Onward With Love…

Chapter Five: Reconciliations

By Yuki Wildstar

With much appreciation to Fred Kopetz , he encouraged me to go for it. With his collaboration in this story about Derek and Nova it has turned out to be better than I thought it would. His vision with detailing and added script has made this so much more fun than expected.  You and Gail ROCK! Thanks for everything and I am so blessed to have a partner in writing.



The Vicinity of Planet New Gamilon

EDF Space Battleship Endeavor

April 28, 2205

0810 Hours

Nova and Derek were sharing some breakfast together in the messhall, smiling and laughing at each other as they spoke.

Sandor looked over at them from another table, and he thought, Well, that’s better than the two of you wanting to kill each other.

Then, he heard Nova laughing as she opened a carrying bag that she had and held up something.

“Nova, what’s in the bag?” said Derek.

“Ecccch,” Nova replied. “Her sock! Julie’s sock! How did this get into my bag, Derek? Are you beginning a collection of smelly socks?”

“Nova…uhh…I’m sorry…I think when I was cleaning up…from last night, I picked it up with your papers and put it in there with…”

“Now, this is mine,” Nova said with a blush as she held up something lacy. Lacy and black, to be exact.

“What is it?” purred Derek as he saw that it looked like a black, lacy garter belt. It was Nova’s. Diane had nothing that..sexy..in her wardrobe.

“Part of what I had on last night…before you…tookitoffme,” Nova said with a blush, and very fast.

Some pilot overheard and went, “Oooooooo!” Some others began to laugh and clap while even Sandor blushed.

“Would you guys be quiet!?!?” Derek yelled.

Sandor shook his head and smiled. He thought, Well, it’s better than the two of them fighting. Back to normal again?

“Okay,” said Derek. “We’ll…uh…hide that. What do we do with Julie’s sock?”

“Send it to her,” Nova replied.


“Out an airlock,” Nova said as she winked. “Then she can go swimming out in space to get it. I sure don’t want it? Purple socks? What sort of woman wears bloody purple socks?”

Derek shrugged. Nova pretended to punch him, but then they kissed and got back to eating.

Now, they were all assembled on the flight deck. There, they waited for the Captain to arrive. Sandor adjusted IQ-9 to make sure that all was well with his analyzers. Delvechio, Pesci and Howard talked about their flight plans that they would go over with the Gamilon fighter pilots. It wasn’t like the Captain to be late, but this particular day Wildstar showed up late.

“Good morning” Wildstar greeted Sandor and the rest of his crew. “Are we ready to see Desslok?”

“You seem very chipper this morning Captain; did you have fun last night?” Sandor asked with a grin. He wanted to help Nova and Derek straighten things out between them. After all they were the only family that he had. Also since they were working together, tension between them  could cause problems, even though they made very sure they stayed professional, one could never know. Sandor thought that it was better that they work together as a loving team, then as an angry team.

“As a matter a fact, thanks to you and the rest of the crew, I did. Thank you, Sandor, for taking over the bridge last night. Pesci, Delvechio are you ready?” Wildstar called over to them.

“Yes sir” The two Tonys said together.

“Are you ready to go over everything with the Gamilons?”

“Yes we are, sir” Lieutenant Delvechio replied. “We have everything, but sir, are you sure we can trust the Gamilons?”

“Delvechio, I trust them more then I trust the Bolars and Cometines. And even if they weren’t friendly, I’d still trust the Gamilons for their honor, which is something that we both have in common.”

“I understand, sir.” Delvechio understood all too well. After the great flood from Aquarius when the Dengils tried to take over the Earth, he remember that they showed no mercy to survivors when they attacked the fleet leaving for safer planets. They had even attacked medical boats ferrying wounded crewmembers.

Nova walked in and greeted everyone. “Hello everyone, sorry I’m late but I was…well…detained,” she said sheepishly, looking in Derek’s direction with a little grin.

“What were you doing?” said Derek.

“Discarding someone’s used sock, and…uh…putting something of mine away.”

“No problem, are we all ready to go?” Wildstar asked. Sandor, Nova and Derek boarded the Cosmo Hound, while Pesci, Delvechio and Howard boarded their ship.

“Bridge, ready for departure,” as Wildstar sat in the cockpit of the Cosmo Hound “Okay, everyone strap yourselves in!” he called out to Sandor and Nova. “Delvechio, Pesci, Howard take off, we’ll meet you on the outside of the ship.”

