Returning New Hope

Part 23

By Yuki Wildstar




She couldn’t believe what she just witness. She wasn’t expecting to walk in on them but there they were, her husband on the couch and some woman underneath him. Gently she closed the door and walked back to the elevators and left the building.


He woke up to find her underneath him her shirt almost off and her breast almost fully exposed. He focus his eyes on her and then jumped to his feet. What the hell did just happen? He ran his hand through his hair and down his face. “What the hell happen?” he asked.

“You passed out.” She told him. “You were about to tell me where to have those jets ship to then you began to sway and then out you went. I tried to help you but you fell so fast I lost my balance and you fell on top of me.”

It was a long day for him and it had been a long time since he climbed into a jet fighter. It must have been the G force from the fighter. Since he and Nova got together he neglected flying and work more on his marriage than anything else. He wasn’t sure how or why he passed out but it was something he needed to see a doctor about. It wasn’t the first time it happened and now it scared him that it could be something more serious. “I’m so sorry,” he said looking at her blouse. “How long was I out?” he asked, angry at himself and embarrassed.

“You managed to grab my shirt and ripped it open.” She looked away trying to close it.

“Gosh, I’m sorry about that. I have an extra shirt in my bathroom let me get it.” He hurried into his private bath and grab a shirt from it. He handed it to her and she slipped into the bath to change. Wildstar paced the floor and wonder what happened? Whatever it was he needed to see a doctor about it. After his last scenario with his PTSD he didn’t want for it to happen again. Yeah I need to make an appointment right away. Best not to let Nova know, don’t want her to worry for nothing. He thought to himself. Ensign Ross walked out in his shirt and blushed. “I’m really sorry about that. Just send me the bill to replace the shirt.”

“It’s alright Derek, but are you going to be alright? You gave me a scare.” She said.

“Yeah, I’ll be alright, must have been pushing myself this morning. Thanks for helping me. I should get back to work. I’ll have my assistant send over those papers. Say hello to Commander Iiko.” He quickly escorted her to the door, closed it and headed straight to his desk. He picked up the phone and dial his number. “I have to talk with you.” He said into the phone. “I’ll be right over.” He hung up the phone, grabbed his things and raced out the door. Harvey watched as he raced out and didn’t say a word as to where he was going. He worked long enough not to question his superior when he did that. All he did was pick up his phone and began to cancel anything he had on schedule.



Nova slammed the door hard behind her. Driving back to their house she ran it in her head over and over again. What was he thinking! Damn him! Just when I thought it could never happened again here he is with some other woman. What are you going to do Nova, she asked herself in her head.  She’d have to talk with him when he got home. Enough is enough, this is it. I can’t do this again. Alex and DJ are almost men and Miku understands too much now. Yes I have to let him have it once he gets home. I am so done, it’s not even funny anymore. She sat outside for hours thinking of what to do. First we talk then I decide what to do next.  Slowly she got up and started to get ready for her children to come home. Miku ran in first and threw her things on the floor. She raced to her mother and hugged her tight. “Mommy, DJ is being mean to me!” Nova rolled her eyes and knew it would be a long night with the kids.


“Relax mom,” Alex told her. “Some boy was hitting on Miku so DJ chased him off.”

“Yeah he was a little runt coming on to her. Asking her to go steady and stuff.”  DJ shrugged his shoulder and pop a grape into his mouth.

“IT’S NOT FAIR, THEY ARE ALWAYS DOING THAT TO ME!” she screeched at the top of her lungs.  Miku was becoming a beautiful young preteen.  She looked older than most girls and her flowing dark brown hair and her dark chocolate eyes made older boys flock to be around her. Her mother always said she got her temper from her father and her beauty from a combination of her and her father.  Her father feared when she becomes a teenager  that boys will be banging on the door.  Her brothers found it fun to making her life a living hell.

Nova placed her hands over her ears and yelled over her. “ENOUGH!” they all stiffen up and stood looking at their mother. “Miku Wildstar you know the rules of dating, not until your 16 and your very lucky that your father agree to that. He wanted you to start dating when you turn 30. Now get to your rooms and start your homework. I’ve had a very bad day and I don’t want to hear anything from you three.” She slammed a pot on the counter and they all knew to leave her alone.

As they walked back to their rooms Miku turned to her older brother, Alex. “What’s bugging her?”

“Leave it along Miku. What ever happened today is not going to make life easy for any of us. Let’s just lay low until dad comes home.” Just before Miku stepped into her room he said, “And don’t think that dad isn’t going to hear about that little punk. Next time you won’t have to worry about DJ its me he will have to deal with.” She huffed and rolled her eyes and slammed her door shut.

Nova jump to hear it slam and she want to run straight back there and give her a piece of her mind. But she knew it was their father she was upset with. She didn’t want to take it out on the kids.  Her mind focused on cooking and getting dinner ready for them. He strolled through the door 45 minutes late. She fumed more thinking of what she saw. He walked into the kitchen and slipped his hand around her waist. “Sorry I’m late, I had a meeting that went over. Mm, something smells good. What’s for dinner?” he nuzzled on her neck.

“Chicken!” she snapped back.

He frowned and his senses told him that she was little pissed tonight. “Um, something wrong?”

“NO!” she snapped again.”

Uh oh, someone’s in the dog house. Hope its not me. He thought. “Well I’ll just go change and be right out.” The sooner we eat the sooner we can get to what’s bugging her. Quickly he left to the room as not to give her time to reply to anything. They all sat at the table eating and chatting about their day. Derek watched as his wife sat quietly across from him. Her eye’s piercing through him. Oh shit its me that’s in trouble. Quickly he began to go through his day and week. Something is bugging her, but what did I do. God I hope its not Mai again. I hope she is not back starting trouble again.  Derek sat in the room waiting as she finished put the kids to bed. She walked in 30 minutes later quiet and straight to the closet where she changed into a tee shirt and pants. He feared to ask but knew he had too. “Um, Nova, is there something wrong?” he asked shaky.

“No, nothing is wrong.” She snapped again. “Why?”

“Well, um, you seem like your pissed at something. Is it the kids?”


He swallowed back and asked, “Is it me?”  she said nothing and turned down the bed and slipped in. “So it is me. What did I do now?” he racked his head all evening as to what he did to make her so angry, but couldn’t think of anything.

“You have no clue, do you!” she accused him.

“I have no clue, I swear! I’ve racked my brain thinking of what I could’ve done. But I have no clue.”

She sat up straight in bed, her eyes like a cat ready to pounce. “Well why don’t we recap your day. Starting before lunch, about, hmm, well about 1130 hours.”  He thought back and it hit him like a ton of bricks. How could she have known what happen in his office.  He slowly sat back down on the chair and stared silently at her. “Ringing a bell?”

“Nova, nothing was going on. I tripped and fell on top of her. I swear nothing happened.” He said defensively.

“Oh, so nothing happened. Well if that’s the case I believe you.” She said then laid back onto the bed.

