Returning New Hope

Part 14

By Yuki Wildstar




Nova tiptoed into their room and straight to the bathroom to change. She slipped into the shower and washed the smell of the worksite off of her. She stood under the shower for thirty minutes soaking the water as it hit her body. She dried and combed back her wet hair. Looking into the mirror she saw she looked tired from negotiations with the labors. It felt like they will never going to settle anything at the rate they were going. She didn’t want to fire them but it was coming to the point to call in her second choice of contractors.  Quietly she slipped into bed next to her husband and tried to settle in for the night. His hand touched her shoulder and she turned to face him. Nova tried to give him a smile but the expression on his face looked like it was going to be a long night with him. “Are you just getting in?”

“Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t make it home in time for dinner.”

He huffed and turned on the light on the night stand. “We really need to talk.”

“Derek, it’s really late and I need what little sleep I can get before heading back to the table with these group of guys. I’m really beat.” She tried to turn over to sleep and he grabbed her shoulder.

“No Nova we really need to talk.” He sat up and looked down at her. “I need to tell you something. Captain Kapula is not necessary a colleague, he happens to be a she. Nova, we’ve been spending a lot of time together at work and well,” he looked past her and out the window. “Well, I think I’m having some feelings for her.”

It was a like a bomb went off in her stomach. She began to sit up and move away from him. “You’re having what feelings for whom? And why didn’t you tell me he was a she?” she asked as her anger grew.

“I wish I could say it differently but I didn’t want you to get blindsided with it. Nov, it’s not like we’ve been living like a married couple. You’re gone from morning and no telling when you get home. I waited all night for you to come home and say goodnight to the kids. You didn’t even bother to call, Nova. I love you so much but I feel like I am in this all by myself.”

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!” she yelled. “Are you actually telling me that you want out of the marriage that YOU wanted again? You begged and hounded me to get married again; you said that things would be different that you would never hurt me again! You said we were met to be! And the minute things get a little crazy; YOU decide to see yourself with someone else!” She got up and began to walk out the room.

“Nova please I’ve been trying to talk with you for weeks now. I can never make a date with you. You’re so buried with this project that I don’t exist. And the only time your home you spend it with the kids. I get no time with you.”

“You knew how this project would go. I warned you that things like this come up. And the minute things get rough,” she threw her hands in the air and snatched a picture off the dresser and threw it at him. “I stood by you through all your missions. Not to mention the one you had a yearlong affair with that woman. And to have our sons see it first! I stood by you in all the mistakes you made and this is what you do to me! Not to mention also that its 3 in morning and you decide to talk to me about this.”

“Look you’re not so innocent in being faithful either!” he snapped back. “You forget about your little fling with my best friend!” and the minute it left his mouth he regretted it. “I’m sorry Nov,”

“Save it, I’m going to sleep in the spare room. Just leave me alone.” She slammed the door shut and ran into the spare room and threw herself on the bed. He could hear her crying and it tore his heart inside out. He lay on their bed thinking of what he told her. He didn’t want her to find out through the press or anyone else. He liked Mariko but he loved Nova. Nova that was never home to be with him, Nova who only had whatever time she had with their children. Was this how she felt when he wouldn’t touch her for the year that she was pregnant and had DJ? Was he being fair to her? Her cries seemed to fade and he wondered if she finally fell asleep. He got out of bed and made his way to the spare room. Slowly he opened the door and focus to the bed in the far corner of the room. Her body lay under the sheet and facing the opened window. He watched as her body sniffled from crying. He walked quietly to her bedside and reached over to her. “Not now Derek.”

“Please Nov, we should talk.”

She sat up and wanted to slap him hard across the face. “It’s late; I have to work in the morning so just leave me alone.” He reached out to her again and slid in bed next to her. She was too tired to argue. She was exhausted from fighting with him over his extra marital affairs and work. She wanted to just fall asleep and pertain that it never happened. In the morning things would be as they were but she knew that was not so. “Please don’t Derek.”

“I love you and I want to make this work.”

“How can we make anything work when you are having feelings for someone else? Is she pretty?”

“I don’t want to talk about her I want to talk about us.”

“You brought her up by telling me that you had feelings for her. Of course any women would like to know who she is, how she looks everything about her.”

“I said I was starting to have feelings for her. I still love you.”

“You can’t have both, Derek. You can’t love two women at the same time. I too still love you but I’m sorry that you feel the way you do. I really thought when we got back together that we would truly be happy and we understood each other. If I had known that your feelings for me would have change I would never allow myself to fall back in love with you. I would have stayed here and raised our children and maybe found real love with someone else. You changed the game on us, I didn’t.”

“And that’s why I am telling you how I feel. I don’t want to lose you I want us to work it out. Look, why don’t we make a date for tomorrow and we can talk more. Please Nova, please. Will you at least have lunch with me tomorrow?” She brushed her tears away and he lean closer to her. Slowly he kissed her neck and her body lit on fire. “Lunch tomorrow, 1300 hours. Please Nov, I’m asking and begging.”

She shook her head yes, “okay I will move everything around to be there for us.” She gave him a smile and yawn trying to give him a sign that she was exhausted. She pulled the sheet up to her chest and he stopped her and pulled it off her. “Derek it’s late.”

“Even better for you, the kids are asleep.” Without any words she let him touched her body. She couldn’t remember the last time they made love and she hated herself for neglecting him for so long. His hands roamed all over her body down to her most intimate spots. It was a wonderful night and she didn’t want it to end. She got little sleep after they made love thinking about what he said. She looked over to where he slept and wondered who she was. Who was the woman that grabbed her husband’s attention? She felt her body ache for sleep but she knew that she had to deal with her job. She slipped out of bed and dressed. She grabbed her coffee on the way out to the project site before heading yet again to the office for further negotiations’. She could see from the distance the bones of the building and a small smile came to her face. She created this just like the other one. First thing she always does is head to the site and speak to the construction crew to see where they would be at on the building. Then she would take the freight elevator to each floor looking over the progress. She would speak to the foreman and go over the plans to each floor. But today there was no one there to greet her. She walked around the site admiring the unfinished building. A small group of loyal workers were working on the 11th floor running electrical wires and support beams to the floor. The crane operator moved the massive machine slowly over to the building and lifted a huge beam up towards the sky. Nova made her way to the building then turned remembering her hard hat in the car. Racing back Nova never saw the crane operator looked in shock as the cable snapped off and the huge beam plunged down to earth.




Mark Venture landed on the Hawaiian island five days earlier. Before heading to his new headquarters he took a few days to look around the island. He knew that Nova and Derek were living there and Nova was in the process of erecting another building. On his third day he drove past the site and stopped. He missed her first building and he wanted to congratulate her on her new ventures. From the distance he looked on in amazement as to what she was doing. It was like building a ship except this ship was for the land and will house many. He always knew she was smart and had the drive to do anything handed to her. He stepped out of the car and made his way to the guard that sat on a chair with his feet on the desk watching something on a small T.V. He walked up to the small shack ready to ask where he could find her and saw her racing towards her car. From above he heard them yelling over the sound of the crane for all to watch out below. He ran towards her waving franticly to get her attention with every step towards her the beam drew closer. Venture ran faster trying to scream over the noise of the machine. Within seconds he gave a big leap wrapping his arms around her waist taking her down to the ground and hitting her head on a cement rock. Mark heard the crash behind them as it fell to the earth. He shield her body with his, preventing any debris from hitting her. As the smoked clear he slowly pulled away and looked down. “Nova, are you alright?” he asked. He slipped his hand around her head and felt the sticky wetness. He looked at his hand and realized she hit her head hard on something. He called over to the foreman, “get an ambulance NOW!” He stripped his jacket off and placed it on top of her covering her still body. Within minutes the ambulance rolled into the site and swept her up and race back to the hospital. He waited hours before the doctor came out and informed him that she was doing fine but will wake up with a major headache from the bump on the back of her head.

