Returning New Hope

Part 16

By: Yuki Wildstar



Deep Space

EDF Battleship Argo

Destination: Earth


“Why don’t you stay with me?” Derek asked her.

“Because we are back on duty.” She snuggled into his chest as they sat on her bed watching a movie that was shown throughout the ship. “It’s bad enough that we are alone in my room together this close.”

“Does it make you feel uncomfortable?”

She let out a laugh, “Why would it? Are you going to attempt something?” she purred.

“Only if you want me too.” He nuzzled his lips on the top of her head and kissed it. “I can make sure that the captain will never find out.”

“Oh I think he will find out and then you and I will be in the brig for francization.” She played along.

“Oh I don’t think he will.” He brought her face to his and leaned down to kiss her.

Swiftly she moved her face away and laughed harder. “Stop it! You’re not playing fair.”

“You’re no fun Captain. You know, we haven’t slept with each since this mission began. I was hoping once we got to Iscandar that we would have a little alone time. But it’s obvious that didn’t work out. Now here we are back on ship and still no fun.” He spoke softly into her ear and whispered. “I miss you.”

“Hmm, I miss you too.” She looked up to his eyes and let him kiss her. He eased her down to her bed and before they could stop themselves they were entwine in each other’s arms. By the end of the night they were exhausted. “Nova, come back to my room with me.”

“Derek, you know we can’t. People will talk and things can get back to headquarters. We shouldn’t even have done what we just did. I pulled a lot of strings to get you on this mission and the last thing I want is for them to put you back on desk duty.” She touched his face and ran her finger down his cheek. “I saw how you looked at her before we came aboard. You were always meant to be her captain. It’s what you do best. There’s no one else that can command her like you.”

He kissed her, “You’re the best, you know that. That is why I love you so much.”

She grabbed the sheet and wrapped herself with it. “Time that you go before we have spies.” She picked up his uniform and tossed it at him. “Get up, get dress and get out, Captain Wildstar.” She smiled.

“Fine, fine, fine. I’m out of here.”  He dressed quickly and stood up. “Don’t forget we are stopping on the next planet and I need you to go down in the shuttle to gather up samples from the planet.”

“Why me? I thought my assignment was just HR.”

“Because you’re the best. I need you there to make sure that everything is done right.” He slipped her into his arms and kissed her. “Goodnight, baby. I love you.”

She took a deep breath and hugged him one last time. “I love you too skipper.” He always hated that term but when she said it, it only made him feel warm inside.





“Make sure that you collect all plant life, you can place them in these storage bags that self-vacuum the air out. Once we finish here we will head back and place them all in storage for the scientist to look at back on Earth.” Nova informed the group. They soon parted and began their mission. On ship Wildstar zipped up his flight suit and grabbed his helmet.

“Sir, Commander Nakamura and Commander Yamaguchi will be your escort.”

“Commander Ito, I think I am capable to exercise on my own. I am a grown man.”

“Sir you know protocol, you are the captain of this ship I cannot allow you to go out there alone.” The flight master insisted.

Wildstar smirked, “Fine but just one escort, no one else.” He jumped into his Cosmo zero and began to take off with his escort flying out behind him. “Okay kid; let’s see what you can do.” Wildstar spoke into his helmet communications.

“Aye, aye sir!” the young pilot replied and took off speeding away fast.

Wildstar follow suit and began their exercise. Faster and faster they moved away from the ship and closer to the planet below. Quickly they both descend down to planet’s surface and raced into the mountains. Wildstar maneuver his Zero with accrued speed. Commander Yamaguchi raced to keep up. He heard that the captain was the best and he was seeing first hand. He pushed harder to keep up. Turning into a mountain they both were surprise to see four fighters sweep by at a high speed. Wildstar felt his gut turn. They turn around and began to follow both Wildstar and Yamaguchi. “Commander, punch it. I don’t think they want to play friendly.”

“I agree sir.” They began to fly up into the dark sky when they saw the first shot pass them by. “Sir, now they’re not playing nice at all.”

“I think we should reply with the same.” Wildstar said. They turned their fighters and returned fire. Within seconds 10 more fighters came out of nowhere and began firing at them. “Argo this Captain Wildstar we are under attack. Will need assistance.”