Too easy, he thought. She doesn’t believe me. “Nova you have to believe me. I tripped on the rung and fell on top of her. Honestly!”

“I believe you Derek, really.” She said calmly. “It happens. See all you have to do is tell me the truth.”

“So you believe me?” he looked at her shocked.

“Of course I do.” She gave him a smile.

He felt something a mist. But she said she believed him that is all he had to know. 




The weeks went by and their kids would soon be out of school.  Nova planned everything to the T. She booked the flights had the house opened up and made arrangements with her father. She got up in good spirits and made breakfast for the kids and her husband. “Smells good.” She heard him whisper in her ear.

“The kids will be up soon. Its their last day of school. I just don’t know what I am going to do with them this whole summer. Leave it to Alex and DJ not to have anything plan. I thought they would at least want to fly all summer and Miku wanting to go with one of her friends to some tropical island. But this summer everyone wants to be close to home. Guess there will be no time for us” she said.

“Oh, I think we could make time.” He held her closer and kissed her gently. “Last night was great.”

She blushed and pushed him away. “It was, now go eat and get ready for work.”

“Hey I have an idea. Why don’t you come into town and we can have a long lunch.”

“Don’t think so. I have some meetings to go to for my father. I will see you tonight.” She kissed him quick and turn to finish making breakfast.




“Do you think that these new weapon systems will stand up to what we have now.” Sandor asked.

“Only one way to find out. We will have to make a proto type and see about any flaws. If the council approves one we can see about future ships.” Wildstar said. “Do you think we can get them to approve it?”

“I will talk to Samoto and Fujita. The both of them are always looking to upgrade without replacing men. Then we can all talk to Desmon. If we can get him on broad then the other will follow.”

“I think it will benefit the whole fleet.” Wildstar said. “What do you think Captain Chang?”

“I think,” he began.

“Sir,” Harvey walked in with another man. “This gentleman has something important for you.”

“Captain Derek Wildstar?”

“Yes that is me.” Wildstar replied.

“You’ve been served. Sorry about that.” He handed him an envelope and raced out the door.

“Served?” Wildstar opened the envelope and began to read. His eyes widen and he tried to catch his breath. Slowly he placed the papers back into the envelope and said. “I’m sorry about this but I have an emergency back at the house. I need to go.” He grabbed his coat and was ready to walk out.

“Wildstar is something wrong?” Sandor asked.

He moved him to corner of the office and said. “I need to get home fast, Sandor. I can’t explain right now because I don’t even know what the hell is going on myself.”

He took the envelope from his hand and open it up. Sandor read the papers and then place them back in. “Take as long as you like. I will finish up here. Let me know what’s going on.”

“Thanks Sandor.” And he raced out of the office and out of the building. He drove as fast as he could to their house. As he came to the house he noticed a huge moving truck in front. He jumped out of the car and ran into the house. “What the hell is going on here! Where is my wife!” he yelled at the workers. “Who is in charge here!” Wildstar demanded. They all pointed to a tall heavy set man with a clip board. “What’s the meaning of this?” he asked.

“You must be Mr. Wildstar. I was instructed to give you this.” He said and handed him a letter.


Dear Derek,

If your reading this letter you have been served with the divorce papers. Now how does it feel to be embarrassed as all others watch? Did you honestly think that I believed you when you said nothing happened with that woman. Sign the papers so we can both move on. Oh one more thing, don’t forget to watch the 6 o’clock news on channel 6. I think you will get a kick out of it.



He knew she was pissed but to do this was beyond what he thought she would do. She played him to the last minute. He thought everything was great. All he kept thinking was about the old story of the boy who cried wolf. Damn her! Then it hit him. His kids. She took his kids with her. “Where did she go?” he asked the man.

“I’m only here to pick up, nothing more.” He replied.

“Where are you taking all this stuff?”

“To a storage building, I was told to cover up the furniture and then hand the keys to you.  I was told to tell you by a,” he looked at his clip board and continued. “Mr. Forester, to keep the house. Do as you wish with it. Since it’s in your name and you bought it.

He felt his anger rise and wanted to straggle everyone. “GET OUT! Everyone get out. Leave everything and get the hell out.”

The team leader motion to all the men to leave. “Look I’m not one to get involved. We do what we are told and move on to the next house. If I were you I’d get in contact with Mr. Forrester.  Here is the key to the storage unit, its located here.” He handed him a piece of paper and then left.  Wildstar wasn’t listening. All he thought about is to find her and the only place to start was with his father in law.


He walked into the building and straight up to his office. He pushed past his secretary and into his office. “I’m sorry sir! He just pushed past me.” Abigale announced.

“It’s alright Abby, its fine. Please close the door behind you.”

Wildstar stood in front of his desk and slammed his hand on it. “Where is she!” he demanded.

“I have no idea where she went. She just asked me to file the papers.”

“Bullshit! I want my children back here on Great Island ASAP! I am still their father.”

“Do I have to remind you about your prenup with my daughter, not to mention you gave up all rights to the children.”

“Don’t you throw that in my face. I may have agreed to that back then but I have change my mind long after that. You tell your daughter that I want her back here with the kids by the end of the week or I will see you and her in COURT!”

“Captain, do you really want to drag them through a trail?”

Wildstar sat down across from him and stared at him in the eyes. “Don’t underestimate me. I think I have educated myself in the legal system. For one I know that I have a better chance of getting sole custody of my children. Now if you want to go to court, I say, bring it on.” He wasn’t about to stand down with him this time. To be blindsided by her with a divorce made him angry. “Now SIR, where is she.”

“I don’t know. But you can call her if you like. She may tell you.”

It never dawn on him to pick up his cell and call her and he felt dumb that he didn’t think of it. “I just might do that after I have my lawyer file for custody of my kids. So tell your sweet little girl that I will have them back here on Great Island by the end of the week.” He stood up and put on his cover. “Good day, pops!” and stormed out of the office. He slipped into his car and sat there taking deep breaths to calm himself down. He finally picked up his cell phone and dial her number. To his surprise he heard her voice.

“Hello Derek.”

“Where the hell are you!” he snapped into the phone.

“On a flight back to the states.” She answered as calm as she could.

“Get back here, and get back here NOW! I want my children here. I won’t  allow you to take them off of Great Island again!”

“ALLOW! Who are you to allow anyone what to do. I have my right to take my children where I would like.”

“Not this time sweetheart, I want them back here on Great Island so tell that pilot of yours to turn it around and get back here. You have one week to do so or else!” he snapped.

“Or Else what!” she snapped back.

“Or it will get ugly quick and we will battle this out in court.”

She took a deep breath and stay quiet for a while then finally said. “Look if you want to see them you can come out to the house and see them. “

“That’s not convenient for me.” He said with sarcasm.

“I have to go.” She said exhausted. “Anyway have you seen the show?”

He almost forgot, “What am I going to hear, Nova?” He asked weary.

“Nothing that you haven’t already done and done to me.” With that she hung up.

