Returning New Hope

Part 24

By Yuki Wildstar




Neil was shocked to see two of his team mates standing in front of him. Tierra and Halleluiah looked around and asked. “Can we come in?”

“Yeah, come on in.” they walked in and Neil looked around to see if there was anyone looking. “What are you two doing here? You could’ve called me on my cell and we could’ve met somewhere else. Coming here is not a good idea. What if Nova and the kids were here?”

“Don’t worry Lockon, we made sure that they were totally gone before we knocked.”

“Well what is it? Nova will be back soon with the kids, so let’s make this quick.” Neil said annoyed and jumpy.

“You have to call it off with her.” Tierra said.

“We’ve been down this road before. I’m not leaving her. I love her and I’m going to ask her to marry me.” He waved him away.

“You’re not understanding, Lockon, they know about her.”

He turned quickly and looked from Tierra to Halleluiah. “How?”

“Do you not remember that she happens to be very high profile person? That every paper in the world would kill to get a picture of her with her next mate. You see how it’s easy to photograph her husband with other women. The press and paparazzi would kill to get her photo. She is much more elusive, which means she is a bigger target to try to get.” Tierra slapped the paper in his hand and said, “Lucky for you we managed to stop it from going to print, but not until they got their hands on a copy. It will be a matter of time before they try something. What do you think Wildstar will do when he finds out something happened to his family because of you.” Neil shutter at what could happen. He thought of what to do. “You have to disappear from her life. She and the kids are in danger if you don’t.”

“Give me a day, I have to work something out.” He said. “I’ll meet you all back at the safe house in a few weeks. I have to make sure that she is completely safe.”




Neil found him at the air field. He just landed and jumped out of the cockpit and began to go over some things with the mechanic. He watched as he wrote something on a clipboard and handed it to the technician.

Wildstar looked up to see him wave him over. He could feel his gut start to turn and knew something was wrong. He looked at him confused. “Neil what brings you here?”

“Can we talk somewhere private?” Neil asked as he case the area.

Wildstar gave him a nod and they walked over to a quiet part of the hanger and Wildstar began to take off his flight suit. “What’s up?”

“I need your help.”

“You need my help. Well that’s a first. What kind of help are you needing?”

“It’s about Nova.”

Wildstar stared at him and blushed. “What I did with her when we were together is private. I believe in being a gentleman and keeping our private affairs just that PRIVATE!” he annunciated his words to make a point.

“No, no, nothing like that.” He blushed harder than Wildstar. “I have a situation. My photo was taken with Nova and well, my cover was blown.”

His eyes narrowed and his heart began to pound hard in his chest. “What are you telling me?”

“My team managed to stop it from going to print but the people that are looking for us,” he never finished his sentence. The impact from Wildstar fist sent him reeling to the ground and straight into some boxes.

“You son of a bitch! I told you NEVER EVER to put them in danger! I’m going to kill you!” Wildstar screamed and dove on top of him punching as hard as he could.

Neil fought back until two techs pulled them apart. “Do you think I would do anything to hurt her!” he yelled back.

“Apparently so, because you’re here. And not to mention my kids are also in danger because of YOU! I swear I’m going to rip your head off.” Wildstar fought with the men holding him back.

“SIR!” one man yelled.

“Let me go! You son of a bitch!” Wildstar yelled out.

“I’m sorry!” Neil yelled back. “All I ever wanted was to keep her happy and safe. Never in a million years would I ever hurt her or the kids.”

“SIR, Please calm down.” The other Tech said.

Wildstar took deep breaths and then tried to calm down. “Okay, okay, I’m calm. You can let me go.” Slowly they released him and he straightened out his suit. He began to pace the floor and scratched his head. “Okay we have to figure out what to do. We have to make you disappear for good. She will never give up searching for you if she thinks your still alive. I have to figure a way for her never to know about where you are. She has access to everything top secret within EDF and corporate security. I will have to talk with her father. Gosh I don’t want to involve him but I have too.” He rolled his eyes. “Do you know what I have to deal with!” he snapped. “Her father hates me to begin with and now I have to go to him about something like this and ask him a fucking favor. Damn you Neil!”

“Wildstar if there is anything I can help with,”

He turned to him and said with distain. “You’ve done enough, don’t you think! Go home Neil I will deal with this and don’t say a damn word to her. Act like nothing is going on. And when the time comes we will have you disappear. It will break her heart but at least she and the kids will be safe. Don’t ever come here again. I will call you and tell you where to meet me. Until then you live life normally. AND Stay out of the papers!” he told him and then said under his breath, “Asshole!”





It was five weeks later when Neil finally heard from Wildstar. The call was in the afternoon when Nova was at the office. Her father made sure that she was out when Wildstar called him. “Meet me at the old air strip. Hanger 43 at 1730 and be on time.” Then the line went dead. He looked at his watch and realized that he would have to leave soon to get there on time. He wrote a note for Nova and ran out the door. Traffic was everywhere and he was surprised that he made it to the air strip 15 minutes early. He found Hanger 43 and looked around. The airstrip had been abandon for years now. At one time it was one of the most use air strips after the planet bombs stop dropping. At one part there was still a way to go down to the underground cities. One time he made his way down there and looked around. The city long abandon and all you heard was the wind blow throughout it. The building now a shamble and breaking down. The streets that were once full of people where now empty as paper flew around. In the distance he could see the mountains of Great Island, green beautiful flourishing trees growing. He grew to love Great Island and it’s culture. He didn’t want to go but knew he had to in order to protect Nova and the kids. He turned to the sound of Wildstar car as it raced towards him. He held his breath and watched as he pulled up and walked towards him. His face was focus. He showed no expression as he walked closer to him. In his hand he held a folder. “Derek.”

“Neil, let’s get to the point shall we. I don’t like beating around the bush nor making small talk. I got you orders. You will tell Nova that it is not negotiable. I don’t care how you explain it to her but you need to convince her that you cannot get out of it. Once in space we will wait a day or so before telling Nova that something went wrong and you were killed in action. Then you will stay out of her life forever. Do I make myself clear?”

“Quite clear.”

“Now this is how it’s going to work.”




“What do you mean you have to go?” Nova felt her world come to a crash.

“Look it will only be a few days. It’s a simple mission, nothing too dangerous.” He took her in his arms and hugged her. “Hey, it will go so quickly you won’t even notice me gone. I’ll be back before you know it. I’ll even bring Miku something back from space.” He made her laugh.

“Pease be careful, I need you.” She pleaded with him.

“I will I promise.”


He left days later. Nova watched as her ex-husband picked him up to take him to the airport. “Derek, please make sure that he comes home.”

He sighed. He only wish those words were meant for him. He long for her to come to him but knew that she was deeply in love with Neil. How he hated their love. It was once his and hers and now it was Neil and her. He tried to smile, “I will make sure.” He told her. His heart felt crushed to see his wife hug and kiss another man. He only wished that he would die so he can never come back. He turned and let them have a little privacy and was thinking how glad he was that he wasn’t coming back. “We have to go.” Wildstar announced and looked at his wife with sad eyes. He loved her so much and she chose him instead. Neil nodded and held his tears back. He knew that he would never see her again and he fought hard so she wouldn’t know it. What they were about to do would change her life forever. He gave her one last kiss and they headed out the door. Once at the airstrip Wildstar spoke, “I will need something that will convince her it’s you.” Neil reached to his neck and snapped off his necklace.