Wildstar and the rest took off to the Gamilons for the meeting of a life time. They were about to team up with the Gamilons in hopes to finally end this with the Bolars and Cometines.  Wildstar knew all too well that EDF would never agree to such a thing. But none the less he had to meet with Desslok for plan B if the EDF didn’t follow through.

“Wildstar do you think that EDF will agree?” Sandor asked.

 “If I know EDF than they will be more than happy sitting behind their round table and discussing the situation. When we get back I should hear from Admiral Singleton on the meeting. We all have to cover all our bases just in case.” Wildstar explained to Sandor.

It didn’t take long for them to get to New Gamilon. They landed and then were escorted to Desslok’s presence. “Hello, Wildstar I have made arrangements for all my Generals and lead pilots to be present be it in person or by video. Please come this way to our conference area.”

Desslok led them to a huge room that was totally him, nothing mundane about this grand room at all. “Welcome, everyone, to my communication area. This is where we get things done, without the voices of politicians,” Desslok laughed.  Wildstar knew all too well what he did to those Gamilons who opposed him.

“Is everyone here, Talan?” Desslok asked his right hand man.

Talan nodded and said, “Yes, Sir. All are present physically or by video.”

“Very well then let’s start the introductions,” Desslok said. “Captain Wildstar, you’ve already met Lieutenant Lugin of the Epsilon, he is in charge of our 1st fleet that patrols the outer parts of Sector 8. This is General Sirius of the Gamiton; he is my bravest leader of our 2nd fleet. He has captured and destroyed many of the Cometines and Bolar fleets and pilots. This is Lieutenant Antaras of the Turion; he patrols the Nebula sector. These are my top officers. Wildstar, please introduce yourself and your staff.”

Derek then took the floor. “Hello, gentlemen…I am Captain Derek Wildstar of the Endeavor. These are my top officers; to my right is Lieutenant Commander Steven Sandor who is my Deputy Captain and Chief Technical Adviser, and to my left is Lieutenant Commander Nova Forrester-Wildstar, who is second in command after Sandor. She is our Radar Tech, Living Group Leader and our top Medical Nurse. Lieutenant Masoto Miamato here is our Helmsman and third in command after Sandor. Also here are three of our number-one pilots; Lieutenant Anthony Pesci, Lieutenant Tony Delvechio, and Lieutenant Denise Howard. I am very thankful that Emperor Desslok has agreed to help in this collaboration to unite our fleets in hopes to end this war with the Bolars and Cometines. With your help and expertise we will succeed in this battle that has been a thorn in all our sides, and we will finally have peace within all of the galaxy. I thank you all and now I hand control of this meeting back to your Emperor.”

Desslok then said, “Gentlemen…we must complete this battle in the name of peace. Without peace, we cannot move on. That is why I have agreed to join the Endeavor and Captain Wildstar to put an end to the Bolars’ and Cometines’ reign of terror. We must destroy these thorns that have caused so much harm to our galaxy and our surrounding colonies. I know that we never thought of uniting with any other alien nation to complete our goals of keeping peace. But when Captain Wildstar came to me for help, I could not turn the other way. We have protected their space for many years now….and it is time that we unite in the hopes that we can finally destroy our enemies.” The crowd cheered at what Desslok said.

However, one voice spoke out in defiance of the Emperor. “Your Gace, why should we unite with the Earthlings considering that they have never lifted a finger to protect their own territorial space?” Lieutenant Lugin questioned. 

“Lieutenant Lugin, allow me to address that,” Derek replied. “I know that you and your fleets have been kind enough to protect our Galaxy like a big brother. And on behalf of Earth and the people we thank you greatly. Unfortunately, our politicians are more in the office than in the battle field, and because we do not have a great Emperor like yours to use his military instincts to do what is right for his people, then we must continue with our diplomats to control our military. But there’s one thing that you can count on is that out here in space I have a crew that is willing to take the chance in defeating the problem that our enemies are creating for us.”

“In other words, your hands were tied by your civilian leaders?” said Lugin.

“Exactly,” said Nova. “Here in the field, we will not be so restrained. One way or the other, we will work together.”

“I will take your words for what they are worth; I thank you,” said Lugin.

“Now, let’s continue with our plan to defeat both of our enemies,” Desslok interjected. “Lieutenant Lugin, with your fleet we are going to start in your sector. They will not count on the fact that the Endeavor will be teaming up with our forces. We must find where their main base is, they are still there so it shows that they still have another base somewhere around Sector 8. Once we gain control of that sector then we will move in towards the nebula. Our other fleets, namely, Fleets 4 thru 10 will stay back to keep control of our Galaxy. Considering that they are moving towards the Earth then we will be able to control this part of the sector. Captain Wildstar’s pilots will be of assistance with our fighter pilots. We will train together before heading to our areas.”

