Returning New Hope

Part 21

By Yuki Wildstar




Wildstar woke up to someone poking him in the eye. He looked up to see his middle child smiling at him. “Hey Dad!”

“Deej, it’s early.” He whined.

“We can’t find mom.” He tried to whisper.

Wildstar looked over to his other side and found her sleeping soundly next to him. He placed his finger against his mouth and grabbed his pants from the bottom of the bed. “Go back to the house I’ll be right there to feed you guys.”

“But mom,” he raised his voice.

“Shh, let your mom sleep. She’s exhausted. Go on get back. Tell your brother that I will be there in a minute.”


He watched as his son raced out the door and back to the main house.  He looked over to Nova again and smiled. Gently he lean over and gave her kiss on the cheek. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Good morning Ms. Forrester.”

“It’s morning already, I should get up and get back to the house before the kids get up.” She said.

“Too late we’ve already been made out by our youngest son.”

“Oh no, damn I didn’t want them,”

“Nova, it doesn’t matter. Why don’t you sleep and I’ll feed the gremlins. I’ll take care of them today. I want you to relax. Stay here and just lay around and enjoy a day off.” He said and then left her to sleep.

Nova sat up and pulled the sheets close to her. She wasn’t sure how it happened again but she woke up next to him. She remembered him kissing her on the cheek and then saying good night. She watched as he turned to leave and she called out to him. What she did next surprise her completely. She ran into his arms and kissed him. Next thing she remember they were in bed together. She laid back and looked up to the ceiling. She loved him but she just didn’t think marriage with him was good for her. Maybe he was right, maybe it would be better to become friends with benefits. At least that way there are no string attached and if he wanted to walk away he could and if she wanted to walk away she could. She smiled to herself about what she was thinking and let out a giggle. It was an amazing night and return for him. Her intentions were to talk and get back to the main house and straight to bed. She never wanted to lead him on and wind up in bed with him again. This time she wasn’t angry at herself or him. It happened and she wasn’t hung up on it. She snuggled into his bed and closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.



It soon became a habit for them. Their friendship grew stronger. Derek worked on and off at Yuma air station and upon his returned home they would spend what time in the guest house. Nova made it a point that their sexual relationship was separate from their normal life. She worked hard not to get too attached to emotions about him. She loved him but pulled back to her feelings. She didn’t allow him to touch her in the house or around the kids but once the kids where in bed and fast asleep they would embrace in hot passionate sex. At times he would question their relationship, “Why not?” he would ask.

“Because, it’s never worked before when we were legally married. This is much better. You can walk away anytime you want. No strings attached.” She said nonchalant.

“I can never walk away from you and the kids. You guys are everything to me. At least let me move in the main house.”

She shook her head no, “that’s not a good idea either. The kids will think that we are totally together. I don’t want them to get their hopes up. Anyway, any man would love this set up. You can walk away anytime.”

“And what happens if I do. I can get tired of this setup and want more. What will you do then?”

She smiled and looked away. “Let you go.”

“You wouldn’t fight for us, for me.”

“I’ve done that too many times to count. I can’t do it anymore.” She said exhausted.

It hurt him to hear those words come out of her mouth. He knew he hurt her in the past but he never thought it would be that bad. He always thought that she would be with him forever.  He ran his finger up her leg and kissed her knee. “I have to tell you something.”

“I know you love me,” she sighed.

He laughed, “No its not that.”

“You don’t love me anymore?” she tried to look shocked.

He looked up to her with a serious looked. “Sandor has an offer for me. He wants to send out the Argo for a test run. It’s only for a couple of months. He asked if I would like to command her.”

“You should go.” She said with enthusiasms.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“Yes. I think its time you do something other than be here for us. You need a life.” She said.

 “You are serious! Am I that much of a pain.” He sat up and looked at her with anger.

“Let’s face it Derek, your putting your life on hold for us and its not fair. Our divorce was supposed to be your escape to be with whoever you want. Yet you’re here with us.”

“And doesn’t that show you that I still love you and want to be with you.”

“Face the truth Derek, one day you will go to Yuma and someone will catch your eye. I am just not going to sit back and let it catch me off guard again. I am already prepared to let you go.”

He looked at her stunned. Lost for words he got up and walked over to the window and looked out. Nova stepped up behind him and slipped her arms around his waist. He felt his body numb for her touch and tears ran down his face. Had he lost her forever? He felt her hands slip down and he pulled her away. “No Nova,”

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t continue to do this with you. It’s either we are together or apart. I can deal with not being married but just taking it day by day is not enough for me. “

“Come on Derek, this is what you wanted. I was perfectly happy with us not even sleeping with each other. You’re the one that gave up your life to be here. I never asked you to do that. I was happy with being with the kids alone here.”

He pushed her away his anger growing. She was becoming cold and distant and he wonder if the old Nova was inside somehow. “How can you be so cold? Where is my Nova? Who are you?”

“What do you want from me?! All I ever do is get you angry lately. We’ve been at this for months and all you do lately is bitch to me about being together.” She snapped. She threw her hands in the air and huffed.  “Look I think you should take Sandor up on that. Maybe we need to just step back and take a break from one another.”

“I see,” he said defeated and wiped the tears from his face. “Maybe your right. I’ll give Sandor a call in the morning and see if he is still serious about it.”

Nova began to dress and Derek stayed quiet. She walked over to him and touched his face. “Don’t think that I don’t love you because I do and I never meant to lead you on about what we’ve been doing. But maybe we are starting to expect too much with each other and that is not what I wanted.” She leaned down and kissed his cheek. “Good night Derek, I’ll see you in the morning.” Then left to the main house.






Nova drove him to the airport with their children. They waited with him until they called his flight. Derek Wildstar made his call first thing that morning to Sandor and he was set to go in two months.  He walked into the house and announced to his children that evening. They all looked on in shock and he was surprised that she looked just as shock as his children. Miku clung to her father while his sons asked questions about space. Alex was proud that his father was going back to space there would be more questions to ask when he returns. Alexander pulled him to the side and said. “Dad, about the academy,”

He ruffled his sons hair and said, “don’t worry about your mother. I’ve been dropping hints to you wanting to go to the academy. She seems fine with it. But I’ll get back on her once I get back I promise.” The flight was announced and Derek tried to smile at them. “Well that’s me. I guess I’ll see you guys in a few months.” He hugged his children and then turned to Nova, “are you sure you will be alright?”

“We will be fine Derek. Don’t worry about us. You have a crew that is depending on you. We will see you in a couple of months. Have a safe flight and try not to worry.” She kissed his cheek and gave him a hug.

“I’ll miss you the most.” He whispered in her ear.

They watched as Derek walked down the gangway and disappeared. The plane took off and they started their way back to her car. Her sons ran across the hall laughing and talking about their father and his mission. Nova tried to keep up as she towed her daughter. She looked away for a second and plowed into him knocking each other to the floor. “Oh MY GOD! I am so sorry! Are you alright!” she felt fluster. Helping him to his feet she found herself instantly attractive to him.

Neil D’Laney stood 6 feet even with wavy dark brown hair. His eyes were a sparkling ocean blue. He smiled at her and her heart almost stopped. “It’s alright. Are you alright?” he asked concerned.

“Yes, yes I’m fine. I was just trying to keep up with my sons.” She looked pasted him as both her sons ran back to her.

“MOM! Are you alright.”

“Yes sweetheart, this kind gentleman is the one you should be concern about. If it hadn’t been for you and your brother he would be okay.” She chastised them.

“It’s quite alright, ma’am. I know what they can be like. Fun and energetic.”

“Oh my, I’m sure you’re probably late for your flight,”

“No, no I just landed.”

Nova felt relieved. “But I am sure that you have somewhere to go.”

He looked at the stunning mother in front of him and smiled. “No not really.”

She looked at his uniform and notice he wore a flight suit. “You’re a pilot?”

“Yes ma’am and you’re a mom?” he played with her.

She giggled and smiled. “What gave it away?” she toyed back.

“Well some mom’s try to avoid their kids and run for the hills.” he said making her laugh. “So are you just arriving here?”

“No, I live here. Well about a 60 miles out.”

“Ouch that’s a long drive just to hang out in an airport and field. You must like hanging out here?”

She blushed and said. “Nope, I just dropped off a friend.”


Alex stepped between his mother and the stranger and said. “Mom, Dad is not a friend.”

Nova blushed harder. “Dad?” Neil asked.

“We’re divorced. I was only doing him a favor by taking him to the airport. He is still closed to the kids.” She wanted to let him know that it was a plutonic relationship.

He smiled, “I see. So I guess I should let you go. I’m sure it’s a long drive back to where you live.”

“On the contrary I was thinking of staying in town and driving back tomorrow.”

“Really, well maybe we can have dinner?” he asked.

Nova looked at her kids and let out a giggle. “Sorry but there is no one to watch my kids.”

“Oh I’m sorry I meant take all of you out. I know a pizza place that they would love.” He said. Nova took a step back and he stuck out his hand, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be so forward. And we haven’t introduce our selves my name is Neil, Neil Dylandy and you are?”

 She shook his hand and said. “Nova, Nova Forrester Wild,” she began to say then decided against it. “Just Nova Forrester. It’s nice to meet you Neil and thank you for the invite but I think maybe its best that we start heading back today. The kids need to prepare for school on Monday. It is a long drive and it will give them time to rest before they head to school.”

“But MOM!” DJ said.

“Deej, Mom is right we have school.” Alex said protectively.

Nova knew that he was being protective after her last relationship with someone other than their father. “Well, sorry again and it was nice meeting you.”

