Onward With Love…

Chapter Forty

By Yuki Wildstar

18th of January, 2207

EDF Headquarters

Acting Commandeering Officer Thomas Stone

0945 hours

Being summoned to his office he wondered what was so important that kept him from going to Nova’s appointment. He waited out of the office for more than 20 minutes feeling antsy; there are too many things to get done then to wait around for him to take his time. How the hell does he expect me to finish anything if I keep getting called here every other day? He soon began to count the days until he got leave. He placed his leave papers the day they returned and was looking forward to it; just him and Nova preparing for the birth of their child. He was hoping to go with her to her appointment for the first time since their return, but Stone made it impossible to go with her. She depended on their friends to be there if not alone.  “Captain, he will see you now.” Stones aid announced bringing him back to earth. Nodding his head he walked into the office.

“Sir, Captain Derek Wildstar as requested.” he said as he stood at attention and saluting.

“Have a seat Wildstar.” He said motioning him to a chair across from his desk. “Captain Wildstar I have orders for you, you are to report to Pluto base station in two days.” General Stone told him. “You will be in command there until the Star Cluster is ready to depart in 4 months once her refit is complete there.”

Wildstar looked at him confused, “Sir I was granted leave from Admiral Singleton for the last two months of Nova’s pregnancy, so I can be there for her when she gives birth. And here I am still working.” He said in a harsh tone.

“I’m sorry Captain but you’re needed on Pluto,” Stone snapped at him.

Wildstar stood up and slam his hands on his desk. “I’m not going, she has a doctor’s appointment today, and I had asked for this day off to take her.”

“Sorry to change your plans, but we need you to go over some reports for the Star Cluster refit.” Stone said as he sat back in his chair.

Wildstar look hard at him and felt his blood boil. “Sir I asked you personally for the time off, and I have already gone over those reports, they’re fine!”

“Sorry Captain but this is important and we need you here today so you can prepare to leave to Pluto in two days.” Stone said with a sly grin.

 “Sir, I will be with my wife at her doctor’s appointment, and when she is ready to deliver I will be there. The Star Cluster is not schedule to depart for another 4 months. My wife is due in 3 weeks. I would like to be there when she delivers.” Wildstar said with defiance as he turned to leave.

Stone stood up from his chair and began to raise his voice. “You are scheduled to depart to Pluto base station in two days, those are your orders!”

Wildstar turned around and walked back over to him and looked him straight in the eye. “I’m not going, you’ve manage to keep me and my wife apart for months. I was promised leave for the last two months of her pregnancy, so I am refusing orders, SIR!”

“Your orders are for you to leave in two days, be there Captain ,or face charges,” Stone said back.

“Then charge me, and I’ll show the EDF Counsel the paper work that Singleton signed just before his accident. I am not your puppet, and I won’t be use for your personal pawn.” Wildstar told him, “So what is it going to be?”

 “Don’t you threaten me!” Stone yelled.

52003[1].jpg“It’s not a threat SIR! I have given my life to EDF and the Star Force. I have followed my orders every time without question, but not this time. ” Wildstar yelled back, “and all I asked is that I was given time to go with my wife to her doctor’s appointment, but you feel that I should be on your beck and call. Well I’ve had enough! I AM going with her to her appointment.”

“Captain if you leave now I will,” Stone yelled.

“You will what, bring me up on charges, go ahead, and I will ask for a Court Martial. Then you can explain to the counsel how you have been using your acting status to play games with the Star Force and my wife.” Wildstar stood in front of him with defiance. “Do you think that they will believe me or you?”

vlcsnap-2010-09-03-20h12m09s118.png“Don’t you threaten me you little punk, I will not be spoken to like that I am your superior officers.” Stone stood back and try to regain his composer.

“Well then act like it, stop acting like a jerk and act like an officer. Or did that escape you a long time ago?” Wildstar was mad as hell, and he stood there waiting for him to say something back. Stone said nothing, Wildstar picked up his cover and then looked at him. “I’m leaving if you need me call my cell. I’m taking my wife to her Doctor’s appointment it’s getting tiring seeing someone else go with her.” he turned and left his office slamming the door behind him.