They continued for hours going over and over strategic moves before breaking off at the end of the day.

Finally, Wildstar turned to Desslok and said, “Desslok thank you for all you are doing to make this possible. I think with us putting our heads together, we will succeed…and we will win.”

“Wildstar it has been an honor to fight side by side with you, instead of fighting against you.” They both laughed.

“And thank you for taking care of Nova for me, I hope that someday I can return the favor,” Wildstar patted him on the back.

“To entertain such a beautiful creature was not a favor, my friend. Your wife is charming, as well as smart and beautiful. Treat her well, to have a love so true is a great gift. I only wish that I get a chance to have something like what you both have.”

“Desslok, I do believe that someday you will, my friend. But now I think it’s time that we head back to the Endeavor. Once I speak to the Admiral I shall call you and let you know if we are going with plan A or plan B. I only hope that we get a positive response.” Wildstar saluted Desslok.



The Vicinity of Planet New Gamilon

Outer Atmosphere

EDF Space Battleship Endeavor

April 29, 2205

0003 Hours

Once back on the Endeavor, Wildstar ordered Lieutenant Pratt to connect them through to Admiral Singleton.

The Commander appeared on the screen and said, “Wildstar I’m glad that you’ve called, I have news that you have been waiting for. With great surprise, the EDF has agreed for the Endeavor to precede with the union with the Gamilons. I will be sending you assistance in the next day to help with that union.”

Wildstar was shock that the EDF caved in so quickly, especially teaming up with the Gamilons. “I don’t know what to say, sir. This is a total shock, to tell you the truth we all were ready to become mutineers. But this will work out better.”

“Of course, Captain, there will be conditions.” Singleton hated this part of what he agreed to, but in order to get his way, he had to do so. “Wildstar, I must let you know that these conditions are not set in stone. If you should feel that they will interfere with your mission then you must use your discretion,” Wildstar knew all too well what he was saying. He may have agreed to what EDF was requesting, but Wildstar and his crew must do what they thought would benefit Earth.  EDF would never have agreed if Singleton refused their request. “And these conditions, sir, what are they?”

“They are as follows; That you review all joint tactics with me first, but, otherwise, you are in total control of the mission. Second, I will be sending you some backup; I ask that you wait until said backup arrives in your sector before you begin any joint strikes with the Gamilons. Finally, Garuman-Gamilon has no claim to any of our colonies at the end of this threat, and you are not to let them claim any of our colonies. I know that these restrictions might be impossible to follow, but as I said you must use your discretion. Good Luck, Captain.” Wildstar saluted Singleton and he signed off.

As Derek sat at his chair, he took in what was just told to him. Review all tactics with me first? Derek thought. We are on a very short leash. He couldn’t believe what Singleton just told him. So, the EDF agreed, but with these little idiotic conditions. Derek thought, I guess Singleton had to do what he had to do to keep Earth safe. Well if that’s how the EDF wants it, then so be it… I can play the game too. Wildstar turned to Pratt and ordered him to put him through to Desslok.

“Sir, I have Emperor Desslok on video.”

Derek saluted his former enemy, who nodded at him. “Yes, Wildstar?”

“Hello, Desslok I just received word from Earth and our EDF.  We got the thumbs up as we would say on Earth. We are now partners in crime. Earth will be sending us assistance in this so we must wait until then to strike.”

“Very well then Wildstar we shall wait, until then we will continue with our training. We can start first thing in the morning.” Desslok raised his glass to Wildstar and bid him goodnight.

“Well you all heard him everyone…make sure that we all get a good night’s sleep it’ll probably be a long time when we see that again.” Wildstar ordered his bridge crew.  “We have a job to do in the morning.”



When Wildstar walked into his cabin, Nova was waiting for him on the bed. “Hello, Captain, and the verdict is…?”

“We’ll wait for our backup and then we’ll go to war with the help of the Gamilons. But in the mean time, Mrs. Wildstar, we can relax until then, how about some music and dinner? Tonight, maybe let’s have a little of that wine from our great Captain Avatar’s vineyard that was so graciously left to us.” Wildstar grinned at his wife, “and who knows what’s next?”

“Well, I think I know what comes after that Mr. Wildstar. Are we going to have a repeat of last night?”

