Returning New Hope

Part 17

By Yuki Wildstar




Alex Wildstar and Nova stood facing the ambassador. It was a long negotiation but he finally ordered the general to release Derek Wildstar. He waved his hand to the nearby guards and they disappeared quickly to retrieve him. Alex stood tall looking down at the small pudgy man. Thank goodness he knew Starsha and she was adamant to have them release her brother-in-law. Alex would have went to war with their new military that took years to build. Shortly after the door to the great hall opened and beginning carried between the two guards stood a beaten, disheveled Captain Derek Wildstar. Nova wanted to run towards him and take him in her arms. Alex held his hand back to prevent her from running to him. Slowly they escorted him towards Alex and Nova as she shook to run into his arm. Finally he stood before his big brother and tried to focus. He smiled to see his big brother standing tall before him. “Hey Alex,” he said. “It’s been a while.”

Alex gave him a smirk, “yeah it has been. How are you doing?”

Derek looked at his clothes and felt his face. “Could be better.”

Alex gave a chuckle and looked over to Nova and gave her a nod. Nova ran into his arms and hugged him tight as she cried. “Oh My God Derek!”

“Hi baby,” he tried to give her a smile. He took a deep breath that sent shocking pain throughout his body. “Baby, please you’re squeezing too tight.” She pulled away and helped him towards the door.

Alex looked back to the ambassador and gave him a salute. “Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We will not forget this.” He said.

“I expect that the Queen will be leant to those who created this mess. My apologies once again to what happen.” He bowed to him and prayed that he will never see them again under those circumstances. He waved over to his men and ordered. “Please escort them back to their ship and make sure that it goes smoothly!”

“Yes Sir!” they all snapped to attention and saluted.



She helped him into bed in her suite. Slowly she eased him down then helped him removed his clothes. His body was covered in burses and his ribs were bandaged a show that they were badly damaged. His right eye was almost swollen shut. But she could tell that someone was attending to his burses and broken ribs. “Derek, has anyone been helping you heal?”


“Some of your wounds look like they have been taken care of. How evil for them to help you heal and then beat you again. It’s like they wanted to torture you over and over.”

He looked away and cringed from the pain, “yeah, you would think they would just leave me alone to die. It doesn’t matter now, does it? I’m here and going home.”

“I guess you’re right.” She frowned. She slowly began to remove some of his bandages and re-tape his rib cage. “There, that should do it. Take these,” she finally looked down and noticed that his leg was also badly broken in several places and realized that was why they carried him out. She thought to herself that he would need several surgeries to correct it. She handed him some pills. “They will help with the pain and keep you sleeping soundly. You need your rest to get better.” She helped him lay back and kissed his forehead. “Rest,” she said softly into his ear. “We’ll be home before you know it. The kids are waiting for us to come home.”



He slept for five days as Nova watched over him and attended to his wounds during which the doctor on board re-set his leg and placed it in a cast. He tossed and turned over and over and she wondered what it was he was dreaming about. The beatings and the torture of course she convinced herself. His moaning of pain kept her from sleeping through the night. She would sit up in bed next to him as he screamed into the night. Alex watched as her stress level of worrying escalated. “You need rest too, Nova.” he chastised her. “For once think of yourself. Get some rest. Derek will be alright.” She nodded and fell into his arms crying. He hugged his sister-in-law tight and sighed that things will soon be back to normal now that he was going home with her. On the third week Derek got up early and noticed she was sleeping soundly next to him. He quietly got up, grabbed some crutches and dressed. Making his way around the ship he stood in front of large window and looked out to the night sky. How long was he out? How far away was he from the planet where he was almost torture to death? Was his savior alright? He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see his brother standing behind him. “Your finally up, it’s good to see your walking around.” He said relieved.

“Yeah, I thought I would never get out of there.” Derek said then turned to look out at the dark sky. “How long have I been out?”

“A few weeks, you should be on Earth in a couple of months.” There was something different about his baby brother. He seemed distant but then again, who wouldn’t be after living through that. He wrapped his arm around his shoulder and said, “Nova never gave up searching for you. She wouldn’t go home with the Argo until she found you. You have an amazing woman there.” He slapped him on the back. “Now you need your strength, let’s get something to eat before Nova wakes up.”






Stretching her arms out she looked over to see that he wasn’t there again. She got up and dressed. She found him again in the viewing room in their suite. He sat in one of the single chairs looking out. She stood in the doorway watching him wondering what is making him so distant. In the weeks since they found and rescued him he was very quiet to what happened to him. She didn’t push in asking what happened she figured that when he was ready that he would eventually open up and talk about it. In the mean time she would talk about their children and their long final return home. She showed him pictures that were sent to her in hopes that it would cheer him up. “Looks like Alex grew a whole foot.” She tried to make him cheer up. At times he would wonder onto the ships bridge and look around as Alex sat in his captain’s chair calling out orders. Half way to Earth they met with an EDF Escort. Captain Mark Venture headed the fleet in his ship. After many months and endless rivalry they came face to face.

“You look like shit.” Venture said with a smile.

“At least I have an excuse what’s yours?” he replied with a grin.

Venture laughed and grabbed his hand and brought him in and gave him a man hug. “Good to see you again.” He said. Their past fading away as it never happened and were once again close friends. Nova stood to the side and watched as they pushed on with their friendship. She was happy to see they were once again best friends. Venture turned to Alex Wildstar and saluted him. “Will you be returning to Earth with us sir?”

“Unfortunately, no I have to return back to Iscandar. The Queen is anticipating my return and I would like to be with her as soon as possible. If you understand what I mean.” He shook Ventures hand and Venture nodded. Alex then turned to Derek. “I’m sorry little brother. I would love to see the kids but I should get back. Iscandar is finally thriving again and we must make sure that order is maintained. I promise we will come to Earth soon and see my nephews and niece. The way Nova talks about them they sound like amazing kids. I can’t wait to see them.” He placed his hand on his shoulder and said. “Take care of yourself little brother and take care of Nova.”