“Give her that. She will know. She gave it to me when we first started to date.” He placed a gold chain with a gold key on it. It was engraved with his initials and a simple phrase, Love always Nova. “Derek,”

“She’ll be fine. I will make sure to that.”

“You know she will blame you.”

“It won’t be the first time. I can handle her. Now go and make sure you keep your promise. Your never to contact her ever again. I mean it. If I have any word of you being near her I will kill you.” He looked straight into his eyes and Neil knew he meant every word he said. “Good luck Lockon. “ He saluted Neil and left.






Nova sat outside on the patio and looked up to the sky. She thought about what he was doing. Was he eating alright, was he thinking of her. It’s been weeks since he left and she felt lonely. Derek would stop by to see the kids and check on her. She was quiet most of the time and when they spoke it was only about the kids. He was now seeing his nurse since Nova show no interest in wanting to work it out. He spent most of his time with Felicia the nurse when he wasn’t with the kids or Nova.  He called every day to speak with his kids. Today he had to announce the death of Lockon Stratos. He walked into the house like most days and went to find her. She sat on the patio chair day dreaming of him and their time together. He placed his hand on her shoulder and she looked up. “Derek,” she looked at her watch and realized that it was an odd time for him to be there. He only came when the kids were home. He never showed up during the day. “Why are you here?”

He looked at her and took a few seconds to choose his words. “Nova, we need to talk.” Her heart beat a little faster and her mind started to race. Was he planning on marrying now that he was with Felicia? Maybe he wanted to tell her before he told the kids. Kind of be a buffer between him and the kids. He took her hands into his and she felt her blood drain. “Nova I have some bad news.” Tears build up in her eyes and she tried to pull her hand away. Derek squeeze it a little harder to stop her from pulling away. “There’s been a situation.” He began. She started to shake uncontrollably and he pulled her to her feet and held her. “I’m sorry, Nova.”

“NO! your lying!” She yelled and then broke down and cried. “Please tell me that your lying!”

“I’m so sorry.” Was all he could say.

She pushed him away and slapped him. “This is all your FAULT! You did this! You could’ve stopped him. He would’ve stay here with me and the kids. I hate you, this all your fault!” she screamed. She fell to the ground and grabbed her chest. “No, WHY NEIL!” He stepped closer to her and took her into his arms. She tried to push away but he didn’t let her go. He held her tight as she cried into his chest. He felt horrible to do this to her. But Neil put their lives in danger and he had to protect them. “GET OUT!!!” she screamed at him.

“I’m not going, you need me right now.”

Her watery eyes narrow and she wiped them for him to see the anger in her eyes. “I DON’T NEED YOU!  YOU DID THIS! NOW GET OUT, I HATE YOU!” she ran back into the house and he heard a door slam hard. He sat down and placed his head in his hands. She didn’t come back out and he figured to stick around for a while. Their kids ran into the house laughing and joking about their day. Derek gave them a smile and they ran to hug him.

“Hey Dad!” Alex pat him on the back. “we weren’t expecting you here today.”

They watched as the smile left his face and he said. “let’s sit down. I have something to tell you all.” He took a deep breath and told them about what happened. Alex didn’t show his emotions, DJ cried for his mother and Miku cried for Neil and her mother. “Listen guys, I know that you all liked Neil. He was a really great guy but we need to remember all the good things about him. Right now your mom is taking this really hard. She is going to need us right now.”

“Where is she?” Alex asked.

“I think she is in her room.” Derek told his son.

“I have to see her.” He walked to her bedroom door and knock. He could hear her crying and he opened the door. “Mom?” she didn’t answer and he walked into the room. She laid on the bed face down crying. He sat down near her and stroked her hair. “Mom?” Nova looked up and cried harder. “Dad told us about uncle Neil. I’m sorry mom.”

She wiped the tears from her face and tried to smile. “Thank you sweetheart. I guess we have to get things in order. I know he has a brother but they haven’t spoken in years. I wouldn’t know where to being.” She got up from the bed and straightened out her clothes. “Is your father still here?” Alex nodded yes and she walked out to where they were. “You can leave Derek, I have a lot to do.”

“Nova, if you need anything.”

“Just go. You will only be in my way, I have a lot to do.” She shoved him towards the door and pushed him out. “I’ll start dinner. You guys go do your homework.” She announced and headed to the kitchen.





The funeral was heart breaking for them. Derek Wildstar attended with his family and stood next to his son Alex. He watched as a few strangers said they’re final farewell. He wondered who they all were. He heard as Nova cried while DJ held her. Miku wrapped her arms around her waist and cried with her. Derek stepped back and took a deep breath. If she ever found out the truth she would never forgive him. It was best that they did what they did because if anything happened to his kids or her, there would be a funeral either way. He felt his cell go off and looked down to see who it was, Felicia, nope not right now. It would be rude to answer it right now. He stuffed it back into his pocket and looked past the mourners to see someone standing on top of the hill. He focused more and saw him standing looking down at them. Derek slipped away and made his way towards him without anyone noticing.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing.” He grabbed his arm.

He shook his arm off and turned to Wildstar. “get your hand off me!” he snapped.

“We had an agreement. If she sees you,” Wildstar started to say.

“Sorry, your talking to the wrong person.”

“Look Neil, this isn’t funny at all.”

He looked at him confused. “Neil? Are you telling me that he is still alive?”

It was now Wildstar’s turn to look confused. “Neil?”

“No, my name is Lyle. Lyle Dylandy. I’m his brother. Now tell me about my brother.” He told him. Derek stood there quiet. What was he supposed to do? He couldn’t tell him the truth. Now it was a matter of keeping him dead.

“I’m sorry. I just thought.”

“I know I get it all the time. What happened to him?” he asked again.

“I really can’t say. All I can say is it was necessary.”

“So my brother is still alive?”

Wildstar thought about his words. “I should go back. Here is a number you can call. They will explain it more in detail. Do me one favor. Don’t go down there. My wife will only fall apart more then she is now.” He slipped him a number and Lyle agreed to his request. He walked back just in time to see everyone disperses to their cars. He watched as his sons helped their mother back to the car and Miku follow as tears rolled down her eyes. Wildstar wrapped his arms around his daughter and she cried hard as he held her tight. “Come on, sweet heart.”

Alex and DJ carried their mother as she hysterically cried. She looked over to Derek and felt her anger rise. With one quick move she ran to him and slapped him hard across the face once again. “You did this! I hate you! I don’t ever want you near me or my kids again. STAY AWAY!” she screamed.

Alex took hold of his mother to stop her from striking his father again. “MOM! PLEASE DON’T.”

“Don’t you get it! If he didn’t send him away he would be here with us! We were going to get married” she ranted, “you were always jealous of us! He was faithful and loving, unlike YOU!”

“Mom, please!” DJ cried hysterically as he helped his brother pull her off their father.

Derek held her wrist and held on tight. “It’s okay, guys. Your mother is right. Its my fault and I hate myself for it.”

“NO DADDY!” Miku cried.

He turned to his daughter and his eyes soften. “Baby, get in the car. Al, help me with your mother.”

“Don’t touch me!” she screamed louder as mourners looked on. Derek forced her into the car and slipped in with his sons. By the time they reached the house, Nova gave him an ear full. All he wanted to do was get out of there quick. She was falling apart and she was going to make sure that he paid for what happened to Neil. Derek sat quietly in the car and stared into space as his sons helped her into the house. Miku cried for her father. No matter what he did to their marriage he didn’t deserve this. She knew that he loved their mother and he would never do anything to hurt them.

