Returning New hope

Part 10

By Yuki Wildstar



12th of December, 2209


Both ships landed in their docking bays. Wildstar stood on the bridge and waited until all was clear to let everyone off. The dock crew secured the ship to the dock and his communication officer called out that all was secure. Wildstar nodded his head and gave his XO the okay to release the crew to their love ones. The bridge crew work swiftly and accurately to finish their work. Within two hours the ships personnel where headed off the ship to their families.  Wildstar stood on the bridge deck staring out to the crowd of people as they hugged one another and race to go home. He gave the bridge one last look around and then headed up to his quarters to get his sea bag and reports. He walked off the ship and handed command to the dock master. The sea of people where now gone and he looked around for his wife and children. It was a long year for him and he hoped that she never found out about him and Mei. He looked around again and his heart felt a sudden tug at his heart, she wasn’t there. She wasn’t there to meet him, to welcome him home. His children weren’t there to greet their father. Maybe something happened and she couldn’t make it. He search for a car and found no one there for him. A stretch limo rolled up next to him and the window came down. “Do you need a ride Derek?” He heard Mei call to him.


“Come on I’ll give you a ride home.” She said and opened the door. Derek jumped in and gave the driver the address. “That’s a lovely area.”

“Listen Mei, what happen on out there, I rather not bring it up. I love Nova and now to come home and deal with this. It’s over, alright.”

“Derek, we both needed each other for the moment.”

“I just rather not let Nova know until I am ready to tell her. I have to think of her and my children.”

She huffed and looked out the window watching as they drove out of the city towards the ocean mountain beach front. “I understand.” She said. They drove quietly to his house and Wildstar saw as his house came to view. She reached over to him and kissed him on the lips and he thanked her for the ride. Wildstar jumped out of the car and watched as it drove away. He looked at his house and noticed that both her cars were gone. He walked into the house and saw that all the furniture were covered as well as the pictures on the wall. It looked like the house was empty for a while. He made his way to the kitchen and saw that all was taken off the counters and the table was also cover with a sheet. His hands began to shake and his stomach was starting to turn. Slowly he walked towards his room and took forever to turn the knob on the door. He swung the door opened and realized that she was gone for good. On the bed sat clippings of him and Mei spread out. In the middle of the clippings and bed sat papers. He picked them up and read them.


         In the Great Island court for Saoto County, State of Great Island

In Re: The Marriage of:                                                                  )


                                Nova Forrester Wildstar                                                )


                                Derek Wildstar                                                  )              Case no: W762943




He continued to read down and it finally sank in. She filed for divorce and left. She took his kids and left him with only papers to sign and return to her father the lawyer. He didn’t have to read more because he knew he made it an iron tight divorce. Attached to the papers was his business card and his phone number. He sat down on the bed and cried that she would find out like this. Plaster all over the papers. An hour later he pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number on the card. “Yes, this is Derek Wildstar. I like to speak with Mr. Forrester, please.” He waited a few seconds and then heard his voice come over the phone.

“Hello Captain Wildstar.” He heard him call him. He was formal in his tone, he wasn’t calling him son or Derek like usual it was now Captain Wildstar. “I am assuming that you have the papers in your hand.”

“Yes sir, um, sir when did she file.”

“I will have my assistant meet with you today in my Great Island office.” He addressed him in a flat business tone. “Please bring those papers, we will have copies of them also if something happens. Nova wants them filed as soon as you can get them in. I am also assuming that you have just returned.”

“Yes sir, about three hours ago.”

“Hmm, it took you longer then I thought it would. Okay just be at the office as soon as you can and my assistant will help you. Do you have a lawyer?”

“No sir.”

“I’d advise you to bring one. I don’t want anything left unturned. My daughter wants this done quickly and out of the press. I think she deserves a little privacy for once without having this posted all over the papers, don’t you think.” He snapped into the phone.

“Yes sir. She does.” They said their good byes and he held the phone in his hand minutes after they hung up. He looked around the room and realized that she had all the pictures of them turned down. A small picture of their wedding was on the floor the glass shattered. “Now what Wildstar?” he said out loud. He dialed the phone again and waited for him to answer. “Hello Sandor.”

“Wildstar,” he heard him huff with disgust.

“I am assuming you know?”

“How could anyone not know? It’s been all over the press. Every week then everyday there were pictures. The council would like to have a word with you.”

“I figured as such. I need a favor.”

“A favor? What is it that you need?”

“A name of a good lawyer.”

“Hmm, for what? The divorce or a possible court martial?”

“One thing at a time, a divorce lawyer would do for now.”

“Fine, I’ll give you my lawyers from my first marriage. He was pretty good.”

“I’m not concern as how good they are I just want him present on the request of her father. Can he meet me at his office in an hour?”

“Give him a call, here is his number.” He listened to the number and bid him goodbye. Derek dialed the number and made arrangements to meet at the office of Forrester Enterprises. Derek and Shin Awagawa, a tall slim man with dark black hair cut short. His eyes were blacker then his hair and he had a thin mustache that look like it was penciled in. They walked into the office and sat across from Manuel Ferrier a stocky guy in his 30’s that seem confident in his work. Derek soon found out why. They shook hands and processed to go over the papers.

“Why isn’t she here?” Wildstar asked Ferrier.

“She wishes not to be present. She has given me full authority to oversee everything. We went over the finances and she has waved all rights requested by law. She has no need for money. She asked that you give her sole custody of the children.”

Wildstar sat there for a second in shocked then he could feel his blood boil. “OVER MY DEAD BODY!” he slammed his hands on the table and yelled. His lawyer placed his hands on his shoulder and tried to ease him back to his chair. “I’ll agree to everything but that. If she wants a fight then I will give her the fight of her life. I walked away once I won’t do it again.”

“Captain Wildstar she doesn’t want to go to court over this. But if she has to she will, which will mean your good name dragged through the mud. She is trying to avoid this for the sake of the children.”

“I won’t give up my kids, and I have more rights than she does! I want to see them.”

“But they don’t want to see you.” Ferrier told him.

Wildstar stood there dumbfound. “They said that?”

“Your oldest son requested it.”

He slowly sat back down and bowed his head. “Where are they?”

“My client has asked that I do not disclose that information. She did give me authority to tell you that she and the children are still here on Great Island and have no intention of leaving.”

“I have to see them. Please tell me.” He pleaded.

“I’m sorry sir.”

Wildstar got up and left the room angry and sadden. He lost his wife and his children. If he was telling the truth that she was still on Great Island then he was going to search for her. He wanted to see his children and tried to talk with her. For weeks he asked everyone if they heard from her. No one was willing to give him information. He stopped by the hospital and spoke to most of her co-workers with no avail. She even removed their children from their school. He finally hired a private detective to find her.




2nd of February, 2210


A month later he walked into his office and sat in front of him. “Well, have you found them?”