“Is there anyone we can contact?”


“Are you her husband?”

“No, no, I’m just a friend. How is she? Can I see her?”

“She’s pretty much out of it. But you can sit with her.”

“Thank you doctor.” Venture walked over to her room and sat down and waited.





He sat at the table waiting. Shifting his eyes around hoping no one was watching as he sat waiting for her. He looked at his watch and notice she was more than an hour late. He waved over the waiter and asked for the check. He fumed all the way back to his office and called her cell then the office. “I’m sorry, Mr. Wildstar, but she might have gone straight to negotiations’ instead of coming to her office.” her assistant said.  He slammed the phone receiver down hard and couldn’t believe she didn’t keep her promise to him about lunch. After last night he was sure that she and he finally made a break through. He took hold of his files and began to try to finish some. His mind just thought about her standing him up at the restaurant. Half way through he stopped looking over them and stood up and walked over to the window. He stared out to the beautiful scenery that he grew to love after weeks of living on the island. He huffed and felt it was over for them. He had to move on. He turned to the knock on the door and called out for them to enter. Mariko walked in smiling her eye sparkled as she looked at him. He was so handsome. “Hey there, I stopped by earlier but they said you were at lunch. Must have been some lunch,” She said.

“Not really I got stood up.” He smiled back at her.

“Oh, I would think that no one stood up Captain Wildstar.”

“It wasn’t just anyone it was my wife.” He said. “I thought that we could talk but I guess she didn’t feel I was important enough. I guess it’s over for us.”

“I’m so sorry Derek.” She stood closer to him, “is there’s anyway that,”

“No Mariko, it’s completely over.” He said as a tear ran down his face. She felt horrible for him. His smiled faded and she hated to see him like that. She brushed his tear away and he lean in and kissed her. She slowly began to kiss him back and wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight. The months of sexual frustration between them both finally took its toll on them and Derek moved his arms around her body and slowly unzipped her skirt. His hands moved up her blouse and reached for her bra and began to work it off of her. Mariko fumbled with his shirt opening it and helping him out of it. She began to fumble for his belt and pants when the door flew opened and Venture stood there in shock as they worked franticly at each other.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!” Venture roared making them both jump and step back. Mariko ran for her skirt that lay on the floor inches from them, while Derek fasten his pants and belt. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!”

“Venture it’s not what it looks like.”

“Oh no! What is it then!”

“Nova and I are over. She made her choice as to what she wanted. And it’s not me. Her job is more important than us.”

“Really? Have you seen the news or her today?” he demanded.

“No, we were supposed to have lunch but she never showed up.” Wildstar said. “She already knows about Mariko I told her last night.”

“So what you’re telling me that she is okay with you and her.” He watched as Mariko finished dressing and realized that she too was an officer. “Mariko is it?” she nodded her head, “do you know the rules with francization with another married officer?”

“I, umm, yes sir.”

“I should advice you to collect your belonging and get the hell out of here before I call your superiors and have charges brought on you and him.”

“Hold on Venture, you have no right to come here and order anyone around considering what happened in the past with you and my wife.”

Venture walked over to him and spat. “We are talking about now! Not the past! Do you have any idea what happened today? Well do you?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked annoyed.

“Why do you think Nova never showed up to your lunch meeting?”

“She was at a labor meeting. She’s always at some meeting with labor, budgeting, and that stupid building.” He said with frustration.

Venture slapped him across the face and Mariko ran to his side. “She’s in the hospital you fucking idiot! There was an accident at the site she was injured and almost killed.” He yelled at him.

Wildstar felt the blood drain from his face and looked at him as the words rung in his head. He looked for his words and they finally came out of his mouth. “Where is she?”

“Honolulu medical center, she was sleeping when I left her.”  

Wildstar felt the room spin and he grabbed hold of his desk for balance. Mariko put her arms around him and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Get your hands off of me.” He snapped. “My wife is in the hospital and I’m here with you!” Mariko stepped away from him shock at his tone. “I can’t believe I was ready to screw you and she was almost killed. Leave!” he yelled at her. “I need to see her.” He told Venture. He grabbed his jacket and raced out the door to the hospital. He ran inside the hospital and asked which floor she was on. The elevators couldn’t move fast enough for him, he turned and ran up the stairs to the 5th floor. Three nurses sat behind the desk and looked up to see him run towards them. “Nova Forrester Wildstar, which is her room?” She pointed to the room and he walked in slowly flash backs to when she slipped into a coma. Her bed seemed far away as he walked closer to it. Nova turned to see him come towards her and she smiled. “Nov, are you alright?” the reality of losing her began to set in. He sat on the edge of the bed as he took her hand and cried. “I thought I lost you.”

“I’m alright, just have a major headache from hell. It feels more like a huge hangover.”

“What happened?” he finally asked.

“I don’t know but from what Mark said, one of the cranes was taking up a large structure beam and the cable snapped. He pushed me out of the way just in time for it to hit where I was walking and my car. I wonder if our insurance company will cover a beam landing on my car.” She smiled wide trying to make light of it.

“My god Nova, I didn’t know what to expect when I got here. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you.” he hugged her tight and closed his eyes.

“I’m fine Derek. Let’s not worry the kids. Doc says I can leave in the morning he just wants to observe me over night. I have to call my assistant and let him know to call another meeting I figured a way to get out of the contract with the union laborers. My father,”

Derek looked at her stunned that she was still in work mode. “Nova don’t you think that you should relax and take it easy?”

“Derek I’m fine.” She said then it hit her, “I missed our lunch date. I’m sorry I hope you weren’t waiting long.”

The guilt washed over him and he looked away towards the door when Mark walked in. “Nov, I need to tell you something.” Mark glance at him and nodded. He turned and walked out the room to give them privacy. “Nova when you didn’t show up to lunch I thought that you either forgot or just didn’t care about us. I truly thought it was over for us,” Her heart began to pound hard as her stomach turned to what he may say next. “And well, Mariko came to see me and well,”

“Don’t say any more, please don’t.” she sat up and got out of bed.

“Nov, nothing happened, I swear.” He raised his hand up to the sky.

“Just go, Derek.”

“Nova, please I wasn’t thinking. If I had known that you were in an accident I would have never,” she slapped him so hard that he fell to the ground.

“So the minute I don’t show up you’re in the arms of another woman! You son of a bitch! I could’ve been killed! And all you can think about is getting into someone else’s pants?! You sleazily self-centered ass hole! Never mind what you would have to tell our children that their mother could’ve died.”