“Daddy,” she touched his hand.

“Its okay Miku, go in with your brothers and mother. I’ll come by sometime during the week and check in on you and them.”

“I love you daddy.” She hugged him and kissed his cheek.

“I love you too sweetheart.” Derek said.

“MIKU! Get in the house NOW!” they heard her mother screamed to her.

“Go on sweetheart.” He waved her away. He didn’t want her to get into any trouble with her mother.





He would stop by a few days a week. Each time he visited his children he found her still in bed stricken with grief. After a few times of trying to talk with her he just gave up. “Are you guys eating?” he would ask. Alexander would lie and tell him that she would always cook for them, but the truth was he either made something simple for all three of them or order something. Alex would delegate his siblings in keeping the house clean as best as they could. He would stop into his mother’s room with food and try to make her eat. When he returned the plate was still untouched. He began to worry about her and would beg for her to eat something. Derek would look around the kitchen and take notes about how it looked. He checked the fridge and noticed it less than half full. He finally took DJ aside and questioned him. “Don’t you lie to me. What is going on with your mother?”

DJ shook that he would take a serious tone with him. He never wanted to lie to his father and he promised his brother that he would never tell him, but his mother was falling deeper into depression and it worried him and his sister. “She hasn’t stepped out of her room since Uncle Neil’s funeral. Al checks in on her and tries to bring her food but she never eats. Daddy, it’s starting to scare me.”

Derek listened to his youngest son and took in everything. He ruffled his hair and then hugged him tight. “It’s alright Deej. You did good.” He then walked straight to Nova’s room and opened the door. He peeked inside and found it dark. Her curtains were drawn closed and there were no lights on. He walked over to her bed and sat down on the edge. He pushed a strain of her hair away from her face. “Nova, baby wake up.” He said softly.

She stirred and pushed his hand away. “Go away, Al. I’m not hungry.”

“Nova, it’s me, Derek. Wake up.”

“GO AWAY!” she yelled.

He reached for the light on the end table and turned it on. He was shocked to see how bad she looked. Her room was in disarray and clothes all over the room. She looked like she hadn’t bath in days. It worried him if she was in this much of a mess their kids were suffering also. It was the only thing he could do. He got up, closed her door and gathered his kids. “Grab some clothes and get ready to go.” He announced to them.

Alexander feared for his mother. “I won’t go. Mom needs me.” He told his father.

Derek wrapped his arm around his sons shoulder and said. “Look Al your mother isn’t doing well and you guys need to be kids, not caretakers to her. I want you to stay with me until your mother is back on her feet. I promise I will check in on her every day. Right now you three are my first priority. Now go get some clothes. I will handle your mother.” He could see the worry in his sons eyes, “I promise I will get her help. I’ll drop you guys over at the house and then come back here to make sure she is alright.” True to his word he took the kids to his house. He called Felicia and asked her to stay with them until he could get help for Nova.

“But I don’t think they like me.” She whined.

“Just be yourself.” He told her.

She looked across the room and looked at his kids. “I don’t know, Derek.”

“Look just be yourself. Don’t try to be their mother or their best friends. Just be yourself. They will love you just give them time. They are going through a lot. So just be patient.” He kissed her on the lips and left her standing in the hallway afraid of his kids. She took a deep breath and made her way to them. She forced a smile and clapped her hands together. “Hey guys, I hope you’re hungry because I’m going to make you all a nice dinner. I’m sure it will hit the spot.” She said nervously.

Alex narrowed his eyes and it made her uncomfortable. “We already ate.”

“Oh, then maybe I can make you a snack.” She pushed.

“No thank you. Miku, DJ we should get ready for bed.” He told his brother and sister.

“I’m not tired Al.” DJ told him. “I am hungry.”

Felicia squealed with delight and ran into the kitchen to make them something. “What is wrong with you!” Alex asked him.

“What’s so wrong with her making us something to eat. I’m hungry and pretty tired of eating Ramen noodles every night.” He told his brother.

“Good luck then.” DJ frowned and looked in the direction of the kitchen. He swallowed back and prayed that she was an okay cook.


Derek walked into her room and saw that she was still in bed and hadn’t moved since. He walked into the bathroom and began to run a hot bath for her. He turned on the lights in the room and she looked up annoyed at him. “What are you doing?” she snapped.

“It’s time to get up!” he said as he threw clothes into the corner.

She rolled her eyes and laid back down. “I’ll get up when I’m ready.” She told him. “Now go away.”

“Sorry it’s not an option.” He pulled the covers from her and ordered her, “get up!”

She snatched the sheets back. “NO! Go AWAY!”

He pulled the covers again and grabbed her arm. “You’re going to get up and bathe. You look terrible.” She began to fight him but she was too weak to fight. She fell into his arms and tried to catch her breath. Slowly he moved her towards the bathroom and turned her to face him. She was too weak to fight and he began to take off her clothes. Shock came to his face to see her in such a state. She lost so much weight it pain him to see her so skinny. But her stomach showed more and he stood back. He never noticed it before. All the baggy clothes made her look normal. “Nova! Why didn’t you tell me?” he told her. She looked away. “How far are you?” he asked her.

“5 months.” She answered.

Feeling more concern he talked with a stern tone. “You have to eat. Get in the tub and I’ll get you something to eat.” He helped her in and went to get her something to eat. Nova sat in the tub tears building up to him seeing how bad she was. She rubbed her stomach and thought about when she found out. She was ready to tell him the happy news when he announced that he was going on one last mission, the same mission that took his life. She later found out that she was pregnant with twins. Something that would have given him joy to hear and now here she was alone.


Derek walked into the kitchen and began to look for something to make. The cabinets were empty for the exception of Ramen Noodles. He opened the fridge and all it held was some orange juice and half a bag of bread. It concerned him that his kids were living in a house that had nothing to eat. He picked up the phone and called their favorite restaurant and ordered some of her favorite foods. As he waited for them to deliver he began to clean up the kitchen and then the living room. He walked into the bathroom to check on her. She sat in the tub staring into space. He walked in and sat down next to her. “How do you feel?” he asked. She shrugged at his question. “Why don’t I wash your back.” He said and then took a wash cloth and lathered it up. He washed her back and moved toward her arms and stomach. It felt weird giving her a bath after all this time and for her to be pregnant with someone else’s child. She laid her head back and closed her eyes. Derek smiled, “do you remember the last time I did this for you. You were pregnant with Miku. If I recalled I use to do it every day, especially when you had a hard day from being on the phone. You used to love it.” He tried to make her smile about their past. Her eye remained closed and he continued to talk. “You know the kids miss you very much. Um,” he was ready to talk and heard the doorbell ring. “That’s dinner, why don’t you dry up and put something clean on. I’ll set up the table for dinner.” He raced to answer the door and she opened her eyes and dragged herself out of the tub. She grabbed her robe from the closet and put it on. Slowly she walked into the kitchen as he finished setting up the table. He clapped his hands together as she walked in. “glad you can come out. Come on sit down. I ordered your favorite dishes. Andrea made them special for you.” He pulled out the chair for her to sit. “Come on, sit.” He encouraged her. She slipped into the chair and he place a plate of eggplant parmesan, some minestrone soup and a small salad. “Let’s start with the soup. I know how much you like it.” He took the spoon and placed it near her lips. “Eat it while it’s still hot.” Slowly she ate and smiled to see her eat. “I hope it’s good?” she shrugged her shoulders and pushed the spoon away.