Derek gave him weary smile and looked in the direction of Nova. “I will I promise.”



They moved over to the EDF carrier Avatar, name after their captain. It was a huge vessel twice the size of the Argo. Venture escorted them personally to their state rooms. He placed them next to each other so they can have privacy if needed. “This is your room Wildstar. Nova you are next door.” He opened the door to Wildstar room and they all walked in. Nova watched as he looked around and felt out of place. Venture figured it was best to leave them alone and started out the door before saying, “if you need anything just call. The Lieutenant here will see to all your needs.” He pointed to a young male officer that looked 15 and as thin as a rail. He stood at attention and saluted his captain.

“Would you like the chow hall to send something up to eat Sir, Ma’am?” he asked.

“No, Lieutenant, I’ll”

Nova frowned and cut him short. “Yes, please bring something up. Derek you have to eat. You need your strength.” She worried that he wasn’t eating well. If she didn’t make him eat he would starve himself to death. “Just bring something up. Some soup and whatever the chief thinks is good enough, thank you.” the Lieutenant nodded, saluted and left them to retrieve something for them to eat.

“You should eat too. Or am I imaging that that you’ve gotten a little thinner since I saw you last.”

“I’m not the one who was captured and tortured. I’ll be fine. It’s you that needs to get your strength back. You still need to gain some more weight.” She began to put what things he had away. He sat on the bed watching. Nova looked through his bath area and saw that they already place some toiletries for him. She began to hang his things in the closet and he grabbed her arm. “Is something wrong?”

“Go,” he said softly.

“Derek, what,”

“I said go!” he yelled louder.

“I don’t understand?”

He grabbed her arm tighter and led her to the door. “Just go!” he pushed her out and slammed it shut. Nova stood outside shocked. What was bugging him and what did she do.  She thought about knocking on the door but decided it would only make things worse. She figured to give him space and went into her quarters next door to his. By dinner she hadn’t heard from him and went to see if he was alright. Knocking softly she waited until she heard him. Nothing. She knocked again. Once again, nothing. She turned the knob and peeked into his room. She found it empty. Where could have he gone? She walked to the dining area and figure it was best to get something to eat. She grabbed some vegetables and fruit with something that look like fish and headed back to her room. She wasn’t ready to deal with the questions. She worried about her husband he was acting strange since they found him and she was hoping that it will soon past. That he would be his old self again. At least before they get to Earth and see their children. She sat in her room and tried to eat what they served. It wasn’t the best meal or was it that she just couldn’t taste it due to her worrying about him. She forced the last piece of fish or whatever it was, down and shoved the tray away from her. Whatever that was it was no fish that’s for sure, she thought. It was still early so she decided to take a stroll around the ship. It was an amazing vessel. Venture sure got a great assignment. It had everything within it. Shops, gyms, pool, almost everything you could asked for. She stopped and asked a few crew members about it and where it would be a good spot to look out. They point her in the direction she needed to go and she strolled slowly checking everything out. She soon found herself on the viewing deck and also found him standing there looking out. She didn’t say anything for a while and just watched him stare out into space. What was he thinking? Why so distance? If anything he should be in her arms wanting to be with her. Talking with her about their children, what did those monsters do to him? She wanted him back. “Nova?” she heard him call her bringing her back to the present.

She gave him a smile and said, “Sorry I didn’t know you were here. I was just walking around.” She walked towards him and stood next to him. “It’s some ship don’t you think?”

“I guess. But it’s nothing like her.” He said still staring into space. “Nova, listen,”

She looked away from him not wanting to stare into his eyes. She was hurt for how he treated her earlier and she wasn’t ready to listen to his apology. “Never mind Derek, now it’s not the time. When you’re ready to talk about it you’ll let me know.” Then she said it anyway. “What really happened?” He turned and walked out leaving her standing there alone. She managed to grab hold of a crew and asked where the bridge was and quickly was escorted there. Venture stood over one of his crew looking at a message that was sent from Earth. The young crew man tapped him on the shoulder and informed him that she was there. Venture turned to face her and smiled.

“Hey there, finally made it to the bridge. Is everything alright? Do you need anything? Is everything satisfactory?” he shot out his questions.

“Everything is just fine Venture.” He sensed that something was wrong. Her answer was not what her body language and her frown on her face said.

He called over to his XO and said, “I need to see about my guess please take over.” They saluted each other and the XO announce that he was leaving the bridge. Venture slipped her hand into his arm and led her to his room. He threw his cover on the bed and led her to a sofa within his quarters. “What’s up?”

“He is acting very strange. He doesn’t want me around him and he doesn’t want to talk about what happened. He isn’t even interest in the kids. If anything I would think that he would want to see the kids. He keeps staring into space. I don’t know what to do.” She explained her feelings to him.

“He’s been through a terrible ordeal. We will probably never know what happen to him. He might not want you to worry about it.”

“I guess. But he doesn’t even want me around him. He threw me out of his quarters. He practically pushed me out.” A beat. “I think there is more to want happen there. I just don’t know what.”

“Give him time, Nova. He was patient enough when you had your accident (something they’ve come to call her ordeal with an ex) so just let him soak in going home.” he gave her a hug and she felt her stress release a little. “Your tense, you need to relax. Why don’t you go to your room and I’ll send over a massage therapist. You’ll love it. He is the best.”

She laughed, “YOU have a massage therapist on ship?”

“Hey being the captain comes with a lot of perks. There are days when I need a really good message. I happened to have connections.” He winked. “Now come on I’ll escort you back.”