“I’m sorry, when Venture told me I knew that I loved you not her. I wasn’t thinking,”

“THAT’S the whole point you’re never thinking! The only thing you think with is your dick! Now get out!”

“I’m not going Nova, you’re my wife and we need to work and talk this out.” She slapped him again and he stood there feeling the sting. She raised her hand again and he caught it in midair. “No more, I won’t allow you to use me a slapping pole. I know I’m hurting you right now. But I want to be honest with you. I didn’t want to keep any secrets from you. I never wanted you to ever find out about it through the papers again.”

“DO YOU LOVE HER!” Nova snapped.


She huffed and threw her hands into the air. “DO YOU FUCKING LOVE HER!”

“NO! I love you!” he said.

Venture walked into the room and said. “Hey guys listen we need to lower our voices. They can hear you all the way down the hall.”

“Shut up!” Wildstar yelled at him.

“Don’t you tell him to shut up. He is the only one that has made sense in everything in our life. He saved my life. Where were you! Oh yeah, getting your rocks off with another whore!”

“Maybe if you were more affectionate I would be sleeping with you!” He yelled back.

Nova’s eyes widened her face full with anger. She walked across the room and grabbed her clothes and walked into the bathroom and slammed the door hard. “What is wrong with you?” Venture screamed at him. “How could you talk to her like that? Have you lost your mind or your dick to her?”

“This has nothing to do with you.” He fumed. “Just stay out of it.”

Nova emerged from the bathroom fully dressed and grabbed her things. “Take me home.” She ordered. Derek grabbed her things and she slapped them out of his hand. “Not you. Mark, take me home.” They both looked towards each other and then to Nova. “Well?”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea Nova. You and Derek need to really talk. I don’t want to get in the middle of this one. I’m sorry.”

“I rather take a cab.” She pushed past them and headed out the door.

“I’m sorry Derek, I didn’t think she would,”

He raised his hand and said. “It’s alright, thanks for backing out. I guess I better hurry up and catch up with her. She may not want a ride with me but she has no choice.” He shook his hand and walked out the door to see her arguing with one of the nurses.

“Mrs. Wildstar you need to get the doctor’s consent to leave. He wants to keep you under observation for the night.”

“I don’t care, I’m going home with or without the discharge papers.”

“How are you going to get home? You can’t drive with a concussion.” The nurse informed her.

“I’ll take her home.” He said as he walked up behind them.

“No, I’m not going anywhere with you.” she snapped.

“I’ll be responsible for her. I promise once I get her home that she goes straight to bed and rest.” He ignored her demands and talked directly to the nurse.

“Well I can’t stop her if she wants to go home. Fine as long as someone is with her.” She said relieved.

Derek placed his arm out for her to take and Nova huffed and walked past him. He tried to smile at the nurses sitting behind the desk and followed suit after his wife. He brought his car around and ran to open the door for her. She pushed him aside and jumped in without his help. They drove back to their home in silence. Nova stared out into the dark sky with tears of anger running down her face. Derek looked ahead glancing on and off at her. He reached to the MP3 that lay next to his seat and turned on the music to break the silence. The car filled with the sounds of ‘The Deele’ ‘two occasions’.  Nova looked at him and turned off the music. “Not this time Derek. A song and sorry aren’t going to make it better.” She told him. He pulled the car to a stop and jumped out of the car. Nova ready to protest watched as he ran in front of the car and to her side. He opened the car door and pulled at her arm. “What are you doing?’ she said fighting him.

His grip was too strong for her and he dragged her out of the car. “Stay right here.” He ordered her with a firm tone. He reached into the car and turned on the music again. He slipped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

“Stop it!” she tried to push him away. He tightened his grip on her and swayed to the music. The full moon shone bright in the night sky cascading a luminous shadow as they dance around the side of the road. Nova fought hard from his arms but gave up almost half way through the song. She finally leaned her head on his shoulder and started to cry for the pain that he cause her. For her children that almost lost her to a freak accident on the site. For all the heart ache that she endured from him over the years. When the music finished he nuzzled his lips on her neck and then brought her face to his. “Please don’t.” she whispered.

“I need you Nova. I miss you so much. I don’t want to lose you again. I need you with me, by my side. I should have been the one that saved you. I should have been there to push you out the way not Venture.” he said in a deep hoarse voice. “I can’t say how sorry I am about it all. Your right I wasn’t thinking about us. I can’t see being with anyone else. You’re my everything, my heart and soul and we belong together.” He whispered into her ear. 

Her heart pounded so hard she thought it would jump out of her chest. She finally felt his grip loosen and she pushed him away. “Take me home, please” she pushed the words out as she cried profusely. He nodded his head and walked her to the car and opened the car door for her. She jumped in and he walked slowly around the car as he looked in through the rear window. Her cries were loud enough for him to hear. He sat down behind the car and held his head in his hands trying to think as to how things will change for them. “TAKE ME HOME NOW!” She screamed out the window. He got up quickly and drove them home. She jumped out the car before it came to a complete full stop and raced into the house. She ran past her children and sitter into their room and slammed the door shut. Alexander Wildstar watched as she ran past them without a hello or hug. His father walked into the door and he could tell something was seriously wrong with their parents.

“DJ, come on we should get to bed.” He suggested to his baby brother. Miku was long asleep in her room. He guild his brother to their rooms and told him to go to sleep.

“But mom and dad haven’t said goodnight to us yet.” He said.

“I know DJ. I’m sure they’ll be in here later to tell us. Now just get to bed, okay.” He told him.

Wildstar went into the kitchen and dismissed the nanny for the night then walked to the kid’s room and kissed them goodnight. He made his way to their room and knocked on the door and called through the door, “Nova baby, can you open the door?” he softly knocked again. She opened the door slightly and threw him some clothes and shut the door just as quickly. He stood there as his shirt hung from his shoulder and pants lay on the floor. “Nova, open this damn door right now. We have to talk this out.” His voice grew a little louder.

From the other side of the door she snapped back, “Lower your voice the kids are sleeping.”

“If you don’t open this door right now, I’ll break it down!”

“Well that’s just real mature. How are you going to explain it to Sandor when we hand the house over to him?” He huffed and his face was red with anger. He stomped down the hall and into the kitchen. He opened the back door and walked over to their room. The French doors were wide opened and he walked in. Nova sat on a couch curled up wiping her tears away. She looked up to see him standing there. “I told you to go away and leave me alone.”

“NO! Damn it woman I love you and I know I fucked up. We are never going to get through this if we don’t talk about it. I meant everything I said out there on the side of the road. You are everything to me.” He grabbed a chair and placed it in front of her. “Look Nov, I’ve tried for weeks to tell you about how I was feeling. I thought that you were seeing someone in the office at first, that I could handle it. But it turned out to be the job.  How am I going to compete with that? You never had the time for me. I was so lonely even with you sleeping next to me. It was like you fell in love with your job and moved on without me. I hardly saw you and when I did you just spent all your time with the kids. Do you how horrible I felt to feel jealous over my own kids, that they got what little attention from you when you were home. I would reach out to you in bed and all I got was coldness. I know you were tired at times but after a while it became too much. The first time I started to work with Mariko I didn’t want to alarm you about who she was. I kept it professional from the start. It seemed I was seeing more of her then you. Eventually I looked at her differently. She’s smart and pretty. I hadn’t seen you in days since the negotiations started.” He got up and walked over to the doors and looked out to the dark seas. “Can you find it in your heart to forgive me, Nov.” she sat there silent and he turned to see her staring into space. “I see.” He walked back to her and leaned down and kissed her gently on the cheek. “I love you. I hope that you don’t see us as a mistake. When I married you the first and second time was because I did and do love you. I know you always had it in the back of your mind that if you didn’t get pregnant would I still have married you. And the answer is and will always be, yes. Having you as my wife was the best thing in my life and Alex, DJ and Miku are the icing on the cake. I love you.” he kissed her one last time and walked out the way he came in.