Stone aid sat her desk grinning from ear to ear at what she heard. They were both loud enough that the aid three offices down over heard the argument. She smiled at Wildstar as he walked out “good for you sir,” she said softly and watched him walked down the hall. The other two aides looked at him with smiles. She didn’t like working for Stone, but she was stuck with him. Admiral Singleton’s aide, Michelle was let go and sent back to the states and hasn’t been heard from since.

Doctor Sanes’ Office

“Mrs. Wildstar the doctor is ready for you.” the nurse said.

“Thank you,” Nova smiled as Michael helped her get up. “Thank you Michael, Derek was called on short notice. It seems like Stone is taking all his frustration out on us and the Star Force. I just don’t know what is wrong with that man.”

“I know, it seems like every time you and he have something to do, he gets called away.  What did he do to him that he hates Wildstar so much?” Spada asked.

Nova just looked at him and sighed, “I have no idea and Michael. Thank you so much for coming with me again. Usually Denise or Wendy even Yvey would come with me, but I couldn’t get in touch with them.”

“No problem Nova, I know it’s hard on you without him here, anytime.” Michael smiled at her as he guided her towards the room.

Nova walked in first so she could undress and Spada stood out the door and waited. He looked around and was surprise to see Wildstar walking down the hall. “Captain Wildstar you made it!”

“Yeah, thanks Michael for stepping in, I can take it from here.” Derek said.

“She’s going to be so happy to see you, what made Stone change his mind?” Spada asked.

“Let’s just say that he had no choice, but if you see some MP’s coming I might just have to make a run for it.” Derek said with a grin.

Michael smiled at him then turned to leave. Deep down he wanted to be there for her. He went with her to so many of her appointment that Wildstar wasn’t able to make.  It felt like his growing family, he never told her but he hated when one of the other girls went with her. He wanted to be there for her, but he always knew that she love her husband. He watched Wildstar knock gently on the door and then enter the room. Spada turned and walked down the hall and out the door.

Wildstar gently opened the door, “Nova?”

Undressing behind the curtain Nova yelled back, “I’m almost ready Michael, one minute please.”

Derek walked over to the curtain and through it opened. Nova spun around and covered her chest, “Michael I said give me . . . .  Derek!” Nova screamed, then through her arms around him, giving him a kiss.

“Hey there Mrs. Wildstar, sorry I’m late.” Derek kissed her again then stood back and rubbed her stomach.

“Oh honey what happened? I thought that Stone needed you.” Nova smiled at him.

“Yeah right, he needed me like a hole in the head. He just wanted to push my buttons, and he pushed the last one.” Derek said frowning.

“Derek, what did you do?” Nova asked with concern.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, nothing’s going to happen trust me.” Derek tried to assure his wife. “Now where is Dr. Sane?”

Nova hugged him tight and kissed him on the lips, “I love you so much.”

“Well you two, I think that’s how you got into that position.” Dr. Sane said smiling at both Nova and Derek as he walked into the room. He saw them grow since the Star Force from two young adults to two loving mature people. They were his family and they were like his kids to him, since he didn’t have any of his own.

“Dr. Sane, we were just . . . .” Derek tried to explain.

“I know Wildstar, Nova please can we start I have other patients to see?” He said while putting on his gloves and feeling old.

“Yes Dr. Sane,” Nova got up on the table with Derek’s help and then he grabbed hold of her hand.

“So you two are we going to want to know what the sex is, considering that this is the first time I’ve seen you two together here in a long time with her.” Dr. Sane said looking at Wildstar.

Nova looked at Derek “Well, do you want to know?” she asked him. She made it clear to Doctor Sane that she didn’t want to know unless he was with her.

Derek smiled at her, “It would be nice, just in case well you know. Only if you want to know too.”

Nova looked at Dr. Sane and smiled, “Yes Doc we want to know.” Derek smiled at her and shook his head yes at Dr. Sane.

“Okay then,” He squeezed jell onto Nova’s growing stomach and then place the sonar gram camera onto her stomach he moved it around and Nova laughed. Derek squeezed her hand a little tighter, “Well I see the little turtle.”

“Huh, what turtle?” Derek looked at Nova confused.

Nova began to cry, “Baby, it’s a boy. It’s a boy. We’re going to have a boy.” She said as she cried harder.

“Nova, are you sure? What does a turtle have to do with it being a boy?” Derek was confused.

