Onward With Love…

Chapter Eight: Of Planet New Gamilon and New Challenges…

By Yuki Wildstar

With much appreciation to Fred Kopetz , he encouraged me to go for it. With his collaboration in this story about Derek and Nova it has turned out to be better than I thought it would. His vision with detailing and added script has made this so much more fun than expected.  You and Gail ROCK! Thanks for everything and I am so blessed to have a partner in writing.



I. Deep Space

Planet Baynet

EDF Battleship Endeavor

May 2, 2205: 0800 hours

When Derek woke up he felt for Nova by his side, smiling as he turned to face her, he stroked her face and gave her a kiss hoping to wake her. “Nova, Baby, wake up, Nova?” Derek tried shaking her awake, but she was out cold. She’s really out of it, I’ve never seen her this tired since she did that triple shift at the hospital. Oh well I’ll just get dressed and let her sleep a little longer.

Wildstar showered and then dressed, when he looked over to the bed he saw that Nova was still sleeping. He walked over to the bed and sat next to her. “Nova, wake up baby, it’s getting late.” Nova stirred, opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Hey there, for a minute there I thought I’d have to call the doctor up here. You were really out of it. How long did you stay up doing reports?”

Nova yawned and stretched out, “I’m sorry, didn’t realize I was so tired. What time is it?”

“It’s 0900 hrs…. we slept all night, I have to get on the bridge I’m sure Sandor is drained and needs some sleep. Are you sure you’re all right?  You really look like the cat dragged you a few miles.”

“Gee, thanks a lot. That’s something I like to hear first thing in the morning.” Nova gave him a frown.

“Just looking out for you, maybe you should go see the doctor.”

“Oh Derek, I’m fine, don’t worry about me. It’s probably just space lag. All my emotions and work, I’ll be fine. Go, you’re needed on the bridge. I’ll be up there in a few. Love you.” Nova gave him a kiss and went in to take a shower. Coming out of the shower she noticed him already gone.  She dressed and started to straighten up the room before she left for the bridge. She was about to leave when she suddenly felt sick, she ran for the head as quickly as possible and leaned into the bowl.  Oh boy I hope that I’m not coming down with something. Guess I’d better drink a lot of orange juice and take some vitamins. She cleaned herself up and left for the bridge.

Walking onto the bridge she saluted Wildstar as he nodded and thought to himself; Nova looks really tired, once we get to Gamilon I’ll make sure that she stays in bed. She really needs some sleep. I hope that she’s okay.

Nova sat at her station and tired very hard to stay focused. There were times when she just drifted off and caught herself falling asleep. She couldn’t remember what steps to do next and kept cursing at herself for not staying on task. Wildstar watched her on and off and noticed her drifting off. He wondered what was wrong with her. 

Looking at the time Nova noticed that it was her time to take her shift at the medical ward. She turned to Wildstar and excused herself. “Sir, it’s time for me to go to the medical ward. Permission to leave?” She saluted and Wildstar nodded. “Permission granted, Lieutenant” Wildstar waved her over.

“Yes sir?” Nova leaned over and asked softly.

“Are you okay? You really look tired. Maybe you should have the doctor look you over?” Wildstar looked concern at her appearance. She never looked this bad he thought to himself.

Nova smiled at him, and looked into his eyes “I’m okay, don’t worry about me. All I need is some sleep, once we get to Gamilon I can catch up on it.” She wanted to give him a kiss, but they were both on duty and they didn’t want others thinking that they weren’t professional. Derek just smiled at her, but she saw the concern in his eyes. She winked at him and left for her next duty.

Nova walked towards the medical ward thinking about what needed to be done and going over some of the files she completed last night.  She looked up and saw Howard walking towards the flight deck. “Denise” She called out.

Turning around she notice her friend looking a little better than last night. “You look better, Nova”

“Well I’m glad that someone noticed!” Nova was getting tired of everyone telling her she looked tired. She thought, What did they expect? We’ve been in a battle, and I’ve been working double shifts in all my stations and on top of everything, I had to deal with the big baby Marines. 

Nova wondered what was going on with her dear friend and her husband. “So how are things with Pesci? I hope the marriage is agreeing with you?”

“Nova, I knew from the time he asked me that he would be a great man. He is following in Captain Wildstar’s footsteps when it comes to me, and I’m just soaking it in.” Howard smiled at the thought of being married.

“I’m so glad to hear that. He is a great guy.”

“And passionate too,” Howard grinned at their night together. “I’m looking forward to our time off when we get to Gamilon.”

“There’s one spot on Gamilon that is a perfect place for a romantic walk. I’ll give you the directions to get there later. Desslok showed Derek and I when we went there a few years ago.  He was so nice to give us a grand tour and set up a nice dinner for us there.” She thought back to that time and smiled at how Desslok fussed over them.

Howard was still concerned about Nova and her fatigue. “Nova, how are you feeling lately. I mean you look better today, but last night you looked, well, ragged! Is Wildstar letting you sleep at all?” Howard grinned.