“I can’t take another bite.” She told him.

He frowned. “Nov, you have to eat. All you took was five spoon full. I won’t feel good if I let you just go back to bed without finishing the soup. Come on please, just finish it and you can go back to sleep. I promise.” A beat, “Come on, if you don’t finish I will be here all night singing row, row, row your boat all night.” He grinned.

“Oh for Christ sake, if it will get you out of here,” she took the spoon and began to eat and finish the soup. “Now go!” she snapped and walked back to her a room.

Great! Now what? She looks like she lost a lot of weight. He took a deep breath and walked into her room. “Nova,” she was back in bed under the sheets. “Nova.”

“What the hell do you want from me!” she sat up and yelled. “I ate the damn thing and your still here. Can you just go!”

“Damn it Nov, don’t you care about the baby? Or even the kids! Our kids!” he screamed at her. “Your worrying everyone including me. You have to eat and gain back your strength.”

“Why do you even care!” she yelled. “You’re engaged to be married so why don’t you give a damn about her.”

“Because I love you, whether you believe it or not, I still love you. You’re the mother of my children and I still love you even though you’re having another man’s baby.”

“Babies,” she said in a low tone leaving him with his mouth opened.

It took him a few seconds to let it set in before he finally talked. “Well that explain why you’re showing so much.” He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. He didn’t want her to get stressed out in her condition. “I want you to know that I am here for you. Your always be top priority on my list.”

“Yeah right, until you marry her.” She said under her breath.

He had to grin about her answer. “Nova I love you and I can call off the wedding.”

She knew he meant it and she couldn’t let him give up his life with her. “No, I know you love her. I can’t let you call things off with her.”

“Nova you and the kids are more important to me.”

“Just go Derek, it can never work with us. We tried over and over and it never works out. Just go. The kids will be okay.”

“The kids are at my house. They’re staying there until you get yourself together.”

Her eyes widen and he could see her anger rise. “I want my kids here! Send them back!” she screamed. “they are my kids and I want them home!” She picked up a cup and threw it at him.

Dodging it he stayed calm. “I can’t do that. There is nothing for them to eat and this house was a pig pen. Plus, when was the last time you got out of bed before I came here?”

“None of your damn business! You lost that right when we got divorced and had you sign them sooner Neil and I would’ve been married. It’s your fault, now get out!”

“I won’t leave you like this.” He tried to reason with her.

She picked up a book and threw it at him. “GET OUT!!!! I HATE YOU!!” she jumped to her feet and began to look for more things to throw. She picked up books, shoes, cups and threw them hard in his direction. Derek tried to dodge most of it but she managed to hit him with a ceramic cup. She continued to throw things at him and he ran out the door.

“You’re crazy!” he said on the way out of the house.

Nova finally lay back down and cried. Her night was restless and long. By morning she felt she was running a marathon. She walked into the kitchen and forced herself to look for something to eat. Damn he is right there is nothing here. She didn’t feel hungry anyway. She went back into the room and lay down again. She flicked on the TV and stared at it not caring what was on. By midday she felt sick and ran into the bathroom to throw up. Her stomach began to cramp and she lay on her bed sweating with fever and in pain. Derek wasn’t sure if he should check on her but the look on his kids face made him go. He walked into the house and found it silent. Nothing was done it was as he left it. He walked to her room and knock gently. “Nova,” he softly called to her. He knocked again and spoke a little louder. “Nova, I’m coming in. I come in peace.” He tried to joke. “Nova, are you awake?” the room was dark and it was hard to look for the light. He found a light, turn it on and stunned to see her pale and crawl up in a fetal position. “My god Nov, what’s wrong?” he felt her head and felt the heat that she had. “Come on, I’m taking you to the hospital.” He covered her up and carried her to the car and sped off at a rapid speed. Within the hour he had her checked in and her doctors removing clothes. They pushed him out of the room and closed the door. He paced up and down the hall watching as people walk in and out of her room. He finally grabbed hold of a nurse and asked about her. “Please tell me how is she?”

The nurse just looked at him and asked. “Who are you?”

“I’m her husband.”

“I’ll have the doctor come out and explain everything to you.” She said and walked back into the room.

It was over an hour before someone came out to speak to him. “Excuse me, are you her husband?”

Derek turned to see an older woman in a doctor’s jacket. “Yes I am.”

“Hmm, I thought she was divorced.”

“Well that is still being worked out. But we are still married.” He lied.

“And you are?”

“Derek Wildstar.”

“AH, yes she has mentioned you. Well Mr. Wildstar. I’m sorry to tell you but she lost the babies.” She was so forward Derek almost wanted to slap her. It was cold and direct.

“Does she know?”

“Not yet, she is still asleep.”

“Can I see her?”

“Yes, it would be best if someone is there for her.”

He walked past her and into the room. She slept soundly in the bed and he took a seat next to her and watched her sleep. She slept for hours and Derek paced and sat often to kill the time. He called Felicia to let her know and not to tell the kids anything until he got home. He looked outside the window when he heard her moan. Derek turned to see her trying to focus and begin to sit up. Quickly he slide to her side of the bed and took hold of her hand. “Hey you need to rest.”

She looked at him annoyed. “Now you want me to rest!”

“Nova, please just lay back.”

“Don’t touch me!” she was angry and the last person she wanted to see was him.

Here we go again. He thought. “Baby, just lay back please. You’ve been through a lot.” He had to tell her but wanted to keep her calm before dropping the bomb on her. “Let me go get the doctor.”

“No wait!” she called to him before he ran out the door.

Wildstar turned and watched as she rubbed her stomach. Her eye’s weld up and tears fell down her cheek. She grabbed hold of her pillow and cried into it She looked up to him and tried to talk. He took her hand and pulled her close and hugged her. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered into her ear. “God I am so sorry.” She cried hard into his chest as he consoled her.

“Did they know the sexes?”

“I didn’t ask. I thought you would want to know without me here.” He moved her face to his and gently said. “Nov, if you need anything I am here for you.”

“Do the kids know?”

“No they don’t. I figured it best not to say anything. We can tell them when you’re ready.”

“I can’t do this anymore. I’ve lost Neil and now I lost his babies. What is there more to live for?”

He shook her, “Don’t say that. You have our kids and they need you. They need their mother and I need you to be there for them.”

“I just can’t do it anymore. I don’t have the strength. All I want to do is die.”

Fear shot through his body. The last thing he wanted to hear was something like this. “Nova, please don’t talk like that. You have so much to live for. It would destroy our children if they heard you talk like this. I love you so much and hate to see you like this. I know I can never know what you’re going through but I can say if something would happen to you I would rather die than live without you. Baby,”

“Mom?!” they heard their oldest say. Alex, DJ and Miku stood at the door while Felicia stood behind them. Derek felt his temper jump into overdrive. He quickly got up and escorted them outside into the hall. “Dad? What happened?” Alex asked.

“Hey, guys can you give me a minute with your mother first and then we will talk. I promise.” He looked up to Felicia and gave her an angry stare. He walked back into the room and sat down next to her on the bed. “Its up to you, do you want to see them? If not I can take them home.” He wiped some tears from her face and smiled. “I think you should see them. They are worried about you and it will make you feel better.” She nodded her head, yes and he gently kissed her forehead. “I’ll let them in in a few minutes. Give you some time to prepare yourself for them. If you don’t want them here then I’ll take them home.”