“This is XO Yoshida, sir we have three battleships approaching.”

Wildstar’s mind went in over drive. “Call back Captain Forrester, get her and her crew off the planet and once they are on board get out of here. I will try to make it back before warp, if I don’t, go.”

“But sir?”

“You heard my order. GO!”

“Aye, aye sir.” He heard his XO confirm. Wildstar only prayed that she will get back to the ship safe.





“Captain Forrester this the Argo, Captain Wildstar has order you and your crew back on ship.” Nova heard the bridge call her through her helmet. “Your order to return, please confirm.”

“Argo this Captain Forrester, why are we being called back? We haven’t got everything we need.”

“Your order to returned, there are hostiles in the area, I repeat, there are hostiles in the area.”

Nova heart skipped a beat. Franticly she began to grab their equipment and run to the shuttle. “Let’s get out of here. Grab what you can.” They raced to the shuttle as fighters flew past them. Nova hurried to make sure everyone was on ship when the first shot barely hit the ship making her fly across the field landing on her stomach. She waved at the shuttle and yelled. “GO!”

One crew looked at the pilot, “We can’t leave her!”

“We have orders!” the pilot yelled back. “If we don’t get out of here we are all done. At least we can come back for her.” He pulled back on the controls and took off. Nova laid on the ground watching as the shuttle flew further and further up into the sky. “Argo this is shuttle star dusk, we are retuning minus one.”

“Repeat that Star dust.”

“We are in route minus one.” The pilot repeated.

“Who is your minus one?” Captain Yoshida asked as his stomach turned.

The pilot looked at the other crew members and swallowed back. “Captain Nova Forrester Wildstar.”

Wildstar heard everything over the communication he felt his heart stop. “Commander Yamaguchi! Get back to the ship!”

“But sir!”

“That is an order Commander. I will get there before they warp. Promise.” He said. They broke formation and Wildstar headed down to the planet with fighters following him. He flew into the mountains and maneuver as fast as he could to lose them. Turning around bends he managed to lose them and he sped forward to Nova. Pushing his ship faster and search the ground where she would be. He landed within the area and jumped out. He drew his weapon and began to search for her. “Nova! Baby it’s me, where are you?” He moved quickly and kept calling for her. “Nova! Where are you.” from the distance she heard his voice and felt a sigh of relief to know he was there. She ran out of the bushes and into his arms. “My god I thought I lost you.” he squeezed her tight. “Come on we have to get out of here.” He took her by the hand and ran back to see his ship in flames. Think Wildstar! He kept repeating to himself in his head. Looking around he spotted a cave in the distance. “Come on,” and raced towards it. They went deep into the cave and hid in the darkness. Wildstar peered out hoping that they will not find them. He could feel her heart beat faster and he squeezed her tight. He placed his finger in front of his mouth, “shh, don’t move.”

“Don’t go Derek. Please stay here with me.” She whispered.

He gave her an assuring smile and said, “It’ll be alright. Just stay here. Whatever happens know that I love you.” Slowly he walked towards the entrance leaving her alone in the dark cavern. Wildstar moved slowly to the opening and looked out to see four guards huddle and speaking with one another. He took a deep breath and held it as he watched them split up and begin to search the area. Derek made his way back to her. Nova watched as a shadow approached and she pull out her weapon pointing in the direction of the silhouette. He came into view and she let out a breath to see him. He took her hand and led her deeper into the cavern.

“What are we going to do?” she asked in a whisper.

“I’m thinking. But we should keep moving back. The further the distance the better it is for us.”

“Can we contact the ship?” she asked.

“If they follow my orders they are long gone.” He turned her towards him and shook her. “Why didn’t you get on the ship! I gave orders to return to the ship!”

“I tried,” she cried. “But there was an explosion and I was thrown across the field. I told them to go without me.”

“Shh, baby, it’s okay. I’m not angry. I just wanted you to be safe.” He hugged her tight. “We have to figure out how to get out of here before they find us.”

“Can we try calling the ship? She may still be around.”