“He has been a total gentleman. Don’t worry about me. I’m sure once we get to Gamilon I’ll catch up on my sleep. We both have been on a roller coaster ride since we left Earth. With the mission and of course our good friend Tolbert, I guess it’s finally catching up with me. Like I told Derek, I’ll be okay,” Nova still felt drained but figured it would be better once they get to Gamilon. “Well this is my stop, I’ll catch you later Denise, Tell Pesci hi for me.”

Waving to her friend she continued to the flight deck and yelled over her shoulder. “OK. I’ll check on you later.”


Entering the flight deck she looked for her husband. She found him looking over his ship and telling the tech some repairs that needed to be done before he took it out for a training op. “Hello there, Mr. Pesci” Howard purred into his ear while he was looking into the engine. He smiled and said over his shoulder. “If my wife finds you here she’ll kill us both”

“Well I guess we better make this quick then,” Denise purred again into his ear.

Pesci stop and told the tech to excuse them. “Are you ready for our R&R tomorrow? I know that I am!” He grabbed her by the waist and brought her close to him.

“Pesh, now you know that this is not allowed on the flight deck.” She grinned from ear to ear.

“I don’t care. How I can be so close to such a beautiful women and not want to take her in my arms? Anyway I have special permission from the Captain to give my wife a peck on the cheek once in a while. As a matter of fact, he has ordered me to do so!”

“Ha ha, you are funny man! That’s why I love you so much, now where is my kiss?” Howard turned her face to his and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Denise, how are things with the Princess? Is the Captain going to leave her on Gamilon, or is she going to stay on board ship? Personally I think she’ll be safer on Gamilon then on the ship.”

“I know, I agree with you. I do think that he is leaning towards to letting Desslok watch over her. But you know things can change, I’m more concerned with Nova. She has been looking very tired lately. She says it’s just that she is just overwhelmed with the mission and dealing with Tolbert. But I just don’t know, I think it’s more to it then she’s letting on.  I’ll talk to Wildstar later and see what he thinks.”

“Hmmm it must be serious if you need to talk to the Captain about his wife. Is she pregnant, perhaps?”

“You know Pesh it never accord to me that she is. She is a nurse, I would think that she would suspect that first. She is a medical professional I’m sure that she would know if she is.”

“Don’t under estimate that. My sister Gianna, you remember her she’s married to Big Pasta Tony. She’s a nurse working in Roma Medical Center in Italy, she didn’t even know she was pregnant until almost her fourth month. Sometime people who work in the medical profession don’t tend to believe it could happen to them. It’s like a denial thing.”

 “Ha, ha!” Denise laughed at his logic, “You know you just might be right, I’ll give you that!”

“If she is, maybe we should start working on one ourselves.” Pesci hoped that she would say yes. “I’d like a least 5 kids. I came from a big family so I’d figure that would be just about the right sized family!”

“Whoa there Pesh! It looks like the only one thinking about kids is you. I want to wait at least another 3 years. I’m just getting used to wiping your face. So I don’t think that wiping little tushies are in the cards for me right now.” Denise waved her finger at him.

Looking a little disappointed he looked down and said. “Well I hope that you change your mind to the 3 year wait.”

“Right now,” said Howard. “I am enjoying just being with you and to share you with someone else might make me jealous.” She gave him a peck on the cheek and he smiled at her while holding his heart.

Howard held his face and said “Now, let’s get to work!”


II. Deep Space

Planet Tenco

EDF Space Battleship Galaxy

May 3, 2205 1205 Hours

“Lieutenant Tolbert, do you think that we will be wrapping this up soon?” Glitchman asked her.

“Sir, we should be finished here very soon, our fighters and fighters from the Gamiton are rounding up what’s left of the Cometines as we speak!” Tolbert winked at him.

Glitchman gave her his warning stare and said “Good, then! Once we are done here, we will start our return back to Gamilon. Ensign Anderson, get me General Sirius and put him on the video panel.” Glitchman commanded.

Anderson turned and called out “Yes sir! Sir, I have him on the line. Switching him over to the video panel now.”

“Thank you Ensign. General Sirius how is it going over on the Gamiton?”

“Captain, we managed to capture a few Cometines to interrogate later on Gamilon. Maybe we will find out where their main base is. I see that we are almost through here. I have called back my fighters and will be preparing to returned to Gamilon. It has be interesting working with you Earthlings; thus I can be sure to say that it is better to work with you then against you. Please inform me when you are ready to return. Sirius out.”

Homer never dreamed that they would be working side by side with the Gamilons. Wildstar has out done himself this time Homer thought to himself. As he sat in the Captains’ chair he looked over to Tolbert thinking, She’s an excellent officer but she tends to get too friendly. I can understand why Nova jumped the gun on her and Derek! If Wendy were here, she’d probably try to choke her as well. Too many times she brushed herself on him and gave him looks that made him uncomfortable. He couldn’t wait to finish this mission so he can get back to Wendy. Homer missed her so much and they were so close to the wedding to which they had to postpone. They both cried when he received his orders, but they thought about their good friends, and how they waited years to tie the knot.  On the day of his departure she held him tight and he too didn’t want to let go.  And now he has Tolbert coming on to him. 

