Here is a different take on Derek and Nova. I have been thinking about how things would be different with our couple IF. What if there wasn’t a Comet or a Bolar war? What if they didn’t wait until years later to really be with each other? Here is my new outlook as to life. Oh yes, my apologies to those that are true diehard Venture/Shima fan.



Returning New Hope

Part 1

By Yuki Wildstar




5th of September, 2200

Underground city



He held her hand as they wheeled her into the hospital. She was alive that’s all that matter to him. EDF wanted to debrief him on the mission but she was more important in his mind. If they didn’t like it they can court martial him. Slowly they wheeled her into the room and they waited until the doctor came in. “How are you feeling?” he asked her.

“I feel fine. I just don’t know what all the fuss is about?”

“Nova, they have to make sure that you’re in prefect health. Who knows how much of that stuff you took in.”

“Derek, Doctor Sane checked me over and he said I was just fine.” She smiled.

“Not to knock his expertise but he is a vet. He was the only one that volunteers for the trip that had any kind of medical experience.”

“Derek, that’s not nice. He saved a lot of the star force crew. Not to mention that he kept Captain Avatar alive long enough for him to see Earth once more.” She scolded him.

“Okay, okay. My, you are feisty.” He said.

Doctor Watanabe walked into the room and smiled at the two young love birds. He was a short and round man with a beard that lay close to his stomach. He had soft eyes that showed he was a compassionate man. His Nurse was older and slim. She had a head of grey hair that she pulled back into a bun and she smiled wide to see her friend doing so well. She trained Nova before she left for Iscandar and found her to be a great nurse and good friend. “Hello I’m Doctor Watanabe and you remember Nurse Melinda. How are you feeling Nova?”

“I’m feeling just fine.”

“I know you do but we still have procedures to make sure that all is well.” He told her.

“Thank you doc. I’ve been trying to tell her that.” He squeezed her hand and said. “I just want her to be alright. I thought I almost lost her before I don’t want to lose her now.”

“Don’t worry, we will make sure that she is all healthy.” Her doctor said.

“WHERE IS SHE!” they heard someone scream out. “NOVA, NOVA! Where are you?”

Nova rolled her eyes and yelled out. “I’m in here mother.” They watched as an older woman walked into the room with a tall man behind her. She was thin with greying dark hair and the same button nose as her daughter. Her father stood slightly taller then she with grey hair. The mustache on his face showed a salt and pepper color and they could see a smile under it. “Daddy!” Nova called out to her father.

“Hello sweetheart. It’s so good to see you. I thought that I would never set eyes on you again.” He said then hugged her tight. “How do you feel? They said that you got a large dose of radiation and they weren’t sure if you were going to make it or not.”

“I’m fine daddy,” she began.

“How could you do this to us? I was worried sick for you!” her mother yelled.

“I’m fine mother.” Nova try to assure her as for not to make a scene.

“How could you do this to us? You race off to space and then the last I hear from you an old man is standing next to you. Are you serious about him? You need to marry someone young not an old man like that. Now I have a few nice boys for you waiting to meet you.” Her mother pulled out some pictures and began to show them to her. “Now see this one is my favorite. He is an upcoming business man. He has his own business and good family background. He is the son,”

“Mother! Stop it! I’m not interested in anyone you want me to meet.” She snapped.

“Are you going to tell me that you’re in love with that old fart?”

“NO! I’m not in love with him. He is only a co-worker. He was only there to keep me from breaking down to see you and dad. Orion is nothing more than good friend and someone everyone looked up to.” She took Wildstar hand and pulled him closer. “Mother, Daddy, this is Derek Wildstar.”

He blushed and pulled at his shirt. Running his hand through his hair Wildstar stuck out his other hand and shook her father’s hand. “Hello Sir.”

Her father sized him out and his eyes softened realizing that his daughter was head over heels in love with him. “Hello son. Welcome back we are very happy to meet you.”

“Thank you, Sir. Mrs. Forrester, it’s a pleasure to finally meet Nova’s beautiful mother.”

She looked him over and smile. He was young and handsome and charming.  “Nova, why didn’t you tell me about this handsome YOUNG man? Hello, Derek is it.” He nodded yes and she took hold of his hand. “Derek, it is nice to meet you.”

