Returning New Hope

Part 19

By Yuki Wildstar








For weeks Wildstar continue with his therapy. When he was ready to give up he would look towards his wife and think it was for her. Each session made him come closer to healing. He soon started to drive into town without his wife driving and without feeling anxious. After each session they would stroll around the ground of the hospital and then head out to lunch. Nova would squeeze his hand and ask if he was okay with everything. Just looking into her eyes he knew that everything was going great. He would smile and squeeze her hand back. “I’m feeling just great.” He would tell her and finally believe that he was getting better each day. Months later he announced that he was ready to return to work.

”Are you sure?” she asked with worry written all over her face.

He pulled her up from her chair and hugged her tight. “Yup! I’m going back first thing in the morning.” He looked at her face and said. “Don’t you worry your pretty head. I’m going to be alright.”

“Well if you,” she began.

“You’re finally going to get rid of me.” He joked then turned serious to her stare. “Nova, I’m going to be just fine. If you want you can come with me.” Still the worried look stared at him. “Baby, you have to have some confidence in me. You sent me to the best doctor and he’s helped a lot of people including me. Now give it chance to work for me. Okay,” he slipped his hand under her chin and brought her face to look at him. He could see the worry in her eyes. “Nova, baby, it will be alright, I promise.”

She nodded her head and kissed him softly. “I love you. You’re the bravest man I know. And I am so proud of you to do what you did to get better.”

“I love you too.”





It was bitter cold outside and Wildstar looked up to the massive building and took a deep breath. So here goes nothing, he thought. He used his cane today to help with the pain that shot straight up his leg. Even after surgery and a metal rod in his leg he could still feel the discomfort on cold days. He walked into the building and into the elevator. The door opened and he stepped onto the floor where he worked before the final voyage when he was capture. He made his way slowly towards his office when everyone on the floor stood up and started to clap. Wildstar stood still, shocked to see they all where clapping for him. His assistant stood before him and said. “Welcome back Captain Wildstar. It’s good to have you back.”

It almost brought tears to his eyes to see the greeting that they all gave him. “Thank you Harvey. Thank you everyone, please, please carry on.” He encouraged to them. He tried to walk quickly to his office with his assistant and closed the door fast. He began to take deep breath and tried to remember what the doctor told him to do. Take a deep breath, stay focus, don’t think about it, move with it. Slowly he began to control his breathing. He sat down at his desk, closed his eyes and began to rub his leg.

“Sir are you alright?” Harvey asked.

He smiled and found himself laughing out loud. Harvey started to think that he was finally losing it. Wildstar opened his eyes and gave his first order of the day. “Harvey I need the files to the Yamazuki that is being refitted. And also please call my wife and put her through.”

“Yes sir. I have place all the files that you need to look over and sign on the desk. Sir?” Wildstar looked up, “Welcome back.”

“Thank you Harvey. Once you connect me to my wife please call over to Captain Sandor office and make an appointment so I can go over some things.” He reached over and grabbed a file and began his day. He heard her voice come through the receiver and smiled wide. He cradled the phone in his hand and said, “Hello there gorgeous.”

“So how is your day so far?” she asked.

“Well it started a little shaky but I am managing. Like you said it’s like riding a bike, you never forget.”

“Will you be home on time for dinner?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but I will be home for desert.” He told her making her laugh. “So make sure you put on something sweet.”

“Well, I guess you are completely cured. Just call when you’re on your way. I love you Captain.”

“Love you too.”

It took him almost mid-morning when Harvey buzzed him. “Sir, Captain Sandor is waiting.”

Wildstar looked at the time and shook his head. “I almost forgot. Thank you.” He rubbed his leg one last time and made his way up to Sandor office. He popped his head in and called to him. “Can I come in?”

“WILDSTAR! So good to see you again. Come in and have a seat. How’s it going?”

Wildstar sat in front of him and shrugged. “It’s the same ole mess, but I love it. I wanted to go over some things with the refit of the Yamazuki. She’s a small vessel but really do they need all that on her. Isn’t it a waste of money? To have so much upgrade to a ship that will be tanked in another year is a waste of funds.”

“I had the same concerns, but best to see what the smaller ships can hold in fire power and weapons. It’s best to try it on one ship and see how she handles before investing in all the others to find out that we made a big mistake. I need you to give your input as to all the weapons and the projections of how we can use them. You will be working closely with one of the Captains from the Southern fleet. The higher up value her input so we are stuck with her.”

“What do you mean stuck? Is she qualified with small destroyers?”

“EDF council believes she is. I on the other hand, well let’s say she hasn’t proven her qualification to me yet.”

“Always the weary soul, Sandor.”

“So any concerns?” Sandor asked.

“None, who is the officer?” Wildstar felt a little uncomfortable working with any women considering his past history and Nova discomfort with it.

“Miho Kobayashi. She was deployed overseas. She over saw a lot of the ships built there, mostly small transport ships. She now is a contractor for EDF.”

Wildstar eyes narrowed, “Small transport ships?”

“That is why I question her qualification. But we must give her a chance as per Senator Middleton request.”

“I see,” it all made sense to Wildstar. She was as qualified as they claim to be she was a special friend of the upper council. “So, I will be baby sitting on top of this.”

“Sorry Wildstar.”  Wildstar stood up and began to walk out. “Still problems with the leg?” Sandor asked.

He looked down to his leg and shrugged, “I have my good days and bad days.”

“Does it still hurt?”

“On bad days, but not as bad as it used to be.” He told him as he lean on his cane.

“Are you taking meds for the pain?” Sandor asked

“Not taking anything more than Motrin. I figured I’m better off just dealing with it. Nova is working with me with exercises and stretching. I should be back to full health soon with her help.”

“Keep in touch as to what you think about this new project and Captain Kobayashi.”

“Aye, aye.” Back in his office Wildstar went straight to work looking over the files to the Yamazuki it was a small 1850 Ton destroyer that was set to be scrapped in another year or so. But so was the Argo, he thought. Although she isn’t as big as the Argo she still had spirit. He turned his attention to the new plans of the refit and his mind raced to scenarios that the ship can encounter. Harvey’s voice came over the intercom announcing Captain Kobayashi is waiting to see him. Wildstar put the papers down and had him send her in. She was a tall with mousy brown hair with striking blue eyes and for an older woman she was still striking. Wildstar stood up and stuck his hand out to shake her hand. “It nice to meet you, Captain. I am Captain Derek Wildstar.”

“I’ve heard many good things about you.  Miho Kobayashi. I flew in a few days ago to see the beginning process of the refit. She is a pretty ship, isn’t she?”