“Lieutenant Tolbert, please take over the bridge,” Glitchman ordered.

Tolbert turned and saluted him “Aye, aye, sir!”

Homer left and went into his quarters. He looked at his little cramped stateroom and laughed at himself. Wildstar has it made. He sure has a suite on that luxury liner of his. Picking up the communications phone he ordered. “Anderson, give me a secure line to Earth.”

Anderson knew that when he was in his quarters there was only one connection he wanted. “Yes sir, placing line 4 for you.”

“Thank you, Anderson.” At that, Homer waited to see a clear picture. “Hello, Homer is that you?” Wendy said, looking pretty as ever. She wore her tailor-made beige EDF uniform suit with skirt, with a beige head band to pull her hair away from her face.

“Hello, sweetie how are you….miss me?” Homer gazed at her image.

“Oh Homer, of course I miss you, silly! How are things going over there? How’s Nova and Derek? Did she finally see him?” Homer nodded he didn’t tell her about the incident with Tolbert and the others. He pretty much knew better than to give her something to worry about. If he had told her about the stunt Tolbert pulled on Derek and Nova, Wendy would have her uncle pull Julie off the mission in a heartbeat. He didn’t want to do that to her career. He felt that she had to do something really wrong to put a negative remark into her jacket, and her flirting with him was nothing major.  He knew who he loved and knew that there would be no other for him.

“Everything’s going just fine here babe. We’re wrapping it up here and then heading to Gamilon in a few hours.  We should be there in a day if we warp right after we secure the area. We’ll meet up with the Endeavor there; do you have any messages for Nova?”

“Oh, let her know that everything is fine at the house. They do have a stack of mail waiting for them when they get back.”

“Will do sweetie. By the way, Wildstar has the cousin of Starsha on board. Apparently she was raised by the Bolars, a General Hindleman took her in after her mother was killed by another officer.”

 Wendy was surprised at the news. “Wow, that’s some news. Is she really Starsha’s cousin?”

“That’s what Wildstar says, I’ll get a chance to see her myself in a day. I love you babe, sorry that we had to postpone our wedding again! Maybe when I get back we can just elope and then do the big wedding thing after.”

“It’s okay Homer, I guess we can wait a little longer,” Wendy sighed. Wendy remembered crying herself to sleep the night Homer told her that he had received to go to Gamilon.  After talking to her uncle, he had made her understand that this was Homer’s job and she should stand by him. With regret, she held her tears back on the day he left.”

“Well my love I guess I should be going, I’ll call you soon. Love you very much.” Homer threw her a kiss and she did the same. A moment later, someone knocked on his hatch. “Who is it?” Homer said.

“Sir Lieutenant Tolbert, may I enter?” she said from behind the dogged hatch.

“Enter, Lieutenant!” Homer called out. Tolbert entered and was ready to close the heavy naval-styled hatch when Homer put his hand up. “Leave it open please.” Homer said. He wasn’t stupid. He knew about her games and he wasn’t going to put himself in a situation like Wildstar. He wanted to make sure that anyone walking by didn’t get any ideas of her being in the room with him alone.

“Sir, we’ve just received word from General Sirius. All his men are on board and he is ready to head back to Gamilon, ” Tolbert said, staying at attention.

“Very well, please have everyone ready and secure for departure.  We’ll warp in two hours.”

“Aye, Sir!”

“You’re dismissed, Lieutenant. I will be on the bridge in a few minutes. I need to make a call.”

“Yes sir,” Tolbert said, saluted and walked out the door.

Homer reached again for the communication phone and asked Mister Anderson for a secure line to the Endeavor. “Wildstar?”

“Yes?” said Wildstar from his cabin.

“We’ve just finished wrapping things up here! We are going to be warping in an hour. We will be at Gamilon shortly.”

“That’s good news Homer. We’re just coming up to Gamilon now. I’ll meet you there so we can discuss our next step.”

“Roger that Wildstar, oh and by the way Wendy says hello and that there’s a ton of mail waiting for you when you and Nova get back.” Homer said, relaying Wendy’s message. “Glitchman out.”

“Well, Sandor….we have two areas secure, not bad. Let’s just hope that they don’t figure it’s us. That’s the upper hand we have. The Bolar and the Cometines don’t have a clue that it’s us helping the Gamilons for once,” Wildstar confided to his Deputy Captain.

Sandor was more worried about their guest aboard “Let's hope that Devina father doesn’t find out that she is here. That could prove more of a problem for the mission.” Sandor turned and started to go over some more strategies for the next step to their plan.

“You’re right Sandor. I have to convince Devina that she will be safer on Gamilon with Desslok, but how?” Wildstar mind was working overtime with that particular plan.

Nova then walked onto the bridge and overheard the conversation between the two men. “May I make a suggestion?”