“No, no let them in.” she forced a smile at him and wiped her tears away.

Derek smiled and waited until she was in control before he stepped out and talked to them before letting them in. “Okay guys, you only have 15 minutes with your mother. Now, she is going through a tough time and its taking a really bad toll on her. Just tell her how you miss her and want her to get better. Just you guys being here will make her feel a lot better.” He moved them into the room and then turned to Felicia. He grabbed her by the arm and walked her down the hall to an empty room and closed the door. “What the hell do you think you’re doing!” he said loudly.

“I thought it would make her feel better.” Felicia whined.

“Well before you think, please inform me of your action. Nova is not ready to see them. She is having a hard time couping with Neil’s death and now this. Do me a big fucking favor. Stay out of my family matters. Nova and the kids are not of your concern.”

Felicia worried that he was going to drop her and she almost started to cry. “I was only trying to help. The kids wanted to see her.”

“And how did they happen to know that she was in the hospital. I am sure that I didn’t release it to the press. So they had to have heard it from someone.”

“I didn’t mean to say anything they asked me and it just slipped out.”

“Hmm, seems like your always letting things slip. Look if you want this to work between us, my kids and Nova are totally off limits. I will handle that part of my life. If I ask you to help with the kids, means keep your mouth shut when it comes to things like this. I need to give her time before telling the kids. It was up to her what she wanted to do. You bringing them here is not what she was ready for.” She started to cry making him nervous. He rolled his eyes and hugged her. “Gosh Felicia, please don’t cry. I’m just on edge with Nova and what she is going through. She needs support with what she is going through. It’s not easy for her losing the babies.”

Felicia jerked away and looked up to him. “She was pregnant?”

“About 5 months, she lost them. She was pregnant with twins. She’s not taking the news very well. She was depressed before and this is making her sink deeper into it. She’s going to need a lot of support.”

“And why do you have to be the one to give her that?” she asked angrily.

“Because SHE is the mother of my kids. And if you were a mother you would understand.”

“Oh so she is going to be first on your list no matter what.” She wined and started to cry again. “so you don’t love me.”

“Oh for god sake, no Felicia, you will be first once we are married. But she needs me for now.  And I do love you. I just need you to be patient. Please understand that she lost a lot in a little time and if she doesn’t pull out the kids will be with us longer.”

“Derek you know I can be there for them. I love them as they were my own. I can and will step in as a mother if she doesn’t pull through.”

Hmm, I don’t think Nova would like her playing mom to their kids. Not to mention that the kids really don’t like her. He knew that she felt uncomfortable about being around the kids and it bother him at times. “She’ll pull through, so don’t worry about it. Now I’m going to see about her and the kids. Just take them back to the house. My mother in law will be coming to collect them. Please do not try to make idle chit chat with her. She is not one to beat around the bush. She can be very brash about someone that is in her grand children’s lives. Doesn’t help that she and James blame me for a lot of things. This is going to be one of those things. Stay here I’ll be right back and do me a favor. Next time you think it will be a good thing think again.” He snapped at her. He walked back into the room and found his two sons sitting on the bed while Miku lay next to her. She brushed her mother’s hair with her hand and were talking about her getting better. It was sad looking at his children as they sat around their mother crying for her to get well. He stood next to his oldest son and put his arm around his shoulder. “Okay guys, your mother needs her rest. Felicia’s going to take you all back to the house. Grandma is going to pick you up and take you to Osaka for a few days. I promise I will take care of mommy.” Miku clanged to her mother not wanting to let her go. DJ rubbed her back, consoling her to let go. Alexander wiped the tears from his face and stood straight. He ran his hand through his mother’s hair and gently kissed her forehead.

“I love you, mom,” he whispered into her ear.

Nova gave him a soft half smiled and told him, “I love you too. Now listen to your father. Promise me.” She asked.

“I will.”

“I don’t want to go.” Miku cried.

“It’s okay sis, Dad will take care of mom.” Alex assured her. “Come on.” He took her by the arm and walked her out of the room.

DJ stared down to his mother and hugged her. “I love you mommy.” making her heart melt. He was such a sweet child and full of life. Now he stood before her confused and afraid.

She touched his face and also gave him a smile. “Please be nice to your father. I will be home soon, I promise.”

“I will mommy.” She kissed him and sent him out the door.

“Get some rest, I will be right back.” Derek told her and tucked her in.


He found them all huddle in the corner crying in each other arms and he slipped his arms around them. “Listen guys, mom is going to be here for a few days. She will need rest to recover. In the meantime Grandma Sandra and Grandpa James will take you over to Osaka for a few days. Hopefully mom will be home by then and you guys can see her.” He could see the concern and fear in their eyes and he forced a smile for them to assure that all was well. “Hey don’t worry about mom, she is in the best of hands and I will personally take care of her. I promise she will be her old self by the time you get back. Now come on Felicia will take you back so your grandparents can pick you up. I’m sure that they stop here first and head straight there.”

“Why can’t we wait until they come here?” Miku asked eyes wide with curiosity.

“Sweetheart, grandma and grandpa wanted me to have you wait at the house. Anyway you guys need to pack some things for the trip. So why don’t you guys go.” Alex took hold of his sister and pulled her towards Felicia. He knew when his grandparents get there it was going to be a big explosion with them and their father and their father was only trying to protect them from the yelling. Derek Wildstar thanked him for making it easy for him and he watched as they walked down the hall and into the elevator. He then went back in Nova room to check in on her. She was sleeping soundly in her bed so he decided to get something to drink. Coffee will keep him going so he wouldn’t have to sleep until she was well rested. He walked down the hall and bumped into them. James Forrester and Sandra Forrester stepped out of the elevators and raced to see their daughter when they saw him standing there. “Sir.”

James Forrester stared at him and took hold of his wife. Sandra was the one to speak. “Where is she?”

“Room E3, down the hall. Two doors before the end. She’s sleeping right now I was going to get some coffee.”

“How is she?” Sandra asked.

“Let’s go Sandra.” James guided her away.

She shrugged him off and gave him an angry look. “She is my daughter too! Or have you forgotten that it was me that was on the table giving birth to her. I don’t care if you hate Derek, he is still family!” she snapped.

“Sandra we can find out anything from her doctor.”

She ignored him and asked again. “How is she?”

“She’s lost a lot of weight and she is depressed but she will be alright. She needs a lot of rest and she needs to gain some weight. They have her on an IV for now. We will know more tomorrow.” He didn’t want to tell her about the babies. It was something that Nova would either tell them or not. “Would you like for me to bring some coffee for you both?”

Her father just stared at him and her mother nodded. “Yes please. Will you be staying with her tonight?”

“I promise the kids I would. I’ll let you visit with her and then come back later.” He told them. He knew that he wasn’t on her father’s best friends list and he wanted to stay as far away from him as possible.

“Derek,” Sandra Forrester stopped him. “Thank you for taking care of her.” She said as her eyes teared up.

“She’s still my girl. I can never turn my back on her.” He gave her a hug. “Go and see her, she just might be up now.”