“I have, and you are not going to believe where. She has been living two towns away from your old house. A little village called Kobo. A small house in a close community, here is the address.” He took the piece of paper and thanked him. After he left, Wildstar grabbed his jacket and raced out the door to his car. It was a long drive to her house and he waited out the gated community until a car drove through and followed quickly behind it. He searched the private streets and found it sitting at the end of the street. It was the only house sitting there. He sat there staring at the little house with a small porch that had a rocking chair on it. He watched as a school bus pulled up and he saw his sons run off the bus into her arms. She hugged them tight and they all walked into the house. ‘Best not to go there now, not in front of the kids’ he thought. He pulled away and left. The next morning he left his house early and drove to hers. He walked to the door and hesitated on knocking. He turned to leave when he heard the door opened and his son yell for him.

“DAD!” DJ ran and jumped into his arms. Derek took hold of him and hugged him tight. Alex stood behind his brother staring at his father with slit accusing eyes. He could feel the hate burn into him. Derek stood tall and tried to smile at him.

“Hello Alex, how are you?”

“We have to go DJ, the bus will be here soon.” He said ignoring his father.

“Alex, it’s good to see you, I’ve been looking for you guys for some time now.”

“Alex, DJ the bus is here. You both need to go.” Nova stood in the doorway with her arms crossed trying to control her anger. “Time to go.” Alex gave his mother a kiss and took hold of his brother’s hand and race to the bus. She waved as the bus pulled away and then turned to Derek. “What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Do you think I would just walk away from my kids so easily?”

“Why not, you did it before.”

“Low blow Nov, I’m not going to just walk away. If you want to keep this out of the press then we need to sit down and work something out.”

“They don’t want to see you.”

“I want to hear it from them. DJ didn’t seem to mind seeing me.”

“ALEX is the one that doesn’t want to see you.”

“Was it something you said?” He said sarcastically.

“NO! It was coming home with four gossip magazines and the paper that made him not want to see you. Plus the teasing at school and the fights he’s had protecting your name.” she poked at him.

“I’m sorry Nova, I never wanted for this to come out,”

“You’re sorry! You’re always sorry! I’ve had it with your apologies. It’s one thing to have an affair and I eventually find out. But to see your sons come home with those rags crying and bruised from fighting because their father was on the front page of every one of them with another woman is something else. Do you know what and how I had to do to explain things to them? Do you?!”

“Nova please we should talk this out without lawyers. I’ve made a mistake. I can’t imagine how embarrassing this could be.”

She stood closer to him and swung with all her might, hitting him in the face. “No you don’t! I had to move because of you and your little affair. I couldn’t even protect my children because this blindsided all of us. You BASTARD! Stay away from me and them. I hate you!”

Holding his chin he felt to see if she broke it, “Look Nova, I signed everything except the custody. All I want is to see our children. I am still their father.”

“Not a chance, Alex doesn’t even want to be your son, he has taken my maiden name so no one knows who he is. Do you see why now I don’t want you to see them?”

Tears streamed down his face, his heart breaking to what she was saying. “Please Nova, I’m not asking for full custody, just every other weekend and maybe here and there. I know they are better off with you, my life will not allow a stable home for them. And who’s to know about what EDF has in store for me. I have to appear at the board about what happened. I’m not even sure that I will be able to keep my rank or I may even get court martialed.”

“Well it serves you right. You deserve everything they give you. You have no clue as to what I have been through and your sons! Whatever happens it’s your damn fault. Now please leave.” She said ready to close her door.

He held the door open, “Nova please I just want to spend time with them if anything before they give me my punishment.”

“NO!” she snapped.

“But,” He stopped talking as his daughter walked up to her mother and grabbed hold of her leg. Nova looked down and smiled at her daughter. Derek was amazed as to how she grew. “Miku, oh my, you’re so big. My god you’re so beautiful, just like your mother.” He knelt down to look at her closer and she hid behind her mother’s leg. He smiled at her and said. “Hello Miku I’ve missed you so much. You’re so pretty.” He reached to touch her face and Nova stood between them. He looked up and saw her disapproving face. He gave her another smile and stood up. “She’s just beautiful. Nova, I’m begging you.”

Their daughter giggled at him and held her mother tighter. Nova’s face didn’t alter. “I have to go. It’s time to fix her breakfast. Just go, Derek. Don’t come back here.” She turned and slammed the door behind her. Wildstar bowed his head and walked back to his car.




18th of February, 2210


Once again he sat in the office of Forrester Enterprises. Ferrier walked in the office and sat across from him and said. “I don’t know what you did but my client has had a change of heart. She has agreed to joint custody. You can have the children every other week and when she is out of town. Christmas will be divided, one year you take them the next she will. Being that your culture does not celebrate Thanksgiving she will take them. She will advise you a month in advance to leaving the country with the children. On the week and days that you have them she will inform you where to pick them up. She doesn’t want you coming to the house. Are you okay with this?”

Derek sat there stunned. He thought he was coming here to give up his children and now she was allowing him to see them. He nodded his head quickly and agreed. Her lawyer slid the papers to him and he signed in agreement. “What now?” he asked him.

“She said she will call you at your office to set up a date. She advises that you better be there, or else this is null and void, understood Captain?” he nodded and shook his lawyers hand then Nova’s lawyers. He said goodbye and walked out of the office. Passing her father’s office he stopped and asked if he was in. He waited while his assistant came back out and escorted him in. Wildstar walked in and surprised to see her with her father. Miku sat in the corner playing with some toys that her grandfather bought.

“Captain Wildstar, I thought that you would have left by now. What can I do for you?”

“I just,” he looked to his now ex-wife. “Can we talk?”

Her father looked to her and Nova nodded her head yes. “I’ll be alright Daddy.”

“Very well, I have to speak to one of my associates, if you need anything just ask my assistant.” He left the office and closed the door softly.

“Is there anything else you want added to the custody papers?” she said with bile in her voice.

“No, no, thank you. I wasn’t expecting anything. I do appreciate it all. When can I see them?”

“I’ll call you tomorrow. I have to talk with Alex and see if he wants to see you with DJ and Miku.”

“I hope he does, I would like to talk with him, man to man.” He looked over to his daughter and smiled. “Can I hold her?” he asked his now ex-wife. She nodded her head and he walked over to where she sat playing. He knelt down and gave her a smile. “Hello Miku, I’m your daddy, my gosh you've grown. When I saw you last you were only 5 months old. Look at you, you’re so pretty. Can I get a hug?” he opened his arms and she walked slowly towards him. Nova looked on waiting for her to run away. She looked on as her daughter walked towards her father and then hugged him. Derek held her tight and took in the moment with his only daughter. Nova turned and looked away as she let tears stream down her face. How she hoped that she would see that on his return. But it all fell apart for them months before he came home. He stood up with his daughter in his arms. “She’s so beautiful, Nova, she looks a lot like you. I can’t believe how much I missed of her growing up.” He felt his daughter dry away a tear from his face and he gave her another smile. “When can I see them?” he asked finally.