Derek turned and saw her standing there with her eyes lit up and he smiled, seeing that she looked a little better. “Go ahead, Lieutenant Commander, what is it?”

“Well I think you should let Desslok take care of that. After all he can charm the skin off of a snake,” Nova said.

“You might be right, if he can win your respect then she should fall right into his arms,” Wildstar smiled at her.

“And if she doesn’t?” Sandor asked. “Then what?”

Nova turned to him, “Well then, the Captain will have no choice and then he will have to bring her home to Earth. But I doubt that she would want to come once he gets her under his spell. Desslok can be very persuasive.”


III. Planet Gamilon

EDF Battleship Endeavor

Approaching Docking Bay 623

May 3, 2205—Approaching 1400 Hours

Some time passed as the Endeavor warped into the star system where Desslok’s new Planet Gamilon was. The planet began to loom up in the uprated Arizona-class space battleship’s main bridge windows as Nova sat at her station and reported, “Assuming standard orbit…apogee, 1000 kilometers, perigee, 800 kilometers. “

At his post, Miamoto said, “Firing braking thrusters…commence re-entry sequence…”

“Imperial Traffic and Defense Control has us on course; they’re assigning a Docking Bay and turning us over to Area Flight Control for the city,” said Pratt.

“Okay then, Mister Miamato,” said Wildstar. “Let’s get this show home and let’s get her docked on Gamilon.” Derek hit the klaxons and said over the ship’s communication systems, “Attention, all hands! Secure your stations! We will be landing on Gamilon at 1400 hrs.

“This is the Endeavor,” Pratt radioed to Area Flight Control. “Seek permission to land!”

“Endeavor this is Gamilon Area Flight Control, you can land at docking bay number 623. Captain Wildstar, Emperor Desslok is expecting you and there will be an air vehicle waiting for you on the docking bay.”

“Thank you. We will be landing in docking bay 623 Mark,” Pratt responded.

“Okay troops, let’s get ready to land,” Derek said. “Attention all hands, attention all hands we are now docking! All those on one day R&R prepare to leave as soon as the ship is finished docking. All others please check all stations for needed supplies. Wildstar out”

“Sandor, are you coming?” Wildstar asked as he looked over his way.

“I’ll meet you on the gangway. I just want to finish up here before the next watch comes in,” Sandor watched Wildstar and Nova heading towards the hatch.

Derek nodded at Sandor and turned to Nova “Ready to get our guest, Nov?”

“Almost,” Nova said. “Excuse me for a moment. I just want to put on a skirt and different shoes so I look a little better for meeting Desslok. I’ll be in our cabin and I’ll be quick.”

Derek nodded, talking to Sandor while he waited for Nova. She was quick, and ran back a few minutes later with her peacoat on but wearing a blue uniform skirt and white sandals.

“Now are we ready?” Derek said, pretending to roll his eyes but secretly enjoying his wife’s more feminine look.

“Yes, sir” Nova walked out with him. “As I was saying, I have a feeling that she is going to love Desslok. He can be a very smooth talker with the females, as I said before. He could charm the skin off a snake.”

“I hope you’re right Nova,” Derek sighed. “If not, we will have to keep her on board ship with us. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with her here, it’s just too dangerous.”

They came up to Princess Devina’s stateroom and Nova knocked on the hatch. “Devina, this is Nova and the Captain. May we enter?”

“Please do!” she called out “Have we landed on Gamilon? I’m a little nervous about meeting the Emperor!”

“No need to be afraid,” Nova tried to assure her. “He may present himself as a great warlord, but he is also a warm-hearted man.”

“Ladies, shall we go?” Wildstar bent over and bowed while holding the door open for them.

“Well Lieutenant Commander, if he is as charming as the Captain here maybe I’ll give it a try!” She smiled a bit. Devina liked Nova and Wildstar, and she found herself liking them more and more as time went by.

“Where did you think he learned how to be so charming?” Nova said to Derek as they laughed together.

“Gamilon Leaders’ Academy?” Derek said trying to break the tension in the air.

Giving him a shove, Nova tried to look seriously at him. “Why did you hit the Captain if you love him?” Devina asked.

“Because sometimes my husband can be a Marine Mascot,” Nova tried to keep from laughing.

“A Mascot?” she asked looking confused.

“It’s a dog, a symbol of what Marines are; a stupid English bulldog,” She frowned, thinking of the one she had when she was younger.

“What’s a dog?” asked Devina feeling even more confused.

 “A dog is a pet.” Nova explained. “I remember having one when I was younger, before the radiation on Earth wiped all pets completely out. He was a horrible little beast that peed everywhere for no reason. I called him Meatball, because he was round and very stupid. But you keep them and love them because when you feel depressed, they show you unconditional love.”

As they came to the gangway, Sandor waited there for them “Wildstar, I’m going to hang back here. We are still having problems with the communications units, and I want to get them fixed before we cast off again.”

Wildstar nodded at him, “Sandor are you sure? You know that the techs can take care of that.”