For weeks later he kept his distance from her. When she came home she would spend time with the kids and then lock herself up in the den going over plans.  She said little or nothing to him. After the kids went to bed he would take long walks on the beach and then sit and watch the tide hit the shore. His thoughts of what their past was like and she was right. He wasn’t the best husband. His roaming eye was his down fall. Why did he seem to notice her more when something happens? He never seemed to realize how much he loved her till after he’s lost her. And this last time with her accident made him think even harder to his life with her. He thought about what if she was killed that day. He would be left alone to raise their children and Alex would blame him for everything and hate him. To lose her would be divesting and if his son ever found out what he was planning on doing he would hate him. That was something he wouldn’t be able to live with. Alex was a smart child and there is nothing he would be able to hide from him. In conversation with Mariko she made it clear that she didn’t want or need to have children. The thought of him bringing the kids with him to work made her cringe. He never truly came out and asked her if the kids bother her but her expression was enough to tell him that she had no desire to meet them, ever. Only 31 years old and he felt alone. His children sense something wrong and they retreated to their mother. Alex began to look at him differently. He always talked with her and it made Wildstar feel unease. He was indeed very protective of his mother. He thought of returning to Great Island with the kids but he knew her all too well. She would fight him tooth and nail to keep her children close to her.

She watched from the distance as he sat down on the dune and looked out to the sea. She finished putting her children to sleep and went into her room to get some papers out of her briefcase. It’s been weeks since they slept in the same room and she grew accustom to it. Since his confession about his feeling for that woman she didn’t want to even see him let alone look at him. She switched her schedule around in order to be there for her children and every night she was home by 7pm. Her last meeting with union labors she sat back in her chair and announced. “Well gentlemen I can see that we cannot agree to any of your terms. So as I read into your contracts and conferred with my father you are all fired. I have already hired Tanaka Construction. They will start first thing tomorrow morning and they agreed to finish the project on time. At which time they will receive a bonus of 3.3 million for completion. So this meeting is now over. It was a pleasure working with you all.” She stood up and grabbed her bag and left the room leaving them all there with their mouths a jarred. She then worked on getting her schedule so that she would be home for the kids. The hardest part of being home was her husband. His stares seem to always tell her that he wanted her, missed her.  Each time she thought of talking with him she convinced herself not to. He screwed up yet again. How many times am I going to forgive him? No, not anymore. I have to move forward without him. She felt a hand on her arm and looked down to see her oldest son standing next to her. “Alex what are you doing up? It’s late.”

“Mom, can I talk with you?”

“Sure Alex, but can it wait until morning?”

“No Mom, DJ and Miku will be up.”

She smiled to see that he was concern about his siblings. “Okay come sit down and tell me what’s on your mine?”

“Why are you and Daddy not talking?” he said.

She was surprise as to hear him be so blunt about things. He was smart as a whip and she had to gather her thoughts. “It’s a little complicated baby, you’ll understand once you get older.”

He rolled his eyes at her and said. “I understand now Mom.”

She giggled at him, he was indeed sharp. “Alexander, sweetheart, your father and I are just going through a rough patch we will work it out sooner or later.”  

“Can you two work on it now, because me, DJ and Miku are tired of walking on seashells?” He said with big brown eyes.

Nova wanted to laugh out loud to hear him say that to her. But her heart also broke to know that they were completely aware of the coldness in the house. She hugged him and fought back her tears, “I will, I promise.” She told him. “Now let’s get you back in bed.” She took his hand and walked him back to his room. She tucked him in and kissed his forehead. “I love you.” she whispered. She walked back to her room and looked out the doors. He still sat out on the Dune staring out to the sea. Okay Nova you have to do something for the kid’s sake. She took a deep breath, grabbed a sweater and walked out to where he was. Derek sat there running his finger in circles in the white sand. Lost in his own thoughts he wasn’t expecting her to sit down beside him. She brushed her hair away from her face and looked out. His heart beat so fast he thought that it would explode. She sat next to him silent for minutes before she said. “We should talk.”

He nodded his head and held his breath hoping that she wasn’t asking for a divorce. “What’s on your mind?”

“Our son has requested that we hash out our fight.”

Derek grinned and thought how smart his son was. “Oh really?”

“Yes, you know he is very much like you.” she said looking out to the sea. “He doesn’t beat around the bush at all. He is so straight forward.”

“Well that sounds more like you if you ask me.” He said, than looked at her seriously. “What are we going to do? What do you want to do?”

“I’m not sure, I keep going over and over in my head and I have to make the right decision for the kids.”

“Are we talking divorce?” Wildstar asked with fear.

She shook her head no, “to tell you the truth I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I still love you but I don’t know if I can give my heart to you again.”

“So where do we go from here?” he asked treading his feet and praying that she doesn’t leave him.

“I really don’t know. We’ve been down this road so much and we keep coming back to the same thing. We’ve both tried it on our own and we keep coming back to the same thing.” She looked down and saw that he drew a broken heart with and arrow in the sand. “I guess its fate that we always seem to find our way back to each other. I’m not saying that I totally forgive you, but for the sake of our children I have to make this work.”

Derek sat silent for a long time and took in what she said. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to him. “Whatever you want I’ll do, I’ll quit EDF and stay home with the kids. I’ll be your assistant, your slave if you want me to be. I truly love you. For the last few days I’ve been thinking about my life and the best times where there with you and no one else. Yes I have been a real shit to you for not being faithful, but believe me this last time is it for me. Somehow we have to work around it and make a pack as to our schedules. Nova you have to admit you haven’t been there for me in a while. But now I know how you felt back then after DJ was born. I’m so sorry and I know that doesn’t mean much to you anymore, but all I ask is to give me this one last chance.” She got up and held her hand for him to take. She brought him back to her room and closed the bedroom door. She walked over to their MP3 and searched for the right song. She smiled and looked his way. Within seconds the room was filled with music. Peter Cetera and Cher sang ‘After all’ and she reached out to him. Derek smiled and slipped his arm around her waist. “You know you’re an amazing woman.”

She pulled him closer and whispered into his ear. “I know,” making him laugh. “I love you Captain Wildstar.”

“I love you too Mrs. Wildstar. Can I call you Mrs. Wildstar? Or should I stay with Ms. Forrester?”

“Hmm, well at home its Mrs. Wildstar in the office will be Ms. Forrester. How serious are you about quitting EDF?”

“If it makes you happy I will resign tomorrow.”

She grinned and said, “Resign Derek, then you can work for me at the office and be my bitch.”