“I haven’t been there to see her. I was just handed the orders. Please, have a seat. I was just going over the files and plans of the new refit. We are dropping a lot of money into this little girl. I want to make sure that we spent the money well and were it needs to go. I’m not about to let EDF spend a million on new toilets with warming seats for officers. So if you think we are going to be doing decorating for the ships interior you can forget about it.”

“I have no intention to pick out curtains for her, captain.” She said with a mischievous grin “Contrary to what people may think I do know what I am doing. I didn’t get here on just my good looks, although it did help at times. So picking out curtains or paint scheme are not in my job description. If you saw my apartment you would know I’m not a decorator.”

Wildstar stared at her and then let out a laugh. “You remind me of my wife.”

“You’re a lucky man then.”

“Yeah she can be feisty at times. And are you married?” he asked.

“A few times,” she laughed. “None that worked out. You might say that after a year or two I get bored and move on to the next. Anyway at my age who would want me? I’m old and stubborn and set in my way. So any man that wants me must learn to adjust to my ways.” She winked at him. Well she did have spunk that I can say, he thought. “I know you’re married.” She winked again. She reached over and grabbed a picture that sat on his desk. “The Fam?” she asked.

“Yup, Nova, this is Alex and that is DJ and the little princess is Miku.” He pointed to each one and smiled.

“They are handsome boys. Looks like Alex is going to be a babe magnet in a few years and watch out. I might just be one of those girls wanting him.” She winked again.

Wildstar laughed. “I don’t think my wife will let that happen.”

“I was always going for the younger men. Though I always marry older and rich.” She winked yet again.

Wildstar began to think that her wink was a nervous tick and began to overlook it. “So, I should get back to work. I will see you first thing at the dock to see the progress of her.”

“Of course, I usually get there about 0600. See you then?”

Wildstar nodded his head and agreed. “See you at 0600.”





By the end of the day Wildstar sat on his bed next to his wife exhausted. She looked over to him and could see how tired he was. “Long day?” she asked him.

“Yeah,” he said and then rubbed his leg. It’s been months since his last surgery after returning from space and he still felt discomfort.  His leg that was broke had three major surgeries since they found him and now he has a metal rod that ran down his upper leg. Nova made sure that once back on earth he would get the best Doctors for all his surgeries. She flew them in just for him. He could still remember waking up and seeing her sitting across from him when he woke up from all the surgeries smiling and relieve that he was recovering quickly. She was always there to encourage him when he wanted to give up in walking. And now she still cared for him.

“It’s bothering you again, isn’t it?” he nodded his head. She moved over to him and began rubbing his leg. “Maybe you should take some pain meds.”

“No, no babe. I can handle it.”

She loved him for trying to be strong and take the pain. She got up and went into the bathroom and came back with some pills. “Here take them.”

Derek frowned and felt his temper rise. “I said no drugs.”

“Relax fly boy it’s only Motrin.” She sarcastically said. “Just take it. It will help a little with the pain.” He frowned at her. “Derek, take the pills. If you take the pills I will rub it for you and other things.”

Derek laughed, “You’ll rub anything?”

“Yes Captain.” He snatched the pills and swallowed them back then raised his leg.





Wildstar stood before the docked ship and looked up as it sat on its cradle to be refitted. He looked down to his watch and saw it was 0545, “so I’m early, I’m always early,” he said out loud. He made his way up to the ships bridge and looked around. He felt his hands twitch and his breathing became a little harder. He started to feel another attack and he lean over one of the consoles to keep his balance. Breathe Wildstar, breathe. Focus, breathe, take it one step at a time. He repeated in his head. A hand touched his shoulder and turned quickly to face Kobayashi standing before him. She saw that he was pale and breathing heavily.

“Captain Wildstar are you alright?”

Wildstar reached for the nearest chair and sat down. “Give me a minute.” He bowed his head to his knees and took deep breaths. It took him a few minutes but it finally subsided. He stood up and tried to give her a smile. “I’m okay, just a little nervous being here.”

That’s strange she thought. An officer with such a high profile and had been in space many times be nervous in a vessel this size. “I thought you were also a pilot?”

“I am, but nothing to do with that. I rather not talk about it if you don’t mind.”

She nodded her head, “Understood Captain. Well if you’re feeling better shall we proceed with the plans and adjustments?”

Wildstar took one last deep breath and walked over to table that was set up for them. “Please, let’s get started.”

He still looked paled but seem like his color was starting to come back. “I have the plans,” she pulled opened the plans and began with the gun room. They worked through the morning making necessary adjustments to the plans in each department and stations. Wildstar stood in the engine room trying to figure out how the main engine could hold so much power and it baffle him how they would do it. “You look a million miles away.” Kobayashi said. “What’s on your mind?”

“Just too much power for such a small ship” he said. “I need to figure out if she will handle okay or it will slow her down.” He scratched his head, “I have no clue as to why they want to upgrade her to handle like a carrier or a battleship. Of course this is probably Stone’s idea.”

“Colonial Stanly Stone? You mean he is the one that wants these changes?”

“I’m sure of it; he’s always been a throne in our side. I think he is just simply out of his mind.”

“So the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor does it? Sounds like my third husband. Love him, but he was off his rocker. I should have known it when he went streaking in one of the underground city screaming where is my horse.” She giggled. “He could never find that damn horse, but he was sure great in the sack!” then roared with laughter.

Wildstar looked confused and then laughed along with her. She was a hoot to work with. Anything and everything was a related to one of her ex-husband and she had a style to deliver humor to a problem. “If you don’t mind,” he asked. “How many times were you married?”

“Why sonny? Are you interested in being the next victim?” her lips crawl up looking like a cat that ate the pet bird.

“Hardly,” Wildstar shied away. “I think I’d like to keep with what I got now. I really don’t want any more crazy in my life.”

“Crazy? Sonny you haven’t seen crazy! You should meet my 7th husband. Now that was crazy but boy did he keep a smile on my face at night.” Then she chuckled low that made Wildstar laugh along with her. He remember reading her file and found that she was 15 years his senior and no kids. There was no mention of how many times she was married but that her last husband was a diplomat from Europe. He found her funny and a little eccentric. She made the day fun and he never knew what she would say next. Each time would be about an ex-husband. “You know my 1st husband was as sweet as you. He was so attentive and loving when it came to me, until the sorry excuse of a pig fell on top of my best friend.”

 “Did he trip?” Wildstar asked.