“We will have to get high enough to send out a signal and then we have to hope that no one hears us. We have to keep moving. This has to lead somewhere. We have to find another way out.” They took refuge deep inside the cave and waited. By night fall they settled for the night and hope that they had given up on their search for them. Nova snuggled close to him and drifted off to sleep. Wildstar stay awake watching, praying that they did leave. He finally drifted off to an unsteady sleep. A light shined in the distance waking Nova up. A crack within the cavern let the light slip in.

“Derek,” she whispered and shook him awake.

“Huh? What.”

“There’s a light coming in. There must be an opening somewhere. We can see if we can reach the ship from here.” She began to get excited that they made it through the night. She jump up to her feet and walked towards the light.

Derek raced after her and pulled her into a dark part of the cave. “Nova we have to make sure it’s safe. Stay here; I’ll go check it out.” Wildstar walked slowly to the opening and peered out. From the distance he could see the remains of his fighter still smoking from the flames. “Shit” he said under his breath. He couldn’t believe they blew up his plane. Now how where they going to get off the planet?  For the first time he worried about his family. Somehow he had to get her off the planet and on ship if it was still in the area.

“What do you see?” he heard her say.

“I told you to stay put.” He said in anger.


“Shh, do you hear that?” Wildstar listened closer to the sound. He looked outside again and in the distance he could see a ship.

“What is it?” Nova tugged at his arm.

He frowned and then was relief to see one of their ships flying by. “It’s one of ours. But I told them to get out of here.”

“We have to get out of here so they can see us.” Nova grew excited.

He watched as it landed in the far distance. He grabbed her hand and raced out toward the opening of the cavern. They came to the opening of the cave and Wildstar looked around to see if it was clear. He nodded his head at her and squeezed her hand. “Stay close.” He ordered her. They moved quickly towards the ship dodging bushes and tree branches. Wildstar could see the ship between bushes and he pulled her more. The sound of a gun stopped them in their tracks. He looked over to Nova and saw the fear in her face. “We got to keep going. Come on.” He pulled her by her hand. Closer and closer they race towards the ship. What happened next turn everything into chaos. A shot past by them and an explosion went off near the ship. Wildstar and Nova watched as the ship began to ascend into the sky. They waved franticly hoping that they saw them. From the pilot view he saw them come out of the jungle and waved.

“There they are!” he yelled back to the crew.

They fired back as the ship went down to pick them up. Wildstar dragged Nova and pushed her forward into the ship. The bushes came alive and men ran towards the ship surrounding them. “Get out of here! Wildstar yelled as he tried to board. The pilot worked hard as he lifted the ship up, while explosion went off around them. The pilot jerked the ship right and Wildstar lost his balance. Nova watched as he sail out of the ship and down to the awaiting arms of the enemy.

“STOP! You have to go back!” she yelled at the pilot.

“I can’t it’s too much fire power. If I go back we take a risk of getting shot down.”

“I said go back now!” she screamed at him and lunged at the control.

“Ma’am please let go. We can go down.”

“He is your captain. You will go back!” Nova screamed louder and then drew her weapon. “You will go,” she felt a pinch on her arm and then everything went black. When she woke up she was in the infirmary strapped to a gurney. She screamed out to the nurse nearby. “Get me out of here! NOW!” The nurse ran to her side and helped her out of the bed.

“Captain Forrester, we weren’t sure how long you would be out.”

“Where are we?” she snapped.

“On ship, the Argo.”

“Captain Wildstar?” she looked away and Nova shook her hard. “The Captain? What happened to the Captain?” again she stayed silent. She pushed her out the way and ran to the bridge. Captain Yoshida sat in the captain chair overlooking the bridge. She ran onto the bridge and up to Yoshida. “Where is the captain!” she grabbed him by the collar and looked him in the eye.

“I’m sorry ma’am we had orders,” he began

Fury came to her eyes and she slapped him hard across the face. “He is your captain. You don’t leave him behind! We have to go back!” she screamed at the bridge crew. “Did you all hear me, we have to go back. Captain Wildstar is still on that planet and we have to go back!”

“I’m sorry, we can’t.” Yoshida grabbed her arm and turned her to face him. “It was too dangerous to stay. We took a chance just by going back the first time. Captain Wildstar is now lost.”

She slapped him hard again, “you bastard! I order you to go back!”

