Onward With Love…

Chapter Forty-One  (Conclusion)

By Yuki Wildstar

28th of January, 2207

Great Island General Hospital

0325 hours

“I’m sorry Derek; I thought for sure that today would be the day.” Nova said as she continued to get dressed.

“Hey first time me . . .  first time you” he grinned as his wife put her clothes back on.

Doctor Fritz finished writing down in her chart once again. Another false labor pains. “Nova it will happen, the first one sometimes seems like it will take forever to come.” He tried to reassure her “It’s common to get false labor pains but just when you think that it’s another false alarm that’s when it happens.”

“I just feel bad that Derek is losing so much sleep dragging me down here.”

“Awww…Nova, it’s alright” he yawned “Doc, what can we do to speed things up?”

“Well you can try jogging, walking or just continue working until it just happens naturally. Have plenty of sex that usually does the trick.”

Nova looked over to Derek and smiled. ‘I think we’ve covered that part’ she thought and smiled wider knowing that he was thinking the same thing.

“Go home and try to get some sleep.” He said as he took hold of her chart and left the room. Wildstar helped her with her things and grab her overnight bag then left the room. As they drove back to the house Nova sat in silence rubbing her huge stomach. Derek could see the disappointment in her face and took hold of her hand while driving with the other.

“You know I think we’re rushing it. Maybe if we just go on with our day and not think of it, Alex will show up before we know it.”

“Derek, I feel like I swallowed a whale. My feet are swollen, my butt feels like there should be wide load painted on it and on top of everything else every chance he gets he kicks me in the lungs. I can’t take it anymore. I just want to get this over with.” She said frustrated. He just knew when not to say more to her. All he could do was hold her hand and drive home.

Nova went into their room and lay down while Derek went into his office and noticed the answering machine blinking. Unlike most days they would return calls before dinner. He pressed the button and heard Stones voice on the speaker. “What the hell does he want?” He said out loud.

Captain Wildstar this is General Stone, first thing in the morning I will need you to report to docking bay 6. The Endeavor is under refit there and you need to oversee some adjustments personally. Please call me when you get to the docking bay.” He heard him say then the line went dead. He couldn’t wait until Singleton took control. He was easing back in as per the doctor’s orders. Just a few more days until he takes total control, he thought. Then we will be done with him forever. Derek sat down on his chair and deleted the message when he looked up to see Nova standing at the door with her hands crossed above her stomach. “Is he kidding?” she asked annoyed.

“I’ve never known Stone to be kidding.” He said as he got up and walked over to her. “Relax baby, I will be there when you go into labor. I’ll have my cell with me and the minute you call me I’ll be jumping into my car and meeting you at the hospital. I promise.” he said crossing his heart.

“You better be or Old Stone face will know what it is to feel pain caused by a woman.”

“Come on let’s get some sleep.” He took hold of her waist and they went to bed.


Derek left early to overseeing the refit of the Endeavor. Once he commanded this great ship ‘She wasn’t a bad ship. I’m glad that I had a chance to command her’ he thought and then went right to work.

For the time being Nova needed to work, she decided to go into work at EDF and finish some work she left on her desk.  “Mrs. Wildstar, what are you doing here?” her aid asked. “I thought that you were in labor and you would’ve had the baby by now.”

 “False alarm like before. Poor Derek must be beat…this is the third time this week.” Nova smiled as she told her about the night at the hospital. “I guess it’s best to take the doctors’ advice and keep busy. I can’t work at the hospital because Doctor Sane and Fritz will chase me out of there. Plus I have a few files that I should finish before I give birth, if it will ever happen” she huffed.

“I understand my sister was almost 3 weeks late and she started doing jumping jacks just to hurry up the process. Now she wishes that she stayedpregnant, because my nephew has so much energy it’s driving her nuts.” She said as they both laughed.

“Can you get me the file for the Endeavor?” Nova said as she walked into her office.

“Ma’am General Stone has that file.”

“Why, Captain Wildstar hasn’t even finished with her refit yet?”

“I try to tell him that, but you know how he is. Would you like for me to retrieve the file for you?” She asked.

Nova just stood at her door and shook her head. “No, I’ll get it later. Did he take any other files?”

“Not that I know of but you might want to check.”