They arrived on Earth a month later. Derek and Nova stepped off the Avatar and looked amongst the crowd. In the front Nova saw them first. Their kids along with their grandparents waved franticly at them. Nova waved back and smile from ear to ear to see her children once again. “They’re here Derek. Over there with my mother and father.” She released his hand and ran towards them. Miku ran into her arms and Nova swung her around. “I miss you so much.” She kissed her and then put her down. She took both Alex and DJ into her arms and hugged them tight. The yells from her daughter screaming for her father made her turn around and watched as she tried to hug him. He walked with a cane and he looked uncomfortable towards their daughter. “Miku sweetheart daddy is not doing well.”

“What happened daddy?” she asked her eyes wide with curiosity.

He kneeled down and said, “Oh daddy had a bad fall. But I am so happy to see you.” he gave her a gentle hug and then everything became chaotic. Alex and DJ ran into his arms and hugged him while Nova hugged her parents. DJ and Alex helped their father to their car and spoke continuously about their time while they were a way. Her father had a limo for them to go home in. Derek sat in the car and listened as their kids went on and on about all that happen. Nova watched him as he tried to keep focus on them but she knew that he wasn’t with them. He was still thinking about something else. What could possibly keep her husband thinking of something else then their children? She would have to wait and see like Venture advised her.





They were home for three weeks and he still was distance. Nova would watch as he interacted with their children. He seemed like he was trying too hard to keep focus on them. At night he would go into his study and sit there staring into space. Nova kept her distance from him afraid as to ask anything. He would just head off the deep end and yell for no reason as he slam the door shut to his study. Nova sat up in bed reading when he walked into the room. “Nova, can we talk?”

She put her book down and prepared herself for what he was going to tell her. She held back her tears ready to cry to what he was going to reveal. “Sure have a seat.” She patted to his spot on the bed.

He decided to sit across the bed on the chair they had. “Nova, I don’t know how to say this but just come straight out and say it. I’m going back.”

She looked at him confused. “Going back where?”

“Back to space.”

“When did you get orders?” she was surprise that they would send him out so soon considering after all he went through.

“Actually they didn’t, this is a private ship I hired.” She looked at him in shock and surprise.

 “You are not serious! And how long have you been thinking of this?” she jumped up from the bed and stood in front of him.

“I am very serious, Nova.”

“Tell me why, and don’t lie to me.”

“I’ve been thinking of this since you came to get me. Nova, there is someone there I have to see. I have to make sure that she is alright. She helped to keep me alive.”

“SHE! Are you seriously kidding me? You are leaving me and your children for a woman!” she slapped him hard across the face. “I forbid it! You ARE Not going to leave our children! Do you understand me!”

“I have to go, Nova. I love her.” Nova stood there silent doubt found to what he said. “I wasn’t sure how to tell you.”

“You’re not going! You’re going to stay here and be with your kids, our kids. I am not letting you go! Enough is enough! No more with the side chicks and going off to space. Think about what you’re doing to our children.”

“Do you think this is easy for me?” He said louder.

“Actually I think it is. You think that you can just walk in and out of our lives and we can be okay with it. But you don’t see what they go through. I am the one that has to keep it together for them and not even think about me. Who is SHE!” she questioned.

“You’ve already met her.” He said, “The guard that helped me into the room.” Nova thought back and didn’t think about the look that she gave Derek when she took hold of him. He had looked at her and she at him. They were deep into each other’s eyes. It was there for her to see and she never saw it. A tear ran down the young pretty guards face as if she was dying to see him go. “I have to make sure she is alright. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here. She is the one that kept me alive. She fed me and talked with me for hours. She and I were,” he trail off.

Nova stood there silent she couldn’t speak. All the stress and nights of praying to find him he was very much involved with someone else. He probably thinks he loves her because she was the only one there. “Derek don’t let your need to survive make you think that you have feelings for this woman. She was only keeping you alive so they can torture you more. Your life is here with us. Me and your children or have you forgotten them and what they will think if you leave.”

“I know what I am doing. No it wasn’t just survival. I do have feeling for her. So I have to go and make sure that they do not kill her.” He tried to reason.

“And what if she is dead? Do you think that you can just waltz back here and pick up where you left off?” She said sarcastically, “Because you are sadly mistaken. If you go you are not welcome back here ever!”

“What are we going to tell the kids?” he asked.

“NO! It’s not what are WE going to tell them, it’s What YOU are going to tell them. I’m out of this one, this is all YOU!” she pointed him in the chest.

“I can’t do that. It will break their hearts.”

“Tough! You are going to tell them first thing in the morning. And then you are going to pack your bags and get the hell out. Don’t ever come back. Do you get me?!”

“Nova I’m really sorry about this. I never wanted,” she slapped him harder.

“Don’t you dare, I have heard it all before. Just get out of here, I can’t even look at you.” she turned her back to him and he tried to touch her shoulder and pulled his arm away. He headed for the door and she spoke again. “And don’t be a coward and leave without telling them. I will hate you more than I do now. Be a man for once! And face them.”



The morning came too quickly for Wildstar he fear facing his children but his heart was with her and he needed to know if she was alright. Nova out of all people should understand how he felt about someone that saved their life. Their love started strong and Nova was pregnant before they could get to know each other. Though he doesn’t regret his sons or daughter deep down he thought it was way too early for them to start a family. But it was what it was, and now he needed to go and see if she was alright. Slowly he packed what he could; Nova was in the kitchen feeding the kids so he could do what he needed to do. He made his way into the kitchen and looked on as Alex and DJ laughed at something their sister said. Their happy face made him smile and he knew that he would be the one to make those smiles go away. Nova sipped her coffee and looked in his direction. She stood next to him and said through the side of her mouth so they wouldn’t hear her. “Are you sure you still want to go?” he nodded his head. “Then YOU tell them. I am not going to destroy their lives.” She said with vile and walked out of the room, tears stream down her face with anger and pain. She sat in the living room and listen as he told them what he was planning on doing.

Alex jumped up from his chair and asked, “Is it something we did?”

“No son. You guys did nothing at all it’s just me.” He told them as Nova listened closer. To her it sounded more like a break up between a man and a woman. Her anger grew more for him hurting them and treating it like something a couple would say to each other.

