Returning new Hope

Part 13

By Yuki Wildstar



Nova worked hard to get out of the meeting early. She sat at the round table looking at each one of the union members and their lawyers. She frowned then looked at her watch. It was getting later and later. She was itching to get out of there. She lean over to her lawyer and said, “I have to go. I’m so bored of this I’m starting to fall asleep. Let’s call it a night.”

Her lawyer nodded his head and stood up, “Gentlemen and lady, it doesn’t look like we are going to resolve this tonight either so let’s reschedule tomorrow at 9.” He announced.

Alan Peters the only Union leader that agreed stood up and said, “I agree. It’s getting late and I for one would like to see my grandchildren before they start college.”

“Alan, I for one would like to settle this once and for all.” Richard second in command said.

“And will we accomplish that tonight? We’ve been at this all day. I FOR ONE am exhausted and I am sure that this young lady would like to go home as well.” He looked at Nova and could see the boredom in her face as well as the exhaustion. In a way he felt sorry for her and all in the same time he admired her. He sat across from her and watched as each day she stood strong taking notes and talking with either her lawyer or on the phone with her father. She must have been getting advice from him for each time she hung up she whispered something more into her lawyer’s ear. He watched as she reached for her bag and said something to the lawyer’s.

“Gentlemen,” she said. “Goodnight,” and left them all there to speak amongst each other. She left her building and into the awaiting car. At this time of the night she didn’t trust herself to drive. She was exhausted and just wanted to go home. It was well past 12 and she knew that the kids were already fast asleep. She found Derek in the den looking over plans and paper work. She gave a gentle knock on the wall and he looked up to see her standing in the door way. “You’re still up?”

“Believe it or not I have stuff that is driving me nuts at the docks.”

“The fire?”

He nodded his head and said, “Yeah, thank god there were no lives lost. How was your day?”

“BOooring, they never seem to compromise on anything. They want more and more every time we meet.” She said throwing herself on the couch and tossed her hair back. “I’m not sure that they will ever be happy.” Derek stepped away from his desk and walked over to her. “I’m sorry I missed putting the kids to sleep again.”

He shrugged and replied, “it’s alright. Guess this going to be a normal thing until the building is finished.” He was disappointed that things remained the same after their long argument. He rarely brought it up to her and when he did she gave him the look of ‘are we going there again?’ It was getting lonely for him most nights knowing that she will not be home. Their kids would ask about it and he would tell them that she was still working and soon it will be all over. He knew the minute she was done he wanted to head back to Great Island. He missed his native home land. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug. “We should get some sleep.” He stood up and stuck his hand out for her to take.

 “I’ll be right in I have to call my father for some advice.” She gave him a gentle kiss and jumped in the chair that he was sitting in. He followed her with his eyes and sighed. It would be another night without her in bed with him. She will be on the phone for hours either talking to her father or going over legal paper work.




Morning was the same, wake up, make sure the kids were fed then off to work. Wildstar would drive by the docks and look over the progress of the ship. He would stop and talk with the morning crew to see if they needed anything then to the office where he would sit and deal with all the phone calls. Most of week Mariko would stop in and they would talk about the Antarus and how it was progressing. At times they would head off base and eat at a small intimate restaurant. For Wildstar it was just two colleagues having lunch and talking about work. For Mariko it was like a date. Every Wednesday she looked forward to having lunch with him. In her mind he would reach across the table and take her hand in his. He would tell her that he was having feelings and wanted to see her other than work. He would tell her that he was falling madly in love with her and he was ready to leave his wife to be with her. She sat across from him gazing at him as he spoke. She finally asked, “How is Nova doing with the union leaders?”

She watched as his face frowned and he looked past her. “It’s a long process.” He huffed and turned his attention back to her. “We are hoping that it will end soon. It’s getting lonely at night.” And just as he said it he wished he never did. It was too much information to give her but he was a little glad that he had someone to talk about it.

“It must be rough for you and the kids.” She said hoping that he would open up more.