“Silly that’s the way it looks on the screen, see look. It looks like a turtle,” Nova pointed at the screen and laughed threw her tears.

“Oh baby, thank you so much.” Derek lean over and hug her. “Thank you, Dr. Sane.”

“Why are you thanking me, your wife here is the one that is carrying your child.” He laughed at him as he then continued to check Nova. “Looks like your dropping some more and your 3 centimeter dilated. You’ll be delivery on schedule or maybe sooner then we think.” Nova and Derek exchanged smiles while Dr. Sane finished with his exam. “You can go ahead and get dress now, Nova. I’ll see you next week if you don’t deliver sooner than that.”

“Thank you Doc.” Nova said as Derek helped her off the table “a boy Derek, can you believe it?”

Derek couldn’t say anything, tears formed in eyes all he could do is hug her. “Derek” Nova pulled back, “I think Alexander is a good name for him.”

yukin[1].jpgHe stood looking at his wife and shook his head yes, “thank you. I was thinking the same thing. Alex would have like that.”

“Love you,” Nova kissed him and began to get dress. Derek stood and watched her, looking at her growing stomach and how beautiful she was at this moment. He sighed to himself, he couldn’t be any happier with his life. He loved this woman that stood before him with her huge stomach that held his child inside of her. He would have to fight Stone tooth and nail to stay here and be there for the birth of their child. What is wrong with that man he thought to himself. Ever since Admiral Singleton was in the hospital he has been riding me every day. If it wasn’t this, it was that. Always interfering with what life Nova and I have. Derek couldn’t understand it he hasn’t had a day’s rest since Stone took charge. But he was going to find out. Still to this day no one knew what happened to Singleton.

“I’m ready,” Nova smiled at him. “Do you have to go back, Derek?”

“Nope, you got me all to yourself,” He smiled at her. “So what would you like to do?”

“Well I was going to go to the store and pick out a crib for the baby, I was trying to wait until we were together to do that.” She smiled.

“Well my love I’m here, let’s go pick a crib out.” Derek helped her with her shoes. She was getting so big that she couldn’t see them anymore.

“Thanks babe,” She looked down at him.

Derek stood up and smiled at his wife, “maybe we can finish the room today, what do you say, Mrs. Wildstar?”

“I’d like that very much, Derek.” Nova grabbed her bag and they both made their way out of the doctor’s office.

They walked around the city, going from store to store picking little outfits for their son. Nova spotted a crib that she had been wanting for a long time and mentioned it to Derek.

“Then let’s get it, I think it will look great in his room” Derek said. “What was the theme again?”

“Space and the stars,” Nova told him. “What do you think?”

“Sounds great babe, let’s look some more.” Derek said as he walked around one of the stores they walked into. Then he spotted something out of the corner of his eyes, sitting there in a corner on a shelf was an unbelievable toy. He picked it up and turned to Nova. “Nov, how about this?”

She turned and looked at what he was holding, a small model size replica of the Argo. “Derek that is so cute, I love it. That will look great in his room.”

Derek walked over to her and placed it in a shopping cart. They laughed and looked around googling over everything. Nova notice that Derek seem to walk a little taller, he was proud that they were having a boy.  Just like a new father was. “Is there anything else I can help you with, Mrs. Wildstar?” The sales lady asked.

“Derek, are we done?” Nova asked him.

“Looks like it, can you have this all delivered today and put up?” he asked her.

“Yes sir, we can deliver it around 3:30 pm.” She said.

“Will that be a good time for you, baby?” Derek looked at her with a gleam in his eye.

“Yes that will be fine, thank you.” She told the sales girl, “just let me look over here for one minute.”

“Sure babe.” He said as he watched her walk around the store, so slowly. Taking in everything, her figure was so beautiful to him. He admired his wife shape and the sales girl noticed it.

“Women are beautiful when they are pregnant,”she told Derek.

“Yeah, but she is gorgeous. If I could I would stop the world for her.” He said to her still looking at his wife.

“Awww…you’re so sweet. I’ve never heard that from any husband before.” she smiled at him. She could tell that he loved his wife. The way he looked at her and smiled each time she stared back.

“She is my soul mate. I don’t know how I would breathe without her.” Derek felt a tear come down his face. He quickly wiped it away and shook his head. “Just put it all on the account, Thank you.”

