remember at least some of last night in a short amount of time.” She smiled back as she rubbed her hand up and down his chest.

“Just give me a chance.”

“Okay you’re on.” she said as she walked towards their room. Taking a deep breath he put his cup down and followed suit.


The end. . . .


Thanks for reading. On the next story Derek is promoted and finds himself in yet another mess. Will Nova forgive him? Read on to see what happens in their marriage.

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