Miku began to cry not understanding, “Will you come back daddy?” she cried with her big brown eyes.

Alex stepped closer to his sister and put his arm around her. Wildstar saw his eye change to anger and disappointment, “No Miku daddy isn’t coming back.” He knew his mother would have told him to stay away from them.

“You’re wrong Al! Daddy will come back!” DJ yelled. “Won’t you Dad?!”

Wildstar shook his head, no. “I’m really sorry guys. But who knows things can change and I will be back.”

“See!” DJ yelled at his older brother. “He said he was! Daddy will come back!”

Alex gave his father a hated look. He knew all too well he was going and never coming back. And even if he thought he was coming back his mother would not allow it. He couldn’t understand what they did so wrong to make him leave and he didn’t want to know anymore. “Leave!” he yelled. “Get out and don’t come back! We don’t need you; I will take care of everyone. You’re not our father! You’re nothing! Get out!” He began to scream louder and louder. Nova came running into the kitchen and watched as they all cried.

Wildstar looked on and then yelled back. “Alexander Wildstar! You will not talk to me like that. I am still your father.”

Alex stood straight and with a defiant look yelled back. “You’re not my father. So get the fuck out of this house!” and pushed him making Wildstar lose his balance. Nova ran between the two Wildstar men and held her son. Wildstar got up as Miku cried out to watch her father and brother fight. DJ Wildstar ran to his father and helped him up.

“Stop it!” DJ Screamed at his brother. “It’ll be your fault if he never comes back.”

“Don’t you get it Deej! He is leaving us again. And this time he’s never coming back!”

“Alex,” Wildstar said, “I still and always will love you guys.”

He turned his back and hugged his mother. “Just go!” he cried into his mother’s chest. “Go and don’t come back.”

Wildstar gave DJ and Miku a hug and grabbed his bags and left the house. Nova sat with her children as they all cried. She wanted to cry with them but knew she had to be strong for all of them. She kept them home and the house felt like a funeral parlor. She closed all the curtains and unhooked the phone. The kids went into their own rooms to grieve their father departure. Nova wanted to scream and throw things. By midday she finally picked up the phone and called her parents to inform them that they were coming to visit. “But why sweetheart, we thought that with Derek home you guys would want to get settle in.”

“Not now mother we just need to get away.” Nova snapped. She hung up and then thought about it. The next thing she knew she was waiting for him to answer the phone. His voice was sleepy from a long night of dealing with paper work. She heard his voice and tried to keep her voice steady. “Mark?”

“Yeah who’s this!” he snapped from the lack of sleep.

“It’s me, Nova.” she said and then broke down.

Venture set up and tried hard to make out what she was saying. “Nova what’s wrong?”

“He,’ she stopped herself, was she making a mistake in telling him what has happened? Her heart was breaking and she needed someone to talk to.

Mark Venture was now fully awake. He began to reach for some clothes and said into the phone. “Hold on I’ll be right over.” She began to object but he just told her that he was on the way and hung up the phone. It was a quick drive and he rang the bell. It felt like forever before she opened the door. He looked down into her eyes and saw that she had been crying. Without thinking she fell into his arms and let her cries out while he held her. He looked around and didn’t see either the kids or Wildstar. “Where is everyone? Is everything alright, are the kids alright?” he asked worried that something happened to one of them and Wildstar had to race to the hospital.

They walked into the house and grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. She shook her head and said, “The kids are sleeping. Or at least I think they are.”

“Where is Derek?” She shook her head no and turned away from him. It finally struck him what was going on. They had a major fight and he left. He pulled her closer to him, “listen it’s been a rough time for him. Give him time, he’ll probably be home in the morning stinking of booze. He’s taking his time in that prison harder then we all thought. Let him go have a few drinks and let lose.”

She pushed him hard away from her. Her face raged with anger, “He’s not coming back! He left all of us. He told the kids this morning that he was leaving and never coming back. They’re in their rooms crying their eyes out.” Venture stood in front of her surprise and shock to what she was saying. Was it true? Did he leave his family? Nova walked over into the kitchen and he followed. “He told me last night. He was taking off to space.”

“I heard that he handed in his resignation. I thought it was just a rumor. But why is he going back to space. I would think he would stay here with you and the kids.”

Nova began to cry again. Venture waited until she composed herself. “He found someone else.” His heart almost stopped to her words. It couldn’t be true, he always loved Nova and he would never leave his kids. “Some guard that helped him stayed alive. He claims that he fell in love with her and needed to make sure she was still live. I told him that he can never come back. I made him tell the kids this morning. I wasn’t going to be the one to give them that news again. He needed to do it and see their faces.” A pause, “Alex doesn’t want him back. DJ is in denial, and Miku well she just doesn’t really understand. How could he. I knew that something was wrong. He was so distant and constantly looking up into the sky. All the way back he didn’t say anything about what happened to him. Now I know why, he’s been lying and hiding the truth from me. That low down cheating piece of crap. I never want to see him again!” She didn’t feel hurt anymore she was feeling angry. Angry to what he is putting his children through. Not her but her children. “First thing tomorrow, I’m getting a lawyer and then look for another place to live. This house has nothing but bad memories of him.”

“Whoa there, let’s take a few to think things out. You don’t want to do anything drastic.”

“What am I supposed to do? Be the understanding little wife AGAIN! No way, I have to protect the kids, this is probably gonna hit every tabloid rag on Great Island once they find out that he left. I will do anything to protect my kids.” Venture knew she was right. The tabloid rags will take this to the hilt like in the past. It seems they always make it to the front page. He had to do something.

“Where did he go?”

“I don’t know. He packed whatever he wanted and left. And I really don’t care where he went. I have to take care of the kids, they’re heartbroken and Alex, my poor Alex. He is so destroyed. He really loved his father.” She cried for her son.

“Where are the kids?”