He placed his napkin on the table and avoided her question. “We should get back. I have a meeting with the fleet Admiral. Something I am not looking forward to.” He waved over to the waitress and motioned her for the check. Mariko knew he wasn’t ready to open up just yet and to leave the subject alone for now. They went to their office’s and Wildstar threw himself back to work. His meeting with the Admiral went better then he thought it would and he found himself back in his office and hour earlier. He’d figure that he leave early and stop by Nova’s office and try to drag her away from everything. Ready to walk out of the office he watched Mariko head his way. “Sorry Mariko, but I’m getting out of here. I’m afraid if I don’t get out of here now something is going to drag me in.” he said waving her away.

“I’m sorry Derek, I just needed a signature.” She rushed after him.

He stopped mid-way and took a deep breath. “Fine, just a signature and then I am out of here.” He looked over the file and frown. “You’re kidding me, right?”

“I can handle it, I just needed a signature.” She smiled.

He rolled his eyes and began to take off his jacket. “Come on, how could this happen? We were already set to release her from the docking station and now this comes up. Who was responsible to oversee the parts being ordered?”

She leaned over his shoulder and stepped closer to him as she pointed to a name on the papers. “It was a Captain Roman Agasi.” He frowned and knew the officer well. He and Agasi had a few run in over some of the ships. “That self-centered prick,” He went back to his office as she followed. Throwing his jacket on the chair he picked up the phone and dialed the number. “Captain Agasi!” he bellowed into the phone. He waited until he heard his voice come through the receiver. “What the hell do you think you’re doing! The Andromeda II should have been ready for departure today and now I find that they are still waiting for parts! Where would you like for them to install them? While they are in space in the middle of battle. You idiot!” all the frustration of home and office was released on the Captain. “You will and I mean YOU WILL straighten this out by the end of the day and have it done. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!” he yelled louder into the phone.

Agasi listened with the phone pulled away from his ear from the screaming that he was doing. He brought the phone closer once he finished and said, “I did order them on time. I left the invoice on Commanders Kapule desk. What the company does is beyond my control. I have explained to her on many occasions that they haven’t sent the parts yet and the ship would not be ready.”

Wildstar looked up to her and was furious. “You did?” his eye narrow and questioned. “When was this?”

“A week ago.” He replied.

“Get over here right now.” He ordered and hung up. He sat down and sat quietly.

“Is everything alright?” Mariko asked.

“No, have you spoken to Agasi throughout the refit?”

“Why no I haven’t. Technically this wasn’t my ship. I was handed the file yesterday from Commander Blair. She transferred out of here today, why?”

“We will see in a few minutes.” He wasn’t about to have his men and women give him the run around. Someone was lying and he was going to get to the bottom of it. Especially when it was taking time away from his wife. Minutes later Agasi walked into his office and sat down. “Now, let’s get all this straight. You personally spoke with Commander Kapule about the parts being late?”

“No sir,”Agasi sat across from Wildstar trying to keep his story in order. He thought of it all the way there. “I place the work order in weeks ago when Commander Blair announced that she was transferring. I thought that she was already informed about the delay.”

“That’s not how it sounded to me on the phone. You were pointing fingers and since Commander Blair is no longer here it was up to you to psychically contact Commander Kapule and work with her to correct the situation. Not pass the buck. Next time do your job and finish it through. Commander Kapule will contact the company and see what is the hold up. You will have your crew on standby and get this ship ready and out of my docks ASAP. Understood Commander’s.”

They both stood up, snapped to attention and said in unison, “Yes sir.”

“Dismiss commander’s,” Wildstar felt drained. The last thing he wanted to deal with was incompetence. His home life seemed to be a disaster he was damn if everyone at work will push his buttons.  “Commander Kapule,” he said before she left the office. “I want to go over this mess, please stay.”

“Yes, sir.” She waited until the door closed and then sat down. “What is it that you would like for me to do about it?”

“Keep a close eye on him. I know him, he is a little weasel. He does everything half ass and that can cause problems later with the ships. He’s never one to follow through and if he can pass the buck he will do it. Don’t let him walk over you or don’t let him push all his work on you.”

“Understood sir. If I can speak off the record.” She said still at attention. He nodded yes, “Thank you for not thinking it was all my fault like most senior male officers. It never fails that they always want to put the blame on a woman then taking a word of male officer.”