Nova walked into her office and sat down. As she went over most of the files she kept noticing the same invoice over and over again. “That’s strange here is that same charge on the same item again.” She began to look at all the other files closer. “Marie, can you come in here for a minute?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Can you help me look through these files?”

“Sure what are we looking for?”

“See here in the charges, for some reason this particular number keeps coming up. 10,000 credits per hour for an installation of a rotary for a shock cannon.”

“Is that normal?”

“Only the fact that their installed by our EDF soldiers and not a contractor. They are the only ones that know how to install it correctly after the incident back in 2202. It was ordered by Admiral Singleton personally. Plus some of these charges are like only 2 or 3 hours, when does it take only 2 or 3 hours to install a rotary when it takes like almost a day and half to remove the old one and another day to install the new one. I can’t believe I never picked it up before. No wonder I never balanced it out. Whose signature is on those reports?”

“It doesn’t say, just says upper management approval,” Marie read on one of the reports.

“Hmmm, let’s pull out some of the other files and see if that comes up.” She said and went to work, pulling files and going through them carefully.

“Here’s another one for 5 hours this time,” Marie showed Nova the invoice.

“See if you can find the original invoices for all of those charges?” Nova ordered.

“Yes Ma’am.”  She said and then began to go through the files searching for them.

Nova picked up the phone and dialed his extension. “Michelle, is he in?”

“No Ma’am he stepped out to meet with his wife for an early lunch.”

“Please inform me when he returns it’s important that I speak with him.” Nova said then hung up the phone. “Marie, anything?”

“Yes Ma’am I managed to find one invoice but this is strange it was a requisition made by General Stone himself. All the charges were made out to a J.A.S Min Construction.”

“I’ve never heard of J.A.S Min Construction. Make copies of all those charges and the original invoices and Marie don’t tell anyone about it.”

“Yes ma’am.”

An hour later Nova and Marie continued to look through more files when Nova stood up and stretched her back then said “Keep going through those files. I’m going over to see if Admiral Singleton is available. Just finish making copies of all those invoices and set them aside.”

“Yes ma’am.”

She left her office and walked over to the elevators, as she waited for one to come she kept going over her head on the charges that made no sense. ‘What the hell is J.A.S. Min Construction, and what does Stone have to do with it?. The bell to the elevator rang and the doors opened. Who she saw standing inside made her skin crawl. Stone stood in the middle of the elevator staring at her. “Good morning sir” she said as she stepped into the elevator.

“Good morning, I see nothing yet on the birth.” He said making her shy away.

“Nothing yet sir.” She said when her cell rang. “Hello” she said as she answered it and then smile.

“Hello there Mrs. Wildstar. . . how do you feel so far?. . . Anything?” She heard her husband’s voice on the other end.

“No nothing yet”

“I’m going into the office and was hoping to have lunch with a beautiful woman. Are you free?” he asked.

“I think I can make it. I just have to stop into the Admiral’s office and discuss something with him. Then I am all yours.” Nova said into the phone trying to speak softly so Stone wouldn’t hear her.

“Good, should be there in about an hour. Love you.”

Me too, see you then.” She said then hung up.

“Admiral Singleton is still out to lunch. Sorry I was ease dropping. Is there anything I can do to help?” Stone asked curious to know what she wanted to talked to him about.

“Thank you sir but I just needed the files for the other ships that are being refitted so I can finish with the accounts. That way if I go into labor I don’t have someone calling me about the files while I am on maternity leave.”

“Which files are you looking for?” he asked more curious.

“Well the Endeavor for one, and the Hiroshi.”

“I believe I have the Endeavor’s file in my car.” Stone wasn’t sure why she was looking for that file but he wasn’t going to let her start looking into its invoices.

“Oh, can you have someone send them to me?”

“Why don’t we go down there and get them? My car is right next to the Elevator so it shouldn’t take too long.”

“I was really on my way up to the Admiral’s office and I . . . .”

“Nonsense, it will only take a minute and he is still at lunch.” He said then pushed the down button. Nova began to feel uneasy about him and stood to one side of the elevator. “So Mrs. Wildstar it should be any time now?” he smiled as she sense something not right.

“Yes any time, sir maybe I can get that file from you later.”