“Captain! I order you to your quarters, pull yourself together or else you will be spending the remainder of this mission in the brig.”

Nova eyes narrowed and stepped back. Who was this man sitting in her husband chair running his vessel? He could never be as great of a captain like her husband. He would never leave anyone behind. He would have given his life and went back for his men. Never leave a sailor behind, never leave anyone behind. “Captain Wildstar would have never left you behind.”

“It was Captain Wildstar order to get the ship to safety.” He said in defiance.

“Headquarter will hear about this.” She warned and then ran off the bridge. Trying to think quickly she raced to the communication room and burst in. “I need to make a call to Earth. Are we close enough to do that?” She asked franticly.

The communication officer looked at her and nodded. “I think we can.”

“I’d like to put a direct call to EDF OC Sandor.”

“Ma’am I need to clear it with the Captain.”

She grabbed his collar and snapped. “This is a direct call to Admiral Sandor! It is on a need to know basis and the captain does not need to know. Now make the call!” she ordered.

He nodded his head shaking from her presence. “Yes, Ma’am.” He stepped aside and Nova jumped into the chair and waited for communications to Earth go through.

She waited until the screen focus and Sandor’s face came to view. “Captain Forrester,”

“Sandor, Derek has been taken and he won’t go back!”

“Whoa, wait a minute; slow down, now what happen?” She took a deep breath and began to tell him what accord on the planet. “Nova, there is nothing I can do. Wildstar gave the order, his main concern is the ship and you know that. All I can do is send out a search and rescue team but that will take time.”

“We don’t have time!” she cried.

“Where are you as of this moment?”

The communication officer step forward and said. “Sir, we are 70,000 light years from Iscandar and 10,000 from the planet.”

“Nova there is no way I can send out a team being that far out.”

She jumped up from the chair and shouted. “Permission to go on my own!”

Sandor shook his head. “I’m sorry Nova, I cannot give that order.”

“Then I will go without it.”

“Nova he gave the order for a reason. Think about your children.”

“I am thinking of them. They need their father and I have to find him.”

Sandor rubbed his chin and sighed. “I cannot give you that order, but understand that if you leave that ship EDF will court martial you.”

“I don’t care.” She cried.

“Off the record.” He said and she nodded. “Call Alex, he will be a better help to you. I will try to work with EDF here on my end.” He ended the communications and Nova told the officer to call Iscandar.

It was long until Alex Wildstar came to view. “Hello Nova,” he smiled at his sister in law.

She wiped the tears from her face and began her story, “Please Alex, you have to help me find him. The XO is refusing to go after him and Sandor cannot help. I can’t go home without their father.”

“How far out are you?” he went into over drive. He took down their coordinates and began to make plans. She saw him come closer to the screen and smiled. “I will call the captain and come get you. In the mean time I will send out word across the universe and see if anyone out there knows where they took him. Don’t worry Nova we will find him.” Nova placed her head in her hands and cried from relief.




Captain Yoshida anger rang throughout the bridge. “That bitch! How dare she call EDF and Iskandar! Bring her to my quarters.” Minutes later she was escorted to his quarter’s that was once her husbands. “What the hell were you thinking? Going over my head and calling Earth and Iskandar. That was not your call! I have my orders! And those orders were from your husband and Captain of this Ship!”

“My husband would have never kept that order. He would have gone to the end of the universe and back to make sure that his men or women return back home to their love ones, whether alive or in a body bag. He would never leave anyone behind. EVEN YOU!” she yelled back.

Yoshida lean back on the panel and looked her over. “Be that it may, we now have orders to wait until His highness Wildstar arrives.” He said with distaste. Nova couldn’t help but smirk. “It’s not funny! We are now sitting ducks for whoever is out there trying to create war with us. And I know that Captain Wildstar would have made sure that the most important thing is to see that the Argo does not fall under enemy hands. At this moment I want you to go to your quarters and stay there until His highness arrives. And to make sure that you don’t cause me any more drama I will have those two gentlemen outside to see that you don’t. Dismiss Captain!”