“If tripping made his clothes come off and hers while in our bed I guess you can say that. He died a year later when the planet bombs began to fall. May he rest his soul, low down good for nothing prick!” her tone would go from cheerful to anger in a split second. Menopause? Wildstar would think. Her mind was brilliant when it came to ships and their dynamics. Wildstar found himself always in good cheer and he would forget about his attacks. “What do you say we grab something to eat?” Sometimes Wildstar would find her directness voguer as if she was one of the guys.

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m having lunch with my wife. Which reminds me it’s getting late, I should get out of here before someone finds something for us to do.” He waved as he walked out and ran to his car to meet up with Nova. He walked into the restaurant and smile to see her sitting at a table near the window. She looked out over the city and he walked behind her leaned down and kissed her neck. “Hello there gorgeous.”

“You really shouldn’t do that, people will talk and my husband will find out.” Nova joked.

“So let him find out. Then we can finally be together.” He squeezed her hand.

“How has your day been?” she giggled.

“Hmm,” he tried to find his words. “Interesting?”

“Oh what do you mean, Interesting?” Nova lifted her eyebrow and lean forward to hear about it.

“It’s Kobayashi.”

“What about him?”

Wildstar put the menu down and looked her in the eyes. “He is a she.” He didn’t want to start anything off with Nova by dodging who he was working with. “And I swear I think she is completely nuts.” Nova gave him a dead stare. “Don’t give me that stare. First of all she is 15 years older than us and she’s been married about 10 times. Not to mention she is just plain crazy and not my type at all. I have eyes only for you.”

“Married 10 times! Really?”

“I think it might be more. When I asked her that she dodges the question, I think she wants people to keep guessing how many. She’s a character that I can tell you. I really think she is totally out of touch but she makes the day go quickly.”

“Well I hope I get to meet her.”

“I think you would like her, but whatever you do, don’t bring the boys.”

She looked at him confused, “what about Alex and DJ.”

“I think she likes them very young.”

“OoooH. Hmm,” They talked throughout lunch and Derek explained to Nova about Kobayashi. She laughed at all that he told her about Kobayashi.


Returning to the office Wildstar went straight to work with some files. He looked up to his clock and realized it was time to go home. He put down the file and got up to leave when his door flew open and Kobayashi walked in and plop herself on one of his chairs. “You are NOT going to BELIEVE THIS!” her voice fluctuated from high to low. “I just got a call from your boyfriend Stone and he said he is sending over new plans for the Yamazuki. Now they want to add a whole new engine that will give it more speed. But I read the stats on it. If anything we will have to do without two of the main guns. She is not meant to take on all that weight. Her top load should be 2663 Tons he is adding another 500.” She ranted and raved for 20 minutes as Wildstar looked to the clock wondering if it going to be a long night at the office. All he wanted to do was head home and be with his wife. He rolled his eyes when she announced that they will have to redo the plans and present them back to the council. Before he knew it he was working with her to almost midnight recalculating the plans sent to them. He was exhausted when he walked out of the building and headed home.

He slowly and quietly climbed into bed and tried to get some sleep when Nova turned to him. “What happened?”

“Gosh Nov, I just want to sleep, please can we just talk about this in the morning.”

“That bad of a day? I’m sorry, but you should have called. I was worry.”

“I’m sorry, your right I should have called. But baby I am really beat. Can we talk about it in the morning.” he yawned.

“Sure, I love you.” She said and threw her leg and arm over him and rested her head on his chest. “Come closer,” she whispered. They cuddled closer as the sound of thunder roar outside.

“I love you too,” he whispered and they both drifted off to sleep.





They both work hard for over a week putting the new plans together. Wildstar threw the files on his desk and sat back and took a deep breath. “Well that went well.” He huffed.

“I thought old Stone head was going to blow a gasket. I never saw anyone’s vein pop out of their neck like that. Is he always like that?” she asked.

“Unfortunately we deal with him more then we care for.”

“What a prick.” She said. Wildstar laughed. “What an asshole! He reminds me of my 5th husband, a miserable soul, never happy with anything. I bet he is a dud in bed. Just like Tadashi. His love making was just like his attitude, mean and rough.” She let out a laugh that sounded more like a cackle. “That is why I like the younger ones. They are more fun and can keep up. How are you in the sack?” she asked Wildstar. He stiffened to her comment and just sat there silent making her laugh more. “Relax Captain, if I wanted to come on to you. You would know it.” Her eyes narrowed and they turned darker than usual. Sometimes Wildstar felt uncomfortable around her when she talked like she was one of the guys. She never filtered what she said and told it like it was. “At least they finally listened.”

“Yeah, Stone just wanted an engine with fire power he never did understand the technic of battle.  Fought, he may have in war but he is only train to fight and not really think about how things can turn out better.”

“I’m glad that they finally listen to the simple changes without spending a trillion bucks.” She shook her head and laughed. “Boy I never saw such a big prick. He even tried to hit on me after. What a pig. Trying to whisper sweet nothing my ear, like telling me that he has special blue pills to really make me scream. Sweet heart even with a blue pill he couldn’t handle me even if he wanted.” She gave him a wink and then gave a cackle laugh. She stood up and stretched her arms out. “Well I better get going. I have a hot date with a young good looking guy. He’s pretty much looks like you. You’re such a handsome devil you know.” She winked at him and walked out his office. She made her way to the elevators and thought about the young Captain. His jacket was impressive, one of the star force members that took his leadership serious. He was top in his class, an excellent pilot and an excellent tactical scenarist. All his colleagues think highly of him. But he is one to stray. She pulled up clippings of his life. Married on and off to the same women. They met on the way to Iscandar and are high profile in the press. Most of the clippings were about him with other women. It was rare to see anything on his wife, Nova and their kids. She was as the press said, very private. She was like a pit-bull when it came to her children and the press. I wonder what she thought about him working with another woman. After all, every woman he worked with he fell in love with or had a passionate affair. Funny I never thought that he would come on to me but now that I look back he has been always attentive when we worked together. Maybe he has been coming on to me and I haven’t caught it. She looked back towards his office and watched as he talked with his assistant. He looked down her way and their eyes met. He gave a small wave and she nodded back to him. She turned and thought, he loves his wife and kids, I must be mistaken, anyway what am I going to do with a married younger guy. She shrugged her shoulders and left for home.




Derek Wildstar was focusing his time with the refit of the Yamakuzi while Kobayshi tried to figure a way to catch his eye. “You know if they can see the enemy come into view sooner it will give time to the ship’s crew to respond quicker and we won’t have as much lost as in the past.” Wildstar said. “Kobayshi?”

“Huh, What? What did you say?” she asked coming back to their meeting.