“I’ll call you tomorrow. Is that all?” she said.

“So what will you do now? I see that you aren’t at the hospital anymore and of course you resigned from the EDF.”

“My father has asked me to take over this part of the company. I’ll be heading the Eastern part of this world. But of course my main job is the children. They are my first priority.”

“A VP and Executive very impressive,” he said. “Well I guess I should be going. Thank you for letting me see them. I never wanted to hurt you Nova. You look great, still beautiful.”

“Goodbye Derek.” The last thing she wanted to hear from him was another apology. He walked closer to her and leaned in to kiss her. “No Derek, not anymore. Just go. I hope that you and she are happy. Please don’t bring her near my children.”





1st of March, 2210


It wasn’t easy for Nova to convince their oldest to see his father he fought her all the way to their meeting place. Alex argued with her all the way there. “I don’t want to go!”

“Alex he is your father and he wants to see you.” She told him as they waited for him to meet them in the parking lot of EDF headquarters. Her father informed her it was best until she felt comfortable. She turned to her oldest and smiled. “Look I know you’re still mad at him. But he is your father and loves you very much. Just give it a chance if you’re not comfortable after a week then I will explain to him that you don’t have any desire to go see him anymore. Please Alex just don’t ruin this for DJ and Miku.”

“Mom, I won’t do that to them. But why are you even giving him another chance? He humiliated you to the whole world. He didn’t even think about how it would affect us.” 

She thought hard that night he showed up at her door step. If anything he was their father and he had the right to see them. Not to think of that if EDF Superiors wanted they could court martial him and they may never see him for a while. She had thought about it long and hard and it was best to let him see them.  “He is still your father Alex. Just do this for me, please.”

“Fine! But if he tries to give me the IT’S complicated speech I’m out of there.” He hugged his mother and watched as his father’s car pull into the parking lot. She sat in the car as her children stepped out of the car. DJ ran to his father and hugged him tight. Alex held onto his sister as they walked towards him. Derek stuck out his hand to shake Alex hand and Alex walked past him. “DJ, get in the car. I’ll be right back I’m just going to say hello to your mother.” He walked over to her and she rolled down the window. “Hey, thanks for bringing them.”

“Just take good care of them. Miku likes to sleep with her bear and just read her the book I sent with her. She’s a little scared as to who you are. She doesn’t remember you. You left she was only 5 months old. Just give it time.”

“Nova, about Alex.”

“Just don’t give him the complicated speech. He really doesn’t want to hear it. He says he hates you but he doesn’t. He loves you, he is just disappointed in you. Go Derek, have fun with them. I’ll see you in a week.”

“Thank you again.”




10th of September, 2210


Wildstar sat in the office looking over his final reports to EDF. Weeks after his return, he stood in front of the EDF council waiting for his fate. Mei walked in at the last minute and took blame for everything. She assured them that Captain Wildstar stayed focused on his work and he was an excellent officer. Punishing him would mean punishing a lot of other good officers. He was relieved that they just took a month’s pay and remanded him to desk duty until further notice. At the mean time Mei was calling to talk every day and finally she got him to go to dinner with her. Soon it became an everyday thing. He would go with her to dinner and they would talk for hours. She took his mind off of Nova. He soon grew to smile again with her. On the weeks he didn’t have the children she would stay at his apartment in the city. They soon became a couple and she would take him to all her functions. His relationship with Alex was still strained. He maintained a polite relationship with his father. Wildstar tried hard to get his son to talk with him, but Alex would only keep his answers straight and to the point. He grew to accept his son’s distance and tried to stay out of his way. Mei would ask on and off when she would meet the children. But remembering what Nova said he always changed the subject.

“Are you ready, sweetheart?” She purred.

“Yeah give me a minute.” Wildstar said. He pulled out his cell and dialed the number again. It rang a few more times before she answered it.


“Hello Nova. I just wanted to make sure we are still on for tomorrow.”

“Yes Derek, the kids are excited.”


“Well he may not show it but he is.”

He smirked knowing she was lying. “You lie so well, Ms. Forrester. I guess working in your father’s company has made you a really good liar. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“We will see you tomorrow.”

“Nov,” he waited and then said. “Can we talk a little before you go?”

“For what?” she asked annoyed.

“I don’t know just talk I guess.” Lately he has been missing her more and more. He wanted so much to just talk with her about anything. With Mei it was always business and it bored him. He prayed that she would say yes. But he was wrong.

“Goodbye Derek, we will see you tomorrow. Please don’t be late. I have a flight I have to catch”

Then the phone went dead. He heard Mei calling to him and he huffed. Walking past a mirror he stared at his reflection. He wore a suit and his hair was comb to the side. He lean in and stared closer and thought, ‘this is not me. I hate this stupid monkey suit.’ He felt a hand slipped under his arm and he tried to smile. “We’re going to be late. The car is waiting outside for us.” She guided him out the door and said, “All set for tomorrow.”


“I have an idea. I was thinking that maybe you and the kids can stay here. I can take a couple days off and we can have a family thingy. I mean I have more than enough space here. Miku can get the large room. What little girl wouldn’t want that? I have the servants help out with them. That way we can slip out here and there.”

Wildstar frowned. “I don’t think so. It’s just too soon to introduce you. Anyway they all have their space at the house.”

“Are you still holding on to that place? Honesty darling you should get rid of that place and start fresh. You’re living in an apartment and holding on to that place.”

“It’s their home. They grew up in that house. Their mother’s things are still there.” He snapped. “Look Mei I don’t think I am up to going to this thing. I’m sorry but I’m just not in the mood.”

“Oh Derek, come on this will keep your mind off of things.”

“Mei, this is not me. It’s never been me.”

She huffed and said. “Derek, everyone is expecting you. Just the mentioned of your name will bring so much to the cause.”

“I don’t know Mei, I have to pick up the kids in the morning and we will be out so late. If I’m late in picking them up again Nova is going to blow a gasket. She hates making the kids wait. And she’s leaving town tomorrow after she drops them off. If she doesn’t arrive at her business meeting on time it can cause them millions.”

“I’ll tell you what, just come for an hour and then I’ll have Sammy bring you home. Just one hour, please.”

“Alright, just an hour than I have to go.” He said and they jumped in the car and headed to their function.




11th of September, 2210


Nova sat in the car waiting. He was twenty minutes late and time was getting later to leaving for her flight. She cursed under her breath. From the distance she watched as his car pulled up to the parking area and he jumped out. She looked at her watched and huffed at the time. “Sit here for a minute guys,” She told her children. She jumped out the car and slammed the door hard. “YOU’RE LATE! I have to rush to the airport now.”

“I’m really sorry Nov, I over slept.”

“Another one of her functions?” she said then rolled her eyes in aggravation.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry.”

“Save it! You have to apologize to the kids not me. Now let’s get this over with, if I rush I can get to the airport before my flight leaves.”