Laughing hard he tighten his grip on her waist. “Will there be whips and chains involved?”

“You only wish.” Her face grew serious and said, “You don’t have to quit EDF, Derek. I would never make you do anything that you would hate. And thank you for offering, but I wouldn’t feel right seeing you miserable missing her.”

“If it means making you happy I’d give up the Argo and EDF. You’re the most important thing in my life next to our kids.” She felt safe in his arms as they dance around the room. He didn’t move to kiss her and she didn’t encourage it. They let the music play and he twirl her around as she smiled wide feeling his strong arms holding her. They continued to dance way after the song finished. He let her go and grabbed her sweater. “Come on let’s walk.” They walked hand in hand and talked. “I have to thank Mark for saving your life. I really haven’t had the chance to do that. Not to mention he stepped aside not wanting to be the escape goat. He is still station here on Honolulu. We should get together like old times and have dinner or something. Nova if he wasn’t there I don’t know what I would have done. It seems like the gods are keeping us together. I can’t believe I’ve never saw it before. They almost took you away from me twice and I was so hung up that I didn’t see it.”

“Well I’m still here and that’s all that counts.” She gave him a nudge. “Derek can you do me one big favor?”

“Anything,” he said.

“Just love me forever.”

He stopped walking and turned to her. “Not only can I promise you that but I will make sure to keep loving you until I die.” He hugged her tight and didn’t want to let go. They walked for a long time before coming back to the house. He lay down on the hammock that sat on the porch and she snuggled next to him. She closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms and she would remember it for always as the best night with him.




Derek woke up feeling something heavy on his chest. The morning sunrise began to shine in his eyes and he squint to see what was weighing him down. He realized that there was a blanket covering him and his daughter slept soundly on his chest. Nova was snuggled closed to him on his side. He gently nudged his wife until she woke. Her smile made him love her more. He placed his finger in front of his mouth and looked down to his daughter. She giggled quietly and whispered, “I’ll get her.”

“No, no I have her.” Derek told her. “She must have crawled on me in the middle of the night. I just don’t know how she got the blanket on us.”

Nova looked down and realized that indeed there was a blanket covering them. She threw her leg over his and kissed his cheek. “I have to go in today. Would you like to come with me?”


“To the construction site. I want to show you what I have done.”

He drove many times by the site and looked as it went from 3 floors to almost 15. He saw the drawings of the building and thought it was amazing and she was a big part of it. He nodded his head and said, “sure but how am I going to get dress with the extra weight gain over night.”

“Oh I think I have some old maternity clothes you can throw on.”

He looked at her with concern. “Is there something I should know?”

“No, there isn’t anything. I just happened to hold on to some shirts that I like to wear when I’m home. They’re comfortable to lounge around in.”

“Oh, for a second there I just thought,” he trailed off.  “Anyways what are we going to do about this?” he pointed to their sleeping daughter.

She picked up her daughter and brought her into their room and placed her on the bed. Derek walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He nuzzled his lips on her neck and she could feel her face burn with desire for him. “I have to get ready for work.” She turned and kissed his cheek. “Will you come?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Let me hop in the shower and get dress. Or would you like to join me?” She raised her eyebrow and gave him a grin. He took her hand and they raced into the shower.  Noise from the kitchen was filled with things they would do during the day. Alex announced that he was taking a test and DJ couldn’t wait to see his friends. Miku begged not to go to school and spend time with her parents. “Miku sweetheart, Mommy and I will be too busy working to play with you. I promise next time we will take you with us.”

Nova was on the phone with work and he heard the same conversation many times since their move there. Finally hanging up she blew a strain of hair off her face and then gave him a smile. “Sorry, same ole stuff different day. Are you ready?” she asked her husband.

“Are you sure you’ll have time to show me around?” he asked.

She slipped her arms around his waist and pulled him close. “You’re a lot more important than the office.” Miku ran to their side and hugged her father’s leg and pleaded with them to take her. Nova winked at her husband and said, “You may come with us Miku. But you go to school first thing tomorrow. Do we have a deal?”

She smiled wide and nodded her head, “Yesh mommy.”

Derek drove into the city and parked the car in the lot next to the building. Since her accident all vehicle were now parked off site. Nova pulled out her hard hat and handed one to Derek and a special one to fit her daughter. She took him to the top floor that will hold the suites. He followed her around the suite and couldn’t believe how great it will turn out. “Over here is the master bath. It will hold a shower to hold up to 10 people. There will be a small garden on the patio so they can have the same atmosphere as the beaches below. Our master suite will each hold a California king size bed with soothing warm colors and sheets and blankets that you can feel like you’re on the cloud.”

Derek held his daughters hand and looked in amazement at all she is doing. He notice also the minute she stood on the site, workers came from all over to report problems and things for her to sign. She attended to everyone quickly and then brought them up. He picked up his daughter that now complain she was tired of walking and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then to Nova. “I’m very impress. This is going to be better than the one on Great Island. I am so very proud of you.”

“Thank you. Now I have another surprise for you.” she grinned. “Once it’s completed you and I will be the first booked here for the night.”

“Wow, really? We get the royal treatment?”

“We sure do Captain.”

“Can I come too?” Miku asked.

“Um, this is only for mommy and daddy, but we will make it up to you, alright sweetheart.” Derek said quickly.

“Oh Miku, you can come to the big party when we are done. Is that alright with you?” Nova told her.

Miku crossed her arms and pouted. “Fine, I guess I have to go.” Derek laughed and gave her a kiss on her head.

“And the other surprise is, I cleared my whole day to spend with you.” she announced.

“Well I guess I have to cancel all my appointments. But we do have a little tag-a-long with us.”

“Oh I think we can get someone to watch her for a while. I’ll give June a call and see if she can watch her at the last minute.”

Derek gave her a raised eyebrow and said. “I just have to go into the office and clear my desk real quick. Are you okay with that?”

“Sure let’s go.”

He drove to base and headed into the building with his wife and daughter. He was stopped by some other officers and talk quickly about some men and what happened in morning exercises. She watched as he rolled his eyes and nodded that he would deal with it the next day. He tried to walk quickly to his office to avoid anyone else from talking to him. Nova follow suit with her daughter in her arms. He told his aid no phone calls and opened his door to let her in. “Have a seat, I’ll be with you shortly.” He jumped in his chair and began to go over his paper work. Within minutes he was almost done. He picked up a file and began to read through it. Nova watched his face and saw him frown and then stared at the file.

“Is everything alright, Derek?”

“Huh, oh yeah, just fine.” He read on and she got up and walked behind him pertaining to look out the window. She read over his shoulder and knew what he was thinking. The file read, EDF battleship Horizon Sun due to leave in 4 months. Next in line; EDF Battleship Argo; Captain undetermined. Departure date, undetermined.  She glanced away and made a mental note to the file. He closed the file and turned to her forcing a smile. “Okay all done. I just have to go down to the records room real quick. Just give me a few minutes.” He gave her a quick kiss and left the office. Miku sat at a table and colored on a piece of paper and Nova looked out to the scenic view that lay out from his window. She looked back over to his desk and stared more at the file. Looking at the door she took his seat and began to look through the file. Indeed she read right The Argo was set to sail after the Horizon returned from space. There was no captain assigned to it just yet. Ready to close the file the door opened and a young female officer walked in without knocking.