Neil was ready to let her go but there was something about her that he wanted to know more about. “Wait at least let me get your number so I can send you my dry cleaning.” He looked down at his flight suit and pointed to a small stain on his pant leg. Nova looked down and saw that he was indeed in prefect shape. He was tall and lean and his body frame was cut to perfection. She hesitated and then began to look for a pen in her purse. Quickly he slipped one into her hand and handed her a napkin he swiped from the table nearby. Nova wrote down her cell and handed it back to him. “I’ll call you once I get the bill.” He joked. Nova quickly grabbed her daughters hand and began to walk away looking back on and off at him as he stared her way.

“Mom, who was that?” Alex said.

“Just a stranger.” She said dreamy.

“Then why are you giving him your number?” he asked suspiciously.

“So he can call me when his bill comes in.”

“What bill, for what?”

“When I bumped into him he got his uniform dirty.” She gazed forward still feeling his stare on her back.

He rolled his eyes and said. “His suit was already dirty.”

“Hmm,” she looked into space.






Derek Wildstar stood in command of the EDF Argo. His second love. He stood proud on the bridge as his crew worked hard. It’s been weeks since he left Earth and he try to concentrate on his job. Once a week he would try to call Earth and speak to his children. When he asked to speak with their mother Alex would tell him that she was busy on the other phone with work. He kept busy to make the time go. “Captain?” he heard his XO called to him. He looked up and nodded. “We are ready for morning exercise.”

“That’s fine Commander. Have them begin.” He ordered. The day continued with exercises, paper work and handing down punishment, he couldn’t wait until this was all over. After his long talk with Nova and the pain of her pushing him away he knew that he had to let her know that he can be trusted and still loved her. Being in space made him think of her many nights and knowing that he wanted to move on but only with her. If she felt that he wasn’t right he was going to make her see that they were meant to be. He looked out his window and saw as the bright blue Earth turned in the distance. The planet which he came from and help saved back in 2199. It was his home. He huffed and stood up from his desk and stretched. It’s been a long day and in a few days they will be returning home to his family. He stripped off his shirt and got ready for bed. “Soon,” he said out loud. He picked up her picture and stared at it for a few before setting it back down on his bookcase.




Nova picked up the phone and said, “Hello.”

“Hello, is this the lady who dirty my suit?” she heard him say.

“I don’t know, you’ll have to remind me.” She joked along with him.

“Oh tall dark, witty, charming, has a great smile and handsome. I was wearing a flight suit and minding my own business when some beautiful lady with a few great kids bump into me and made me lose my balance.”

“Oh yes Mr. Dylandy. Once again I do apologize for that. I am assuming that you have that bill ready for me.” She said.

“I do and would love to give it to you. Only thing is I don’t know where I should send to.” He toyed with her more.

“I see. Well, since I don’t like to give my address to perfect stranger maybe we can meet some place.” Nova said.

“Do you know a place named Raquel’s down near the river?” he said.

Nova was surprise to his answer. “I’m sorry, where is it that you are right now?”

He smiled into the phone and said. “Actually I am in a little town called Centerville.”

“Do you live there?” she asked curiously. Was he a stalker? Or was it all coincidence.

“No, I have a friend that lives in the area and he asked for me to stop by whenever I am in town. I live in California and fly into Yuma for flight testing.”

“Very well, I will meet you at Raquel’s. What time?” she asked.

“How about lunch tomorrow?” He asked hoping she wouldn’t back out.

“Sure, I can be there at noon.” She replied.

“Great I’ll see you tomorrow at noon.” He quickly hung up so she wouldn’t change her mind.


The following day Nova stood in her room looking over what to wear. She didn’t know why, but something about him made her giddy. She felt like a nervous high school girl going to the prom. When she finally made it to the restaurant her nerves were on over drive. Her hands shook terribly and she wasn’t sure why. She settle on a red blouse with a black pencil skirt and roman high heels , she wore her hair down and her makeup was flawless. She walked across the restaurant and men’s heads turn as she walked up to the table where he sat. Neil stood up and whistled. “You sure know how to turn heads. You look stunning.” He said.

Her voice trembled to his compliment, “thank you.”

He pulled the chair out for her and she sat down. “Well should we order something before I hand you the bill.”

“Order, I wasn’t aware that we were having lunch. I thought we would just meet at the bar and exchange bill and amount.”

He grinned. “Well I was going to just do that but you look so pretty I had to change my mind and have lunch. I wouldn’t want you to waste such a pretty outfit just to get a bill. I figured a little lunch wouldn’t be so bad. I hope you’re hungry.” Lunch was long and they talk for hours. She told him about her moving to the states, but never told him about who her ex was. She kept it a secret as not to scare him away. The mere mention of Derek Wildstar always turns to her private life with him and she was always weary about someone posing as a regular person to find out later they were reporters. “Tell me about the ex.” He asked inquisitive.

“What about him?” she frowned.

“Is he still in the picture?”

“On and off for the kid’s sake. He’s a good father.” She tried not to beam.

He looked into her eyes and saw a spark. “How old are the kids?”

“Alex is 13, DJ’s 10 going and hitting mach speed and Miku is 7 going on 30.” Making him laugh.

“Do you have pictures?” he asked. Nova went into her purse and carefully pulled out pictures of only her children. She showed him her picture and explained who was who. “Now she looks a lot like you except the flowing dark brown hair, but your sons?”

“Yes they both look like their dad.”

“Very handsome lads there. You are going to be flocked with girls trying to get their attention. Your daughter I am assuming will be her fathers’ problem. He will be waiting for suitors with a very large gun, if they can get past her brothers.”

“They are very protective of her.” She said. She looked at her watch and said, “I have to go, my kids will be home soon. I will pay for this and call it even.”

“No, no, I got this.”

“But your dry cleaning bill?”

“Let’s face it, I really wanted to see you again. I just used that as an excuse.” He threw some cash on the table and stood up. “Let me walk you to your car.” They walked back to her car and he asked. “Can I see you again?”

She was lost for words and quickly collected them. “I would like that.” She said softly.

“How about dinner tonight?” he asked and she agreed.





Captain Derek Wildstar stood up from his seat and grabbed his carryon. The flight attendant smiled his way and slipped him a piece of paper. He glanced at it and then tossed it into the waste basket on the way out allowing the flight attendant to see it. “Sorry ma’am, but I’m taken.” He said on the way off the plane. Next time he flies himself he thought. Throughout the flight he was constantly being asked if he needed anything. He would try to let down the women flight attendant easily but they didn’t get the message. He still wore his wedding ring and seemed that didn’t stop them. He couldn’t wait to get home and see her again. He missed Nova terribly and wanted to continue what they had. He rented a car and made the long drive back to his house.


Nova sat on the patio next to Neil looking up to the sky. “It’s really nice here. You can see all the star better.”

“Have you been out in space?” she asked.

“A few times, mostly just training exercises, I wasn’t fortunate to go into deep space. How about you.” he asked. She informed him about being in EDF but she never said when. Nova was happy that he didn’t recognize her from the press after they returned. She tried very hard to stay out of the press even with their divorces she kept away. The few picture they did get from long distance and not as clear. Only when she remarried Derek was the only clear picture of them together. “It’s very peaceful here. I see why you like it here.”

“I like my solitude.” She avoided his prying.  She was always vague when answering his questions about her ex-husband and he learned to leave the subject alone.  “Would you like some more to drink,” she pointed to his glass of wine.

“I can get it. Why don’t you relax, I remember where everything is.” He took her glass and headed into the house.

Nova sat back in her chair and stared back to the stars and smiled that she found someone to take her mind off her ex-husband. She didn’t want to admit it but she really like Neil and hope that he would be the one to erase Derek out of her mind and heart. The night was clear and she could see the billions of stars above. Reminiscing of all the times in space she was brought back as a light came into the drive way and his car pulled up. Nova stood up and walked towards his car as he got out. He turned to see her there and he smiled. “Hey I thought you would be sleeping by now.” He looked at his watch and said. “It’s 1 in the morning. What are you doing up. I know it’s not because of me because I didn’t tell you when I was coming home.” He pulled her closer to him and hugged her. “I’ve missed you.” he whispered in her ear.

“Derek, I know it’s late but we should talk before you go in.” Nova quickly said.

“Gees Nov, it is late. Come on in and we can talk while I unpack. I was just going straight to bed but who knows what can happen after I unpack.” He lean in to kiss her and she pushed away. “What’s wrong, do I smell. It was a long flight. Next time I fly back myself.” He joked. She pushed him harder and began to talk when he saw him walk out the house. “Um, who is that?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to talk to you about.” Nova looked over to Neil and said, “Just give me a minute.” She said and walked back to where Neil now stood staring at him.

“Who?” he tried to ask.

“That’s their father. Neil can you give me a minute with him. Please don’t go, I just have to tell him about us.” He nodded his head and went back into the house. Nova took a deep breath and follow Derek back into the guest house. Derek threw his things across the floor and sat down on the couch. “Derek, I’ve been seen someone since you left.”

“I think I can see that. Who is he?” he asked with sarcasm.

“He’s a fighter pilot. His name is Neil Dylandy. I met him the day you left for Great Island.”

His heart sank as she spoke. He wasn’t even on the plane and she moved on without him. He sat there stunned. “I left and you found someone else? Is that what your telling me?”

“Derek, I didn’t go looking for someone else we met and hit it off. What are you all uptight for? I told you that if you want to go then go. I wasn’t holding you back.”

“You found someone else?” He shook his head in disbelief. “Why didn’t you say something when I called from space?”

“I didn’t think it was anything important so I didn’t think it was worth mentioning.”

He took a deep breath and held his tears back. He loved her so much and hoped that things would work out between them. “I can’t believe I go away and come back to this. Is he good with the kids?”

“Yes he is, because of them is how I met him.”

“So he will be coming around here more often?”

“Yes Derek, why?”

“Nothing, it will just be awkward seeing you with someone else. I guess I should be looking for another place to live.”

“Derek you can stay here for as long as you like.”

“Oh yeah that would be just dandy. I can see you with someone else every day. Are you sleeping with him?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“So you are. Does he stay overnight with the kids there?”