“Aren’t you taking your father’s private jet?”

“What does that matter! I still have to take off on time to get to my meeting.” She waved to the car and their children race to be with him. Alex walked slowly towards them his head hanging down. “Alex please hurry. I have to get going.”

“Can’t I go with you, mom?”

“No you have school.”

“He still isn’t happy coming with me.” Wildstar said with disappointment.

She pulled at her son’s shirt and brushed his hair off his face with her hand. “Please be on your best behavior with your father. I know it’s not easy for you but please try. He does love you. Now I have to go, I’ll call once I land and the minute I get out of the meeting. I love you.” she hugged her son goodbye and raced to her car.

Wildstar turned to his son and said. “Come on let’s go.” He got in the car and took out his phone. It rang a few times when they finally answered. “Hey Eager, can you do me a favor.”

“Sure Wildstar what do you need.”

“Nova is running late can you see to it that her flight takes off on time.”

“What’s the flight information?”



She raced through the airport to the private hanger where her father’s plane sat. She looked at her watch and was relieved that she made it there on time.

“We’ve been waiting for you Mrs. Wildstar.” The flight attendant said. “We will be taking off right away and your pilot will make sure that you get to the meeting on time. If there is anything you need please let me know”

Nova looked at her confused and then realized that he called ahead and had them hold the runway for her so she can take off right away. He must have pulled in a big favor to do that. She quickly took her seat and looked out the window as the plane began to take off. Hours later she landed in San Diego International Airport. Her car took her straight to the building and she went up to the meeting. “Sorry I’m late everyone, let’s get started.” She announced. Her meeting went late into the night and she was starting to get tired.

“Alright everyone, it’s late and I do believe that Mrs. Wildstar is exhausted. We can pick this up tomorrow. 9 am please don’t be late.” Aaron Peterson stood up and announced. He looked over to Nova and smiled. When the room was clear he walked over to her and said. “Sorry, but you look exhausted.”

“Thank you Aaron I was getting bored with the numbers. What ever happen to the point? If my father were here they would have just breezed right through everything and they would be drinking brandy and having cigars by now.”

“You have to forgive them. They think just because you’re a woman that they have to explain everything to you like a child. Hence, going through the numbers.”

“Well once I get a good night’s rest I’ll see to it that they are not dealing with daddy’s little girl.” She huffed.

“Why don’t I walk you out?” He helped her with her things and walked her to the elevator. “Where are you staying?”

“At the Whardorf.”

“Tell you what I’ll give you ride there. I’m staying in room 1609.” He smiled and she smiled back. He was handsome and charming. They talked about their jobs while the car drove them to the hotel. He made her laugh at some of the meetings he attended with the older board members. He even made fun of her father that made her laugh harder. She knew all too well how her father could be in the office and she always joked with him to lighten up. They walked into the hotel and she finished checking in. Aaron waited and then asked, “how about a nightcap at the bar?”

“Oh jeez Aaron, I’m really sorry, but I’m beat. I just want to get to bed and get some sleep. Thanks though it was nice of you to ask.”

He smirked and said. “It’s alright, I understand maybe next time?”

“I’d like that a lot.” She smiled back at him and headed for the elevators. The next morning Nova walked into the meeting confident and refreshed. She sat down at the head of the table and watched as each executive took their seats. She waited until all were seated and she lean backed and crossed her smooth athletic legs. “Gentlemen, how are you this morning?” She asked with concern. “I hoped that you all had a great night sleep because I have. Now if we can just get down to business.”

“Maybe the little lady would like some tea, to start her day.” One member said.

Nova’s eyes narrowed and looked in his direction. “I see that the good ole boys are back in town. Well, let me set something straight. My father didn’t put me on this project just to look pretty. Yes he is my father, but I can assure you that he gave me this position because I can handle the work. Now if you gentlemen would like to test the waters then I think you should try my patience. Not only am I the head of the Eastern Board of Great Island and this project but I also have the authority to hire and fire anyone I chose. Now I know you gentlemen have been with this company for a long time and starting over would be pretty hard to do. I mean I have told my father that younger blood is so much better then you old farts that sit around and drink brandy and smoke cigars. So do we understand each other?” They all sat there stunned and then all slowly nodded their heads in agreement. “Very well let’s get this started because I would like to finish early so I may have some time to shop for my children. So let’s cut the bullshit and get to the point. I’ve had enough of you explaining every little detail like I was a child. Think of me as if you were talking to my father. Trust me I’ll be able to keep up since I grew up knowing every little detail of this company that MY Father started. Mr. Peterson, will you please start.”

Aaron laughed and thought she had a lot of balls. Never in a million years did he see them quiet. “Thank you Mrs. Wildstar.”

“Ms. Forrester.” Nova corrected him.

“I am truly sorry, MS. Forrester.” He bowed and then looked to the video on the wall. “Gentlemen and Lady. As you can see the building in question sits in the middle of Great Island Metropolitan. It will stand at least 50 stories high. Not a very big building but what we will bring to the area is class. Forrester Enterprises will of course for see all financial and legations. My company Branson Industries will oversee the building itself, from construction to workers. I personally will be working with Mrs. Wild, sorry, MS. FORRESTER with this project.” The meeting went on for hours and by the end Nova was exhausted again. She couldn’t understand how her father dealt with these old pompous assholes. Only Aaron was willing to give her a chance to do her part. They wrapped up the meeting and Aaron once again escorted her back to their hotel. “So how long are you here for?”

“Just until the end of the week then back to Great Island to be with my kids until the project starts. Just a word of advice, once the end of the day comes I am out of there. My kids are the most important thing in my life.”

“Understood, boss.” She laughed softly to his image of her. “What aren’t you my boss?”

“We are co-workers I am not your boss. You deal with a totally different part of the project.”

“Have you eaten?”

Nova smiled and said, “No, I was just going to order room service and look over some of these plans and work out the figures.”

“Are you going to hide out in your room all week? Come on have dinner with me. We can look over the plans together and talk shop, unless you want to talk about the old wind bags and their high fluting cigars?”

She laughed and then thought about sitting in her room looking over plans and unable to speak to anyone. It’s been a long time since she had dinner with someone other than her children and him. She turned and said. “You know what I like that very much.” The car pulled up to the hotel and they both went in. She turned to him and said. “Just give me a few. I need to call home and freshen up.”

“I’ll go to the restaurant and make dinner arrangements. See you in an hour?”

“I’ll be there.”

She rode up to her floor and went to her room. She rushed to the desk and dialed the number. It took a few minutes for an overseas call. She held the phone tight waiting for someone to answer. “Hello?”

“Hey it’s me. How are they?”

“They miss you. How’s it going over there?”

“It’s going. Can I speak with them?”

“Sure hold on.” She heard him call over to them and then smiled to hear her youngest on the phone.

“Hi mommy.”

“Hello sweetheart. Are you having fun with daddy?”