“Only if you are willing my love, or I can just keep you captive for the night. Let’s say….uh… a prisoner of war?” Nova laughed at the thought.

“Well if that’s how you want to play it then I’m not giving away any secrets. So if you must then do as you like to me, and torture me for information,” Nova said. 

“Torture you?” said Derek. “Why, torture can be fun,” he said, grabbing her around the waist and tickling her stomach. She laughed and “fought” him off with a pillow, saying, “This torture is horrible!”

“Ah, we have ways of making you talk, Nova Forrester Wildstar! I can use water, I can use wine, I can use music, or food, or dancing!”

They both laughed, not knowing what this light-hearted exchange portended for their future. If Derek would have been able to see ahead a few months in time…he never would have teased Nova about torture, and Nova would never have teased Derek about being tortured. The nightmares Nova had once had about being tortured had faded some time ago, and she barely remembered them. 

Wildstar walked over to his IPod base and turn it on as Journey’s “Faithfully” came over the speakers. He grabbed Nova by the waist and kissed her neck and then her lips. “Nova, whatever happens…I love you very much. If anything happens to me I want you to live on.”

“Derek why are you talking like this? Come on, nothing will happen to you or me. We are both going to come out of this just fine. I don’t want you to talk like that, we have too many plans to fulfill. Like maybe start a family and have maybe two or three little Wildstars. I was working with pediatrics before coming here and it made me think about having kids a little sooner then we planned. How do you feel about that? I can understand if you wouldn’t want to right now with this pending mission. But it would be nice to think about having one with you, Derek.”

Derek looked into his wife’s eyes long and hard. “Babe, I think that’s a wonderful idea. Nothing would please me more then you having my child. I guess after this is all over we should start working on that right away.” He kissed her again holding her tight and wanting her more.  She kissed him on the neck and worked her way up to his lips, all the while caressing his back. “I love you so much Derek I hope that all this works out, I would hate to be left alone with nothing to remember you by.”

“I’m not going anywhere, my love. And if you like we can start practicing on our little project to make sure that we get it right the first time we try.”

“Oh, Derek, I would like that very much!” Nova giggled at him as he kissed her neck, while unzipping her uniform and making his way to her chest. Nova began to feel weak in the knees, which was something he did to her often when he was near her. “Oh, Nova I love you very much.”

Derek managed to peel her gold and black shipsuit off of her and kissed her breasts as Nova started to undo his uniform. Working his top off and admiring his broad shoulders and chest.  She played with his stomach and then began to unzip his pants. Derek looked at Nova and took her in, every part of he, as he made her naked in his arms. He then took her by the arm and led her to his bed that they both shared now. He felt her body shivering in the cold room, after all the ship was still stationed at the edge of space in the upper atmosphere of Gamilon-Garuman. Derek took her in his arms and laid her down all the while kissing her body.  She let him work her body, moaning at the pleasurable things that he was doing to her.  He stopped and looked into her eyes. “Maybe it will happen tonight?”

“What will happen, Derek?”

“You know, maybe we will make a baby?”

“I really don’t think that will happen, because I have to stop taking my pills. But I don’t have to take them in the morning.” Nova looked at him.

“Maybe we’ll just practice tonight and work on it later. What do you think?” Derek said with concern. He didn’t want to discourage her from wanting kids.

“I think you’re right, just practicing will be a whole lot more fun.” Nova purred into his ear. “Anyway with this mission it wouldn’t be a great time to have a baby. But if you like I can stop taking my pills and if it happens, then it will happen.”

“Let's just play this by ear, baby. First the mission, then we can start trying.  I have a lot on my mind with this mission and I don’t need to worry if you’re pregnant.  And I’m sure you feel the same way.”

“I think your right, but isn’t it fun just thinking about it? And all the practicing we will have.” Nova smiled at the thought. One day, she knew she would have his baby, if not now then sometime in the future. “I love you, Derek”

“I love you too, baby.”

At that, they kissed…

…and they continued to “practice” for making a baby together.


Pesci and Howard were both on the flight deck looking over their ships for morning exercises. They both went through each ship with a fine tooth comb. “So what do you think about this union with the Gamilons?” Howard asked Pesci.

“I trust the Captain and his decisions, you shouldn’t worry your pretty head about it. Our Captain is top in his game, I’d trust him with my life. He wouldn’t put us all in danger. He’s the kind of man that would take a bullet for you and keep fighting until he stops breathing. What makes you think that he is making a mistake?”