“I know but I’d feel better if I have hands on time with it.”

“Very well, Sandor, keep me informed with the situation.”

“Aye, aye, sir,” Sandor saluted and walked back to the communications room.

 Their escort waited at the end of the docking bay for them; with Derek’s boots and Devina’s and Nova’s dress shoes ringing on the metal surface as they walked along. They all jumped in and the vehicle sped off to the palace. Devina looked out the window in awe at Desslok’s magnificent new city. She never expected the planet to be so beautiful; based on what she had heard of Garuman and then New Gamilon, she pretty much thought of them as dark and gloomy worlds with thorn trees everywhere and soldiers keeping the people in line. “Your Highness,” Wildstar saw the expression on her face and smiled. “How do you find the planet?”

“It’s not what I expected. I pretty much thought it as a dark and dreary place. But it is beautiful!”

Nova smiled at Devina and pointed to the tall palace that was coming over the horizon of the greenish-tinged sky “Over there is the palace, Princess. That’s where we are heading to.”

“It looks almost Iscandarian,” said Devina. “Why?”

“He loved Queen Starsha very much,” Nova said.

The air car made its way towards the palace. Devina stared as they came closer to it. She looked in amazement to the size of the palace. It stood tall as the sky itself, with the light gleaming off the windows. It was a grand palace and nothing about it was plain, from its curved base and flying buttresses to the tall central tower and its magnificent spires. It was not just a palace; it was a work of art wrought in metal, stone, and crystal. She became more curious of the man that stood behind all this. I guess it won’t be such a hard thing to meet the man. Hmmmm, what is he really like?”

As they pulled up to the front entrance, Desslok himself waited for them. The car stopped and the door was open by the driver.  Wildstar was the first to get out. “Desslok,” he said, shaking his hand “We’re glad to see you again! I’m sure that Lugin and Sirius have reported back to you about the success we had,” But before Wildstar could finish Nova got out followed by Devina. Who was a trim, tall vision of loveliness in her azure-colored gown, simple necklace, and gold sandals with her long blond hair flowing in the wind. Desslok mouth’s dropped and practically pushed Wildstar down. “My goodness, you do look like her!” in his sibilant, smooth voice.

“Like who?” said Devina in dulcet, soft tones, amazed that Desslok had such a pleasant-sounding voice. She was expecting him to sound like a growling, deep-voice warload like their Prime Minister Bemlayze, and not like a cultured prince.

“Like the late Queen Starsha,” Desslok said, just standing there in amazement.

Nova introduced both of them to each other. “Emperor Desslok, this is Princess Devina, Princess, this is our dear friend Emperor Desslok.”

Devina stared at him not sure what to say or do. Desslok bowed down and held out his hand for hers. She put out her hand and Desslok kissed it. “Your Highness… it is a great pleasure to meet you, please feel free to ask me anything, I am here at your disposal.”

Nova smiled over to Derek and nodded her head. In her own way she was telling him that everything would be okay.  Wildstar walked over to Nova and grabbed her by the waist and whispered in her ear, “I think you just might be right about this one, my love.  But then again you’re always right.”

“Uh, Desslok?” Wildstar placed his hand on his shoulder.

Desslok finally looked towards Wildstar and Nova. “I’m sorry, please come this way.” He held out his arm for Devina to take hold and she grabbed it and they all made their way together into the palace.

A few minutes later, they were on a moving belt that wound its way slowly up into the Palace. Nova recognized the familiar low alien thrum of the climate control units; the sound was punctuated now and then by odd ringing sounds and tones that Devina found fascinating. The walls were a golden metallic color and there were lights and screens in many places, along with strange potted plants and curios from many worlds that Devina had never seen before. Now and then, an odd painting decorated a wall, and Devina stopped to look with fascination at the artwork.

They sat and ate as they chat about the ongoing war.  Desslok continued to stare at Devina amazed at her likeness of the late Starsha. Wildstar finally lean over and asked. “How do you find Gamilon?”

“I love it,” Devina said as they ate.

As they finished eating, some music began to play. Nova recognized the piece; it was an old Gamilon bolero, the title of which translated to “Lonlieness”. Wildstar stuck his hand out and led her to the dance floor. He held her tightly in his arms and then twirled her around holding her from behind. She smiled at Derek as they danced; but then noticed Desslok was lost in Devina’s eyes as he said to her, “Your Highness, I hope that you find my planet here comfortable and up to your standards. If there is anything that you like, please don’t hesitate to ask. I want your visit here to be pleasant. May I say that you are beautiful! I envy Captain Wildstar to have two beautiful women aboard his vessel. It must have been heaven to be surrounded by such beauty, Captain,” he said as he bowed to Derek, took Nova’s hand and kissed it, and then kissed Devina’s hand, but much more slowly. Desslok looked into her eyes with honesty. Wildstar stood there and realized that Nova was indeed correct when she said he was a charmer. Devina was eating out of his hand. She blushed and giggled at him and wasn’t sure what to say.