“Yes, mommy.”

“I’m so glad.” She said. She talked to all three of her children and a tear ran down her face as she felt the depression of missing them. He finally came back on and she said. “They seem like their having fun.”

“They miss you. Are you scheduled to come home on time?”

“I am no matter what.”

“So what’s the big project?”

“Down town Great Island Metropolitan, 10 acres. We are putting a 50 story unit with shopping plazas. It’s going to be a beautiful building.”

“I guess that’s going to keep you busy and in town for a while.”

“I guess, anyway, I have to go, Aaron and I are having dinner so I should go. Give them all a kiss for me and tell them I love them.” She hung up and he stood there holding the phone stunned. ‘Aaron? What are you thinking Wildstar he is only a work associate, right?’ he thought. He shook his head and went back to his kids. Nova walked into the restaurant in an emerald green dress that showed her curves. Aaron stood up and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Many other men turned and glanced as she walked across the room to Aaron. “Sorry I’m late, I was talking with the kids and then their father. Plus I wanted to freshen up.”

“You look amazing. You clean up pretty good. Not that you don’t look great in a suit.” He helped her to her chair and then sat down. “You sure know how to make a room turn.”

She blushed to his compliments. It’s been ages since she had someone tell her she was beautiful. “Thank you. So should we order?”

“I already ordered for both of us, if you don’t mind.” He gave her a smile and touched her hand. Nova almost jumped to feel his hand on hers.

“Well that was very considerate of you, thank you.” She said.

They talk about the upcoming project that they would be working together. He gave her input about what to expect with the crew and how to handle things. She giggled thinking that he had no clue to her past as an officer. He was charming and handsome, his sparking blue eyes, the dark sandy hair. His smiled made his eyes dance and she could tell under his suit he had a fit body. They talked late into the night about work and she absorb everything he told her. She remembered everything he said and he like that about her. She was a beautiful woman and wonder how could he have done what he did to her. He remembered seeing the pictures in the papers with him and another woman. It must have been embarrassing and heartbreaking for her to see it all over the papers and magazines. He changed the subject and asked. “So before being a big time executive what was it that you do?”

She stared across the table and smiled. “EDF, I was an officer in the Earth Defense Forces. I served on the EDF Battleship Argo.”

“Well that explains a lot. I was assuming that is where you met your Ex?” she nodded her head. “I’m sorry about what happen. It was a low thing to do to you.”

“Yes, well, it’s late and we both should get some sleep. Tomorrow is another long day.” She got up and he escorted her back to the elevators. At her stop she bid him goodnight and he watched as she walked off the elevator to her room.





11th of October, 2211




He sat in his office thinking of his conversation with her. Aaron, who the hell is Aaron? After a year of separation he never thought that she would move on. She never ever told him that she would be with anyone other than him. His heart almost broke when she returned back from San Diego and started to see him on a regular base’s. She never came out and said it but her pictured with him were there for all to see. “For god sakes, Derek! It’s only work. I have to see him in order to maintain peace with the construction workers. Anyway it’s none of you damn business who I am seeing.” She snapped at him when he asked her. Today’s paper wasn’t any different. They showed her coming out of the building together very close, too close for Wildstar. She knocked and then peek her head inside. “Can I come in.” she smiled.

“Mei, sure come on in.” Wildstar said as he got up and walked over to her. He kissed her on the lips and showed her were to sit.

 “I see that she made headlines again.” She looked at the paper on his desk.

“It’s nothing like that. She hates the press. They just caught her coming out of the building she is working on. I have to say it’s pretty impressive that she is the head honcho over there. The kids are so proud of her.”

“Well they seem to catch her coming out of a lot of buildings.” She said slyly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh nothing, just thought one of those buildings was some hotel.”

He narrowed his eyes, “Hmm, what do you have in mind for tonight.” He asked her, avoiding her remark. It was clear to him that she would say low remarks about his ex-wife and he didn’t like it. He just changed the subject when she brought things up like that.

“Dinner at D’Onofrio?”

“No, pick another place.” He said sharply.

She huffed and then said. “Okay how about the steak and bar on Jun Avenue?”

“That’s fine, just as long as there is no press.” He said with a firm voice. She always managed to get the press there for her and him. Although she said they are there for her he knew she was putting on a show.

“Fine, but I can’t stop them from showing up when we leave.” She got up and kissed him. “What time will you pick me up?”

“2000 hours.” She looked at him confused and he rolled his eyes. “That’s 8 pm”

“Honesty sweetheart if you wanted to say 8 say 8.” She gave him a smile. “I’ll be ready and waiting.” She left his office and he sat back at his desk. Opening the draw he pulled out a picture of him and her on their wedding day. He smiled at it remembering the happy times. “So she’s moving on.” He picked up the paper and looked at it again. “Aaron Peterson, well Mr. Peterson if you ever hurt her I will make sure that no one will find your body.”





They sat across from one another at the office going over figures and plans. “I don’t think it will cost much to add in video surveillance for the security downstairs. It will be a good idea to have security to each floor so the offices can feel safe as to who is coming up. A badge ID will be issued to all employees and we can get a secure line to the authority so they can back ground check all visitors. That will be the plus of this building.”

“But will that be in the numbers.”

“I worked with my father and it was added into the budget. My father thinks of everything.” She beamed. “Now, what’s the story with the time frame? Are we going to open on time?”

“We are on time.” He replied.

“Aaron I heard about the workers lacking behind things. The drywall should have been done on 26 a week ago. I won’t have this project postpone because there are going to be worker issues.”

He laughed, “You are your father’s daughter. I can guarantee you that it will be finished on time.” He put his papers down and said. “Listen it’s getting late why don’t you and I grab something to eat and continue this in the morning. I know a place that stays open pretty late and then I can take you home. Do you have the kids this week?”

“Yes the sitter is with them.”

“Well no late night for you. Dinner then home, promise.” He crossed his heart.

“Sounds like a plan.” She giggled.



They walked into the restaurant laughing about their day at the construction site. The hostess guided them to a table in a quiet corner of the restaurant. He helped her with her chair and she looked across the room to see him sitting there with her. Nova and Derek locked eyes and she felt her body begin to shake. Aaron sat down in front of her and saw her face look pale. “Are you alright? You look like you saw a ghost.” He turned and saw him staring their way. “Oh I see would you like to go elsewhere?”

Nova shook her head and turned her attention back to him. “No, it’s alright. Let’s order.” She tried to stare away from his table as he couldn’t keep his eyes off of him and her. Aaron could see the distraction in her face and told the waiter to wrap everything up and bring the check. He took hold of her and led her out the restaurant to his car. He took control and whisked her away. He drove her home and walked her to the door. “Thank you for understanding.”

“You look so uncomfortable. I had to do something. Are you going to be alright for tomorrow?”

She gave him a smile and nodded her head. “Yes, I’ll be fine. I would ask you in but the kids are home and I,”

“I understand you don’t want them to get the wrong impression.”