Derek waited an hour in the coffee room before heading back. He wanted to give them time with her and he just simply wanted to avoid them if possible. Derek walked slowly back to her room and thought about what happened. Because of him and Neil she lost her babies, because of Neil’s position he put her and their kids in danger. Because of him he had Neil disappear and now she is falling apart. He only wished that Neil never put her in danger and all this wouldn’t be happening. His children missed their mother and wanted her to be okay. Damn you Neil Dylandy! Because of you she is here in pain and almost at death.  He peered through the door and checked to see if they were still there. He could hear someone crying and he poked his head in further. Sandra stood over her daughter while her father talked about something. He heard Nova tell them to just leave. Her mother cried harder. It was a scene from a movie, the daughter not wanting pity and the parents begging for her to come with them home. He watched as her father try to pull her away and she slapped him. “Don’t touch me.”

“Sandra she needs her rest.”

“How can you be so calm! She lost our grandbabies!”

“Sandra, you don’t have to keep repeating it. She is hurting enough already. Now she needs her rest we should go.”

“I can’t leave her now, she needs me.”

“Mom its okay, I’m a little tired. You should go the kids are waiting for you.”

Her father helped her to her feet and they bid their goodbyes. “I love you sweetheart.” Her father told her. Derek stepped away from the door and stood in the other side of the hall. James Forrester walked out with his wife and looked at the young man standing against the wall. “She’s tired.” He told him. Derek just nodded his head and watched as they walked down the hall. It was more than he has ever said to him. Stepping into the room he heard her crying into the pillow. Slowly he made his way towards her bed. She turned to see him.

“Hey,” he tried to give her a smile.

“Did they leave?”

“Yeah, she didn’t look good.” He said. “How are you doing?”

She laid her head back down and closed her eyes. “I want to be alone.” She whispered.

Derek ran his hand through her hair and softly spoke. “I can’t leave you. I promise the kids I would stay. But if you want I can sit outside and give you space.” She didn’t reply and he sat down across from her. He didn’t say anything more for the rest of the night.




“Thank you Derek.” She whispered softly.

He helped her into her room and drew the curtains open. “I think it’s time to let a little sun in. Don’t you think?” The Sun shined in brightening the room. Nova lay down and pulled the blanket over her. “Hey what do you think you’re doing?” Wildstar asked.

“I just can’t all I want to do is just sleep.”

“OH NO you don’t. You’ve slept enough.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the bed. After three weeks in the hospital he felt she should get air and feel the breeze on her face once again. “Come with me.”


“Because I want to show you something.” He gave her a wide smile. She huffed and followed him outside. It was a cool night as the sun set down. They walked out and down to the shore. He placed a blanket on the beach and wrapped her with another blanket to keep her warm. He sat behind her and wrapped his arms around her. “It’s beautiful isn’t?”  he pointed to the sun as it set down.

“Yes it is.”

“Do you remember us sitting out here watching the kids play? It was always the best time of the day for me.” He felt her head lean on his shoulder and he rubbed her shoulders. “You know this also reminds me of when we use to walk on the beach at night in the summer time. Hmm, seems like it’s going to be a cold winter. What do you think?” he asked her and she didn’t reply. “Must be hard being back home. It’s a lot to adjust to after what happen. The kids miss you so much. They want to come home, don’t worry I told them that its best that you take some time to get back into the swing of things. You can let me know when you’re ready to see them. I know you said you didn’t want to see them just yet but maybe they can come by sometime this week for a few hours. What do you think?” he waited again for a reply and she said nothing. He looked down at her and realized that she was fast asleep in his arms. “So that is why you’re so quiet.” He picked her up and carried her back to the house and into her bed. He watched her sleep for a few minutes before he made his way to the living room and crashed on the couch.




Nova woke up feeling better than most days. It was good to be home again. Slowly she got up and looked around the room. The curtains were still drawn opened and the sun shined in. It was a beautiful fall day and she could feel the cool cold air starting to come in. She walked out to her patio and wrapped the blanket tight around her. She knew she didn’t take care of herself and it was the reason that she miscarried. The sun felt good on her face and she closed her eyes and thought about him. She missed him so much and wished that she could have one more day with Neil. Maybe than she would have told him that she was pregnant and he would’ve stayed. But he was now gone, never to return.  Sitting on the chez’ chair she pulled her knees to her chest and stared out to the ocean and mountains. The morning was clear and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. She thought about what Derek told her in the hospital. ‘I know it’s hard to think about our kids, but please remember they need you too.’ He is right her children needed her. But she wasn’t ready to deal with them. She needed time to heal from the shock of losing Neil and her twins. When he took the kids she was angry and wanted them back but now she felt he was right. The kids needed stabilities and right now they were better off with their father.  She wasn’t aware of him standing in the door way looking at her. She just stared out and tried to make peace with what happened. The smell of pine trees from the distance floated in the wind and it brought a smile to her face. She needed to make peace. Before anyone would notice it would be the holidays and she knew her kids would want to spend time with her. She felt a hand touch her shoulder and she looked up to see him standing over her. “Good morning.” She said softly.

Derek walked around and sat down across from her. “Good morning, how do you feel today?”

“Better, thank you. It’s good to be home.”

He gave her a smile and reached over to move a strain of hair from her face. “I made breakfast, come on and eat.”

She giggled and said. “You’re still trying to feed me. If I knew you were going to cook I would have stop eating when we were together.”

“Well, don’t go calling the press just yet about my cooking. Unless they want to write about eggs a la burnt.”

“So that is what I’m going to be eating? Do you really want to send me back to the hospital with food poisoning?”

He laughed and put his hand out for her to take. “I cook my specialty, eggs and bacon from the microwave. So I think you’ll be safe.”

She sat down in the kitchen and placed a plate with eggs and bacon and toast in front of her. She was impressed that only one toast was slightly burnt. “I’m impressed. You did good,” then devoured it all down. She didn’t realize how hunger she was. Her appetite was returning and she even reached for more.

“I’m glad to see your eating again.” He grinned, “so I wasn’t sure if you heard me last night. I want to know when you would like to see the kids?” her smile quickly left her face and she frown to his question. “Hey,” he reached out and touched her hand. “Only when you’re ready.” He encouraged her.

“I’m not ready to see them. I don’t want them to see me like this. I’m not sure how I’m going to be with them. I can see the sadness and worry in their eyes. I really don’t want them to think they have to walk on egg shells around me.”

“It’s okay, like I said when you’re ready.” He slapped his hands together and grabbed his plate and placed in the sink. “Listen I have to go and check on the kids. Are you going to be alright while I’m gone?”

“Relax Wildstar, it’s not like I’m going to go hang myself.” She tried to make him laugh but he only frowned at her. “I’ll be fine. Go see the kids. Tell them I love them very much.”

He kissed the top of her head, “I will. Be back later to check in on you.” He grabbed his jacket and left. It wasn’t a long drive. He lived 15 minutes away from her house. As soon as he walked in the house his kids ran to him and hugged him.

“How is mom?” Alex asked.

“She’s good, just needed some time to adjust to being home. Soon as she is feeling totally better you guys can go back home.” He looked past them and saw Felicia standing at the door. Her face told it all. He walked to her and hugged her. “Thanks for watching them. I really appreciate it. I hope they weren’t too much for you.”

He gave her a passionate kiss and she melted in his arms. “No they all were fine. They just missed their mother.” She told him. She wasn’t about to tell him how uncomfortable she was being around them. Each time she tried to make conversation they would dismiss her like bad trash. She tried to be nice and give them some hope about their mother but they only rolled their eyes and told her to mind her own business. She was only the girlfriend, which hurt her feelings. She hugged him tighter and motioned him to come with her. They stepped into their bedroom and she kissed him feverishly.  Derek pulled her away and she looked at him confused. “I missed you. It seems the only time I see you is when you come home to change.” She kissed him again and tried to strip him of his shirt.