“Oh I’m sorry I was looking for Captain Wildstar.”

“He stepped out for a few. He should be back soon. You are?” Nova asked.

“I’m sorry,” she smiled and held out her hand. “I’m Captain Mariko Kaplua.”

Nova eyes narrowed, her brown eyes almost turning black. She stood up from his chair and said. “I’m Nova Forrester Wildstar, Captain Wildstar WIFE.” She said coldly.

Mariko withdrew her hand and looked away. “I see, I’m, I, I should go.” She said trying to make a hasty retreat from his office.

“Wait!” Nova said quickly. “Please have a seat. Why don’t you stay and we can talk.”

“I really don’t think it would be a wise thing, Mrs. Wildstar.”

“Oh, how is that.”

“Well, Derek and I,”

“Captain Wildstar, not Derek.” She corrected her.

“Captain Wildstar and I,”

“You and MY husband were in a relationship. I know. But before you and he became intimate he call it all off. Look, you’re not the first little floozy that has thrown themselves at him. And every time he comes back to me and his family. So I advise you to stop making excuses to come see him for frivolous things and stay the fuck away from him. Or I will call your superior and report your little hussy butt to them. Do I make myself clear?” Nova spoke to her in a calm manner that made her shake in her shoes. “What is it that you want with my husband?”

“I, um, I just needed him to sign off on this transfer.”

Nova reached out to her for the paper work when the door opened and Derek walked in. He stood there quiet and looked from his wife to Mariko. Miku ran to him and hugged his leg. “Daddy, your hussy is here to see you.” she announced.

“Miku, that’s not nice.” Nova corrected her but wanted to laugh out loud.

“But mommy, you said,”

“I know what I said. You shouldn’t listen in to adult conversation.”

Derek face started to turned to anger and focus his attention to Mariko, “What can I help you with, Commander.” He looked at his wife with a disapproving look.

“I just needed a signature, sir.”

He took the paper and read over it. “You could’ve had Captain Kiliwana sign off on this.” He reached for a pen and signed the paper. “Here, next time please go through the appropriated channels.” She saluted him and ran out the door before he dismissed her. “What do you think you were going to do?”

“Nothing, nothing at all.”

“Nova Forrester Wildstar what did you say to her.”

“Nothing that any wife wouldn’t do or say.” She said under her breath.

His eyes shifted and grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to the corner of his office away from their daughter. “This is very unprofessional. She’s a collogue nothing more.”

“I know Derek. I’m sorry, but how do you want me to handle something like that.”

He let out a deep breath and said, “fair enough. I guess it’s best to leave the subject alone.”

“You got that right, skipper. Now what do we do?”

“Call the sitter or day care and see if they can take princess Miku for the rest of the day.” He grabbed his cover and escorted Nova and Miku out the door. “Hussy, huh?”

“I was trying to be nice.” She looked down to their daughter and continued, “Considering who was present I thought I was.

“Gotcha,” he lean in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Oh alright Ms. Miku, let’s get you some ice cream.”

“Derek, its way too early for that.”

“Ah come on, Mom.” He whined for his daughter. She huffed and tried to avoid his joking around all the way to the car.






“Ms. Forrester you have an envelope that was just delivered from Great Island.” Her assistant said as he handed her the envelope.

“Thanks, I was expecting this. Are we set for the opening?”

“Yes ma’am, the band will arrive an hour before the guess come and the caterer is on the premises cooking now. All the decoration are up and ready. I checked it all this afternoon. All RSVPS have been met. We should be expecting everyone on the list.”

“That’s wonderful. Make sure that the car is at the airport waiting for my father to arrive. I don’t want him waiting around.”

“I’ve sent the car out already.”

She grinned and knew she was going to miss working there. Now that the project was over it was time to move on. “Thank you for all that you’ve done. Why don’t you leave early and get ready for the big unveiling.”

“Yes ma’am, and thank you.”

Nova smiled and waited until he left her office before opening the envelope. She looked over the papers and pick up a pen. Her hands signed the papers and she got up and walked over to her fax machine. She dialed the number and watched as the paper went through the scanner until it beep that it was done. She place it all back into the envelope and grabbed her things to go home and get ready for the opening of her building.



The night went on with congratulation on her success. Derek stood by her side all night beaming with pride. “You have a wonderful girl here,” “She is some lady,” “If she wasn’t married I’d ask her out,” “She did an awesome job, shame she works for the competition.” The compliments went on and on. Her father was proud of his daughter. With every obstacle she managed to work through it on her own. She took risky steps but in the end they all pan out. It was an amazing building and he was very proud in deed. They announced that the building was solid booked for the next ten years. Nova was given the honor of cutting the ribbon as Derek looked on. Venture came with a few other star force members to congratulate her. For her it was great to see her husband and him talk and joke about things. Their children ran around playing as the sitter chase them. Derek grabbed DJ and spun him around and then told him to behave. “This is your mothers night, let’s not mess things up for her, Okay?”

“Come on, Dad, relax.” DJ said. Venture and the others laughed at his reply and Wildstar blushed in embarrassment. “Darn kids!” he said and then laughed with them. He saw from the corner of his eye as she walked by. She wore a beautiful Black strapless dress that showed her shoulders and the back plunge in the back. He thought of how quickly he’ll be able to take her out of the dress. She looked up and met his eyes and smiled wide. He turned and said to his friends, “Hey guys, can you all excuse me. Please go and enjoy yourself, there’s plenty of food and for some of you single men. There are a lot of single girls from the office here.” He walked behind her and slipped his hand around her waist. Nova was in the middle of talking with the mayor when she felt his arms. “I’m sorry your honor, but can I steal my wife away for just a few minutes. I do believe she promise me a tour of the finished product.”

“Of course, yes, yes. I will speak with you later, Nova.”

“Derek, I was in the middle of getting a license for liquor.” She chastised him.

“Sorry, but you seemed totally uninterested in talking to him, so how about that tour?”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Fine, come on.” They took the elevator up to one of the penthouses and she showed him around. In the master bedroom there sat a huge California king bed facing the glass wall that over looked the mountains of Honolulu. It was warm and inviting with the beige colors on the wall and fresh flowers set on the tables. The lighting was dim for a romantic feel. Derek rubbed her shoulders and began to kiss her on the neck, “are you trying to get me in bed?” she asked him.

“Well there is one that looks really inviting.” He whispered into her ear.

She blushed and turned to look at him. “You do know that they are expecting us back down stairs.”

“So we better make this quick.”

“There is nothing quick about you captain. This could turn into an all-night thing.”

“Well if it happens it happens. What do you say?”

“I don’t think so. Maybe later there some things I have to finish up and then I am all yours.”

“Your no fun, you know that.”

“Sorry, come on I have one more speech to address. Then I promise I am all yours for the night.”

“Well then, let’s get this speech over with.” He took her by the hand back to the elevators and stepped out in time to hear them calling her name. “You’re on, good luck. I love you.” he told her as he gave her a hug.