“Thank you for understanding, Aaron.”

He took her face in his hand and said. “Hey, next time we order in.”

“Good night Aaron.”

He lean down and kissed her cheek, “Goodnight.”



She came home in time to tuck in her daughter and bid the boys good night. Now she sat up in bed trying to read. The phone rang and she knew who it would be, “Hello Derek.”

“Hey are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just wasn’t expecting to see you with her.”

“Well I wasn’t expecting to see you with him.”

“Derek, he is just a co-worker nothing else.”

“Listen I don’t want to fight over the phone. I just wanted to make sure you were alright. You looked upset.”

“I wasn’t upset with you. It just caught me off guard. I guess seeing you in person with someone else just hit home. She’s very pretty in person.”

“He seems nice. I hope he makes you happy.”

“For the last time Derek, he is only a co-worker.”

“I’m sure you see him that way but I think he wants more than just working. I’ve seen that look before.”

“Oh and what look is that?” she asked with exhaustion.

“The same look I give you when we were together.” He said softly. “And the same look I still give you now.”

“It’s late Derek, I have to get up early and get the kids ready for school then head to the building. I have a lot to do.”

“Um, yeah, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Goodnight Nov.”

“Nova, its Nova. I rather you don’t call me that anymore. It just hurts too much.”

“Um, uh, all, alright. Good night Nova.” She hung up before he could finish.




8th of November, 2211



Nova and Derek threw themselves into their work. Derek continued to see Mei and Nova tried to keep her relationship plutonic with Aaron. Since her run in at the restaurant they decide it was best to grab something back at the office. They talked about their progress with the building and she leaned back in the chair glad that it was almost done. “Have we gone over the top floor suites?” she asked.

He took hold of the papers in her hand and put them on the table. “Why don’t we take a break and do something. We’ve been working hard from day one and we haven’t had time for a little fun. Come on, I have a great place to go. I think you’ll like it.” He grabbed her jacket and helped her with it then took his jacket and they left the office. He drove out of the city and down to a quiet part of a beach. It was starting to get cold out and she pressed her jacket tight. He wrapped his arm around her and rubbed her shoulder to keep her warm. She snuggled closer to him taking the scent of his cologne. They walked on the beach and he talked about how he grew up in the states and had to move to Europe to escape the radiation of the planet bombs. He told her about how his parents worked hard to get food to eat. When the planet bombs finally stop dropping his father went to work on rebuilding the cities. He had two older sisters’ that were overseeing the company while he worked the field. His only brother died in one of the battles off of Pluto. She could sense he resented them for taking charge. He soon changed the subject and made jokes about work. He made her laugh about the old foreman that never seems to tell the truth as to when things will be done. “It’s the same thing all the time, two more weeks. Those two weeks have turned to 4 months.”

“Gosh I don’t even think he knows when they are going to finish that suite.” She giggled.

Midway he slipped his hand in hers and turned her towards him. “Nova, I need to tell you something. The minute I saw you walk through the door I just knew that I had to get closer to you. You’re so beautiful and smart. I’ve never met anyone like you. I will understand if you don’t want to get involve. I mean work and personal life shouldn’t mix, right? Anyway I was wondering if you would have dinner with me on a real date and not just business associates. Maybe get to know each other better?”

Nova listened and thought about it. She has postponed dating anyone because of what he did to her. And even though she and he were divorced she still felt married to him. You have to let it go Nova. You have the right to live a healthy life without him. She looked back up to Aaron and smiled. “I’d like very much, Aaron.”

His heart sore to hear her say yes and he leaned down and kissed her on the lips. She stiffened at first and slowly began to relax taking in his kisses. He held her in his arms as the moon light shown on the water and the ocean hit the shore with a soft hush. She pulled away and thought he wasn’t a bad kisser. Not as passionate as Derek was but a good kisser. He kissed her again and he could feel her shake from the cool air that came from the distant sea. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around her and they walked back to his car.






3rd of April, 2212


Wildstar sensed something was different about his ex-wife. She wasn’t as sharp with him the last few times he picked up the kids. She seemed a little more laid back then usual. He pulled his son over one day while his brother and sister played a game and asked. “How’s your mother Alex?”

He looked at his father confused. “She’s okay I guess. Why?”

“Nothing, she just seems like she’s really happy. Maybe us getting divorce was good for her.”

“Yeah well I don’t like Troll face. He gives me the creeps.” He said bluntly.

Wildstar silently sat there watching him. “Have you met him?” he finally asked.

“Yeah he stopped by the house one night to bring Mom some papers for the building project. Miku saw them kissing and she had to introduce us. I know he has been staying at the house when we come here. He might be there now.”

“Why don’t you like him Alex?” he asked curiously.

“He’s always calling mom at all crazy hours. I heard him one day on the phone with her about you and us, something about you calling for every little thing about us. She gets so upset when he says things about you or us.”  Wildstar listened and alarms went off in the pit of his stomach. He had to see about the new man in her life. “Dad I’m sorry that I’ve been so mean to you.”

He smiled at his oldest son and hugged him, “no, I’m sorry for messing up our family. I never meant to hurt your mother or you. If anything, I do still love her. She’s all I ever think about besides you guys. Maybe someday she will forgive me and we can all be able to sit at a table as a family. But until then, I have to pick you guys up at the EDF parking lot. I have to admit, your mother is a really tough cookie. I miss that about her.” They talk longer and Wildstar felt closer to him in months. The bitter angry boy was turning back to his son. He actually made him laugh breaking the stranger relationship they had for some time. Wildstar stay up late that night thinking of his ex and what she was doing right at that moment. Was she with him, was she sitting home all alone? He wanted to pick up the phone and call but feared to hear his voice in the back ground. Hearing the phone ring he picked it up and said. “Hello.”

“Hello darling, so how is your time with the kiddo’s?” Mei voice came through the phone.

“Hello, Mei. It’s pretty late.”

“I know I was just thinking of you, were you thinking of me?”

“Yeah I was,” he lied.

“Maybe I can come over since we were both thinking of one other. I know what I was thinking about, what were you thinking about?”

“Hmm, sounds very interesting but I really can’t, not with the kids here. I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

“You’re no fun. Why can’t I just meet them? I mean I am a part of your life now. It’s obvious that they know about me. We should make it a day, so they can get to know me.”

He rolled his eyes and tried to be calm, “that sounds nice, but with Alex it will be a little difficult. He is still holding some anger towards what happened. I can’t take that chance.” He let out a yawn and said with a sleepy voice. “It’s late and I’m pretty beat. I’ll talk to you in a couple of days. Good night Mei.”

“Good night Derek, I love you.” she said then heard the phone go dead and her wondering did he hear her.