“No Derek, he doesn’t spend the night. He understands that.”

“I see.” He slipped back into the couch and threw his head back. “Well I should have seen this one coming. Here I thought that we would reconcile and you moved on. I feel like a complete idiot. Well at least it wasn’t plaster all over the press. I have to hand it to you, you’ve always managed to keep things low key.” He got up and walked over to where she stood. “I guess we are finally over? But I will always love you and if you ever want to work things out I will drop everything to do it.”

“Are you okay?” she said touching his face.

“I’ll be okay. I just want you to be happy whether with me or someone else.” He wiped the tears from his cheeks and leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I love you Nova Forrester Wildstar. Always remember that and not just because you’re the mother of my children.”

“Thank you for not making a scene. Goodnight Derek.” She walked out with relief lifted from her chest. She found Neil sitting down in the kitchen finishing his wine. He looked up when she walked into the room. “Thank you for waiting.” She said.

 “So that is the ex, why didn’t you tell me your ex-husband was Derek Wildstar?” he said annoyed.

“Would have it made any difference if he was someone else?” she asked.

“It would have given me a heads up and not stand there like a complete fool. Captain Derek Wildstar is your ex-husband. That explains a lot.”

“Are you star struck?”

“No, but his legacy is well known everywhere. I knew you looked like someone but I was never sure as to where I saw you.”

“Well now you know. I was afraid that one day you would google me. I’m sorry that I hid that from you, I just didn’t want you to get scared off.”

He scratched his chin and then stood up. “This was not easy for you, how are you holding up?”

She gave him a smile and slipped her arms around his waist. “I’ll be just fine.”



Derek Wildstar night was long and non-resting. He tossed and turned most of the night and kept getting up to look across the way to her room. Was he still there? Did he spend the night? His mind wondered all night. He was still in shock to her announcing she was with someone else. He watched as the sun came up and brightened the small house with light. Derek tried to wipe the tiredness from his face and threw on some clothes. He made his way back to the main house to greet his children. He put a pot of coffee on and then poured himself a cup. He needed to wake up and coffee was the drug of choice. He took another swallow when he saw him walk into the kitchen. Derek narrowed his eyes and watched as he walked over to him and took the coffee pot out from where it sat and poured himself a cup. “Good morning Captain Wildstar.” Wildstar stay silent and notice all he wore was a pair of pajama pants. “How was your flight?” he asked.

“Fine.” He said sharply.

“Nova tells me that you were in space for a couple of months.”

“Yeah,” he said dryly.

“I’ve gone in space a few times, although not like you and Nova have, but someday maybe it will happen.” He tried to make cheerful conversation.

“What is it that you do?” Wildstar asked and feeling him out.

“I’m a pilot.” He answered.

“In EDF?” Wildstar started to make mental notes to look up his jacket.

“Well kind of.” He said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I really can’t say it’s pretty much top secret.”

“Oh? Well I’m sure that it has passed my desk once or twice. Headquarters has trust me with many top secret plans so I think it’s okay that you can tell me.” He was starting to agitate him with his shadiness. “Believe me I’ve handled a lot of secret missions.”

Neil laughed, it was a cat and mouse game and he was enjoying talking with the great Captain Wildstar. “Okay. Have you ever heard of the GUNDAM Project?”

Wildstar stood silent and remember a file that came across his desk about such project. He nodded his head and said. “Very Top Secret Mission and you have what to do with that?”

“I have been picked to pilot one of them, but between you and I, it’s best that we don’t let Nova know.”

“You do know that she has also been clear to that project also.”

“Really well then she can find out for herself then. I was sworn to secrecy and at this point I just broke that confidence informing you.”

He rolled his eyes, poured another cup of coffee and then left the house. Nova walked in smiling. It would be another hour before the kids were up and ready to go to school. She floated into the room and smelled the coffee. “Mmm, smells wonderful. You’re so sweet to make coffee.” She sang.

“It wasn’t me, it was your ex-husband.” Nova quickly turned around and looked at him. “Relax he was kind of polite. We had as I would put it polite conversation. So tell me how long is he going to be around?”

“We really never discuss it, but he said he will be looking for a place soon.” She floated to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Don’t worry about him. He will come around. He is only here for the kids.”

“That’s good to know. Anyway, I know the kids will be up soon and I should go. I know you and him would like to talk more.” He kissed her gently and said. “Will I see you tonight?”

“Of course you will, why wouldn’t you?”

“Well he is back in town.”

“But it’s you I want to be with.” She assured him. “Go and get dress I’ll make something for you on the go.” She slapped him on the back side and he laughed.

“Really?! Are we starting something more?”



Derek looked from the window as she walked him to his car and kissed him goodbye. His blood boiled with anger towards her new bow. All that time in space and now he comes home to see her with someone else. He waited until he left and she was back in the house then made his way there. His children jump from their places and ran to hug him. Their yells of happiness made her with someone else a little less painful. They ask tons of questions and he tried to answer as much as he could before they set off to school. They soon found themselves alone in the house after their kids went off to school. “So you and Neil had a talk.” She grilled him.

“I wouldn’t say a talk. He did most of the talking I just listened.”

“And the conversation was about?”

“Nothing important.” He said under his breath. “Do you know what he does?” Derek asked. After his conversation with him he went back to the guest house and called Sandor. Sandor verified that indeed the GUNDAM project was in full swing and Neil was the lead to the group.

“He’s a pilot,” she rolled her eyes.

“That he is.”

“What are you getting at Derek? Is there something more?” she asked curiously.

He looked down at the table and made circles on it. “Do you remember the GUNDAM project?”

“Yes that was scrapped years ago, why.”

“Not anymore and your little boyfriend there is the leader.”

Nova sat down and said nothing. Was he just making this up? Did he think that she would run for the hills after this bomb? “Derek if you think by announcing this little bomb shell is going to change my mind in seeing him your sadly mistaken. So what, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“Aren’t you afraid of what he can bring back here, especially with the kids. That project is for assassins!”

“It’s not what it’s meant for. I have read the files also Derek and you’re not going to scare me with that. Anyway he would never let anything happen to me or the kids. Stop being jealous and just go away.” She said angrily.

“I’m not jealous, I am only concern about you and the kids.”

“Well you sure are acting like someone that is jealous by doing a back ground check on him the minute you get home.”

“Well forgive me for looking after you after what happen,” he yelled back and then stopped. He could see the anger in her eyes. He ducked in time to see the cup fly past him smashing against the wall. “I’m sorry Nov, I shouldn’t have drew that line.”

“Get out!” she screamed and ran out of the room. He thought of going after her but decide not to. It would be better to let her calm down. It was low blow to throw that at her. She spent years trying to forget and now he slapped her with it. He felt like a heel and once again he managed to hurt her.


Nova slammed her door hard enough for him to hear. How could he bring something like that up. After all those years ago she would never put her children in danger again. She sat in her room long after he left. She wanted to speak to Neil, but she didn’t want him to think that she has been listening to Derek or researching him. She would have to wait until he told her. Bringing Derek into her new relationship would sour it for her and him. No she wasn’t going to listen to him about Neil. She gave him the silent treatment throughout the day and night. Alex sensed the tension and wonder what happen between his parents. After dinner Derek went back to the guest house and tried to focus on work. Nova dress for her date with Neil and pick out a simple black dress that showed off her shoulders. He looked on and off out the window as her silhouette walked around the room getting ready for her date with HIM. Nova hummed to herself as she finished dressing and checked in on the kids. Derek walked into the house and sat down in the living room. She walked out of the room and he stared thinking how beautiful she looked. “Are you meeting him there or will he be picking you up.” He asked. It was the first words they exchanged since their argument that morning.

“I will meet him there. Are you going to be alright with the kids?” she asked.

He waved her out and said. “I’m their father I think I can handle it.”

She nodded and huffed and left him sitting there. She drove to the restaurant and walked in. He sat at the table and waved her over. He watched as she walked closer to him and he thought she was stunning. Talking with his teammate he informed them as to who he was dating. “THE Nova Wildstar?” his teammate Tieria asked.

“Yes.” He said with pride

Tieria scratched his chin and shook his head. “This cannot go on. She is too high profile. You must break it off.”

“No I will not.”

“Do you know that your secrecy is all you have. If we wanted high profile for this project they would have asked her husband. This is a secret project that must not bring attention. Your involvement with Captains Wildstar wife is something we don’t need attention to. Cut it off.”

“He has access to the files and I believe she does also. She will understand and will never say anything about the actual mission. They both have top clearance.”

“I don’t care whether they have clearance to the mission or what color underwear your wearing. Cut it off Now!”

Neil leaned over his desk and slit his eyes. “I will end it when I am ready. Not because you are ordering me or asking me. I happen to love her, Tieria. And contray to what you think I am still in charge! Got it!”

“She will only expose our cover. You have to stop seeing her. She will bring attention to everything.” He snapped.

“When the time comes I will end it. Right now I happen to like her company.”  Now she sat in front of him looking as breath taking as ever. He thought hard about telling her and it was best to wait until the time was right. They talk over dinner and it began to get late. She knew that Derek would be waiting for her to come home. He would stick around to see if Neil would spend the night and make it hard for them to have some time alone. Neil paid the check and they walked back to their cars. He pulled her closer to him and said. “Why don’t we go back to my place this time?”

“Mm, I would love to, but I can’t stay too late. The warden would be up waiting.” He laughed and took her hand and led her to his car. He drove up to a small house that she thought was cute. It was the first time since they started dating that she saw where he lived when he was there. He opened the door and she looked around. It was a very well kept house and tiddy.

“It’s not much but it works for me when I’m here. Come on in and make yourself at home. I’ll get some wine.” She sat down and cuddled into the couch. Neil handed her some wine and sat down next to her. “So how’s the warden?”