“If you will allow me, it would be an honor to show you my palace,” Desslok asked Devina. Devina nodded. For the Gamilon Emperor, and the Princess, Nova and Derek no longer existed.

Devina gave Nova and Wildstar a stare and they both nodded to her. “I would love that very much Emperor, if my protectors do not mind me leaving them.”

“Not at all,” Nova said. “I’m sure you will be in good hands.” Nova grabbed Derek and pulled him towards the door. “I think we should leave them alone, it looks like she is going to be in good hands. And anyway I could use some…sleep,” Nova winked at him.

Derek got the message and they both made their way back to the car that took them to the ship.


IV. Planet Gamilon

Docking Bay 623

EDF Battleship Endeavor

Captains’ Quarters: Later that Same Day

“Well I guess they hit it off” Derek said to Nova as they sat together in his stateroom “I don’t know how you or he did it. You knew she would just fall into his charming ways. How can I compete with that?”

“Why would you want to compete? You, my dear sir, are just as charming as he is and you got the prize,” Nova purred as she kicked off her sandals.

“I did, what was the prize?” Derek grinned knowing that she would get mad.

“ME!” Nova threw her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.

He grabbed her even closer and whispered in her ear, “I want you right now.” Nova smiled and then out of nowhere she let out a big yawn. “I almost forgot you have been looking very tired lately and I made a mental note that you should take some time and sleep”

“Oh Derek, I’m fine. I’ll get more than enough sleep later! Now come here and sit down,” Nova said as she waved a finger at him while opening her jacket.

“Are you flirting with me, Lieutenant Commander?”

“Uh yup, now stop playing and get over here!” Nova demanded of him.

Wildstar sat down next to her and kissed her gently. She smiled at him and put her arms around his neck as she leaned back. He helped her lay down on the bed they shared together. He looked into her eyes and started to undress her, she helped him with his uniform. They caressed each other’s bodies with tenderness when they were both naked and unashamed. “I love you too much, so don’t get mad at me when I worry about you,” Derek whispered as he caressed her cheek and played with her hair.

Nova caressed him around his stomach and looked into his eyes. “I know you do, you’re always looking out for me.”

He then took her into his arms and started to make sweet, urgent love to her.

It was beautiful.

Nova smiled at him, thinking, Derek, thank you. I feel like I’ve died and have gone to Heaven. Thank you so much…..Oh, MY…GOD!


V. Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Emperor Desslok’s Palace

Late on May 3, 2205

“Emperor, why is it that you are at war with the Bolar Federation? My father calls you a shallow, arrogant fool, which only wants to rule the universe.” Devina spoke freely about the war. She did not like it at all and she always made sure her father and everyone to know about it.

Desslok liked her honesty; she indeed reminded him of Starsha. Her passion for peace without war made her all more appealing. “And you’re father is?” Desslok asked.

“General Tobo Hindleman… he is the man who raised me” Devina said.

“Ah the great General Hindleman, I have heard many great things about him! He has destroyed many units of my fleet. How is your father?” Desslok became even more intrigued with the Princess. “Tell me more on how he became your caregiver, would you?” Desslok wanted to know everything about her.

“I was just a little girl when my mother decided to became a crusader and go to other planets to spread peace throughout the universe. She was the sister of Queen Rena of Iscandar, her name was Aurora. Starsha and Astra were my cousins. She and her followers then landed on the planet Urbia and for a few years all was quiet. Then the Bolar Federation came, they came to enslave the people there but my mother spoke out against them and they, they murdered her. Because she spoke for peace they murdered her,” Devina eyes filled with tears while remembering what she wanted to forget.

“Before they killed her, she placed me in a closet and told me to stay quiet for fear that they would kill me too. General Hindleman was the one who found me and took pity on me. He took me in as his own, I was his only child. He never married again. He lost his wife and child a year before in a battle on Terron.  He treated me as his own, nothing less. When I was old enough I spoke to him about the ongoing war between Gamilon and Bolar. He told me it was none of my concern. But I knew that Bolar pursed their goal to conquer the universe enslaving many and killing all that opposed them. When the Argo strode into the war between you and bolar is when things turned in your fleets favor. They lost many colonies and all of Bolar had to retreat to deep parts of space and regroup. There they ran into what was left of the Comet Empire.  With the help of my father, he pursued them to join in a union to defeat Gamilon and some day the Argo and its crew.  Emperor Desslok I am not my father, I truly hate what they have done to those planets that they have taken over.  To enslave so many in the name of Bolar is inhuman.”

“My dear princess please call me Desslok, you are more of royalty then I am it is I that should bow to you. Even if you weren’t your beauty alone should have all men bowing.” Desslok said as he bowed to her.

Devina looked on and smiled at him “Nova was right you are a charming man. But I am sure that you can be ruthless on the battle field, she said with seriousness.

“Such a creature like you should not worry about things like that. I do not fight to conquer others only to keep peace in our universe. I assure you that this is the only reason why Gamilons fight.” Desslok didn’t want to let her think that he was like the Bolars and Cometines. He too wanted peace in his galaxy but they wanted more.