“Oh I don’t know, Pesci? Maybe it’s because of how Desslok was set to destroy Earth so many years ago.” Howard looking at her ship making some final checks.

“I think people can change, he seems like he respects our Captain very much and I truly think if the Captain was in danger, he would be the one to look for him and destroy anyone to save him.”

“I hope that you are right Pesci, for all our sakes.” Howard said.

“In the mean time, how about a little smooch while no one is looking?” Pesci grinned.

“You, sir, are getting worse and worse every day. I can’t picture how Nova and Derek have kept so professional on missions. It’s hard enough with working together and you don’t make it any easier.” Howard teased.

“My love, it’s the Italian man in me. We are just hot blooded to begin with. Now, give me a little smooch! As your superior, I order you to. And make it fast…someone might be watching. If I can’t have you the other way at least give me this one kiss.” Pesci puckered up for a kiss.

“Sir, are you actually ordering me to do that? Isn’t that considered sexual harassment?  I might have to report you to the Captain,” Howard laughed

“And I’m sure that he would tell you to follow orders.  Now give me that kiss or I’ll have to send you to the Brig!” Pesci said, still waiting for a kiss.

“Oh alright, come here, you,” Howard grabbed him close to her and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.

“Pesci, I hope that everything works out, I really don’t want to lose you. I know that we wanted to wait to get married but what if something happens to either one of us?....”

“Denise, are you finally agreeing with me to get married sooner than our pending date?  I want to marry you now if you’ll go for it. I’ve asked you what? Five times a day or more.”

“Babe, the last time I counted it was 11 times in one day. And maybe taking you up on that might not be so bad right now, hmmh?” Howard laughed at how he was so pushy about marrying her.

“Maybe we can ask the Captain to do the deed? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. After all we are on ship and Naval laws give him power to marry a couple and it’s legal.” Pesci said, egging her on, because he loved this women and wanted her to be his wife.

“Do you think he would?” Howard started to get excited about getting married.

“Only one way to find out, let’s go ask!” Pesci laughed while grabbing her by the arm to head to the Captain’s quarters.



“You two want me to do what?” Wildstar stood there shocked at what they were asking. “Are you serious?”

“Sir, marry us today, I cannot go on without her as just my fiancée. I want her to be my wife. I’ve been asking her every day for the past six months and she finally caved in. So I guess I should get her to the altar before she changes her mind. So what do you say, sir?” Pesci hoping that he would not back down.

“Well, are you two sure about this? I mean it will be legal and there’s no turning back.” Wildstar scratched his head while looking at Howard.

“Yes sir, we are sure this time.” As she stood looking at her soon to be husband.  “Nova, will you be my maid of honor?”

“I would love to, it will be an honor,” Nova said as she turned from some paperwork. “But, Derek, you think we can make this a little more formal so it’s not like the justice of the peace?”

“What do you have in mind?” Wildstar loved that about Nova. She always wanted to make things special for others, no matter how small the occasion she always gave it her all.

“Well how about having it in the mess hall and inviting some of the others? I think that I can arrange something in 2 hours. Denise, I think I can find something nicer than your uniform for you to wear. And I can get Cookies to make something really quick for them. How about it Captain? Let’s not hold them back!  After all, if we could have gotten married sooner we might have taken the chance.”

“Lieutenant Commander Forrester, I think you have this under control. Very well then, in 2 hours you two will be married,” Derek said. “So, Pesci you have 2 hours to get your cold feet and run for the hills.”

“Derek, that’s not nice!” Nova said as she playfully slapped her husband’s wrist. “I remember someone all too well, a certain Captain who was too nervous to even talk on his wedding day! Remember him, Derek?”

“Yeah, I remember,” Derek said with a deep blush.

“Come on Denise, we have some planning to do.” Nova grabbed Howard and they headed off together with a laugh to make plans.

“Well, Pesci, my congratulations to both of you, you could have never done better. She’s a great girl. Now you take good care of her, Nova likes her a lot and if she sees you mistreating her she’ll nag me to do something harsh to you. Let’s never get to that point.”

“Sir, she is my diamond in the rough, I will treat her the only way I have seen you treat Lieutenant Commander Forrester, with love, respect and admiration.” Pesci said with a look of love in his eyes. Something Wildstar knew all too well.

“Very well then, let’s get you into your dress uniform before you change your mind.  I don’t want you to be taking off and leaving your bride at the altar, then I’ll never hear the end of it from Nova. And we don’t want that to happen, do we?” Wildstar with a wide grin.