“They’re in their rooms.” She told him. He headed back to Alex room and knocked on the door. He could hear him crying and he knocked again.

“WHAT!” he heard him scream through the door.

Venture opened the door half way and poked his head in. “Hey Al, it’s me, your Uncle Mark.” Alex looked up and then away to stare at nothing on the ceiling. “How’s it going?” he asked his godson.

Wiping the tears from his face, he sat up, “How do you think its going? My Dad just decided that we were too much for him and left!” His heart reached out for him. He was a smart kid and it was a shamed that he had to grow up so fast. “Uncle Mark, is there someone else? Because he really didn’t say much about why, and mom is trying to keep it together for all of us. I know it has to be someone else.” Mark sat quietly on the bed next to him and listen to him rant. “Uncle Mark, is there?”

He tried to shrug his shoulders but figure he was too smart to lie to him. “I’m sorry Al, your mom said that is what he told her. You must understand he went through a lot. We don’t know what was done to him and his only life line was some woman. I guess that he feels he owes her his life and thinks he is in love with her.”

“If he felt that way he could’ve have bought her a car.” He said with anger sarcasm. “Was it something we did?” He barely heard him say and wrapped his arm around his shoulder and gave him a hug.

“I don’t ever want you to think that, do you understand me? It’s his lost that he doesn’t want to be here for you and DJ and Miku.” He paused. “I want you to know that I will be there for you and them. Anytime you want to talk, vent, scream, anything. I am here for you.” they sat silent for a few minutes and Venture said. “I love you like if you were my own. And I will be there any time of the day or night. You’re too young to take on the world alone. So I’m going to make sure that I drop anything to be there for you guys. Promise.” If anything he hope that he ease Alex’s mind and swore that if he ever saw Wildstar that he would hurt him. He went from room to room and spoke to each of the children. DJ was animate that his father was coming back to them. Mark gave him hope that he would someday. Miku just cried and cried. She finally fell asleep in his arms and he placed her to bed. Finally he sat outside and talked with Nova for hours until she said she was beat. “Do you want me to stay?” he asked.

“I’m sure you have something to do in the morning then babysit me and the kids. We will be alright. I’ve decided to keep them home. Then I have to decide on what to do next. I can’t stay here. Everything in this house has him all over it. It will be too painful for them here.”

“Where will you go?”

“Not sure yet, but someplace where he will never find us again. This is the final Straw. He can never come back.”

He thought hard and he wanted to make sure she was alright. “I’ll stay. I don’t have anything important to do tomorrow. I can help with the kids. I want them to know that not all men turn their backs on them.”

She smiled through her puffy eyes, “thank you Mark. You have always been there for us.”






3 years later . . . . .


Wildstar stare at the house that sat on the mountain looking over a small lake. The cactuses stood in the distance. It wasn’t easy finding out where she and his kids moved to but with Homer’s help he did. Thanks to Homer taking pity on him that he agreed he would help. His first encounter was with Sandor. Still with EDF he sat behind his massive desk near the laboratory where he worked. He sat and listened as Wildstar explain what happened with no emotion on his face. All Wildstar could see was his dark brown eyes that now looked like fire as he listened. When he finished he told him that he would rather burn in hell before telling him where his family moved too, than told him to get out. Walking out of the building he ran into Homer. Once giving him the information Homer wondered if he should warn him about Nova’s new life. But decided its best he find out for himself. Wildstar was on the next plane to the states. Now in Arizona he stood before the huge 5500 square foot home. It’s was a southwestern home with brown sand stucco and a red tile roof. The front yard was well groomed as the palm tree’s swayed to what little wind blew. It was a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze, rare in the beginning of summer months. It was a far cry from their old home which she sold weeks after he walked out on them. There were two cars in the drive way, he wondered if the second car was their sons. Alexander was old enough now to drive. He sat out in his car for hours trying to get up enough courage to go to the door. Now he stood there looking at the dark brown mahogany doors debating should he or shouldn’t he.  It was almost 1400 hours and he figured it was best to see her before their children came home. Taking a huge breath he walked up to the door and rang the bell. His heart beating faster he hit the bell again when it flew open and she stood there in a man’s shirt with a smile, which left quickly when she saw him. “Hi,” he said trying to sound causal. “How are you?”

Nova stood quiet not sure what to do. She held onto the door for support to gain her composer to see him standing in front of her as if nothing happened. “What the hell are you doing here and how did you find us!” her anger growing with every word.

Wildstar ran his hand through his hair and wiped the sweat from his head. “Can I come in?”

“What for?” she snapped.

“Well I would like to talk if that is okay with you.”

Ready to close the door she said, “No, now go away and don’t come back.”

“Nova please, just give me five minutes. That’s all I ask.” He asked. “Come on, just five minutes or we can stand here and talk until the kids come home.”

She huffed and opened the door wider so he could walk in. Wildstar looked around and found she had a lovely house. It was well maintained. The living room was warm and inviting. He followed her to the sofa and sat down across from her. “Well what is it!” she said through grit teeth.

“Well, I’m not sure where to start.”

“Start at the end because you have 4 minutes and 20 seconds to go. Then I want you out and never come back.”

“Nov, I wanted to see the kids. How are they?”

“Their fine now, and no you can never see them.” She was short and court with him.

“They’re my kids too.” He whined.

“Not anymore, you stop being their father and in their lives the minute you walked out on them.” She looked at him with hatred.

“Nova, please,” he began to say and then saw him walk into the room. “Venture? What are you doing here?”

“He lives here Derek. He’s been with us from the day you left. He was there when DJ got in trouble at school and then the run in with the authorities. He was there when Alex got into fights at school protecting your stupid honor. He was there every night holding our daughter as she cried into the night until she fell asleep.”

“Didn’t take you long to jump in, didn’t it?” he asked with a slide remark.