He gave her a smile, “your welcome. Now, let’s get to work. You call the supply supervisor and I’ll call the company man to see what the hold is and if there is a hold up.” He’d forgotten about stealing his wife away and trying to romance her. He picked up his phone and began to dial numbers. Later that evening he sat back and was pleased with what they accomplished in a short period of time. “I guess we are all done for now. Tomorrow I want you to call Agasi and make sure that he received everything. I’ll have my assistant call the company and check on things on our end. So,” he rubbed his hands together. “Looks like I’ve missed dinner with the kids. Would you like to get something to eat?”

Sitting in the restaurant across from each other they talked on over wine. Dinner long gone he was enjoying their time. It’s been awhile since Nova and he had dinner. Mariko was great company and she was very bright with her inquisitive questions about his time in space. He talked about his trip to Iscandar and finding his brother. Their return trip and about Nova. When he spoke about her she could see the sadness in his eyes. “SO tell me about you, Mariko.” Taking the conversation away from him. “Where did you grow up, and did you like being in space?”

She smile wide and said, “I liked being in space, but there is no place like home. I am originally from here. Maui is my home. I love it here. I come from a small family. It was just me, my mother and father. Both gone, planet bombs. My older brother was also in EDF he went out in the first fleet when the Gamilons attack the first time. He was killed in action.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“No need to be it was a long time ago. I’ve accepted it. Now all I have is my home land. I love it here.” He watched her eyes dance when she talked about Hawaii and she gazed out the window. He felt the same way about Great Island. He missed his home land as much as she loved hers. “Tell me more about your wife.” She asked.

He frowned, “she’s a busy woman right now. With a deadline to make it’s not easy for her. You get a lot of people that test your patients. I really don’t ever want to be in her shoes.”

“I heard about the strike and the demands. Sorry that she is going through that. I’m sure that it’s taking a lot of her time away from you and the kids.”

He looked away, “we manage to spend what time we have. I understand that these things come up. I mean this isn’t the first building she put up. She raised one on Great Island. It’s a really great building, I know this one will be just as great.”

“You sound bitter that she is working.”

“I’m not bitter, I’m very happy for her. Although I wasn’t there when she built her last building I wasn’t prepare for the long hours that she keeps.”

“I’m sorry, were you in space at the time?”

He chuckled, “No, we were divorced.”

“Excuse me?”

“Ha, I thought that this part of world kept up with what happens in our lives. I mean I was on every paper in the world or at least I thought I was.” She looked at him confuse. “It’s a long story.”

She placed her elbows on the table and rested her head on her hands. “I’m not in a rush to go to an empty apartment, are you?”

“I have my kids at home. Have you ever wanted children,” he asked avoiding her advancements.

“I really never thought of it. I have been on my own for so long I don’t think about things like that.” She gazed into his eyes. “But if the right guy came along I might consider it. Tell me about them.” she asked.

He smiled, “Alexander well he is the oldest of the three. He is very protective of his mother. I found that out when we divorce. There was nothing I could say negative about her without him going off the deep end. But I never had anything negative to say about her. Not to mention when she had that creep living with her. He fought hard to stop him from attacking her. Something we don’t talk about. And well DJ, what can I say about him. He is so much like me, head strong and always getting into something. He is inquisitive. Sometime the things that he asks makes me think twice as to how he could ask such things. He finds flying interesting and wants to fly. And then there is Miku, my little princess. She is my heart. She’s every inch her mother for the exception of her dark hair. There’s nothing she can do wrong in my eyes.”

“They all sound so sweet, makes me feel like I might have kids after all.” Making them both laugh. “She sounds like an amazing woman.” She said in a low voice.

He beamed, “Yeah she is.”

“But why do you seem sad all the time.” She was blunt and was curious.

“Excuse me?”

“You seem lost most of the time at work. You use work to cover up what is hurting you. I’m sorry but I’ve notice that you don’t talk much about her and when you’re asked you avoid the subject.”

“It’s none of your business, so back off.” His answered surprised him as well as her. He realized what he said and placed his drink down, “I’m sorry Mariko. It’s just a sore subject right now.”


“No, don’t be. Its not like I have been trying to hide it. The truth is I missed her desperately. She is barely home and we barely talk. If I get to see her as she walks out the door it more then I expect. I feel us just drifting apart and I don’t even know if she knows it. She is so wrapped up with this strike and building its like I don’t even exists.”

“Have you tried to talking with her?”