Nova smiled at Derek and her mother as he complimented her on her beauty. She watched as she swooned over the young officer. “I’m sorry that Nova hadn’t had a chance to tell you about me. You see it wasn’t until we were half way there that I truly started to have feelings for her. She is a very special lady. If it’s alright with you two I would love to date your daughter.” He asked making Nova smile from ear to ear.

“Of course, Derek.” Her father said. “It is nice to see she pick a fine young man. You don’t know how her mother was having a fit over the man that was standing next to her when she last called. Sandra, why don’t we leave them alone and get some coffee.”

“Not until her doctor here, tells me how she is doing.” Sandra Forrester said.

“She's doing quite well. Her blood test results are back and it looks like she is in excellent health. We will keep her here for a few days just to make sure,”

“I want our doctors to look at her.” Sandra interjected.

“Mother, these are excellent doctors. I don’t need more doctors poking at me. Anyway I am a grown woman I can make my own decisions. Daddy please can you take her out of here so they can finally finish their job.” Her father took hold of her mother hand and led her out the room as she continued to insist that she was better off with their private doctors. Nova looked away from her doctor and said. “I’m sorry, she can be a little much at times.”

“That’s quite alright. Now you need rest. I will see you in the morning.”

Derek stood next to her and smiled, “looks like we have a long night.”

“Oh Derek you don’t have to stay here with me. You should go and get some rest, I’ll be alright.” She rubbed his arm. “Anyway I’m pretty beat.” She let out a yawn and he lean down and kiss her forehead.

“Okay, I should go anyway. I have a lot of debriefing to do with EDF. I will see you tomorrow.” He turned to walk out and then looked back at her. She was still beautiful even with her near death experience. “Nova, I, I Lo,” he tried to say. Bowing his head he said, “Feel better.”



8th of September, 2200

EDF Hospital

Underground City, Earth


Wildstar spent his time going to meetings and then rushing to be with her at the hospital. Three days later she was release with a clean bill of health. Wildstar stood in the room with a dozen red roses that where being grown in a small part of the underground city. When he walked in to see about getting one rose they recognized him immediately. They shoved a dozen red roses into his arms and shoved him out of the park without asking for payment. Wildstar smiled as he waited for her to come out of the bathroom. “So where are we going first?” he asked through the door.

She walked out the door dressed in a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt from the academy. Derek thought she looked great and smiled wider. “I just want to go to my place. I don’t want to stop anywhere. I just want to relax.”

“Good idea, the press has been hounding everyone about you. Since you are the only one that hasn’t made an appearance to the public they’ve been at full force to get an exclusive. So I’ve managed to get Venture to wait around back and we will sneak you out of here.”

“I never thought it would be like this to come home to. I’d figured they would say thank you and leave us alone.” She looked around the room and continued. “Well I’m ready, let’s go.”

He took hold of her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I’m here for you.” He quickly guided her out of the room and down the hall. They took the far elevator and managed to elude the press by sneaking out the back way of the hospital. Venture drove quickly away before they could figure out what they were doing. Derek and Nova sat in the back while Venture drove past the city limits to the barracks that were held just for them. In the officers building they parked and headed up to where they now lived. EDF managed to get one bedroom apartments for each one of the single star force members. He opened the door for her and they stepped in. “Welcome home Ms. Forrester.” Derek announced. She smiled and walked slowly around the small apartment. It was now fully stocked with food and the furniture was already there for her. It was plain she thought but I can spruce it up a little at a time. She fell onto the sofa and let out a sigh. She was finally back home on Earth. Venture and Wildstar smiled to see her out of the hospital and smiling.

“Well I’ll leave you two alone. See you guys later.” Venture finally said and left them in the room.

She patted the seat next to her and he grinned and plopped down on the couch. He put his arm around her shoulder bringing her closer to him. She snuggled on his shoulder and closed her eyes taking in his cologne. “I’m glad you’re alright and finally home.” He kissed the top of her head and he could feel his heart beat faster. She looked up and looked into his eyes. They inched their lips closer to one another and finally they kissed their very first kiss. Throughout the mission they managed to keep their feelings at a distance but the tension was there wanting each other. Their kissing grew more intense and their breathing became heavier. Slowly he guided her down onto the couch and she pulled at his clothes. He fidgeted with her jeans as she pulled off his shirt. She gazed at his body and admired how fit he was. A whole year of waiting to be with her was more than he could stand. She blushed and looked away for a few seconds making him stop. “I’m sorry, maybe we should go a little slower.” He pulled away from her and began to put on his shirt that now lay on the floor next to them.

