Onward With Love…

Chapter Nine:  A Captain Tossed Into the Soup (and it’s boiling!)

By Yuki Wildstar

With much appreciation to Fred Kopetz , he encouraged me to go for it. With his collaboration in this story about Derek and Nova it has turned out to be better than I thought it would. His vision with detailing and added script has made this so much more fun than expected.  You and Gail ROCK! Thanks for everything and I am so blessed to have a partner in writing.




I. Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Conference Hall

 May 3, 2205: 2100 Hours

“Sandor, are they ready for the meeting to start?” Wildstar asked.

“Yes sir, I believe Desslok was asking where you were. He’s over there with a General Cantara. I think he just delivered some bad news to him; Desslok doesn’t look at all happy about it” Sandor pointing towards Desslok and his officer.

Just then Glitchman walked over to Wildstar.  He said, “Derek, I think you need to know, two ships managed to escape from the battle at planet Rima. I figured I’d give you a heads up before you approach Desslok.”

Wildstar nodded and look in Desslok’s direction “I guess I’d better get over there before he rips off his officer’s head. We are going to need every able person and just letting him kill the man would not be good for all of us.”

He left Sandor and Glitchman, and made his way over to Desslok. The look that he saw on Desslok’s face Wildstar was one that made him knew that he would not be lenient to his officer. “Desslok” Wildstar interjected “I heard the bad news, but we knew that our secret would come out sooner or later.”

“Yes it is bad news, but if Cantara had done his job properly maybe we would have still had the upper hand! Incompetence such as this can not be easily pardoned! Cantara, I will deal with you later!” Desslok said with anger.

“Desslok,”said Wildstar.  “Do you think that punishing him will make any difference now?  We need all the able bodies to help in this union in defeating the Bolar and Cometines.”

“Wildstar,” said Desslok with a burning light in his eyes as he raised his arm and pointed at Cantara. “I understand where you are coming from, but I must show my Generals that weakness and sloppiness will not be tolerated! If I am lenient with him, then they all would see me as weak! Do we understand each other?” Desslok said in a tone that Wildstar knew all too well, which meant back off.

“We do. I guess we should get down to this meeting then,” Wildstar said. He wanted very much to get out of there after what Tolbert did and he wanted to get back to Nova and begin damage control before she heard about it on her own.

“Yes let’s get this going,” snapped Desslok. “General Cantara, can you explain what happened on Planet Rima?”

“Yes Emperor, we have managed to take control of Planet Rima. The base was destroyed, but unfortunately two enemy fighters managed to elude us and escaped, with deepest apologies, my Emperor. I have sent four fighters to follow them to their destination. We should hear from them shortly,” Cantara said, in the hope that sending fighters to pursue would please the Emperor a little.

“Very good, your effort to get back into my good graces is working slightly,” Desslok said with a twisted smile. “Let us hope that they return with good news. As the rest of you all know, the battles on Planets Baynet and Tenco were completely successful. We have managed to take control of those two planets with the help of the Endeavor and Galaxy II and their Captains and crew. Our next focus will be towards the farther reaches of Sector 8.  There are several planets there,” said Desslok as he waived to an aide, who made a huge bi-lingual map (in Galmand and Terran Standard English) appear on the screen. “As you will see, the primary potentiallly useful worlds are here; namely, in the star systems that include Planet Paxton and Planet Tizen.”

“Sir?” asked Homer. “Do you know if there are Bolar or Cometine bases there?”

“No,” replied Desslok. “We are not sure if there are enemy bases there but we shall find out. General Sirius, you will take command of the 6th fleet. Captain Wildstar and his crew will accompany them with his fleet. Gentlemen, the joint union of Earth and the Gamilon-Garuman Empire has been very successful and I hope that we will be able to eliminate both our enemies in short order.”

“Emperor Desslok; why don’t we ask the Princess where the enemy bases are? She would surely know, right?” asked a young Gamilon Lieutenant with a strange, nasal voice far down the briefing table as he stood up and saluted. “Sir, I think we should exploit every potential source of intelligence.”