“No sir, if anyone will probably be running would most likely be her. She’s the one that wanted to wait.  I’m just glad that she is willing to marry me, I thought it would never happen. For a minute there I thought she would never marry me. It was like pulling teeth with this one. She’s almost Italian, reminds me of my mother.” Lieutenant Pesci talking with his hands the way Italians do. They both laughed and walked towards Wildstar’s quarters.



The Vicinity of Planet New Gamilon

Outer Atmosphere

EDF Space Battleship Endeavor

April 29, 2205

1500 Hours

It seemed that everyone from the ship attended. Nova did a great job on the hall. She managed to get Desslok to donate some of those exotic flowers that he gave Derek for their night of romance. In return, the condition was that he had to  be present at the ceremony.  The flowers were scattered all over and Cookies made a feast to feed more than an army. Not to mention that Desslok ordered his chefs to add to the festivities. Pesci look very well groomed and excited to see his bride. He waited too long for this moment, too many times she declined his proposal to marry right away and now she had finally agreed to marry him today. Wildstar look nervous in his Captain’s Pea Coat nicely pressed with his cover, he never did a wedding before, even though there was  a course that was given for just such occasion.

I hope I do a good job for you Pesci. I’m better at being a Captain then I am being a minster.”

“Sir, I’m sure you’ll do a great job. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And thank you for the mini bachelor party. I just hope that Delvechio can still standup after he threw back those shots. I always thought he would be the first to the old ball and chain with Springer. But I guess it didn’t work for him and her, if you ask me she was too high maintenance for him.”

“Allow me to give you my best” as Wildstar and Pesci looked up. Desslok appeared in front of them.

“Thank you sir, I really am honored that you have attended this special occasion with us.” Pesci shook his hand.

“So ,Wildstar are you ready for your speech?” Desslok knew he was nervous and couldn’t resist making fun of him.

“I, uh, I guess I will be. If I mess this up Nova will kill me…” Wildstar was getting more nervous as the time got closer.

“You’ll do just fine, friend, and if you do mess it up then I can move in on your lovely wife.” Desslok laughed. “After all, she will kill you!”

Wildstar laughed with him, but he also knew that Desslok would never move in on Nova. He and Desslok always made fun about fighting over her. Desslok knew that Nova’s heart would always remain with Derek.

The music began to play and everyone stood to the side to make a walk way for the maid of honor and the bride. Nova walked in first, she wore a stunning Ruby Red off the shoulder dress that fell straight to the floor to cover her yellow space boots. Her hair was slightly up with strings of hair cascading around her face. Derek looked at her with amazement. She is always beautiful and she seems to surprise me each time with something different she wears.

Wildstar whispered “you are going to be so pleased when you see her” Pesci smiled at the thought of seeing his bride for the first time.

Denise walked into the hall with a smile that lit up the whole room. Staff Sergeant Booker was her escort to give her away. He looked great in his Space Marine Corps dress blues. “She’s beautiful,” Derek lean over to Pesci.

“She is, isn’t she” Pesci looked back at him.

She wore a dress Nova lent her. Because Nova was taller than her, it fell just right as a wedding dress. It was off-white with white lacy straps. Howard had a blue scarf that she wore on her head that was handed down to her by her mother, with simple studded earrings and gold chain. For once in her life she actually did something that she thought was a right time in her life. She looked across the room to see Anthony standing in full dress officer’s uniform, with metals and ribbons. He looked awesome she thought to herself. Delvechio stood on his left with a smile of how happy he was for them both. Wildstar stood to his right and Nova was next to Wildstar’s right. They all seem to be smiling, except for the Captain who did look pretty nervous. As Denise walked down the aisle to her groom, she noticed Desslok sitting up front. Desslok looked on as she walked down the aisle, she turn and silently whispered thank you to him for coming. I guess he is not so bad she thought to herself. She then turned her attention back to Anthony and smiled wide as she made her way next to him. He grabbed her hand and then tried to give her a kiss.

“Wait one minute Lieutenant I didn’t even get to that part yet. Trust me you’ll have more than enough time for that later,” Wildstar laughed, knowing he wanted to do that with Nova when they reach the altar together. The crew laughed with him as he began to take them apart from the kiss.

“Now can I start this, so that you can finally kiss her?” Derek stammered. “It’s…uhh…er…. bad enough I’m a nervous wreck doing this, just give me the chance to make a fool out of myself first before you head to your quarters.”