“Every chance I get. But she never listens or she is preoccupied with work. I’m starting to really hate that damn building.” He said with a bad taste in his mouth. “It’s sucking our marriage out.”

She reached over the table and place hers and on his. “I’m so sorry Derek. Is there anything I could do?”

He shook his head and said. “No, thank you for asking. But this is something I have to work out with my wife. It’s getting late. I should get home before the kids go to bed. The sitter will want to go home too. Thank you for your company. I’ll get this.” He reached into his wallet and threw some bills on the table and paid the check. They said their goodbyes and he went home in hopes that she would be there. As he walked into the house his daughter ran into his arms.

“DADDY!” she jumped up and squeezed tight. “Where were you?”

“Oh just having dinner with a friend. Sorry I’m late.”

“DJ won’t stop teasing me. And DJ want to break my doll.” She told him

“Oh I don’t think DJ would do something that bad to make you cry. He was just fooling, weren’t you DJ.” He stared at his son with a chastised look. “Alex you know we always told you to stop teasing anyone in this house.”

“Sorry Sir.”

Derek ruffled his hair and gave him a smile, “It’s late everyone to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.” He announced. They all ran to their rooms and began to get ready for bed. Derek sighed as he watched them run to their rooms and then looked at a picture that sat on the end table. It was Nova and him sitting on the beach, him holding her in his arms. It was taken when they were there last. He only wished that she were standing there. After putting his children to bed he walked into his room and undressed. He went onto the patio that was attached to their room and sat on a lounge. He sat back and closed his eyes. When was the last time they were together and made love. Too long, he thought. It was like the only time he saw his wife was on the news in the background as some reporter announced something about the strike that continues to no end. Damn those union workers! Damn them all! They were ruining his marriage. All he wished at that moment was that the building blow up and that would be the end of it. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he opened his eyes to see her standing over him. At first glance he thought he was dreaming her there. But she was there. “Nova.”

“Hello there stranger, long time, no see,” Her smile made him smile back and he got up quickly and took her in his arms. “Wow I forgot how this feels.”

“Are you home for the night?” He wasn’t expect her home and it surprised him how much he really missed her.

“I am all yours, I promise.” She whispered into his ear. There were no more words he swept her into his arm and brought her into the room.


He laid on his back breathing hard from the love making. She laid on his chest drawing circles on his chest. “I have missed you so much.” She told him.

“I’ve missed you too.” He told her. “I was starting to feel neglected. I thought I was married to a ghost.”

She laughed and said, “Well I don’t think you would be able to feel a ghost.”

“You know what I mean.” He kissed the top of her head and gave her a tight hug. “How long do I have you?”

“Considering these group of guys that seem to all hate their wives, probably not for long. I think they are trying to ruin our marriage.”

“Nova we should talk about this. I mean I’m happy that your home but its like our marriage,” she place her finger on his mouth and then kiss him.

“I just want to live for right now. Can we just do that.” She said.

What was the point she didn’t want to hear anything and he was quite tired of trying to talk. He huffed and said nothing. By morning she was back to work and gone. It was like a dream he had with a bad ending. As he worked with Mariko he grew to her being there. He began to open up to her about Nova and she listen intently. He was alone and raising their children. If he did see her it was when she was with the children. He stood in the side lines as she talked and played with them. The strike continued on and for weeks it was the same. Postponement of the building was made and even though it was 75 percent finished there was still major things that needed to be done. Nova didn’t want for her children to feel neglected so she made sure that she stopped by the house when they came home from school while Derek was still at work. On the days she was home from the break at the office she barricaded herself in the den on the phone. Wildstar felt his marriage growing distant every day. And three months later he felt like it was growing to a close. He needed is wife and she was absent.

After their dinner that night she went home and did more research about her boss. She read about his affair with the ambassador’s daughter that led to his divorce. They reconciled and re-married on the very same island that they are now on. She was very intrigue about his life and his then ex-wife. At one point an article stated that she and he had run off and disappeared leaving questions as to his soon to be announce engagement to Mei which never happened. He had already married Nova again. Mariko mind began to spin to how his marriage is now. In Wildstar’s office Mariko informed him that the Star Cluster was now ready to leave. “I can’t believe after the mishap with the fire that we are back on schedule. I thought it would never happen.”