Desslok was not amused with the question, he stared in the direction of where the question came from and said, “Banda, the Princess is none of your concern, she is under my protection and to ask her such a question as an intelligence source is an insult to her and her descendents of Iscandar!  I will not allow anyone to approach her with such an insult, Lieutenant! Now let’s move on. Captain Wildstar, would you like to take the next phase of the plan?”

“Thank you Emperor Desslok, my ships will be accompanying your battlefleet as the Emperor has said. The Endeavor will be searching planet Tizen with the help of your dreadnaught ship Lalanda commanded by Commander Procyon.  We will leave at 1100 hours tomorrow and expect to arrive at Tizen in 1 week after 3 large space warps. Once we get to the Tizen solar system, the Galaxy II will continue on to Paxton.   The battlecarrier Turion under the command of Captain Cantara will follow them to Paxton. Captain Glitchman.” Derek said as he looked at Homer. “Are you and your crew ready for the next run?”

“Sure are, Wildstar!” Homer said.

“Good because we are going to need everyone on this one. It is imperative that we find whatever bases are in that area. You will go with Cantara and see about those fighters, let’s see if their boys find anything of interest.” Wildstar instructed.

Desslok stood up “Well I see that we have a lot to prepare for tomorrow. Captain Wildstar thank you for everything I hate to leave you like this but I like to see about our guest and see how she is finding things.”

“I understand Desslok I would also like to check on things on the Endeavor, thank you for everything.” Wildstar saluted him and started to walk out the door. At that moment Howard walked over to him “Captain Wildstar, may we talk please?”

“Yes Howard…but make it quick! I’d like to check things out on the ship ASAP!” Wildstar said, looking in the direction of the door. He really wanted to get back to Nova and see how she was doing.

“Thanks. Captain, I hereby request permission to speak freely.” Howard wanted to know about what had happened out on the balcony.

“Yes Denise, what is it?” Wildstar was getting edgy he really wanted to get back.

“Derek?” Howard waited to see if he was going to correct her on rank and name. Derek nodded and waited to see what she was getting at. “Well, sir…I want you to know that I wasn’t prying I just happened to walk out onto the balcony and well, sir… I happened to see you and Tolbert out there. You looked as if you were having a very friendly talk, shall we say?”

Derek’s mouth opened slightly, since he knew where she was getting at. He knew then that she saw him and Julie kissing. “Denise it’s not what it look like! She came on to me! Not me to her!  I already told her that she needs to stay away from me as well as Nova!” Derek would have told her to mind her business but he didn’t want her to have any misconceptions.

Denise looked at him long and hard “Derek, Nova is a very good friend and I would hate for her to go through the whole Tolbert thing again.”

“Denise it’s not what it seems!” Derek hated the fact that she saw what she saw. He thought; Why is this happening to me? Julie has been nothing but trouble since she was assigned to this damned mission. “Are you going to tell Nova? I’d rather keep her out of this one. It would really make things between us very strained.”

“I won’t say a word, but I wouldn’t keep it from her. Things usually tend to come out sooner or later. And better that it came from you honestly and on the level than from someone else who would make it look even worse than it did! Don’t you think so?” Denise stood in front of him with her arms crossed.

“Are you threatening me?” Derek looked at her. He didn’t like the fact that she was holding something over him.

Denise wasn’t letting him brush this one off. He needed to tell Nova, for she knew that if Tolbert got to her first, it would defintely be over between them and she didn’t want that to happen. “I’m not threatening you Derek, I just think that this is something that Tolbert would like to rub in Nova’s face! She is just looking for an excuse to make trouble for you two. Like I said Nova will not hear it from me, I truly feel that she should hear it from you before the Wicked Witch from the South gets to her first. Don’t you think?”

“I guess you’re right, Julie can be vindictive and if Nova got the information from her or someone else she would leave me. Thanks Denise, I’m just glad that you made me realize that. I guess I have some more explaining to do and hope that she doesn’t throw me out.”

 Howard put her hand on his shoulder and try to give him some encouragement. “Derek, I’m sure that Nova will like that fact that you told her and that it didn’t come from Tolbert. At least she’d be informed and not caught off guard like last time.”