“I was saying that if there were a way of us detecting incoming enemy fighters that we will be able to save lives.” Wildstar frowned. “You seem to be distracted all day is there anything wrong. Do you need to take some time off?”

“No, no, I’m fine.” She shook her head returning her focus back to their project. “I’m sorry, you have my full attention.”

“Listen its late and it seems like you have other things on your mind. Why don’t we just call it a night and get going? For once I would like to get home early. Working on this thing for two months is starting to take a toll on me and my wife. Plus I would like to see my kids.”

“Yes, your right. It is late.” She watched as he put the drawings away and looked around the ships bridge. He took one deep breath and stood silent for a minute. “Is everything alright?”

He frowned again, “yeah, I’m fine.”

“Derek, I’ve notice that you seem a little shaky every time we are here. Would you like to talk about it?”

Annoyed with her question he put on his jacket and began to wrap things up. “I rather not, It’s personal.”

“You know they say that speaking about it makes it better.”

“Well thank you for that advise but I am speaking about it, but not with you.” He snapped. She frowned and he realized how he came across to her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap like that. It’s just that it’s very personal. My wife and I are working through it.”

She smiled and thinking. There’s trouble in paradise once again. “Well if there is anything you would like to talk about, I’m here.”

“Thanks,” he looked at his watch and saw it was almost 2200 hours. “Good night Captain, I’ll see you in the morning.” And grabbed his coat and raced off the bridge to his car to go home.




He walked into the room and huffed. Nova looked up and smiled at him. “Long day?” she asked.

He spoke as he undressed. “Too long and it doesn’t help when people you work with aren’t totally focus to what is being said. It’s rude and annoying.” He sat down in the chair and rubbed his leg.

“Is it still bothering you?” she motion to his leg.

“It’s getting better. I’ll be just fine.” He tried to assure her.

“Maybe you should go back to therapy. Maybe you can learn some tricks to handle the pain.”

“It’s not pain. It’s just an annoying numbness. Sometimes I feel like my leg is always falling asleep.”

“That’s normal. It should go away in time.” She said with her expertise in medical knowledge. “I’ll rub it for you some more later.” She could tell something else was bugging him so pushed on. “If it’s not the pain what is it then?”

He frowned and thought about not telling her. But if I don’t tell her she will think the worst.  “It’s just,” Her suspicion started to go in over drive.  “No, no nothing like that. It’s just Kobayashi has been needling me about something.”

“About what?”

He didn’t want to tell her about his anxiety returning but she needed to know. He slipped his hand into hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Please don’t give me that worried look. I am dealing with it.”

“Derek, tell me.”

He took a deep breath and looked past her. “Working on the bridge of the Yamazuki is just,”

“Are you starting to get anxiety again?”

He nodded his head. “She’s starting to get curious.”

“So what, have you told her about it?”

“No, I don’t want her to know about this. This is a personal matter and I don’t want her to treat me like a basket case.”

“Derek,” she placed her hand on his face and made him look into her eyes. “There’s no need to hide that from anyone. You had a dramatic experience and no one will blame you for feeling uncomfortable. I think you should tell her. She will understand, and just like you told me, who cares what they think. You’re a good man Derek Wildstar. You’ve earn the respect of your crew and many upper ranks.”

“I don’t know Nov,”

She gave a warm smile and kissed his lips. “Trust me on this one, captain. She will understand. Now this woman that has your attention, when do I finally get to meet her?”

“She’s a piece of work you sure you want to meet her?”

“From what you told me about her she sounds like a fun gal.”

He ran his hand threw his hair and thought for a minute. “Well if you want to, sure why not. Lunch tomorrow?”

“I’ll be there with bells on.” She pulled him closer into her arms.

“Only bells? Wow that sounds hot just imagining it.”




Kobayashi  found him sitting in the captain chair looking out the window after finishing going over work with the engine crew. He looked a little pale and looking at his hand she saw it shake. “Derek? Are you okay?” He continued to stare out and she placed her hand on his to stop it from shaking. “Captain Wildstar.” She said a little louder and a stern voice.

Derek snapped back to reality and looked up to see her standing over him. “Sorry I was just thinking.”

“Well that was some thought. It looked like you were in a trance or something.” She pulled her hand away and looked down to his. He was still a little shaky and said. “Are you okay, sonny?”

He grinned and thought of what Nova told him. “Yeah I’m okay, just makes me a little unease to being on any bridge right now.”

“Oh, how so?”

“I am still trying to deal with things. I was captured on my last mission and well, it wasn’t easy or pretty.”

She sat down on the console and listened. “Go on.”

“I’m just thinking back to what happened and being on this ship brings those memories back. I’m still working on dealing with being on ship. Just being here sometimes gives me the shakes. Don’t know why. I was captured and tortured in the jail on some planet. But for some odd reason I started to break down once I left my house. Nova got me into see a really good doctor and I see him once a week. I’ve managed to deal with heading out of the house and the EDF building, but I wasn’t expecting this.”

“How are you handling it and is there anything I can do?”

He grinned and felt relieved that she wanted to help. “Thank you, Captain, but I think I am working through it.”

She giggled and then said. “That explains a lot.”

“Explains what?”

She shook her head and said. “Never mind.”

Wildstar shrugged his shoulder, “Anyway I was wondering what you were doing for lunch?”

She raised her eyebrow and began to wonder was he going to hit on her now? “Nothing special, just grabbing a sandwich from the mess hall and then eat in my office. Why?”

“Well I’d like to invite you to lunch.”

“Well that is sweet of you.” She purred.

“So why don’t we go, I know this one place that is really good.” He grabbed his cover and she followed him off the bridge.

She was impressed at the place he chose to win her over. The host led them to a quiet table in the far corner. He pulled the chair out for her and she sat down. “Thank you sweetie. This is a lovely place. Do you come here often?”

“I bring my wife here. She loves this place.”

“Well, aren’t you a bold hottie. Don’t you think this will get back to her?”

He looked at her confused. “Huh?”

“You know when you want to,” she began and he got up to someone that was headed their way.

“Miho Kobayashi, I would like for you to meet my wife.” Wildstar announced.

“What?” Now it was time for her to look at him confused. She then turned to see him kiss his wife on the lips. She stared and then let out a laugh. Derek and Nova look at each other and then at her.  Nova finally understood what he meant about her. She got up and stood face to face with his wife. “Hello, I’ve heard many good things about you.” She said quickly.

Nova smiled and shook her hand. “Hello Ms. Kobayashi. Derek has told me good things about you too.”