Nova laughed, “He will be alright.” She thought about what Derek told her and decide to ask about it.  “Neil there something I have to ask you.” she knew this would put a strain on their relationship but it was eating at her since he told her.

Neil put down his drink and said, “Before that question, I should tell you something about me. I haven’t been totally honest with you about what I do. I am a pilot but not a fighter pilot. See I pilot the Gundam Dynamos. I am the leader of the Gundam team. I was approached by a private company with connections to EDF to join. My mother, father and sister were killed and the only ones left were me and my twin brother. It was chaos back home when the planet bombs were falling on earth and people were looting and power struggles all over. They were killed with a terrorist bomb.” He snuffed, “out all those planet bombs that is how they died. Those cowards. Anyway, I drifted here and there to make sure that my baby brother and twin stayed on course with his studies. They train me to be a sharpshooter and long range shooter. Its what I do.”

So it was true, she thought. “But I thought that project was scrapped years ago?”

He grinned, “only to those that weren’t interested. It’s been in full swing for sometime now.”

“So what does that mean for us?” she asked.


“But I read the files on it. They specifically stated that you are to never be in the public eye. You’re not supposed to even exists. What will happen if your picture is taken with me, because it will happen? As much as I try to keep low key those vultures always seem to get a picture. I moved here because of the paparazzi but with Derek here I’m starting to see them around.”

He sighed, “I know.” She got up and paced the floor. “Nova I know that this is a big surprise to you.”

“No, it’s not. Derek already informed me about it.” she announced. “I thought he was just being jealous and over protective. But he was right. Gosh I hate when he is right.”

“Nova, I know this isn’t easy for you. But,”

“Neil, it means that one day they are going to call you and I will never see you again.” She started to cry.

He took her into his arms and held her as she cried. “We just have to take it day by day and pray that we have a long time together. Or I can always step down.”

“NO!” she pushed him away. “You were recruited for a reason. I will never step in the way to someone’s dream.”

“I can step down. All you have to do is ask me and its done.”

She touched his face and said, “but think about it. All this time you’ve been training for this and to give it up is something I will never allow you to do.”

“I love you Nova, if you don’t know it by now and I would give everything up for you.” he whispered.

It touched her heart for him to say those words to her but she also knew that he loved his job. It wouldn’t be easy to walk away to a prestige life to live with her and her three kids. No she would never allow him to give it all up for her. “I love you too, but you have to go. We can just take it day by day like you said and when they call, you will go. Maybe someday when you get back we can see if things will work out again.”

He held her tight and wished that it wouldn’t be this way but she was right. He loved his position it was what he worked hard for. He couldn’t wait until they call him to action and show them what he can do in the GUNDAM suit. They even gave him a code name, Lockon Stratus because he hit his target every time.  He looked into her eyes and smiled. “I love you Nova.”

Her heart sore but she knew that he would leave and to give him her heart would only hurt her in the end. But for now she would live it day by day.





Months Later . . . . .



Neil was at Nova side as much as he could. His time was coming close to the end with her. He dreaded the day when he would get the call to go. He treasured his time with her and her children. They became close and looked forward to seeing him when he came around. Alex would ask about his flying and DJ would beg for him to take him up like his father did. Each time he would tell them that it was something they should only do with their father. Derek would fly back and forth from there and other parts of the world where he would put his opinion in to fighters and ships. He worked at his leisure to spend time with his kids. Nova was falling more in love with Neil every day. He was loving and sweet. She would watch him with her children and they loved being around him. He was charming and smart and witty. He made her smile and laugh making Derek fuming with hatred.  Derek would watch from his window as he made her laugh out loud chasing her and his kids around in the pool area. He sat and watched them as Nova and Neil would sit outside looking at the stars holding hands. Derek soon began to drink to take away his pain of seeing her with another man. Nova would catch him late into the night sitting outside fast asleep with a bottle next to him all gone. She would go outside, pick up the bottle and toss it away and then help him to his room where he passed out sleeping. She never said a word and kept the kids away from him when he was drinking. For months he would wait until Neil left then sit outside drinking his Sake hating him for being with her. It all came to blows late one night. Nova and Neil were sitting outside drinking wine when he pulled up from a long drive back. It was a long day for him and everything that could go wrong went wrong. The new fighter had a lot of flaws and he addressed it to the manufacture which didn’t want to hear any of it. They argued back and forth until Wildstar said that he would not allow EDF to purchase any of them until all the correction were made. Then it took longer for him to get back with major traffic heading out of the city. By the time he drove up to the house his anger had reached his peak. He got out and rolled his eyes at them. He tried to head straight into the guest house and straight to bed when he saw them sitting there. Nova looked at him with silence and Neil raised his hand to say hello stopping Wildstar in his tracks. “Can I help you!” he snapped at them.

Nova raised her brow and then frowned. “Derek he was only saying hello.”

“Well he can save it for someone who cares! I really don’t need to come home and see the two of you all over each other. So give me a damn break will you!”

“What the hell is eating you?!” she snapped.

“Nova, leave it alone.” Neil said holding her back in her seat.

“What’s eating me, what’s eating me you ask?” he huffed. “I can tell you what’s eating me! Coming home to see HIM here with my kids! Why the hell is HE always here! I am so sick and tired of seeing him here with MY KIDS!”

“Well tough! He is here and he will always be here. So get over it.”

“I will never be over it when it comes to my kids!” he yelled back.

Neil stood up and tried to talk. “Guys maybe we should lower our voices. The kids can hear,”

“OH SHUT UP!” they both snapped back at him.

“Don’t you tell him to shut up!” she turned to Derek and yelled.

“You just said the same thing! How big of a hypocrite are you!”

“What the hell are you talking about!” her anger rising.

“What I’m talking about is why its okay to flaunt your little thing in front of me and the kids and not for me?”

Nova looked at him in disbelief. She took a deep breath and said in a vile tone. “You are kidding me! Right!” she put her finger to her cheek and cocked her head. “WELL! Let me see. You have a fling with an old flame then you took off to space and had a year long affair allowing my sons to see it on the front page of every rag in the world. Oh and then there was the lovely little officer when we lived in Hawaii. OH YEAH!!! And then there is the lovely naked woman in your office. Lord knows how long that has been going on.”

“I have told you before and I will tell you again! Nothing was going on with her and nothing ever will! So let it go!” he stood closer to her. “But since you’re throwing our dirty laundry in front of HIM why don’t you tell him about your little affair with my best friend. Or have you forgotten about that one. Not only while I was out in space but when you were pregnant with Alex. Was he a better lover? Did he screw you,” he screamed then she punched him hard making him almost stumble to the ground.

“Get OUT! I want you to pack your crap and get out!” she screamed back. Neil took hold of her in order to stop them from arguing and getting more psychical again. He shoved her back and stood between them.

“Nova, its late.” He said in a calm voice. “Remember the kids their sleeping and you don’t want them to wake up to all this.”

Feeling guilty to push that button on her, he bowed his head and said, “Gosh I’m sorry, Nov.”

Crying hard she looked towards Derek and said, “Just go Derek, I can’t do this anymore. I love him so deal with it.”

His heart stopped to hear her say that and he turned and walked into the guest house and went straight to his cabinet that held his Sake of Juyondai. He poured some into a glass and swallowed it back. He slammed the glass against the wall letting it shattered all over the floor and then drank the rest from the bottle. He didn’t remember much after that.

Nova fell into Neil’s arms and cried hard. It was a vile way to end their night and she secretly cried for the words that were exchange towards one another. She never meant for it to go as far as it did. She hated herself for hurting him like that. But his words stung her pride and she couldn’t stop from telling him off. She still loved him and it hurt to see him defeated and in pain. Neil held her all night as she cried and then finally fell asleep in his arms.  When she woke up she felt drain, her body aching from all the crying. She looked over and saw Neil fast asleep next to her. She glanced at the clock on her end table and saw it was close to the kids getting up and going to school. She dragged herself out of bed and into the bathroom. She splashed water on her face and tried to focus on getting breakfast ready for them. She walked into the kitchen and began her day. Alex came in first and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning mom.” She nodded her head and didn’t say anything. Then Miku ran in to give her a hug and kiss. She was growing to be a beautiful little girl with flowing black hair and big brown eyes. She was a sweet child that showed compassion and love to all she met. She wasn’t prissy or shy but somewhere in the middle. Nova figured she would want to be a nurse or doctor because she cared so much for others. Then DJ ran into the kitchen kissed her quick and ran out the back door. He was long gone before she could stop him. All Nova could hope that he would not answer the door and DJ would think he was still sleeping. After all he did arrive late into the night. Minutes later she saw him run back to the house worried written all over his face. He burst into the kitchen screaming.

“MOM! Come quick! Its Dad, something is wrong with daddy!” he announced.

Nova wiped her hands and headed to the guest house holding on to DJ hand as he tried to drag her faster. “DJ for crying out loud what is it?”

“It’s Dad, he fell and he won’t get up.”

She walked faster and threw opened the door. The apartment was in total disarray. Chairs were thrown on the floor, everything that was in the book shelf were now on the floor. Broken glass sat all around the floor and there were five bottles on the floor empty. Derek laid in the center of the room near a coffee table his head bleeding. She ran to him and turned him over. He reeked of alcohol and vomit. She checked his pulse and turned to her son. “DJ go back to house and get Neil, tell him I need him here.” He didn’t move. She snapped louder, “DJ GO NOW!” she watched as he raced out the door to find Neil. She figured out what happened the minute she saw the bottles. He drank so much that he passed out and fell down hitting his head on the side of the coffee table. How long has he been like that she wasn’t sure about but right now he needed medical attention. She looked amongst the broken furniture and glass for the phone. Finding it under some papers she picked it up and dialed 911. She spoke quickly when they asked her to slow down she took a deep breath and tried to keep calm. “I need medical attention, my husband is unconscious, please send an ambulance.” Her voice was beginning to shake and quiver. She felt a hand grab the phone and she looked up to see Neil give orders to where to come. He hung up the phone and said.