“Yeah you’re right! Well let me go, I really want to check on her… she hasn’t been herself lately.” Derek gave Howard another look and then left to see about Nova.

Howard watched as Wildstar ran for the door. She then turned and walked over to where Tolbert was.

“Excuse me” Howard said to Sandor and Glitchman, “Lieutenant Tolbert, can I speak to you?”

Tolbert looked at Sandor and Glitchman, looked at Howard and said “What is it, Lieutenant?”

“I need to see you. In private!” Howard pointed towards the balcony.

“Excuse me Captain, Commander,” They both turned and walked out onto the balcony.

“What’s all that about?” Glitchman turned to Sandor.

“I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s not good. I think that we need to keep an eye on those two.” Sandor said while watching the two women walk out onto the balcony.

“What can I do for you, Lieutenant Howard?” Tolbert asked in a sickgenly sweet little girl voice.

Howard looked straight at Tolbert with anger in her voice and said “What the hell are you trying to pull?”

“Excuse me? What are you talking about?”

“What I’m talking about is the little stunt you tried with Captain Wildstar!” Howard said while pointing at her (which was another thing she had picked up from her dear Brooklyn husband.)

“Oh that old thing again, why don’t you leave it alone, I’m past that!  You should be too! What happened between Wildstar and I is ancient damn history!” Tolbert began to walk away. She didn’t want to get into it with her.“I’m talking about the little stunt you pulled here on this balcony with the Captain tonight! Have you no shame, do you have to stoop so low that you would do anything to make his and Nova’s life miserable?”

 “Oh you saw that?” Tolbert grinned at the fact that someone caught her and him kissing, and she threw herself into a chair on the balcony and grinned at Howard.  “Relax, Howard… it was just a little kiss!”

“You’ll do anything to get the Captain back into your life. You’re a vindictive bitch and you don’t care who you hurt in the process!” Howard began to raise her voice. Everything on her right now, down to her short skirt and too-highly polished black patent pumps oozed pure evil and pretentiousness.  And that face under her brown hair….it made her look like some cheap hooker casing a John in Howard’s opinion. Howard wondered what ever could have attracted Wildstar to her in the first place.

“I didn’t kiss him, he kissed me. So get your facts straight!” Tolbert also started to raise her voice. “Got that?”

“I bet he did. I don’t think that Captain Wildstar would want anything to do with you, let alone give you a kiss.” Howard said while pointing at her.

“What’s it to you, he’s not your husband? And it’s not like he’s avoiding me completely.” snapped Julie as she stood up again and stood with her hands on her hips in front of Howard.

“That’s because he has no choice but to deal with you, and the reason I’m in it is because Lieutenant Commander Forrester is my dear friend and I don’t want to see her hurt. Now back off!” Howard gave Tolbert a shove with her finger.

“Don’t you touch me!” Tolbert shoved her back.

“Or what?” Howard knew that she was getting to her. She stood there waiting for Tolbert to make her move.

“Or you’re going to regret it!” Tolbert started to push her harder. Meanwhile, at the entrance to the balcony Sandor and Glitchman stood watching.  “I’ve had about enough of everyone thinking I’m the bad one in this!”

“That’s because you are the bad one!” Howard smiled knowing that she was finally pushing her buttons. True to her gut feeling Tolbert swung at Howard with her teeth gritted like those of some little weasel. Howard stepped to the side quickly enough to avoid her swing. She grabbed Tolbert by the arm, twisted her around and put her in a choke hold. 

“I think it’s time to step in,” Glitchman said to Sandor. They both ran onto the balcony, Sandor grabbed Howard and Glitchman grabbed Tolbert. “Whoa, ladies let’s just calm down!” Glitchman said trying to defuse the situation.

I’m calm!” Howard said to Sandor.  Sandor let her go but stood between the two women.

Glitchman then let go of Tolbert “What’s going on here. Ladies if you don’t mind, we do have a mission to complete and you two going at each other’s throat is not helping. Now I want to know what is going on, NOW!” Glitchman ordered.

Howard stood at attention and looked in Tolbert’s direction “Sir, my apologies, but I’d rather not say. It’s very personal.” She didn’t want to bring Wildstar into it.