She sat up and took hold of his hand. “No, it’s okay. I really want to.” He lean down once more and they kissed again with passion. He removed her clothes and stared at her body thinking how beautiful she was. “Derek, I think you need to know something.”

“I don’t need to know anything right now.” He said in between kisses.

She took hold of his face and he watched as a tear rolled down her face. “I’ve never been with anyone before.” She blurted it out quickly.

He stopped mid kiss and said. “Seriously?” she nodded her head and he pulled away, got up and put his pants on. Nova covered herself with a throw that was on the couch and crawled up in the corner of couch. “Gosh Nova, I never knew. I can’t,”

“But why? I’m no different than any other woman.”

“But you are. You’re someone I really care about. I just don’t want to have sex with you. I want your first time to be special. Not like this, in haste like a bunch of teenagers in high school. No, I won’t deny you something special like that.” Sitting down next to her he held her face in his hand and gave her a kiss. “I’m not sure if you know but I love you very much. I have never met anyone like you. And you’re very special to me. I love you Nova.”

“Then make love to me.” She softly said.

“I can’t and I won’t. We need to know each other apart from being on ship. Get some rest, I’ll pick you up tonight around 2000 hours. Wear something pretty, it’s a really nice place that my brother and I use to go to.” He gave her a quick kiss on the lips and left her there naked on the couch. How stupid are you Wildstar, you just left a beautiful naked girl on the couch in her apartment. What is wrong with you! He thought. Quickly he replied to his own question. Because she is special and you love her. This is not any other girl or HER. This is the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Nova couldn’t believe he left her there naked. She took the throw and held it tighter to her chest and began to cry. He loved her. He said he love her. She wasn’t expecting those words to come out of his mouth this soon. She long for those words weeks before they returned to Earth. But she knew that he was unable to tell her how he felt while still on ship. Well I guess I should get some sleep before we head out to dinner. She walked into her bedroom and saw that it was already dress with sheets and blankets. She walked into the small walk in closet and realized that some of her clothes have already been hung up. A small note was taped to the door that read, welcome home our darning daughter, mom and dad. She smiled to herself and ran her fingers threw all her clothes. She looked through the clothes and found a nice low cut back red dress that she would wear tonight for dinner. She noticed that her parents had the closet done to expose her shoes and handbags. No doubt her mother was overseeing every little inch of it and probably drove the poor workers crazy. She took the dress and hung it on the door and went to lie down and catch some sleep. She woke up 20 minutes before he picked her up and she raced to shower and got dress. She could hear the doorbell ring and she checked herself in the mirror before she went to open the door. Derek stood at the door in nice collar black shirt and black slacks. His hair comb to the side and held a flower in his hand. He smiled to see her in other then a uniform and the pink dress that she wore on ship. The dress she wore now made her look more mature and it hung on her body showing her curves. He whistle at her and said. “Wow you look great. Not bad for a girl that was on deaths door less than a week ago.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” She said blushing from his compliment.