“It’s going to be alright. Help is coming. Now come help me put him on the couch.” She nodded slowly and helped him move him to the couch. “He’s going to be alright, he is just passed out.” He assured her.

“Neil,” she softly said. “if something happens to him I don’t know what I will do. The kids,”

He hushed her thoughts. “He is going to be just fine.” He smiled at her. Nova sat next to him wiping the dry blood from his face. She pushed some hair away and ran her hand down his face. She cleaned the vomit from his face and neck and sat watching him until they finally came for him. She was in a trance when they came in. “Nova, sweetheart you have to step out of their way. Come over here.” He guided her to chair and she watched as they place him on the gurney and wheeled him out of the guest house.

“Would you like to come, Ma’am?” One of the technicians asked.

Nova couldn’t get her words out fast enough. “I need to take care of my kids. I will be at the hospital later to check in on him.”

Neil turned her to face him, “I’ll stay with the kids. I can get them off to school and meet you at the hospital after.”

She smiled at him with gratitude, “thank you Neil.”

“Go on, or else they’ll leave without you.” he pushed her out the door and onto the ambulance. 

She sat with him at the hospital staring out the window waiting until he woke up. She bit on her nails praying that he would wake up. His doctor walked into the room and said. “Are you his wife?” Nova nodded yes and he continued. “His alcohol level were way past the legal limit. He is lucky he didn’t get alcohol poisoning. Not to mention he fell asleep face down on the side. Had he been on his back who knows what might of happened.” He opened his chart and looked through it. “We took an x-ray and he’s fine, but he’s going to have a huge knot on his head, not to mention a huge headache. Mrs,” he paused for her reply.

“It’s Ms. Wildstar. I am his ex-wife.”

“Mrs. Wildstar, does he have a drinking problem?” he asked.

“No, I mean he drinks socially but not all the time.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m prying but are there any problems at home?”

Nova chose her words carefully. In the past with some doctors they manage to leak information to the press and she didn’t want his misery plastered all over the press. Also she didn’t want any attention at her, the kids or Neil. “He’s had a lot of stress lately.”


 “Well its best that he find another way of releasing that stress, consuming that amount of alcohol can damage his liver and he is lucky that he didn’t choke on his own vomit.” His eyes soften and he placed his hand on her shoulder. “He’s going to be alright. I have all the papers ready for his release once he wakes up but I would like for him to stay at least 48 hours. He is very dehydrated.”

“Thank you, doctor.” She said and then sat down next to him and waited. It was hours when he finally opened his eyes. He stared up to the ceiling before looking around to see her sitting there looking at him. She gave him a smile and lean in to touch his face. “How do you feel?” she asked.

“Major headache. Where the hell am I?” he asked.

“In the hospital, you gave me a fright not to mention the kids. What did you think you were doing? Drinking that much could have killed you.” she chastised him with a smile.

“Sorry, I really don’t remember much after the first bottle.” He looked away and said. “Nova I’m sorry, really I am. I never wanted to hurt you and say those awful things to you. Gosh I was such an ass. I should apologize to Neil.”

“He understands.” She tried to convince him and herself.

“Just give me a few weeks to find another place to stay. I shouldn’t be in the middle of you and Neil’s relationship.” She sat there and listened wanting to say something but decided not to. He slapped his forehead adding more pain to his headache and said. “Oh my god the kids.”

“They’re fine. DJ is the one that found you. Neil stayed back to see them off to school. I spoke to him and he said that he told them that you just fell over something and lost your balance. Though I think DJ and Miku believed it I am not sure about Alex.”

He started to cry knowing that his children witnessed him at a low point in his life. Nova reached for his hand and held it. “God I am so sorry.”

“Just rest Derek. They want to keep you here for 48hours and get you hydrated. How much did you drink?” she asked. She noticed the few bottles on the floor but when Neil call he found more in the kitchen.

“I don’t remember.”

“Well its important for you to get better. You had me scared to death not to mention the kids.” She pulled the blanket up to his neck and smiled. “rest baby, I’m not going anywhere right now. You need me.”

He reached for her hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it. “I love you so much.”

She smiled and said, “I know.” Then looked up to see Neil standing in the door way.


He walked causally towards his room. Not noticing the young nurses as they looked on to his looks. He was never one to use his looks to get a woman. He didn’t even notice them as they tried to get his attention. He went to knock on the opened door then stop as he heard their conversation. He could hear it in her voice as they talk. She truly still loved him. There would be no one that can replace him in her heart. He loved her dearly but he also knew that soon they would be calling him out. Tierra kept nagging him in cutting it clean with her but he loved her and didn’t care about being seen with her. Lucky for them both they barely went out and no one was wised to their relationship. At one time he thought about asking her to marry him but his team mates talk him out of it. He knew that she would not allow him to quit his position as leader of the GUNDAM team and he adored her for that. He step into the doorway and watched her with him. He gave her a smile and she waved him to wait a minute. “Derek I’ll be right back I promise.” She told him and walked out the room to Neil.

“How is he?” he asked her.

“Alcohol poisoning is what the doctor said he was close to getting. He is lucky that he didn’t fall asleep on his back. My God Neil if DJ didn’t find him who knows when I would have found him. He’s just getting into destructive mode. I don’t even know how long he’s been drinking like this.” She blew some hair from her face and leaned against the wall. “I need to be here with him. The kids will be home soon and asking questions. I don’t want them to think he is a drunk, because he is not. This is not him.”

Neil tried to give her a genuine smile and said, “why don’t you go home and wait for the kids. Take a shower and relax, I’ll stay here with him. I promise I will not upset him or get into it with him. You need to be with the kids.”

She hesitated and knew he was right, her children were more important than his well being. “your right. Give me a minute.” She walked back into the room and sat down next to Derek. “I know I promise that I would stay with you but,”

He raised his hand and knew, “The kids are more important. Go Nova, they need you right now.”

“Neil offered to stay with you.”

He looked up and saw him standing in the door way. Derek nodded at him and said, “Thanks but I think I can deal with this on my own.”

“I don’t mind Captain. Any way I can keep the doctor and nurses from leaking out your little mishap to the press. And you know that Nova will not leave you if you’re here alone. So I guess I’m gonna be your shadow for a few.” Derek nodded his head and Nova leaned down and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll see you later, I promise.” She whispered into his ear. He squeezed her hand and thanked her.

Neil took the seat that Nova sat at and placed it across the room from his bed. He sat silently as Wildstar watched him. They stared on and off at each other in silence. Neil spoke first. “How are you feeling?”

“I’ll live,” he said short.

“Well I’m glad that you’re doing better. Nova said you’re going to be here for a day or so. Damn doctor’s always want to keep people in even when they are better. It’s always ‘we have to make sure all your results are okay.’ I think it’s a lot of crap. I have been banged up and knocked out and I’m still alive. They just want to stop me from flying.”

Wildstar chuckled, “I know what you mean. So many times I was ground because they think I’m not one hundred percent. I don’t have to stand up to think. I can run a ship without sitting at the helm.” They sat quietly again and Derek finally talked. “She really likes you.”

Neil blushed and looked away. “She is a special lady.”

“That she is.” Wildstar replied. A beat. “Do you love her?” he asked.

Neil smiled wide and said. “Yeah I do,” then he frowned.

“Something wrong?” Wildstar saw the look and looked at him with concern.

Neil shook his head and said. “No everything is prefect for now.”

Wildstar eyebrow rise up. “What do you mean for now?”

He walked across the room and looked out the window. “I don’t have to tell you about what I do. Eventually I will be called away and then what?” Wildstar nodded. “She deserves better then just a now situation. I love her and I would like to marry her, but she doesn’t want to stand between what I have to do. We are just taking it day by day. Her words not mine.”

“She seems happy with you. I’d hate to see her sad. I think I have done enough damage with her heart and I don’t want to see her hurt anymore.”

Neil gave him a nod and looked out again to the street of the hospital. “She still loves you, you know that.” Wildstar stayed quiet, “she doesn’t say it I can see it in her eyes and the passion in your arguments. She always says you’re a great dad no matter what people think of you. May I ask you something?”

Wildstar waved his hand and said, “shoot.”

“How could you have lost her? She’s a great gal.”

Wildstar felt flushed and decided it was best to be honest. “I screwed up A LOT, she gave me chances after chances and I was still too stupid to realize that women would do anything to be in the public eye or use me for that. Maybe I am naive to what women want from me or maybe I am just plain stupid, but one thing I do know is I’ve lost her to you.”

“Sorry,” Neil shied away from his comment.

“Don’t be, as far as I’m concern you’re an up front guy. The last guy that she dated, well,” Neil looked confused. “She never told you?” he shook his head no. “Hmm, maybe its best that she tell you.”

“Tell me, she will never tell me. What happened?”

Wildstar thought about it and decided it was best that he know. “We were divorced once before. She was working for her father in raising a building. It’s a great looking building have you ever seen it? She has two actually; the other one is in Hawaii. That one is just as spectacular as the first.” Neil could see his eyes dance as he spoke about her and her accomplishments. He was very proud of her. “Well anyway she was dating this guy, he seemed nice at first then he began to get possessive over her. Soon it became physical and he beat her from an inch of her life. She was in the hospital for almost three weeks. She suffered broken ribs, black and blues, swollen lip and eye. I almost didn’t recognize her. It took weeks for her to open up to what happen and she felt like it was all her fault.”

“And his name is?” Neil asked fuming to what he was hearing.

“No need, I’ve taken care of him a long time ago. I promise you he will never see day light for a very long time let alone see earth.” A pause, “I guess I’ve been very angry with you because you happen to be a pretty decent guy with her and my kids. They all like you even Alex and he is hard to cozy up to. It took me years to get close to him. He is very protective of his mother.”