4th of April, 2212


Nova lay in bed looking up at the ceiling as he slept next to her. It’s been a couple of months since their first night and she was starting to get restless. He wasn’t as an exciting lover as she thought he was. He seemed technical and aggressive. Their first night she thought he was too excited that he didn’t last long. It was like the old cliché’, wham bam thank you ma’am. She had hoped that it would get better, but soon grew to expect it of him. She stared up and thought about her nights with Derek. He was always a loving and caring lover. He was gentle and it was always passionate between them both. Aaron could be aggressive at times. A few times she would have to stop him because he hurt her and made her uncomfortable. But every time she complained it made him more forceful. She liked him, he was charming and smart. She wasn’t ready to introduce her kids to him but when Miku saw her kissing him she had to explain why. Alex wasn’t too keen with him and he always watched him like a hawk. He had his father’s skepticism. If he stopped by and Alex answered the door, he would give him the cold shoulder and just announce that HE was there. Nova would try and smile to break the coldness that her son gave to him. She looked over to him and sat up, wrapping the sheet around her naked breast. He was starting to be a little controlling and she was starting to feel fearful of him. She thought of things he did in the house. She would find things in the closet in uniform formation. Everything faced the same way. She thought it funny at first as a slight OCD but when he came over and found things amiss she could see the aggravation in his face. He never raised his voice to her but she could see the anger wash over him. She tried to address it and he just kissed her hard and took her in the bed room to avoid the subject. She touched her lip to feel the swelling and then slip out of the bed. She walked into her bathroom and looked into the mirror. She had to stop this before it got out of hand. I have to think about my kids. If Derek found out about what he has been doing to her he would sue her for sole custody of the children. She didn’t want to lose her children. She had to end it. Now that the project was over it was best to start pushing away before it got worse. She thought about the building that she built. At first she was frightened to death in the building. But once she started the project and got the respect of the men she found herself liking it. On the day of the opening her father stood next to her proud at what she did. Derek showed up midway and was quite impressed. She showed him around the building explaining every detail to each floor. She showed him the top penthouse suites and he stood on the top floor looking over parts of Great Island, “This is amazing, Nova. I am very impressed. Who would have thought that you would be in building things? The shops are amazing. All the high end stores,”

“Not to mention the 5 star restaurants. Also the 4 spas and 3 gyms, it’s a city within the city. The building is at 98 percent leased out. And we have a 10 year waiting list.” She beamed with pride.

He gave her the smile she always melted to and she blushed. “So am I allowed to see DJ play next week?”

“I almost forgot, of course your welcome to come. He is your son too.” She said.

“He asked me weeks ago but wanted to make sure it was alright with you. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“Oh Derek, I can never stop you for being there for the kids. Only you can do that. He is so excited about it and you coming will make him ecstatic.”

“Maybe we can go together? Will he be there too?”

“No he won’t its only family. And maybe we can meet there if you like.”

“I’d like that very much.” He said looking into her eyes. “Do you love him Nova?” She looked away and said nothing. He asked a little louder, “Do you love him?”

“Why does it matter to you?”

“I just want to make sure that you’re happy.” He said in a low tone.

“You have no right to ask me that. You have no say into who I fall in love with.” She chastised him. “But if you must know, I like him. He’s very nice to me and I respect him.” She bowed her head and said in a low tone.

They grew silent and looked out to the night sky and they could hear the music play in the distance. Billy Vera and the Beaters could be heard as they sang ‘At this moment.’ “May I have one dance?” He reached out his hand and she slipped hers into his. He slipped his arm around her waist and swayed her around the floor under the night sky. How he missed her. He held her tight and didn’t want the song to finish. It was the most romantic night for him and her. It was like all was gone and they were once together again. They held each other as another song played in the distance. She pulled away ready to go and he took hold of her hand and asked once again. “One more? Please?” She gave him a smile and let him to take her into his arms again. They heard Enrique Iglesias singing ‘Somebody’s me.’  When the music stopped she pulled away and blushed. He knew now that she was seeing him and he hated Aaron for being in her life. He gave a cough and said. “Congratulations Nova, I’m very proud of you.” he stepped closer to her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

She turned away and blushed. “Thank you.”

“I mean it I’m proud of you.” He squeezed her hand and looked into her eyes. The spark was still there for him. He loved her so much and wished that she and he could have what they once had. He swung her hand with his and smirked. “You know you look beautiful tonight.” He said. “You always take my breath away.”

“Thank you.” she blushed and looked away from his stare. She didn’t want to lead him on, but she could feel him staring wanting to say more. “Derek,”

He could see she was uncomfortable and he quickly change the subject. “The kids were so excited, they reminded me every day about today. Alex wanted to make sure I came to see it. We are finally getting along.”

“I know, he talks about you more now. So you took him to the airstrip?”

“He has a knack for flying. He’s going to be a great pilot. He memorizes everything I tell him about flying. He’s like a sponge, he soaks everything up. He’s a smart kid, Nova. You did a great job with them all.”

She blushed and turned to look out into the dark night sky. “It’s a nice night, will you stay for the final presentation?” she asked hoping that he would.

He looked at his watch and rolled his eyes. “I have to go, I’m sorry.”

“Dinner with Mei?” she said with disappointment.

“Yeah, I wish I could stay longer.”

“I’ll see you out.” She slipped her arm through his and walked him to the elevators. When they came down he kissed her cheek and reminded her about the kids for the weekend. She nodded and bid him goodbye. Aaron stood to the side and watched as they went up and then returned. She was smiling and the kiss on the cheek made his blood boil.

Her father watched from across the room talking to some of the other investors when he saw her bid good night to him. He excused himself from them and walked over to his daughter. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “Are you alright?” he asked his only child.

“Yes daddy.”

“If you want I can,” he began.

“No daddy. He was only congratulating me. He had to leave and meet with her for dinner.” She said as she watched him walk out the door.

“He still loves you.” Her father said.

“I know daddy. But I can’t go down that road again.”

“Shame I really did like the boy. Well,” he sighed. “At least he gave me three beautiful grandchildren. At least he was good for something.”


Now she looked again in the mirror and touched her lip one more time. Yes it was time to cool down this relationship.


The next morning she waited in the kitchen for him to wake up. She made coffee and sat at the table thinking as to how she was going to tell him. It had to be today. She had to pick the kids up for her week and it will give him time to let it settle in. She didn’t want a scene while the kids where there and she didn’t want to wait another week with him. Hearing the phone ring so early in the morning she frowned. Who could it possibly be at this hour? She picked up the phone and said, “Hello.”

“Hello Nova, sorry for calling you this early but I wanted to ask you something.”

Her heart almost stopped thinking something was wrong with the kids. “Sure,” she said relieved that it was not.

“Well, um, I wanted to know if it would be alright to introduce the kids to Mei.” She stood still as her heart stopped. “It’s just that she would like to get to know them more. And of course she is part of my life right now. They will eventually have to meet.”

“I,I, I don’t know. Are the kids alright with it?”

“Well I haven’t spoken to them about it yet, I just wanted to ask you first.”