“I’m glad it all worked out. Thank you Mariko for helping and doing such a great job.” He walked over to his bar and said, “I think this is called for a celebration. Saki?”

“Um, do you have wine?”

He looked further and nodded his head, “sure do.” He poured himself some Saki and her some wine and they click glasses. “Let’s hope this doesn’t happen for a long time. Though I’ve enjoyed your company it’s better that I spend my time at home with my family.” He stuck out his hand for her to shake. She reached for it and looked deep into his sad eyes and kissed him. Her warm soft lips touched his and it felt good. Her perfume was intoxicating. He wanted to pull away but he couldn’t. So many weeks without Nova it felt like he was alive again. She pulled away slowly and looked down not focusing on his eyes.

“I’m, I’m sorry its just that,”

He stepped back and remembered all he did to his wife with his infidelities he didn’t want to hurt her again let alone lead Mariko on. He was a married man, a lonely married man. “Let’s forget about this. We were caught up in the moment nothing more. I love my wife and I AM married let’s keep focus on that. I can’t do this to her again. I promise her and if I break that promise she will never forgive me. And I couldn’t live without her or my children. She will make sure that I never see them again. Alex would hate me again and I can’t live with that.” He ran his hand through his thick dark brown hair and walked away from her. “Mariko, please understand, Nova and I have a long history together and I’ve hurt her more then I care too. She trusts me and here I am betraying that trust. If things were different who knows. Don’t get me wrong your beautiful and smart and very attractive but Nova is part of me. We will always have that bound through our children something I will not walk away from.”

She stepped closer to him, “you find me attractive?”

“Yes, I do but I can’t follow those feelings.”

“Why can’t you? it’s obvious that she doesn’t put you first in her life. You’re lonely for a woman’s touch and I can see how unhappy you are. Face it how long will she keep neglecting you? I am here, I love you and want to be with you, always. I can’t fight it anymore I want to be yours.”

“Don’t Mariko, you don’t love me. Trust me this has happen before and I always go back to my wife. You will never win that.”

“That’s because you don’t allow yourself to let go.” She was standing close to him and slipped her arms around his waist. “Let her go and come to me. I can love you like she does if not more. I would never let you feel lonely ever especially in your bed.”

He shoved her away and said, “Stop it now. This can never happen. I love my wife.”

“You keep saying that, but do you love her anymore? Men that say that out loud say it to prove they can love them still and in reality they don’t anymore. And can you ask yourself when this is all over and she is back you will she still feel the same about you and will you feel the same for her?” her stare was intense and he couldn’t face what she was telling him. Was he falling out of love with Nova? He couldn’t be, they have been together for so long that he felt he owed her to stay faithful. She ran her hand down his face and made him look at her. “Go home Derek, think about it. I will be waiting here for you always.” She grabbed her jacket and headed out the door. Wildstar threw himself on his chair and tried to make his heart stop beating so fast. It was an intense conversation that made him think about his relationship with Nova. What was he going to do now? He needed to talk with someone about it. But who? Anyone he knew, knew Nova and they would pick her side over his. Lord knows they would put it on him again. It’s not like he was the best husband or when she was pregnant with Alex. But there was the one time with Venture, you mustn’t forget about her one night with him after we were married. Yes she slept with your best friend. He tried to make some kind of logic to following he lust for Mariko but deep down he knew it would not be right. He had to comfort his wife and give her an ultimatum. It was either her job or him. He grabbed his jacket and head home to talk with his wife when she got home.

He waited long for her and it was 1 am when she walked through their rented home. He sat up in bed and felt his heart pound hard in his chest. Was he doing the right thing towards them? She walked into the room looking exhausted and stressed. She wasn’t prepared to see him sitting up and waiting for her. “Your still up?” she asked concern, “is everything alright with the kids?”

“Everything is fine. They are all healthy and happy.” He said. “We need to talk, Nov.”

Hmm, he called her Nov, which meant it was important. But she wasn’t in the mood for his tiffs she wanted to sleep for the following morning was going to start another long day. She was already on the phone with another contractor and his crew if this wasn’t ended by the following week. She had made her decision and her father agreed. They were losing money with the strike and she was at least a month behind on finishing the job. Not to mention the strain that was waiting at home. She began taking her clothes off and said, “Not tonight Derek, I am totally wiped out. I have a meeting first thing in the morning and then off to the races of Union Leaders.” She walked into her closet and stripped off everything and then slipped into bed with him. “If there is something else you would rather do I am all up for that. I could use some stress relief.” She reached for him and he pushed her hand away.