“Yes sir.” The sales girl said, “I will get all this out right away for you.”

Derek walked over to his wife and gave her a kiss from behind, “Hey, you done?”

“Yes Derek I think I am,” Nova smiled at him. He had been so attentive with her, she felt so loved by him. And now that they knew they were having a boy it made it all better for her. They left the store and started to walk down the street looking in other baby stores. Nova looked into a little boutique that sold unique mobiles for cribs and asked the sales lady if she can have one made specially.

“Now what does he want,” Derek looked annoyed at his cell. “Captain Derek Wildstar,” he looked over and rolled his eyes at his wife. She smiled as they left the store and continue to walk down the street. “Yes sir, give me about an hour or so.” He hung up the phone and looked at his wife. “Gotta go babe, old wind bag needs me back in the office. I’ll take you home first and see you later for dinner.”

“Alright Derek, I hope it’s not bad news,” Nova said.

If she only knew, the idiot wanted to send me to Pluto base station for the next four months. Derek thought to himself. He drove her home, helped her bring the packages into the house and gave her a kiss good bye. “Love you babe.”

“Love you too,” Nova smiled at him.

Derek jumped into his car and drove back to EDF Headquarters. He took the elevator up to the 30th floor and walk down the hall to what now is General Stone’s office. He looked over to Stones Aid and smile “He’s been asking for you sir” she said rolling her eyes. Wildstar smiled at her and walked over to his door. Gave it a firm knock and waited for him to call out “ENTER”.

Wildstar walked into the office with a straight face, “Captain Derek Wildstar sir.” He said as he stood at attention.

“Yes it’s about time,” Stone said snapping at him. “I don’t appreciate you walking out on me like that. I deserve a little more respect! I am your superior officer ,Captain.”

“Yes sir I understand that,” Wildstar said with sarcasm. “But you have been riding me since you have taken over Admiral Singletons’ position. And to speak frankly sir, I am pretty much sick and tired of it. Maybe to you being with your wife is not top priority, but I have watched as my wife sat back and played second to EDF and the Star Force. And for once I would like to see that she is treated a little better considering that she is due soon. She deserves that much don’t you think?”

Stone said nothing but stared in Wildstar’s direction then finally said. “Understood Captain, I will give you that time you have asked for starting now.” Better to give in now and keep him happy.

“Thank you sir, that’s all I ever asked for,” Wildstar said still at attention and aching to leave there. “May I go, sir? Nova is home and they are delivering some things for the baby later.”

“Yes, you may go, dismiss.” Stone said and waved him away like a peasant. Wildstar saluted and then turned to leave. “Captain Wildstar,” Stone said before he could make it out the door.

Wildstar stop and turned to him while rolling his eyes, “yes sir?”

“What is it, a boy or girl?” Stone asked.

“Sir?” Wildstar asked. He threw him a curve he wasn’t expecting Stone to be concerned about his life or Nova’s.

“Your child, is it a boy or girl?” he asked with a warmer tone.

“Sir, we are having a boy,” Wildstar couldn’t help the grin on his face. “We are going to name him Alex, after my bother.”

“That’s good news, I am sure that your brother would have loved that. He was a great officer,” Stone said.

“Yes sir, he was.” Wildstar couldn’t believe that he was talking to him like they were friends. He didn’t know what to make of it. “Well, I must go, thank you again sir.”

“Yes Wildstar, my regards to Nova,” Stone said.

Derek stood there for a second and gave him a glance while Stone looked down at some paper work. He finally turned and walked out the door and over to Stones’ aid. “Shannon has something happened to the General in the last hour or so?”

“How about his whole life, he is such a prick.” Shannon said sarcastically.

Wildstar smirked at what she said. “I know that part, but for a minute there I could have sworn that he was really nice to me.”

Shannon looked at him, “well maybe he is finally growing a conscience. Lately I have been catching him being nice before Mr. Hyde comes out in full force.  Maybe he’s going through Menopause,” she said with a grin.

Wildstar laughed at the thought, “Okay if they need me, they can call me on my cell. I’m going home to my wife.”

“Yes sir, what is she having do you know?” Shannon asked.

“We’re having a boy,” Wildstar said with pride.

“That’s wonderful, you must be in heaven.” She said with a smile and thought to herself God he is a good looking man, Commander Forrester is such a lucky girl to have him. And he fusses all over her. I hope I find someone like him one day.