Nova thought and sighed. He was moving on. “I guess it will be alright. When would you like to do it?”

“Well how about next Friday when I pick them up. Just dinner and then I’ll have them home before their bed time.”

“O alright. I’ll get them prepared” she told him.

Feeling something different in her voice he asked. “Nova, are you alright?”

“I’m alright. I’ll meet you at the usual place, what time will you drop them off?”

“Sametime. I’ll see you then.” They hung up and Nova’s heart broke. He was getting serious with her. To introduce the kids to her was a next step for him. She watched as Aaron walked into the kitchen and grabbed some coffee. Nova tried to smile as he swallowed down his drink.

“Who was on the phone this early in the morning?” He asked annoyed.

“It was Derek, he wanted to talk about the kids.” She said.

“So early in the morning, really, Nova, he couldn’t wait until you picked up the kids.” She shrugged her shoulders and started to walk back to the room. “Wait a minute there sweetheart why don’t you and I have one to go before you pick up the kids.”

“I have to go into the office early, I should get ready.”

He took hold of her hand and squeezed it tight. “Oh come on, you’re the bosses’ daughter. You can go in when you feel like it.”

“You should know me better than that. I don’t like to use that as an advantage. By showing my subordinates that I can come in on time will show them I respect the fact that they also have to come in on time. We will have all next week for that.” She loosened her arm and headed back to the room. He followed suit and took her in his arms. He kissed her and she tried to pull away. He held her tighter making an impression on her arms. She pushed him hard and said. “Aaron really I have to go.”

“Why is it every time he calls you become this other person?”

“What other person?”

“You become distant, like you’re still thinking of him. He cheated on you! Or have you forgotten that? He made you a laughing stock to the whole world. Why do you let him in your life?”

“Because he is the father of my children, I have no choice in that. What he did to me had nothing to do with him being a good father to his children.”

“Not only did he embarrass you but your children too. You said as much.”

“It doesn’t matter, he is their father. To keep my life out of the press I agreed for him to have joint custody. My children have had their share of being in the press and I won’t expose them to it anymore then I can. Now if you can’t deal with him in my life then maybe we don’t need to see each other on a personal level.”

He grabbed her by the arm and turned her towards him. “If you don’t know it I love you, and hate the fact that you still have feelings for him. You have his stupid pictures of him and you still wear his ring!” he forced her hand up and showed it to her.

“Let go of me!” she twisted her hand away and stepped back away from him. “You should leave.” He stepped in front of her and she tried to push him aside. “Please move.” She said in frustration. He grabbed her and kissed her. She pushed away and slapped him in the face. He rubbed his face and then slapped her back hard making her fall to the ground. “You bastard! Get out!”

“My god Nova, I’m so sorry.” He helped her up and hugged her tight. “I’m sorry, really I am.”

“Just go Aaron, we’ll talk later.” She said and went into her room and bathroom, locking the door behind her. She waited until she heard the door close and then she came out to make sure he was gone. She looked in the mirror. His hand left her face red from his slap. Lucky for her it would fade before she went to pick up her children.




She picked up her children at 7pm as she always did. Wildstar walked over to her car and smiled. “Thank you for letting me take them on Friday.”

“You’re welcome, Derek. I have to hurry up I have some papers I have to go through for Mondays meetings. It’s going to be a long weekend. I hope you had a nice time with them.”

“I always have a good time with them, and Alex and I are really starting to talk, which is a good thing. I’ll see you Friday. Can I pick them up at the house?”

“Sure,” she said trying to put a smile on. He kissed her cheek and ran back to his car. Nova drove home and the kids ran to their rooms while she cooked dinner. Midway through dinner she heard someone at the door and raced to answer it. Alex opened the door and stood back.

“What do you want?” he asked as she turned to see him standing there.

“Is that how your parents raised you to answer a door, young man?” Aaron said with a disapproving tone.

“No, but I’m sure my dad wouldn’t give a crap how I answer when you’re here.” He snapped.

“Alexander, enough, Aaron is a guest and we don’t treat guest that way.” She reprimanded him. “I’m sorry Aaron he is just upset about the whole situation. Please come in. Is there something wrong with the new project plans?”

“No, no nothing like that. I just wanted to stop by and say I’m sorry about what happened this morning.” He gave her a wide smile.

“Aaron this is really not a good time.”

He grabbed her in his arms and danced her around the front of the house. “Come on, when will it be a good time. Now!” he laughed. Nova took in his breath and realized he was drinking.

“Have you been drinking?” she asked.

“Just one or two or three or four.”

She pushed him away and gritted her teeth. “Go, my children are here for god’s sake. If Derek found out about this he would sue for sole custody. I don’t need this right now you have to go. We will talk when you’re sober.” She tried to shove him out the door and he shoved her back into the house making her lose her balance and falling to the floor. Alex watched from the hall as they argued and then his mother fall down. He ran quickly to her side and tried to help her up.

“Mom, are you alright?”

“She’s fine kid. Your mother is a strong woman. I know this every time we have sex. She can take a real banging.”

Alex eyes widen and got up from his mother side and bolted at him. “YOU BASTARD! YOU CAN’T TALK ABOUT MY MOM LIKE THAT!” He tried to swing at him and Aaron pushed him aside as he laughed at him.

“Go play little boy. Your mother and I have things to talk about.”

“DON’T YOU TOUCH HIM!” Nova stood up and stood between him and Alex. He grinned at her and walked to her and snatched her arm. He forced a kiss on her and she scratched his face. Alex began to punch him as DJ and Miku walked into the hallway. Nova yelled to her youngest, “DJ take Miku into the kitchen and stay there.” DJ grabbed his sister’s hand and ran towards the kitchen as Aaron pushed past Alex sending him to the floor. He took Nova by the arm again and brought her closer to him. “Let me go!” she moved in his arms.

“Where’s he at now?” he asked. “You could never love me, could you? You will always love him. You still wear his rings and all the damn pictures around this damn place. I love you Nova, and you wouldn’t even give me the chance. I could’ve made you the perfect woman.” He threw her to the floor and looked over to her son.

“Alex, run! Get your brother and sister.” She yelled.

“I can’t leave you, mom!” he cried.

“Awe how sweet, he is trying to take over for his father.” He moved closer to her and she knew things were about to turn for the worst.

Raging anger in his eyes Alex went for him again. Aaron slapped him hard across the face making him fall to the ground. DJ ran to his brother and mothers’ aid and began to punch him on the stomach. Aaron laughed at him and slapped him also. Miku stood to the side crying as Nova tried to stop him from getting to her children. The smell of alcohol reeked through his body and Nova went to shield her children when he grabbed her from her hair. “Where do you think you’re going?”



To be Continued . . . . .


What will happen to Nova and her children while Aaron’s anger comes at her with full force? Will Wildstar lose the only woman he loved at the hands of another man? What will happen when Wildstar is told about his ex-wife? Read on to see what happens next.


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