“Well considering that you check out on them, someone had to be there for the kids.” He replied back with sarcasm. “What the hell are you doing here anyway? Could it be that you got kicked out of your new home and now you are trying to crawl back to your old life?”

Wildstar rolled his eyes at him and turned his attention to Nova. “I just wanted to see the kids.”

“You can’t see them. I forbid it. If you want to see them then get a lawyer and pray that your sons agree to it.”

“You’re not going to make this easy are you?” he said when the front door opened and Alex and DJ walked in laughing and talking about something that happened in school.

“Mom you should’ve seen,” Alex began and saw him sitting then stood up.

“Hello Alex,” Derek said with a nervous smile. If there was anyone that he would have to win it was Alex.

DJ stood silent and looked at him confused. He was a little older but he knew that it was his father. “Dad?”

“Hello DJ, wow you both are all grown up.” He said admiring how much both his son’s grew.

DJ began to step forward and Alex placed his hand in front of him. “What are you doing here?” his oldest son said.

“I came back to see you, DJ and Miku. Where is Miku?” The room grew silent. No one said a word and it felt like there was a death. Wildstar looked around and saw their faces sadden. “Where is she?” He began to demand.

Alexander Wildstar walked to him standing toe to toe with his father. “She’s dead! She’s dead because of you!” he screamed. “You killed her, you selfish prick! If you were here she still be alive. Now go, no one wants you here!”

Wildstar eyes widen and looked towards Nova, “What the hell is he talking about. What do you mean she’s dead?”

Nova sat down on the sofa and Mark sat down next to her. He held her hand as she gathered her words. It was a sad time for all of them. But she knew that he had a right to know about what happened with her. “Alex, DJ go to your rooms.”

“Mom,” Alex said.

“I said go to your rooms, NOW!” she yelled.

Mark wrapped his arm around her shoulder and said. “You sure you want to do this? You don’t have to tell him I can,”

She smiled at him and said, “No Mark. He has the right to know. Even if it’s painful for us. We have to tell him.” She turned to her husband and began, “She died 8 months after you left.”

The shock went through his body and he held his chest in fear of having a stroke. “How?” he asked in a low tone.

“A rare blood disease. We tried to contact you but no one knew where you were. We sent messages into space in hopes that you would reply but you never did. We needed your blood, you were the only match.”

He could feel his heart almost stop and put his head into his hands. He tried hard to hold in his emotions but he cried hard. “Did she suffer?”

“At first she was uncomfortable; they gave her medicine to help with the pain. In the end she drifted off to sleep and died in my arms. We buried her on Great Island near Hero Hill. We fly out there once a month to see her.”

“Apparently no one made a better effort to get me!” he raised his voice at her. “My daughter was dying and no one could really find me. Or where you so busy getting on with him!” he pointed at Venture.

Nova looked at him with fury in her eyes and stood up. “Don’t you DARE put this on me! You disappeared! Not us! YOU!” she lunged for him and Venture pull her back.

“Nova you have to stay calm. The doctors don’t want you to stress out. It’s not good for you or the baby.” Venture announced.

“Baby? What baby?” Wildstar asked every emotion going through him. He looked at her stomach and realized that the oversize shirt didn’t show it when she was standing but once she sat down it was very visible.

Nova wiped her tears and looked into Venture’s eyes with happiness. “We are expecting Derek. I’m six months pregnant.”

“Our daughter hasn’t even gone cold and you and HIM are having a BABY! Are you fucking kidding me!” he jumped to his feet and began to pace around the room.

Venture stood up and stood watched as he paced. Nova screamed at him and he screamed back. “How dare you accuse me of anything! You left us, not just me, US! She needed you and you couldn’t be reached. If there is any accusation to point to it’s you! You killed our daughter, now live with it!”

“MAYBE if you search harder she’d still be alive! But no you were so busy getting it on with HIM!” he yelled back.

“YOU SELF CENTER PRICK! It’s always been about you. Never the kids, it was you that had all the affairs! You destroyed our marriage over and over again and then expected me to stand by and wait for you. You left our children fatherless and then expected them to welcome you with opened arms, YOU ARE delusional!”

“Oh don’t even go there! I wasn’t the only one with Affairs! Or have we forgotten your little fling with HIM!” he yelled back and pointing in Ventures direction.

“It was your fault! Maybe if you would have been taking care of what you should’ve been taking care I wouldn’t be running into his arms. You made me go to someone else. I needed love and you weren’t there to give it to me. You gave it to someone else, every time!” she yelled back louder.


Alex could hear them screaming all the way into his room. DJ sat near the window torn between his family and his father. He loved his father and deep down he only wished that he didn’t. After his father left he prayed and hoped every night that he would returned but he never did. Even with his Uncle Mark there he couldn’t talk to him about his feelings. He could never feel the abandonment that he felt when his father left. It was different for Uncle Mark his father passed away, his father chose to leave them. Now he stood in their house wanting to come back. Alex left to go see what was being said. He stood in the entrance of the hall and watched and listened to the screams between his mother and father. “STOP IT!” he finally yelled over his parents. The room grew silent as they all turned to Alex that now stood in the center of the room. Alex looked at his father his brown eyes almost turning black with anger and spoke as calm as he could. “Leave sir. I will not have you talk to my mother like that.”

“Alex,” Wildstar began.

“No, you left and threw us out of your life like bad garbage. You left and didn’t turn back. Now you come back after 3 years later and think that we would want you back? I told you I would take care of them and I did. Because of you our home was broken, we lost our sister and my mother wanted to kill herself. The only one that was here for us was Uncle Mark. Even after Miku died we hoped that you would show up for the funeral but you never did.”

“Alex if I’d known I would have been here in a heartbeat.” Derek tried to reason with him.

“But you weren’t, SIR. You were nowhere to be found. We even sent a message to Uncle Alex on Iscandar. He informed us that you already left to go to HER!” he stared into his father’s eyes and Wildstar looked away. “We don’t want you here anymore. DJ and I talked and we were planning on taking Uncle Venture last name.”