“Is that so? Then I’m afraid that I will have to talk to your Captain about this! Maybe he can get you to talk!” Glitchman said with anger. “And you, Miss Tolbert, as an officer on my ship I will not have you attacking another officer no matter what they said to you. Am I clear on that!?!?”

“Yes sir, but she …..” Tolbert tried to explain.

“Lieutenant Commander Tolbert from this point on you are on a short leash! Lieutenant Howard will be Captain Wildstars’ problem! You, on the other hand are mine! I am sure that she wasn’t the only one that dished whatever it was out…I know damn well you had a little hand in it. Are you going to tell me what that was about or are we going to keep mum about the problem?” Glitchman had a funny feeling she brought this on herself but rather not deal with it right now. “Sandor, I’m sure that you will bring this little matter to Captain Wildstar’s attention? As ranking officer of this task force, he needs to know about this.”

“Yes sir, I will…” Sandor said all the while looking at Howard.

“Very well, then,” said Homer. “This will not go into your jackets …. this time …. But I will be keeping an eye out for both of you. Thank God that you are both on separate ships. Or we would have to deal with your private war. Ladies, you are dismissed!” Homer turned to Sandor after they left and rolled his eyes. “Women…what do you think this was all about, Sandor?”

“Not sure Homer, I have a funny feeling Tolbert brought this one on.” Homer nodded and had the same feeling.

Howard walked back into the room smiling; she saw Pesci and Delvechio and walked over to them. “Hey there,” she said to them.

“What’s going on Denise, what happened over there?” Pesci asked.

“Oh nothing that I couldn’t handle,” Denise said.

“Should I be worried that it will bite us in the ass later?” Pesci knew that it had to do with Tolbert, because some of the guys came over and warned him that she and Tolbert where at each other throat. He decided to stay out of it and let her handle it. If he stepped in it would have made it worse for all of them.

“Lieutenant Howard,” Sandor came from behind her and pulled her to the side. “You know that I have to take this to the Captain. I’m sorry.”

“I understand sir, and I am willing to accept whatever discipline that the Captain is willing to give. But I would rather not address what occured with Lieutenant Commander Tolbert to cause it.”

Sandor stood there and looked her over. “Very well then. When we get back on ship, I will address the Captain and Denise off the record.”

“Yes ,Steven,” Howard replied she liked Sandor. He never judged anyone and never spoke down to anyone as if they were children. He never liked the fact that he was in the Chain of Command as a First Officer. If he had his way he’d be happy fixing things and figuring things out for others.

“I know about Wildstar and Tolbert and what happened on the ship. I know that she can be well  . . .  a bit much. I’ll ask Captain Wildstar to be a little lenient on you,” Sandor smiled knowing that she was protecting the Captain for Nova’s sake.

“Thank you Steven, but whatever the Captain has in store for me it was all worth it. I only wished that I could have done more.”

Sandor laughed at her; she truly was taking in Pesci’s New York style of handling others. “Dismissed, Lieutenant. Try to have a little fun before getting back on ship.”

“Yessir” Howard stood at attention and saluted. Sandor returned her salute and they both went their separate ways.

Pesci met her half way and grabbed her by the waist. “And the verdict is…?”

“This doesn’t concern you, Pesci. I have to deal with it on my own, so it’s best you stay out of it.” Howard smiled at him with warm eyes.

“Yes, ma’am, then, let’s enjoy what’s left of this evening before they ship you to the brig!” Howard laughed at him and they went to join Delvechio who was talking to a nice looking brunette officer from one of the other ships.

II.Planet Gamilon

Docking Bay 623

EDF Battleship Endeavor

May 3, 2205: 2300 Hours

Derek walked back into the stateroom wondering if Nova was still sleeping. He noticed that the bed had already been made and then heard the shower running. He made his way over to the head and peeked inside. Nova stood in the shower, letting the water run down her body with her back turned to him. He walked over and tapped on the glass door. She turned around, startled to see him standing there. “Oh you scared me, sorry I didn’t make the meeting, but I feel so much better now! I’ll be out in a minute” Nova said while finishing, Derek nodded and walk back into the sleeping quarters.