Nova ran to the stage and blushed. “Hello everyone, thank you all for coming. It was a great honor in creating this wonderful building. I like to thank everyone that help building it starting with Tanaka Construction and their fabulous workers that work so hard to have it done on time. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew. I like to also thank my father James Forrester for giving me not one but two opportunities to being on something as great as this. And I of course I thank my family for being so supportive through all this especially one person in particular. My husband Captain Derek Wildstar, thank you. But I would like to also announce that this will be my last project for a very long time. So please everyone enjoy the evening, there is plenty of food, music and please take the opportunity to look around the building. I am sure that you will be very impress.” The crowd clapped and she made her way off the stage. Derek stood at the bottom of it waiting for her. She said a few words to her father and made her way to him. “Well did I do good?”

“You did great but your last project? I thought you like doing what you do. If it’s me why you are quitting please don’t. I don’t want you to quit because of me.”

“Derek we should go somewhere more private and talk.” She told him.

“Nova, we can talk here.”

“Please just come with me. I don’t want to do this here, it’s too distracting.” She slipped her arm through his and went back to the private suite. She pulled the hair pin out of her hair and it cascaded down around her shoulders. She walked over to a table and picked up an envelope and handed it to him.

“Gosh I hope these are not divorce papers,” making her giggle. He opened it slowly and then pulled out its contents. Slowly he read it and read it again. “This doesn’t make sense. These are orders for you to go on a mission. Don’t they know you’re no longer in EDF?”

“Not anymore Derek, I faxed over my reenlistment paper to Sandor this afternoon. I leave in 4 months for 6 months. I’ll be on the Argo for her next voyage. She’s heading to Iscandar to see Alex and Starsha. But there is one thing that they were waiting on.”

Derek felt his anger grow to her surprise. It was something she didn’t discuss with him and he was getting angry. “And what would that be?” he said sarcastically.

She pulled out another envelope and handed it to him. “A captain,” She announced. He read it and looked back at her. “They granted your wish. You are no longer grounded Captain.” She gave him a salute and said, “Commander Nova Forrester Wildstar reporting for duty.”

“This, this can’t be right. What about the kids. What about you and the kids?” he said.

“I talk to my parents and they are more than willing to step in for 6 months.”

“But your job with your father’s company, what about that?” he asked.

“I spoke to my father days ago and he understands. Plus it’s a family company and I can come back any time I want.” He stood in front of her quiet for a long time before heading out to the patio and looked out to the dark clear night sky. The stars twinkled in the distance and the moon shine bright in the sky. He stood looking up and she finally walked behind him and said. “I thought you be happy. I guess you’re not. I’m sorry, I just thought that it was something you wanted. I saw how disappointment you were when you looked at the file with the horizon. I saw that the Argo was next in line to deploy. You looked like you were upset that you weren’t going. So I called Sandor and asked if they were ready to reinstate you back to the Argo. We worked it out so I could finish the building and have a little time off before we go. We are trying to extend communication to Iscandar. So you’ll be able to see your brother.”

He couldn’t believe what she was telling him. He swallowed back and then spoke. “You’re an amazing woman. You did this all for me. I love you so much.”

“So you’re not mad?”

He shook his head and wiped a tear away. “No, at first I was upset that you joined without talking to me about it. But all the rest, I can’t believe you did this all for me.” He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight. “I Love you so much.”

“You know I told my father before coming up that we wanted to be alone. So you do have me for the whole night. The sitter is taking the kids home as we speak.”

“Oh, then I think we should take advantage of tonight.”






“Permission to come aboard.” Wildstar asked as he saluted the officer on deck.

He salute his captain and said, “Permission granted. Welcome aboard sir. It’s an honor to serve with you.”

Wildstar nodded and waited for Nova to come up the gangway. He watched as she hugged her children one last time. Miku cried for her father and Alex held his brother hand as they both tried hard to console their sister. Her mother and father finally took hold of her and Nova raced up the gangway to her husband. With sobbing tears Nova snapped to attention and requested, “Permission to come aboard.”

“Permission granted captain Forrester.” The young officer gave her a slight grin as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “I know how you feel ma’am. Kids make it harder to leave.”

Nova tried to give a half smile and just nodded at him. Derek stood in front of her and squeezed her hand. “Are you going to be alright?”

“I’ll be fine. It’s just so hard to leave them.”

He gave her a warm smile and looked past her to where he watched his kids and in-laws wave. “She’ll be fine. Your parents are going to spoil her rotten, which will make our lives a living hell.”

She wiped her eyes and gave him a giggle. “Your right.” She turned serious and said. “I’m going to miss them.” Without thinking he pulled her close and gave her a hug. Nova pushed him away and said. “Captain Wildstar we are on duty.” She chastised him.

Wildstar blushed, “Sorry, let’s get to work.” He walked her to her quarters and let her settle in. “Do you need anything?”

“I’ll be fine Derek, you go and get settle in.” she told him as she began to place things away. He closed the door slightly and gave her a kiss. “Captain Wildstar, this is against the rules. As of this minute nothing more than a hand shake or salute. Understood?”

He laughed at her and bow to her. “Yes your majesty. If that is how you want it then that’s how it will be. But fair warning, I don’t think I can last 6 months with you just a few feet away.”

Her eyes narrowed and then she smiled. “Hmm, I guess I have to keep a tab on all the sexual harassment files I will be handing in at the end of our voyage.”

“Alright, you win. I should go, I still have to settle in myself. Dinner tonight?”

“It all depends, will it be in your quarters or at the mess hall?”

“Mess hall?”

“I thought so. Good answer Captain Wildstar.” She touched his face and grabbed it and gave her hand a kiss. “I’ll see you later.”

He walked up to his room and opened the door. It’s been a long time since he stood in this room. He remember the last time he was there was on his way to see his family that weren’t there to greet him. He prayed that Nova would not find out about his yearlong affair with Mei. Now he looked over his room knowing that he never once let it happen on his ship. He let out a huff and began to place his things away. He took out a picture of Nova together with the kids and one of her alone. Derek looked out to the sea and watched as his crew came up the gangway and hurried to their stations. He sat behind his desk and went over all his crew names. A thought came to his mind and he smile. He thought about when his sons would be one of the many names on the list. Alex will be an excellent officer as for DJ he will probably be head strong and test every limit there is to test. Two hours later his XO called up and informed him that all crew were on board and ready for their orders. He took a deep breath and grabbed his cover. Punching a button on his chair the floor opened from beneath him and glided him down to the bridge. As he descended he looked at the many faces that looked up to him. They were all so young. Nova was not on the bridge, she decided to take orders in Human Resources. They all snapped to attention until he called out. “I am Captain Derek Wildstar. Many of you are new to the Argo and some of you are not. My rules are simple, do your job right the first time and we won’t have any problems. Your personal life is your personal life, when it starts to interfere with your job we will have a problem. Do I make myself clear?” His crew nodded their heads. “Very well, let’s get ready to depart. Mr. McKay, please have everyone start countdown to take off.”

Andrew McKay was a younger officer and his first time serving on the Argo. His first time reading his orders to the Argo he broke out in a cold sweat. When he met with Captain Wildstar weeks before their departure he shook at the very thought of standing in front of one of the most famous captains in all of EDF. “Well commander McKay, I have read over your file and you have been highly recommended to this command. I am sure that we can work together without a problem. Is there anything you need to ask or any concerns?”