“We’re here” He said as the doors opened and his car was parked where he said it was. He pressed the elevator stop button and walked over to his car. “Nova would you be so kind as to help me, I know it’s in here somewhere.”

Nova watched as he looked in the car and then walked over to the car. “Where should I look?” she asked.

“Can you take the back, while I look up front?” He said over his shoulder as he looked through some papers in the passenger side seat.

Nova opened the back door and began to search through more papers and files that lay on the back seat. Ready to reach for another file she felt the blood from her body drain as she felt someone over her staring down. She turned around and saw Stone standing over her. “What, what are you doing?”

“Get in the car Mrs. Wildstar,” Stone said.



“Hi there Marie…is she in?” Wildstar asked her aide.

“She went to see the Admiral and hasn’t come back yet.”

“That was over an hour ago, can you call up to his office and see if she is still there?”

“Yes sir,” she said then called up to Singleton’s aide. “I see. Well if she stops in can you inform her that her husband is here to see her, thank you.” She said then hung up. “Sir Michelle hasn’t seen her.”

“Strange, when I talked to her she said she was on her way to see him.” Wildstar said feeling something nagging him in the pit of his stomach.

“I thought she would be back by now, she wanted to go through some of these files.”

“Which files?” Wildstar felt more unease.

“I’m sorry sir but she told me not to mention anything to anyone.”

“I think it’s okay Marie, now what files are you looking for or at?”

Marie began to show him the files and invoices, Wildstar looked over each one and realized too about the charges. “Marie …hat was she going to see Singleton about?”

“I’m assuming that she was going to go over some of these invoices. It’s not like her to say she was going somewhere with not letting someone know.”

“She knew I was coming here if she was running late she would have left a message with you or me. I’m going up to see the Admiral, call up to Stone’s office and ask his aide if he has heard from either my wife or Stone himself.”

“Yes sir” she said as she picked up the phone and Wildstar ran for the stairs. He made his way to the 33rd floor and walked down to Admiral Singleton’s office.

“Is he in Michelle?” Wildstar walked up to Singletons door.

“Yes sir but he is on the phone you’ll have to . . . .” she said but he walked into the office before she could stop him.

“Captain Wildstar what the hell is going on, you know you have to be announced!” Singleton snapped.

“I think he has her.” Wildstar began to panic.

“Who has her and who is she?” Singleton said confused.

“Michelle can you call down to Stone’s office and tell him to come here.” Wildstar ordered.

Singleton looked confused “Captain Wildstar I demand to know what is going on.”

Michelle hung up the phone and turned to both Wildstar and Singleton. “Sir that was his aide, General Stone was supposed to be back a couple of hours ago but never came back.  He hasn’t seen him since.”

Wildstar heart started to race. ‘Not again, please not again’ He began to explain what Marie and Nova were going over. He placed down the invoices on his desk and showed him what they all found.

“This can’t be right, Stone would never take money. How could he manage this for this long?” Singleton questioned as he looked over the files. Marie walked into the room with all the other files in hand. She placed them on the table and handed Singleton all the invoices.

“Sir I found this among one of the files. It was buried in this old file. Dated back as far as 2200.” She said then looked at the two officers and said. “I found something else. Mrs. Wildstar found that some of the checks where made out to J.A.S Min Construction.”

“I never heard of J.A.S Min Construction.” Wildstar said

“I know that’s what she said. So I started digging more into it and looked at all the invoice and I figure what it was. It’s not a construction company it’s a person. Her name is Jasmin.”

“But his wife’s name is Teresa.” Singleton said.

“I know so I called her up and thought maybe she knew who it would be. Sir’s it’s the name of a hooker in the outskirts of the city.”



“Where are you taking me?” Nova’s voice trembled. He drove the car looking ahead. “I said…where are you taking me?” she said louder.

“Shut up” he snapped. “It doesn’t matter because he’ll never find you.”

Novas felt herself feel faint ‘I have to stay focus, have to know where he is taking me’ he drove further out of the city dawning on her where he was taking her, to the old underground city. “Why are we going here?”

“To finish what I should have done a long time ago.”

“I don’t understand finish what?”

“What he started, it’s his entire fault that she left me. If he didn’t come into her life she would have returned to me. She was ready to come back to me and then he showed up.”

“What are you talking about?”