He sat at his desk and looked over some papers to pass the time while she finished up. Fifteen minutes later, he heard the water stopping and looked up. He decided that Howard was right; it was best to face the music and just tell her before Tolbert put a twist on what really happened and then told Nova her story. He got up and walked over to the head and opened the door. “Hey there, I’d figure you stay in bed for the rest of the night!” Wildstar looked at her. She still gave him goose bumps from her beauty and her fit body.

“I should look in on some things at the Medical Ward. I don’t want to be behind anything before our next mission.” She looked up and saw that he had something on his mind “What’s up Derek, what happened with the meeting?”

Derek hated when she knew something was wrong. She could read his face like a book he had to work on that. “Nova…get dressed we have to talk..and now.”

Nova knew this was not good, something must have happened with the meeting. Desslok’s officers probably didn’t want to work with them and were threatening to overthrow him if he did. She knew it could happen. Thus, she dressed quickly and stepped out into the room to get her boots. “So what gives, Derek, what happened at the meeting?” As she grabbed for her boots and began to put them on.

“Nova I’m not sure how to tell you this, but I was advised by our friend Howard to give it to you straight.”

Nova was getting confused at what was going on. “Howard? Is she pregnant?”

“Oh no, nothing like that, please let me finish, it’s best that I just come out and say it. Before the meeting….uh…. I was on one of the balconies of the palace. I just needed some air. Julie Tolbert followed me outside and we started to talk. I was looking over at the Endeavor and explaining about the Argo and all of the missions we had with her in the past. When I turned around…well…. she threw her arms around me and kissed me. Nova ,I didn’t know what she was planning on doing, all right? I pulled her off of me and warned her that she needed to remember I am a married man and her commanding officer. I was going to forget about the incident but Howard approached me and told me that she saw what happened. So she reminded me how vindictive she can be and try to hold it over my head. That’s why I’m telling you now. There…I’ve said it.”

Wildstar watched his wife as she sat on their bed and looked at him for a long time. She got up, walked to him and slapped him hard across the face. “What was that for?” Derek was shocked at what she did.

“Have you not learned anything from the last time? You know that she can be a bitch and now she has this to hold over you like blackmail! Derek, use your common sense! Don’t you think that she will use this as ammo to harass me and you? How can you put yourself in that situation again? You should have walked away from her the minute you saw her next to you.”

“Nova I don’t think you’re being fair at all! She is an officer that I have to work with no matter how much I hate her. You can’t put this all on me!”

“And you think I had something to do with it? You should’ve known not to allow yourself to be alone in any room with her. Or is there something still in your heart for her?” Nova was red with anger she wanted to leave and just kill her, but she knew better then to start something now. Her anger would have gotten the best of her and she didn’t want to give Tolbert the satisfaction.

“You may be right about me walking away, but I didn’t know that she was going to pull something like that! I didn’t deserve to be slapped for that, I love you Nova, and I love no one else!” Derek grabbed Nova by the wrist and tried pulling her close to him.

“Don’t touch me! Not now, Derek! You can’t think that by making love right now it is going to make it all go away like waving some magic wand!” Nova spat out her words to him.

Derek wasn’t letting her leave the room until the matter was resolved “No it won’t, but I don’t want us to leave this room angry at each other! It’s not healthy for us or anyone working with us!”

“Derek I think I can work without putting our personal life into this mission! I’m a little more professional than that. I can’t look at you right now! I have to get away from you!” Nova tried to turn and walk out the door but Derek jumped in front of her.

“No we are going to settle this now, not later. I’m telling you I didn’t know she was going to do that. And you as my wife should either believe me or leave me! I have never lied to you about anything and I’m not going to start now. If I didn’t want you to know I would have never brought this up!”

“No you brought this up because Denise saw you and her together and threatened to tell me! If she didn’t I’m sure Lieutenant Commander Tolbert would have been more than happy to spill it out at the most inconvenient time, catching you and me off guard. Now you move out of my way!”

“No, Nova not this time! I’m ordering you to stay here and talk about this!”