“Oh don’t bullshit me sweetie, he told you I was bat shit crazy and he is right.” Nova wasn’t sure how to reply. “Sit down; it’s good to finally meet the little woman. My your just as pretty as your picture.”

“Thank you.”

“To be honest, I thought this was a date with your husband. I thought he was coming on to me. I must have egg all over my face.” She joked.

Derek almost choked on his drink. “WHAT!”

“Relax handsome, I would’ve turn you down.” They all sat silent and then all bust out laughing.

“Why would you even think that I would be interested?” Oh shit that came out wrong. “I mean I’m flatter but, I mean you’re very pretty for someone your age.” he rambled on trying to stop from making it awkward between each other.

Kobayashi laughed louder, making Nova laugh with her. “Relax sailor, I get it. So, you can pull your foot out from your mouth and breath.” Nova, laughed so hard she almost peed on herself.

Nova loved her already. She was straightforward and funny. She asked tons questions about their lives together and they talked for hours; Kobayashi found that she liked his wife even more so. By the end of luncheon Nova and she were best of friends. For Derek it was a great relief that they hit it off. At first he wasn’t sure what to say or do after she announced that she thought they were on a date. Now going back to work will be a lot easier. There would be no awkward moment at work.  By the end of their lunch they all got up ready to return to their day. Nova gave Kobayashi a hug and said. “It’s so nice to finally meet you. You must come to the house for dinner some time.” Kobayashi was touched and hugged her once again.

“It was a pleasure to meet you too. And don’t worry about handsome here. I’ll make sure that no one tries anything on my watch. You heard of an annoying big sister. Well that would be nothing compare to how protective I can be. Thank you for the invite to dinner and I would love to meet the kiddos.” Wildstar gave her a worried look and she laughed. “Relax there sexy,” she loved teasing him and seeing him blush. “I know they are too young for an old broad like me.” She winked over to Nova and they both laughed.




Time went quickly with Derek and Kobayashi. They worked closely together laughing and joking. At times she would make him blush mentioning about a young male caller then would roar in laughter as he blushed. She was loud, obnoxious, funny and bossy. But he loved that about her. Nova would visit and they would sit together laughing about their first meeting. She finally admitted to Nova and Derek that she thought he was coming on to her. Months flew by and their time had come to the end. Wildstar knew that he would miss her. She was ready to head back to the states and promised that she would keep in touch. He sat at his desk putting the final touches to their report before handing them over to his superiors. “Harvey, can you call out to the airstrip and tell them to get my jet ready?” he said into the intercom.

“Yes sir!” his assistant answered quickly.

Grabbing his cover he walked out of his office and handed his finished report to Harvey, “make sure that Admiral Sandor get those. Hand deliver them yourself.” He ordered.

“Yes sir. Your plane will be ready in hanger 12. They will have everything prep when you get there.”

“Thank you, Harvey and you can cancel all my afternoon appointments.  I need to get out and hit the skies.”

“Yes sir, it has been a long month.”

“Why don’t you wrap everything and then get the hell out of here. I know that this place can suck the life out of you. Go spend time with the family.”

“Yes. Sir. Oh by the way. You have an early appointment with a Commander Smith and his assistant a Lieutenant JG Yamaguchi. Here are their jackets.” Harvey knew when his boss was meeting anyone for the first time he made sure that he found out everything about them.

Wildstar scan through them quickly and wonder about what they wanted.  “Hmm, why am I meeting him and his assistant? I can understand him, but his assistant.”

“He actually insisted that she attend all meetings with him. I guess he needs a side kick with him.” Harvey shrugged his shoulders and looked away.

Wildstar chuckled and slipped the files into his brief case. “Very well, I’m off.”






Derek woke up with a jolt. He looked over to the clock on the table a realized he was late. Quickly he jumped out of bed and ran into the shower, bathing quick and throwing on his uniform. He raced into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. Ready to run out the door Nova walked into the room. “Good morning.” She sang.

“Why did you let me sleep in late!?” he semi snapped.

“Relax Wildstar it was move the clock back an hour last night or did you forget. You still have at least 30 minutes before you leave. Now sit down and I’ll make you something to eat.”

He grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him. “Well since I have an extra 30 minutes,” and lifted his eyebrow. Nova giggled and slipped her arms around his waist.

“What do you have in mind?”  Grabbing her arm he led her back to their room.


Wildstar walked onto the floor of his office thinking of his wife and what occurred earlier that morning. Life was great. Counseling was going great. He was feeling more at ease with working at the office and on ship. For a split second Kobayashi came to mind, it was on ship. Wildstar stood on the deck of the Andromeda second class ship looking out to the bow. “What are you thinking?” she asked as she walked up behind him.

“Just thinking of the last time I was on the Argo.”

“I heard it was a great ship.”

“Still is. She sleeps for now. But if we ever need her she will rise like a phoenix.”

“I would have loved to work on her. She is a legacy”

“She is my legacy and some day she will be my sons.”

“Are you pushing them into your shoe?”

Wildstar grinned, “well, I was hoping the minute I found out that they were boys. But no I didn’t push them into it. They chose it on their own. “

“You must be proud.” She smiled and then let out a sigh, “Well it looks like your pretty comfortable now. I think you’re ready to take command. I feel comfortable enough to leave you alone with these misfits.” She felt her eyes tear. He was fun to work with and she grew to love him as a family member. “I’m gonna miss you and Nova.”

Wildstar place his hand on his heart and said, “Be still my heart. Are you getting sentimental with me?”

“Of course not” she said. Then pinch his ass, “the only sentiment I have is for this cute little ass of yours,” making him jump with embarrassment.

Wildstar grinned. “How many times do I have to tell you to lay off the merchandise.”

“Now how am I supposed to know how it works if I can’t test it out.” Then cackled out loud.

“I’m gonna miss you Miho. It was very interesting working with you. I hope that we can work again sometime.”

“Well if your ever in the states,” she winked. “Tell Nova thank you for the farewell dinner. And I’ll send you a check for Alex and DJ’s therapy.” They both laughed at the thought. It was bitter sweet for them, he was going to miss his friend and colleague. Harvey, his assistant of many years stood up as he approached his office and handed him a cup of coffee and some files. “Good morning, sir.  Commander Smith and his assistant are waiting in your office. The top file is TS so for YEO. Also Admiral Sandor request to see you this afternoon about the file I just gave you. Here are all your message to return later today and your wife called. She says, have a good one and to remind you that your still have it?” he said wondering what it meant.

Wildstar smiled, “thank you Harvey, proficient as always. So, your input on my guest inside?”

He shook his head and rolled his eyes, “I’m not feeling them. Strange couple.”