He stopped the car and got out, opened the rear door and grabbed Nova’s hand. “Get out.” Nova wanted to fight but she started to feel sharp pains stretching throughput her abdomen.

“Please I think I’m going into labor!” She pleaded.

“Come on.” He dragged her into the elevator that brought them down into the dead city.

They walked deeper into the city passing old rundown buildings and deserted playgrounds that children once played on. Nova thought back to when this was once full of people trying to survive from the radiation that seeped down into the earth. She held her stomach feeling pain come and go. She tried to time the contractions and realized that they were about 20 minutes apart. ‘I have to keep calm, panicking will only make things worse.’ she thought. They walked for an hour when they came to the front of what once been a ritzy building. He took her into the building and dragged her to the second floor and then into an apartment.  She looked around and saw that it was still furnished with worn out tables and chairs. He dragged her into a room and she saw a bed in the far corner of the room.

“Get in there.” he shoved her into the room and close the door. She turned and ran for the door. But he already closed and locked the door.

“Let me out.” She screamed as she bang on the door. “Please, General Stone, Please let me out. I’m going into labor.” But what she heard next made her begin to cry. The outer door slammed shut.



“I’m sorry sir no one has heard from either General Stone or Commander Forrester.” Marie said.

Derek sat down trying to think of what could have happened to the both of them. “Call down to security and have them pull all the surveillance videos NOW!” Singleton yelled at the two Marines standing in the door way.

“Yes sir!” they said and ran out the door.

“Wildstar we will find her.” Singleton put his hand on his shoulder trying to get him to stay focus. They both turned when they heard a knock on the door. Homer and Captain Lee stood in the door waiting. “Enter, Captains.”

“Sir we have something to go over with you.” Homer began.

Homer, now is not the time. Nova is missing and we believe General Stone has something to do with it.” Singleton said.

Lee and Homer looked at each other then Homer said. “Sir, I believe we can help.”

“Thank you Homer, but we are having them pull the surveillance tapes now.” Singleton said

“Sir it’s about Stone, we just found out that Stone and Tolbert are related. She is his niece.”

“WHAT!” Wildstar stood up. “That can’t be, I would’ve known that!”

“Sorry Wildstar but she managed to keep it hush hush. I’m sure that Stone had a lot to do with that. He was probably also the one that help her escape.”

Singleton stood there and began to get flash backs to the night he was attack. Slowly he sat down on his desk and put his head in his hand. “Sir are you alright?” Wildstar asked.

“I’m starting to remember what happened the night I was attacked. When I walked to my car I noticed that it was dark, but before I could even check out why the light was out I saw Stone there. I asked him what he wanted and the next thing I knew everything went black. Then I woke up in the hospital. He was the one that attacked me. He must have known that we were on to him. We had one of the men that help him with Julie escape and we almost had him ready to testify.”

“So that explains what happened, but what does Nova have to do with this?” Wildstar asked.

“That’s a question of the day.” Lee said.

Michelle walked into the room and made her way to the Admiral’s desk. “Michelle what is it.”

“Sir you have to see this.” She said and turned on his screen and punch in the video line. They all gathered around the screen and what they saw sent chills down their backs. Stone shoving Nova into his car and driving out of the building.

“He’s got her.” Wildstar gasped.

“Sir there’s more. I had them searched all the cameras throughout the city and this is what they caught. First we have them leaving the building” she said then continued to walk them through all the video frames. “They caught him driving past this surveillance camera on Fajita Blvd. Then he made a turn here. The next one they got was on this camera here, heading out of the city and that’s where we lost them.” She said looking away from Wildstar.

“Where is that camera at?” Lee said.

“Sir that’s Leiji Street.” Michelle said.

“I know where that’s at, that road leads to one of the underground bunkers. It’s where Danielle’s family lived when we were underground.” Lee said.

“Do you know if Stone lived there?” Wildstar asked worry in his voice.

“I don’t know Derek. But Julie may know.” Lee could see the worry in his face.

“Michelle, call the brig and informed them that Captain Wildstar is on his way to speak with Lieutenant Commander Tolbert.” Singleton ordered and then grabbed his coat and they all headed out the door to the brig.