His heart almost stopped beating, what could she have done. He could only wait and see. He looked at his watch and it was growing close to the hour. I guess I better get home and see what she’s done. He walked through the door just in time to turn on the TV and tune in to his wife’s interview. 


“Good evening, this is Ana Chang and tonight I have an exclusive with the reclusive Nova Forrester Wildstar. . . . .”


He sat and watched as his wife face came into view. She gave the interview right here in their house, while his children where there. He felt his temper rise even more. All this time trying to protect them and here she was exposing them to the world. He listened as she explained her life with him. All the affairs and why she took him back all those times. She cried as she finally spoke about her past with Aaron Peterson and the abuse she endured. She then acknowledged her affair with Mark Venture which made him cringe. He never wanted the world to see her in that state. She let everything be told and then finally made a statement for all to here.

“Now that everyone finally heard my side and I really don’t care what people think of me. I just want them to leave me alone. I hope with this interview that the press and those blood sucking paparazzi will finally leave me and my family alone. Especially my ex-husband Captain Wildstar.”  Ex-husband? Has she already moved on without him. Though he was upset that she put their dirty laundry for all to know he had to give her props that she put herself out there and own her side of the their fail marriage over the years. For her to admit that she was in an abusive relationship made him want to protect her more than ever. He had a new respect for his wife. No wonder she left the country. She didn’t want them hounding her for another interview. But he didn’t expect for her to divorce him again. He looked around the living room, most of their things were gone and the house looked empty. Another thing he notice how quiet it was. No kids screaming or laughing, just silence. It made him feel lonely and longing for them to walk through the door screaming surprise we finally fooled you. But reality set in fast the next day when they weren’t there.  He walked into Sandor office and sat down. “I need some time off.” He announced.

“I thought you would want to. Sorry about what happened. I have to say she went all out this time. How are you holding up?”

“A little shell shocked. I didn’t even know she was thinking this. All this time I thought everything was alright and then Bang. What the fuck happened? I need to go and try to make it work. I’m not ready to give up on my marriage and if she thinks that this is over she is sadly mistaken.”

“That’s a great attitude but does she feel the same?” Sandor didn’t want him to have high hopes. After the publicized televised interview he doubted that she wanted to save their marriage. 

“I have to try Sandor. If I don’t then I can never move forward.”

“I’ve already put in the paper work. But the council needs you to do one thing before you go.”

Wildstar rolled his eyes and asked. “What?”

“They want you to check out the new black tiger.”

“You know I can’t.” Wildstar said.

“I know, but if you don’t they would like to know why. I’ve manage to keep everything on the down low, but it won’t be long before its all out.”

“This can end my career, Sandor. You have to figure out something for me.”

“It won’t end your career just your life as a pilot.”

He felt defeated. First he finds out that he could have some damn tumor in his head , then his wife leaves him and now this. “I can’t just sit in some office. It’s not me.”

“I’m trying my best to work something out. In the meantime,”

“I’ll do it. When?”

“You can go first thing in the morning.  Just knock it out and then you can go.”

“I’ll speak to the doctor before I go and let you know.”

“Wildstar, does Nova know?”

“No, I didn’t want her to worry. I want to know what the pros and cons are before I tell her. But now, I just don’t know. I want her back but not like that. I don’t want pity and I know my wife she will stick around to make sure that I am okay. I want her by my side because she wants to not because I am sick.”

“She should know. At least the kids.”

“No, the kids will defiantly tell her. No its best to keep this quiet for now. Anyway my doctor says it may not be too serious, a simple surgery to remove it and some Chemo.  He said we caught it early which is a good thing. I’ll be there first thing, 0600?”

“0600, see you then.”





It was two days prior to her serving him with papers. He sat in the doctor’s office and waited for Doctor Nakahara to walk through the door. Wildstar sat there jumping with anticipation for his test results. What was he going to tell him? Was it serious? The dizzy spells didn’t let up after blacking out in his office. He had to find out what was wrong with him. The door flew open and watched as Doctor Nakahara raced in with a  folder in his arms and sat down across from him. “Good morning captain Wildstar.”

“Let’s cut all the formality. What is wrong with me?”

He looked down and passed the glasses on his nose. “Yes of course.” He opened the folder and then sat back in his chair. “there is no other way of sugar coating it. We found a tumor on the left side of brain.”

He could feel the room spin and he held on for dear life. It took him a minute to recover and he sat back, “How long do I have doc?”

“It all depends on you Captain. You can let it go and you’ll have a few years or we can do surgery and you can live until your 100 years old. It all depends on you. The tumor is in the early stages and we found it in time. Of course you will need chemotherapy to make sure we have gotten in all and then you can live your normal life. We will know after the first five years if you are completely free of the tumor. This is not something you will recover from overnight but we can prevent from it coming back. I would like to do surgery right away. I will see with my assistant as to when we can fit you in.”

“Is this something that I can do without it leaking to the press? Or even family?”

“We are obiligated to keep this private. No one will know unless you tell them. But I do think you should at least tell you family, especially your wife. You will need all the support you can.”

“Yes I understand. This is not something I can blurt out. I have to tell her this delicately.”

“This matter is something you want to wait on. We will have to do surgery ASAP. So please don’t take this lightly.”

It was something he thought about and now here he sat in the cockpit of one of the newer black tiger models. His flight test started fine, he work the fighter as normal, going over all the flaws in his head. He pushed it hard and up into the sky. Quickly he flew into outer atmosphere and maneuvered it around. Mid way back he felt a slight pain in his head. No, not now, just let me get back on the ground and then you can pass out. I need to finish this. Just a few more minutes, that’s all I’m asking. He made his way down quicker and from the distance he could see the base and air field.  Come on, almost there. The air strip came closer and he held his breath as he slowly began his approach. It felt like eternality but actually took seconds for him to land. As he brought the fighter to a stop he finally passed out.  He woke up to Sandor and three mechanics standing over him while he lay on the floor. “Wildstar, are you alright?” Sandor asked.

“What, what happened?” he tried to focus but everything was still blurry. “How did I get here?”

“Airman first class Tanaka and Airman Hashimoto took you out. You managed to stop the fighter but you never came out. So Tanaka went to see if there was anything he could help you with and found you passed out. Are you okay? Can you stand up?”

“Yeah,” he said and began to stand up. “Whoa,” the room started to spin and he lay back down. “Just give me a minute.”

Sandor turned to the two men and said, “this stays here, understood?” he gave them both a piercing look and they both nodded. “You both can go.”

Wildstar began to get up again as Sandor help him. “I’m good.” He waved his hand at him.  “Doc says that these things will happen. It’s expected, as he would say.” He rolled his eyes and stood up. “Well can I get that leave. I have a lot to do back in the states.”

“Not until you see your doctor and make sure that your good.” Sandor pat him on the back and they walked out to his car.