“Yes I see that.”

“Well no need of you hanging here anymore. Go and be with her, I’m just going to get some much needed sleep.” Wildstar said trying to dismiss him.

“Are you sure?”

“Lockon Stratus,” he said. Neil looked at him and realized that he indeed knew about his cover and code name. “I’m a grown man even though I can act like a child. I think I am capable of sleeping without the help of anyone holding my hand. Go to her.” He slid down into his bed and pulled the blanket over his shoulder, “Goodnight Lockon.”







Days later Derek went home. He sat in his small office that looked out the window of the guest house. He thought about their life together and finally came to the conclusion that he needed to let her go. How stupid of him to think if he stuck around long enough she would want him back. All she ever wanted from him was honesty and devotion and he gave neither of that to her. Yes she deserved better and his gift to her would be to let her live her life. He would still be a big part of their children’s lives but now he had to back away. He soon began flying out more to various jobs and most of all to Great Island. Little by little he began to date but nothing serious. Nova and Neil lived peacefully with her children. Neil soon became jumpy for there was talk that project GUNDAM would be activated. Each day they spent together he grew madly in love with her. They would walk along the mountains watching as falling star shoot across the night sky. They would talk and then she would ask him about it. “Anything on the project?”

He shook his head, no, but recalled all the talks he had with his teammate Tieria. “When do you think you will end it?”

“Leave it alone Tieria! She’s not of your concern. When the time comes she will understand, my cover will be safe with her. She knows how to keep a secret.”

“And how do you think she is going to take it when you just disappear in the night without saying goodbye?”

“She will understand, now leave me alone.” He snapped and walked out.

“Its still on hold.” He stopped walking and looked up to the sky. “Nova we really never talked about when the call comes in.”

“Neil I rather not talk about it, can’t we just enjoy what time we have together.”

“Nova, we should talk about this. I can leave in the middle of the night, I can get called tomorrow, in an hour. It could be anytime.” He said.

Nova slipped her arms around his waist and leaned up to kiss him. “I’m not worried about that, all that matter is here and now.”

He gave her a grin and kissed her back, “remember that I will always love you.”

The next morning her world came to a stop. She stretched and reached out to touch him. All she felt was an empty bed. She turned and found the letter on his side of the pillow. She stared at it for a long time before picking it up and opening it.





Derek made his usual raid before the kids came in for breakfast. He poured himself a cup of coffee, stood against the counter and took in the quietness of the house. Soon the sounds of his children were heard throughout the house. Alex walked in first and then Miku. DJ was always the last to enter complaining about why they needed to go to school when he was a Wildstar and should be flying. “I don’t understand if we are going to be rich and famous why do we have to go to school” he whined.

“Because in order to be a pilot you have to know your math and by that I mean, Geometry, algebra, formula’s, etc, etc, etc. There is more to flying than pulling back on a stick and shooting enemy pilot down.”

“Come on Dad, really?” he rolled his eyes and dug into a bowl of cereal. Alex just looked at his little brother and rolled his eyes. Miku laughed thinking he was just being silly. He looked at the clock on the wall and realized that Nova hadn’t come out of the room to feed them yet so he took charge. 20 minutes later she emerged looking beat. Her eyes were puffy and red. Something happened and he waited until the kids raced out the door to catch their school bus. She looked lost and dazed and just sipped on her coffee holding on to a letter. Derek took her hand and guild her to a chair and took the letter from her hand. He sat across from her and began to read it.


My dear sweet Nova,

How I dreaded this day would come. I only hoped that we could be with each other forever. My time spent with you will be the high light of my life. You have taught me to love and cherish life . Every day of my life the picture of your face will be the first thing I see. God this is so hard for me. I wish I could stay but I know with what I do can only endanger you and the kids. I would die if anything happened to you or them. I only wish they were mine for I felt like they were even though Derek is their father. Please do not cry for me, it will only make me feel like a heel leaving you in the middle of the night. But it was for the best. IF I had stayed and faced you it would have been too difficult to leave you. I love you Nova and I wanted you to be my wife. But I guess you were right. How can we be married living the life I lead. Promise me that you will live on and find someone else. Please tell Alex and DJ I’m sorry that I could not fulfill my promise as to flying and give my sweet Miku a big hug and kiss and please give her a tickle from me. I will miss her little laughs. It breaks my heart that you will never see me again, but remember that I will be watching from afar making sure that you and the kids are safe. I know that you are crying right now and it pains me to know that. Please don’t cry Nova, I know that Derek would be by your side and it gives me great relief that he is there. He is a really good guy. Good bye my love and keep safe.


Love you always,



Derek finished the letter and placed it on the table. Nova stared into space her eyes full of tears. He held out his arms and she slipped into them crying hard for the love she lost. She had a second chance and now he was gone. It broke Derek’s heart to see her in pain. He held her tight and stayed by her side. She cried on and off as he tried hard to tell her it was nothing she did wrong. “Baby, if anyone I approved of was him. He told me that he loved you and I believed him.”

“I knew it was coming I was just hoping that it would be much later.” She sighed and wiped her tears.

“I’m sorry.”

“First you and now Neil.” She held her tears back and took a deep breath. “I guess I was meant to be alone. I came out here to get my head together, away from everything. I wanted to do things on my own without anyone. But it seems like a monkey wrench was thrown in. I never expected to fall in love with someone else.” She cried into his arms.

Derek listened, hearing her confess to loving someone else. How he hated Neil at that moment. He never wanted her to go through any more pain. He wanted her pain to go away but he knew that she would take time away from any relationship. For him to try to step into her life would be a waste.  The last thing he wanted was her to be with him because she was lonely. “I’m really sorry Nov.” he whispered into her ear.

Then she said something that would throw him completely off. “We talked about having a baby.” This almost sent Derek off his chair. When he spoke about wanting another baby she said she was done. Now she tells him that she wanted a baby with someone else. He pulled away and felt distant now. What was he supposed to say to that? Sorry you aren’t pregnant with someone else child. Maybe we can work on one together. Oh yeah you didn’t want anymore kids with me. Well that makes me feel a whole lot better. Thank you for making me feel like a piece of crap ever wanting another child with you. “Derek are you alright? You look like you’re a thousand miles away.”

He stood up and shook his head. “I’m fine. Are you going to be alright? Because I have things to do.”

She took a deep breath and nodded fast, “Yes I’ll be alright. Thank you for your support. I appreciate you hanging out and caring enough to make sure I’m alright.” He couldn’t talk he just nodded his head and headed out the door.





Nova focus her time with her children and when they were in school she would be on the phone with her father’s company. She still maintained her position on the board of directors and kept in the loop as to what the company was doing. She knew someday she or her children would inherit it when her father stepped down. She would only see Derek when he was home in the morning. He would help her with sending the kids off to school. They would have small talk about them or what was going on in their lives then went their separate ways to their spaces. Though he wanted to be with her she only shrugged him off and said she was exhausted from dating. He never mentioned it again. He missed her smile and laughs but her announcement of wanting a baby with Neil made him distant. Every day and night he would fight his heart and mind about being with her. He would watch her from the distant and see the sadness in her face as she looked up to the sky in hopes to spot him. He never told her but weeks after Neil left he bumped into him at the air station in his GUNDAM.

“How is she?” he asked him.

Wildstar shook his head and said, “Sad, but she’s hanging in there.”

“I miss her so much, I only wish I could see her again and talk with her.” Neil confessed.

“No, you did the right thing. If you would have told her face to face it would have made it harder. She already suspected that you were leaving. Don’t worry she’s a trooper, she’s always been a survivor. She will bounce back.”

“Take care of her.” Neil asked softly.

“I will, she is just as special to me as she is to you. She is the mother of my children.” Wildstar said. He saw his face frown. “I’m sorry, she told me that you want a kid with her.”

“Yeah but I know it wouldn’t be a good thing. With this project I have to have full focus. Thinking of a child somewhere wouldn’t be a good thing. In the end it was good that we didn’t.” He thought of them with a child and would he be able to accept that she would have a child with someone else. It stung just thinking of it. He never mention to her that he has been seeing someone back on Great Island in fear that she would push him out the door to be with her. He wasn’t quite ready to leave her alone. She seemed isolated and only wanting to be with the kids and it frighten him. Deep in his heart he still and always loved her. She was not ready for anything and he needed to move on with his life. Whether a life alone or with someone else. He thought about it hard and decided that he would sit with her later before the kids come home and talk about the woman he was seeing. She was pretty and nice. Younger then he was and full of energy. She made him feel alive when he was around her. She would be waiting for him when he landed and they would spend the day talking before heading back to her apartment.  So many times she would ask him to stay and move in with her or she could come visit him in Arizona but he was quick to tell her no. Bringing her to his ex-wife’s house would make things more complicated with her. He mentioned it was Nova’s house and not his. He didn’t want to disrespect that part of their relationship. But lately Nova just pushed him away and distant herself from him. She drew closer to her children. As much as he loved being there with them he felt lonely. Alex, DJ and Miku were his only joy, its when the house came alive. Their laughter kept him there. Now he watched as she once again saw her children to the bus and walked back to the house. She began her ritual pouring herself a cup a coffee and sipped it. As always she gave him a smile and then asked how he was doing with work. She informed him that Miku would be having a trip to the zoo and he was welcome to come as chaperon. He took her hands into his and guild her to the chair. “We need to talk.” He said and then sat down across from her. “How are you?”

She frowned and looked at him with suspicion. “I’m fine. What’s up?”

He took a deep breath and searched for the right words. “Nova you know I love you and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

“Just spit it out Derek. I hate everyone walking around me on eggshells. I’m not some porcelain doll that you have to handle with care. So give it to me straight.”