“Emperor Desslok,” Devina began.

“Please Your Highness, Desslok will do fine,” He smiled at her.

“Desslok, why can you not try other ways, more peaceful ways to reason with the Bolars?” Devina asked but she already knew the answer, she just wanted him to confirm it.

“Because Devina if I could I would, but the Bolars only know one thing to conquer and destroy.” Desslok said firm. “Now let me show you something, please come this way”

He led her to the grand room that held the great statue of Starsha, Alex and Sasha. She stared at Starsha’s face and saw the resemblance to her. She studied the statues long and hard finally turning to him and asking, “Tell me about her?”

He sat her down on the base of the statue and began to tell her of her cousin. How she too wanted peace and how foolish of him to try to take over Earth. He told her of the great battles between Wildstar and him and how his greed almost destroyed him.  He went on how he and Wildstar became friends but because of his willing to win in everything he lost the only woman he loved to another man, Wildstar’s brother Alex “You see, Devina I do not have regret that she found love. I only regret that it was not me. I respected her choice, if I had not been so destined to destroy Earth and the Star Force I would have realize love was just on the other planet.”

Devina listen to him and saw the pain that he held for the love that he lost. Not once but twice, first to another man then to the final sacrifice, death. She felt for this man, he was not the monster that the Bolars portrayed him to be. But she also knew he was not someone you crossed.

“Princess it would be an honor if you stay here on Gamilon under my protection. It will not be safe for you to stay on the Endeavor with the many battles that lie ahead. Please Devina ,stay here.” Desslok was very smitten with her, she reminded him so much of Starsha and yet she was her own person.

“I’m not sure if I should, Desslok. If my father finds out that I am here he would destroy anything or anyone that would get in his way.” Devina didn’t want to see that happened to him and his people.

“My dear, please let me worry about that!” Desslok took her hand and kissed it. “Talan” he called to his aid that was always in the wings waiting. “Please have the north wing of the palace prepared for the princesses stay. She is to be catered hand and foot.”

“Desslok, please do not fuss over me… I will be just fine. I do not need all that space. All I need is a modest room with a large bed.” Devina laughed at him just fussing over her. He pretty much reminded her of her father when she was younger, before he became such a tyrant. “Thank you for making me feel so welcome.  But tell me this how is it that you can be so kind knowing that I have been raised by the Bolar Federation. Why have you not questioned me about my father and of the many bases the Bolar Federation have among the galaxy?”

It never crossed Desslok’s mind that she would have that kind of vital information “Devina, you are not your father and are not of Bolar descent. If you do know where the bases are then I will leave it to you to tell me. I will never pressure you into giving me vital information. Your trust and respect is more important to me, anyway I already suspect were they are.” Desslok grinned at her, he didn’t want her to feel that she was a prisoner, and that she was brought there to be interrogated.  He was very fond of her and didn’t want to scare her off.

“Now Your Highness, I must meet up with my comrades and discuss some things. Talan will see to it that you are settled in and comfortable. I would love for you to honor me with your presence at dinner.” He so much wanted to kiss her on the lips but took her hand, bowed and kissed it.


VI. Planet Gamilon

Docking Bay 623

EDF Battleship Endeavor

May 3, 2205:  2000 Hours


Derek watched as Nova slept next to him, guess I better get dress. I have to go over plans with Desslok. Derek lean over and gave Nova a kiss, he then jump out of bed, showered and began to get dress. He walked over to his desk and pulled out a pen and paper. He wrote Nova a note so she would know where he was at; the note read as:


Gone to meet with Desslok and talk over our next plans. If you’re up later please join us for the meeting. If not I will see you when I get back for dinner,

I Love you very much….Love Derek.

He placed the note next to her on his pillow so she would see it, gave her a kiss on the cheek and left to meet with Desslok.


Vii. Planet Gamilon

Gamilon City

Conference Hall

 May 3, 2205: 2030 Hours

“Wildstar, I have just gotten word that the Gamilton is docking and their mission was just as successful. The Galaxy II is also docking in the port next to the Gamilton.  Captain Glitchman and his Deputy Captain are on their way as we speak,” Desslok said.

Great… that means Julie is with him, Wildstar thought to himself. And with Nova not here she may act up a little.

“Why don’t we go meet them?” Desslok moved towards the door.

Derek was curious on how things went with Devina “So, Desslok? Hhow did it go with the Princess?”

“I am happy to say that she will now be staying here on Gamilon with me for the time being. Hopefully she will agree to stay longer.” Desslok said with great accomplishment.

Derek was shocked “How the heck did you manage that? I figure she would rather stay on board with Nova and me.” She was so much against the war and to stay with the man that her father hated so much, for sure things were moving so quickly with them. “I guess Nova was right about you, she fell right into your hands.  I’m glad that she is staying here. It’s far too dangerous on ship for her. I only wish Nova was home on Earth, it worries me that something will happen to her.  But then again I’m glad that she’s here by my side, she’s my life and my greatest support.”