“Ordering?” Nova said in a flat voice. “You’re pulling rank on me?”

“The last time I looked, I believe that I am still the Captain.” Derek was starting to get mad at her, something that was rare for him.

Nova stood back and looked him over, she could see him getting to the point where she saw him get only with others. She had never been on the rough side of him before as a subordinate and it shocked her. “Okay. What do you want to talk about then, sir?” she said in a flat voice as folded her hands and stood there looking at him.

“I want this resolved because we have to work together. I want you to tell me that you believe me and believe my story, and not just to agree with me. I want you to actually believe me, Nova. I would never lie to you about anything this serious.”  Derek looked at her with sad and angry eyes. He didn’t just want her to agree because it would shut him up he wanted the real thing.

Nova walked over to the window and stared out into the sky for a long time not saying a word. She just couldn’t believe that this could be happening again to them. That bitch I’m going to have to deal with her later, that’s for sure, Nova thought to herself. 

Derek stood there looking at her, hoping that she’d say something anything. He hated when she didn’t talk to him, it made him feel powerless. He could command a ship and get others to do their job but when it came to his wife giving him the silent treatment he had no control. He walked over to her and touched her shoulder turning her to face him. He saw the tears in her eyes, she couldn’t hold back her tears anymore and started to cry. He took her into his arms and held her tightly close to him. “I’m so sorry, Nova I never thought that something like this would happen to us. She’s like a huge pain in the ass and unfortunately we both have to deal with her. I should have known better with her, you’re right I should have walked away from her. I love you baby, please don’t cry.”

Nova couldn’t help it she just cried and cried as he held her. She hated the fact that she couldn’t control her emotions anymore.  Derek walked her over to the bed and sat there, he never saw her like this before she just cried on his shoulder and all he could do was hold her. A few minutes passed by when she finally was able to collect herself. "I'm sorry, Derek" she said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.“I do believe you,” and started to cry again. Derek held her face in his hand and lifted it up to his. He wiped the tears from her face, kissed her all so gently and she kissed him back. “Are you going to be okay?” Derek asked her.

“Yeah, I’ll be okay, I love you. I think I’d better go freshen up,” she said with a shaky laugh that was a half-sob. Derek gave her another kiss and watched her go to the head. His heart felt heavy at what just happened and swore that he would never get himself into that with Tolbert again. He vowed that he would never be left alone with Tolbert anywhere and give her the opportunity again.

As Nova walked out of the bathroom, they both heard a knock on the door. “Who is it?” Wildstar yelled out this is not the time he thought to himself.

“Sir its Deputy Captain Sandor and Lieutenant Howard!” Sandor called into the room.

Great this just tops it all “Enter, Sandor…” Derek looked over to Nova to see how she was. She just nodded and whispered “I’m okay” She lifted her head, put her shoulders back and put her best poker face on.

Howard and Sandor walked into their quarters and looked at Derek and Nova. Sandor wasn’t quite sure what happened but it looked like Nova had been crying, and hard. Howard knew that he told her and she felt for her dear friend. “Is everything alright?” Sandor asked.

“Sure, what’s up Sandor,” Wildstar try to put a smile on for both Nova and himself.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, sir but we have a little problem that we have to address now, Captain,” Sandor said. Wildstar just couldn’t catch a break. Now what? He thought.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but the Lieutenant here and Deputy Captain Tolbert had a little run in. Glitchman and I had to physically tear them apart from each other. We tried to see what the fighting was about but they didn’t want to say. Lucky for Howard she showed restraint. It was Tolbert who took the first swing.”

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Wildstar stood aback at what Sandor was saying.

“Sir I said…” Sandor began.

“I know what you said! That was sarcasm if you didn’t catch that.” Wildstar was in no mood for this type of misconduct. “Lieutenant Howard, can you explain yourself?”

“Sir I know that my actions were not becoming an officer, but I will not excuse my behavior, sir, permission to speak off the record.” Wildstar nodded.

“I wish I was able to beat her down, Tolbert deserved more than just a simple choke hold.” Derek couldn’t help but laugh at her honesty, she was short but she had spunk. They all looked at Derek confused and then fell into laughter with him, even Nova, who had to hold onto the edge of the desk because she was laughing so hard.