“Um no sir, not at this moment, although this will be the biggest vessels that I will be the XO on. Are there any questions you want to ask me?”

“Tell me more about yourself,” Wildstar lean against his desk and gave him a look over.

“Well sir, I graduated out of the academy,”

Wildstar gave a chuckle, “No son, I don’t want the academy run down or what you accomplished as an officer. I can read that in your file. I want to know about you,” he point at him. “Tell me, are you married? Do you have children? I want to know about your character, commander.” He said with such ease that it made McKay a lot less nervous.

“No sir, I’m not married yet. But I am seeing someone very special. I have a younger brother that wants to be a doctor. A Cardiologist, you see my father was young when he had a stroke and almost was taken from us at an early age. So he promised my Dad that he would be a doctor so he will never have to worry about getting sick. I have an older sister, she is also in EDF. She joined shortly after the return of the Star Force. My mother is retired from helping out when you all were gone, so she is pretty much home making sure that my brother stays on track with his studies.” McKay spoke more freely and Wildstar watched as his eyes dance and sadden to the things he was talking about. He knew then that he would make an excellent second in command. He was bright and seemed fair as to punishments that he handed down when he was in command of a cargo ship. They talk for an hour as they exchanged stories about their work. Wildstar was impressed and put his hand on his shoulder.

“Relax Andy, you’re gonna do great as XO. I have a lot of confidence in you if something should happen to me. The Argo will be in good hands.”

Now he stood on the bridge of the famous ship and he didn’t want to let his captain down. He stood over his position of communication officer and turned to the crew, “All right everyone,” his voice boomed over all. “Let’s get her ready to go.” He ordered and then looked up to Wildstar. Wildstar gave him a grin and nodded giving him his approval.

“Commander McKay, whenever you’re ready to take her up.” Wildstar said giving him confidence.

He gave him a nervous smile and continued with his work.



Nova looked over the small office with a little port hole to look out into the deep dark space. She knew that she would rarely see Wildstar while he was on ship and she wished that she did take the position of Radar tech. She looked at the files piled high on her desk and sighed. ‘I guess I should get to work’ she said out loud. She was on her fifth file when she heard the command of the Argo was ready to take off. She raced towards the viewing room to watch as she set off to their new mission.




They were 20,000 light years from their destination. Wildstar sat in the captain’s chair watching as the satellite crew worked on positioning one of the new relay satellites that would connect ships to Earth that are far in deep space. He listened as the crew relied back and forth on the communications system. It took many hours to set up and then the real work began to test communications with Earth. Two months into the mission he realized that he barely saw his wife if not passing in the hall or she needed to talk to him about a complaint that was handed to her. After a while he started to call her the bearer of bad news. They managed to have dinner on and off but not as much as he would like. Their schedule made it impossible to eat together. Wildstar wonder what she was doing at that moment. “Sir?” he heard McKay called to him. Wildstar drew his attention back to him. “We have it online now sir, would you like to see if it works.”

“Yes Commander please have them connect to Earth.” He ordered.

The delay of 15 minutes to reach Earth was nothing compare to no communication like in the past. Wildstar watched as Sandor image came to view and waited for his reply to their call. ‘Wildstar we are glad that we received the images crystal clear. My calculations show that you are about 20,000 light years from Iscandar, which means you have two more satellites before reaching the planet. Please send Alex by best and wish to hear from him soon. Sandor Out.’ He said as communication was sent back informing them they received the message. Wildstar stood up from his chair and said, “Excellent job everyone. Commander McKay, please take command of her.”

“Aye, aye sir.” McKay snapped to attention and waited until he left the bridge.

Wildstar walked through the ship down to HR. He knocked on the door and then entered. He found her sitting behind her desk, head down reading some files. “Still at it, huh?”

She looked up and smiled to see him standing there. “Well hello there captain. It’s not often that I get the pleasure of seeing you.”

“Well considering the only time I get to see you is about someone hollering sexual harassment or something else.”

“Well since you brought it up.” She got up and sat on her desk as she picked up two folders.

“Whoa wait a minute I don’t want to hear it. You deal with it. I’m here to steal you away from this hole in the wall and take you to dinner.”

“I would love to go to dinner with you.” She smiled and slipped her hand into his. “What’s on the menu.”

“Gruel, gruel and more gruel, but I think the color is green this week.”

“Oo my favorite color, wonder if there’s Jell-O too.” She joked.

“There is always Jell-O Ma’am.” He took her hand and slipped it into his arm and escorted her to the mess hall. They sat at the captain’s table and slowly ate their dinner. “So how do you like HR work?”

“It’s, how should I put it, interesting. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.”

“What’s the latest gossip on ship?”

“Well, the engineering chief is doing the mambo with the night nurse. One of our pilot’s is stalking, as she put it, one of the day nurses. But considering that she is leading him on there is no truth to it. It’s all he said she said crap.”

“I can change your orders if you like.”

She gave him a warm smile, “No I don’t want people to think you have favorites.”

“Do you think I give a shit? Nov, I thought we were going to spend time together on this mission and here I am wishing we were still on Earth. We don’t even see each other much.”

She glanced around and then reached over the table and touched his hand. “I have a day off starting tomorrow night.”

He smiled and gave her hand a squeeze, “dinner, my room.”

“Oh no, I said none of that. I thought we had an agreement.” She tried to give him a disapproving look.

“I promise, I will be a total gentleman. Only you have to power to make it into a long night.” He gave her a mischief look and lean closer to her, “and I’m hoping that you do take advantage of me,” And gave her a wink.  They finished dinner and he walked her out to a private part of the ship. He pressed her up against the wall and was ready to lean in to kiss her when the lights and alarms went off. Captain Wildstar to the bridge, Captain Wildstar to the bridge! they heard come over the ships speakers. “I guess you’re safe for now. Dinner tomorrow, my quarters.” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and ran off to the bridge. He raced onto the bridge and called out, “REPORT!”

“Sir, there is a battle in the distance.”

“Is it one of ours?” Wildstar asked as he jumped into the captain’s chair.

“We are not sure.”

“Any distress calls?”

“No sir.”

“Okay, let’s tread slowly. Keep our distance. We don’t want to get involved with someone else’s pissing war. Commander McKay, have a unit go out and check out the scoop. Informed them they are not to engage in anything. They are only there to observe.”

“Aye sir.” McKay said and gave the orders. Wildstar sat in his chair watching as his pilots took off and flew closer to the battle space. “Sir, should we put the ship on red alert?”

“Not yet, keep everyone on standby. Put the ship on yellow alert. We don’t want to get into anything we don’t need to.” Wildstar waited as the first pilot came on and announced that in deed there was a scuffle between two planets. They mention a planet Dozal the other was planet Magern.

“What do you want us to do?”

Wildstar looked over to McKay, “order them back to the ship. It’s not our fight. I’m not about to get into someone else’s pissing match. We have a mission to do.”

“Yes, sir.” McKay turned and called to the communication officer. “Have them return to the ship.”

“Let’s get enough distance from this mess before we are dragged into it. Prepare for warp.” Wildstar announced.

“Yes sir, prepare for warp!” McKay ordered.



To Be Continued . . . . .