“Are you ready?” she nodded and they left. Dinner was at a quiet part of the underground city that once was elegant one year prior to their return. She looked out to the buildings around them and noticed that many of them where in almost ruins. If they didn’t return when they did all the people would have died. They were their only hope to survive. He pulled up to the restaurant and he helped her out of the transport. The building looked like it lost its luster since he was here last and the lights were dim. They walked into the restaurant and saw that what the outside look like didn’t look like inside. It still looked as it was when Derek and his brother ate there. The ambiance of the restaurant was as romantic as it once was. Though he made it a point never to bring a woman there Nova was special. The Maître’d greeted him and remembered him from when both he and his brother came there. “Commander Wildstar, welcome back. May I say thank you for all you’ve done to save Earth. I have a table for you in the private section. It’s on the house tonight.” they talked for hours after dinner, laughing at their time together on ship. They learn new things about each other that they didn’t divulge while on ship. She liked to read her medical books before a long surgery and love reading Novels. How she long to have a real meal with actual meat and her little habits of taking long walks. He told her about his flying days and how he never wanted to join EDF until his parents were killed by the planet bombs. How he felt when he thought that his brother was killed. How he didn’t care weathered he lived or died because he was alone now. No family to greet him when he came home. But having her there when they returned made his life better. Derek wondered if once they got to Earth would he see her differently but he fell more in love with her as they talked. She thanked him on how he handled her mother at the hospital and he told her how he missed his parents. Her heart ached for him losing his parents so young. Finally realizing that the restaurant was closing down Derek hated for their night to end. It was nice to have dinner without alarms ringing from incoming enemy firing. Someone dropped a pot and it made them both jump ready for action, leaving them both laughing. “Well looks like they want us out of here. Come on, let’s go.” Stepping out of the restaurant they almost went into shock as flash lights went off as the press jumped in front of them taking pictures. Quickly Derek shield Nova from the flashes of camera’s and pushed past the swarm of paparazzi that sat out of the restaurant waiting for them to come out. They shouted questions at them as they fought their way to car. Derek opened the car door and Nova hurried in so he could close the door, then jumped in and started to drive away. It took them a few minutes to maneuver around the photographers but they soon pass them and went straight back to the base and their apartments.

Nova sat in the passenger’s seat laughing, “Has this been happening since we got back?”

“No, this is worst then what we got.” He laughed with her, “I do believe you’re more popular than we are.” They were grateful to live on base where they were safe from the press. He walked her to his apartment for a night cap. He poured some wine into a glass and handed it to her. “This is much better.” They sat sipping their glasses on the couch in silence. Derek stared at her on and off admiring how beautiful she looked. “You look great.”

“Thank you Derek.”

He moved closer to her on the couch and put his arm around her. She lean in closer to him and they began to kiss. His kisses felt good on her lips and she could feel herself melt in his arms. How she love being in his arms. She felt safe and no one could ever hurt her. She felt his hand brush past her breast and she sighed loud. She reached down on him and he nuzzled his face on her neck kissing her. He unzipped her dress and she fumbled with his shirt almost tearing it opened. He got up and pulled her to her feet. Slowly he moved his hand over her shoulder sliding her dress off and it dropping to the ground. He noticed that she wore nothing more underneath and he step back admiring her naked body again. He took her hand and swoop her up off of her feet. He made his way to his bedroom and placed her gently on the bed. He was gentle as he made love to her not wanting to make her uncomfortable. He brought her to pleasures she never knew until that moment.  She clung to him as they exploded in each other arms. Derek rolled away breathing heavily as she lay next to him running her finger on his chest. “I love you.” He whispered in her ear.  “I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“No Derek it was wonderful.” She sat up on her elbow and kissed him gently on his cheek. “Would you mind if I use the shower?”

“Sure, go ahead. Are you leaving so soon?”

“I thought you would prefer that I do.” Nova said.

He pulled her to the bed and said, “I prefer that you stay. I don’t want you to go. Stay Nova.”

“Are you sure? I mean I’m not sure how it works but I always thought that men prefer women leave after.”

“I’m not any guy and you’re not any girl. Now come back to bed, it’s getting a little chilly and I need someone to keep me warm.” He grinned.

She smiled back at him and jumped back into bed with him.





13th of August, 2201



For close to a year they kept their affair out of the public press. She would spend many nights at his apartment and they were careful for no one to see them leave either apartments. They both returned to work at EDF. Wildstar now station at the underground docks he was in charge to oversee all new ships being built. He rushed home before her and ran down to her apartment. With the extra key she gave him he let himself in and began to box some of her belongings. He race to get his surprise together before they had dinner in his apartment. Within the hour he had her things boxed and ready to go. He ran to his place and began to cook dinner for them. It was simple pasta and salad with bread he bought from the bakery down the street. Now that the Earth was finally returning to normal some people now began to move up into the sun. Derek and Nova were next to move up to the surface of the planet. He finished dinner and set the table for a romantic night. He lit the candles when he heard her walked through the door. “You look beat.”