“Felicia please, the kids are in the next room.” He pushed her away.

“It’s always about the kids, and her. When is it going to be about us?” she whined.

“Gosh Felicia, I’m sorry but you know it’s not going to work while I’m still on this treatment. I’m just not ready for anything.”

“Which reminds me, you need to take care of yourself. Are you taking your radiation pills? And you need your rest.” She talked with a stern voice.

“Yes, Ma’am. I have been on top of things.”

Her eyes soften and she ran her hand down his face. “you look tired. You should rest. You know the doctors told you to rest.”

“I know, babe, but Nova needs me and the kids need their mother. She is starting to look better and she is actually eating and gaining the weight back. I need to hurry and change and head back. I want to make sure she stays on track.” He raced into his closet and changed quickly. He was almost at the door when she pulled at him.

“You’re not going! You have to rest! If you don’t you will be no good to anyone. What will happen if it comes back!” she snapped.

His eyes narrowed and shook her hand off his arm. With venom he said through grit teeth. “Lower your damn voice before they hear you.”

“Don’t you think that they have the right to know.” She told him.

“I will tell them when I am ready. As a nurse you know that it is my decision when to tell them. If they get it from anyone else will be against hospital rules. So if you wish to continue treating anyone including me you will keep your damn mouth shut about my health.” He warned her. She started to cry making him nervous again. “Ah for Christ sakes, don’t cry. I’m sorry I got angry it’s just that I want to make sure she is okay. The sooner she gets back on her feet the sooner the kids can be back with their mother. I promise I will be back this evening. I have to speak with her parents and then head over to her house.”

“Speak to her parents? About what?”

“About the kids. See when we got divorce and remarried her father made it clear that if we separated again that I will not be the one with sole custody. Nova will have total guardianship of the kids. She was the one that insisted that we share custody this time around. I want to make sure that her father doesn’t use this against me.”

“But Derek wouldn’t this be something good. You wouldn’t be responsible for them. You said yourself that she didn’t want any financial support from you.” She hesitated and then continued. “Now you are completely free to do as you wish.”

His eyes narrow again and she saw the pupils of his eyes almost turn black. “Let’s get something straight. Alex, DJ and Miku are my kids. They will always be my kids. I never will turn my back on them, ever. And considering that they may be my only children because of this stupid disease I will always be there for them. So stay out of this one or else! I need to call her parents and see about them taking them again.” he warned her. She stood there quiet and stunned that he would talk to her like that. She was after all his fiancé and they were schedule to be married in a few months. Her tears build up once again and he looked away in shame as to how he talked to her. He took a deep breath and talked without looking at her. “I have to go. I will see you tonight.” And went back into the other room where he found Alex and DJ listening in. “I am assuming you heard everything?”

“Only the stuff we needed to know.”

He looked at them with concern. “How much did you hear and when did you come into the conversation?”

“About when you mention Grandpa and Grandma.” DJ said.

He felt a sign of relief that they didn’t hear about his illness. “I’m going to see them and see if they can take you guys for a few more days. Get you out and spoil you all.” He gave them a sincerer smile.

“What about mom?” Alex asked. He was a little upset that he overheard what she suggested to their father. And now he looked past his father to her. His eyes burned through her making her turn and walk back to the bedroom. He detested her and so did his sister. Her lack of how to speak to them just pissed him off more.

“I will make sure she is doing well and getting the rest she needs so she can recover quickly. I promise.” He ruffled his hair and brought him in to hug him. At that moment DJ and Miku came in on the hug. “I love you all and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you or your mother. Now, just sit tight and wait until I call. I love you all.” He told them.  




Derek Wildstar walked into his father in laws office and sat across from him. It wasn’t the first time he sat across the man that hated him. Derek was not in the mood to argue with him. He looked him in the face and began to talk. “I need to take complete guardianship of the kids.”

“What makes you think my daughter will allow you to take them from her?”

“Because she is the one to suggest it.” He didn’t want to play cat and mouse with him. It didn’t matter if he didn’t like him. He was the kid’s father and he would have to suck it up. “Look I know you don’t like me.”

“Really? Does it show that much?”

Derek rolled his eyes and continued. “Anyway, Nova needs everyone to get along. She’s had a rough time with Neil’s death and then miscarrying. She’s working hard to get back her life. I can keep the kids with me, so they can see her when they like. But I need a favor.”

“Excuse me?”

“I need a favor. Alex , DJ and Miku aren’t getting along with Felicia.”

“I don’t blame them.”

He huffed and tried to maintain his anger. “I need for you and Sandra to take them for a few days. Can you do that for me?”

“And what will you and Felicia be doing while they are with us?”

Taking another deep breath he tried hard to keep it together. “I will be helping Nova get back on her feet. What Felicia is going to do is what she has been doing since we got in engaged is plan the wedding.”

James Forrester stared at his ex-son in law and tapped his desk with a pen. It felt like forever to Wildstar when he finally spoke. “When will you like for us to pick them up?”

“Anytime today. I am heading over to see Nova from here. I want to keep an eye on her.”

“Do you think she can harm herself?” James asked as he leaned forward with concern.

He shook his head quickly, “no, no, no.  She would never do something that stupid. She loves the kids to much to leave them. I just want to make sure she is eating alright and taking time to get better.”

“I see,” James said still looking at him with caution. “Tell me, are you still hoping that the two of you will get back together?”

Wildstar simply got up and zipped up his jacket. “I’ll tell the kids that you or Sandra will be coming by to pick them up. I will let Felicia know that also. Good day James. Please let me know if there is a problem. I will call to talk with them and tell them about their mother.” Without another word he walked out of his office and left to see Nova. Driving back to her house he thought about the whole thing with Neil. She must never know the truth about his disappearance.  If she ever found out he will lose her forever. Not to mention she would take the kids away and he would never see them again. He hopes that Neil keeps his word and stays away, not to mention that if he ever comes back into her life she and the kids would be in great danger. He would rather go to jail for murder then let anything happen to his family. Finally making it to the house he pulled his car in slowly and notice a car in the drive way. He’s never seen it before and was curious as to who it was. He made his way to the door and walked in. He stood there shocked.

“Derek,” Nova said as she walked to him. She slipped her hand through his and continued. “I want you to meet Lyle Dylandy. He is Neil’s twin brother.”

Quickly he gathered his self together and stuck his hand out. “Hello Lyle, I am assuming you and he are identical.”

Lyle shook his hand and relief that he never mentioned that they met at his brothers so call funeral. “How do you do Captain.”

“So tell me how does anyone tell you two apart. You look just like your brother, its uncanning.”

“Yes I get that a lot, especially with his team mates.” Lyle looked straight into his eyes. It was a stare that gave Derek an uneasy feeling. Great now I have to deal with the brother with an attitude.

Wildstar took off his jacket and threw it over a chair. “So tell me what brings you here.”

“Well, after finding out about my brother death I spoke to his teammates and they explain everything to me.” A minute of silence to let it sink in to Derek. “While speaking to them, they gave me something to give to Ms. Forrester.”

“Yes Derek, I know that you gave me the necklace I gave him but Lyle brought me something more important.” She held up a ring. It was a diamond engagement ring about 2 carats worth. “He was going to propose to me when he got back.”

“Yes I thought she should have it. It was meant for her and I have no need to keep it.”