Nova saluted and turned and left. As promised there were two guards outside her door. The only time she left her room was to eat, and only allowed on the observation deck. She counted the days that seem to be long and dragging out. Each day pass was another day that Derek could be lost forever. She prayed that he was alright and surviving. “Please Derek; after all we’ve been through, please hold on. I know Alex will come and find you.” 12 days later someone knocked hard on her hatch and she jump out of her bed.

“Ma’am, we are ordered to bring you to the bridge.” The tall guard said. Nova grabbed her jacket and followed them to the bridge. “Sir!”

Captain Yoshida turned and huffed. “Your ride is here.” He said with disgust.

“Alex is here?”

“He will be landing on the Argo in a few. So go and start packing, the sooner you leave the better. We can finally get home to our families.”

Nova then realized how selfish he was, “is that all you care about? Going home! It’s good to know that your family is more important than mine. Forget that his children will probably never see their father again. That I might have lost my husband! God forbid that your family never loses you. Remember karma is a bitch. Some day you will find yourself in a situation and think of my husband. Pray that he will be your superior because even with orders he will not leave you behind.” She pivot and walked off the bridge to her stateroom to pack. Alex walked off his shuttle and Captain Yoshida bow, “Sir it is a pleasure once again.”

Alexander Wildstar looked down to the officer with distain. After his conversation with his sister in law he wondered what kind of man and officer would leave their man behind. Not to mention his brother. “Captain, you can give me more details to what happen later. Right now I would like to see my sister in law.”

“She is packing as we speak. I was already informed that she will be departing with you as soon as possible. She should be here shortly. My men will escort her to your ship.”

“Escort her?”

“She was out of control. She called headquarters without authorization.”

“And had she not I would never have known about my brother. Now, I’d like to see her.” He said with authority, “please.”

“Yes sir, right this way.” He heard the aggravation in his tone and decided against pressing him for any details about information.

The guards stood waiting for Nova to finish packing when their captain came to view. They both snapped to attention and stepped aside. Alex looked over to Yoshida with narrow eyes and then knocked on the hatch. “I’m almost done!” he heard her snapped through the door. He opened the door and she swung around to see him standing there. “ALEX!” she cheered and dropped her clothes on to her rack and ran into his arms. He hugged his sister in law as she cried.

“Oh Alex, I thought you would never get here.”

“We are going to find him, I promise you.” He ordered the guards to take her bags to his shuttle while Yoshida stood there silent. They stood facing each other as Nova walked onto his shuttle. He finally spoke to Yoshida. “I spoke with Sandor and agree with your actions. My brother would have insisted that you keep the ship and crew safe. But one thing he would disagree with is having his wife and best officer under guard like some common criminal, safe journey back, captain.” Alex turned and boarded his shuttle leaving Yoshida standing there dumbfounded. Alex walked her to a guest quarter that was set up for her. It was a decent size room with a comfortable bed. “I hope that you will be comfortable here. Starsha made sure that it was set up just for you.”

Nova walked around in a daze thinking of her husband, praying that he would be alright. “Have you heard anything?” she asked in low voice.

Alex shook his, “no, I’m sorry I was hoping to before coming here. But I have sent messages all over to every planet. IF he is out there we will find him. Now you look exhausted. Why don’t you rest and I’ll have the cook send something for you to eat.”

“I’m not hungry.” She said holding a picture of her, Derek and the kids.

“You have to keep your strength.” He took the picture from her hand and smile. “You need to tell me more about them. Miku is very pretty.” He said making her smile. “Get some rest. I’ll check in on you later.”






Wildstar could feel the sharp pain in his stomach from the punch the guard gave him. His ribs hurt badly. He remembered seeing the shuttle take off as his body floated down to the ground. Next thing he knew he was surrounded by ten men. He knew then that they weren’t going to be the friendliest enemy. He closed his eyes a shot of pain went through his head and everything went blank. He woke up in a small cell with a dirty cot. The pain that ran through his body was beyond what he experience in Battle. He had no doctor to give him something for the pain. At times he lay still in hopes that it would subside. After a few days they finally came for him and dragged him out of his sleep to another room. Half a sleep and in pain he sat in a chair that rocked sideways when he walked in. With one eye half close it took Wildstar a few seconds to focus at who was standing before him. Belkzar walked into the room and grinned. “We meet again Captain. How has your stay been?”