Nova tried everything to open the door, her pains were getting closer. ‘Now they were coming every 15 minutes’. She sat down on the bed and took some deep breaths. “Out of all days not today, Alex you can’t come now. Daddy’s not here and he probably has no clue as to where we are at. Just wait a little longer, Please.” She said out loud as another wave of pain went down her back.

EDF Military prison

Julie sat in the room looking towards the door. She was pulled from her work week program and not told of who her visitor would be. When she asked who it could be they just informed her that it was important. Her time at the prison seemed to be going quickly and she was determined to get out on time. Growing impatient she got up and began to pace around the room when she heard someone opening the door. Wildstar and Singleton walked into the room, she knew something happened.

“Derek what’s wrong?”

“Julie, I have to ask you something and I really need you to be honest with me.” He said with a stern straight face.

“Anything, what is it?”

“Are you and Stone related?” Wildstar asked leaving Julie stand still in shock.

“How did you find out?” she questioned.

Lee stepped forward and she wasn’t sure where she met him before. “Julie, my name is Commander Evan Lee. I was engaged to your cousin Danielle.”

“Danielle. How I miss her. But what does this have to do with the General?”

“Julie, we know that he is your uncle and we need to find him now. He has . . .” Wildstar trailed off. “He has Nova.”

“WHAT? . . . . But why?” Julie was confused.

“All we know is that he has Nova and he was spotted heading out of the city towards the underground cities. Julie please you have to help us. If you know where he could possibly taken her please tell us.” Wildstar said as tears rolled down his face.

“I can show you, those cities have been deteriorating and it will be hard to find the right building. You have to get me out of here. Before it’s too late!”

Singleton motion over to the guard, “Get rid of those cuffs! She’s coming with us.”

“But sir,”

“That’s an order, Sergeant.” He snapped and then turned to the others. “Let’s go we have no time to waste.”

Quickly they all headed out of the prison and jumped into cars that waited for them. Julie jump into Wildstar’s car and they sped off down the road everyone else in pursuit. At a high pace Wildstar drove his car to the entrance of the underground city arriving there first. They both jumped out of the car and saw General Stone’s car near the entrance. For Derek the elevators didn’t run fast enough, as the doors opened they both stepped in and it descend down to the cold and eerie place.

“Where to, Julie?”

“This way.” She began to walk passing the same old buildings and then the playground that once children played. They walk a long time when she walked up to the ritzy building that once was her home with Uncle Thomas. “Derek, please know that I had nothing to do with this. I should have seen the warning signs when I saw him last. But I was too ashamed of my past to ever let anyone know that we were related. It’s something in my past that I wish to forget.” She told him as they walked up the steps to the apartment that she once lived in with her Uncle. Julie began to open the door when she heard something fall down from behind her. Without thinking she turned to see Wildstar on the floor and her uncle standing over his body.

“Uncle Thomas what have you done?” she yelled.

“Get inside.” He snapped as he aimed his gun towards Wildstar.

“Uncle Thomas, NO! Please don’t.” she begged.

“How did you get out?”

“I’m helping them find Nova. Please Uncle Thomas, where is she?”

“Get in the house. I told you never to trust anyone, why did you bring him here?”

“I told you we are looking for Nova. Please Uncle Thomas don’t.” She stood over Wildstar’s unconscious body.

“Why do you still protect him after what he did to you?” He sneered.

“He never did anything to me but love me! I was the one that destroyed our relationship. He’s a good man Uncle, he was always there for me and I made his life miserable. Please it’s me you want just leave him alone.”

“Julie I have miss you so much, come my child, come inside.” He motioned her to come into the apartment. Slowly she took his hand and looked at Wildstar one more time.

“Ahhh damn what happened.” Wildstar said as he came to consciousness holding his head. He looked around and then realized that Julie wasn’t there. “Julie, Julie where are you?” he called out into the dark hallway.

Meanwhile. . . . .

“Uncle Thomas you have to let her go, she’s in pain.” Julie said as she held Nova.

“That little punk took you from me now it’s time he feel what I went through.”

“What the hell are you talking about he never took me from you. I left you and the abusive way you treated me. Uncle you have to let her go, she’s in labor!” she snapped at him.

He walked over to her and slapped her across the face. “Don’t you ever talk to me like that again ever since you and he got together you have been very disrespectful. What would your mother think?”