“Not tonight Nov, I want to talk with you. I can’t live like this. This job is consuming you and I am getting left behind.”

She sat up and pulled the sheets onto her bare chest, “How so?” She asked. She wasn’t about to get into an all-night drag out fight with him.

“I need to know when this is all going to end. I need my wife back.” He told her.

“I can’t give an exact date. But it will soon end, that I promise you. But all I’m asking is to be patient.”

“Don’t you think I’ve been patient enough? I mean I am pretty much sick and tired of sleeping and waking up alone in this big bed. I need you home. I miss you.”

“Have you been patient Derek?” her anger grew as well as her exhaustion. “It was fine and dandy when you took off to space without a return date. I had to sit back and wait and BE PATIENT! And when there was a return date it always seemed to be post pone. Why can’t you just support me with this like I have with your many missions.” She threw her hands in the air and made quotation jesters with her fingers.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know exactly what that is supposed to mean.”

“I thought we moved on about what happened in the past. I’ve been all but faithful to you this time around, but if,”

She jumped out of the bed and snapped. “BUT WHAT! Are you threatening our marriage?”

He looked away a shame that he did kiss another woman. “No I’m not threating our marriage only trying to save it. Do you know how many nights I’ve waited for you to come home wanting to talk with you about this. Have you ever thought about how I feel when I don’t see you for days on end?”

“Don’t you dare! How about all those years of sitting home and waiting for you to come home. Not to mention your little indiscretions. I have stood by you no matter what even after we divorced, I was there. All I asked you was to stand by me on this. I told you things like this happen.” She felt drained and sat on the sofa across the bed. “Look, I’m not up to any long argument. And I wish I can tell you that this strike will be over tomorrow, but I can’t. If you love me the way you say then please be patient.”

“That’s the whole point,” he mumbled under his breath.

“What?” she looked up not missing a beat. “is there something I should know?”

“No,” he began to feel guilty and didn’t want her to get suspicious as to what happen. He walked over to her and knelt down in front of her. “No, only that I love you and miss you very much. I just want to have back what he had before all this craziness.”

She touched his face and her eyes soften, “I want that too. But all I ask is that you be patient. This will all end soon enough, I promise you” she lean in and gave him a kiss. “I love you Derek. I love you so much, please just a little more time.” How could he tell her? She was the one that forgave him. She stood by his side with all the missions. Even with his long affair with Mei. They both worked it out and she forgave him and took him back. She was supportive when he wanted to go to space and she never made him feel like he had to leave EDF. How can he make her leave a job she loves and proud of. He had to end it with Mariko before it gets out of hand. His feelings for her weren’t the same as for Nova and someone will get hurt and it was something he didn’t want to do to his wife. She’s been through enough drama in her life she didn’t need anymore. He looked at her face and could see the stress and tiredness in her face, he pulled her closer and kissed her passionately.

“Okay, Mrs. Wildstar you win. But we should talk soon.” He touched her nose with his and kissed her again realizing she sat on the couch naked. “Get some rest, you look like shit.”

She gave him a slight grin and let him lead her to their bed.



Days later Wildstar avoid Kapula’s calls. He knew that if he let it continued that things would escalate. Every day he walked into his office and sat behind his desk and looked at his wife picture and remembered the promise he gave her. He looked out his window that faced the ocean and docks and watched as the workers ran around. On many days he would be there to see if things were going well. Today was different there weren’t many workers due to rain. It was a heavy down pour and the wind pickup enough to make them run for cover as they finished what they could. He sat at his desk and picked up the phone. “Is she available? This is her husband.” He waited a minute and heard her voice.

“Hello handsome. You just caught me running to the next set of meetings.”

“Hello baby, just wanted to check in on you and see if there is any way to drag you away for lunch.”

“God I wish I could. Sorry, but it looks like another long night with the group of stooges. I’m really sorry.” She replied.

His heart sank and knew it was a long shot to see her, but he wanted to try. “Maybe tomorrow?”