“OVER MY DEAD BODY!” he stepped forward looking at Venture.

“We only wish!” Alex retort. “It would make it a whole lot easier!”

Wildstar couldn’t believe the vile words that he was telling him. He felt his heart being pulled to shreds and there was nothing he could do. “Alex you don’t mean that.” He said in a low tone. “I’m your father and I love you.”

Alex looked away in disgusts. “Love is just a word to you.”

“Dad,” they all turned to see DJ standing in the room.

Wildstar turned to his youngest son, “DJ.”

Without saying more he raced into his arms. His emotions of hate, sadness and abandonment ran through him. He hated his father but he loved him just the same. He pulled away and wiped his face. “I need to know, dad. Did you ever think about us?”

“Of course I did, DJ. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t.”

“Then WHY didn’t you stay?”

“It’s hard to explain, DJ.”

“I have time, and please don’t tell me that it’s complicated.” DJ sat down and waited for him to say something.

Wildstar looked at his sons. They were indeed strapping men now. Both DJ and Alex stood tall coming close to his own and they both had the Wildstar hair with dark brown eyes. They were both fit and looked older than their years. He could tell they grew up faster than most kids their age, much different than their parents. He looked at his wife and asked to sit, then started in the beginning. From the time he was taken prisoner until his brother, their uncle and mother came to his rescue. His first week in the prison they kept him isolated from the rest. He would sit in his cell thinking of his family and knew that he made the right decision when he made their mother go with the rescue ship. After two weeks they started to interrogate him about his mission. They heard about their war with the Gamilons and wanted to know about Earths military forces. When he wouldn’t comply they began to become physical. They would beat him until he fell un-concession. He met her one night when she came to check on him. He had been moaning and screaming into the night. She was curious about the famous captain and he almost killed her when she entered the cell. When he heard her plead for her life he let her go. She was a striking beautiful woman. She sat quietly in his cell afraid of what he would do to her. He began to ask her questions and before they knew it, it was time for the guards to change shifts. So she was stopping by his cell more and more. They talk for hours and after each beating she nursed him back to health. They never meant for it to happen, but they made love one late night. He found out that she was married and her husband was taken in a battle a year before. As time went he began to fall deeply in love with her. She was his savior and they talked about escaping when word came down that there was a ship looking for him. It wasn’t an EDF vessel it was an Iscandar ship. Lucky for him they all knew about Queen Starsha from Iscandar and the power that she had over that part of the universe. Her Earth husband was a force to be reckoned with. In a way he was relieved that they had come for him, but he would miss her. If they found out that she was even talking with him they would make her life unbearable. They came for him days after they brutally beat him and she was still attending to his wounds. Seeing their mother was site for sore eyes and although he loved his wife he needed to be with her to see if her husband returned. He needed to know what could have become of her. He owed her his life. He wasn’t prepared to fall in love with her. By the time he finished DJ now stood near a window and listen, his words rung out to everyone. “Why did you come back?”

“Because I love you.” Wildstar said.

DJ turned to face his father, “come on Dad, do you think I am that stupid. If you loved us you would have never left. Now, the real reason why you came back.”

He swallowed back and tried to find the words to tell them. “Well, I did find her. She was living with her husband. I soon found out that she was ill, a cancerous disease that infected her whole body. It was a long painful death and she finally passed away.”

DJ eyes turned black with hatred to his father. His hands turned to fist and Alex stood close to him knowing how his temper was. “So you rather had stayed with a woman you only knew for a short time. Watched her die and stay by her side while our sister died. You never cared about her or us. You let her die because you’re selfish. I hate you! I never want to see you again.” He yelled at him. “GET OUT!” the room stayed quiet DJ sobs was the only sound in the room.

Wildstar stood up and bowed his head. “Derek,” he looked over to his wife and tried to give her a smile. “Now that your back,” he hoped that she was going to tell him that he could see his sons, he was wrong. She held out some papers, “I can finally file for divorce. Since you were out into space I couldn’t legally file and would have to wait 7 years to claim you dead. This is much better than waiting the 7 years.”

“Are you and Venture getting married?”

She blushed and looked at Venture with loving eyes. “No Derek, we are not getting married in the legal sense. We already did the ceremony and that was enough for us. We have been married for two years and have no need to legalize it.”

He took the papers and looked them over. “Are you sure about this?”

Nova frowned. “Since the day you left. It’s over. I have a new life and the boys feel like Mark is their father. So please don’t make this harder for them. I’m asking you, no I’m begging you.”

He took a deep breath and felt like his world was over here on Earth. He folded the papers and placed them inside his jacket. “I’ll send them to your lawyer. Just one thing,” he held his hand out. “I like to speak to you alone, if it’s alright with all of you?” he asked her. She looked at Mark and he gave her a nodded. If anything he knew that he would never hurt her. DJ and Alex stood closer to their mother.

“It’s alright, I’ll be just outside.” She assured them and then walked out of the house with him. “What is it?” she asked annoyed.

He touched her face, how he missed it. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“Please spare me that speech. I’ve heard it too many times from you.”

“Your right, I apologize. I just want to ask you one thing.” She nodded her head. “I need to know if you truly love him and are he good to you and the boys.”

Her eyes tear up and she smiled. “Yes he is. He hasn’t let me down yet. The boy’s adore him and,” she rubbed her stomach. “He is excited about this baby.”

He looked down at her and asked, “May I?” she nodded her head and he reached to feel her stomach. “Your glowing and not because your pregnant. You’re happy. I’m happy for you.” he lean in and kissed her cheek. “You’ll always have a soft spot in me. If there is anything you need I will always be there for you.”

“Thank you, Derek.” She reached to touch his face and asked. “What will you do now?”

“Well, if EDF is willing to take me back, I’ll ask them to send me out.”

“How long?”

He smirked, “long enough to let you live your life with him.”