“Lieutenant Howard, as funny as that appears in my head you should have known better and walked away from the problem,” Wildstar snapped as the sound of his voice made her, Nova, and Sandor stand upright and cough. “Was Desslok aware of this?”

“No sir, he had already left to see about Devina,” Sandor said, not realizing that it would have made things look bad for Wildstar. How could he handle a fleet and a mission when he couldn’t even handle two women?

“Good, what did Glitchman say about it?” Wildstar asked Sandor.

“Sir I believe that he would handle his officer at his discretion.” Sandor said.

“I’ll have to give him a call later. Lieutenant Howard I’ll have to think of your punishment,” Wildstar knew all too well what this was all about and it touched him that she was a good friend to Nova. But he knew she was still an officer on his command and he couldn’t let her think that she can do what she wanted to, and the same went for Nova.

“Sir?” Howard was curious as to what he had in mind.

“Lieutenant Howard, as much as I appreciated you looking out for Lieutenant Commander Forrester, I can’t have you starting fights with anyone that you feel will be threatening our marriage. I have to take some disciplinary action or everyone will think they can do what they want. So as punishment I must send you to the chow hall and you are to prepare an Italian meal for the crew.”

“What!” Howard didn’t see that one coming. Nova almost let out another giggle. “You want me to do what?”

Sandor looked at him with a confused look also and then began to laugh at the thought. One of the fighter pilots cooking for the crew, they will get a kick out of that.

“You heard me cook some pasta for the crew. Make it good when you do it, we need some good chow. Good luck, you’re dismissed,” Howard face twisted and began to laugh again. “What’s so funny, Lieutenant?” Wildstar looked at her with confusion.

“Sir, because Pesci knows my cooking and you just might have a mutiny on your hands” Wildstar started to laugh with her. Then turned to her “Well if it’s that bad then I suggest that you bring Pesci with you.” That made her laugh even harder. “Dismisssed, Lieutenant!” Howard walked out of Nova and Derek’s stateroom and heard them laughing even harder. Now she had to break the news to Pesci, he had to help her prepare a real Italian meal.

Sandor turned to Wildstar still grinning from the laugh they all had. “Well I guess you have this under control, I’ll catch you later” He saluted and left.

“Derek you let her off easy. Why?” Nova asked him still laughing.

Derek couldn’t help it, it was something Pesci complained about. “Well it was simple, Pesci and I were talking one day about her cooking and how he wished that she’d learn how to cook pasta and sauce from scratch like his mother. Now he has the chance to teach her.”

Nova laughed even harder at the thought, Derek could be very slick when it comes to things like that. How could he punish her with mopping the flight deck… after all she was being a friend to both him and Nova. “You are something else!” Nova said. 

Derek smiled and then looked seriously at Nova. “Are we okay, Nova?”

“Yes Derek, we are!” She walked over to him and threw her arms around him. She looked him in the eye and gave him a kiss.

“I love you Nova…and I hope that one day Tolbert grows some brains and just finds someone that puts her through what she put us through.” Derek said.

“Yeah me too, I guess I’d better get going! I have to check on the Medical Ward, I love you! Bye!” She kissed him one more time and walked out.

Derek walked over to his desk and called down to the communication officers on duty. “Please put me through to Captain Glitchman on the Galaxy II.”

“Yes sir….putting you through now,” the communication officer on watch responded.

“Hello, Homer,” Wildstar looked into the monitor.

“Wildstar, so I guess you’ve heard?” Homer said.

“Yeah, I just finished handing down punishment to her. She wasn’t too happy about it but it fit the crime” Wildstar grinned at the fact of all of them laughing about it.

“I hope that you weren’t too hard on her. She wasn’t the one that took the first swing and I’m sure it was Tolbert that antagonized it.” Homer explained.

“Well if anyone started it I’m sure it was her. She probably pushed her buttons to the point that Tolbert needed to take a swing,” Wildstar knew that that’s how it happened.