“I guess I am,” Wildstar grinned. “Well my wife awaits, I must be going.” He said as he gave her a wink.

“Give her my best,” Shannon said almost melting to his wink.

“I will, thank you Shannon,” Wildstar smiled at her as he turn and walked quickly to the elevators.

He hopped back into his car and drove back to their house on the beach front. As he pulled up he saw the delivery truck in front of the house. He brought the car around and parked inside their garage. He made his way to one of the spare rooms that now became the nursery. He pop his head in and saw Nova laughing with the delivery men as they put the crib together for her. He also noticed that she was in her old raggedy painting clothes and that one of the walls was being painted. He walked in and she lit up to see him there. “Hi,” she said to him, he grabbed her from behind and rubbed her stomach.

“How is it going here?” Derek asked.

“Just great, they are almost finished putting the crib up. You, dear sir has lucked out on all the cursing. Your home early, what gives?” Nova asked.

“For some reason General Stone grew a heart if only for a minute.” Derek smiled at her still holding her from behind.

“No way, you mean he was posses with someone.” Nova turned to face him.

“Whatever, he has agreed to leave me alone for the duration of my leave.” Derek said with a smile.

“Hmm, I don’t know, it sounds fishy.” Nova said with a frown.

“Well I hope he keeps his word, he should know that I will not be answering that pager or any calls from now until Alex is born.” Derek grinned at the thought that he is calling his child by name and not the baby.

“What are you thinking about?” Nova saw the grinned on his face.

“Ha ha ha, you don’t skip a beat do you?” Derek laughed at his wife “I was just thinking that he is no longer the baby, he is now Alexander Wildstar.”

Nova gazed at her husband and smiled at him, “I think I remember me saying you walking around like a peacock at one time.” Derek laughed at that time she told him that and she was so right.

“Hey we haven’t called anyone to tell them.” Derek said with surprise.

“You’re just like a little child in a candy store,” Nova laughed at him. “Go invite them over and we can tell everyone all at once.”

Derek looked over the room, “Hey are you painting?” He just remembered that she has been painting the room on and off. She wanted to make a mural for the room and didn’t want Derek to see it until it was done, so every time she was finished she covered it with a sheet.

“Uh ha, look over here.” She pulled a sheet down from both sides of the room and there was the mural of the Argo and the Endeavor painted on the walls.

“When did you do that?” Derek asked.

“Oh, I haven’t been sitting around the house eating bons bons, I’ve been busy.” Nova smiled at him.

“It’s beautiful Nova, I can’t believe you did that. But what would have happened if he was a she?” Derek asked.

“I would have added some pink in here and there, with some galaxies or a star cluster.” Nova said.

“Sir, Ma’am we’re done, can you just sign here,” the delivery man said breaking into their conversation. After careful inspection, Derek signed off then turned to his wife. “Well I guess it’s just waiting now.”

“Yes it is,” Nova said back. “Are you going to call everyone or are we going to sit on this?”

“I’ll call, we can order pizza or something,” Derek said as he picked up the phone.

They all arrived later that night for a regular night with the Wildstars’, something they all did most of the week.  Sandor and Yvey arrived first, then Howard and Pesci. Homer came with Eager and Roxanna, while Dash arrived late with a new bow in tow. They all talk the night away about Singletons and Stones regain over the Star Force when Derek stood next to Nova and asked, “Can I get everyone’s attention.” They all looked up at them and waited for Derek to speak. “Umm Nova and I went to the doctors today, we are having a boy.” Derek announced.

Yvey and Denise screamed with happiness for them, and began to rub her stomach. Sandor and the other man shook Derek hand, congratulating him.

“I knew you could do it kiddo,” Sandor said feeling like a big brother.

“So what are you going to name him?” Denise asked.

Nova looked at Derek and said, “Alexander.”

“Isn’t that Derek brothers’ name?” Yvey asked Sandor.

“Yes it was,” he replied with pride.

 “That’s so cool, Dios de bendiga.”

“Thank you Yvey,” Nova said.

“Okay my Spanish is not quite there yet what was that again?” Derek asked.

“It means, God bless.” Nova smiled at him.

“Very good Nova,” Yvey said then looked over to Derek. “Don’t worry Derek, I’ll teach him Spanglish.” She winked at him.