Nova settled into everyday with her children. School was out for the summer and she was enjoying her time with them. It’s been weeks since she heard from her husband and figured he threw in the towel and decided to let her go.  It was quiet in the house. Alex was out with his friends and DJ tagged along. Miku was at a sleep over and wouldn’t be back till the next day. Nova  sat in her bed reading a book when she heard the noise coming from the guest house. “Damn these kids. I hope they don’t think that they are going to hang out there all night long.”  She grabbed her robe and headed out to the guest house.


She jumped to see both her sons walking through the door. “You scared me. Are you two just coming home?”

“Yeah, it was a lame party so me and Deej figure it best to go home and hang here. What are you doing up we both thought you’d be fast asleep.”

“I heard something in the guess house. I thought it was you and your friends. I was about to go out there and tell you guys to keep it quiet.”

“Must be a raccoon or something.” DJ said.  “Well, I’m going to bed. See you in the morning. Night Mom.”

“Good night baby.” She said then started to go out to the guest house.

“Mom, are you still going out there?” Alex asked.

“It’s probably a coyote going through the trash can. It might have gotten into the guest house somehow.”

“I’m going with you.” Alex said. He now stood taller than his mother and lankier.

She smiled at him knowing that he was so protective of her and said. “Grab a flash lights.”

They made their way to the guest house talking about his night with his brother and friends. “DJ can be so competitive when it comes to flying.”

“Let’s face it, he is an excellent pilot.” His mother said.

“I know he is and between you and I he is much better than I am.” Nova stopped walking and looked at the door to the Guest House. “Stay here, I’ll go first.”

She held him back and said. “No, go get me my gun.” Alex ran back into the house and straight to her bedroom.  Nova walk slowly to the door and looked at the blood stain hand print on the wall. Her heart pound hard in her chest and took a deep breath.


She turned to her son and placed her finger on her mouth. “Stay here.” She ordered him and slipped into the guest house. Adjusting her eyes to the dark she moved slowly around the house that was once her husbands. She heard a noise come from the bathroom and she made her way there. A light shine from under the close door and she held her breath and opened the door.

“Don’t shoot!” she heard him say. “It’s me Nova.”

She found him sitting on the floor partially covered in blood. “My God! Neil, what happened!” She grabbed some towels and began putting pressure on his shoulder. “ALEX!” she screamed out. Alex raced in and was shock to see him also. “Go back to the house and get my first aid bag.” He stood there staring at them and she yelled again. “ALEXANDER! Go to the house and get my first aid bag NOW!” Making him jump and race back to the house. “How did this happen?”

“What are you doing here?” he asked breathing heavily.

“Save your strength. Come on get on the bed.” She helped lift him to the bed and laid him down. Alex raced back into the room and gave his mother her bag. Nova quickly removed his shirt and place gauze pads on his shoulder. “Alex, go into the bathroom take the towels in there and wet them, then bring them back to me. Neil I need to take the rest of your clothes off.” She moved quickly to remove his pants and shoes and socks. He now laid on the bed in his boxer briefs. Nova began to wipe off the blood from his chest and arms. She focused at his wound and cleaned it carefully. “It’s a deep cut, but you will be alright. I’ll have to give you some stitches but it should heal well.” She took out some topical and wipe it near his wound. She then brought out a syringe and shot him with local Anesthesia and then began to sow him up. She looked at it one last time and smiled. “There you go. That shouldn’t leave a scar. Now let me check you over. What else hurts?” she checked him over and felt that he would be fine. “Here take these.” She shoved some motrin in his hand and some water. “These will help with sleep and the pain. Come on let’s change these sheets.” She looked at the bed sheets now soak with blood and figure it was best to throw it all out. Neil sat on a chair watching as she took off all the sheet and bed spread with Alex’s help and tossed them into a garbage bag. She then pull out clean white sheets and blankets and dressed the bed. Alex and Nova took hold of Neil and laid him back on the bed. “Now rest.” She ordered him. “we will talk in the morning.” With that she kissed his head and let him rest.  When he finally woke up he saw her sitting across from him on a couch.  She quickly got up and grabbed his hand. “How do you feel?”

“Better, thank you.”

“You should eat, you need your strength.” She quickly went to the kitchen and made him some eggs and bacon.  She sat on the edge of the bed and helped him eat.

“You don’t have to do this. I can use my other hand.” He said.

“Hush, I don’t mind.” She said and put the fork closer to his mouth. “So what happened?” she asked.

“I was in battle with someone. My Gundam took a hell of a beating. I wasn’t sure I would make it back to Earth.”

“Do you want me to contact anyone?” she asked as she wiped his forehead with a towel.

“No, they already know. My Gundam is at the edge of the property.” Nova frown and he tried to ease her concerns. “Don’t worry its hidden.  No one can see it from the sky. They would have to actually trip over it. I just have to lay low for now. All the others are doing the same right now.”

“How long do you think they will have to hide out?” she asked.

“I don’t know. But at least for now the battle is over.”  He reached for her hand and squeezed it. “You look great. I missed you. How are you? How is Wildstar and the kids?”

She smiled slightly, “The kids are good. We are here for the summer.”

He looked into her eyes and asked. “Derek?”

“We aren’t together any longer. I file for divorce again. I guess a Leopard never changes his spots. I just picked up the kids and came out here to get away. I know how the press can be once they find out we are separated again.  Doesn’t help that I gave an interview, but for once in my life I gave him what he deserves. To be embarrassed  like I have in the past.” She said through grit teeth.

“Nova what did you tell them?” he looked at her with concern.

“Everything. From his first affair to him putting someone else child ahead of his own.” She said bitterly. “But I also told them I wasn’t the innocent one, I did tell them about my own affairs. At least I own my mistakes. He seems to hide everything like burying bodies. I just had to walk away before it got crazy like before. I caught him with some cheap tramp in his office on his couch. No I couldn’t go through it again. I had to wait a few weeks and not let on that I knew but the minute the kids finished school I serve him with the papers and flew out as soon as I could. Of course I will go back once everything is calm down but for now the kids are happy and I’m at peace.”

“Have you spoken to him?”

“Not since I left. Funny I thought that he would have flew out here to see the kids or try to convince me to come back but he hasn’t even called. I guess it safe to say that he has no interest in us anymore. Whatever it is I should expect him to walk through the door with flowers to win me back.” She sighed and he knew she was hurting even though she try to put up a front.

He slipped his hand behind her neck and pulled her closer to him. Slowly he moved closer to her lips and kissed her. She felt breathless from his kiss. How she missed him also. “I’m so sorry, if I’d known I would have never left.”

She smiled and touched his face. “You should rest. I’ll come in later and check your dressings and check on you.” She quickly got up and left. Walking back to the main house she thought of how life would have been with him. She remembered the laughter and love they had when they lived here, but he left and she figured it was best to move on. She loved her husband but her trust was much more then shattered. It was destroyed and she couldn’t look back.




He wasn’t prepared to go into an emergency surgery.  After his last flight Sandor insisted that he go see his doctor and get clear to fly back to the states. What his doctor told him sent him into a whirl wind. “I’m sorry Captain Wildstar but it looks like its growing. We need to go in and get it out before it’s too late.”