“I hope that I have someone like that in my life soon,” Desslok imaged that Devina would be that special someone. But it was too soon to tell. “How is your wife? I have noticed that she hasn’t been looking her usual self.”

Wildstar was always amazed how Desslok noticed everything, nothing escaped him. “I know, thank you for noticing. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that sees it. She ‘s fine. I think that it’s only because she has been working nonstop since leaving Earth, but to tell you the truth I think it’s more.”

“Wildstar she may be right, listen to your wife. I’m sure that if she was very sick she would let you know. Will she be joining us for dinner?”

“I’m not sure, I left her sleeping and it looks like she’s not going to wake until tomorrow,” Wildstar told him. At least she will be well rested.

“She will be missed, shall we convey to the conference room and see what is next on our agenda?” Desslok asked Wildstar.

Wildstar nodded and they made their way to Dessloks conference room. As they made their way there they both went over what needed to be done and how to go over it with the others.

Derek and Desslok walked into the conference room at which all that were present stood up at attention and saluted.

Wildstar saw that Homer and Tolbert were back from planet Tenco. They stood in the corner talking and laughing at their success there.  Wildstar walked over to congratulate them on their success. “Hey Homer, glad that you made it back! I hear that everything went smoothly over on Tenco.”

“Pretty much, looks like everything’s running like clockwork, Wildstar. What’s our next step?”

“We will be talking about that in a few. Desslok wants to talk to his officers and get a feel at what they think it’s the best route to take.”

“Where’s Lieutenant Commander Forrester?” Tolbert was looking to see if she was there.

“She still on the Endeavor catching up on some things, she will try to make the meeting if she’s finished on time.” Wildstar wasn’t telling her anything she didn’t need to know.

Homer looked over and spotted General Sirius. “Excuse me Captain, I need to talked to the General for just one second.” Glitchman walked towards Sirius and left Wildstar there with Tolbert.

“So Captain, looks like we have just been ditched,” Tolbert said grinning at the fact that they were alone in the far part of the room.

“Back off Julie, I’m not in the mood.” Wildstar started to walk out the door to the balcony and Tolbert followed suit. Wildstar looked out in the direction of the Endeavor that could be seen from the Palace.  “She looks great Derek. I’ve never seen anything as grand.”

“I have,” Wildstar said as he continued looking at the vessel. “I’ve seen an even greater ship; the Argo herself. She was the greatest ship I have ever commanded. There was no other ship like her. She was the back bone of the Star Force.” Derek thought of all the missions that the Argo took on. “The Argo never let us down, all of the Star Force knew that she was a part of us, a living, breathing soul. I only wish she was with us now, maybe someday….” Derek looked into the dark night, into the stars.

“Sorry, Derek, I didn’t know that you can get attached to something like a ship” Tolbert said with sarcasm.

“Once you command your own ship, you’ll understand the feeling. But not all the ships are like the Argo. She kept our hopes alive when we went to Iscandar, and when we faced off the Comet Empire as well as the Bolar not to mention all the other enemies. She always bounced back from anything that was thrown at her,” Wildstar thought back to the last time they stood on the bridge of the Argo, before Captain Avatar took her on her last run. He never thought it would be Avatar to take her to her final resting place. He always thought it would be him.  “You’ll never understand that until you command your own ship.”

“A ship is a just a ship…it’s the crew that makes it run.” Tolbert was just not feeling it with him and the Argo.

Wildstar just continue to look in direction of the Endeavor. She may not be the Argo, but she has her own spiri,t Wildstar thought “I guess you’ll never understand, Julie.”

“Well maybe someday I will, I don’t see how you can get attached to a ship, but I’ll take your word for it,” Tolbert trying to make light of the conversation trying to feel him out.

Derek turn his head and smiled at her. “I think someday you will Julie, you’re a good officer, I give you that much.”

“Thank you Derek” Julie said as she made her way closer to him. “I take that as a complete compliment.”

Derek turned to look at the Endeavor one more time and thought about Nova waiting for him sleeping soundly in their room. “I think we’d better get back in, the meeting should be starting” He turn to go into the door not realizing how close she was to him and with one swift move Julie threw her arms around him and kissed him fully on the lips. Completely shocked, Wildstar started to pull away. He grabbed hold of her arms and shoved her away “What the hell are you doing!?? Have you lost your mind, what part of no way do you not understand. Did you forget I AM A MARRIED MAN!

“I’m sorry Derek I just thought that,” Julie tried to tell him that she made a big mistake all those years ago, by leaving him. She knew that he was married but she didn’t care.

Derek turned red with anger “Look just stick to the mission okay? Stay out of my way and Nova’s way! I don’t need the stress of you trying to come on to me. As far as I’m concern this didn’t happen and this will stay between us. Now get yourself together and let’s get this meeting started!” Wildstar walked by her and threw the door open, he never noticed that Lieutenant Howard was watching the whole thing.