“I’m thinking of moving back to Great Island.” Wildstar blurted out. She sat silent and stared at him. “Look its not like we are together. You’ve made it clear that there will be nothing between you and I again. Our only bond now are the kids. Although I still love you dearly. You don’t love me anymore. I feel rotten that I’m leaving you. I mean Neil left and now I’m going. Its just that I met someone.” She sat there still silent. “And I just want to know if this will work out for me.” He said quickly.

Nova stood up and walked to the sink she placed the cup into it and began to walk out of the kitchen. She stopped at the archway and said. “I understand, when will you be leaving?” she asked.

“In a few weeks. I want to tell the kids this weekend if that is okay with you.”

She nodded her head still looking away and said, “Do what you have to do.” Then left quickly to her room, leaving him sitting there alone. Nova locked her door and threw herself on the bed crying. First Neil and now Derek, how many more people are going to walk out on her?




Within days he left to go to Great Island and she wonder what he was doing. Was he with her? Where they planning a new life together? Now that she was alone he finally found someone else to be happy with and she was hating herself for it. She wondered into the guest house and looked around the small house. He kept it tidy and she wondered over to his closet. Slowly she ran her finger through his clothes and took in his smell that now linger. She walked back to the living area and found a picture of her and the kids. Remembering the day he took it. Back in Hawaii on their last days there before heading back. It was a happy time for them before he was taken away from her in space. Months of him being torture before Alex her brother-in-law finally found him and order them to release him. She worried that she would never see him again and swore that she would never go back home without him. She spent weeks bringing him back to health and it brought them closer. Once back on Earth she thought it would always be as if nothing happened and being in space changed him, until she began to hear rumors about him and someone else. Her suspicions where answered when she walked in his office and saw firsthand her standing in his office naked. She had enough and filed for divorced. Months after she ran into that woman and she explain that he was a perfect gentleman and asked her to leave and never come back. But it was too late, their divorce was final. She figured it was for the best, if it wasn’t her it would have been someone else. She couldn’t live like that any longer. When he moved out to be closer to them she didn’t want to work it out like he did. She like being on her own with the children, but she was growing closer to him. Especially once they were sleeping together. But then she met Neil, he was handsome with his sky blue eyes and dark brown hair. He had a charm about him that swept her off her feet. She thought after her last relationship with the woman beater that she could never trust anyone else again but Derek. But Neil was sweet and he was great with the kids. He never raised his voice to her even when they fought. Shortly she was falling in love with him. They talked about marriage but she told him that it would interfere with his job and she didn’t want to be the cause of him walking away from something he loved. When he brought up kids he mentioned that he would like a child of his own someday. She wasn’t sure how to feel about that. She already had her three with Derek and she never thought about having more, let alone with someone else. Now Derek was moving on and she felt lonely just thinking about it.



Weeks passed and she avoided him. She watched from her window as he came and went, not knowing that he was watching her also. Mornings were the same with her and him. They would make ideal chit chat for the sake of their kids, making light of his moving back, anything to keep the kids from becoming upset. He promised them he would come out often to see them and that they can fly out to see him. He even promised Alex and DJ they could fly themselves with him watching, of course. It was Derek that consoled them instead of Nova. She retreated away from him and avoided his stares. He wanted to hear her tell him that she needed him and wanted him but she just went through the motions of him packing to leave. He loved her dearly but she showed no interest in being with him. He walked back and forth around the house packing his bags and preparing to have his things ship to her apartment back on Great Island. He agreed to move in with her and see how things would work out before making any major decisions. He like her a lot but wasn’t sure if she was the one. Shuffling through his things he stopped to see her standing in the door way. “Hey,” he said smiling.

She walked into the house and looked around to the mess of things that were in boxes and suitcases. “Getting ready?” she asked.

“Trying to, I didn’t think this was going to take all day. I ‘m taking the red eye tonight. I don’t think I’m going to be finished by then. I wasn’t aware I consume so much stuff here.” He joked.

“It can happen,” she try to sound cheerful but he could hear the sadness in her voice. “Do you want me to help you pack?” she offered.

“Um, yeah that would be great.” He said. Slowly she began to go through his things and holding them up before folding it and placing them in the suitcases. She picked up a blue shirt he wore often and smile. He looked good in the color and she picked it out for him a few years ago. He wore it the day they made love back in Hawaii the night before they remarried. It brought a smile to her face and Derek notice it. He stood there watching her as she looked and folded things. He walked up next to her and placed his hand in hers. He turned her to face him and said, “Are you alright?”

A tear rolled down her face and he could see she was holding back more tears. “I’m okay Derek. Let’s get you packed. Whatever we can’t finish tonight I will have them ship to you later. Just let me know where to send them.” She tried to keep her voice steady.

“Nova, please tell me what’s wrong.”

“It’s nothing Derek, don’t worry about me, I’m a big girl. I can handle this now.” She tried to assure him. He looked closer at her and pulled her face to look at him. Without warning she fell into his arms and cried hard as she tried to talk in between sobs. “Don’t go, I will miss you so much. I love you. I can’t go on without you. I need you.”

He held her close. How can she do this to him? So many nights he wanted her to come to him and she never did. Now that there was someone waiting on him and now she wanted him. What was he supposed to do? He waited so many nights and days for her to say those words. And she was waiting for him to arrive there the next morning. He was confused with what he wanted to do. He felt her lips on his cheek and he closed his eyes. Slowly she moved closer to his lips and he kissed her back. They kissed passionately and he wanted her. He finally pulled her away and said. “Nova, what are you doing?”

“Kissing you. We’ve done it many times before or have you forgotten.”

He grinned and then frowned. “I know what we’ve done before. That’s how we had three kids. What I mean after all this time and now you come to me. Is this what you really want or is it because you have no one now in your life? I can’t be the rebound guy. I don’t want you to do this because you’re lonely. I want you to really want me.” She was silent and he held her face in his hand. “What is it?”

“Yes I am lonely, first Neil and now you. But I’ve been thinking not just moping around as you saw. I have been really thinking. Yes I loved Neil, he was almost as prefect as you. But he wasn’t you. I thought that I could be with him, maybe marry him, have a baby with him. But when he left I felt betrayed, abandoned and hurt. I watched you coming in and out of the house and I didn’t know what to do. If anything I knew you would never abandon me. But you told me that you were going back and to be with someone else. I knew then that I couldn’t let you go. I love you too much. But I stayed silent and hoped that you would change your mind and you never did. Now this,” she waved her hand around to the mess before them. “I can’t let you go without a fight. I love you and want you to stay. I want to be your wife again.”

He stood there dumb found. He took in what she said and shook his head, “you what?”

“I want you back.”

Taking a deep breath he sat down on the bed. “This is a lot to take in. I have to think this through. It’s not easy for me at this point. I love you, always have, always will. But I made a commitment to someone else and she is waiting back on Great Island for me. What am I supposed to do about her?” he laid back and took a deep breath. “I need time to think. This is something that you can’t spring on someone. She’s expected me to come off the plane tomorrow.” He shook his head and tried to make sense of what she was telling him. “How can you do this to me now? All this time and now you ask me to stay.” He said accusingly.

She turned and began to walk out the door. “I’m sorry I never meant to confuse you.”

He got up and pointed at her. “All this time, Nov, All this time and now you spring this on me.”

“I’m only fighting for you because I love you. I don’t want to lose you.” she said in defense. “I can only ask.” She turned and stood in front of him. “Please stay.” She lean up and began to kiss him.

“I can’t,” He said. “I promised her.” He said pushing her away.

Nova frowned and felt her anger rise. “You promised her? What did you promise her?”

“I made a promise to be faithful,” he said then he felt her hand slap him hard across the face.

All her emotions came reeling out, anger, sadness, frustration. “You promised her! YOU PROMISED ME! OVER and OVER again. You promised me that you would be faithful to me! To our children! Now all of a sudden you want to be faithful. Well you must really love her because you sure as hell didn’t love me enough to be faithful.” She huffed, “I made a mistake I should have never asked you. Maybe its best that you go back. I love you but I can’t live with the fact that you can never be faithful to me. I’m sorry.” She started towards the door when he called out to her.

“Nov, wait.” He felt his heart pound hard in his chest and took her in his arms. “Your right I did promise you that twice and twice I screwed it up. I’m sorry, really.” then kissed her. “Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to ask me to stay or want me? Every night and day I wanted to hear it. When I left for space for those three months I was hoping that we would work things out, after all we have been sleeping together. God it killed me to see him standing there. I wished that he would just disappear. But he came around so much and he was great with the kids. Let me tell you, I was really pissed off that my kids like him. I was so jealous every time I left and he was here with them. I feared that they would like him more and never wanted to spend time with me. Alex and DJ seem so happy to always see him. I felt like he was stepping into my shoes as a father. And when you and Neil were together I wanted you to tell me that you made a mistake and wanted me back. I watched every night as you two would head into the house. That’s when I started to drink. It wasn’t so bad at first only enough to get me mellow. But then we had that major fight and I just went over the deep end. I felt horrible that DJ was the one to find me. And trust me, he makes me stay sober everyday after. You’d be surprise what questions a kid can ask you about drinking. Dad, are you sober today? Dad, what was the green stuff near you month? YUP it will make me stay sober forever.” Nova laughed and he smiled to hear her laugh. “Its been a while since I heard you laugh. I love to hear you laugh.”

“You’ve always make me laugh, even when I am really pissed at you.”

“Ah my fair lady, it is what I do best.” He winked making her laugh more. “I love the way you laugh.” He said in a deep voice.

She took a deep breath and gave a small cough. “I’m sorry I slapped you. It’s just that you,”

He placed his finger on her lips and then kissed her lips. “Don’t, it doesn’t matter. Your right I did promise you first.”

“But what about her? She will be waiting for you to arrive. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t want to talk about it right now.” He pulled her closer, “Are you sure you want to give it one more chance with an old sailor like me?”