Homer had a funny feeling about that too “Doesn’t matter Derek she’s still an officer and the Deputy Captain here and she needs to set an example. Anyway I saw her take the first swing, she’s lucky that Howard didn’t beat her to a pulp!”

Wildstar laughed about that, Howard may have been short but he knew she could take on anyone. She even fought men bigger then her and took them down with one punch. Derek thought, Pesci better watch out that he doesn’t get out of line. “How did you handle it, Homer?”

“Simple. I have Tolbert pulling double duty after a lap around the ship in her underwear. She then has to take on mopping the flight deck not to mention that she has to work a few hours in the Medical Ward with our Marines. So what was your way of handling things?” Homer asked

“You’re going to love this one, I have her cooking an Italian meal for the whole crew.” Wildstar laughed.

Homer roared with laughter, “Now that’s class, Wildstar! I just love it, but I don’t get it…why cooking?”

“Well her husband complained to me that he wanted her to learn to cook like his mother so now she has to learn or else she’ll have an angry crew to deal with. I kind of took care of two birds with one stone.”

Homer just laughed at the thought, “Can I use that one the next time I have to discipline someone?”

“Be my guess, thanks a lot Homer I appreciate you keeping this on the QT. It wouldn’t looked have good with Desslok and EDF would wonder what we were doing up here.” Derek wanted to let him know how he appreciated it.

“If you don’t mind me asking…what did go on between Howard and Tolbert?” Homer asked curiously.

“I’m sure whatever it was they are not talking, best to keep them all apart for now,” Derek knew enough to leave the important parts out. He didn’t want Homer to think that there was some weird soap opera situation happening. Something that Tolbert started and either Nova or Denise were going to end.

“Not talking are they? At least we know now that if they were ever captured they wouldn’t be able to get anything out of them. Well I guess that we should be going, I know that I have a lot to get done here before I hit the sack. Talk to you in the morning.”

“Yeah same here. Wildstar out.”

Wildstar sat in his chair turn to look outside and let out a big sigh let’s hope that all goes well tomorrow.


III. Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Desslok’s Palace

 May 4, 2205: 0123 Hours

Desslok knocked on the door “Who is it?” Devina called out.

“It is I Desslok. May I enter?”

“Yes, please enter” Desslok opened the door and saw Devina sitting in front of the mirror brushing her hair. “How are you this evening Devina, have they been treating you well?”

“Yes, Desslok everyone has been very nice…thank you” Devina said smiling at him.

“You look stunning this evening. Are you hungry? I can have the cook bring you something to eat.” Desslok said with affection.

“Thank you Desslok that would be nice, I could use a bite to eat. Will you be joining me?” Devina was smitten with him, he managed to charm his way into her heart in such a short time. She only feared about her father and what he would do if he found her there.

“It would be an honor to eat with a beautiful woman like you,” Desslok stood close to her. “I will call and have them prepare something for us.”

“So how was the meeting, were Captain Wildstar and Lieutenant Commander Forrester there?” Devina wished that she was able to see them before they left for their next mission.

Desslok finished talking to the chief and turned to Devina “Captain Wildstar was there, but Lieutenant Commander Forrester wasn’t feeling too well so she did not attend.”

“Oh my, I hope that she is okay. I should go see her, she was very kind to me throughout the trip here. Would it be an inconvenience if we go check on her later?” Devina worried about her new friend.

“Of course not, Devina, anything you wish I will be only too pleased to grant,” Desslok said to her.

Devina just loved how so charming he can be with her. “Desslok if I’m not mistaken, I believe you are trying to win me over.”

“If it takes every part of my being to have you at my side forever then so be it!” He smiled at her and looked to the door after there was a knock. It was their dinner sent up from the kitchen just in time.

“Please set it up over there” Desslok waved his servant over to the middle of the suite. The servant worked quickly and set things up to the specification of the Emperor. He waved his arm over to let Desslok look to make sure all was to his liking. Desslok looked over the setting, smiled and ordered the servant to leave. He pulled out a chair and motioned Devina to sit. “Thank you,” she whispered, looking him in the eyes.

“It is my honor, Princess.” Desslok said as he helped her with her chair.