“Thank you Yvey, my Spanish is not all there and Derek as much as he tries has no clue.” Nova said laughing while rubbing Derek on the back.

The night went on about the baby and Nova showed the room to the ladies. Derek and the other man stayed in the living room talking.

“So Sandor, have you two set a date yet?” Homer asked.

“She’s not ready” Sandor said with a huge sigh. “I keep asking her but she keeps telling me maybe next year.”

“Well considering she’s due a few months after Nova maybe she should re-evaluate the situation.” Homer said.

“Nope she’s as hard headed as a rock. Nothing I say can convince her to walk down the aisle.” Sandor scratched his head.

“Maybe she doesn’t want to sign a prenup.” Eager laughed.

“You’re a real comedian Eager.” Sandor said sarcastically.

“Huh what do you mean?”

“What he means is that if anyone is going to sign a prenup is him. Yvey is loaded.” Homer said.

“Kidding . . . . Right?” he asked confused.

“Nope. Yvey is just as well off as Sandor here.” Derek said.

“When did this all happen?” Eager said still looking confused.

“Since she was born,” Sandor said under his breath. “She didn’t want anyone to know. She just felt that if people knew about it that they would look at her differently and wouldn’t show her respect.”

“Skating on her own I see.” Eager said as he rubbed his chin. “Sounds like a smart cookie. She’s a good officer Stephen but for her not to want to marry you is a little odd.” All Sandor could do was shrug.


Great Island Hospital

20th of January, 2207


He felt a bright light hit his face. What, what’s going on? He thought. He could feel the presences of others being there with him. Slowly he listened to the conversation around him. He couldn’t make out what was being said it seem too far away for him to make it out. Slowly he opened his eyes. The brightness from the light made his head hurt. It seemed too bright for him to see. The light kept shining in and out as he tried to focus at his surroundings. He moaned to the pain that he felt on his head. He could hear someone calling to him but wasn’t sure who? “Uncle Charles, Uncle Charles.” He heard the sound of a young girl. Another bright light hit his eyes and he moved his head away. “Uncle Charles, try not to move.” He heard her say as he felt someone hand on his.

“Admiral, can you hear me?” He heard someone say to him. “I’m shinning a light into your eyes. It may hurt for a few minutes but it will subside. Can you squeeze my hand sir?” slowly he tried to squeezed as hard as he could. “That’s great sir. The blindness will go away soon.”

“Where, where am I?” he said with a hoarse throat.

Spada bent down closer to hear him speak. “You’re in the hospital. Do you remember what happened to you?”

“How, how long?”

“It’s been over 4 months.”

Focusing more he could begin to see who was talking with him. “Doctor Spada.” He said then saw his dear niece and wife standing on the other side of the bed tears rolling down their faces. “Maureen my love. Wendy,” he reached for them.

“Sir, you should rest. Everything will come back to you soon enough.” Spada said, “Wendy, I’ll call everyone and informed them that the Admiral is coming out of his coma. Try to get him to rest, I’ll send in the nurse to take his vitals.”

He pulled her hand closer to him and tried to talk again. “Uncle Charles, you should rest. There will be time for questions later.” She said with tears streaming down her face.

Grabbing hold of his wife hand he looked at her with love, “sorry to leave you for so long.” He barely said.

“Oh Charles, I’ve missed you so much.” She kissed his hand then sighed to stop from crying further. “Charles we have something to show you.” She said then waved to Wendy. She took hold of her and lifted her for him to see her. “Charles this is your great niece Abigail. We’ve been calling her Abby after your mother.” He smiled at the pretty little infant before him. He brushed her hair back and ran his hand down her face.

“She’s just beautiful.”

“Charles, rest now, I’m sure that you will be having visitors real soon.” She stroked his face then covered him.



“Are you sure?” Wildstar said into the phone as he listened to what they said. “We’re on our way.”

“What is it?” Nova stood next to him wondering what was being said. “Derek, what happened?”

He leaned back against the table and shock at was told to him. “Admiral Singleton came out of his coma 30 minutes ago. We need to go.” Quickly they both grabbed their jackets and left to the hospital. Within 45 minutes they arrived to a crowded room. Wildstar pushed his way past people to get to the front. Someone finally yelled out to make way for them to get through. He couldn’t believe to see him sitting up as Maureen gave him water through a straw. “Sir, it’s good to have you back.” He said as he shook his hand. “How do you feel sir?”