“Maybe,” she smiled into the phone. “Derek, I have to go. My assistant is waving at me like there’s a flood heading my way. Thank you for calling. I’ll talk with you later. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He heard her hang up and he huffed wishing that she would have said, fuck’em yes I can have lunch with you. You’re always first in my life. But she didn’t and it hurt him that she didn’t say it. He heard a soft knock on the door and he looked up. Mariko poked her head in and smiled,

“Are you free?”

He waved her in and she sat in front of him. “What can I do for you today, Commander.”

“My, don’t we sound so formal and professional.” She giggled.

Wildstar took a deep breath and said, “Mariko please let’s keep this professional. I don’t want you to think I’m leading you on. I am a married man.”

“I see,” she said with disappointment.

“I never meant to lead you on I hope you know that. I want my marriage to work. I love her.” He looked at her picture and thought about their last conversation. Yes he had to make it all work out.




Days later and to Wildstar it seemed like forever. Nova continued with negotiations and he still continued to try to tell her that he needed her home. In the meantime, Mariko and he worked closer together on the docks. She never brought up that day again and he wasn’t pushing for it.  Each day the sexual tension grew Wildstar in need of love and affection and Mariko longing for him to be hers. He tried to consume himself in work and Mariko made it convenient to be by his side. Their biggest job kept them working closer then he wanted. Little by little he found himself being drawn to her and each time he would reason that he was still a married man and wouldn’t do what he did to Nova again.


“Derek,” she said. They were both on first name bases which he insisted. He hated that she called him Captain. He turned around from looking out, smiled and waved her in. “I have those papers you asked for. You were right about those numbers. We should have been finished with those structure beams weeks ago. I called the company and they said that they were shipped out over two weeks ago.”

“So the question is, where are they and who has them?” Wildstar rubbed his chin and began to think as to who was stealing their parts. “Have you call and checked with Commander Kobe?”

“Yes I spoke with him just a few minutes ago and he quite upset that he hasn’t gotten those parts yet for the structure beam. He said he wants to hurry up and finish so he can get onto the next ship.”

“Let me look at those papers.” Wildstar read it over a few times and nothing made sense to him. “If they sent the parts here, who the hell got them and what did they do to them. Come on we are going to supply and receiving. Someone there has to know what happen.” He grabbed his cover and they made their way to the supply unit. They talk about the project more and picked each other’s brain as to where they were sent. He walked into the supply unit and everyone stood up at attention. “At ease men. Where is your O.C.?” One ran to fetch the O.C.. Wildstar stood at the front desk and tapped his fingers on the desk while looking at Mariko. She gave him a quick smile and he nodded his head. Lieutenant Finnegan O’Mally ran to the front and stood at attention.

“Yes sir, I am Lieutenant O’Mally how can I help you?”

“Lieutenant, there happens to be something missing can you please help me out in finding what happen to these structure beams. They never made it to the dock and my commander in charge would like to finish so he can move on to the next project.”

O’Mally took the invoice and looked it over. He frowned and turned to his Sargent in charge. “1st Sargent!” he screamed. Wildstar watched as a short pudgy marine ran into the office and stood at attention. “The captain has a problem these beam parts were supposed to be delivered a week ago. Can you see what the holdup is?”  He saluted and ran out the office. Wildstar tapped his fingers on the desk and waited with Mariko patiently for 20 minutes when the 1st Sargent raced back into the office.

“Sir, I’ve located those beams. They were missed tagged to another part of the docks. I just sent my men with the beams to the proper place. Captain I do apologizes for the mixup.” He said still standing at attention.

Wildstar nodded, “very well. Thank you Lieutenant for taking care of it. Please make sure that this doesn’t happen again. I like to keep all my ship on schedule.”

“Yes Sir.”

Wildstar put his arm out and Mariko put her arm threw it. “Shall we?” he said and walked out of the office. “Well that went well. I thought it was going to turn into a big run around.” She giggled and like the fact that people jumped before he opened his mouth. She cuddled closer to him and they talked all the way back to the office.  For Wildstar, her on his arm felt nice and he thought that it was time to address his absentee wife.



To Be Continued …

The stress of his wifes job continues to esculate, will Wildstar be able to keep his promise that he made to Nova. Or will he fall into his old patters of mistaking lonelyless for love. What will Nova do if she finds out, will his marriage survived what Nova warned him about? Read on to see what happens next.