“It was a long day. There are so many who are still suffering from radiation poisoning. It’s just heart breaking to see people still lose their love ones.”

He walked over to her and began to massage her shoulders. “Come on, I’ll rub your feet before dinner.”

“Now you know how to treat a girl.” He massaged her back and feet and then they sat down for dinner. They talked about their day at work making jokes as to how things changed since their return. Nova let out a yawn telling Derek he had to work fast before she fell asleep. Recently she’s been falling asleep before they made love. “I’m sorry.”

“Do you want to lie down?”

“No, I’ll fall asleep.” Trying to cheer up she smiled and asked. “So what’s for dessert?”

“Well why don’t you come in the room and see.”



16th of August, 2201



She woke up later than usual and stretched out. Derek walked in with breakfast on a tray for her smiling. “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

“Mm, I sure did. You made breakfast, thank you I’m just starving.” She said feeling cheerful that she woke up in his apartment.

“Here let me help you with that,” he said. He placed the napkin on her lap and sat next her and began to feed her. “Now eat it all.”

“Hmm, so what’s up? What’s with all the pampering?”

“Why, don’t you like it?”

“I love it, I’m just wondering what’s with all the fuss?”

Feeding her some fruit, he smiled. “Well I was kind a thinking why do we keep going back and forth between apartments when we always find ourselves sleeping in the same bed every morning. So I was thinking that Maaaaybe you would like to move in together.”

Nova sat there shocked looking at him. “Are you serious?”

“I’ve never been any more serious. So how about it, would you like to move in with me?”

She knocked the tray off her legs and hugged him tight falling down on the bed. “YES! Yes I would love to live with you. But, but these are officer quarters I don’t think they would allow it.”

“I was thinking off base when we move up to the surface.”

“Oh Derek, this is great we can live together and not sneak around anymore.”

“Well we are due to move at the end of the week and I kind of found a really nice apartment. It happened that I was checking the area out. They’ve already renovated it and it’s ready to move in. It’s nice. It looks over the ocean from the city. Well at least what is almost an ocean, but once it fills completely it will be beautiful to sit out on the balcony and have coffee.”

“It sounds wonderful. But how did you get it?” She asked.

“Well remember when I had to go to the surface and evaluate how the progress of the surface was doing. Well I saw the building and asked when they were going to start construction on it and asked if they were going to rent them out. They told me that I can get anyone of the apartments I wanted. I guess being famous has its perks.” He gave her a mischievous smiled.

She felt thrilled that they were finally taking the next step to their relationship. “I have to get to work soon, seems like we are working longer hours and doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up until everyone is back on the surface. I should hurry up and get ready”

“Well why don’t you go and use my bath and change in my closet.” He smiled. Nova looked at him confused and walked into the closet. She stood there shock to see most of her clothes hanging in his space. He walked up behind her and kissed her on the neck. “Well do you like it? I’d figure that you might not take me serious so I moved some of your things here. See you even have three draws.” He pointed to the chest in his closet. She turned and hugged him tight. “I am assuming you like it.”

“Are you kidding me? You are the best!” she kissed him hard on the lips.




18th of February, 2202

Earth surface, Great Island



They hurry to get dress to head out to work. Nova brushed her teeth while Derek hopped out of the shower. He walked up behind her and kissed her neck. Their time living on the surface together was just heaven for the young couple. Nova giggled as his wet hair dripped down her neck. “You’re getting me wet.” She told him with a laugh.

“Well I guess you have to get out of those clothes and change.” He nuzzled her neck again.

“Stop it! I have to get ready for work.”

“Fine, but you don’t know what you’re missing.” He sang as he walked into the closet to dress. She put on her makeup and started to brush her hair when a wave of nausea hit her. She ran into the toilet and heaved into it. Derek stood over her wondering what just happened. “Are you alright? Are you sick?”

“No, I’m fine. Must have been something I ate last night. I’ll be fine.” She smiled and wiped her mouth.

He looked closer at her and could tell she was not telling him the truth. Lately she was throwing up and she didn’t want him to touch her on the stomach. “Nova what’s going on? Really you’re starting to worry me. Does it have anything to do with the Cosmo DNA?”