“I can’t doc. I have to see my wife and kids.”

“Well the only way you’re going to see them is in a body bag. I can guarantee you that the symptoms will only get worst. I can schedule you in first thing in the morning.” Wildstar bowed his head and agree to get this over with. “Would you like me to call your wife and let her know that you will be going in?”

“No, she doesn’t know.” Wildstar announced. Doctor Nakahara stared at him in shock. “relax doc. We’re separated and I rather not let her worry. This stays between you and I, understood.”

“Yes, but I think you should have someone here for support. It’s not going to be an easy recovery.”

“Yeah I know. So what do I need to do now.”

“I’ll have you checked in tonight. We will start with blood work and have an EKG done. Make sure that your ticker is good. This is going to be a very delicate surgery so we both will need our rest.”

“Look Doc, it’s important that this doesn’t get out. I have to think about my career. If this gets back to EDf,”

“Captain Wildstar that is why you came to me and not a military doctor.”

“Thank you.”

He turned to leave and then asked one last time. “Are you sure you don’t want me to contact your wife?”

“I’m sure, doc.”

“Very well, I’ll have my nurse get all the arrangements ready for you. Give me a few to get a room for you.”


Wildstar woke up in a haze. He tried to focus but the room was completely blurry. He felt someone touch his hand and he squint to see who it was. He tried to speak and he heard a voice. “Captain Wildstar tried not to speak. Your vocal cords need to heal a little from the tube incubation. You’ll find it hard to speak right now because of your brain function. It will take some time to get it back.” The voice wasn’t anyone he recognized and he looked closer to see a pretty nurse standing over him.

“How?” he was barely whispering.

“It’s been almost a day. The surgery was successful. They got the tumor out in time. Doctor Nakahara says you will be starting Chemo in the morning for extra precaution.  Looks like you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time. Would you like for me to call someone. Mrs. Wildstar?”

Derek shook his head no and spoke in a low whisper. “Separated.”

“Oh I see.”  She said. “Well I’m Nurse Felicia and if you need anything please let me know.  Oh yeah,  a admiral Sandor stopped in to see you earlier. He said to call once you were up. Would you like for me to call him?” Wildstar shook his head yes and she left to make the call.

Derek laid awake staring at the ceiling thinking of his family. He needed them more now but refused to burden them with what was happening to him. Within the hour Sandor walked through his room door smiling that he was alright. “How do you feel?” he asked. Wildstar gave him a thumbs up. “Good to hear. Everyone is wishing you a speedy recovery.” Wildstar frowned at him. “Relax only Venture and a few others know. I call Nova,” he began and saw him frown with worry. “I didn’t tell her anything.  I just told her that you were called out on duty. That way she didn’t worry or the kids don’t think that you don’t care about them. It will give you time to recover.”  He nodded his head and looked away in a gaze. “Wildstar I know this is hard for you to go through alone. I can still call Nova. I’m sure that she would like to know. It might bring you two back together.”

He shook his head quickly and try to speak, “No, no pity.”

“For god sakes, Wildstar, if it were her you would like to know. Don’t shut her out, she should know.” Sandor tried to plead with him.

His face grew angry and he forced himself to speak. “I said NO! have to get better then go to her. I don’t want pity!” he slammed his fist on the bed.

“Alright, relax. Your secret is safe with me. She won’t hear it from me.”





It was two weeks since she found him covered in blood in her guest house. He was soon up and walking around. Nova stayed by his side most of the day. She changed his dressing and look after his wound as it heal. She knocked gently on his door and then walked in. “I brought you breakfast.” She announced as she entered. “It’s a beautiful day. I thought that we could go for a drive down to Yuma. There’s this lake at the proving grounds. We can sit next to the water and take in the sun.”

Neil slipped on his tee shirt and giggled. “You are always trying to get me to do something. Can’t we just sit here and relax. I thought that you were some kind of recluse.  You always said that you hate the press.”

“After all these years I don’t care anymore. I just want to be free.” She sang.

“My aren’t you in a happy mood.” He laughed at her. “What’s the good news?”

“Oh my divorce papers came today. All I have to do is signed them and send them to Derek.”

“So this makes you happy? Isn’t that something that should bring a little sadness in your life. I mean, it will be over soon.”

“It was over for long time. I guess I will have to wait until he signs his part then file them with the state. Now come here and eat. I have to see what the kids will be doing and then I am all yours.”


“Mom how long will uncle Neil be here?” Alex asked.

“As long as he wants. He needs us right now.” She said. “Anyway have you heard from your father?”

“You know uncle Stephen said that he is out on a mission and will be gone for a while.’

“Of course he is.” She said under her breath. All she thought about who he was with. But for the sake of her children she kept her opinion to herself. “Well I hope he calls soon. I have somethings to discuss with him.”

“Discuss what?” Alex asked.

“It’s not of your concern.”


“God I hate when you call me that. It’s the same way you say Father to your father.

“Then stop treating me like a child.”

She stood up straight and looked at her son. He was a handsome young man, standing tall like his father with the same eyes and smile. Both he and DJ inherit their father’s good looks. He was as handsome as his father was at his age. She began noticing the stream of girls that want to be by their side. There were here in the states and back on Great Island.  She made a mental note to weed out the bad seeds from the good and there were more bad then good. It wasn’t hard to determine the ones that just wanted to be associated with the Wildstar name and only seek some kind of fame. Miku was more her father’s and brothers problem. Which wasn’t much, anyone trying to even talk with the youngest female Wildstar was shot down and interrogated like a common criminal. No boy had a chance with Miku, her brothers made sure to that. She knew the only one that would get through with her brother’s will then have to deal with her father. “Alexander, this is not of your concern. You are not my father, nor my husband.”

“It’s not fair to us that you just picked us up and left without telling dad. Do you think that we don’t know what is about to happen. This is the only place that you take us to hide away from the press. We’re not stupid mom. I saw the papers, who was it this time?”

Nova stood quiet. He was too smart. Her eyes narrow and she turned her back to him. “Leave it alone Alexander. No matter what happens he is still your father and he loves you.”

“If he loves us so much why does he continue to hurt you.” He said with distain. “So are we here for good or will we return to him? Will you forgive him again? Because he doesn’t deserve us. He is nothing but a coward,” she walk to him and slapped him hard across the face. It shocked her more than him. She never raised her hand to her son ever and now here she was striking him. Alex held his hand on his face and looked away in shame. “I’m sorry mom. I just,”

Tears of anger and frustration ran down her face. Never in a million years did she want her son calling his father a coward. He sacrificed a lot for his world and he’d give up his life for his children. She would not let him talk badly about his father. “You are our son. He loves you, no matter what you think of him. You will respect him, he deserves it. What has happened to him and I has nothing to do with how he feels about you. You, DJ and Miku are his world and he will die for you three to protect you. You will never disrespect him, do you understand me!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Now I have to attend to Neil.”  She pulled her shoulders back and walked out the house to the guest house. Neil knew something was wrong the minute she walked through the door. “How do you feel?” she asked.