Wildstar shrugged and sat up straight. “I’ve been in better places. I think you should inform you cleaning people that they need to do a better job in the room.”

“What were you doing on my planet?” He asked Wildstar.

“Looking for your lovely resort. I heard that it’s wonderful this time of the year. But I have a complaint. Where is the snow?”

Belkzar looked at him baffled. “Snow?”

“Yeah you know that white stuff that is cold and makes the whole place look nice in white. I was hoping to get some skiing done.”

“Funny, you have a sense of humor. I like that.”

“I try my best.” He smiled.

“Tell me, the winch that was with you how is she?” he gave him a smirk.

“Don’t know, she moved and so have I.”

“She seem confident that you and she were meant to be.”

“You know women, show them a little affection and they already have you married with kids.”

Belkzar rubbed his chin, “They do that on Earth too. Interesting.”

“Let’s cut to the chase, what do you want?” Wildstar finally asked.

“The fact that you and your crew were on my planet without permission might be the reason why we attacked.”

“If you had informed us before attacking you would have known that we would have pulled back and went on our way.”

“You lost that curiosity the first time you came into our space. You were warn then about it and yet here you are.”

Wildstar could feel his eye swell more and a headache coming on. The light in the room was bright enough to bring on a massive headache. “Listen there is nothing I have that you want. The Argo is long gone. My XO has instruction to return to Earth without me. I am the only one you have in custody and I have a major headache so if you don’t mind I’d like to get back to my cell and take a nap. I have a nice steak dinner and wine coming at 2000 hours.”

Belkzar huffed, he was growing tired of his speaking. “What were you doing on my planet?”


“It had to be something. My men say you were seen with a female. Who is she?”

Wildstar stayed calm. “She was a crew member, no one important.” Belkzar stare closer at the young captain and tried to read his face. “So if we are done, I’d like to go back to my cell.” He looked again at him and knew he was hiding something. With one swift punch he hit him and watched as he fell to the ground. Wildstar laughed and spit blood from mouth. “Is that all you have?” he laughed harder. “Jeeze my daughter hits better than that and she is only a kid.” His anger boiling Belkzar kicked him hard in the stomach. The pain shot throughout his body and he held his moans in. He didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of showing he was in pain. Wildstar laughed harder and spit again. “Are you done?”

“Take him back to his cell.” He ordered his guard. “I will break you Captain.”

Wildstar narrow is good eye and focused on him. “We will see about that.” He mumbled under his breath. The guard picked him up and helped him back to his cell.




Nova sat in her room looking through pictures she brought with her on the mission. Most of them were of their kids and her husband. Every night she would stay up wondering where he was and what he was going through. Were they treating him right? Was he still alive? She pushed the thought of his death out of her mind. He has to be alive. She felt his soul. He was a part of her and she wasn’t going to allow herself to think that he could be dead. Alex knock on the door and poked his head in. “Hey sis, how are you?” She gave him a partial smile and wiped a tear from her face.

“I’m okay. Any word?” she asked every time he stopped by.

He shook his head, “Nothing yet, but I have a gut feeling we will soon.” He said as he always does when stopping to see her. “Hey what do you have there?”

She looked down at the hand full of pictures and she smiled once again. “I was just looking at some pictures of Derek and the kids.”

He walked into her room and sat down next to her. He took one picture from her hand and smiled wide. “She’s very pretty.”

“That’s Derek,” she laughed to his remark.

“I know.”

“Miku decide that her father needed some makeup so he can look better for me.” She giggle thinking of the day Derek woke up and went into the bathroom to see his face with makeup. He walked into the kitchen and show her. She laughed so hard she almost peed on herself. Alex laughed hard thinking of his reaction. She took another one out and show him. “This is Alex on his first day flying his grandfather’s plane. Derek was so proud of him. He took to it like he was made for it.” She reach for another picture and ran her finger across it. “Here is DJ and Derek. He looks just like his father.”

Alex looked at it and she could see the reminisces in his eyes. “Yeah, he looks just like him when he was that age.”