She hugged him tight and he closed his eyes. He knew that he would never see her or his sons again.








When he opened his eyes he tried hard to focus. His first thoughts were where am I? He reached up and felt a hand take his. Looking over he looked past the haze and focused. Her smile was the first thing he saw. She placed his hand on her face and squeezed it. “You’re alright Derek. You’re safe now. We’re going home.”

“Wa, what,” he tried to ask.

“Save your strength. I’ll call Alex on the bridge. He’s been waiting patiently for you to wake up.” She told him.

Within minutes Alexander Wildstar stood over his baby brother. “How do you feel?”

Trying to sit up he could feel his head spin. Nova quickly jumped to his aid and sat him back down. “Derek you have to rest.”

He gave her a warm smile. “I’m fine. Just banged up. It’s good to see you both. How long has it been?”

“Five months. Once the word got out that Starsha wished for the return of her brother-in-law it was like everyone in the universe was calling to inform where they took you. The Ambassador of Cygnus was the one that contact us informing that it was one of his men that took things into his own hands. Apparently he not only respects my wife but he has a fond fancy for your wife.  hasnt nd she smiled. " and is he good to you and boys?"ng he knew that he would never hurt her. DJ and Alex stood ” Alex winked at him and smiled.

“Yes he,” Derek tried to speak.

He placed his hand on his shoulder to stop him from sitting up. “Whoa little brother, take it easy. He said he will deal with the man that capture you personally and anyone else that was involved.”

“No! They’ll kill her.” Derek said in fear.

“Who, Derek?” Nova asked.

“She saved my life.”

Nova was now curious. “Derek, you have to tell us so we can help.”

“Her name is Ranika, she was a guard there. She kept me alive after the beatings.” He said.

Nova pushed him back to lie down. “Derek, Alex will take care of it. Just sit back. We are heading back to Earth. We will meet up with the Sunrise midway and go from there. Now rest, the kids are waiting for us.”

“I would love to take you all the way home little brother but I like to get home to my wife and Sasha. Good to see you finally going home.” Alex pat him on the shoulder and left to get information about his friend.

He grabbed her arm with desperation in his eyes. “Miku?”

Nova frowned. “She’s fine, why Derek?”

He shook his head with confusion. “She’s still alive.”

“Yes Derek, she is healthy and safe on Earth with my parents and her brothers. I spoke to them yesterday. They are thrill that you are coming home.”

“Nova, I have to know what happened to her, she saved my life.”

“I’m sure Alex will be able to get some answers, but now it’s important that you rest.”

Derek wanted to get up but she was right. His body ached for sleep and to heal. He soon drifted into a deep sleep and Nova sat beside him watching him toss and turn. She worried about him and wonder about the woman that kept him alive. Who was she? Did he and she comfort each other? She would have to wait until he was well enough to ask him anything. He slept for hours and awoke with his body still batter and bruised. He noticed that his ribs were tape and his head was wrapped. He felt like every part of his body ached. Pain shot through him as he tried to sit up. He felt someone hands on him helping him up. “Derek, you have to take it easy.” He heard Nova say.

He smiled at her. How he missed her. He thought of her often along with his children. He feared that he would never see them again. Alexander walked in and was glad to see him sitting up. He was looking better every time he saw him. “How are you feeling?” he asked his brother.

Derek was direct, he wanted to know. “Did you find out anything?”

Alexander gave him a cross face. “Derek, how hard did you hit your head or they hit it for you?”

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

“Because dear brother. They don’t have a guard name Ranika. They’ve never had anyone with that name.”

“They’re lying! She was there. She spoke to me every night and she took care of my wounds.” Nova and Alex looked at each other, “what?”

“Derek, honey, there is no signs of anyone taking care of your wounds.”

“I don’t understand. What are you trying to tell me?”

Alex took hold of chair and placed it next to his bed. “Derek, you’ve been through a lot.”

“I know what I saw! She was there!” he argued back.

Alex took another deep breath. “The only records of a Ranika they have was 40 years ago. She died after the prison was hit with a space disease. She was 24 years old when she died. They sent a picture of her to the ship.” He pulled out a picture and Derek’s eyes widen. Indeed it was her.

“This can’t be true she was there plain as day. Are you saying I imaged her?”

“I’m not saying that, Derek. It’s just that they claim that there is no guard there with that name, and I don’t find any reason why they should lie.”

“Because they want to kill her!” He tried jumping out of bed. “I can’t let that happen. We have to go back.”

“Derek! There is no Ranika! She has been dead for more than 40 years. See for yourself!” he shoved the paper back in his face and Derek’s opened his eyes wide. It was her. The girl that was looking over him. So he was dreaming it all. She was a ghost that haunted his mind as he lay on the dirty cot waiting until they came for him. He wasn’t in love with her and Nova was still his wife. She didn’t marry Venture and wasn’t having a baby with him. And the best thing is that Miku was still alive. He dreamt it all.

“Derek are you alright?” Nova sat down next to him and touched his face.

He smiled, “Miku is well and alive?” she nodded her head. “Then I am alright.”

“Why do ask is she alive? Is there something I should know?” Nova asked panicked.

He shook his head no, “it was all a dream,” he whispered. He pulled her closer to him and held her tight. “I love you very much you know that, right? I would never ever hurt you or ever leave you. You and the kids are everything to me. Please don’t ever leave me.” He kissed her with passionate. “I’ve waited a long time to do that.”

Alex grinned and announced. “I’ll leave you two alone. Glad you’re feeling better, little brother.”

They never heard or seen him leave the room they were already wrapped up in their love. He wanted so much to make love to her but his battered body couldn’t and she made sure that he knew it too. “So tell me about this dream.” She smiled and it made him warm inside that she was there for him.



To be continued . . . . . . .


Finally returning home, Derek and Nova Wildstar look forward to seeing their children and living a normal life back on Earth. Or will there be a normal life? Read on to see what happens next to our famous couple.