Wildstar’s raised his eyebrow, “Couple?”

“They are acting to professional if you get what I mean.”

“I see,” Wildstar huffed and looked in the direction of his door. “Well wish me luck.”

“You’re probably going to need a lot more than that, but good luck.”

Wildstar paused at the door and took a deep breath. How he hated meeting new officer’s with high expectation and to bring his assistant made him dread meeting them more. Who brings their assistant to a meeting for the first time? He gave one last glance at Harvey and walked into the office. Commander Smith sat across from his desk while his assistant walked around looking at his things that he had around the office. She held one award in her hand when she looked up to see him standing there. “I don’t mind you looking but please don’t touch. I am Captain Derek Wildstar and you must be Commander Smith.”

Standing up Wildstar notice that he favored one leg over the other. “Good morning Captain Wildstar. I apologize for my assistant. She can be a little nosey.”

“I’ve noticed. I’m Captain Wildstar.” He looked over to Kobayashi. She gave him a nervous smile and looked away. She thought he was strikingly handsome in person. His photos in the paper didn’t do him justice.

She reached out her hand to shake his. “Lieutenant Yamaguchi . Kinko Yamaguchi.”

“Very nice to meet you, please have a seat.” Wildstar suggested, placing his brief case down and removing his jacket. He made his way to his chair and sat down. “So what is it that I can do for you Commander?”

“I’m here investigating one of your officers.”

“Really, who?”

“Commander Joshua Blanchard.”

“What about him. He has an excellent record as far as I have read and seen.”

“Sir, he is under investigation for embezzlement.”

“You’ve caught my interest. Go on.” Wildstar sat back and continued to listen.

“While station in San Diego we were informed by a Kobayashi that she suspected some mismanagement of funds.”

“Miho Kobayashi?”

“Do you know her?”

“Yes I do. She is an excellent officer. If she has concerns, I would take that to heart.”

“Well we started to investigate and found some invoice didn’t match the work that was done on some of the vessels. Before we could move in he was transfer here and under your command. I would like to place an undercover to find out how he was doing it.”

“And the person you are placing undercover?”

“Lieutenant Yamaguchi. She is very informed in all vessels and how they work. I am asking a courtesy to you to have her report to him. It will help our investigation if you okay her transfer here.”

“If there is some one that is stealing from our funds and cutting corners then I will allow you to place your people in. I expect a report as well as to what she has found.”

“Of course Captain. Now I will leave you and Lieutenant Yamaguchi to work how you will get her transfer there.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry I thought that it would be better to have you to introduce her to Blanchard.”

“Although I would like to know the outcome of this little investigation I don’t think I have the time to play detective.”

“I was assured by your superiors that you will cooperate with the investigation. It would be better if you transfer her into the unit. That way they are no suspicion of the Lieutenant. So can we count on you, sir?”

Wildstar huffed, “very well. I will have my assistant get the paper work done and we can talk as to how you transfer here.” Smith walked out and Wildstar turned to Yamaguchi, “first thing is to get you a file. I need to see your jacket in order to see what changes need to get done. Then I will take you to Commander Blanchard personally, you will have to win his confidence so you can find what you need to charge him.” He picked up his phone and buzzed his assistant. “Harvey can you please get me Lieutenant Yamaguchi’s jacket and either bring it to him or send it to me. Thank you.” He looked at his watch and huffed. “I need to call my wife and let her know I will be late tonight. Excuse me,” he said and point to the door. Taking the hint she exited and waited outside.  Hearing her voice he smiled. “Hello gorgeous.”

“You really didn’t have to call me back. I know you have a busy day ahead of you.”

“I know, but today looks like it’s going to be very long. I don’t think I will be home for dinner. I have an assignment that will probably go over today. I tell you what I can later about it. I love you.”

“I love you too. See you later.”

“Harvey, please tell Lieutenant Yamaguchi to come back around 1300 hours by that time we should have her jacket.”

“Yes sir.” Harvey replied and forward the message. By noon he was looking at her jacket and questions pop in his head. She had no prior experience working on vessels. How was he supposed to get her a position when there is nothing in her jacket that he could work with? He racked his brain trying to figure out how he was going to get it ready. “Sir,” Harvey peeked into the office. “Lieutenant Yamaguchi is here. Also here are those reports you asked for.”

“Thank you Harvey, please let her in.” he ordered. “Lieutenant, have a seat. We have a problem. I’ve read over your jacket and see that you have no prior experience on any vessel.”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t know anything. I know that the Argo was once a great ship back in the 20th century and was resurrected for its voyage to Iscandar. Since then we have tried to duplicate its power with our Andromeda series but have yet to get the substance of the Argo. Although the Andromeda’s fire power is top rate it still have yet to get the accuracy that the Argo has. She holds well over the fire power then them.” She grinned that he looked impressed. “So do I qualify now?”

He grinned in return, “That is easily looked up. But I am satisfied. Okay this is what your jacket will show. Because your test scores where low at time of service they placed you in JAG which you were not on the best of terms there. It wasn’t what you wanted and didn’t care for an office position. Taking the engineer test you managed to pass barley. I agreed to take you on and thought of Commander Blanchard to be your mentor. You will gain his trust and find out how much and how he has been embezzling”

“Sir may I speak freely?” Wildstar nodded in agreement. “You’re making me out to be a total idiot.”

“And you act like it. Of course if you want to win him over you can use you sex appeal to win him over. I know for a fact that he thinks he is a ladies man. You should have no trouble in doing that. I’m not telling you to sleep with the man, just make him work for it.” Wildstar said.

“So play stupid and sexy.”

“I know it’s not the best way to put it but yes. I know Blanchard and chasing skirts is his top priority.  Someone as pretty as you will have no trouble in catching his eye.” She felt herself blush. He thought she was pretty. It was a huge compliment from him. “Now let’s work on this Jacket to make him think that you are not the brightest star.” They work for hours inventing her new profile. Wildstar made sure that she went to the one of the lower academy and she was an average student. By the time they finished he looked at his clock and notice it was only an hour after quitting time. “Well looks like we can get you under the raider without him looking deep into anything. Tomorrow I will introduce you to your new MOS.” He looked at his watch and began to put on his jacket. “I’ll walk you out.” As they made their way to the parking area he asked her question about her. “How long have you been working with Commander Smith?”

“Two years. He is a very smart man when it comes to catching people who use their position as power. When Kobayashi came to him about what she suspected he started his investigation. We were just about to catch him red handed but then upper command had him transfer here for some refits.”

“Are you married?”