“He is a hand full. I remember when he was about 5 and Derek had them. I think I was working on my first building. He called me on the site to ask how to get DJ out of the laundry shoot. When I asked him how did he managed that he told me that he was trying to warp to the next country. Since his father told him about warping was like a tunnel. Then went on to tell me that he tried pouring baby oil around to slide him out.”

“Did it work?” Alex asked trying to not giggle.

“Yeah after he use about 4 bottles of it.” He sat with her for hours looking through her picture and explaining them to him. Alex picked up one and looked at it for a long time. Nova glanced at it and said. “That’s when I was pregnant with Alex. I was about 4 month along.”

“You know he looks like my dad in this one when he was younger. I remember seeing pictures of my parents when they were young. Derek was too young to remember. But I see my dad in him a lot.”

“Derek is a great dad. He never lets them down.  He breaths for them. He will never let them go. Alex and DJ are his pride and joy and Miku well she will do no wrong in his eyes. She is his princess and there will be no one good enough for her. It’s going to be hard for her to date. They will first have to go through her brothers and then there will be Derek.”

“She going to be a beautiful girl. Just like her mother.” He said making her blush. “How do you really feel?” He asked concerned.

She looked away not wanting to look into his eyes. It’s been a hard month for her three weeks after her arrival on ship she realized that she was pregnant. Two week later she lost the baby. Alex stayed with her the whole time as she cried. He checked in on her as often as he could and may sure that she was eating something to keep up her strength. She knew it was her fault even after her brother in law told her it wasn’t. She should have taken care of herself more once she found out. But she only worried about finding him and nothing else matter. She couldn’t go back to Earth and tell her children that he wasn’t coming home let alone come back pregnant without their father. “A lot better, I’ve been giving the all clear.”

“Well let’s not overdo it. Its bad enough you’ve lost a lot of weight. I can’t have my brother get mad at me for not making sure that you weren’t eating right.”

“Do you think he is alright?” she finally asked.

“He is a survivor, he doesn’t know how to give up.”

She looked away and walked over to a port hole. “I know he’s still alive. I feel him and I will never stop looking for him. With or without anyone.”

He stood next to her and hugged her. “I will not stop either.”





After days of beatings Wildstar laid on the dirty cot shivering in a cold sweat. The cell was cold and damp and the only thing that gave him any kind of warmth was the clothes on his back. He would think of his wife and kids back home. It was the only thing that kept him from giving up. He began to think of his escape. He went over and over in his head as to how he would do it. Each scenario he always came to point where it didn’t work. God damn it Wildstar think! This is your specialty. You’re a tactical officer you should be able to get out of anything. Each night he thought. Each night he prayed that he would soon be home with his family. He tried to keep track of time but it was hard when he felt sick and in so much pain from beatings. He would sleep for hours and sometimes days. No one would tell him how long he was out and at times when he could move he would write on the wall to keep track. On a few occasions Belkzar would be there asking him questions just to break him. Wildstar never let up. At night he would lay wide awake as he heard other prisoners yell in pain or plead for their lives. From the distance he could hear a woman cry for her mate and family. His skin would crawl when he heard them walk towards his cell. He would pray they pass him by. The food was disgusting and he was never sure as to what it was and he didn’t want to know. He would try to eat to keep his strength but it was hard to eat something he was not use to. At least there was bread or at least something he thought was bread. He would store the water they gave him and when it rain he would stick his hand out the window to catch the drops into his hand.  During the day he would keep his mind sharp. He went over in his head on tactical scenario and doing math problems in his head. He recited his ships gages and procedures on takeoff and landing. Once and a while he would see them look into the cell and he would smile and wave in hopes that one would talk with him. One night he heard sirens sound throughout the jail and the guards running. He wonder what was going on. He tried to get one of the guards attention but they would run past not paying attention to him or any other prisoner. A tray was thrown into the cell and he heard a woman voice, “EAT” she ordered.

“Wait!” he saw her eyes come through the slot in the door. “Tell me your name” He saw her eyes frown and then shut the door.




Nova stood on the bridge of the Yazaku II, name after Alex’s first command. She watched as Alex spoke with someone from a distant planet. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, your highness.”

“How long was it that you saw him there?” He asked.

“It was less than a week.”

“Are you sure it was him?”

“Yes sir, my men pointed him out when we were there.” He looked away, “they were taking him to the torture room.”