“Yes, sir” Pesci and Howard said together laughing.

“Now we are gathered here today to join this man and women in the holy union of glue!” Derek stammered.

Everyone laughed as Nova came over and pointed out the right passage in the book. “The holy union of matrimony,” she whispered.

Derek cleared his throat and again said, “Now we are gathered here today to join this man and women in the holy union of matrimony. The union of marriage, which is an…uh… honorable bondage!”

An honorable estate,” Nova whispered as everyone laughed again and Howard gave him a dirty look. “Derek, get this right or you are dead,” Nova whispered sweetly in his ear.

Everyone laughed while Derek said. “Strike that, reverse that, start over. The union of marriage, which is…” he said. “An honorable estate. It is an honor to bring these two individuals together in such trying times. With all that has occurred in the last few months it is with great pleasure to have a joint event before us.  Lieutenant Anthony Pesci, do you pledge to love, honor, and cherish Lieutenant Denise Howard, and throughout your years together be honest, faithful and kind to her? Do you pledge to give her the happiness she gives you, to react to her as only you can, and to respect her for whom she is, not who you want her to be?”

“I do” Pesci said

“Lieutenant Denise Howard do you pledge to love, honor, and cherish Lieutenant Anthony Pesci, and throughout your years together be honest, faithful, and kind to him?,” Derek said, as he finally sounded like a Captain instead of a blathering idiot. “Do you pledge to give him the same happiness he gives to you, to react to him as only you can, and respect him for who he is, not who you want him to be?”

“I do, with all my heart” Howard said with tears in her eyes.

“Do you have the Rings?” Wildstar looked at them. This was so sudden, and where were they going to get rings? After all, there were no jewelery stores here on ship.

Pesci smiled and pulled out a small velvet box and opened it up exposing two simple gold wedding bands.

“When did you get those?” Howard looked surprised

“I’ve been carrying these since two days after we returned back to Earth. I’m just grateful that you finally decided to marry me,” Pesci smiled.

“Oh Pesci, you’re just full of surprises” Howard trying to hold her tears back.

“Okay then let’s continue,” Derek said. “Anthony, please place the ring on Denise’s wedding finger and repeat after me, with this ring I pledge my love and commitment

“With this ring I pledge my love and commitment” Pesci said while placing the small gold band on Howard’s hand.

“Denise please repeat after me, with this ring I pledge my love and commitment” Derek said, with Nova smiling as she remembered saying similar words to Derek at their own wedding Mass.

“Yes sir, with this ring I pledge my love and commitment”

“Denise, this is not an order, you don’t have to call me sir,” Wildstar laughed at her for being so nervous.

“Sorry, sir” Denise trying to not blush.

“By the power vested in me, and as witnessed by friends and family, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pesci. Now you may kiss your bride.” Wildstar announced.

Everyone roared with laughter, Pesci grabbed Denise by the waist and lean her back to give her a kiss. They kissed long until Wildstar tapped Pesci on the shoulder. “Ah Lieutenant you still have a honeymoon, so don’t waste it all here!”

“Sir I’ve waited too long for this. Mrs. Pesci, I love you very much. You’ve made me the happiest man on this ship, next to our minister and Captain and of course his lovely wife.”

Derek looked at Nova and smiled, she walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek “I know you were nervous but you did a great job, Derek…once you got past those first few jitters. I’m so proud of you.”

Derek stuck his finger down his collar and tried to let it loose. “I think I was more nervous now then on our wedding day. I hope I don’t have to do this every mission. I’d rather command a ship and fleet in three days of combat then to do this again, Nova, love!”  Nova laughed out loud at him.

“Well everyone let’s get the reception going we only have an hour.” Derek called out.

They all started to run and kiss the bride and shake the grooms’ hand. Congratulations were said by everyone with pats on the back for Pesci and hugs for Howard.

Denise was talking with Nova and thanking her for all she’s done when she felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. Howard turned to see Desslok standing before her.

“My deepest congratulations to you and your partner, you made a beautiful bride. May you have all the happiness in the universe.” Desslok said while bending down to kiss her hand.

“Emperor Desslok, I have to admit that at first I found you very intimidating, but once I got to know you, you’re okay in my book,” Howard smiled at him, feeling more comfortable with him at last.

“Coming from the lady of the day, it is a very high compliment. Thank you for letting me be a witness to such an event,” Desslok gave her a hug and Howard hugged him back.

The reception lasted exactly one hour, and then everyone began to get back to their posts.