“A lot better, but how do you feel.” He asked. She looked at him confused. “What happened? Is everything alright at the house? Is Derek here?”

“No why would you ask that?”

“Because the only one that can make you frown with anger is him.”

“Seems like his son is starting to push those buttons now.”


“No Alex.”


She took a deep breath and gave him a smile. “He is just concern as to what will happen with his father and I. I guess he is starting to put up his walls for his father.” She began to take off his dressing and look over his healing wounds.  “How do you feel?”

“Much better, considering I have the best nurse to watch over me.” He took her hand in his and kissed it. “Thank you Nova. I really wasn’t expecting anyone here. I thought you would still be on Great Island. It’s the only place I know that no one else knows about.”

“It’s alright. I wasn’t expecting to see you either.” She smiled.

“I guess this is destiny.”

“I wouldn’t say that. It’s more like coincidence.”

“No Nova, its destiny.”

“Neil, don’t think that we can pick up from where we left off, because we can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I am still married to him and I don’t know if he will let go so easily. Plus I don’t know how long he will be away. Sandor said only a few months but sometimes it can be longer.”

“Explains why he hasn’t been around. So how long are you going to be here?”

“Just for the summer, although he thinks forever. I know where my children belong. They need to be near their father. I’ve already cleared the air with the press so there will be no need for them to hound us as to what we will do next.”

“At least you hope.”

“Anyway, when he returns he doesn’t have to come all the way out here to see the kids. I’ve already bought a house a few miles from the old one. He had no clue to what I was doing and I wanted it to keep it that way. He would only try to convince me to stay if I told him my plans, not to mention the kids at what they would want. Miku is her father’s princess and he is wrapped around her finger. No it was best to do it this way. It was a bonus that he was shipped out about the same time. It makes starting over a lot easier.”

“So you’re starting over?”

“Neil I can’t start on another relationship right now. I have to concentrate on me and the kids, not another man.”

“Understood,” he placed his hand on her face and brought it up to meet his. “I still love you.”

She looked into his eyes and thought he had the bluest of eyes. They made her melt into them. “I know you do. I’ve loved you too, but I need my space right now. I can’t let anyone hurt me again like he had. I have to protect my heart. Guard it with every beat of it. I will not allow someone back into my life that will hurt me with their indiscretion. I will not allow them to make a fool of me ever again.”

“I will never hurt you, Nova.”  She smiled and gently kissed his cheek. He grabbed her hand and brought it to his heart. “This is my only chance to continue what we had. When we saw each other last time I wanted to stay. I knew you were hurting and it made me angry that he was the one hurting you. I wanted to take you in my arms and steal you from him. He didn’t deserve you then and he doesn’t now.”

“But what will happen when they call you back. What will happen then?”

He squeezed her hand and smiled. “I’m not going back. I want to stay here with you and the kids. I’ve missed you so much and miss the kids. Please, just one more chance.” His voice was horse and she could see deep into his eyes. How she wanted to believe him, but her guard was up and she didn’t want to be hurt again. “Nova, I love you, please?”

“Why don’t you rest. We can do something tomorrow.” She stood up and quickly left him. She raced back to the main house tears streaming down her face.





The summer month’s sail away fast. Nova prepared for their return back to Great Island. Midway Neil made a full recovery. He wasn’t new to battle wounds. He didn’t want her to go back. He like it there with her and the kids. He had to convince her to stay. He didn’t want to lose her again. No this time he was going to make sure that she be his wife. He walked into her bedroom and watched as she packed. She looked up and smiled. “How’s your shoulder today?”

He moved it slowly and then rotated around. “Doing great, thanks to you. So, getting ready to head back?”

“Yes, we head back in a few days.  I have to get the kids back a least a week before school starts again.” She saw the sadness in his eyes and sat down on the bed. “You can stay here if you like. We probably won’t use it until next summer.”

“I don’t want you to go.” He said standing at the door way.

“Neil, I never intended to stay here.  I have to go back.”

“What about us?” he asked in desperation.

She huffed. The last thing she wanted to do is run into an old flame. But he was there and he needed her. “Neil,”

He raced over to her and kneeled down in front of her. “Don’t go. Stay here with me. Send the kids back to their father. We can always visit them, I love you and want to spend my life with you.”

She frowned, “Neil, I can’t leave my kids. They are my world. You’re asking me to just hand over my kids to Derek. I won’t do it and for you to ask me that is selfish.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to lose you again.” He took her hand and placed it on his chest. “Nova, please think about it.”

She huffed and then looked at his disappointed face. She touched his face and said. “Please understand that Great Island is where the kids need to be. Their father is there and for me to stay here with them will break his heart. I swore I would never use them as pawns to make his life miserable just like I wouldn’t want him to do it to me.”  She took a deep breath and smiled. “I do still love you but I have to go back.” Their time together brought back feelings that at least she tried to fight.  Each day with him made her want him more.  It was a sigh of relief that the summer was over and she had to return back to Great Island. “Anyway, there is still a lot that Derek and I have to work on with the divorce. I thought he would have sign them by now and that we would be already divorce. But with EDF shipping him off I have to wait until he comes home to sign them. I’m expecting some resentment and frustration from him. I just hope he doesn’t give me a hard time with the kids and just sign the papers and move on.”

Neil raise his eyebrow and grinned. “So you will be free again?”

Nova smiled back, “if everything works out. But I know Derek.”





He began his therapy days after his surgery. He didn’t want to waste time lying around. His goal was to recover and go see about his marriage. He never anticipated being in the hospital for the whole summer. He didn’t try contacting Nova or his kids, after all Sandor told them that he would be unreachable. He now sat in his room waiting for the doctor to give him the okay to leave. Almost three months in the hospital and he was ready to leave.  Day’s earlier Sandor informed him that Nova and the kids were now back on Great Island. He felt his excitement grow. He wanted to get out of there ASAP. He smiled to see his nurse walk into the room. “Getting Excite?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am” Wildstar said.

“Well it’s going to be pretty dull around here now that you’re going home.  What is a girl to do?” she played.

Wildstar grinned, “I’m sure that there will be another annoying sailor that will come through those doors ready to push everyone’s buttons.”

“Well I doubt that we will have someone as high profile as you are.” She saw that he grinned a little wider and thought she was going to miss him. He was nothing more than a perfect gentleman and determined to get better.  He barely spoke about his family but always had good conversations about his life in space. She would sit with him for hours listening and talking about life. She never pressed him about his private life and he was grateful about that. She helped him with his psychical therapy, assisting him in walking and conditioning his legs. When he didn’t eat she was there encouraging to eat so he could get stronger. Besides Sandor she was the only contact to the outside world he had. She would show him pictures she took when she went for walks and when he was well enough she would take him outside on the grounds to walk around. On clear days she would watch him as he sat outside and stare into nothing. She figured he thought about his family but never asked. He wanted his privacy and hospital rules were to make sure that their patients got that. There was no prying into anyone’s life. Wildstar picked that hospital and doctor for just that reason. “Doctor  Nakahara will be in shortly with your release papers. I’ll walk you through what you need to do when you get home.” Home, he thought. Where was home now. She left him the house but there was no one there to be with. She saw him frowned and was ready to ask him but decide against it.