“You leave her out of this. She’s probably turning in her grave for what you did to me and Aunt Teresa. By the way are you still seeing that tramp?” She said slyly. Once again he slapped her across the face, harder than before making her mouth bleed.

Wildstar got up and stood in front of the apartment door. He could hear voices coming from inside ‘Sounds like someone arguing’ he thought as he listen closer to the door. A chill ran down his spine when he heard Julie voice and then a scream of pain. “NOVA!” with all his might he pushed against the door forcing it open. Stone stood in front of Julie and Nova while Julie’s arms were wrapped around his wife. With quick speed Stone grabbed Nova away from Julie.

“Stay back or else the last thing you will see is your wife’s body hit the cold floor which would mean your unborn child will die along with her.”

“Just let her go,” Wildstar pleaded as he tried to walk closer to them.

“Stand back or she’s dead,” Stone said holding Nova by the throat with a gun pointed to her head.

“Sir, we can talk about this. Just let her go, she has nothing to do with this.” Wildstar wanted to kill him for holding his pregnant wife hostage.

“There nothing to say, you little punk, you ruined everything from the day you stepped into her life.” Stone said as he held Nova tighter.

“Please I’m begging you just let her go, it’s me that you want not her.”

“Derek!” Nova cried out from his hold.

“It’s alright baby, I’m not going to let him hurt you.”

“Hahaha, funny that. She is here because of you,” Stone sneerd at him.

“General, please I don’t understand, why Derek?” Nova cried.

“He hasn’t told you has he?” Stone looked from her to Wildstar, “Well let me tell you.”

“Daddy, NO!” Julie screamed out.

“What the hell is going on here?” Singleton snapped as he finally made it up to the building.

“Derek I’m so sorry, I should’ve told you a long time ago.” Julie lowered her head wondering how she let this go this far. “Derek…Uncle Thomas is my father.”

“But that would mean….”

“My mother told me what you did Uncle! That is why she killed herself. It’s not because she mourned a man that she loved …it was you that put her in her grave. She wanted desperately to marry him after he asked her. But when she told you that she was leaving and taking me with her you couldn’t take it. You shipped him out and told him to forget her or else he would be pushing waste on Pluto for the rest of his life. So many years you raped your own sister, you disgust me.” Julie grabbed her stomach hoping that she wouldn’t throw up.

“Then when she took her life you turn your focus on me, I was only 7 years old. You bastard! You took my innocence away from me, my Uncle, my Father. How could you live with yourself?” she screamed at him then turned to Derek “Derek when we dated you never knew about Uncle Thomas. I never wanted you to know who he was, afraid that the truth would come out. I rather had gone in a tails spin before telling anyone what he did to me as a child. He became concerned when you and I were dating seriously and moved in together he thought that you would take me away from him when he thought that we might get engaged, but when I broke it off he knew that he didn’t have to confront you. Never once did I tell anyone of our relationship, but that was also his doing. He never wanted anyone to know what he did.”

“SHUT UP!” Stone yelled.

“No father! It’s time that the truth came out, it’s time that people knew why I became the person I was. Because of you! Did you honestly think that after raping me at 7 over and over until I turned old enough to leave and join the EDF that I would have a normal life? You’re a monster, and all this time people thought the Bolars and all our other enemies where monsters. But it was you, you’re a pig. It’s not Nova you want it’s me so let her go.” Julie demanded.

Stone turned to Wildstar with hatred “It’s your fault you took her away and now I’m going to take away the one thing that you love the most. Isn’t that right Nova?” he said as his breath hit her face making her stomach turn.

Derek watched as his wife’s face became a little green and knew that she was going to hurl.

“You took her away from me, now it’s my turn to take something away from you” Stone said ready to pull the trigger to his Astro-Automatic when he felt Nova begin to gasp for air and then threw up on his arm and down her shirt.

“What the hell . . . .”  Stone said as he released his hold on her, giving Nova the opportunity to hit him in the ribs causing him to bend over and releasing her. Stone regain his posture quickly and aimed his gun at Nova as she ran into Derek arms. A shot went off and Stone fell to the ground. Wildstar looked over to where the shot came from and watched as Singleton held his gun in the direction of Stone. Derek held her in his arms as she cried from fear of what happened to her.

12_1451947c1ae513.jpg“Baby, it’s alright. Shhh, I got you now.”