“He’s quite tired, Captain.” Maureen said.

“Of course, we won’t stay long. We are just all happy to see him back. Once he is up to it, we can catch up.” Wildstar said. Turning to the others he ordered, “Alright everyone. I am sure that we will all have plenty of time to visit. So let’s give him some time to get a little better.”

“Thank you Captain Wildstar.” Maureen gave him a tight hug.

“My pleasure Mrs. Singleton. If you don’t mind I would like to hang back for just a few more minutes. I promise I will not wear him out.”

“Of course Captain.” She replied. “Wendy, Nova why don’t we go get something to eat while the Captain visits.”

He watched as they all made their way out of the room giving them privacy. “How are you sir?”

Still feeling weak he began to talk. “What has been going on, son?”

“Well sir now is not the time to tell you bad news.”

“I want to know. Wendy tells me that Stone is now in charge until I recover.”

Sighing deeply Wildstar tried to give him as little information as possible. He didn’t want to put any strain on his recovery. “Yes he has been in charge, but we all managed to deal with it.”

51814[1].jpga.jpg“Wildstar I need to know! The Argo?” he tired to yell causing him to breathe heavier.

“Sir, you have to relax.”

“Tell me!” he slammed his fist on the bed.

“He has put the Argo in dry dock sir, I have been on the docks since your accident and he has most of the Star Force in minor and tedious jobs.” He said quickly.

“Damn him.” He said breathing heavily. “Does he know?”

“I don’t know sir. No one was really concerned with advising him we were all happy to hear about your recovery. But I’m sure that once someone tells him he will be here.”

“I doubt that Wildstar. I will need you to inform EDF Council that I will be returning soon.”

“Sir, maybe you should concentrate on recovering first. We can handle General Stone for a few more weeks.” Wildstar said trying to reassure him.

“The Argo?”

“She’s fine sir, I have been checking on her to make sure she still in tip top shape.” He said then gave a face of concern. “Sir, do you know what happened to you?”

He slowly shook his head trying to remember. “No I can’t remember past the day you and Nova announced your pregnancy.”

“That’s alright sir. Nova and Doctor Spada explain it might take a little longer for you to get that part of your memory back. Something as dramatic as that can cause anyone to forget. But I promise we will find out.” Singleton gave out a yawn in time for the women to return. “We should go. Nova and I will come see you in the morning. There are two guards outside of the door to keep you safe until you are better.”

“Guards? Why do I need guards?” he asked confused.

“Well sir, there was almost a mishap with you after your attack. No one was able to find out who it was behind it. So I had two guards posted here until your recovery.” Wildstar explain. “And now that you are back they may try something again. I prefer not to take that chance.”

“Thank you Wildstar.” He said as he drifted off to sleep. Wildstar walked quietly out of the room bumping into Homer.

“He’s sleeping Homer. He needs his rest. Has anyone told Stone that he is out of the coma?”

“I have left word with his secretary. I’m sure that he will be here soon to see him.”

“I doubt that but we can hope.” Wildstar said feeling that somehow it will take him more than a day to come see his commanding officer.


EDF Headquarters

0730 hours

Admiral Singleton’s Office

Shannon couldn’t wait until he walked down the hall. She watched as he stepped off the elevator with the same miserable face that she has grown to hate every morning. Most of the Aids on the floor were chatting with each other about the Admiral. They quickly grew quiet as he walked down the hall. Stone watched from office to office as they all stared at him. Feeling as though they were all staring at him he walked faster to his office and slam the door shut. He buzzed his intercom and snapped into the microphone. “Shannon, come in here now!”

Within seconds she stood before him smiling. “Yes sir.”

“What’s going on and what’s with the smile?” he looked at her curious.

“Sir you don’t know?” she assumed that someone would have contact him at home and informed him about the Admiral.

“Know what!?” he snapped.

“The Admiral has come out of his coma.”

He stared at her with shock. “When?”