“No, I was once but he was killed.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“It’s okay, I’ve finally moved on.”

“Are you and commander Smith,” he began to ask.

She laughed, “God No! He happens to be married to my cousin Frank.”

He looked at her confuse for a split second and then said, “OH. I see.”

“He doesn’t publish it. It’s his personal life and doesn’t interfere with his job. Is there a problem with him being Gay?”

“Not at all. One of my wife’s assistant is Gay. Great guy and funny as hell. She adores him.”

“Well this is me.” She said as they walked up to her car. He opened the door and made sure she was safely in. “Thank you Captain. It will be a pleasure working for you.”

“Correction, with Commander Blanchard.”

“Yes of course. See you in the morning.”





They arrived on the docks and headed to the ship. Wildstar went over the plan with her over and over. “You will have to play the game even if you want to say something. I know it will be hard for you to keep quiet but to catch him red handed you will have too.” They found him on the bridge talking with some of the crew. Someone called out officer on the deck and Wildstar walked towards Blanchard, “Commander Blanchard.”

“Captain Wildstar, good to see you what brings you here to the trenches?”

“I would like to introduce you to Lieutenant Yamaguchi. She arrived yesterday and is being transfer to your unit as of today.”

“I wasn’t aware of any transfer to my unit.” He said with confusion.

“You know how upper command is; they are always switching this around to make things better. Only thing is that they make things more complicated for us. Anyway, she is your new assistant. Lieutenant Chan was re-station to Okinawa. Lieutenant, good luck.” He bowed his head to her and walked away.

 Blanchard stare her up and down. What was he supposed to do with her? “Can you make coffee?”

His question caught her off guard. “Excuse me?”

“I asked if you know how to make coffee.”

Remember to act dumb even if you want to put him in his place. Her eyes narrow and she said, “Only if you want me to poison you.” She grinned and batted her eyelashes at him.

He wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or yell. “Do you want to poison me?”

“I would like to poison the dear old Captain.” She rolled her eyes.

“Now why would you want to do that? I thought all you women swoon over the great Captain Wildstar.”

“Oh please, he’s just another hot guy that probably thinks he is the greatest in bed and turns out to be a dud. All talk if you ask me. Not interested.” She said nonchalant.

Well, I’m starting to like this girl. He thought. “Welcome aboard Lieutenant we are going to get along just fine.” Yamaguchi worked hard to keep her cover. She bad mouth Wildstar on and off. Not much to make him suspect anything while reporting back to Wildstar about her day. It was over a month when he finally approached her about something. “I need for you to take these invoices to a Commander Channing. He will give you another invoice; just bring it back to me.”

“But I thought we had in all our invoices to Lieutenant Commander Fujimoto?”

“Yeah, but this is a special invoice. Just bring it to Channing. Now go he is waiting for you.”

“Okay,” she sang as she walked out the door and to do what he asked.

She did as he told her and exchanged invoices with Channing. She hurried back and handed it back to him. “Did you look at it?” he asked.

“I didn’t think you wanted me to. Should I have?” she asked casually.

He smirked, “no, no it’s not important. Listen I have this thing I have to attend at the docks in about an hour. My assistant usually comes but since she was ship else where I need someone with me. Plus I think I can trust you if you’re willing to come aboard.”

“Depends on what is in it for me?” she slipped a cigarette into her mouth and took a long drag. A bad habit she had since she was in her late teens.

He smiled, he liked her style she was witty and found out that she was in need of cash. Looking into her finances he found her in debt. “I’ve looked into your finances, one hundred and fifty thousand in debt. Now how did you manage to get in so deep?”

She huffed, “Long story.”

“We have time, you can tell me on the way. Let’s go.”

“Look it’s nothing I can handle.”

“What if I tell you I can get you a score and you can have the debt paid off in two weeks?”

“I’d say you’re a rich uncle that came into my life at the right time.”

“So tell me your story.”

“Well, where do I begin? I’ll give you the short version. School loans, than an old boyfriend that I made a mistake in marrying. He gambled everything away and then some. He left with a big boob blonde with a fast car leaving me with his debt. I’ve been trying to pay off the debt since then and it looks like I’m never going to pay it off.” She sighed, “Now how is my rich uncle going to die and leave me butt load of money?”

He grinned and pulled over to a huge warehouse, “come on I’ll introduce you to my rich uncle”



She sat across from Wildstar and made her report. “So that’s how he’s been doing it. Okay we need to inform Commander Smith.” Once a week she would sit with Wildstar and inform him to what she found. It wasn’t much but she finally hit the jack pot when Blanchard introduced her to his connections. They would talk for an hour and she would head back to work. Her explanation to Commander Blanchard was that Wildstar would hit on her and she would spend her time avoiding his advances. Each week she found him more and more attractive. At times he would be relaxed and they would just talk about anything. Harvey stepped into the office and announced that his son was on the line. “I’m sorry Kinko, I should get this. Hello Alex, what’s going on.” He talked for a few minutes and rolled his eyes. She wondered what happen to his wife. He rarely talked about her. She heard that they’ve always had an up and down marriage and thought he was once again in the outs with his wife. Finally hanging up and took a deep breath and blew, “Kids. They can call for the darnest things. So when are you and Blanchard going to meet the uncle again?”

“In two weeks. He is writing off some parts that where never delivered.”

“So he’s cutting back on some parts.” It infuriated Wildstar that people like him would put his men and women in inferior vessels. If they were ever in battle thousands of lives would be lost. “What kind of payout is he receiving?”

“Two hundred and fifty thousand.”

“Geeze, I’m in the wrong business.  Okay, let’s work on getting him put away for good. Are you willing to wear a wire?”

“I’m prepared to.”

“Let’s go over all this with Smith and get this guy off my docks.”



“So this will pick up everything that is being said.” Wildstar said as he watched them strap a microphone to her bra. “It looks like wings but it will transmit everything back to us. We will all be in the Van only a few blocks away. If anything goes wrong we will be there in less than a minute.”

“What happens if they find out she is wearing a wire?” Smith asked.

“She can switch it off by a tap right here on the wing. Then turn it back on when you’re clear.” He pin one of her medals to her jacket and said. “This is a camera it will record everything.”

She looked down and frown, “it’s so small.”

“The picture is crystal clear. We will get everything.” He pinned it on her chest and brushed against her nipple. She blushed and he blushed together. “Sorry about that.” He apologized. She felt her heart beat faster and she could smell his cologne making her feel weak in the knees.  His eyes sparkle in the light and when he brushed his hair to the side she wanted to just kiss him. She wanted him and decided after this was done that she would make her move. “Okay Lieutenant your all set. Be careful and if you feel that something is going down say into the mic the word, OVER and we will be right there. Good luck.”