“Oh Derek! she cried harder.

Julie walked over to them and placed her hand on Derek’s shoulder. “I’m sorry Derek, I am so sorry that he put you both through this.”

“Julie, thank you, if it wasn’t for you we would have never found her.” Derek said still holding Nova in his arms.

 “It’s the least I could do after what I put the two of you through.” She said ready to turn herself over to the MPs that stood in the door waiting.

“Ms. Tolbert,” Singleton said with a stern voice.

“Sir.” She snapped to attention.

“Sergeant stand down, Captain Wildstar, Mrs. Wildstar are you prepare to file suit against Ms. Tolbert?”

Nova turned around, facing Julie and said with a smile “Sir what charges? All I see is a woman that has been traumatized for so many years. What she needs is to return to her son that is waiting for her on Planet Rhima.”

Singleton looked over to Wildstar, “Captain Wildstar?”

“Sir I concur with my wife, she needs to return back to her son.”

“So be it, I will make arrangements for her safe return to Rhima. Ms. Tolbert….you’re free to go home.”

Julie stood there a wave of relief past over her and she too began to cry for the years of abuse and what she done in her past. She was free to be with the man she loved and her son, she was finally free of it all.

“Nova, thank you.”

“No Julie, thank you, you put a lot on the line for me this time around and I think you need something good in your life for once. That would be Namir and your son. Be happy Julie, enjoy everything that you worked so hard to achieve.” As Nova hugged a new dear friend she bent over and grabbed her stomach.

“Nova, are you alright?” Julie held her then looked down at her as she felt something warm come down near her leg. “Oh my God, Derek!” Julie cried out.

“Derek, my water broke, there’s no turning back now. I’m in labor.” Nova grabbed hold of Julie again trying to gain her balance.

“Nova, are you sure?”

“Duh, I didn’t pee on myself, I think that’s something that I would have done already. No Derek this is it, it’s time for Alex to come.”

“Alright, we have to get her to a hospital” Julie said as she helped Derek walk her over to the door.

“Julie, we have to get her out of here.” he said then looked over to where Singleton that now stood over Stone’s body.

“Wildstar, go…I’ll take care of the authorities….” He said.

With one big scoop he took Nova in his arms and ran out of the apartment. Julie followed him and they both ran as quickly as they could to the Elevators that brought them to the surface. Julie stood in the elevator ready to go back down and help with her Uncle’s dead body.

“Aren’t you coming?” Derek asked over his shoulder.

“I think I should . . . .” she began to say.

“Just get in!” Nova screamed. She helped Derek placed Nova into the car “I’ll drive you sit with her.” he said. They made their way past military police heading in the direction of the underground city and into the Great Island city. As fast as he could drive Derek pulled up to Great Island General Hospital and stop in front of the emergency room door. He jumped out and Julie helped him with Nova into the ER.  Julie ran over to the nurses’ station and yelled at her. “I have Mrs. Derek Wildstar coming in, her water broke and she is in labor.”

With quick speed the nurse called into the phone and paged for Doctor Fritz. She then turned to Julie and called over to the orderly “Grab a wheel chair” just then Derek walked into the ER with Nova in his arms. “Here,” she said to him then turned to the orderly and said. “Take the Captain to get change. We will be in delivery room 3. Nova, how far are the contractions?”

Breathing heavily she said in between breath, “2 minutes apart.”

“Alright everyone, let’s get the show on the move.” She yelled out as she wheeled her down the hall and into the elevator. The doors opened and she burst out running down the hall to the delivery room. Another orderly helped her help Nova into the bed and stripped her of her clothes. Nova laid back and began to breathe heavier.

“WHERE IS MY HUSBAND!” she yelled out.

Within seconds Derek walked in wearing full scrubs. “Right here baby,” he said as he walked over to her and began to rub her back.

“DON’T YOU TOUCH ME!” she snapped.

Derek pulled his hand away and just stared at her. ‘This is not gonna go good,’ he thought. He was starting to rub her back again when Doctor Fritz walked in.

“Hello Nova, how’s it going?” Fritz asked.

“How do you think it’s going?” She snapped. As she felt another contraction hit her, causing her to roll on her side and scream out.

“Nova, honey, breathe.” Derek looked at her with hurt eyes as to what she is going through.