“Yesterday evening. All of the Star Force was there including Captain Wildstar. His doctor called the Council last night to inform them that he will be back soon.” She grinned. Finally he is out of everyone’s hair she thought. On top of everything I got my new assignment. “By the way sir, my transfer papers came through I start with Commander Glitchman tomorrow.” She said as she placed the orders in front of him.  He snatched the papers in front of him and gave it a look over. With a huff he signed them and left the office slamming the door hard behind him. He marched down the hall and into the waiting elevator. The other aids watched him until the doors close and ran to Shannon to get the scoop on how he took the news. She stood tall then gave out a giggle. “I thought he would blow a gasket. I’m surprise he walked out of here without yelling.”

“Did you give him your new orders?” one aid asked.

“That was the icing on the cake.” She said as they all roared with laughter.


He drove straight to Jasmine’s and asked the girls. “Where is she?” He bellowed at them. They each pointed to the back of the building afraid as to what he was going to do to her. In that line of business it was easy to have a jealous client. They all sat still hoping that they would not have another incident like so many other times. He marched to the end of the hallway and bang on the door.

“WHO IS IT!?” he heard her screamed thru the door.

“It’s Thomas!” he screamed back.

It took a few minutes before she opened the door in her robe. “Thomas what is it?” she asked.

He pushed past her and entered the room. Staring at her other client he grabbed hold of his clothes and threw them at him. “Get out!” he yelled.  The man grabbed his clothes and ran out the room as fast as he could.

“What do you think you’re doing!” she screamed at him. “He was paying cash!”

“He’s come out of it.”

“Who’s come out of what?” She asked annoyed.

“Singleton, he’s out of coma. You dumb bimbo.” He snapped at her.

She stood back and covered herself more. “Don’t you EVER call me THAT! I wasn’t one yesterday when you laid on my bed and spoke about how you are having a such a hard day.” She yelled back.

He step closer to her and grabbed her by the arms. “I will call you what I want. Need I remind you it is I that has kept you in business for this long by skimming off the top in our budgeting. Do you honestly think that anyone would pay the amount I pay for your services.” He said thru his teeth. “If it wasn’t for me your little store would have been closed a long time ago. Now, what are we going to do about him?”

Shaking her arms lose from his grip she repositioned her robe and stood tall. “He’s your problem, not mine. I did my share I can’t do anything more.”

“If this comes back to me, I will take you and your cousins with me.”

“Thomas I don’t take to idle threats.” She said staring him down. He stepped closer to her and grabbed her robe tightly then raised his hand to her. “What do you think you’re doing?” she spat at him. “I am not your wife. I will not wither in a corner and cower away from you.” She stepped back closer to her dressing table and opened up the draw pulling out a gun. Quickly she shoved it into his stomach. “Let go of me now Thomas. Or I WILL use it.”

Feeling the barrell on him he looked down and then released his grip on her. “This is not over, Jasmine!”

“Yes it is. I never want to see you here again. I will not be bullied by you or anyone else. Don’t worry I will not tell anyone what my hand in this was. And you will not have to worry about them finding out from me. I was thinking of heading back to the states anyway. I think it’s for the best.”

He stood there taking in everything and then picked up his cover and walked to the door. “Make sure you never come back.” He said then slammed her door shut. She threw herself on her bed and tried to stop from shaking. She knew all too well by provoking him he was capable of doing something. She has been in business too long to see her friends that have vanished or washed up somewhere dead.  She picked up the phone and began to make arrangements to leave. She thought, Thank God I saved enough from his payments to begin a fresh start. Hanging up the phone she then began to pack her things. Placing only sentimental items in her luggage she packed quickly and made her way out the door.  Running to her car she threw her things in the back seat and drove down the road. The car drove through twists and turns that ran along the mountain, feeling a sigh of relief she turned her radio on and began to relax. She reached over and searched her bag for her cigarettes. She placed one in her mouth and fumble for the lighter. She glanced down for a second when everything went black.

He sat in his car fuming at what was said between the two of them. “How can she treat me like some cheap John? Who does she think she is?” He said out loud in his car. Ready to start his car he saw her come out of the house and throwing her things into her car. Following her up the mountain a crazed look took over his face. With faster speed he began to pass her, with all his might he jerked the car to his left slamming it into her car. Within seconds he watched as her car hit a tree head on and her body flew out the windshield. He stopped his car and walked back to where her car now sat. Feeling her pulse on her neck he walked back to his car and drove off, leaving her dead body on the hood of the car.