Wildstar and Smith watched as the car rolled into the warehouse. Yamaguchi hands shook uncontrollably and she sat on them to stop them from shaking. “Why are you so nervous?” Blanchard asked.

“It’s this big load. You said it was one of the biggest pay outs we will get. Do you think that they are setting us up? I mean why are they wanting me there also? They barely know me.”

“That’s because they like you. Now just relax.” He said annoyed. It was a few days that he knew that she was undercover. He was tipped off by one of his men that happen to deliver something on the floor that Wildstar’s office was. He grew suspicious when he walked past it and saw Wildstar and Smith there with him. He remembered Smith from San Diego and knew he was INS. He immediately called him and told him that they were being set up. Well my sweet assistant you may think that we are going to the dock but we are going elsewhere. Our little decoy car will keep them busy enough to take care of you and what I need to do.

She looked out and noticed that they past their exit. “Where are we going?”

“Relax; there’s been a change of plans. Our Uncle changed the venue. He thought it be better to meet some where more, how should I put it, private.” He said grinning like a cat ready to pounce on a mouse. “We should be there very soon.”

She felt her heart beat faster. She only hoped that they were listening and followed. But what if they didn’t notice that they were head the wrong way? What if by the time the notice she was already dead. Every bad thought ran through her mind. She looked out the window and tried to ask questions. “Is that the Nijubashi Bridge? It’s so pretty with the cherry blossom this time of the year. I can almost see the Imperial Palace from here. Do you think they Royal family will be outside?” each turned they made she mentioned a land mark until they came to a stop. The car stood outside of a tall building with a restaurant at the base of it. The windows we color dark so it was hard to see inside. Walking in she noticed that it was empty which was odd since it was still lunch time. People were racing either to somewhere to eat or back to work. “Are we eating first?” she asked.

He frowned, “you ask a lot of questions Kinko.”

“All I asked is if we are eating here because I’m starving and I haven’t eaten all day.”

“No, this isn’t somewhere you can eat. Now shut up and follow me.” He snapped. She followed him towards the back and walked through the kitchen, passing cooks and assistants as they cook for no customers. She felt her heart in her throat making it harder to breath. At the back of the kitchen was a steal door. He banged hard on it and someone opened it up slowly. “Hello Max how’s the wife and kids?” he said cheerfully. “Where is he?”

“In the office, he’s been waiting.”

“Yeah we hit traffic. Sorry about the wait. Come on,” he grabbed her hand tight and dragged her across the hall to another door. He knocked twice and walked in. “Hey Uncle Vin, how U doin,” he said in his best Brooklyn accent.

“Joshy, it’s good to see you again. I see you brought our lovely Kinko.” Uncle Vin stood up and walked over to her. He was a large man that seemed to have swallowed a large cow.  His weight was over 300 pounds and his hair was balding. He had a sinister look to him that scare Kinko to death. With a swipe of his hand could snap her in half. “Come here my sweet your looking lovely today.” He took her hand in his and kissed it. He quickly slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He lean in closer and try to kiss her lips as she fought to be released. His breath made her stomach turn. “Why so shy all of a sudden. You always seem to love when I paid attention to you. Now I can’t understand why you want to push me away. Joshy, boy what is going on with our girl?”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Don’t know what’s been bugging her today. She’s been jumpy all day.”

“IS that so? Well it could be she is coming down with something. She seems a little hot to the touch. Why don’t we just help you out of that jacket? I mean all those metals and ribbons could be too much. Let me help you out of this jacket make you feel a little comfortable.”

“That’s okay, I feel fine. It’s not too hot in here.” She pulled at her jacket closing it tight. “Can we just get this over with? I have things to do later.” She sarcastically said.

“Well looky here, we have a career little girl. She has things to do. How about you sit down while the big boys talk.” Uncle Vin grabbed her by the arm and forced her to the chair. Just sit there and look pretty. Sweetie.”

She felt her cheek burn with anger. Sit here and look pretty. Why the smug asshole. Who does he think he is? “I’m sorry, but I do have a brain.”

“Sure you do sweetie.” Uncle Vin said as he pat her leg. Blanchard whispered in his ear and he nodded, “excuse us sugar, the boys need to talk.” They walked into the other room and talked as she sat there looking around.

She whispered, “I think they’re on to me. Are you guys listening? We are at,” she watched as they walked back grinning. “So are we doing this or what? I have a car I would like to buy with this load.”

“Kinko take off your jacket.” Blanchard asked. She frowned with confusion. “Take off your jacket.”


“We need to check you for a wire.”

“A WIRE! Are you kidding me? Don’t you trust me? All this time and going with you to pickup and delivery and now you don’t trust me! Really?!”

“Look sweet heart just take it off and we will get this done and over with.”

“You got that right. To get it OVER with! OVER!” she snapped. Slowly she took off her jacket taking longer and dragging it out. She could feel her heart beat faster and wonder where the cavalry was coming. Blanchard stepped closer to her and pulled her in an embrace. He slowly ran his hand up and down her back and then down her leg. Working his way to her other leg and reaching up to her private area. He looked up and into her eyes smiling in delight. She swallow back knowing he will make his way up her stomach and then to her chest. Tears began to build in her eyes as he moved upward. Where are they? She thought. Her mind race knowing they will find her body somewhere in Aokigahara Suicide Forest years from now. She felt as his hands moved up her shirt and he stop when he felt something between her breasts. He grabbed her shirt and ripped it open exposing the wire. Her heart stopped as they stared at her. Blanchard and Vin grabbed their guns and pointed at her. An explosion blew opened the door and five men burst into the room aiming their weapons at both Vin and Blanchard. Wildstar walked in behind them with Smith following. Kinko raced into Wildstar arms crying for the near death experience. “What took you so long!” she cried into his chest. She didn’t realize that her breasts were exposed and he quickly took off his jacket and cover her with it.

“Shh, its okay, you’re safe now.” Wildstar whispered into her ear trying to calm her down.

Smith ordered their men to place them under arrest and take them out. “Get all the evidence bagged and log in. Let’s make this stick!” he ordered the others. He finally turned to Wildstar and Kinko and pulled her away from Wildstar. “It’s okay Kin, let’s get you back to the office.” He began to walk her back to the car and she grabbed Wildstar by the hand. She didn’t want to let him go. He was her hero.




Now back at work Wildstar is looking for the future with EDF, his wife and kids. Could life be looking up for him? Read on to see what happens next.


To be continued . . . . . .