Derek looked out the window feeling excited and fearful to going back to the house. He hadn’t talked with anyone since going in for emergency surgery and he missed his family so much.  So many times he wanted to pick up the phone and call them. But he knew that his health would come out and take over what was really wrong with what happened in their marriage. He didn’t want pity and he didn’t want them around because he was sick. The tumor was finally gone and his doctor gave him a clean bill of health. There was no stopping him now to get back his life on track with his family.  “Captain Wildstar?” Wildstar turned to see Doctor Nakahara walk in looking at his chart. He scriptable on the chart and handed him some papers. “Your clear to go.” Wildstar grabbed the papers and dress quickly. He couldn’t wait to get out of there. First thing was to check into a hotel. He dreaded going back to a cold empty house. Then he needed to find where his wife was with his kids. He asked Sandor to get what information he could to find her. He drove straight to the Great Island Hotel and check in. Once he settle in he began his calls. Sandor confirmed that she was now back on Great Island and gave him the address. He wanted to go straight there but found he was exhausted and figure it was best to wait until the next day to see her.



The weather was changing. The summer season almost gone and there was a cool breeze of fall starting to set in. She was completely settle into the house and the kids were back in school. Alex now a tall teenager was now enrolled in EDF High school academy. DJ would follow soon after. Miku began her 5th year of elementary leaving Nova to take some time before deciding on what she will do now. She stood outside in the back yard looking into the mountains. The sight of migrating birds heading south for the winter caught her eye. It’s going to be a cold winter. She thought. Their leaving earlier than usual. She snuggle her sweater tighter and head back in the house. She heard someone knocking on the door and raced to answer it. “Gosh I’m sorry I was out,” she began and then realized who was standing in front of her. She never expected him to find her this soon.  “Neil! How did you find me?” she asked.

“Like I said, I’m always watching.” He smiled wide. “Hello beautiful. I know I should have called but since our last conversation I didn’t want you to talk me out of seeing you. I miss you.” He slip his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. “I hope that your not mad.”

She found herself giddy to see him again. She threw her arms around his neck and held him tight. “I missed you too.”

“Kids in school?”

“Yes, they’ll be home in a few hours. Are you staying long?”

“As long as you want me too.” He announced.

“What do you mean?”

“Nova, I’m here to stay for good. If you will have me?” she was speechless. He was willing to give everything up to be with her. “If not I can go,”

“No,” she found herself saying. “Stay.” She was surprised of her answer. She truly wanted him to stay and be part of her life.


Derek looked on in the distance as he saw Neil knock on the door and Nova answered it. Within seconds they were hugging and went into the house. He felt his heart break into a million pieces. He sat in his car and cried knowing that he lost her to him again. He thought he was gone forever and now here he was holding his wife in his arms. Well Wildstar I guess it’s truly over. He wiped his tears and drove back to the city.

He called two days later. To his surprise she sounded happy to hear from him. “Hello Nova. Sorry about not keeping in touch.”

“Nonsense Derek. When did you get back?” she asked.

“A few days ago. I would have called sooner but you know EDF and their debriefing. So can I see the kids?”

“Of course you can. When would like to see them?”

“How about in an hour or so? I’m in the city right now.”

“Sure, you can stay for dinner if you like. Do you have a pen and paper for the address?” She said and then gave him the address. Wildstar listen and rather not tell her that he already knew. Best to just let her believe that he’s been in space. “Derek, the kids will be happy to see you.”

“I’m happy to see them too. Nova, I missed,” he began and then stopped himself from opening up. He held his tears back and just said. “I’ll see you soon.”

He stood at her door waiting for her to open the door. She swung open the door and smiled at him. “Hey!”

He smiled, “Hello Nova. Kids home yet?”

“No, they won’t be here for another hour. Come in. Have a seat. I’ll make some tea or would you like something else instead?”

“No, no, tea is fine. Thank you.” He stared around the house and found it warm and inviting. He walked around the living room and saw she had pictures of the kids scatter around it. He picked one up with the three of them at the beach. Another picture sat next to it with all of them in the picture. He remembered when they took it. It was at one of the reunions of the star force and Venture took it. 

“I remember that one.” He heard her say as she entered the room.

He smiled, “Reunion with the star force. The kids loved it. It was a great time even Alex came from Iscandar to see them all. Better times,” he gave the picture one more look and then placed it back on the mantle.

“It was a nice time.” She looked away.

He nodded his head and then sat down. “How are they?”

“They’re fine. They miss you a bunch.”

“Why, Nova?” he didn’t want to pertain anymore with her. She embarrassed him and broke his heart. He wanted to know.

“Come on Derek, let’s not pertain about what I saw. I wasn’t going to be blindsided by another one of your indiscretions. I wasn’t going to let my kids see it hit every rag out there. It was best to call it a day and move on. Which reminds me, have you signed the papers yet? I know that you just got back but its best to get it over with.”

“I don’t want to deal with that right now. You picked up and left me and took my kids. Not to mention you announce to the world about our life. I would never have done that to you.”

“No, you would have let everyone think what they wanted to think. I had to do something to stop anyone from hounding me and the kids about your affairs.”

“I didn’t have an affair! I told you I trip and fell.”

“How convenient to fall on top of a pretty officer and her blouse just fell off too.”  She huffed.

“That was an accident. I went to grab something to balance out.”

“Balance out? Okay if that’s your story, then I’ll believe it. When pigs FLY! Look, don’t think that you can come here and think that we can work it out, because I am pretty much done. So stick a fork in me, because I AM DONE!”

“I’m not lying! For once believe when I tell you nothing happened with me and that woman. She was just as embarrassed as I was. Nova, please just believe me. I can’t go through this again.”

“Tough, it’s too late.”

“What have you told the kids?”

“Nothing, only that things weren’t working out with us.”


“Relax, Wildstar. Your son still loves you.” She got up and walked out of the room. Wildstar sat looking down to floor trying to hold back his pain. Why was this happening to him? All he ever wanted was his family. He got up to find her when the door flew open and he heard his youngest son yell for him.

“DAD!” They all ran to him and hugged him tight. Wildstar couldn’t let them go. He held them all so tight.

“Gosh you don’t know how much I missed you guys.” He cried. It was the only time they ever saw him cry. He kissed them all one by one and took his daughter into his arms and hugged her extra tight. “Miku you’re looking more like your mother. So beautiful.”

“I missed you so much daddy. Mommy said that Uncle Sandor said you had to go into space.”

“Yes sweetheart but I’m back now. And you know what? I’m not going anywhere anymore. I’m here to stay. Daddy put in his papers to retired.”

“Retired?” Nova said.