“Well, Lieutenant I guess it’s that time you and your bride take the rest of the night off,” Derek said. “Report first thing in the morning, our fleet should be here by then. Don’t forget to put the do not disturb sign up or someone may walk in on you two,” Wildstar said while jabbing Pesci in the side. “Congratulations again, you two make a great couple”

“Thank you Captain, I’ll never forget what you did for us” Pesci said to Wildstar.

“Yes Captain thank you for everything” Howard sneaking up behind them.

“Go you two, go have fun” Nova shooing them away.

With that they both headed back to Pesci’s quarters which were already decorated with flowers that were brought from the wedding. There was also a candle-lit dinner that Cookies created for them and romantic music playing in the background compliments of Nova and Derek.

“This is nice, so Mrs. Pesci what’s it gonna be, is it gonna be Lieutenant Pesci or Lieutenant Howard? We Italian men like for our women to take on our name. So what is it?”

“Well considering that my mentor has only taken her husband’s name only in private then I think that keeping my maiden name for professional reasons is the best way to go. Are we gonna have a problem with that, huh?” Howard stood tall and dared him to oppose her as she talk to him in her best Brooklyn accent.

“Well considering that you can probably beat me up on our honeymoon then I guess you will be known to everyone as Lieutenant Howard, but in the civilian world it is Mrs. Pesci. Now come over here and let’s consummate our marriage.  Come sit here next to me.” Pesci patted the bed.

“If you insist on it then …..”  Howard walked over to Pesci and sat on his lap, throwing her arms around him and kissing him. “I am so glad that I decided to take that walk down the aisle.  You’re the best thing in my life now and you are my best friend.”

“Come here Mrs. Pesci” he grabbed her and drew her to the bed. Slowly he began to take off her wedding dress and caressed her body. “Anthony I love you very much…” 

“…and I love you too” Pesci replied.

They kissed and began their wedding night.

It was heaven.

Pure heaven.



Nova and Derek walked into the Captain’s stateroom together, “Derek, do you remember our wedding?” Nova said as she pulled off her boots.

“Sure do, you were the best looking girl there” Derek joked with her. “Howard looked beautiful and you did a great job putting everything together for them.”

“I didn’t want my friend to look back and regret getting married in some quickie ceremony. She deserved something nice, and you, Captain you did a great job in that too…even though even your mistake was cute. “Honorable bondage?” she teased. “Holy Union of Glue?”

They both laughed at Derek’s little nervous mistakes. Nova then kissed Derek hard as she threw herself into his lap. “Come here, you, it’s nice to know that something good came out of this mission. I love you, Captain Wildstar now get over here and let’s make our own second honeymoon.”

“I thought you never ask” Derek walked over to her, grabbed and kissed her. 

“Let’s do some more practicing to make that baby together,” Nova laughed.

And they practiced.

Boy, did they practice…

Nova was in a horrible dream, the first nightmare she had had in weeks.

The room was cold, and she was completely naked as men in the shadows laughed at her.

Her wrists were tied together by some sort of strap.

Soon, she was raised off the ground, and she could see her bare toes dangling off a cold cement floor.

Light shone in her eyes and created tears as something whistled behind her.

Something like fire hit her naked back as she gasped, biting her tongue so hard that she made it bleed. She could feel her own blood going down her throat as something wet and warm ran down her back to her exposed bottom…it was more blood.

The whip whistled again and hit her twice. This time, Nova just screamed out loud. Someone laughed at her and said in a rough accent, “Now are you going to tell us where we can find your husband and his fleet?”

“Yes, if you are pregnant, we are going to just give you another miscarriage, Earthling scum!” roared another voice.

“Maybe you’d prefer to be dead and to join your children in the next life in Hell?” mocked another rough voice.

“Never,” said Nova. “All right,” she lied. “The Endeavor is in Sector Six, we…”

“THAT’S A LIE!” someone else screamed.

The whip came again. And again…

Nova awoke to find herself naked in bed beside Derek.

She shook him awake as she sobbed. “I…had….”

“What?” Derek said. “Nova?”

“Cold. Naked. Whips! Bolars, I think! They want to kill me! Take our baby from us!”

“Nova?” said Derek, who was utterly confused.

“just hold me,” Nova sobbed as she cried herself back to sleep in Derek’s arms as he wondered, Take our baby from us? What is going to happen? And why is she having these horrible nightmares again?

Confused, Derek just held Nova as he fell back into an uneasy sleep…