“I couldn’t picture myself with anyone else.”

“Hmm, at one time you almost did?”

“I saw a lot of you in him. He was charming, smart, had a sense of humor, and he loved the kids. Not to mention he was handsome.” She grinned

“Okay, okay, enough, I get it.” he rolled his eyes.  “Come here.” He tossed her on the bed and jumped in next to her.





He could hear his phone ringing and looked at it across the room. He knew it was her and just stared as it went off. After the first ring, it rang again 30 minutes later. Nova slept next to him soundly. They never made love but talked until the kids came home from school and he announced that he wasn’t leaving just yet. After dinner she invited him to her room and they talked into the night and well into the morning. They continued their talk after the kids left for school. By midmorning they drifted off to sleep. Nova woke up long enough to take the kids until their bed time and slipped into bed with him. Now he looked at his cell as it went off again. “You should answer it.” he heard her say. “She deserves an answer.” He stared up to the ceiling and heard it ring one last time. He prayed that she wouldn’t try calling again. 10 minutes later it began to ring again. “Derek, you have to answer it. You’ll have to talk to her either now or later. It’s better that you do it now.” Nova sat up and rubbed her face. She couldn’t believe that he was sleeping next to her and they were in her bed.

“I guess your right.” He said and then got up and walked over to where his pants and shirt laid. He picked up the cell and looked at it one more time before answering it. “Hello?”

“Oh my Gwad! I have been trying to call you. What happen? Why weren’t you on the plane? Is everything alright with the kids?”

“Atusko! Hey, hello. I, I, I’m sorry.” He tried to get his words together. “Listen I’m not coming out there right now.”

“Oh?” she paused. “that’s alright. I’m sure you had a lot to take care and deal with. It’s not easy moving. I know it took me forever to move out here from Australia. I’d figure you were rushing and decided it would take longer.  I’ll just wait until you get here to introduce you to my friends and family. How long will it take to finish getting things in order out there? You had me so worried I thought something happened.”

“Atsuko? I don’t know how to tell you this. But things changed here. I’m staying closer to my kids. I can’t leave.”

“Oh,” she said in disappointment. “okay, well I can work from anywhere in the world. I don’t have to actually live here. Maybe I can come to you.”

“No that’s not a good idea either.” He quickly said.

She was silent for a few minutes and then spoke with annoyance. “What are you saying? You’re not coming here and you don’t want me to come there. Are you breaking up with me?”

He took a deep breath and looked over to Nova that sat on the bed with her knees to her chest biting her lower lip. “Astuko, I’ve decided to stay here with my wife.”

“Your WIFE! You said you were divorced. So what is it?” her voice coming through the cell receiver harsh and angry.

“Look I’m really sorry. I thought that I was ready to move on. But I wasn’t expecting for her to ask me to stay. I still love her and want her.”

“Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!” she yelled into the phone.

“Sorry, Atsuko. I’m really sorry.” He tried to keep her calm. “I just am not ready to move on.”

“You bustard! My friends warn me about you. You are a loser! Don’t ever call me again. Lose my number you PIG!” she screamed and then he heard her hang up the phone.

He looked at Nova and let out a long breath. “I’m guessing it didn’t work out the way you wanted?” she said.

He tossed his cell on the chair and shrugged his shoulders. “I feel rotten but I have you back in my life.” He frowned and almost laughed. “I wasn’t expecting her to call me a loser.” He walked to the bed and sat down. “Really, a loser?”

Nova let out a laugh and hugged him. “You’re my loser,” and gently kissed his cheek.

He smiled at her and pulled her closer to him. “So what now?”

“I have no clue. But I think we should go with it. What do you want to do now?” she asked.

“Hmm, you know I can take control of ship and order and figure out what to do next on it. But this has me completely baffled. I have no clue as to what to do from here either.” It was a long night of talking and agreeing to what went wrong in the marriage again and he was exhausted. They decided to tell the kids the following morning that he and she would be willing to work things out and give it another try. They talked more into the night until he saw her yawn. “We should get some sleep. The kids will be up early even though it’s the weekend. Where do they get their energy from? I wish I had that much energy.”

She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Captain Wildstar let’s just get some rest it will only wear you out trying to figure it all out.” He slid next to her and held her until they both fell asleep.





6 Months later . . . .



What could be better? He thought to himself. I’m with the woman I love, my kids are here with me and we are all happy. Or at least they are. It has been a long time since he step foot back to his birth place. The ocean and mountains. Though the desert was beautiful he miss the sound of the ocean. Mount Fuji could be seen from all direction of the island. The green lush trees and then in the spring when the cherry blossom came to life all over. They bloom so much it was almost like it snowed in the spring. It was a beautiful time of the year. The snow cap of Fuji seen all year round. She sat dormant for over a  century. It was back in 2099 when she woke and almost destroyed the island. But everything was rebuilt and flourishing. Then the planet bombs, and this time it was the whole Earth that suffer in the hands of the Gamilions. It was his hope to live and die there. His birth place, his home, his love. How he missed it. But he never told her about that, it will only bring back bad memories for her. She was finally happy and he didn’t want to rock the boat. Going back will only make this strain with her. She love it back in her home country. She live there on and off and it was her escape when things grew difficult. Now he sat on the patio as she played with their daughter and his sons tease each other with silly sayings. He smiled at them knowing he was doing the right thing by giving up his life. He looked up to the sky watching it as the sun was starting to set. One thing he did love about the desert was the warm summer colors that the sun brought out.

Nova, look up from her daughter and gazed over to where he sat. It seem lately he was always drifting off to space. She could sense something was eating at him and wonder what could it be. Once again they went from room to room and spend time with each one of their kids telling each that they loved them. She undressed while he sat at their desk looking over something on the computer. Dressing into something more romantic she slipped on a satin peach color night gown that showed every curve on her body. She stood over him and slipped her hands down his shoulder. “What are you looking at?”

“Just some old reports from EDF. I kept them to refresh my mind. Also Sandor has been really kind to send me updates on the newer ships.”

She moved his chair away from the desk and sat on his lap. “I’m bored.” She whispered in his ear.

She whispered softly, “very bored.”

“Well let’s see if I can entertain you.” Making her giggle as he carried her to their bed.



She woke up to see him standing near the window look up. There was something that was bothering him. Lately she had notice him looking up to the sky at night and taking more calls from Sandor. He missed his life back on Great Island. He never told her but she knew that he did. He gave up his life to be with them. She asked him was he happy and he always said, “seeing you happy makes me happy.” She knew better, he was miserable living there with her. She sat up and pulled her legs to her chest. “Are you okay?” she asked.

He continued to stare out the window, “the coyotes are back.” He said back.

“That’s not what I asked you. Are you okay?”

Slowly he turned and walk back to their bed. He smiled at her and looked into her eyes. “I’m as good as ever.”

She smiled and then titled her head to the side. “I know you not happy, Derek.” She finally said.

“What makes you think I’m not happy? I’m with my family, my kids and you. I love you very much and to see you finally happy makes me happy.”

She gazed back into his eyes and could see the lie in them. His smile was genuine but his eyes told a different story. “Come on get some sleep.”

She waited until the kids were in school and sent him to the store to make her call. By the time he returned everything was set in motion.


He called at 1830 states side. Nova answered, “Hello Sandor, how are you?”

“Is he there?”

“Yup,” she handed it to him and kissed his cheek.

“Hey Stephen, how are things?”

“Doing well. And how are you adjusting to life out of EDF?”

Derek smiled at his wife. “Its going great. Why the late call?”

“Well, I have a appealing offer for you. IF you like to hear it.”

“What is it?”

“We would like you back, if you want. We need you to replace Captain Mituski. He retired yesterday and we have no one that know the work. You pop in my mind to replace him. Not only that we need a captain for the Argo. We want to take her on a test run to Mars. She needs a captain that knows her.”

“I don’t know Stephen, Nova and I are finally working things out. I really don’t want to rock the boat.” He said weary.

“Why don’t you talk it over with her and let me know.”

He hung up the phone and thought. What to do. It would be a way to get back to his home land. But then again all she can say is no she doesn’t want to move back. He took a deep breath and went to search for her in the house. She sat in the living room sipping on some tea, there was chill in the air with the changing of the weather. She smiled as he walked into the room thinking that he would be asking her about Sandor’s offer. “Hey, so how is Sandor?”

He plop down next to her and wrapped his arms around her. “He sends his love.”

She smiled, “and?”

He wasn’t sure how to say it. “We talked about some new ships and the Argo.”

“The Argo?”

“Yeah she is due to go out on a trial run.”

“At least they are keeping her active. Who will be her captain?”

“they are not sure yet, they are waiting for my reply.”

“What do you mean your reply?”

“As to who the captain will be.”

“Oh, who do you think will be good for her.”

“Not sure I have two in mind,”

“I’m sorry, two, who? Why would you want anyone else to take her out. She belongs to you. You should be the one to take her out.”

He was surprise to what she said. “me?”

“Derek, I even know that you are the only fit for her.”

“They want me back, it would mean another year or two back on Great Island. I will be taking my original MOS and taking her out for only a couple months. The rest will be back in the office. Are you ready to handle that again?”

She reach out and touched his face. “I’ve known for awhile you haven’t been happy. And looking into your eyes right now, even the thought of going back, makes your eyes light up. You’ve lost the fire for us. Sooner or later you would get stir crazy and aching to go back. Yes I am happy but only if you are.”

“But I know how miserable you were there.”

“You were willing to give it up for us. I think its time I become a little less selfish. I love you.”

His eyes build up with tears and he asked again, “Are you sure?”

She noddle her head, “yes baby, Call him back and tell him.”



To be Continued . . . . .


With Wildstar returning back to his homeland with his family will it be a new start? Or will the roller coaster ride commence again? Read on to see what happens next.