Nova gasped and Alex face grew angry. “Have the ambassador meet us there. Who is responsible for this?” he tried to sound calmly but they knew his wrath will be swift and mighty.

“General Belkzar.”

“Thank you. We will see you in two days. Shut it off.” He ordered his communication officer. He looked over to his sister in law and saw a sigh of relief on her face. He was still alive or at least they hope that he still was. He tried to give her a smile but knew it wasn’t a real smile. “At least it’s some news.” He said.

“No different than the others. I can only hope.” She said. It was the 11th time that they were told where he was and each time they went it was another dead end. This one was no different. All she could do now was hope that he will hang on until they come for him. “What now?” she asked.

“We follow the lead. I’ll send word ahead to see who is in the area and have them check it out.” He touch her face and made her look up to him. “We are going to bring him home. Now dinner tonight, and you will eat something this time. I don’t want my brother seeing how much weight you’ve lost. So no excuses.”


Dinner was quiet. Alex sat back and observed his sister in law as she sat there pushing her food around on the plate. “You know Derek used to push his food around so our mom would think that he ate something. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t. Our mom was smart. She knew when to let things slide and when to be firm.” He reached over and touched her hand. “You have to keep your strength. Eat.” He said firmly.

Nova stood up, “I appreciate everything Alex but really I can’t eat, I have no appetite. I’ll just grab something later.” She could see him worry and gave him half a smile. “Don’t worry I will eat something later, I promise.”

“Nova wait, please.” He grabbed her arm.

She huffed and looked over to Alex. Her eyes tired from the stress he felt for her. “Alex thank you,”

“Have I ever told about when Derek was younger and dating. Come on, sit down and let me tell you embarrassing things about him.” She couldn’t help but giggle and sat back down. “So I can tell you about this one girl he liked while in school. He was so awkward with her. He wanted to impress her so much that he took our dad’s car and drove to get her for a midnight ride.”


“He was only 12. Needless to say he never made it out of the drive way. He crashed it into a tree and he took out the neighbor’s mail box. My father was so mad at him. If it wasn’t for our mom I think he would have killed him. See when my brother falls in love he does hard. I can see how much he loves you. He has only been with a hand full of girls. He was always the one to get hurt and I don’t want to see him hurt.”

“I could never hurt him like that. I love him so much.”

“I know. He’s a lucky man.”

“Alex, I know your brother is not perfect and neither am I. But we love each other.”

Alex sat back in his chair and smiled at his pretty sister in law. “You know I have seen my brother go gaga over some girl in the past. But I’ve never seen him deeply in love. I see that with you. When he looks at you I can see how much he loves you. And I can see how much you love him by going against orders to find him. I know he’s not perfect. All I ask that you be patient with him.”

“So tell me more about him when he was younger.” She sat back down and looked at him intrigued.






The Yazaku II waited on the outskirt of the planet’s surface. Alex stood on the bridge anticipating the arrival of the ambassador’s ship.  “Sire?” his second in command spoke. “We have the Arch on the line.”

He nodded and said, “patch it through.” Alex stood closer to the screen and waited until Ambassador face came on the screen. “Ambassador Krugon we meet once again. Too bad under these circumstances.”

“I do apologize you grace.” Krugon bow on screen. “Whoever is responsible will suffer dearly. We are in debt to you and the Queen for all you have done for our planet.”

“Where is my brother?” Alex asked.

“I do not know.”

“Don’t toy with me Krugon! I am not in the mood for games. One of your people has me brother and I want to know who.”

“I swear, I do not know.”

“Fine, I will give you an hour as to whom. After that I will have my forces start the search. Do I make myself clear?” he warned.

“I do.”

Alex turned to the communication offer and ordered him to shut it off. He looked over to Nova. “We are going to find him. Krugon is not an idiot he will never want war with me. I believe he will call back within the hour, if not sooner.”

“I just hope that we are not too late.” Nova feared the worst.





To be continued  . . . . . . . .


With a lead to his brother where bout’s will the older Wildstar brother be able to bring him home or will the galaxy once  again explode with war? Will Nova see her beloved husband once again? Read on to see what happens next to our famous couple.