Doctor Fritz looked at the monitor and watched as the contraction subsided. And then place his hand on her hand. “Nova we have to check you and see how much you’ve dilated. Derek help her turn on her back.” Derek looked at him and just stared at him then at Nova. “What are you waiting for, help her turn over!” he snapped at him.

With careful ease he helped Nova turn on her back and then Fritz helped her opened her legs. He quickly felt and looked up at her with a kind smile. “Your only 7 centimeters, we need you at 9,” he said as he walked over to the sink and washed his hands. “Derek, keep her comfortable and coach her with her breathing.”

“Ah . . . yeah . . .  sure Doc.”

“Derek I feel another one coming. Give me your hand.” Nova said reaching out to him.

“Sure baby. Just breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathhhhh. OUCH!” he yelled out as she squeezed hard on his hand.

ARGHHHHHHH! It hurts so much.” She yelled.



“Nova baby, please let go you’re hurting me.”

“I’M HURTING YOU, YOU HAVE NO CLUE AS TO WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH, YOU BASTRUD. I HATE YOU!” she screamed. Without warning she turned to face him and punched him straight in the face.

“Nova,” Doctor Fritz walked in and saw what was going on. “You have to let him go sweetie, he is only trying to help.”

IT’S ALL HIS FAULT!” she screamed when another contraction hit her.  Pulling him closer to her she said “I want to go home, Derek, Please.”

“Baby, it’s best to have Alex here. Just try to concentrate.”

Nova turned to him with slit eyes and began to get up from the bed then yelled into his face. “I’M GOING HOME NOW!”

With all his might he pulled her down on the bed and said “NO YOUR NOT. Now lay down.”

“Derek please I want to go home. It hurts so much.” Nova pleaded with him.

Derek looked at his wife and said “Baby just breathe it will help with the contractions.”


Doctor Fritz walked over to them and then place his hand under the sheet and felt one more time. “You’re fully dilated. It’s time for you to push.”

“No, no I can’t. I just can’t,” Nova said starting to feel tired from the pain.

“You have to start pushing, on the next contraction you need to push.” Fritz instructed her. He watched at the monitor and began to scream at Nova. “PUSH, NOVA PUSH!”

“Come on baby, you have to push.” Derek said encouraging her.

“Captain, sit her up. Good, now Nova push, push hard. Come on sweetie give it a nice push.” Fritz cheered. With all her strengthen Nova began to push. “At a girl you’re doing just great, give it a nice push.”

“Nova good job baby,” Derek said as he whipped the sweat off her forehead.

Breathing heavily she looked up to Derek. “I don’t think I can do anymore.”

“Yes you can baby, you just gotta focus.”

Fritz looked at the monitor and saw another contraction coming. “Nova here comes another one I want you to give me one big push. Ready?” he looked at her as Nova nodded her head. “Okay here it comes. Come on one big push. COME ON!” he cheered.

Derek sat her up and shouted with him. “You can do it, come on baby. One big one.” With all her might Nova pushed as hard as she could. She felt a flush as the pressure of the baby came out. “Oh my God, he’s here baby, he’s here. He’s got jet black hair. Look at all that hair.”

“Nova your son is here.”Doctor Fritz announced to everyone. “Captain Wildstar would you like to do the honors.” He said holding out the scissors to cut the umbilical cord. Derek’s’ hand shook as he listened to his new born son crying from the cold. Gently he placed the scissors near the cord and cut it. The nurse took Alex into her arms and brought him over to another station and cleaned him up before bringing him back to Nova.

“The baby’s full name, Captain.” Doctors Fritz asked.

“Alexander Athrun Wildstar.” Derek said with pride.

“That’s a strong name. It fits him.” Fritz said.

Derek looked down at his tired wife and gave her a kiss on the head. “You did a great job, I love you baby. He’s the best present you could give me.” He said as the nurse handed him to Nova placing him on her chest.

“I think he’s hungry Nova.” The nurse said as she handed him to her.

tanjou[1].jpgNova moved him towards her breast and nudged his lips to latch on to her nipple. It took a few tries but Alexander Athrun Wildstar took his mother’s breast and began to drink her milk. Derek watched as his wife finished feeding their son and said, “Nova thank you, thank you so much.”



The End….. until the next time.