“Oh,” Derek knew there was more to the visit and he was curious to know what. He looked down to Nova that he held in his arms. She stared down to the ring as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Well I’m sure that Neil wanted it to. Thank you for stopping by and giving it to her. It means a lot.” He looked down to Nova and smile. “Are you okay?”

She nodded her head and smiled as she looked at the ring. “I’m good. Lyle thank you again for bringing me this.”

“Well I should be going. I have a long flight ahead of me.”

“Let me walk you out,” Wildstar quickly said.

“Good bye Nova, it’s good to know that he had someone that care deeply for him when he was alive.” He stared at Derek on the word ALIVE. He gently kissed her cheek and they walked out together.

“What gives?” Derek Wildstar grabbed his arm and spun him to face him.

Lyle looked at the door to make sure she wasn’t nearby and said. “Captain Wildstar Neil told me everything. He gave me a message to give to you. He said, take good care of her. She deserves the best. He will keep his promise to never see her again. But he will be watching to make sure that she is happy.”

“You give Neil a little message from me. Keep his promise or he won’t be able to watch from the distance. I will kill him myself.” He looked him in eye and said with a warning. “Where is he?”

“I can’t tell you that. Plus I don’t know. He and his teammates came to me. He wanted to let me know that he was still alive. Although I wish it was true.” He rolled his eyes and Wildstar sense he and Neil weren’t on the best of terms.

“Excuse me?” Wildstar asked.

“My brother and I are in separate ends of the world. I moved away because being mistake for him was annoying. It makes me cringe every time someone thinks I am him. He was always the one to out do everything and I was sick and tired of being in his shadow. I despise him.” He huffed.

“I take it that you and he don’t speak much.”

“No we don’t, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love my brother. I needed to start another life and away from him. It was sicking every time someone mistook me for him. Nova almost fainted so I had to talk fast. I’m sorry if I made her uncomfortable.” They stood facing each other in silence. Wildstar Dark brown eyes and Lyle Sky blue eyes stared hard at each other feeling one other out then he finally said, “She’s a beautiful woman. I see why he was willing to risk it all for her” It made Derek uncomfortable to what he said. Was he going to try and step into Neil’s life?

“She is a special lady. She loved your brother very much.”

“If she ever found out the truth she would hate you, wouldn’t she?”

His eyes shifted from him to the house and then back, “Let’s say that I would need to get the best detective in the world to find her and even then I wouldn’t know where to find her. As for your brother, she would eventually forgive him and move on with him. I would lose her and my family forever. I would let her go as long as she is safe and my kids are safe. That is something your brother didn’t do. He is the one to put her and the kids in danger and I will never let him come back into her life. It is my responsibility to keep her safe even if we aren’t together anymore. So give Neil a message from me, if you ever see him. Stay away!” His voice was stern and the warning he felt was real.

Lyle nodded his head and bid his farewell. “Good bye captain Wildstar.” They shook hands and Lyle jumped in his car and drove off.



When he walked back into the house he found her sitting on the couch gazing at the ring that he would’ve given her. She looked up at him and smiled. “He was going to ask me.” Then cried. He prayed that this wasn’t going to send her over the deep end again and sat down next to her. She finally spoke. “I’m okay, at first he shocked the hell out of me. I thought I was seeing a ghost. But then he began to speak. I knew then it wasn’t him. He introduced himself as his twin. I couldn’t believe how much he looked like him. Even down to his blue eyes. It was eerie just looking at him.”

“What did you two talked about?”

“Well he wasn’t here long. He had just got here about 20 minutes before you arrived. It took me about 15 minutes of that to gain my composer. We just talked about why he never made it to the funeral.” Wildstar felt a sign of relief that he didn’t tell her that he was there but chose not to make an appearance to everyone. “He did go to the grave site and paid his respects to him. He left some flowers on his grave. He told me about how close they were and how he is going to miss him.” What? Speaking with Lyle he sensed that he and Neil weren’t close. He lied to make her feel good. “He was about to tell me about their child hood when you came in. I guess I will never know.”

“He never spoke about his childhood with you?” Derek asked.

“Only here and there, he told me about his twin but never got into details about it. Sometimes I could see how he missed him.” Wildstar wanted to laugh. If she only knew that he despised his brother.  But it was good that he painted a prefect picture for her. It eased her mind as to who he was. “So how are the kids?”

He smiled, “they miss you. I asked your parents to take them for a few days. Give Felicia sometime for herself.”

“And are you going to be with Felicia?”

“I’m going to make sure that you are recovering.”

She got up and shook her head. “No, you need to spend time with her. She needs you right now. I can take care of myself. I know what I have to do so you don’t have to worry about me. I was thinking of going back to work anyway. I was going to call my father and see if he has anything for me to do. You know work will keep me busy.”

“Are you sure you want to work? I think you need to take some time off.”

“No I have to keep busy. You, yourself has always told me to keep busy to get a clearer picture.”

“I never meant it like that. You’ve suffer not one but three loses. I want you to just relax and take your time to life.”

She tilted her head slightly and gave him a slight smile. “I know you do. But all I want is to get to work.”

“What about the kids?”

“You can bring them back. I want my kids here with me.”

“Are you sure? I mean the kids are happy staying with me and Felicia.” Nova frowned and Derek knew that she knew her kids better than anyone. Their kids hated his fiancé and she knew he was lying. “Well, at least they are happy with me.” She stared at him again, “Okay, okay, they miss the hell out of you and can’t wait to come home.”

“I need to clean up and then you can bring them. Give me a day. Are they with her now?” She asked.

“No, your parents have them again. I asked your dad to come get them today.”

“So they are happy with you?” she knew it was hard to talk with her parents. Her father wasn’t the warmest with him.

“I thought they would rather be with them since they weren’t thrill to be with Felicia. She really likes them. All she wants is to make them happy.”

“I am their mother, not her. She can stop trying.”

He took a deep breath and picked his words carefully. “She can never replace you. I know that. She just wants to have a relationship with them like Neil had.”

“Neil wasn’t an opportunist.”

“She’s not an opportunist, Nova or is it hard to believe that someone can actually love me for me and not my image. I’m not stupid I know that I do have some kind of image.”

“I see the way she looks into the camera. It’s not hard to notice that. If she was so low key I wouldn’t be seeing you and her on every freaking paper and magazine.” She huffed and walked over to the kitchen.

“Hold up, it’s not like,” He was ready to tell her about Neil and his face on the front page but then stopped himself. If she ever found out the truth about Neil’s so called death she would never forgive him and take the kids away.

“It’s not like what?” she asked.

“Nothing, never mind, it was nothing.” Changing the subject he clapped his hands together and tried to sound cheerful. “Let’s make something to eat. I’ll get the grill going.”

“It’s freezing outside.”

“I’ll cook faster then.”

She looked in the fridge and in the freezer. “There nothing to make. I have to get some food in the house before the kids come back.”

“Okay we go and get food for the house and we can have lunch too. Come on let’s get out of here.”

“Derek, I’m sorry. I should have never said that about her.”

He gave her hugged, “I’m sorry too. Listen I don’t want to get into a screaming match with you. I’m pretty tired of the arguing. For the sake of our children we need to keep this on an amical level. We have to stay untied with them. Do we have a deal?” he stuck his hand out and she took it.

“We have a deal, captain.”


To Be continued . . . .


Seems smooth sailing for the Wildstar’s. Nova is now on the mends and Derek is moving on with his new bride to be. Or is he? Read on to see what happens next.