“Yes Nova, I’m retiring. Its time I spend more time with the kids.” She looked at him almost disappointed. “Is something wrong?”

“No, just that we had talked about it so many times after,” she drifted her words.

“I’ll just do consulting again. It worked out for me before.”

“Are you sure about this?” Nova asked.

“Yes, I am. Why don’t you want me to be around more for the kids now that we,”

She cut him short. “Kids, can you let me and your father talk.”

“No, Nova, I’m here to see my kids not to discuss my retirement. This is my time with my kids.” He felt his anger start to escalate.

She saw his stare of anger and decide to back off. “Okay. I’ll go start dinner. Are you staying?” she asked.

“If it’s okay with you.” She nodded her head yes and went into the kitchen.  Wildstar turned to his kids and smiled. “SO! What’s been going on around here. How is school Alex? Do you like your teachers? DJ you’ll be starting soon what are you taking up for the next semester?” They all spoke all at once telling him about what was going on. Miku spoke the loudest and yelled out about Neil staying with them at the house in Arizona.

Alex finally stepped in and interrupted his sister, “He was only there for a short time dad.” He could see the hurt in his face and decided to down play Neil being there with them.

“No he wasn’t Al!” she yelled back.

“Miku!” Alex snapped and gave her a stare the made her shift her feet.

It gave Wildstar a good feeling that his oldest son was trying to protect his feelings. Or was it that he was protecting his mother? Well I will have to just take it as if he is trying to protect me, he thought. “Its okay Al.” They spoke long with each other until Nova walked back into the room and announced dinner.

Miku grabbed her father arm and said. “Your staying and having dinner, right daddy.”

He looked at his wife and she gave him a smile. “I made enough Derek. Come on let’s all sit down.”

He felt like nothing happen with him and Nova. They all engaged in conversation, laughing at things that happen during his time away. At one point he wanted to tell them where he really was and what happened. But it will only bring worry to their faces and then everything will only be focus on him. No he didn’t want their pity. He loved his night with them. It was just another day. At the end of dinner Nova got up and cleared the table. He only wished that it wouldn’t end. “Well its late,” he announced.

“Are you leaving Daddy?” Miku asked.

“Sorry honey, but I should be heading back. Plus you and your brothers have homework and have school in the morning.”

“Derek, It’s okay. Why don’t you help them with their homework. I have some work I would like to catch up with. If you need anything I’ll be in my office.” She said sweetly and left him to be with their children. She didn’t realize that it was past 10 when she heard a knock on the door. “Hey, are you leaving?” she asked.

“Yes. Thank you for letting me spend time with them. I guess we have to figure out some schedule for them.”

“I think we can do what we did last time. Every other week and weekends, and we can alternate holidays.”

He leaned against the door and huffed. “You have it all planned. Don’t you.”

“Are we going to fight about this?” she asked annoyed.

“No, no. But I wish you would have come to me about anything before filing for divorce. You blindsided me completely. Is it really about whatever it was you saw? Or is it something or someone else?” he asked wanting to know if she was seeing Neil while they were still together.

She sat back and crossed her arms, “What are you getting at?”

“I’m just trying to make sense as to why you would do what you did. I didn’t lie to you about what happen. I haven’t done anything since we got back to together. I love you, I still do. I wanted to come out to Arizona and fight to get you back. But EDF had to ship me out.” He lied. He walked over to her and kneeled down in front of her. “I love you, I won’t give up on us.”

She felt her heart beat faster and she looked away. “I don’t want to have this conversation. At least not now.”

“Nova, please tell me. Is there someone else?” He had to know.

“Someone else? Why are you asking me that?” Her eyes narrowed and asked cautiously.

Don’t ask it Wildstar it will only get into a screaming match. “Nothing, I just thought that there maybe someone else.”

“There was never anyone else. I loved you, only you. And all you ever did was hurt me emotionally every time with all those women, and the little scare of being a father to someone else’s child.

“I admit to it all, but the last thing was in Hawaii. And even then I felt like shit when I found out that you were almost killed. And that was the last time! I swear! You are the only one I love. No one else.”

“Derek, I really don’t want to get into it with you. Can’t we just keep this amicable for the sake of the kids.”

“AMICABLE! Are you kidding me? I think we are beyond amicable the minute you served me with papers at work. Then on top of it all you give a national interview on TV. So let’s not play with each other.  Tell me the real truth, who is it.” He said it, snapping at her.

Nova frown, “what do you mean who is it?”

“The man your seeing!” his anger let it slipped out.

“Are you insinuating that I am seeing someone?”

“Well are you?”

“Get out!” she snapped back.

“Look to tell you the truth,”

“The truth is always good. Had you done it sooner we wouldn’t be here like this today.” Wildstar felt himself flush with redness. His anger wanted to punch a wall. He looked at her one last time then turned and left. Nova didn’t want to hit below the belt but she felt she had no choice. He would try to win her back somehow and she didn’t want to play the game anymore. Why would he ask me if I was seeing someone? She thought. Did one of the kids mention Neil to him? That would explain why he was beating around the bush. Well, let him think what he wanted to think. He was no longer her problem. The only thing that mattered was to keep a good relationship with him for the sake of their kids.


Driving back to the city his mind kept thinking about what they said to each other.  He wanted to kick himself for bringing up her seeing someone. Why was their marriage always so rocky? He swore that he would never hurt her again, but his past finally caught up and now she wouldn’t give him the time of day. Now he drove back with a broken heart and wondering if there was any chance of winning her back.




Neil walked through the door and found her sitting on the sofa crying. “What happened, is it the kids?” he quickly asked.

“No, no their fine. Derek was here.”

“What did he do?” he asked worried and angry.

“Nothing we just argued about what happened. But I’m fine, just a little pissed that he try to blame me to what went wrong.”

“I’m sorry Nova, I should have been here.”

“No, it was better that you weren’t. He kept asking was I seeing someone. Somehow he found out that we have been seeing each other. Damn him!”

“Well we don’t have to hide it anymore.

“Sometime I wish we never had kids together. It would make it a lot easier to move on. Not that I regret my kids, I love them very much” she took a deep breath. She felt drain after every argument with him and all she wanted was to go to bed. “I just want to go to bed and forget about it all.”

He rubbed her shoulders and kissed her cheek. “Come on I’ll give you a massage.”


Slowly they fell into a routine. Neil moved in shortly after and Wildstar hated him. When visiting his kids Neil sat in the distance watching or talking with Nova. He was always polite when he came to see his kids for the sake of Nova. He didn’t want to upset her. In the meantime he continued his therapy without anyone knowing. Sandor was his confidant for keeping his secret from everyone. Neil loved being in her life as well as her kids. If anyone they approved of was Neil, making Wildstar fume with jealousy. Life was good for Nova and Neil and Wildstar wonder what his next steps will be.


To be Continued . . . .

Has Nova finally found love? What will Derek do now that she has moved on? Will life change and both Wildstar life lead in different direction? Read on to see what happens next  . . . . .