“No Derek it’s not.” She took a deep breath and figured its best, “Derek I think you need to know. I think you should sit down.” She walked into the bedroom and he follow. It was a large room with a window over looking the ocean. In the far wall sat their queen size bed already made with warm green comforter and red satin sheet. They sat down on the bed and she looked down to the floor. “I didn’t want to say anything until I was certain, but I guess it’s best to tell you now.”

“Nova you’re scaring me.”

“Well I don’t know how you’re going to take this news because it scares me.”

“Just tell me.” Derek began to get impatient.

“I’m pregnant.” She blurted the words out. Wildstar sat there stunned, did he hear her right? Did she just tell him that she is pregnant? He tried to say something but the drowning of her calling his name kept ringing in his ear. “Derek, Derek! Are you alright! Derek, oh my gosh you’re in shock!” she slapped him hard across the face and shook him. “Derek, say something.”

“Your, your, did you just say your pregnant.”

“Yes Derek. We’re having a baby, if you’re okay with that?” She said looking down to her feet. “I never meant for this to happen. I thought we were careful. I thought I was being careful. I’m so sorry Derek. I can understand if you’re upset. We never really talked,” he stopped her in mid-sentence and kissed her. Her tears rolled down her face and onto his.

“Why on Earth would I be upset with you? This is great news. We are having a baby. Nova, this is prefect. How far are you? When are you due? Do you want to know the sex before he’s born? He’s going to be an excellent pilot. Wow you’re pregnant.” He reached to her stomach then flinched. “Can I?”

“Of course you can silly.”

He reached over to her stomach and touched it. “How far are you?”

“Almost three months. So it’s important not to say anything until after the third month.”

“But I want the guys to know. You’re no fun!”

“Please Derek, it’s really important not to say anything.”

“Oh Alright, I promise.”

“I promise it’s only for a few more days. Then you can tell anyone or yell it from the mountain top.”



15th of March, 2202



Wildstar was still floating on air knowing that he was becoming a father. If only he can reach Alex and tell him that he will be an uncle for the first time. He announced the good news to everyone on one of their many reunions. There were many pats on the back and congratulations. Sandor took him to the side and asked. “So are you two going to get married now?”

Wildstar scratched and bowed his head, “We never really talk about it. She’s really never mentioned anything to me. I really just thought we would wait for a while.”

“Don’t you think that a baby changes everything?” He said with a concern voice.

“She hasn’t brought it up. I am assuming she’s not thinking marriage either.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to pressure you. It’s enough to be expecting but to push you into marriage, maybe she thinks you’re not ready and doesn’t want to push you. Do you want to marry her?”

“Of course I do. I love her very much. She’s everything to me.”

“So why prolong it? Why don’t you just ask her?”

Blushing, Wildstar started to feel cluster phobic. “Ask her? Well I guess that would be the right thing to do. But she might not want to get married now.”

“You won’t know until you ask.” Sandor said with encouragement.

“Yeah I guess you’re right, lord knows her mother has been bugging me about it. You know at one point I thought that I might just like her, but lately she’s been a real pain in the ass.”

“Welcome to the in-law state. There will only be two ways that it will turn out, great or really, really shitty.”

“Hmm, I think number 2.” Wildstar rolled his eyes and cringe.



19th of March, 2202



They sat across from each other eating dinner. Nova notice he was extra quiet tonight and seemed preoccupied. She mentioned the baby a few times and he didn’t seem to respond to anything. He was million miles away from her. After dinner she stayed quiet as well wondering what was bugging him. Was he starting to regret the baby? Was he not ready for this big step? Her emotion began to take control of her and she dropped a plate on the floor then ran into the bathroom. Derek watched as she pushed past him tears streaming down her face. “Nova, are you alright?” he called through the door.

“I’m fine. Just give me a minute, okay.” She called back through the door.

He walked into their room and straight to the closet. Opening up his dresser draw he dug deep down past his shirts. He grabbed hold of the velvet box and opened it. He gazed at the huge stone and smiled. It was his mother’s rings that she gave to Alex before she died. He found it among his brother things when he was cleaning out his room. The stone was Mazarin cut about 3 carats in size. The clarity was flawless to the eye. He smiled at the matching wedding band remembering his mother wearing it all the time and never taking it off. It was a beautiful white gold band with five stone on it, each different from the other. Was he ready for this next step? Come on Wildstar your having a baby with her. You love her, this should be what you want. You’re going to be a father and this child needs a father to be there all the time with him. But marriage! I was kind of hoping to get to know each other better before I pop the question. But we’re having a baby. She deserve better than just shacking up with me. His thoughts were cut short when she called out for him. He placed the ring back into this draw and went into the living room. “Hey feel better?” he asked thinking she was only getting another wave of morning sickness.

“Yes,” he looked closer at her and noticed that her eyes were slightly puffy.

“Nova, are you sure you’re alright? You look like you’ve been crying. Did I do something wrong?” she shook her head no and started to cry again. “What’s wrong?” he took her in his arms and hugged her trying to console her. “Nova, please, you have to talk to me.”

“Do you still love me?”

“What! of course I do, why would you ask that?” he said in shock.

“Well, you’ve been pretty distances lately and I figure you don’t love me anymore. Not to mention that you may want to walk away from the baby. Why would you want to be tied down so soon with a child?”

“Baby, I love you. Of course I’m happy about the baby. I would never walk away from my child.”

“Then it’s me that you don’t love anymore.”

“Are you crazy, I love you more now then yesterday. You’re having my baby.”

“Then why didn’t you say a word when I told you that I felt the baby move.” She whined.


“AT DINNER! You didn’t say a word.”

“Oh gosh Nov, I’m so sorry. I was distracted with something else. I just had something on my mind these past few days.”

“Maybe you should tell me. We’ve always talked about everything. It’s not like you to not talk to me about things.”

He took a deep breath and sat her down. “Nova, I love you very much and well, we really never talked about marriage. Do you want to get married?”

“Someday, I guess. But I don’t want to rush into it. I mean I would love for us to but I know you’re not ready for that. I guess when you’re ready to ask, you will.” He could see in her eyes that she was telling him what he wanted to hear. There was sadness in her face but she forced a smile for him.  “It’s late and I’m pretty beat. I had a long day at the hospital. I’m glad that the last patients are now in the new hospital and I don’t have to do double duty.”

“Which reminds me, in your condition you should be taking it easy, so I think it’s time to cut back on your duties.”

She couldn’t help but smile at him, “yes sir.” She saluted him and he took her in his arms. “Commander, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I want to show you something.” He picked her up and put her on their bed. He ran into the closet and took out the box from his draw. His smiled wide knowing that he was making the right choice. She was prefect for him. He loved everything about her and he wanted to make her his. Derek held the box behind his back and walked back to where she laid. She sat up on the bed with pillow prompt on her back, rubbing her small stomach gazing at it with a face of amazement. She and he created this together. He smiled at her and knew this would be the perfect time. He couldn’t believe there was a part of him growing inside of her. He looked deep into her eyes and said. “Nova you know I love you. Each day with you makes me fall deeper in love. I know I can never see myself with anyone else. And there’s something I need to ask you.” Nova heart beat faster and her hands began to shake. “Can you make me some coffee?”


He let out a laugh and then took hold of her hands to prevent her from hitting him. “Will you marry me” he asked with a more serious tone. He reached behind him and opened the dark blue velvet box. Her eyes widen and tears formed in her eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t. Marry me.” He took the diamond out of the box and placed it on her ring finger. “It looks good on you.”

“Oh Derek, yes, yes I will marry you.” She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on his lips. Pulling away she gazed at her engagement ring and said, “it’s beautiful.”

“It was my mothers.” He took out the wedding band and slipped it half way on her finger. “This is the matching band the stone’s represent a special day. This one here is my mother’s birthday, this one is my father’s birthday. This one here is my birthday and this one here is Alex’s. I figure I keep the tradition and when this baby is born we can add it later. I think we can put your birthday right here next to mine.”

“Oh Derek, you don’t have to do that.”

“It’s yours now. I think it would be only proper thing to do. My mother would have loved you Nova.” He pulled her closer and kissed her. That night he made gentle love to her making her feel like the only woman in the world that got engaged that night.









With the young happy couple expecting, their new venture for Returning New Hope on Earth begins. What will life bring them? Read on to see what happens to our young famous couple.


To be Continued . . . . .